The 8 Best WiFi Switches of 2022

WiFi Switch – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Controlling lights and other home appliances remotely is now a reality thanks to Wi-Fi switches, smart devices that are connected to the Internet and allow you to turn appliances on and off from an application using a mobile phone or tablet. Among the most outstanding is the Sonoff T0EU2C, which has two channels to control two lights independently and allows programming the automatic switching on of a lamp at a specific time. For its part, the Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 supports up to 4 electrical appliances, in addition, it is compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant for control through voice commands.

The 8 Best WiFi Switches – Opinions 2022

A WiFi switch can make home activities much easier, as it allows you to turn lights and appliances on and off remotely. However, it can be difficult to choose a specific model due to the large number of options that exist, for this reason, we have selected 8 of the best WiFi switches of 2022.

Sonoff Wi-Fi Switch

1. Sonoff T0EU2C Wireless Wall Switch for Lights

This two-channel smart switch is specially designed to control home lights remotely. For this, it has an application called eWeLink, which allows you to turn lamps on and off independently using an Android or iOS smartphone, without any distance limits. In addition, it is possible to use a timer so that the light turns on automatically at a specific time of day.

For added convenience, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, so you can use your voice to turn lamps or other appliances on and off. Also, it allows you to group several devices to start them at the same time with a single touch on the mobile screen, for this reason, some users think that it is the best WiFi switch. 

It is important to note that this Sonoff WiFi switch is specially designed to work with a 2.4GHz router. However, the network of the smartphone can be 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi.

If you want to know which is the best WiFi switch to control the lights in your house, then it is worth reviewing the pros and cons of this product before making a decision:


Channels: It has two channels, so it allows you to control two lights independently. 

Programmable: Through the eWeLink app, this smart switch is able to turn lights on and off at a set time. 

Assistant: Works with the Google Assistant and Alexa to control devices through voice commands. 



Band: It does not work with the 5GHz frequency band, so you must use a 2.4GHz router. 

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switched WiFi switch

2. Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 WiFi Smart Wireless Switch

The best WiFi switch of the moment must provide enough versatility and practicality. This is the case of the Sonoff 4CH Pro R2, which has 4 channels to control 4 household electrical appliances at the same time and independently. In addition, it allows two remote control options; through the 433 MHz remote control and through the mobile from the eWeLink application. 

Thanks to the timer function, it is possible to program in advance the automatic switching on and off of certain appliances at specific times of the day, even if there are internet connection problems, which is very useful to give the feeling that there are people in the room. home while you’re on the go, thereby avoiding potential intruders.

This switched WiFi switch has compatibility with Google Home and Alexa, so you can activate and deactivate appliances with simple voice commands, thus facilitating the different tasks of the home. 

If you still don’t know which WiFi switch to buy, this model with different operating modes may be of interest to you. Let’s look at its pros and cons in detail before making a decision:


Timer: Up to 8 individual timers can be created to automatically turn different appliances on and off at specific times. 

Remote: Includes a 433 MHz remote control, so you can control devices remotely if your phone is dead.

Smart: It is compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant, so you can have a smarter home.



Design: The external appearance of the switch is unattractive when compared to other devices with more modern and elegant aesthetics.

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WiFi switch without neutral

3. Konesky Wi-Fi Smart Switch APP and Voice Control

This model allows you to control the lights remotely thanks to the fact that it comes with two switches, a main one that replaces the original switch without the need for a neutral wire, since it works with the one you have installed. On the other hand, the secondary switch can be placed anywhere in the house, without the need to drill holes in the wall or carry out complex installations. 

This WiFi switch without neutral allows you to control the lights from anywhere with a single touch, since it incorporates the eWeLink application, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, without any distance limit. In this way, you can turn on the light even if you are away from home.

Another benefit of this model is that it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, so you can turn the lights on and off with simple voice commands to enjoy an increasingly intelligent environment in the home. 

