The 8 Best Towels of 2022

Towel – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Whether you are looking for a set to renew your towels or a special one for your little ones to carry in their backpack to dry their hands, manufacturers offer a range of possibilities suitable for each particular user. For example, if you are looking for a personalized model to offer as a gift, the Efy 30×30 could be suitable, as it is made of cotton terry in a wide variety of colors. On the other hand, if you are thinking of purchasing sets of light and absorbent towels, you might like the AmazonBasics ABFR-4 pk GBH, as they have soft and resistant cotton.

The 8 Best Towels – Opinions 2022


Having the right towel according to personal or family tastes and needs is essential when leaving the bathroom or drying your hands. Therefore, in order to help you find the right option for your family, we have prepared a selection with some of the towels that are accepted by many users.

personalized towels

1. Efy Hand Towel Customizable Bath Towel

Among the best towels of 2022, this Efy model stands out, characterized by a hot air balloon logo. In which, the manufacturer offers the option to include up to a maximum of 10 letters to personalize it, which could be liked by both children and adults.

Efy personalized towels have been designed to be used as a face towel as they have 100% cotton terry cloth for greater absorption. In addition, their dimensions of 30 square centimeters and an approximate weight of 948 grams make them a very comfortable accessory to use and carry.

It is worth mentioning that the embroidery of the letters can be done in a wide range of colors such as: black, pink, chocolate, green, white, among others. Suitable for contrasting with the available shades of the towel such as white, black, various shades of blue, beige and chocolate.

If you are looking for the best towel of the moment, this model could be a good option. Next, read the pros and cons that it can offer you.


Colors: It is offered in different shades, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

Design: It has an embroidered air balloon logo, which makes it attractive to the little ones.

Gift : This product has the option of personalizing it by adding the embroidered name, making it a good gift.


Use: As it is a small towel, its use is facial, it is not indicated to dry the body after the shower.

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2. Textile world High quality personalized towel 500 mg

These Mundo Textile personalized towels could be convenient to use daily in the pool, gym and home, since they have a design in which you could add the user’s name, to avoid confusion or loss. Reason why, it could be the answer to what you are looking for.

This product provides dimensions of 1 meter by 1.5 meters in length and a weight of 520 grams, which makes it a light, versatile bath towel, with the ability to absorb water and dry the body quickly. It is made with 100% cotton fabric, which makes it soft against the skin and resistant to washing.

This personalized model is among the preferences of many users as the best towel on the market, both because of the wide variety of shades that are available, and because it allows you to choose the color of the embroidery.

Thanks to its qualities, this bath towel is a good option among many. Therefore, read carefully the pros and cons that this garment offers you.


Size : It has a rectangular size of 1 meter x 1.5 meter, which makes it a suitable bath towel for any user.

Functional: It is a versatile towel, since it can be used in different household tasks, personal care and outside the home.

Confection: It is made with high quality 100% cotton fabric, which makes it delicate and light.


Cost: Its price, a bit high compared to other similar towels, could limit your purchase.

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Bathroom towels 

3. AmazonBasics Colorfast Towel Set

Because there are so many towel set options on the market, it is recommended that you look for a choice considering the cost and quality of the product. In this sense, this set of towels could be a good option since it is a design made with 100% cotton textile fibers, which facilitate breathability and favor water absorption. In addition, its fabric is soft and light, for good comfort.

These AmazonBasics bath towels are comfortable for drying your hands, face and body after bathing, as well as offering an affordable cost for any budget. For this reason, it is considered by many to be the best value for money towel online. Likewise, it has a wide variety of colors for all tastes and different sets of cloths with styles of 2, 4 and 6 units between hand, bath and bidet towels.

AmazonBasics can be synonymous with quality and when trying its products, many users consider it the best brand of towels. Below, we present the pros and cons offered by this particular model.


Set: Includes a varied set of towels in different colors for daily use, allowing you to choose the tone that matches the decoration.

Washing: They do not require special maintenance, since it is only enough to wash with warm water no higher than 60°C and put them in the dryer.

Size: It has dimensions of 140 x 70 cm in the bath towel and 50 x 100 cm in the hand towel, which are comfortable and practical.


Loss of color: Care must be taken when washing it, since it could release fluff and a little color.

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4. Utopia Towels 6 Gym Towels Pool Towels 56 x 112 cm

These Utopia Towels bath towels come in a set that includes 6 towels of the same size and material, available in two colors such as white and grey. They have dimensions of 56 by 112 centimeters each, for ample coverage and comfortable drying by allowing you to wrap wet hair, for example.

