The 8 Best Wall-Mounted Toilets of 2022

Suspended toilet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Wall-hung toilets have come onto the market to beautify your bathroom, as they break with traditional design schemes and incorporate an innovative horizontal drainage system. The models are usually varied in terms of their format, the color of the ceramics and the quality of the materials. Among the options, the Roca A346237000 wall -hung toilet stands out, made of high-quality porcelain in white and a curved design line of great visual appeal. For its part, Roca The Gap Square is a wall-hung toilet that proposes a different alternative to traditional design, to offer a minimalist style of great ergonomics.

The 8 Best Suspended Toilets – Opinions 2022

There are many wall-hung toilets on the market, but not all of them have the right manufacturing specifications for your bathroom. Therefore, you must be careful in the selection process. Thus, we present you with eight highly positioned wall-hung toilets, rated among the best this year.

Roca wall-hung toilet

1. Roca A346237000 Wall-hung porcelain toilet

This is a model that will catch everyone’s eye when entering your bathroom, since it has a round design with a classic cut line, but of great elegance, thanks to the finishes and quality level of the white porcelain used for its manufacture. For this reason, more and more users are positioning this product as the best wall-hung toilet.

It is a piece of equipment provided with a horizontally oriented water outlet and discharge by means of a convenient, highly efficient dragging system. Its format of height, width, length corresponding to 48 x 70 x 36 centimeters, which is a compact size and easy to handle when it is fixed.

In addition, the installation of this Roca wall-hung toilet will be even easier, because all the necessary material for assembly has been included in the purchase package.

Recommended to become the best wall-hung toilet of the moment, this model stands out, whose details you can see below.


Design: The round cut line of this wall-hung toilet makes it an elegant piece with great appeal.

Tools: With the purchase of this toilet you will have the necessary material to carry out the immediate assembly.

Download: You will enjoy an efficient download method through the built-in drag system.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the toilet with water and detergent without fear of damaging the porcelain.


Lid: Because the lid has not been included, you will have to purchase it separately.

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Wall-hung toilet Gap

2. Roca 34647L000 A34647L000 Rimless Suspended Bowl

The Gap Square wall-hung toilet is characterized by its ergonomics, but also by its timeless style. It has elegant curved lines at its vertices, which give softness to its texture and appearance. This, in turn, gives it the versatility to complement almost any bathroom.

Regarding its technical qualities, it is a model with a horizontal outlet and you will not have to purchase the set of compatible anchors separately, since they are included with the purchase kit. 

Another aspect that you might be interested in knowing is the quality of its materials, since the Roca brand is a benchmark when it comes to durability. Specifically, it is made of high-gloss porcelain, which also makes it easy to clean. The best thing is that these attributes do not increase the cost of the product, for this reason, some could consider it the best quality-price wall-hung toilet.

This high-quality model is also one of the cheapest on the list. Therefore, it is convenient that you are aware of all its qualities.


Mounting system: The anchors of this model are hidden. Thus, they will not affect the appearance of the toilet, nor the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Hygiene: The materials from which it is made are highly waterproof, to allow proper cleaning and maintain its impeccable appearance for longer.

Comfort: It offers dimensions of ‎35 x 54 x 30 cm, so you can use it comfortably and not take up space in your bathroom.


Lid: You must purchase the lid and seat separately to complement this model.

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Wall-hung Grohe toilet

3. Grohe Rapid SL Toilet 39351000

Finding the best wall-hung toilet could be a messy task, due to the wide variety of models on the market. However, a product that according to users could be the answer to this question is this design from the Grohe house, since it is also one of the cheap ones.

It is a compact and light structure, whose exterior has a series of detailed finishes and rounded contours that soften the design line. In this sense, you will be able to enjoy a wall-hung Grohe toilet of great elegance and adaptable to the decoration of the different bathrooms.

In addition, this product has several benefits included, such as the addition of a lid and seat, which you would usually have to purchase separately. These pieces are easy to adjust and offer a quick opening and closing mechanism. Likewise, we must comment on the water outlet with a horizontal orientation and a high maximum load of six liters per discharge.

You may not know which wall-hung toilet to buy, but with this model you could clear your doubts. Its pros and cons can be read below.


Download: You will not have problems with downloads, because the equipment handles a maximum volume of water of six liters.

Closing: The smooth closing mechanism of the lid allows quick handling of the piece.

Accessories: The lid and the seat are incorporated, so you will not have to make an extra investment to buy them.

Design: Its round design gives the bathroom an elegant appearance.


Switch: The switch necessary for the operation of the cistern is not attached, but it is easily acquired.

