The 8 Best Upholstered Bases of 2022

Upholstered Base – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you have purchased a new mattress, it is recommended that you place it on a firm base that keeps it off the ground, and upholstered models offer particular benefits compared to others. A good option could be the Hogar 24 Transversal model. This upholstered base has resistant manufacturing materials, as well as good quality fabrics. Another alternative in upholstered bases could be the Hogar 24 Air Fresh 3D. This model has integrated reinforced steel bars to guarantee stability when placing the mattress, so it could also become a successful investment for your home.

The 8 Best Upholstered Bases – Opinions 2022

Upholstered bases are complementary furniture for your mattress, so you must take several aspects into account before choosing one. If it is a bit complicated for you to make the decision about which one to buy, we invite you to know the following models:

150×190 upholstered base

1. Hogar 24 Transverse Upholstered Base With 5 Crossbars

Finding the best upholstered base could be a challenge if you don’t take into account the important aspects, but this model from Hogar 24 has practical and striking features for you.

The upholstered base has a structure of 5 transverse bars designed and located in order to distribute the weight on it, so you can rest comfortably. It has dimensions of 150 x 190 centimeters and its legs add a height of 26 centimeters, enough for you to raise the mattress from the ground.

In addition, this 150×190 centimeter upholstered base is made with Air Fresh 3D fabric, which has the advantage of allowing high air circulation that will prevent hot spots on the base, thus helping you feel comfortable on it, even in summer. Likewise, it also has non-slip qualities to prevent the mattress from moving out of place with movement when sleeping.

Hogar 24 could have the best upholstered base of the moment for you, so we will show you its pros and cons below:


Bars: Having a base equipped with 5 metal crossbars will allow you to rest on it with confidence, knowing that it will be able to support the weight of the mattress without problems.

Legs: It comes with a total of 7 metal legs 26 centimeters high and 5 centimeters in diameter capable of providing the required stability.

Caps: Each of the caps has its respective plastic cap designed to avoid causing damage to your floor in case you move the base from the site.

Color: The clothing fabric used is dark blue, which will hide stains and dirt.


Weight: The upholstered base has a considerable weight, so help is needed in case you want to carry it up to your apartment.

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135×190 upholstered base

2. Home 24 Upholstered Base With 3D Fabric And Perspiration Valves

Forming part of what may be the best upholstered bases of 2022, this Hogar 24 product offers you a space of 135 x 190 centimeters in which you can accommodate a two-seater mattress without inconvenience.

The 135×190 centimeter upholstered base of Hogar 24 also stands out for having a thickness of 5 centimeters to improve the support of the mattress. Its board is made of MDF and has three integrated crossbars that reinforce the structure, so you will enjoy stability throughout the night.

For its part, the fabric used in its construction is 3D, which provides a good level of ventilation. It is beige and you can choose the height of the legs depending on your taste, with 25.5 centimeters long and 32 centimeters available.

Hogar 24 could easily become the best brand of upholstered bases and here you can learn more about the qualities of this model:


Valves: This upholstered base is equipped with a series of transpiration valves designed to maintain air circulation between the product and your mattress.

Legs: In addition to being able to choose the legs according to their height, they also include their respective plastic covers to protect your floor.

Capacity: The size of this upholstered base gives you the possibility of placing a single mattress or a two-seater without problems.

Properties: It has an integrated breathable mesh that works in conjunction with the valves and also a non-slip fabric for your mattress.


Color: Being beige, it is more prone to getting dirty, which could require more frequent maintenance to preserve its appearance.

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90×190 upholstered base

3. Upholstered Base Sleeper with 3 Crossbars

If you are interested in acquiring what could be the best value for money upholstered base, we advise you to take a look at the Dormio product, since it is one of the cheapest among those mentioned.

It is an upholstered base of 90×190 centimeters designed for one square or one and a half square mattresses, being suitable for furnishing the children’s room or the guest room.

Its design is simple, but with a modern style, since it has black painted metal legs. These have their respective covers so as not to damage the floor. For its part, the base is upholstered with breathable 3D fabric which is designed to promote air circulation between the mattress and the support while providing a friction surface that will prevent slippage between the two.

This upholstered base from Dormio could be a good option if you are looking to save money and here you will find more information about it:


Structure: The interior of the base is made up of a metal frame with dimensions of 30 x 30 centimeters with which the leveling of the mattress is guaranteed.

Legs: Its legs are 28 centimeters high, they are black and made of metal so you don’t have to worry about their wear.

Board: The board used in the upholstered base has perforations that allow air to circulate more freely.

Bars: It has three transverse bars that cross the base from side to side in order to maintain stability during use.


