The 8 Best Water Leak Detectors of 2022

Water Leak Detector – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Having a water leak detector installed can save you a lot of money in the long run by being able to provide you with information beforehand to avoid problems. There are several types of leak detectors, but some of the most recommended are the Beley DY26A, since it works with ultrasound and has an ergonomic design, along with a carrying bag to carry it comfortably. The other option is the Sonew 8PBXNQ1GU3, a leak detector that works with electrical impulses and is capable of providing sound, light and direct warnings to the mobile phone, so that you can take the necessary actions in time.

The 8 Best Water Leak Detectors – Opinions 2022


Making sure you have the facilities and equipment at home or at work in good condition is essential to avoid accidents or malfunctions. When working with pipes, a water leak detector can be quite a useful tool, and below you will find several options to meet your needs:

Ultrasonic water leak detector


1. Beley Ultrasonic Leak Detector

If you want to buy a good ultrasonic water leak detector, Beley’s equipment is likely to catch your eye. It is a set made up of the detector and a pair of headphones, with which you can more easily hear the alterations of the sensors, if any.

It has an ergonomic design with dimensions of 17.1 x 4.3 x 3.8 centimeters and an approximate weight of 240 grams so you can use it with one hand. In addition, you can change the sensitivity of the sensors to locate small leaks, being a very useful tool for security and general maintenance.

The headphones also offer an ergonomic design by having padding for both the ears and the head, so that the weight does not cause pressure in these areas. In addition to this, the headband allows you to adjust its size so that you adapt it according to your comfort.

The Balay model could be the best water leak detector of the moment and here we present its pros and cons:


Detector Design: The device is compact in size and light in weight for convenient use.

Uses: The ultrasound system can detect water and air leaks, making it versatile.

Headphones: The headphones can be adjusted to each user and offer support pads.

Bag: A transport bag is included where you can store the detector kit.



Battery: Before purchasing this model, keep in mind that it requires a 9V battery and is not included with the purchase.

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water leak detector geophone


2. Sonew Water Leak Detector

Sonew offers you a water leak detector geophone with which you can identify faults in the pipes with relative ease. This sensor is responsible for detecting the movement of water to translate it into electrical impulses, which will notify you in the event of a leak in the installation.

One of the advantages of this model is that it can be used for different types of spaces and pipes, since it is suitable for both domestic and professional use as it has the ability to detect problems in large pipe installations such as those in hotels and restaurants, for example. example.

As for its construction, it is made of high-quality ABS plastic, making it strong and durable while remaining lightweight. In addition, it is compact to facilitate its location at the desired point together with the 1.5 meter cable for leak detection.

If you want to know more details about this option in water leak detectors, below, you will find its pros and cons:


System: The warning system of this sensor is given by means of an alarm, which you can regulate according to your preferences.

Materials: The sensor housing is made of ABS plastic, so it will not have problems with moisture.

Working range: It can work in spaces with a temperature range between -10 °C and 50 °C, reducing restrictions on use.

Management: Its compact and manageable design makes it comfortable to use and will take up very little space.


Electricity: You must have some knowledge of electricity to be able to properly mount this detector.

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water leak detection device


3. Smartwares WM53_SW Water Leak Detector

In this selection to find the best water leak detector, we now find the Smartware WM53-SW model.

This device is similar to a smoke detector. It is white, round and compact in size. Specifically, it measures 4 x 11.5 x 17.5 centimeters and weighs 100 grams, being discreet so that it does not damage the decoration of your spaces.

Besides, it is very easy to install, since you only have to place it on the ground and make sure that the metal sensors are in contact with the surface, in order to be activated when detecting the presence of water.

As for the notice, this water leak detector device will trigger an 85 decibel alarm to notify you about the leak. In addition, it has a low battery indicator that will allow you to replace the batteries in time, so that it continues to work without problems.

Smartwares is likely to be listed as the best water leak detector brand and here are the pros and cons of their product:


Design: The leak detector has a simple, discreet and compact design to remain hidden if desired.

Management: It offers a simple and intuitive operation with which you can easily install it in any corner.