Some users think that this is the best value for money WiFi switch on the market today, since it is one of the cheapest and yet it allows to modernize the home.


Control: Allows you to control a light from several mobiles and several lights from a single mobile.

Installation: A neutral wire is not necessary, thanks to this, the installation is very simple to carry out.

App: Works with the eWeLink app, which allows you to set timers to automatically turn lights on and off at certain times.



Manual: It can be difficult to set the switches because the manual is not precise enough.

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WiFi light switch

4. Meross 1 Way Wi-Fi Wall Switch

It has a set of integrated circuits from the Taiwanese brand Mediatek, which allows it to achieve a wide connection range, very useful in large houses where the router is far from the switch. Thanks to this, the disconnection rate is lower compared to other similar devices. It also works with 2.4GHz and dual-band routers for added versatility.

This WiFi light switch allows you to enjoy the Internet of Things, since it can be connected to your mobile to activate or deactivate other equipment through the Meross application. It’s also easy to check the status of connected devices to see if they’re on or off, no matter where you are.

As if that were not enough, it allows the manual switching on of the lights through its physical switch. Another important feature of this product is that it has the European CE and RoHS certifications, so it has not been manufactured with dangerous substances. 

The best WiFi switch brand is one that offers affordable and reliable products, such as the Meross MSS510HEU. However, it is worth reviewing its pros and cons in more detail.


Security: It has the CE and RoHS certificates, which guarantee the quality of the product and the absence of toxic substances.

Range: Thanks to the Internet of Things Mediatek chipset, this switch provides a longer WiFi connection range.

Voice: You can connect it to Alexa or the Google Assistant to turn lights on and off using voice commands.



Wiring: This model requires a neutral wire, so special wiring will be necessary. 

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Home automation WiFi switch

5. Teekar Alexa WiFi Wall Touch Switch

This model has three advantages over the old ones of this same brand. First of all, the LED indicator light can be completely turned off from the Smartlife app, so it doesn’t interrupt your sleep. The second positive feature is its size, since it measures only 8 x 8 cm and, in addition, the installation is more convenient, since it works with an expansion clamp instead of a screw.

It is possible to set the timer so that certain lights turn on automatically at a specific time. For example, when you arrive to prepare dinner, the kitchen will be illuminated if you wish. This is also useful to give the feeling that the house is lived in when you are actually vacationing somewhere else.

This home automation WiFi switch can be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can turn lights on and off with your voice. This is a very interesting option for the little ones in the house.

If you want a smart switch to turn the lights in your house on and off more easily, then you may be interested in this model from the Teekar brand, therefore, we invite you to analyze its pros and cons:


LED: The LED indicator light can be completely turned off from your mobile through the Smartlife application.

Size: It is one of the smallest with measurements of 8 x 8 cm, so it does not take up too much space.

Durability: This switch has an automatic shutdown system when detecting an overload of energy, thus increasing its durability.



Wire: This device requires a neutral wire, so rewiring is necessary in most cases.

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Alexa Wi-Fi Switch

6. Maxcio WiFi Curtain Shutter Switch Compatible with Alexa

This wireless switch allows you to control devices remotely via the 2.4GHz WiFi network by simply downloading the free Smartlife app. It is especially useful for opening and closing blinds without having to move from the sofa, thus avoiding the entry of light and reflections on the screens of televisions, computers and tablets.

If you want more practicality, it is good to know that this model is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so it allows you to turn on and off those appliances that you have connected to the same internet network. Also, it includes three timer modes; loop, repeated and simple, so you can schedule automatic power on and off.

This WiFi Alexa switch allows you to control the same device from several mobile phones, so that the whole family has access to this technology. In addition, it is possible to group several devices to control them at the same time and facilitate household chores.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest equipment on the market, you may be interested in the Maxcio WF-CS01, however, it is good to review the positive and negative characteristics of the product in more detail:


Use: It can be used for electric shutters in the home and office and is even compatible with a garage door.