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Wall-hung toilet pack

4. PDM Complete Toilet Kit With Duroplast Cushioned Lid

This product with the PDM quality seal could be one of the best wall-hung toilets of 2022, as it incorporates a convenient bidet to improve your use experience in the bathroom.

Both pieces are made of white porcelain, which is a highly resistant material that is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. In addition, they have a rectangular design with rounded edges, which soften the contours for a more elegant appearance. The format is spacious and robust, highlighting the high level of quality of this wall-hung toilet pack. Added to this are the detailed and well-kept finishes applied to these structures.

Likewise, the implemented system for the outlet of the water with a horizontal direction stands out, due to the fact that it is a design suspended on the wall. Likewise, it features its smooth unloading mechanism and the fast assembly method, which is safe and intuitive to execute.

PDM is considered, possibly, as the best brand of wall-hung toilets. Let’s get to know the pros and cons of one of their models.


Set: When purchasing the product you will take with you a convenient bidet that will improve your user experience.

Resistance: The porcelain used for its manufacture offers resistance and durability.

Mouth: This design has a fast execution horizontal type mouth.

Design: With this set you will give the bathroom an elegant appearance due to its square design with rounded edges.


Faucets: Although the faucet is not included, it is also true that you will not have problems acquiring it, because the brand has a special line for this model.

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Gala wall-hung toilet

5. Gala emma square Wall-hung toilet with high tank

Gala is a brand with a Spanish quality seal, recognized in the market for the manufacture of high-quality sanitary products, developed to meet the needs of different users and offer spaces a visually pleasing decorative element.

This Gala wall-hung toilet has been made of robust white ceramic, which offers a high level of resistance and a pleasant touch. Its width, depth, height format corresponds to 36 x 54 x 40 centimeters, being compact dimensions that will not take up much space on the wall to be installed, but suitable for any type of anatomy.

On the other hand, we have to comment that this product has been provided with a horizontal outlet, typical of suspension equipment. Likewise, it incorporates a seat with its respective cover, which is convenient for your economy, since you do not have to purchase them separately.

This is a positively valued product due to its ergonomic design. Know the positive and negative of your acquisition.


Accessories: A seat with a cover is attached so you do not have to invest time or money acquiring them independently.

Cistern: The cistern has been discreetly integrated into the structure so as not to break the design line of the toilet. 

Design: Its square design with curved contours is attractive, modern and elegant.

Resistance: You will not have to worry about the deterioration of the structure due to the resistance of the ceramic.


Format: Perhaps its format is compact for some people, but it depends on taste and available space.

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Other products 

6. Ssww Rimless Wall-Mounted Toilet

If you are looking for a wall-hung toilet that complements the decoration of your bathroom, you should add this model designed by Ssww to your shopping list, whose manufacture has been carried out with high-quality robust white porcelain. In addition, the structure of the equipment has a compact format with a square design line and rounded contours, which give visual harmony to the product.

Also, it should be mentioned that the toilet has been provided with a seat with a lid for greater ergonomics when sitting down. In fact, to improve your user experience and prevent the deterioration of these accessories, the manufacturer added a soft opening and automatic closing mechanism. In this way, the annoying knock is not generated when lowering the lid. 

Likewise, we have the innovative flat edge used in this model, designed to reduce the proliferation of bacteria and promote better hygiene in the toilet.

In this model of wall-hung toilets you will find interesting pros and cons, which we detail below.


Assembly: Mounting on the wall is simple and does not expose screws or anchors that break the visual harmony.

Accessories: With the purchase, a lid with an ergonomically designed seat is included for maximum comfort.

Closing: The lid closes smoothly through an automatic mechanism that prevents shocks when raising or lowering it.

Edge: This model has flat edges that prevent the accumulation of dirt.


Quality: The quality of the lid might seem a bit low to some people, but it is just as sturdy as the rest of the frame.

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7. Red Aqua Bagno Wall-hung design bidet toilet

With this model you will be bringing home two products in the same structure, since, apart from its wall-hung toilet function, you can also enjoy a bidet to clean your private parts quickly and easily.

The product has a compact format and rounded design, made of sanitary-type porcelain with LGA approval, which means that it is a safe and resistant material. It is also easy to clean, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, mold and stains.

With the purchase, a seat is added that provides maximum comfort when sitting, as well as a lid with progressive closure, thanks to a special built-in mechanism to prevent it from hitting the ceramic when raising and lowering it.

Finally, its assembly method is intuitive by means of anchors, which do not expose any screw that breaks with the visual aesthetics given by the design.

