The 8 Best Trundle Beds of 2022

Trundle bed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If practicality at its best is your thing, then trundle beds are valuable pieces in your rooms. There is no excuse for a small room not to look regal and comfortable. In the same space, you can do magic by managing to appear two and even three beds at the time they are needed. As an example, the Jula Bed with trundle Drawers gives you extra storage space, in addition to being ideal for sharing between siblings or when there are guests to spend the night. On the other hand, the Interbeds Carino is an elegant modular trundle bed that is easy to move and adapt to the place you want.

The 8 Best Trundle Beds – Opinions 2022

Trundle beds are an excellent option when the priority is to save space and you want to give a small space the maximum comfort to move around it. These 8 options give your good decorative taste the opportunity to use them as comfortable beds in small rooms.

Trundle bed with drawers

1. Jula Bed with trundle Kids Single Bed

This alternative deserves to start the suggestions of the best trundle beds of 2022. It has a nice design that will look great in the room you place it, providing you with a double sleeping area, as well as two independent storage spaces.

Among part of its advantages, it has two drawers in the lower part that lend themselves to storing everything from lingerie to dress it up to toys or books. In addition, within the price, two comfortable foam mattresses with a thickness of 10 cm are included. The firmness of this material is very convenient, as is the hypoallergenic cover designed for children.

Another extremely practical detail of this trundle bed with drawers is that both beds can function as an extension or completely separate, allowing you to play with their layout when you want to vary the atmosphere of your children’s room.

Apart from allowing a creative and fun decoration in the children’s space, this trundle bed has other valuable details.


Dimensions: The measurements for the mattresses of this model are 160×80 and 150×70, however, it offers four other different sizes to choose from.

Solid: It is a bed with solid wood legs capable of supporting, without problem, up to 150 kilograms.

Colors: In addition to the clarity of white, you have color options like bleached oak, rosewood, and tic.

Barrier: It has a very solid safety barrier at the top to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.


Instructions: The instructions to assemble the bed come in English and are scarce, but it is possible to assemble it without any problem.

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2. Mobelcenter Nest Bed with drawers and Nube shelf

To decorate your young daughter’s room with the most beautiful bedroom set, you can start with this trundle bed with drawers and shelf in delicate Alpine white and pink colours. This Nube model combines tender pastel tones with a very modern design line, creating the best youth trundle bed you can get.

An upper bed, a hidden lower bed, two drawers with very nice and colorful handles and a wide and deep shelf are responsible for the greatest comfort and storage capacity in a small space.

Measuring 199 x 96 x 69 cm, this double bed is very comfortable for resting. For their part, the drawers have a capacity of 92 cm wide and 45 cm deep each. Additionally, the 180 cm width of the shelf provides good space to place both important and decorative objects.

Asking yourself which trundle bed to buy for a youthful and very feminine room has an answer in this model that adds other notable features.


Wheels: Both the lower bed and the drawers slide on hidden wheels that take care of aesthetics.

ABS: The resistance of this material is very convenient for the four drawer handles and the anti-scratch studs on the upper bed.

Finishes: The melamine board looks spectacular on all the surfaces of the bed and shelf with premium finishes.


Bed bases: It does not come with any of the bed bases and both the upper and lower beds need them.

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white trundle bed

3. Interbeds Children’s Nest Bed 190X80 CARINO

This white trundle bed has been manufactured with all standards in mind to make it a pleasant and safe place for children to rest. In addition to each corner being rounded for safety, its white color comes from an eco-friendly, odorless paint.

The entire structure, both the frame for an upper mattress of 190 x 80 cm and the lower one of 180 x 80 cm, is made of pine wood. With the wooden frames and bed bases and very good quality screws, a trundle bed with guaranteed stability is achieved that supports 80 kilograms on each base.

Interbeds is a Polish manufacturer that shows with this model the dedication and excellent qualities present in each of the thousands of children’s and youth beds made under its creation and built to be very durable.

Apart from Poland, in several European countries, this could be referred to as the best brand of trundle beds. Let’s see how this model boasts great quality.


Set: It is a trundle bed that in its cost includes the two bed bases and two foam mattresses.

Double-sided: You can adapt the safety barrier on the left or right side to your liking or convenience.

Lower bed: The lower bed is easily removed or inserted thanks to two beautiful and resistant handles and fluid movement wheels.


Mattresses: Each of the mattresses that comes with the set has a thickness of 7 cm which could seem very thin.