Mobility: Please note that the upholstered base is heavy and must be moved by at least two adults due to its size.

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135 upholstered base

4. Bonitex 3D upholstered base 6 legs 5 cross braces

If you still don’t know which is the best upholstered base, we invite you to know the product from the Bonitex catalog that is among the cheapest.

This 135 x 190 cm upholstered base has a strong frame combined with 5 cross braces, offering a high level of stability when reclining.

Likewise, the base has a total of 6 legs made of metal with a height of 25 centimeters and a diameter of 5 centimeters, being thick enough to support the weight of one or two adults.

On the other hand, it stands out that the base panel has a thickness of 6 centimeters, upholstered in breathable beige materials, which will allow the mattress to be ventilated.

And, if you ever need this base in other sizes, you can probably find it in its versions of 80 x 200 centimeters, 90 x 190 centimeters, 105 x 190 centimeters and more.

Being another of the cheap options in upholstered bases, we invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of this product:


Reinforcements: One of the most striking aspects of this upholstered base is that it offers 5 transverse reinforcements to support the weight of the mattress and the people who lie on it.

Legs: The legs are black and reach a length of 25 centimeters, enough to raise a mattress and increase comfort.

Anti-noise: The design of the base and the components of the legs are designed to be anti-noise and avoid producing sounds in case you move during the night.

Breathable: The base has gone through a multi-perforation process that has given the fabric a breathable quality for greater freshness when sleeping.


Extra leg: At the base you will find an anchor point for an extra leg, but this must be purchased separately.

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Pikolin upholstered base

5. Pikolin Divanlin 3D Breathable Upholstered Base

Pikolin has an upholstered base for you that has the striking characteristic of having a manufacture cataloged as Base Air System. This indicates that all the elements used in the preparation of the product were treated and modified to improve air circulation throughout the structure.

Likewise, the Pikolin upholstered base has a double support system, designed to increase the resistance and stability of the base so that it can be used with different types of mattresses, as long as they are adapted to its capacity. Which leads us to mention that this base has dimensions of 135 x 190 centimeters, so you can assemble a two-seater bed without problems. Also, if you dare to buy it in white, it will offer a much more hygienic and fresh appearance.

In case you still don’t know which upholstered base to buy, you can consider what this Pikolin model has for you:


Breathable: The materials used in the upholstered base give it breathable qualities to be compatible with different types of mattresses.

Measurements: Its size adapts to two-seater mattresses, so it can be practical for main rooms.

Structure: The base structure is made of metal with robust finishes that provide stability and durability to the product.

Construction: The base has been upholstered with breathable 3D fabric that has micro-channels of polyester fibers, being comfortable and ventilated to prevent damage to your mattress.


Legs: You cannot ignore the fact that the legs for the upholstered base are not included with the purchase and must be purchased separately, entailing an extra expense.

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Flex upholstered base

6. Flex Tapiflex Upholstered Base

If you need a wide upholstered base to place a large mattress, we advise you to take a look at this Flex option. Its base has dimensions of 180 x 200 centimeters, making it suitable for King Size mattresses, more than enough to share with your partner.

In addition, with the Flex upholstered base you can enjoy better support for your mattress and, in turn, for your back, which will improve the quality of your rest in general.

The upholstery is light in color, making it suitable for casual and relaxing decorations. For its part, the legs are made of wood and have a natural finish, a quality that gives the base a much simpler appearance, for those who want a discreet piece of furniture that does not attract too much attention. However, please note that the legs are sold separately.

Before making a purchase decision, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each available option:


Design: It is an upholstered base with a simple and discreet design that, in addition, will be very easy to assemble to have it ready for use.

Size: The upholstered base of the Flex brand has a size of 180 x 200 centimeters, being wide enough to accommodate a King Size mattress.

Variety: Another of its advantages is that it is also offered in other sizes depending on its availability, being the smallest 80 x 182 centimeters to the largest mentioned.

Robust: Its buyers comment that it has a high robustness, in addition to a solid finish, so it offers confidence and comfort when resting.


Base legs: Unlike other upholstered bases mentioned in this listing, this model does not include legs.

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105×190 upholstered base

7. Sleep Reinforced 3D Upholstered Base 5 Reinforcement Bars

If you are looking for a 105×190 centimeter upholstered base, consider the alternative that this brand has for you. Sleep has a model that stands out for having a dark brown upholstery that is very easy to combine with various decorative styles, in addition to hiding stains and dirt.

The size of the upholstered base of Duérmete allows it to house a Twin-size mattress, although you could also find it in other dimensions according to your needs. Some of the available options range from 80 x 180 centimeters to 150 x 200 centimeters.

