The 8 Best Vanities of 2022

Dressing Table – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With a vanity in the room you can enjoy your own space to do your hair, makeup and get ready before you go out. In addition, the drawers or shelves that you have are quite useful for organizing all kinds of objects. Among the products that stand out, we have in the first place the Woltu MB6044WS, a dressing table that is accompanied by a stool to sit on. It features both shelves and drawers and also has a built-in mirror. Second, you may be interested in the Homcom ES831-194BK0731. This dressing table is versatile, as it can also be converted into a desk if you need it. It is accompanied by its respective stool and a mirror that you can put on or take off as you prefer.

The 8 Best Dressing Tables – Opinions 2022

A vanity unit is designed to offer a space in which to organize beauty products, facial treatments and other objects for personal care. If you are searching among the options that the market has, we invite you to review the following list where you will find several attractive dressers.

white dressing table

1. Woltu Makeup Vanity with Stool and Mirror

Looking for what could be the best dressing table, you would easily come across the Woltu MB6044WS model, a cabinet with multiple shelves and drawers, to help you organize all your products.

There are a total of 4 shelves, 2 drawers and their respective mirror; next to a simple stool, but enough to provide a stable seat in front of the piece of furniture.

It has dimensions of 108 x 40 x 142 centimeters and provides a comfortable space where you can sit down to comb your hair, apply makeup or any other attention you require.

On the other hand, its structure is made up of MDF boards that are 1.5 centimeters thick, making it quite stable and robust to the touch. Aesthetically it is a white dressing table, although it could also be purchased in black or natural oak finish, depending on availability.

The Woltu brand model is considered to be the best dressing table of the moment, deserving of a more exhaustive evaluation:


Design: The cabinet has a practical design and has a mirror for easy use.

Shelves: It has built-in raised shelves on both sides of the mirror, allowing you to easily grab what you need.

Drawers: You can take advantage of 2 large drawers to install dividers and store what you want.

Stool: The stool has a matching design with the dressing table, as well as the right height to sit comfortably.


Assembly: The indications for the assembly of the furniture should be much more explicit and some pieces may not have the letter or number to know where they go.

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makeup vanity

2. Homcom Dressing Table for Makeup with Mirror Stool

Among the products that are nominated for the best vanities of 2022, the Homcom ES831-194BK0731 model could not be missing, a makeup vanity that you will find quite ergonomic.

This option stands out for its structure with convertible characteristics, since its mirror is mounted on a folding frame that can be closed, so that the rear part can be used as an extension of the desk. In this way, the furniture is multifunctional, according to your needs.

As for its size, it measures 80 x 40 x 79 centimeters and is white, maintaining a neat aesthetic that is also practical, thanks to the integration of a drawer to store what you need.

On the other hand, it stands out that the furniture is accompanied by a stool with a padded seat of 40 x 30 x 44 centimeters, where you can sit comfortably whenever you want.

The affordable price of this model makes it one of the cheapest options, so you should review some of its pros and cons:


Folding: The frame where the mirror is mounted can be folded, to use the back as a table.

Practical: Thanks to its convertible structure, you can use this piece of furniture as a dressing table or desk.

Stool: The stool has padding to provide comfort during use.

Drawer: You have a large drawer available to store any product you use.


Screws: Keep in mind that the steps for its installation require the use of a large number of screws, surpassing the number and time needed to assemble other models.

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vintage dressing table

3. Carme Sorrento dressing table with drawer and gold handle

To decide on the best dressing table you can buy, it is very important to be clear about the style you want your design to have.

Here we are before an elegant and pleasant to the touch vintage dressing table, which is attractive to be part of the furniture of the room. Its dimensions are 80 x 76 x 40 centimeters and it has a matching stool of 40 x 41 x 30 centimeters, to offer ergonomics.

This dressing table also has a fairly large drawer integrated with 2 fasteners that you will find quite practical; especially if you install dividers to make better use of the space. It is made of wood and its finish is polished in gray, while the fasteners have a layer of rose gold paint to stand out.

When you don’t know which dresser to buy to equip your room, we advise you to pay close attention to the positive and negative details of each option:


Design: It is a classic and quite elegant piece of furniture, where you can accommodate your beauty products.

Hangers: The hangers that also serve to open the drawers, have a polished finish to show off.

Feet: The feet of the furniture have a contoured shape, maintaining the style of the time.

Stool: A stool is included that has an aesthetic to match the dressing table.


Mirror: Something that you cannot go through when choosing this dresser is that, unlike other models mentioned, it does not have an integrated mirror with which you can apply makeup more easily.