To make a successful purchase, the invitation is to review the favorable and unfavorable aspects of this wall-hung toilet model.


Approval: The ceramic has LGA approval, making it a quality sanitary material.

Bidet: You will enjoy two pieces of equipment in one for a better user experience, thanks to the bidet integrated into the toilet.

Seat: Due to the anatomical shape of the seat you can sit comfortably and safely.

Closing: You will not have problems handling the lid due to the soft closing mechanism.


Valve: The absence of the valve necessary for the operation of the toilet is missed, but you can buy it at any specialized store.

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8. Moments of Glass Wall-hung ceramic toilets without rim

Another good purchase option for those who want to incorporate a wall-hung toilet with an elegant design, without edges, a resistant structure and easy installation into their bathroom, could be this model from Moments of Glass. It is a design that, according to what has been commented on the web, is currently positioned among the most outstanding in its category.

For its manufacture, white ceramic with a glossy finish of great visual appeal was used. In addition, it is a material that can be washed with detergents, bleaches or homemade mixtures, without fear of deterioration. 

Similarly, thanks to the absence of an upper edge, the accumulation of bacteria and dirt is avoided, promoting a higher level of hygiene, due to the incorporation of a system of adjoining nozzles in said area. Meanwhile, the attached lid and seat have been provided with a convenient soft-closing mechanism for added convenience.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this rimless wall-hung toilet.


Nozzles: This rimless model has adjoining nozzles to improve cleaning when discharging water.

Lid: You will not have to worry about the deterioration of the structure due to the impact generated by the lid when lowering it, since it has a special closing mechanism.

Format: The toilet has dimensions considered standard, making it suitable for any bathroom.

Ceramic: The ceramic used has a highly attractive glossy finish.


Cistern: As the cistern is not included, you must purchase it on a website or physical store.

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Wall-hung toilet accessories

Wall-hung toilet frame

Roca A890080020 Frame with compact cistern for wall-hung toilet

The Roca house has this time brought to the market a frame for a wall-hung toilet with a width, height and depth format corresponding to 58 x 114 x 9 centimeters respectively.

In addition, it has a weight of 17.2 kilograms, which you can easily handle at the time of assembly.

The structure is made of high-quality materials, incorporating a metal plate with a front activation mechanism, as well as a small synthetic cistern in the upper area.

In addition, it integrates a horizontal water outlet, making it a convenient wall-hung toilet accessory for any residential or public bathroom.

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Shopping guide

Acquiring a wall-hung toilet is a task that requires prior verification of certain quality indicators, which in the long term could save us time and money when carrying out the assembly. In this sense, it would be convenient for you to read the following guide to buy the best wall-hung toilet.


The raw material for manufacturing the wall-hung toilet to be purchased is an aspect that we definitely cannot let go unnoticed, since its durability will depend on it. 

The most used material is ceramic, because it gives the design a high level of resistance in terms of the weight supported and the deterioration generated by constant use, exposure to detergents and humidity. In addition, it has a really nice touch and a brilliant aesthetic that will catch the eye.

Of course, said porcelain could vary in thickness and, therefore, would increase or decrease its level of quality. As expected, this particularity set by each brand influences how much the product costs, but, finally, the recommendation is not to skimp, in order to take home a really good team. Similarly, there are models that add metal parts in the anchors and connections, while the synthetic material can be seen in parts such as the lid and the seat.


When starting a comparison of wall-hung toilets, there are many aspects to evaluate so that the purchase is a success. One of them is the accessories included in the purchase package attached by the manufacturers, with the purpose of improving the user experience with the product.

If we review the main models of wall-hung toilets, we will find that there are two main elements included with the product. These are the seat and the lid, which are fundamental pieces for the correct use of said toilet. Of course, you must confirm that both have an ergonomic and resistant design, that adapts to our anatomy and correctly supports the weight. In this way, you will be able to use them with total reliability and for a long time.

In the event that the toilet does not have a lid or seat, you will have to purchase them separately, but you must take into consideration what was previously mentioned about the design and what it is capable of offering us. Likewise, it confirms that the adjustment mechanism is adequate so that you avoid future inconveniences.


Suspended toilets require to be fixed on the wall and connected internally with the water pipes of your home. In this way, the tank will be filled and, at the time of unloading, the drainage will be carried out satisfactorily.

For all this to be possible, it is necessary to have the necessary material to carry out a correct assembly of the structure, as well as to have previous knowledge about the subject. In this sense, the ideal is to acquire a wall-hung toilet that has been equipped with a kit of basic tools such as anchors, fittings, hoses, connection elbows, screws and adjustment nuts. Thus, not only will you save time and money by not having to purchase these parts separately, but you will also avoid compatibility problems in the joints, which is generally the cause of annoying leaks in the pipes.