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Trundle bed 105

4. Bainba Star Nest Bed

If you are looking for beautiful and, at the same time, functional trundle bed options for different ages, the star is a figure that everyone usually likes. Apart from decorative rows of stars that stand out on the headboard and footboard, this trundle bed of 105 has handles of the same figure to open and close it.

It is impossible for this 105×200 trundle bed not to attract the attention of those who see it thanks to its fine finishes and satin white colour. It is enough to touch the MDF surface to feel a work with a smooth, soft and solid result without imperfections in its gluing or lacquering.

This material guarantees resistance to the daily use that children will be able to give this bed over the years. In addition, it includes bed bases with metal structures and wooden slats that create a compact and comfortable base.

The quality in Bainba children’s and youth bedrooms can also be seen in other features of this attractive star trundle bed.


Dimensions: It offers to enjoy extra comfortable dimensions with an upper mattress of 105 wide and 200 cm long and a lower one of 90 x 190 cm.

Materials: Thanks to the insignis pine wood and the lacquered MDF, it is a bed that promises to last for years.

Brand: Bainba is a company that offers its 30 years of experience in the best of children’s toys and furniture.


Price: Its quality is accompanied by a cost that could be considered quite high as it does not offer drawers or mattresses.

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double trundle bed

5. Habitdesign 1S7432Y Youth Double Bed

One of the most attractive points of this double trundle bed is that it does not require extra bed bases. The two beds are arranged to receive the mattresses on their table system.

The upper mattress must be 90 x 190 and the lower one 90 x 180 cm. Both mattresses are perfectly placed in a simple structure that will be very easy to assemble.

It has melamine finishes in neutral and elegant colors such as Alps white and basalt. In addition to a nice design that can be liked by young people of both sexes, it stands out as a great alternative for a growing bed.

In the lower part, it offers two drawers 85 cm wide and 45 cm deep that will allow you to store a variety of personal items for daily use, whether for study or sports.

Find out more advantages why this could be considered the best trundle bed of the moment for children and young people.


Drawers: Apart from the good space of the drawers, these offer ease and comfort of handling with two handles for each one.

Wheels: Opening and closing the trundle bed when needed does not require much effort thanks to its sliding wheels.

Assembly: In addition to having detailed instructions, its pieces are light and follow a simple design to assemble.


Materials: The 15 mm thickness of melamine may not seem like enough to make it look like a resistant material.

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compact trundle bed

6. Miroytengo Trundle Bed with Wall Shelf

Here may be the answer to which is the best trundle bed for your young child. In addition to a very modern design, its handling does not require excessive force, since both the lower bed and its large drawer have wheels to slide smoothly and open or close without exhausting effort.

When the beds and the drawer are aligned in the same structure, they look like the best compact trundle bed to make the most of the dimensions of the room.

Although it does not include them, it has two perfect and solid bed bases to receive comfortable mattresses of 190 x 90 and 180 x 90 cm on which you will enjoy sleeping every night.

In addition to this, it comes with a simple and beautiful wall shelf that covers 180 cm in width and stands out with the same Alpine white and blue colors of the bedroom.

Let’s delve into more reasons that make this bed one of the safest, most stable and durable alternatives you could get.


Material: It is a nationally manufactured product that takes care to use first-class melamine as a material for its finishes.

Casters: The casters on the lower bed and drawers are smooth-running and hidden for aesthetics.

Instructions: Since it is kit furniture, it comes with very precise instructions and specific screws.


Lower mattress: So that there is no friction when opening and closing, you must make sure that the thickness between the bed base and mattress does not exceed 22 cm.

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Children’s trundle bed

7. Pitarch Nest Bed Bedroom Children’s room 90×190

This is another very practical children’s trundle bed alternative that your creativity could play with. Its simple, yet elegant Cambrian oak finish will fit perfectly with the furnishings of a bedroom, a family room or even the study. It is a neutral tone in which the grain of the wood design is noticed in a very attractive way.

Thanks to its good cost, it is a cheap trundle bed that can be purchased to decorate spaces looking like an easy chair or sofa in the upper part and, at the same time, providing a very large space as a lower storage drawer.

The measurements of the upper and lower frame are the same 90 x 190 for both mattresses. Dare to turn any space in your home into a rest area with the best value for money trundle bed you could buy.

Apart from the benefit of being one of the cheapest, this trundle bed has more pros and cons to consider.


Assembly kit: Assembling it will be extremely simple with the complete assembly kit that comes with screws and detailed instructions.

