The 8 Best Wing Chairs of 2022

Wing chair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The wing chairs, as much as they are seen as objects to sit on or decorate the home according to their design, were originally designed to prevent cold air currents from reaching our faces. If you plan to buy one, but you don’t know which one to choose, we have prepared some models that might interest you. The first is the Suenoszzz Relax Home, which is made of a type of special anti-stain and liquid fabric that makes cleaning easier. In addition, its reclining system will provide you with maximum comfort. For its part, the Adec Group Voss has a more traditional design that will bring elegance to almost any space. Additionally, its padded cushion and armrests will allow you to rest in a very comfortable way.

The 8 Best Wing Chairs – Opinions 2022

In the following section you will find a list of some of the most outstanding wing chairs in 2022, where we will specify their most important characteristics, as well as the pros and cons so that you can make a good investment.

wing chair recliner

1. Suenoszzz rest specialists Reclining Home wing Relax Armchair

If you are in search of what could be the best wing chair, but that offers elegance and has good levels of comfort, we invite you to evaluate what the Home Relax model offers.

This wing chair from Sueñoszzz stands out for having a reclining mechanical system, which will allow your body to rest peacefully. In addition, the bottom part is raised, so you can rest your feet and enjoy good levels of comfort.

Additionally, this reclining wing chair is made with Aqualine fabric, which gives it the characteristic of repelling any liquid. Therefore, it is a very useful aspect, since it facilitates cleaning.

In addition to this, it is ideal to place it in the living room or bedroom or any part of the home, since its gray design will easily complement the surrounding ornaments. However, you can also buy it in other colors so you can decorate to your liking.

With an elegant design and features that promote rest, this model could be considered the best wing chair of the moment. Here the pros and cons of Home Relax.


Comfort: Its reclining system and padded cushion provide good levels of comfort.

Design: Given its dimensions of 95 x 65 x 75 centimeters, you can place it in any room.

Hygiene: The Aqualine fabric prevents liquids and stains, making it easy to keep it clean.

Colors: In addition to gray, you can find it in 12 additional shades so you can choose the one that complements your decoration.


System: The footrest system does not work smoothly, so it is a bit robust for older people.

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2. DeluxeLife Electric Lift Recliner Relax Armchair

If you are looking for one of the best wing chairs of 2022 that allows you to rest peacefully after doing your daily activities, we recommend you consider the features of this DeluxeLife model.

Presented with a classic but elegant design, this wing chair is made with good quality materials and a special Nobuck fabric; This type of fabric is known for its softness and durability, since it is resistant to wear and tear.

In addition to this, it is filled with an Air Soft padding that provides softness, which will allow you to rest, and that, when combined with the reclining and heating system in the lumbar area, the 4 sitting positions and the massage mode, you will be able to enjoy high levels of comfort. Therefore, this reclining wing chair is an element that should not be missing in your home to relieve the stress of everyday life.

It is a wing chair with good levels of comfort for you to relieve stress. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing a little more about him, we present his most outstanding aspects.


Comfortable: This wing chair has Air Soft padding so you can rest very comfortably.

Functions: It has a mechanism that massages and another that reclines so you can rest.

Size: Thanks to the fact that it has dimensions of 71 x 74 x 108 centimeters, you can place it in almost any space.


Fabric: As the fabric is not waterproof, the electrical mechanisms are vulnerable to moisture.

Weight: It weighs 46 kilograms, so it will be difficult for you to change its location.

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Modern wing chair

3. Adec Voss Fixed Waiting Chair Design Armchair

This model has good features and is also affordable, so it could be considered the best value for money wing chair in this comparison. Here are its highlights.

This modern wing chair from Adec has a Nordic style and is presented in aquamarine green velvet with decorative capitonné buttons, so in addition to being used to rest, you will be able to combine it with the decoration of your room, office or living room. Additionally, you can find it in other colors, which will allow you to match the other furniture and ornaments.

For its part, this cheap wing chair has dimensions of 71 centimeters wide x 75 centimeters deep and 95 centimeters high, has a soft texture and is filled with quality materials, allowing you to enjoy good levels of comfort.

Having a stylish, modern and soft wing chair brings a good look to the environment and raises comfort levels. Find out what the Adec Voss model offers.


Design: The aquamarine green Nordic design with black legs will bring an elegant look to your office. Also, it is available in other colors.

Assembly: It comes with an instruction manual and hardware so you can easily install the chair.