Security: It has overload protection, so it provides greater security and at the same time has a long useful life.

Settings: You can set your timer in three different modes, so that the blinds open automatically.



Bands: It is only compatible with a 2.4 GHz router, so you must take this into account before purchasing the product.

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Wi-Fi Smart Switch

7. Sonoff 4Pack Mini 10A Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Switch

One of the features that some users are concerned about is the size of the switch. If this is your case, you may be interested in this set that includes 4 mini smart switches so you can turn your home into a modern technology space, where you can turn the lights on and off through the mobile screen with no distance limit.

This WiFi smart switch includes an app called eWeLink, which has both iOS and Android compatibility. Plus, there’s no need to replace the old switches, so you can also turn off the light manually if you want, so you don’t have to use your phone all the time.

It is compatible with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa, to control the light with your voice. Also, you can group several mini switches to turn certain lamps on or off at the same time, making it more practical than other current models.

To keep up with technology at home, it is essential to have the right devices, for this reason, we recommend you carefully review the pros and cons of this smart switch:


Set: Includes 4 WiFi switches so you can modernize various lights in your home at an affordable price. 

Size: They have a mini size, since they measure 4.2 x 4.2 x 2 cm, so they do not take up much space in the house.

Control: They can be controlled remotely by mobile, but also manually or by voice commands.



Installation: Although small in size, they may be too large to hide behind traditional switch boxes.

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WiFi wall switch

8. Maxcio WiFi Light Switch with Dimmer 

If you want to turn your home into a smart environment, you can start with this switch that allows you to turn the lights on and off from anywhere with no distance limit, since it works through the Smartlife application, so you can control its functions from your mobile or tablet.

This WiFi wall switch can be voice operated, thanks to its compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Also, it allows you to set a specific time for turning on the lights at night and turning them off in the morning, helping you save electricity.

One of the benefits that this model offers is that it is capable of dimming the brightness of the lamps, all from the application on the phone, in addition, it can remember the brightness level that you selected the last time you turned on the light. It is important to note at this point that the switch works with special bulbs.

To create different atmospheres at home, a dimmer switch is very useful, so that you can increase the brightness to read or use a lower level to watch television. Let’s see the pros and cons of this model:


Adjustable: The brightness of the light can be adjusted to different levels to create different atmospheres.

Timer: You can set a schedule for the lights to turn on or off automatically.

Memory: It is able to remember the brightness level that you used the last time so that you do not have to reconfigure the lamp.



Compatibility: It is only compatible with dimmable 250W LED lamps, as well as 430W INC and 250W CFLs.

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Shopping guide

The easiest way to turn your home into a smart digital environment is by installing Wi-Fi switches, which allow you to turn different appliances on and off remotely using a mobile app. However, it can be difficult to select a specific model, for this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best WiFi switch.


When making a comparison of WiFi switches, first of all we must define the needs that we have in the home, since each model is specially designed to control certain electrical devices. In this sense, it is worth reviewing the types of devices that we can find in the current market.

One of the most popular are WiFi light switches, which are prepared to turn certain lamps in the house on and off wirelessly. These are very useful for entryway lights, but can also make things easier in more important rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the kitchen. In addition, some allow the intensity of the brightness of the lights to be adjusted to create different environments according to need, but in general these require special bulbs.

Other devices are indicated exclusively for the control of blinds, so they allow the entrance of natural light to the house to be increased or reduced. These are recommended for sites with large windows, as they facilitate the task of opening and closing the blinds, allowing great practicality. If you are wondering how much one of these switches costs, the good news is that there are many options, so you can easily find a good one and cheap at the same time.

On the other hand, there are multifunctional WiFi switches that are more versatile, since they allow you to turn both lights and appliances on and off, but they are also capable of controlling electric shutters and doors for total control of the home, as long as these devices can be connected to the internet home network.