On the other hand, the structure is metallic and has reinforcement to add strength to the base, allowing you to place the mattress of your choice without fear of it giving way. In addition, its 26-centimeter-high cylindrical legs will easily support the standard weight of one or two adults without any problems.

The neutral color of this model makes it suitable for hiding dirt, among other advantages that you can learn more about below:


Upholstery: The fabric used to make the base is 3D mesh, which has ventilation holes to maintain air circulation.

Structure: The base structure has 5 transverse steel bars that will be responsible for distributing and supporting the weight.

Legs: A total of 6 screw-lock legs are included, which will be very easy to install, as well as protective caps for the tips.

Ventilation: The base has 4 built-in aerators in its center which work together with the upholstery, to avoid problems with the accumulation of bad odors and humidity.


Central support: At the base you will find a central anchor where you could integrate another support leg, but you will have to purchase it separately.

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180 x 200 upholstered base

8. Ventadecolchones.com Upholstered base Model Drago Super

The Drago Super model corresponds to a 180 x 200 centimeter upholstered base that stands out for working with a total of 12 legs, strategically distributed in the lower part of the structure with the function of offering support at all points of the base.

It has an anti-noise system in charge of minimizing the sounds that are produced in some bases when moving during the night, so that you can rest without discomfort.

Another of its striking aspects is that it has a beige 3D fabric, which is practical for hiding dirt, but if you want a slightly more personalized model, you could find it in blue, white, red, black, green and brown.

For its part, the size of this base reaches 180 x 200 centimeters, due to the fact that two units of 90 x 200 centimeters are included, which you can easily join thanks to a lateral anchoring system.

If you want to avoid wasting your money, it is recommended that you analyze the upholstered base of your interest carefully before buying it:


Size: The upholstered base of this brand has a large size so that you can easily accommodate a large mattress.

Colors: You can choose the base according to the color of its fabric, having among your options vibrant and striking alternatives, as well as discreet and neutral colors.

Reinforcement: The metal structure that makes up the base has been reinforced with crossbars for your comfort and safety.

Anti-noise: The anti-noise system of its joints and anchors will prevent discomfort at night when you change your sleeping position.


Weight: Due to its materials and size, it has a considerable weight, so it can be difficult to move in case you want to clean it in depth, for example.

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Accessories for upholstered base

Legs for upholstered base

Home 24 6 Bed Base Legs or Upholstered Base

In case you need to replace the legs of your base, the Hogar 24 brand has for you an option in legs for an upholstered base that could be of interest to you, due to its manufacturing quality and robustness.

It is a set made up of a total of 6 cylindrical legs of 32 centimeters in height each and a diameter of 5 centimeters. This level of elevation, combined with that provided by the base, will give you the necessary height to place your mattress comfortably. They are made of metal and have a plastic cap on their tip to prevent scratching your floor.

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Shopping guide

Although sleeping at a certain height goes hand in hand with the user’s taste, many experts recommend raising the mattress so that, at least, it does not touch the ground. This will extend its lifespan and make it more comfortable when you go to bed or wake up. A piece of furniture designed for that is the upholstered bases and here you will be able to know the most important aspects that you must consider in order to choose the best model for you.

Upholstered base design

Whether you want to maintain a certain style of decoration, as well as adapt the base to the size of your mattress, it is very important that you take into consideration the design as one of the main features.

When reviewing a comparison of upholstered bases, you will be able to find information regarding this type of detail, where we advise you to look at aspects such as the size of the base, its weight, etc. This is necessary so that you can accommodate it without problems in the room.

Regarding the visual design, take into consideration the color of the fabric, so that you can combine it with your other furniture. The same applies to the legs, since, depending on the base model, it is likely that you will find a greater or lesser number of legs to support it.

clothing fabric

The next thing to evaluate in this guide to buying the best upholstered base is the fabric used. This may be one of the things that could most affect how much an upholstered base costs, but it’s possible to find a good, inexpensive one by looking carefully.

However, since we are dealing with a piece of furniture designed to support and raise the mattress from the ground, it is recommended that you choose one that gives you the necessary confidence to do so, whether you are buying it just for yourself or also for your partner.

Among the options offered by the market, you can choose fabrics that are consistent with your preference for texture, support or absorption. You’ll usually find foundations made from synthetic fabrics, though some have special treatments to make them thicker, more flexible, or tear-resistant.

At the same time, you can’t overlook seam finishes, as this will give you an overall durable base.

Manufacturing materials

When we refer to the manufacturing materials of an upholstered base, we will focus mainly on those used for the elaboration of the structure itself.