Warning: When detecting water, a high volume audible alarm will be emitted, to attract attention.

Indicator: You will be able to know when it is necessary to replace the batteries, thanks to the integrated indicator.


Feet: A detail to know is that the metal sensors are a bit short, so you may have to cut the feet of the detector.

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Other products


4. Kerui WD51 Water Leakage Sensor

From the Kerui brand, we now present the WD51 model water leak detector, which provides you with security and confidence, to avoid incidents at home.

This leak detector has a beautiful, simple and discreet design. This way you can install it practically anywhere where there is a risk of leakage, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, the basement, among others.

It works with a total of 2 AAA batteries which are included with your purchase and you can also replace them with rechargeable units if you wish. That way you won’t have to spend money every time you have to change them.

Regarding warnings, this detector is capable of emitting an audible alarm of up to 120 decibels, as well as sending a warning to the system, so that a notification reaches the mobile device of the registered user.

To solve the doubts and know which water leak detector to buy, now let’s take a look at these features:


Aesthetics: The leak detector is attractive, discreet and easy to install, so as not to get in the way on the floor.

Notifications: When water is detected on the sensor, an alert will be sent to the registered mobile device.

Volume: The alarm generated by the activation of the detector is quite loud and recognizable.

Batteries: The equipment uses this energy source to work, so you will not need a plug nearby.



Instructions: The disadvantage of this product is in the instruction manual, since it is difficult to read and it is in English.

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5. OurJob Detector Water Leak Alert Device

The features of this OurJob model could make it the best value for money water leak detector.

This device can be a very practical accessory in the bathroom or kitchen, for example, since it is placed directly on the floor and has sensors located at the bottom to detect the presence of excessive water.

It measures 4.5 x 6.2 x 6.2 centimeters and weighs 59 grams, offering a compact size that will not get in the way when placed on a piece of furniture. It has 4 feet where the sensors are also located, which also have gold plating for greater sensitivity to contact.

On the other hand, the indicator methods are sound and light. When any of the sensors is activated, the equipment will turn on a series of red LED lights at the same time as it will emit warning beeps.

OurJob’s alternative is one of the cheapest if you don’t want to spend a lot on a water leak detector:


Design: The design of this model is compact, easy to install and even decorative for the bathroom.

Coating: Electrode tips are gold plated for increased sensitivity and durability.

Buoyancy: In the event of flooding, the equipment is designed to float and protect the internal mechanism.

Alarms: When detecting leaks, the detector will emit light and sound warnings to indicate the situation.



Utility: This model cannot be used to detect leaks in internal pipes.

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6. Belukies Wireless Water Leakage Alarm

Another option that may be among the best water leak detectors of 2022 is the Belukies brand. The DP-WW001 model has a compact design with measurements of 9.3 x 4 x 2 centimeters without counting the sensor, although it is not too long to allow discreet installation near appliances or washing machines, for example.

It should be noted that it is resistant, since it can be used in environments with a temperature between -10 ° C and 40 ° C, as well as a humidity level between 20% and 85%, which will allow you to install it with confidence in the room you need to monitor.

For the leak detection notification, the equipment offers a Wi-Fi connection to activate notifications through the mobile phone application. In addition, an 85 decibel audible alarm will also be activated to alert anyone nearby.

Belukies offers an alternative with various advantages, which we invite you to evaluate below:


Wifi: The detector has wireless connectivity via WiFi to link to the available network.

Compatibility: The system is compatible with the virtual assistants Alexa and Google Home in case you want to link it.

Application: With the available application you will be able to manage your detector remotely, either for monitoring, alarm setting or turning it on and off.

Low Battery: An indicator will be activated when the battery is low so that you can replace it in time.


Batteries: The equipment works with two AA batteries which are not included and must be purchased separately.

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7. SCS Sentinel Water Alarm Water Leak Detector

If you have a tight budget to buy a detector, you can consider this option from SCS Sentinel, since it is one of the cheapest.

You can place this model near the washing machine, the refrigerator or the dishwasher, to name a few, to be aware of any alteration in its operation.