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children’s dressing table

4. Teamson Kids Wood Vanity Table with Mirror

If you are looking for one of the cheapest when buying a children’s dressing table, we advise you to check out the Teamson Kids TD-11670A model, as it oozes style at an affordable price.

This dressing table for girls is made with a wooden structure that makes it robust and durable, allowing you to use it for several years. It has a striking aesthetic with a pink leopard print and black frames, to create contrast.

Reviewing its capacity, the piece of furniture has dimensions of 59.7 x 29.2 x 97.8 centimeters and provides a drawer with a knob, intended for storing products.

As an additional detail, the purchase of the dressing table includes a stool with a matching printed design, becoming the beauty center of any little girl.

Teamson Kids is likely to be listed as the best brand of dressing tables for children, highlighting the advantages that its children’s model offers you:


Print: The dresser print stands out, as it has a colorful and striking style for the room.

Structure: It has an upper structure that allows the mirror to be shown or hidden, taking advantage of 2 folding panels.

Materials: The furniture is made of good quality MDF, to guarantee its useful life.

Storage: Storage space will be provided to accommodate jars, creams, brushes, lipsticks and more.


Reflection: Although it has 3 reflective surfaces built in, only the middle piece is a real mirror, so the image on the sides will be distorted.

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dressing table with lights

5. Songmics RDT11WL Dressing Table with Mirror and Light Bulbs

Songmis offers in its catalog a piece of furniture that is both practical and striking, for those who are looking for a dressing table with lights: the RDT11WL.

This vanity cabinet is 80 x 40 x 130.5 centimeters in size and features 2 storage drawers alongside a round mirror with lights. Aesthetically it is very nice, it has a lacquered finish and is white, being easy to combine with other decorations.

As for the lighting, it is located in the frame of the mirror and is made up of a total of 10 LED bulbs capable of generating enough light, so that you can give the necessary touches to any makeup. The purchase includes the pack of 10 bulbs and an additional one, for replacement.

The stool that comes with the dressing table, and although it has a base with white feet like the furniture, its seat is black to stand out in the set.

If your intention is to make a responsible purchase, here are several advantages and disadvantages of the RDT11WL dressing table:


Comfortable: It is an ergonomic alternative that offers accessibility and a padded stool for your comfort.

Robust: The manufacturing finishes are robust, allowing it to be used with confidence.

Mirror: It is equipped with a round mirror, to stand out among other dressers.

Light: The mirror frame has a set of bulbs to generate the necessary lighting when putting on makeup.


Aroma: Due to the packaging, the pieces and the furniture in general can give off a strong woody smell, but it will be eliminated over the hours.

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modern dressing table

6. Eugad Vanity Table Set with Padded Stool

If you want to bet on a modern dressing table that combines the classic vision of the future with minimalism, you can review the Eugad 0016SZT model.

This piece of furniture is made up of several materials, being able to find metal feet and frames both in the dressing table and in the stool together with solid wood with MDF for the drawers and the table.

It is white in color and its gold frames make it stand out among other dressers. Likewise, it should be noted that it offers a total of 3 drawers for storage and a rotating mirror; that will allow you to determine the angle of inclination to better focus on your face and torso.

As for its dimensions, you should know that the dressing table has a size of 100 x 40 x 79 centimeters and is accompanied by a 48.5 x 51.5 centimeter stool with a velvet seat, designed for your comfort.

Before choosing this model of dressing table, we invite you to learn more about its manufacture and benefits:


Materials: The manufacturing materials are resistant to wear, as well as easy to clean for your comfort.

Mirror: The frame that holds the mirror can rotate completely, to help you get the best viewing angle.

Drawers: It has 3 practical and spacious drawers that also give the furniture a special touch.

Rubbers: The feet are equipped with rubber supports, so as not to damage your floor.


Feet: An area that should be reinforced in this dresser is its feet, since they are somewhat thin and may not be strong enough if weight is placed on the furniture.

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Dresser with mirror

7. Anwbroad Dressing Table Makeup Beauty Table with Stool

For those interested in investing in a mirrored dressing table that has a vintage Victorian aesthetic, we present the Anwbroad BDT03Z model.

This 80 x 40 x 135.5 centimeters dressing table is made of E1 grade MDF, together with solid wood sections, which gives the furniture a good robustness, to be used with total confidence.

However, one of its most notable aspects is the design, since the entire piece of furniture is a dark wine color and comes with a stool with a gray fabric seat that matches perfectly.