When choosing between upholstered bases, it would be convenient for you to lean towards models that have supports made of materials derived from metal, such as steel, aluminum, among others.

These types of materials offer a higher level of resistance than others, in addition to the fact that they will not show signs of oxidation or wear in case you live in an area with high levels of humidity.

Capacity and support

The capacity of the upholstered base is one of the essential elements to evaluate before investing a single euro. In order to find the corresponding model with your mattress, you must take into account its dimensions before choosing a base.

In this way you will be able to choose a model that adapts without problems to the size of your mattress and you will prevent any of its sides from hanging, which would result in long-term damage due to poor positioning.

However, you could also choose a base that is larger than your mattress in case you want to have that extra space around your bed, just do not forget to take into account the dimensions of the room so that it is not excessive.

On the other hand, you should know in advance the maximum recommended weight that the upholstered base you want to buy can support, since that way you will know if it will be practical for your mattress and its use.

assembly complexity

Finally, you can evaluate step by step the complexity of assembling the upholstered base. On most models, this isn’t too much of a challenge, but we still advise you to review the mounting requirements to avoid inconvenience when you get home.

On the other hand, if you want to save time and effort, you can easily choose an upholstered base that only requires placing the support legs, in addition, some have them previously installed so that you only have to remove it from the packaging and place it on the floor.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an upholstered base?

The first thing you need to do is remove any wrapping from your base so you can secure the legs to the bottom. Screw them all the way in or insert them until you hear the lock click. Then simply flip your base over and place the mattress on top.

Q2: How to put legs on an upholstered base?

The process for assembling and installing the legs on the upholstered base is usually quite simple and will not take more than a couple of minutes. Upholstered bases usually include a series of legs, which add more elevation to the base and prevent it from being in direct contact with the floor.

To place them, simply find the holes in the lower part and screw each one to the bottom. Other types of legs can simply snap in, so check your instruction manual to find out what action you need to take to install them correctly.

Q3: Which mattress is best for an upholstered base?

One of the advantages offered by a good upholstered base is that it can be used with practically any type of mattress, however, experts advise taking into account its dimensions in order to place it on a suitable base for it. Likewise, it could be said that they are more practical for mesh or foam mattresses.

In any case, you must make sure that the edges do not protrude and, furthermore, that the base will be able to support both the weight of the mattress and the people who lie on it.

Q4: How to fix an upholstered base?

To properly fix an upholstered base, it would be best to send it to an upholstery expert to repair any tears or damage to the structure, since replacing the cover or repairing the base requires specialized tools and knowledge.

Q5: How to make an upholstered mattress base?

If you want to make your own upholstered base to place your mattress, you will need carpentry and DIY tools such as a hammer, nails, tape measure, drill, among others, in addition to, obviously, the material that you are going to use for the base..

To make it easier, you can use wood, since it is a resistant material and relatively easy to handle, as well as to cut. This is important because an upholstered base must have some support system for the mattress.

Start first by taking the measurements of the mattress and in this way you will know the size that the upholstered base should have. Cut the wood to create the frame and support boards, as well as the legs. The latter can be equipped with plugs to avoid scratches on the floor.

To create the base itself, you can use an MDF board and cover it with the fabric of your choice. We advise you to have a thickness of at least 1 centimeter to offer better stability. When you have it ready, all you have to do is secure it to the base with nails or screws as you prefer, place your mattress on it and that’s it.

Q6: What is better, a sofa or an upholstered base?

The answer to this question will depend on your needs. A sofa offers the advantage of having storage space under the mattress or in an added compartment, as well as being used more informally due to its folding base capacity.

On the other hand, an upholstered base is usually used in more permanent installations that seek to keep in harmony with the decoration of the room. In addition, the upholstered base offers friction to prevent the mattress from slipping so you can enjoy more stability when you lie down.

Q7: How to clean an upholstered base?

Cleaning your upholstered base will depend on two elements: the fabric it was made from and the materials used for the support structure.

If your upholstered base has gotten dirty, you can use different stain removal methods depending on the fabric. For example, if it is made of synthetic leather, a damp cloth and a little liquid detergent will suffice to clean it.

If you have an upholstered base with absorbent fabric, you could apply the same technique, but with the difference that you will have to let it dry in the sun to avoid residual musty smells. Another option is to simply call furniture cleaning services, so they can use vacuum cleaners and special chemicals and take care of regular maintenance.

Q8: Which is better, a slatted base or an upholstered base?

If your intention is to save money when furnishing your room, a slatted base is much cheaper than an upholstered base, but the finishes and the visual aspect, as well as the comfort itself, will be things that you would have to sacrifice. This is because an upholstered base is designed to improve mattress stability and provide reliable support when resting.

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