It is capable of detecting the presence of water with its multidirectional sensor, which is connected through a cable to the detector so that you can position it in the most suitable place. When activated, the equipment will emit an audible alarm that you can adjust to 2 levels: 90 decibels and 105 decibels according to your preference.

Evaluating its design, this water leak detector has a size of 2 x 7.2 x 7.5 centimeters, so that you can place it near your equipment without hindering them. In addition, its weight is 45.4 grams, which makes it easy to handle when installing it on the wall.

The SCS Sentinel Water Leak Detector could be a handy and convenient tool to use, so you should consider:


Sensor: The sensor can be placed in different positions thanks to its 25-centimeter-long cable.

Settings: You can change the volume of the alarm in case it is very high or low.

Indicators: It has several light indicators, including one in case there is little autonomy left in the battery.

Management: Its use is intuitive and it is installed in a simple way, in addition to taking up little space on the wall.


Cable: The sensor cable is thin, so be careful when handling it.

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8. PQWT CL200 Audio Amplifier

If you still have not been able to determine which is the best water leak detector, we advise you to take a look at the PQWT team.

This professional option is made up of an acoustic sensor connected to a detector with a screen and a set of headphones with which you can identify the leak and where it comes from.

The detector has an LCD type screen equipped with touch sensors for direct handling with the hands. It has various meters, as well as the ability to indicate changes in frequency, since it is designed for demanding work with internal pipes at greater depth than domestic ones.

In addition to this, it also has the sound amplifier together with ergonomically designed headphones with pads, to be more comfortable to use. They have a headband and can be adjusted in height so that you can adapt it to the size of your head.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of the CL-200 will help you determine if it is the water leak detector for you:


Professional: Since it has a wide detection capacity, this model is suitable for professional use.

Location: With this system you will be able to locate where the internal leak is and thus repair it in time.

Screen: The screen has touch sensors and is backlit for more efficient handling of the detector.

Headphones: Its headphones are ergonomic and noise-isolating, offering better sound quality.


Use: If you do not have previous experience with this type of detector, handling it can be complicated.

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Shopping guide


If you don’t know much about this equipment, this guide to buying the best leak detector probably contains relevant information that can help you choose a device that is easy to install, use and timely when activating its alarms.

Leak detection system

When you come across any comparison of water leak detectors, you will notice that there are teams that use different methods to do the job, so it becomes one of the main features to review before purchasing any model.

Equipment for domestic use to detect water leaks can be direct contact or through hanging sensors. The former have detectors on their legs, so when they come into contact with water, this activates alarms and notifications. They are one of the easiest systems to use, as well as to configure to install them at home.

The second are detectors that have sensors connected by a cable. In general, these types of models are installed near the dishwasher or washing machine, for example, taking care that they are at the right height so that the sensor has contact with the floor. If one of these machines suffers a spill, the water will reach the detector and it will emit the signal.

On the other hand, if you are interested in acquiring a model for professional use or to identify leaks in internal pipes, you may have to consider ultrasound or vibration detectors, since with these systems it is possible to identify internal breaks for repair.

detector design

The design of the water leak detector is relevant if it is going to remain visible and, if this is the case, you can find options that have a discreet aesthetic to be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, for example.

The models for domestic use are usually made of plastic, since it is a durable material, resistant to water and easy to maintain so that you can have your detector in good condition at all times. In addition to this, you cannot ignore details such as its size and weight, since they are decisive in finding the right place for its installation.

Manufacturing materials

When it comes to water leak detectors, it is very important to consider the manufacturing materials of the device, precisely because it is designed to detect this type of incident.

Water can be corrosive, so a metal leak detector, for example, is more prone to wear and rust after a while, so options made from plastic or stainless steel are the most recommended in these cases.

Now, if you are purchasing an ultrasound water leak detector, in these cases, we do advise you to choose equipment that offers a robust and ergonomic casing. These systems are more complex to use, so they can have a big impact on how much a detector costs. However, these types of models are designed for professional use and hence their capacity and price.

Alarms and notifications

Since we are talking about water leak detectors, it is important to consider one of their main functions: to warn that the incident is taking place.