One of the fundamental characteristics when choosing a WiFi switch is the number of channels it offers, since this determines the number of devices that you can control with a single device. In other words, if the switch offers 2 channels, this means that you can turn two lamps on and off. 

As for the ways, they should not be confused with the channels, since a double-way switch has the particularity that it allows another switch to be connected so that the user can turn the same lamp on and off from two different points in the house. This model is also called a switch, since it provides access to several family members to control one or more devices from their personal mobiles.

In this sense, it is recommended that the switch be compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems, to guarantee its compatibility with the majority of current smartphones. Also, it is essential to check the compatibility of the radio frequency bands, since some home networks have a 5 GHz router, but usually the switches are only compatible with the 2.4 GHz band.

Now, if we want to delve into smart technology, then it is necessary to choose a WiFi switch that can be connected to a virtual assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, since these allow you to turn on, turn off, open, close, activate and deactivate appliances. with simple voice commands.


The design of the switch is related to the type of installation, the time it will take to assemble and the space it will occupy in the house. As with the traditional ones, most WiFi switches have been created to be placed on the wall, but you must take into account some fundamental characteristics before making the purchase.

To begin with, we must understand that these are devices that are very different from the old ones, so in many cases some minor construction work will have to be carried out so that the result is technically correct, but it is also important that it be aesthetically clean.

There are mini devices that are very small and can be hidden in traditional switch boxes. However, it is necessary that you review the exact measurements so that you know if the installation requires an additional investment of money.

As for its functionality, some have touch control or buttons to control the devices manually. Additionally, certain modern models include LED indicator lights that can be turned off from the mobile phone app.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a WiFi switch?

To control appliances and lights from your mobile, you must download the application indicated by the manufacturer, since most switches are designed exclusively to work with a specific program. Next, you should review the instruction manual so that you know how to activate the WiFi network of the switch. In some cases, it is enough to press a button for 5 seconds for an LED indicator light to start flashing.

Then, you can enter the eWeLink application on the mobile to detect the WiFi switch, by pressing the + symbol on the screen, to later enter the WiFi network data and thus pair the application with the switch. You must also assign a name to the switch, which can be the room, for example, living room, kitchen, main room, etc. In the application you will see how many channels the device has and you will be able to name each lamp.

Q2: How to install a WiFi switch?

The assembly of a WiFi switch depends on the characteristics of the device itself and the type of installation you have at home. Traditional houses do not usually have a neutral wire, but this is essential to connect most smart switches, so the first thing you should do is check this variable. All devices, regardless of the brand, come with an instruction manual for correct installation, so you must read it carefully during the process.

Q3: What is a WiFi switch without neutral?

To be able to control lights and electrical appliances remotely, a neutral wire is usually necessary as a power source for WiFi switches, so you must place one from the main junction box to the place where you are going to mount the device.

This can be a problem in many houses with traditional switches, as this usually involves complex work that requires specialized technical personnel. This is why some manufacturers have created Wi-Fi switches that work without a neutral wire, using the cable that goes to the light bulb itself. However, it is necessary to place a small device that serves as a bridge and allows the switch to stay connected.

Q4: How to put a WiFi switch on the wall?

The easiest way to mount the WiFi switch on the wall is to use the old hole where the traditional switch is located. In this case, you must take into account the measurements of the new switch to know if it will be necessary to replace the box.

Some minor construction adjustment is usually necessary, either to reduce the hole size or to enlarge the space, so that the result is clean, since the switches are usually visible and aesthetics should be maintained of the wall.

Q5: How to set up a WiFi switch with Alexa?

If you are already registered with Amazon and have the Amazon Alexa application on your smartphone, what you should do is open the program and in the options tab choose Skills, to search for the skill corresponding to the device, for example, eWeLink, to proceed to enable it.

Later, you must return to the main Alexa menu to select Smart Home and press the Devices button to search for the switch. Once the device is found, you can create a group by selecting the lamps that you have connected and configured in eWeLink, placing a name, for example, My room, in this way, when you say “Alexa, turn on the lights in my room” the Amazon assistant will do the job without a problem.