Dimensions: Its 71 x 75 x 95 centimeters will not take up much space.


Fabric: Velvet textile material is difficult to care for.

Reclining: Compared to other models on the list, this chair does not have the reclining system for the body to rest.

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4. Dreamszzz rest specialists Wing chair Model Irene

In order for you to know which is the best wing chair, you must evaluate its characteristics, since this way you will be able to choose one that meets your expectations. As for this model presented by Sueñoszzz, it has a modern printed design with motivational phrases that uses pastel colors so you can combine them with different areas. However, you can also find it in 20 types of prints with different shades so you can select the one that suits your decoration.

In addition to this, another outstanding aspect of this modern wing chair is that it is made of pine wood and is reinforced with a particle board, which provides it with good levels of robustness.

On the other hand, it has measures of 102 x 76 x 75 centimeters, so you can place it in your room or living room without any problem. In addition, the backrest is high enough so that you can support your back and head very comfortably.

This wing chair is made with good materials, has an attractive design, and is also one of the cheapest options on the list, so we thought you might be interested.


Design: The printed design gives it a modern look, making it ideal for any home environment.

Comfort: It is filled with polyurethane, which provides good levels of comfort.

Materials: The steel spring and the pine wood structure provide robustness.


Legs: The legs are a bit flimsy, since they are nailed and do not belong to the structure.

Cushion: The cushion is not attached to the chair, so it comes off very easily.

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Relax wing chair

5. Sueñoszzz rest specialists Armchair Rocking Wing Chair Irene

On this occasion, Sueñoszzz brings us a relaxing wing chair so you can rest very calmly. Since this variant is not like the other wing chairs, since instead of having firm and immobile legs, they have a small curve that allows them to sway. Therefore, it is an ideal product for you to relax and for breastfeeding mothers to sleep or feed their babies.

Additionally, another outstanding aspect of this wing chair is that it is available in various colors, so you will have the freedom to combine it with the decoration and furniture of your home.

Likewise, the fabric is Aqualine stain and liquid proof, since it favors its cleaning and maintenance. For its part, it measures 102 x 76 x 74 centimeters so that you can support your head and your back to rest without problems.

If you are looking for a model that has good quality and an attractive design, but you do not know which wing chair to buy, you should focus on evaluating the manufacturing materials so that you choose a comfortable and durable model.


Height: It is a wing chair with a 102-centimeter high backrest, making it ideal for you to support your head and back comfortably.

Design: The Aqualine fabric is resistant to liquids and stains, which favors its cleaning.

Colours: It comes in a soft gray color so you can combine it with any space, but it is also available in 12 other shades.


Rocking: The curve of the legs do not provide a uniform rocking.

Weight: It weighs 18 kilograms, so it is difficult for a person to move it.

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Small wing chair

6. Kave Home Kody Armchair with Patchwork Upholstered Arms

If you do not have much space in your home and you are looking for a small wing chair to rest in your free time, we invite you to evaluate what the Kody model offers.

This wing chair from Kave Home comes with a wooden structure and is made of a type of patchwork-style printed fabric, in which you can see various figures and lines in greyish, greenish and brown colors, which gives it a vintage look. and elegant. Being an element that can be combined very easily with any decoration of your office or living room.

Additionally, the legs of this armchair are made of robust beech wood, so it enjoys good levels of resistance. For its part, in terms of its dimensions, it has 72 x 82 x 95 centimeters, making it ideal for small homes and cozy rooms.

Kave Home has various lines of products for the home, as well as being noted for making them with quality materials. Therefore, it could be the best brand of wing chairs in this comparison.


Design: Its vintage design and patchwork upholstery give it an elegant look to match almost any space in your home.

Comfort: The padding and the armrests will provide you with a good level of comfort.

Size: Its dimensions of 72 x 82 x 95 centimeters are ideal for locating it in small areas, since it does not take up much space.


Backrest: The height of the backrest is not so high that you can rest your head.

Protection: Compared to other models on the list, this one does not have protection against stains or liquids.

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Classic wing chair

7. Versa 19501405 Upholstered wing chair Armchair

This Versa wing chair is one of the cheapest on the list and, in addition, it has a classic design, so it could be a good investment for you to place it anywhere in your living room. Additionally, it has dimensions of 103 x 62 x 68 centimeters, so it has a good size on the backrest so that you are able to rest your head and lower back.