Today’s water leak detectors can be equipped with various notification systems, which can be visual, audible or remote. Some models even have all of these methods to ensure that the person has been notified of the situation.

In this sense, detectors for domestic use have alarms that could be regulated in terms of volume, as well as light indicators that can be turned on or off as desired. In addition, if the system has a large capacity, you could also determine the level of water that it must detect to activate the alarm.

Units capable of sending alerts remotely cannot be overlooked either. These detectors are linked to your home network in order to synchronize with special applications, responsible for sending notifications directly to your mobile phone in case you are not at home.

Installation requirements

Finally, we advise you to study the installation requirements of the water leak detector before investing money, since, depending on its model, it may need particular inserts or locations to work.

Likewise, you should also bear in mind that they can use batteries, rechargeable batteries or connect directly to a power outlet to turn on, so it is essential to have these elements on hand to avoid inconveniences during assembly.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a water leak detector?

Domestic water leak detectors are very easy to install, since they usually have an adhesive on the back that allows you to place them on the wall so that the sensor can be raised to the required height. Afterwards, all you have to do is turn it on and adjust the volume of the alarm or any other notification system it has.

In the case of water detectors that do not have hanging devices, these can be placed directly on the ground, since the sensors are located at the feet of the equipment. These, when detecting the presence of water, will be activated, either by sound or light warnings or messages to the mobile phone.

Q2: How does an ultrasonic water leak detector work?

An ultrasound water leak detection system uses ultrasensitive detectors capable of identifying frequencies greater than 20 Khz, which are impossible for the human ear to detect.

This type of detectors have an ultrasound sensor that must be placed on the wall or the floor depending on how the internal pipe is installed. In the event of a leak, the vibratory oscillations of the change in the water flow can be identified by the equipment.

Thanks to this information, you will be able to follow the wave oscillations to find the origin of the frequency alteration, which, in turn, will allow you to find the fault to solve it.

Q3: Where to install a home water leak detector?

Water leak detectors designed for domestic use are usually designed and recommended to be installed in places where there may be water spills.

For example, you can install your detector near the washing machine to prevent any spills, as well as in the kitchen in case the dishwasher does not work properly or the refrigerator defrosts without activating this function. On the other hand, many users also choose to place it near the waste water outlet of the air conditioning system to know when to empty the tank before it overflows.

In this case we are focusing on detectors that have sensors, which can be placed directly on the wall as long as the sensor is at the right height to detect the leak.


Q4: How far away does an ultrasonic water leak detector work?

Water leak detection systems that use ultrasound can vary in terms of the identification distance, since this value depends on the sensitivity of the sensors, which can range from 1 meter to more than 10 or 20 meters in some cases.

Q5: How to calibrate a water leak detector?

The calibration of this type of instrument must be carried out by a technical staff that has the knowledge and the necessary equipment to do it properly. If not, there is a risk of damaging the detector, as well as affecting the components that work with the sensors responsible for identifying faults in the installations.

Therefore, if you consider that your water leak detector is out of calibration, it is best to contact customer service personnel, so that they can give you instructions on where to take the equipment or if they will come to your home for its correct calibration..


Q6: What is a WiFi water leak detector used for?

The models of water leak detectors that have built-in Wi-Fi wireless connectivity give you the possibility of receiving alarms directly to your mobile phone.

These types of detectors work with an application that you must download to your smartphone and then synchronize it with the equipment. In some cases, the app will give you options for managing the sensor, either by turning it on, turning it off, or changing any of its settings.

At the same time, synchronizing the device with the phone will help you to register it with the home network, which is necessary so that it can send notifications when the sensors are activated.

Q7: Which is better, ultrasonic or conventional water leak detector?

The answer to this question will depend exclusively on your needs as a user.

In the event that you want a water leak detector for domestic use, you can consider the conventional models that are installed on the wall and have hanging sensors or also those that can be placed directly on the ground to detect the presence of water in your floor.

On the other hand, the models that detect leaks using ultrasound are more focused on commercial use, that is, for people who work in the plumbing and plumbing industry, since this tool has a greater capacity and is designed to identify internal leaks.. This type of leak requires more restoration or maintenance work depending on the severity of the break.

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