Q6: How to use a WiFi switch for blinds?

The switch for blinds works in the same way as the light switch, usually it has three buttons, one to open, another to close and a third to pause.

In addition, it is possible to control these buttons virtually from the application on the mobile phone depending on the manufacturer, as well as setting a timer so that the blinds go up or down at certain times of the day, even if you are not at home. If you have Alexa or Google Home, you can also control the blinds through voice commands.

Q7: What can I connect to a WiFi switch?

Nowadays it is possible to connect different devices to a WiFi switch, as long as it is compatible with the Internet of Things. It is a long list that includes lamps, all kinds of appliances and even electric gates. However, you must remember that there are models for multiple uses and others that are designed only for lighting.

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Getting to know Sonoff WiFi switches

When it comes to looking for a WiFi switch, there are several brands, among which Sonoff stands out. A company that is a reference in the market when it comes to facilitating the control of your home through its technology.

The arrival of new elements connected to our home brings us even closer to that dream of a digital and fully connected home. We are no longer just talking about our Smart TV or our video game console, which are elements that have more than surpassed connectivity, but we are talking about devices such as the new appliances connected to the Internet or smart plugs, which we can also manage directly from through our mobile.

The latest step that companies in the sector have taken in offering us more options to connect to our home and have greater control of all functions is the launch of WiFi switches. These products are very interesting to control the lights, as well as other elements with great comfort. 

However, despite the novelty of this market segment, the truth is that there is a company that has made a name for itself and has become a benchmark when looking for the best WiFi switch. We are talking about Sonoff, whose switches are already part of many installations and are favored by all types of users. So that you get to know this company and its offer better, we are going to give you some details about what it makes available to you to get even closer to housing 2.0.

about the company

To get into the subject of this company, we are going to learn a little more about its short history and its approach. We are talking about a company that was founded with the aim of making life easier for users through modern technology. A facility in which the WiFi network is key, to provide advanced connectivity to any home and its different devices. So among its products we find almost everything you need for your 2.0 home to connect comfortably.

This is the main objective of Itead, a company that develops and markets the products of the Sonoff range throughout the world. This Chinese technology company has been on the market for some time, offering products for the connected home, for the development of all kinds of electronic devices and for managing advanced home connectivity. However, the latter has been the strong point of the company since the launch of its home automation elements, which have triggered interest among users in the company’s products.

What Sonoff offers us

One of the reasons for the success of this company and its range of products is precisely because of the novelty of its approach. Until now we could access products such as smart plugs, which allow devices to be turned on and off remotely, from the mobile or through the different existing assistants, such as Siri or Alexa.

The problem with these plugs is that when connecting lights or certain devices, which are activated by switches, it was not possible to do so. Something that Sonoff came to change, through a new switch concept capable of being controlled through the network. So with this type of switch you don’t have to complicate your life to achieve controlled switching on and off of the lights in your home, as well as other devices that require this type of connection.

As if that were not enough, the advantage of these switches is that they are presented both in visible mode, which would be the typical wall switch of a lifetime, and in the hidden module format. This format allows the switch to be integrated into the wall or ceiling, without affecting remote access to it and without the device being visible. This approach is very suitable for new high-level installations. 

Regarding the conventional switch modes, these incorporate very elegant and easy-to-install designs, so if you want to bring your switches into the 21st century, you will not have to complicate yourself with complex installations or make considerable changes to your home.

advanced features

In addition to the Sonoff’s own functions, within what is the operation of a traditional switch and that we have already mentioned, there are also other elements that may be interesting to complete the performance of the home automation local network of your home. Among these elements of the Sonoff range we have WiFi plugs, sockets for light bulbs, temperature sensors and even thermostats for boilers.

All these elements are compatible with each other and make the process of home automation easier without having to spend too much and without major complications. The combination of different eleme

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