Lower drawer: This drawer is designed to be a spacious storage place or to be used as a second bed.

Brand: Pitarch has more than 100 years of experience in Spain manufacturing kit furniture at a good price and quality.


Mattress: The lower drawer includes 4 boards, but the upper one has nothing. So a mattress must be purchased to be able to place the mattress that goes on top.

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triple trundle bed

8. Noa and Nani Ivan Day Triple Bed

The options in the market are very wide and varied to choose from. There are with or without drawers, cheap prices and different materials.

This is the option for those who want more than the extension of a second bed. This triple trundle bed gives you the opportunity to use one, two or three beds at the same time. Therefore, the fact that this model offers a third sleeping area makes it really attractive.

After being used, these extra beds are easily returned to their place with the wheels under them, leaving only an elegant bed of 75 cm high, 202 cm long and 96 cm wide.

Its handmade finishes enhance the structure made of solid pine and painted fresh white. This guarantees great quality in the details that combine style and functionality.

As well as giving your kids the best trundle bed for awesome sleepover nights with friends, this one has more positive features to offer.


Mattresses: You do not have to go after the search for different measures. The three mattresses must be 190 x 90 cm.

Robustness: The solid pine wood used as the manufacturing material creates a robust and resistant nest bed.

Manufacturing: It is made with the highest quality standards and compliance with regulations in the United Kingdom.


Space: It must be taken into account that to unfold the three beds, you must have ample free space.

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Trundle bed accessories

Trundle bed base

Hogar24 Lower Trundle Bed Base with Legs

This trundle bed base has wheels on each of its four legs, making it a great option to give the lower bed good support and stability.

It combines an elaborate structure with the resistance of the steel tube and the strength of the wood.

In addition to the advantage of having an anti-rust treatment, its metal frame has a central bar that reinforces the base of 8 wooden sheets of 10 cm each and its 3 plates help it to be well fixed.

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Trundle bed barrier

MundibebE Trundle bed rail for baby

One of the best advantages of trundle beds is that they are very functional as growing beds.

A good investment can accompany your little one in his rest for years.

Some come with safety barriers and others do not, so if you are looking for a cute and completely practical trundle bed barrier, the beige teddy bear and moon folding model will be the best.

In addition to the peace of mind of being able to secure an area of ​​180 cm in length and 66 cm in height with this barrier, you can disassemble it to wash it whenever you want.

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Shopping guide

When asked what to look for, this guide to buying the best trundle bed highlights the most relevant features to take into account so that any small space can become the most efficient place for rest and comforting sleep. Accommodating your guests for the night is a concern resolved with this type of bed.


The particular styles and designs in this nest version are very diverse. In the same space, you can achieve one, two and even three beds, either because you transform a bed that you already have or buy one already designed for that purpose. For example, if you have a bed with a good height and separation from the floor, you can get an additional place to sleep that does not take up extra space by acquiring only the nest box.

This structure comes with its wheels and, generally, it already comes with the base that will support the mattress, so you will only have to place it under the main bed. It is available in various sizes that can be adjusted from single to double mattresses.

Likewise, your selection can wander through bedding sets in which the upper mattress is visible and two or three hidden lower nesting drawers appear to fold or unfold from a wall cabinet. Although the option of three beds in one is excellent for saving space, remember that you must have enough meters to be able to extend it and use it.

On the other hand, your comparison of trundle beds can also be based on their style, color and size. There are traditional or more modern decorative lines that come in a single color or a combination of two or more shades. Similarly, the dimensions are usually an important point. There are models that require you to buy mattresses of different sizes and thicknesses for the top and bottom. Instead, for others, these dimensions are the same.


Bearing in mind whether it will be children, young people or adults who will use the trundle bed, the resistance of the material with which it is made is of great relevance. In fact, the nest design is one of the best types of beds to be used as a durable alternative while your little ones grow.

Therefore, the search for a good and economic possibility should not be separated from the best materials both in the frames and in all the accessories that are included. Although they vary in price, wood and metal are two of the most used elements for the frame due to their robust characteristics. However, MDF and chipboard such as melamine are also in the box of choice.

Admittedly, comparing how much a solid wood, pine, or plywood option costs can differ widely, however, high quality can be expected from all of them. If the design has plastic parts such as handles, ABS is ideal due to its hardness and resistance for every time you have to pull to remove the nest bed.