In its manufacturing process, 100% breathable cotton fabric with high resistance and absorbent capacity is used, with a loop system for effective drying, which gives it the possibility of being used for both the hands and the body. Likewise, it has soft and fluffy hypoallergenic fibers that are compatible with even the most sensitive skin.

Each towel comes with a double stitched edge, to minimize wear and tear and prevent fraying with continued use. Therefore, they have a high quality and durability in their preparation, as well as being one of the cheapest on the market.

Thanks to their characteristics, these towels are very useful for the user. We invite you to read their pros and cons to learn more about these towels.


Use : They are comfortable to wear to the gym, beach, pool or at home, as they adapt to different uses.

Cleaning: Its washing is easy to carry out, since it can be done by hand or by machine.

Drying: Provides the ease of being done in a machine dryer on the medium setting.


Colour: Requires careful washing to maintain the white tone, as it could stain when mixed with other colours.

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embroidered towels 


5. Portugal Set of 3 towels 100×150 50×100 50×30

Portugal embroidered towels are made up of a small 50 x 30 centimeter towel, which is designed for the dressing table, a medium 50 x 100 centimeter towel, convenient to place in the sink, and a 100 x 150 centimeter towel, to be used when leaving the shower, swimming pool, sauna, beach, among other functions.

To learn a little about their preparation, these towels are made in Portugal, with a 100% cotton fabric. Characterized by presenting a lace border, which gives it a touch of elegance and refinement with good absorption, in addition to having an appreciated quality that distinguishes them from any other.

On the other hand, they provide a personalized design, since you can have the initial of a letter embroidered on each piece of the game. In addition, their beige-tone design gives them a touch of versatility, since it is a color that adapts to any decoration.

If you still can’t decide which towel to buy, this set of personalized towels could be a good purchase. Therefore, read the pros and cons that the Portugal brand can offer you this time.


Confection: They have a soft texture to the touch, since they are made with cotton fabric.

Gift: They have an embroidered letter that personalizes them, which makes them a practical gift.

Uses: They can be used for the bathroom, sink and dressing table. However, its versatility allows for other uses.


Washing: The instructions for use must be read before washing to avoid damaging their aesthetics.

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microfiber towels 

6. Legendog Bath Towels Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Towel

When it comes to properly drying your dogs, regardless of the size and volume of their hair, it is necessary to have a towel that facilitates this task in a reasonable time. Thinking about it and his special affection for pets, Legendog has created this peculiar long-lasting rectangular design, which features a print of a baby bear along with his paw prints in three shades of pink, blue and green.

On the other hand, it can absorb up to 70% moisture, since the absorption rate of Legendog microfiber towels is four times higher than a normal towel, a factor that, together with its large dimensions of 140 x 70 cm, allow it to be used in dogs of various breeds.

In addition, a detail that shows the quality of its finishes is that it has a carefully sewn edge, in order to prevent it from deforming or fraying during use.

If you are wondering about its cost, you should know that it is one of the cheapest towels on the list, so you should analyze its pros and cons in order to make your own opinion about this practical model for drying pets.



Clothing: Fibers that have antibacterial properties are involved in its clothing to avoid unpleasant odors, keeping it fresh.

Absorption: The technology applied to its fabric allows it to quickly absorb large amounts of water.

Maintenance: It does not require you to apply so much effort to maintain its hygiene, since it can be done in the machine and using the dryer.



Size: Small breed dogs may need a slightly smaller size towel.

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Baby towels


7. HBselecto 10 pieces Bamboo Fiber Baby Towels

If you are looking for cheap towels that certify impeccable resistance and great softness, this product could be your solution, since it has a natural material such as bamboo.

The fibers of HBselect baby towels are characterized by being very soft to the touch, suitable for the sensitive skin of babies or for those who suffer from dermatitis or allergies. Also, said textile is easy to dry even though it absorbs a large amount of moisture from the body.

They have a size of 25 by 25 centimeters, which allows them to be stored in small places, as well as making their use very practical. Likewise, each of the pieces has a convenient hole to be hung in any area of ​​the home. On the other hand, the variety of their colors allow them to be used for both boys and girls and the 10-piece pack provides a sufficient quantity to have on hand whenever you need them.