Additionally, another outstanding aspect of this classic wing chair is that the textile material with which it is made is imitation hemp, it is mustard in color and the legs are black, so it has a very elegant appearance that you can combine with the walls of your office.

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that it is filled with good quality foam and its armrests are straight so that you can enjoy good levels of comfort.

If you are interested in acquiring a classic wing chair so that you can match the vintage elements of your office or living room, this product could be the one.


Comfort: It has straight armrests and good quality foam so you can rest comfortably.

Design: The classic design in combination with the mustard color gives it an elegant look, making it ideal for offices and offices.

Dimensions: The height of 103 centimeters of the backrest is enough for you to rest your lower back.


Weight: You will not be able to change the position of the chair frequently, since it weighs 15 kilograms.

Fabric: Imitation hemp isn’t as durable as the original, so it could rip more easily.

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vintage wing chair

8. Lola Home Vintage Floral Wing Armchair

When it comes to choosing a comfortable vintage wing chair for our office to have quality decoration, it is necessary to consider its design and quality.

As for this Lola Home model, it is made with a soft textile of flowers in black, white and green tones with black wooden legs that give it an elegant appearance, which will allow it to be the most prominent object in your office. or living room.

In addition to this, the structure of the chair is made of pine wood, DM wood and solid wood legs, which provides it with rigidity. Additionally, the fabric is 100% polyester and the padding is soft foam, so it has a soft touch and acceptable levels of comfort.

For its part, it has dimensions of 65 x 76 x 73 so that people can sit down and enjoy a good conversation.

If you are looking for a vintage wing chair to rest and decorate the environment, we invite you to check what this Lola Home model offers.


Comfort: It is made of polyester fabric and foam padding, so it has acceptable levels of comfort.

Design: Flowers and shades of black, green and white give it an elegant vintage look so you can decorate your office, bedroom or living room.

Materials: Pine wood gives rigidity to the structure.


Backrest: This is not very high, so you will not be able to rest your head.

Armrests: By not having armrests, you will not be able to support yourself to rest properly.

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Accessories for wing chair

Wing chair cover

Subtex 2 pcs

This wing chair cover comes in a modern design with a leaf print in various shades and plays with the yellow background color, which will allow your chair to be the most prominent object in the area.

Additionally, the materials with which this cover is made are of good quality, washable and have protection against scratches, mites, spills, stains and even wear.

In addition to this, it should also be noted that this wing chair cover is for 1 seat and is compatible with those that have measurements of 70 x 95 x 80 centimeters and up to a maximum of 80 x 110 x 92 centimeters, since the fabric of the cover by having stretchable properties, make it compatible for use with various models.

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Shopping guide

In the following section you will find a guide to buying the best wing chair, where we will specify some of the most important characteristics that you must take into account so that you can select a good quality, comfortable model that has a good appearance so that you can take advantage of its tones and combine them with the decoration of your home or office.


The first characteristic to evaluate so that you can choose a wing chair that helps you rest your body while you are sitting on it is the level of comfort.

As far as comfort is concerned, wing chairs must provide good levels of comfort, which leads us to specifically evaluate the quality of the foam it has, as well as whether it has a cushion. So, regardless of whether it is foam or foam, it must have enough density so that you cannot feel the wooden structure of the chair when you sit or lean back or lean your arms. Therefore, before you make any choice, we recommend that you take this aspect into account so that you invest in a model that is comfortable to rest on after doing your daily activities.


Before you check how much a wing chair costs, another aspect to take into account when choosing a model with a good quality standard is to look at its manufacturing materials.

In the market you can find a wide variety of models with high prices, but not all of them have good quality materials. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the types of wood that the structure of the chair has, legs and even the fabric with which the chair is upholstered.

Therefore, if you want to select an economical and good quality wing chair, it will be enough to check if the fabric is synthetic, leather or has special protections; as well as with the types of wood that exist such as: beech, oak, pine, MDF, among others.

So by checking each aspect mentioned above, you will have no problem investing in a good quality wing chair.


The wing chairs, in addition to being ideal products for sitting and resting, depending on their design, can provide an extra touch of decoration to the environment.

The upholstery of the wing chairs is very varied in the market, since each manufacturer develops its own designs so that they can be adapted to the environment and the demands of each user. So, if you have a conference room or office and you want to give it a more elegant touch, we recommend that you consider vintage models, since these can easily combine with the gray, black, white and brown colors that are normally on the walls., desks, shelves and area ornaments.