In addition to this, the cabinet has 3 large drawers at the bottom and 4 small drawers at the top, which, in turn, can also be used as shelves. This gives the dressing table plenty of storage space and an attractive shape.

Anwbroad offers a stylish, vintage-style vanity that comes with additional perks that could tip the scales in your favor:


Design: It is a dressing table with an attractive and elegant design, presenting details on its hangers and feet.

Materials: Its structure is made of resistant wood, to give the feeling of robustness.

Storage: It has multiple built-in drawers, both large and small, that will be useful to you.

Stool: The stool has been made to match the dressing table and has padding.


Screws: Although the purchase of the furniture includes the screws for assembly, some users recommend purchasing a more robust set to install the dresser.

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Dressing table with mirror and lights

8. Jooli H Vanity Makeup Table with Hollywood LED

Jooli H offers you a piece of furniture that, for some users, could easily become the best value for money dressing table, because it is practical, beautiful and elegant.

This is a dressing table with mirrors and lights that could be the dream of any makeup enthusiast, since the frame has a total of 12 LED bulbs integrated, giving it a professional vanity look.

It is made of high-density black MDF boards with a matte finish that give it an elegant air, inspired by movie sets. In addition, the stool offers light padding and its structure is consistent with the model of the dressing table.

Its size, on the other hand, is 140 x 80 x 40 centimeters and it has 2 drawers for storage, along with the aforementioned mirror.

Knowing the pros and cons of this dresser will help you decide if it is the equipment you need at home, for your comfort:


Design: This dressing table is an alternative that stands out for its youthful and attractive style.

Mirror: Work with a large mirror in which you can easily reflect your entire torso.

Lighting: You will enjoy the necessary lighting thanks to the light bulbs incorporated in the frame.

Storage: In addition to the upper space to put things, you can also store them in 2 large drawers.


Colors: Something that could be a nuisance for some users is that this model of dresser is not found in other color tones.

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dressing table accessories

vanity mirror

Leouna Wooden Makeup Vanity Mirror

In a dressing table, a mirror cannot be missing in which to appreciate the reflection of your face, so the Leouna brand has an alternative that might interest you.

This is the Oval vanity mirror, which measures approximately 23 x 16 x 3 centimeters with a weight of 620 grams, being robust to stand firm on the furniture.

The mirror glass has been cut as indicated by its model: oval. In this way, you can easily see the reflection of your face and full torso when applying any treatment, makeup or getting ready to go out.

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vanity mirror with light

Aourow Makeup Mirror Lights USB Cable Design

From the Aourow brand we present a set of light bulbs with which you can turn any ordinary mirror into a vanity mirror with light, in order to enjoy the necessary lighting when applying delicate details of your makeup.

It is made up of a circuit of 10 bulbs, which offer 3 different color modes, as well as 10 brightness levels, so you can adjust them to the characteristics of the environment.

They are round and their installation is simple, since each one has a base with double-sided adhesive, to stick directly on the mirror frame.

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dressing table chair

Songmics RDS50W Upholstered Stool for Wood Dressing Table

A vanity chair will always be necessary, especially in those makeup sessions where you have to work several layers and wait for them to dry. For this reason, from the Songmics brand we want to present you a stool model chair, which could increase comfort when using the dressing table.

It has a size of 40 x 30 x 50 centimeters and a robust structure, being able to offer stability when sitting down. In addition to this, it stands out that it is ergonomic, since it has a padded base and an upholstered polyester lining that is pleasant to the touch. It is white in color and its overall style is quite elegant.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a dresser for the room can be a difficult task if you have specific preferences about how you want the furniture or if you don’t know much about it outright. Whatever the situation, here’s a guide to buying the best dresser to help you invest your money wisely and get an effective, high-quality product.

furniture design

As with any other piece of furniture in the home, a dresser should be evaluated primarily based on its design, especially if it is planned to be placed in rooms that are already decorated.

For this reason, when reviewing a comparison of dressing tables, it is common to notice that many users base their decisions on the style of the furniture, either to adapt it more easily to their decoration or because it presents the style required to maintain harmony.

In addition to this, we also advise you to review details such as the size, in order to know exactly how much space you have in the room when placing the dressing table. The same applies to weight, since a robust model will provide greater stability during use.

Construction materials

Sometimes how much a dresser costs is based on the type of materials used to make its frame. Since we are talking about a piece of furniture in general terms, it is convenient to choose a model that guarantees resistance and robustness, so that you can use it daily without worries.