Being a product that offers users functionality and security, it deserves to be taken into account among your options. For this reason, it analyzes its pros and cons below. 



Material: Its textile is made with bamboo fibers, which are pleasant to the touch and also absorb a large amount of water.

Pieces: This model is available in a pack of 10 pieces, made up of 5 different colors and 2 pieces of each color.

Multifunctional: Its functional design lends itself to being used in cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom or to dry the face, among others.



Size: Its dimensions become somewhat small, but this favors its portability.

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troubadour towels 

8. Troubadour Panama towel set with border

In order for you to determine which is the best towel, it is essential that you observe the materials with which it was made, since they are the ones that will determine its quality, softness, resistance and safety.

This set of troubadour towels enjoys being made of 100% cotton with a weight of 500 gr/m2, as it is one of the most used textiles in the bathroom, shower and in beauty centers, spas and even in hotels, given His properties.

In addition, it should be noted that if you want to add a personalized touch to the towels, you can do so, as they include a 9 cm wide border where you could add a cross-stitch design. On the other hand, the set consists of 3 pieces and they are arranged in three different sizes, one for the 30 X 50 cm dressing table, another for the 50 X 100 cm sink and the 70 X 140 cm shower towel.

This model has great qualities so it could meet your expectations and needs. So that you know it even more, continue reading its pros and cons.



Game: Three models for different uses are included in the package, one for the dressing table, washing and for the shower.

Border: Its border works as a decorative element, which gives it an elegant appearance.

Colors: You can choose this model in different shades, to choose according to your preferences.


Washing: Its washing must be carried out scrupulously with adequate care, because the textile could be affected. 

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Towel Accessories


heated towels 


Cecotec Ready Warm 9000 low consumption towel rail 

Having a comfortable towel when you come out of the shower is the dream of many, especially in cold seasons. In this sense, the Cecotec Ready Warm low-consumption towel warmer has a Double Heat system and WarmSpace Technology to dry towels, in addition to quickly and efficiently heating a bathroom of up to 8 m², reflecting the ambient temperature on its built-in LED screen..

Its elegant design made of aluminum adapts to all bathrooms. In addition, it has IP24 anti-splash protection. On the other hand, its Overprotect and AutoOff system allows it to stop automatically in case of overheating and the installation kit is included to easily anchor it to the wall.

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Shopping guide

Nowadays, towels stand out for their usefulness as well as their functionality, since we not only use them at home, but also in the gym, the pool, the beach and more. However, acquiring one can be somewhat overwhelming when selecting its qualities based on your needs. Therefore, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best towel, so that you make the best purchase decision.


At present, the great variety of fabrics existing in the world of the textile industry has been present even in the manufacture of towels, since it is not only common to find cotton, but also made of microfibers or bamboo, which are beneficial. depending on the needs of the users.

Cotton, for its part, is a fabric that has positioned itself as one of the best materials found on the market, thanks to its absorption capacity, softness, durability and resistance. In this sense, you can opt for Egyptian cotton towels, given its composition of long and fibrous threads that absorb a large amount of moisture, in addition to its lightness and greater softness when in contact with the skin. Therefore, when asking how much it costs, you will notice that its cost will be reflected in terms of its efficiency.

Other materials commonly used in the manufacture of towels is microfiber, which combines synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon, which allow faster drying, greater lightness and a luxurious finish, suitable for the beach or the gym. In the case of looking for a more natural textile, you could find the bamboo one that brings with it antibacterial properties, suitable for those people who are susceptible to allergies.


If you want to buy a towel that is good and cheap, you should ensure that it certifies you through its instructions and labels the level of quality necessary for your hygienic needs.

On the one hand, it is important that its fibers absorb all the water you need after bathing and on the other hand, it must be soft and not rough, since it will precisely be in constant contact with the skin. It is also essential that you ensure that it does not require special care so that you do not have to invest a lot of time in its maintenance, in addition to not losing color after certain washes to avoid a bad appearance and therefore a shorter useful life.

design and color

In order for you to acquire a towel that suits your style and the decorative space where it is going to be, it is essential that you make a comparison of towels in reference to their design and color.

The style that the product possesses will depend exclusively on the user’s tastes, but despite this, they will have to choose from a wide variety of designs that are available on the market, where you can find everything from children’s, fun and decorative to the most subtle, monochrome and without decorations.