For its part, you can also select a wing chair with motivational phrases, flowers, bright colors or pastels for living rooms or bedrooms. However, we recommend that you do not select an armchair with the same color as the walls, but rather one that contrasts and thus stands out in the place where you are going to place it.

type of chair

Just as there are models of static wing chairs, of various sizes, colors and shapes, there are also more up-to-date ones that have electrical functions that massage, lift, provide heat and a number of varied features that will depend on the manufacturer and the type of chair.

In our comparison of wing chairs we mention a variety of these, so you will have variety and quality that can be adjusted to your final budget. Therefore, there is a possibility that you will select one that will meet your expectations.

Additionally, there are wing chairs that have a slight curvature on their legs that allows them to balance; which makes them ideal for relaxing and enjoying a good read and even for breastfeeding mothers to be able to sleep or feed their baby.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that there are wing chairs that have footrests with manual and automatic systems. Therefore, you have to check how smoothly it can work before you make any purchase. This is because the elderly, pregnant women or people who have just undergone surgery do not have enough strength to operate the footrest manually. For this reason, models were devised that include an automatic system so that the feet can be raised to the desired height so that you can rest correctly.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a wing chair?

Using a wing chair is very easy, so you must first place it in an area that matches its decoration and, also, where you have enough natural lighting. Also, you won’t have to worry about cold drafts, since the ears of the chair will cover your face. All you have to do is sit down, lay your back on the structure and relax to enjoy the benefits of it.

Q2: How to upholster a wing chair?

For this you will need 3 or 6 meters of fabric depending on its dimensions and an upholstery stapler.

Now, remove the old fabric and place the new one using the stapler to fix it to the structure of the chair. Do the same with the whole structure and, in addition, for the armrest and backrest areas, we recommend that you use fabric glue so that the staples are not visible.

Q3: How to disassemble a wing chair?

To disassemble a wing chair you will need scissors and a metal tool that allows you to remove the staples that adhere to the fabric and wood.

First, use the scissors to make a small cut in one of the chair’s armrests so you’re able to access the inside. Then, proceed to remove all the fabric and the metal tool of your reference to remove the staples.

Q4: How many meters of fabric do I need to upholster a wing chair?

In order to upholster a wing chair you will need to know its specific measurements, since it is a mandatory requirement to avoid compatibility problems. However, most wing chairs use 3 to 5 meters depending on their dimensions. That is, if it is a large wing chair you will need to have approximately 5 meters of fabric, but in the case of a smaller one, 3 meters will be enough.

Q5: How to restore a wing chair?

First, check the condition of the legs so you know if you should replace them with others. Then, proceed to choose the type and color of the fabric you want for the restoration of the armchair and measure it so that you proceed to cut the pieces. Now, remove the old fabric and attach the new one using an upholstery stapler, but keeping in mind that it should be completely smooth and wrinkle-free. Do the same with each part of the chair.

Q6: How to make a cover for a wing chair?

The first thing you have to take into account before anything else is the dimensions of the chair (height, width, depth and thickness), since the cover must fit well so as not to take away from its aesthetics. Therefore, you will have to make a paper outline with the measurements of each one, which will allow you to know each part of the armchair in detail. Then, transfer the measurement to the fabric and cut, leaving one more centimeter. In addition, you must leave the limits marked with a pencil and with letters for each area so that you take into account the place to which it belongs so that you join them without any problem.

Now, using a sewing machine or, if you are very good at sewing by hand, start joining each part of the fabric. In addition to this, you also have to take into account that on the back of the cushion you must place a closure; while in the rest of the structure of the 1 centimeter elastic cover, so that it can hug the wing chair and not come off.

Q7: How to clean a wing chair?

There is no doubt that there is a wide variety of models of wing chairs on the market, some of which are more outstanding than others due to the quality and particularity of the textile material. Since there are types of fabrics that are easier to clean than others, such as suede, which is very delicate. However, there are also some like the popular Aqualine that repels stains and some liquids, which favors cleaning and hygiene.

However, for normal fabric types it is a bit more complex since wing chairs have a fabric structure and are filled mostly with foam. And, because they are large, we cannot put them in the washing machine. For this reason, the easiest and most effective way to clean your wing chair is by using 4 elements: 1 sponge, dry cloths, detergent and water.

So, you have to use the sponge with water and detergent to rub each area of ​​​​the chair, but you have to do it in areas and immediately wipe it with a dry cloth to prevent the water from entering the foam or the wood and damaging it.

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