Remember that no matter how inexpensive the equipment may be or how intuitive it may be to set up, if it has not been provided with some of the aforementioned tools, then the subsequent investment will probably be higher.


The wall-hung toilet, like any other conventional model, requires continuous maintenance, which will prevent the proliferation of bacteria, mold and unpleasant stains, which end up detracting from the beauty of the structure.

Therefore, the ideal is that the toilet offers a practical cleaning method. In this way, we can apply detergent or any antibacterial homemade mixture with the help of a sponge or soft bristle brush, leaving in the past the fear of damaging the porcelain or plastic of the lid and seat, as the case may be.

In fact, we could bet on flat toilets without rims, which add nozzles with water outlet to the structure for a better internal cleaning of the bowl.

In any case, the important thing is not to use products with a high abrasive power, remove all excesses with plenty of water and dry the outside of the toilet with an absorbent and soft-touch cloth.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use wall hung toilet?

In general, the process of using a wall-hung toilet does not differ from the rest of the models. To use one, you need to choose a model that suits your bathroom and check that its format, design and color are aesthetically appropriate. Also, confirm that it incorporates some accessories and the necessary hardware for mounting on the wall.

Remember to remove all the packaging paper from the product and make sure that the porcelain is in good condition, without scratches or stains. In this way, you will be able to start the fixing process in the selected area of ​​your bathroom. However, for this task to be successful, you will need to take a few minutes to read the instruction manual. Thus, you will familiarize yourself with the product and clarify any existing doubts.

Q2: How to install a wall-hung toilet?

To assemble your wall-hung toilet, you need to start by selecting the right place in your bathroom, taking into consideration some basic aspects such as the water and drainage connections.

Then, you can proceed to make some marks on the chosen wall, according to the dimensions of the toilet. In this step you must be careful, since you will be marking the anchor points for fixing the equipment.

To continue, you must place the necessary connections, elbows and fittings so that the water reaches the cistern, in this way it can be discharged and drained correctly. Remember to use electrical tape on the joints and tighten the anchor bolts.

Q3: How to repair a wall hung toilet?

If your wall-hung toilet presents some type of fault or leak, the most sensible thing to do is to consult an expert, since our lack of experience in the matter could end up aggravating the problem.

In any case, you could check the connections of the tank and even adjust or replace them, as well as the faucet and the handle. Everything will depend on the type of irregularity presented by the team.

Q4: How much weight can a wall-hung toilet hold?

Suspended toilets are designed to withstand loads of up to 400 kilograms. Of course, this weight could vary a bit, depending on the quality of the raw material used by each brand.

However, whatever the model selected, you must bear in mind that the suspension system is safer than it may appear aesthetically, since it incorporates an internal metal frame that is fixed to the ground. In this way, it gives the toilet extra stability and resistance on the wall.

Q5: Which is better, a wall-hung or traditional toilet?

If you have doubts about which toilet to install in your bathroom, you will like to know that both the wall-hung and the traditional models are highly recommended equipment.

Certainly, you will find some differences regarding its aesthetics and installation method, horizontal or vertical drainage system, but, in any case, both structures are totally safe, stable, resistant and durable despite the passage of time.

Q6: How to clean a wall hung toilet?

Cleaning a wall-hung toilet is not far from traditional equipment, as it is necessary to apply disinfectant with the help of a sponge or soft brush to remove accumulated dirt, mold and bacteria.

In the same way, you can rub some homemade mixture of baking soda with lemon or white vinegar, to get rid of stains and restore the natural shine to the ceramic. However, avoid the taps coming into contact with these products or others with greater abrasive power such as bleach, as they would gradually begin to corrode and cause some deterioration.

To finish, proceed to remove all the excesses with plenty of fresh tap water and slide a dry cotton or microfiber cloth all over the outside of the structure to remove moisture.

Q7: What lid does a wall-hung toilet need?

Like traditional toilets, wall-mounted models require a lid and a seat, the model of which will depend on the design of the equipment we have at home.

In this sense, we can find round and square toilets with curved contours, so the cover must have the same format and dimensions to fit correctly. Likewise, it is necessary that said accessory offers a high level of ergonomics, so that it adapts to our body when we sit down, providing us with the necessary comfort and stability.

On the other hand, the lids for this type of hanging toilet must incorporate a special quick-opening and soft-closing mechanism. In this way, it is avoided to consecutively hit the ceramic of the cup and, therefore, cause deterioration.

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