When these designs have impressions of figures, drawings and any other type of adornment, they tend to be elaborated with precise manufacturing techniques such as Jacquard, which consists of the use of different threads in colors and thicknesses to weave said patterns in the fabric or Likewise, they could be simple prints on the fabric that give rise to certain original patterns.

Size and weight

Each brand or model of towels varies according to their size and weight, firstly, due to the diversity included in the package and secondly due to the weight, quantity or percentage of textile material with which they are made.

The size of the towels will depend on the use, but also on the number of units included in the package, since some have from 2 pieces to sets of more than 6, which could be combined in between that include large, medium or small, which are useful for a family that is made up of people with a variety of heights.

On the other hand, the lightness or the great weight of the product is the symbol of the percentage of its compound and therefore of its effectiveness. That is why you should not expect to buy a towel that weighs less than 500 grams, as it would probably indicate a deficiency in durability, resistance and absorption capacity.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the towels?

As it is a garment that is closely related to hygiene, it is important that it be for personal use. As well as giving it the use for the purpose that has been created. For this reason, it is advisable to encourage children to get into the habit of using them properly, since unlike the body, hands and feet, the face requires an exclusive towel as it is one of the areas with the most sensitive skin. 

But for the towel to prolong its useful life, in addition to maintaining its aesthetic qualities, it must be kept ventilated after each use, to avoid the appearance of unpleasant odors and deterioration of the fabric. In addition to giving them the appropriate washing and storing them well dry, folded and protected from dust, light and excessive humidity.

Q2: How to fold the towels?

Properly folding towels will have benefits not only in saving space, but will also help maintain the softness and hygiene that this garment needs. For this reason, once washed and dried, proceed to fold them, either in the traditional way, which consists of spreading them on a flat surface in order to eliminate wrinkles and folding them in half as many times as necessary according to your tastes or size. of the space where they will be stored. Now, if you want to stand out with a particular folding style, you can help yourself with the options you can find online.

Q3: How to make puppies with the towels?

Whether as a decorative element in the bathroom, to prepare as a gift, to make the bathroom more fun for the little ones or for any special occasion, folding towels like a puppy is a practical and easy option to carry out. To do this, spread the towel and roll from two opposite ends to the center. Then fold in half and with the help of an elastic band attached to define the body and legs. Shape the snout with the help of another rubber band and add the final details such as ears, eyes, nose and bows using the materials that you have at your disposal or that you have purchased in specialized stores.

Q4: How to decorate the towels?

Towels can be personalized either as a personal distinguishing feature or to prevent family members from exchanging towels. You can choose to place borders, ribbons or colorful borders, for which you only need to cut the appropriate size and sew either by hand or by machine.

But if you want something more prominent and elaborate, you can personalize them with the name or initials, either with fabric cutouts, embroidery or cross stitch. Likewise, you can place stones or jewelry if you want a more distinguished and elegant style.

Q5: How to crochet towel edging?

If you are a beginner, help yourself with the tutorials that you get online, but if you already master this technique, the ideas that could be carried out are endless. A basic model consists of making a chain the width of the towel, then you make a double crochet for each chain stitch until you get a strip of about one centimeter.

To continue, make six or nine chain stitches, skip five or eight stitches and in the next one make a single crochet, remaining like a kind of arch, repeat successively until you complete the strip. If you wish, you can change the thread color or continue with the same color for a monochrome design. In the following rounds you can follow the same pattern or add your personal style. To finish, you just have to sew the decorative lace to the towel and organize the stitches.

Q6: How to wash the towels?

The care provided by the manufacturer on the label should be analyzed in detail. If you don’t have them, wash them separately with cold water and mild soap to prevent color loss.

Now, if you want to give it a more pleasant texture to the touch, you are probably wondering how to soften the towels. The first thing to know is that continually using fabric softener can reduce its absorbent qualities over time. However, apply it in proper proportions alternating with household products such as white vinegar or baking soda to keep them fluffy.

Q7: How to remove musty smell from towels?

If your towels have acquired unpleasant odors due to humidity, you can apply both white vinegar and baking soda to disinfect them. Since both products, according to research, have fungicidal and bactericidal properties capable of removing dirt and stains, either by applying them directly in the wash cycle or leaving them to soak for better results.

Q8: What to do with old towels?

There are many uses for your old towels, from stuffed animals and baby bibs, mop refills, bathroom mats or rugs, dusters, slippers, bathrobes, reusable feminine towels, beach sarongs, donations, or even pet beds.

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