Considering the above, and taking into account that most of the models are made of wood and its derivatives, the most important thing in this aspect is to review the finishes.

The wood can present various imperfections which, depending on its type, could even hurt. Because of this, you need to make sure you buy a dresser with good manufacturing finishes and that is resistant to wear, allowing you to take advantage of the investment for a long time.

In case your budget is not enough for a solid wood dressing table, the panel and MDF models are an alternative and effective solution, to enjoy the comfort of this furniture without having to spend too much money. In addition, they are usually lighter and easier to handle.

storage spaces

A vanity unit is designed so that you can take care of yourself. Hair products, skin treatments, makeup, accessories, and other items for personal use are usually placed here. In this sense, it is important that the model you choose offers enough storage space to prevent things from piling up.

Among the most popular models are those that offer drawers. In them you can install dividers to make better use of space or also to store organizing boxes.

Another recommended element in a dressing table is the shelves, since they put any product, tool or treatment you need at your fingertips. In addition, they are one of the most used areas to complement the makeup cabinet with decorative elements.

Assembly and installation

Vanity units are usually not excessively large and can be assembled at home. However, to avoid headaches and delays later, it is convenient to check that the instructions, instructions or guides for its assembly are easy to read and understand.

In addition, if possible, it would be convenient to choose a dresser that includes all the elements for its assembly, since this way you will not have to spend extra money on screws or tools, for example.

Accessories included

The accessories that can accompany the purchase of a dressing table range from mounting accessories, to decorative and storage elements. Due to this, it is relevant to consider what is included with the purchase, in order to choose the most useful and practical offer, according to your needs.

One of the main and most required elements of a dressing table is simply light. This can be done through the installation of LED bulbs in the frame of the mirror or even under it, thus generating the necessary lighting so that you can see your face and torso clearly.

Another quite useful accessory is the stool. Depending on the complexity of the makeup or the look you are going for in your hair, you will need more or less time in front of the mirror, so having somewhere to sit will prevent you from exhausting yourself or taking awkward positions to use the furniture.

Don’t worry too much though; since in these cases it is usually easy to find an economical dressing table that includes several tools or spaces, to be much more practical than you imagine.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to organize a dressing table?

Although a dressing table can have a practical structure in itself, there are accessories that you can integrate to make better use of the space offered by the furniture.

In the drawers, to begin with, you can install dividers that help you divide your beauty products, such as eyeliner or brushes. In this sense, it is also very popular to use transparent containers, to keep these tools in a vertical position and prevent them from being damaged.

In addition to this, organizer boxes can help you avoid clutter with your eyelashes, false nails, lipsticks, etc. You should also have a separate jewelry box to store your clothes and an earring display, where you can more easily choose which one to wear with your dress outfit.

Q2: How to decorate a dressing table?

One of the advantages that a dressing table offers is that it usually has enough space to place objects on your table, whether they are decorative or useful. Thanks to this, you can let your imagination flow when applying your own personal style to the dressing table.

For example, you can choose to place small plants that generate good energy and make you feel relaxed. It is also useful to install a makeup organizer box, where you can keep all the small products, such as lipsticks.

Another good alternative is to put photographs, either in the frame of the mirror or in your own portrait, although, if you prefer something more current, you can use an electronic one.

Q3: How to make a cheap dressing table?

Making a cheap dresser at home can be very simple if you are not too demanding. For this project you will need a plywood shelf approximately 100 x 20 centimeters, 3 brackets, a drill and screws.

Start by finding a stool or chair that is comfortable for you to use with your vanity and consider the proper height for your shelf installation. Sit on the chair and mark the spots where you are going to drill, to install the brackets.

Put the shelf in place and make sure it is secure. To give it the look of a dressing table, install a mirror and, if you wish, complement it with a set of light bulbs and glass containers, to organize makeup products.

Q4: How to paint a wooden dressing table?

If you’re making a vanity from scratch, you’ll want to make sure you sand the wood completely to level all surfaces and remove splinters. Then, you can apply with the brush a layer of the paint of your choice, either latex or acrylic. Let dry and repeat the action to obtain a second layer.

When it has dried completely, you should apply a final layer; but this time with varnish, in order to fix the paint and increase its resistance against wear and scratches.

If you’re renovating an old wooden vanity, before you can do anything, you’ll need to completely remove the old paint first. This is usually accomplished by making use of a sander, either manual or electric. When the surface of the wood is completely clean, you can apply the layers of paint together with the layer of varnish, respecting the drying times, and your renovated dressing table will be ready.

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