In addition to a color tone that you like, if it is painted wood, it is prudent that you make sure that the enamel used is ecological and free of intense odors that can develop allergies.

additional elements

The additional elements are decisive factors in the selection of the ideal trundle bed. One of the most attractive extras are the drawers for storage. These are perfect solutions, especially when talking about alternatives for children and young people to store part of their personal belongings and contribute to the order of the room.

Generally, there are two and they are located at ground level. Its capacity in width and depth may vary, but, without a doubt, it is a very functional space where you can store sheets, books and even toys.

On the other hand, when you see an option that seems too expensive, don’t immediately dismiss it. Many times, this includes mattresses or bed bases in the price so as not to have to search separately for these elements that could require different measures.

In general, mattresses are usually made of foam and with a hypoallergenic coating. However, you have the opportunity to choose models that do not offer them and thus you can place the material and thickness that you want.

Another valuable extra in security is the protection barrier. Although there are trundle beds that do not have it because they have designs more similar to sofas, those that do come with one frequently allow it to be installed according to your taste on the left or right side. Additionally, small stairs and shelves could appear as very chic accessories.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a trundle bed?

Whenever you think about how to save space in a small room where more than one person usually sleeps or is the one you use to receive guests, this is the ideal option as the protagonist of the place. The most important thing is that it is used to make it look like a superior bed or sofa during the day by hiding the additional ones.

At bedtime, all you have to do is remove and extend the trundle bed. This is done effortlessly thanks to the wheels at the bottom that make it easy to roll. Afterwards, all that remains is to dress her and she is ready for a restful night.

Q2: How to make a trundle bed?

The key to building a nest bed is to take into account all the measures so as not to cause friction with its top or sides. The rest is very easy with a little DIY skills. Create the frame by drilling and screwing the pieces of wood together.

Then, do the same with thinner wooden slats for the inner part that will be the base for an OSB board that is responsible for supporting the mattress. Before laying down the chipboard, flip the frame over and attach bolt-on casters. In this way, it is ready to make the varnish or paint finishes you want.

Q3: Can I use a trundle bed as a sofa?

Of course you can use it as a sofa and, in fact, it looks great when folded and compact and you decorate it with contrasting colored cushions on top. If you plan to have it in a living room or study, make sure that the security barrier is not placed when installing it. You will have a very comfortable place to sit, but ready to quickly become a place to rest and sleep.

Q4: How to decorate a trundle bed?

It all depends on the design of the bed. If it is one that does not have a headboard or barriers, the best way to highlight it is with a striking set of sheets and cushions on top. From having bars or wide smooth surfaces, the stickers of prominent characters from comics or Disney princesses can make it the best place for your little ones.

If you have handles, you can vary the decoration with the choice of colors and fun shapes. However, when you have the opportunity to purchase the bed with the matching furniture like cabinets and bookcases, everything looks great in the room.

Q5: How to place the cushions on a trundle bed?

The only way to put cushions or pillows on a trundle bed is to gather them at the top. Usually, the distance in centimeters between the upper and lower bed is only necessary so that it does not cause friction with the mattress.

If you leave cushions on the lower bunk, you may be able to push them in to close it, but trying to open it could make everything difficult and cause the bed to get stuck. So use them only when the bed is to be used for sleeping.

Q6: How to assemble a trundle bed?

You should have screwdrivers, a hammer, and the help of another person on hand to assemble it. Also, it’s important to have a carpeted area or cardboard to make sure the pieces don’t get damaged while they’re being assembled.

First, you start with the mainframe frame and screw on the box spring rails on each side. Then, continue to assemble the nest box taking care of every detail when screwing, placing plates to reinforce and adding the wheels where they correspond. The rails for the lower mattress are installed in the same way. By placing the bed bases, the nest is ready to be inserted into the main structure.

Q7: Which is better, trundle bed or bunk bed?

When it comes to saving space, these two types of beds are very convenient. The valuation is given according to the realities of each home. For example, being small children who are going to have them in their rooms, there is no doubt that, playing or sleeping, the height of a bunk bed generates restlessness.

On the other hand, getting up and down from the upper bed with a ladder or feeling that you have your own space and not so close to the other person can be more fun and comfortable for young people.

Q8: How to dress a trundle bed?

If you just like to put sheets on it, dress it in shades that go well with the color scheme of the room. You can use a large comforter and drape it over the side when you want your bed to look like a single.

Although the use of the lower bed is sporadic, it is recommended that you do not leave the mattress undressed. Always have a fitted sheet on him to protect him from the dust that accumulates under the bed and, when it’s time to receive your guest, show off with a nice and soft set of sheets.

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