The 9 Best 100-Liter Electric Thermoses of 2022

100 liter electric water heater – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


During the cold seasons, there is nothing like being able to take a shower with hot water after a long working day, which relaxes, restores calm and renews energy. In order to enjoy a cozier temperature, a thermos is needed, and electric ones are a convenient option. If you want to save energy, you should know that the Thermor Concept 100L model has a consumption of 1.85 Kwh/24h, with an effectively shielded insulation system, and is equipped with an external thermostat. Another favorable model could be the Cointra TNC Plus-100, a device weighing 22 kilos and available in white, with a pressure of 8.5 bars. 



The 9 Best 100 Liter Electric Thermoses – Opinions 2022

With an electric water heater it is possible to enjoy the benefits of hot or warm water. If you are interested in one of these and do not know which ones are appropriate, you might be interested in the following section in which we detail the most relevant and negative aspects of the models that are positioned in the first places of sales. 

100 liter Thermor electric water heater

1. Thermor Electric Thermo Concept 100L Vertical

The best 100 liter electric water heater must be energy efficient, and this model complies with this property, as well as with other characteristics of robust construction and good design, which are combined in a unit that stands out for its quality. 

This model is available in white, so that it integrates with the decorative spaces of bathrooms and kitchens in a discreet and elegant way. In addition, the dimensions of the 100-liter Thermor electric water heater are 101.9 cm high by 43.3 cm in diameter.

Also, this model has a power of 1500 W that allows you to carry out your heating process properly. According to the estimates of its manufacturer, it has a consumption of 1.85 Kwh/24h, at a temperature of 65º, with a convenient heating time of 242 minutes. On the other hand, it has optimized stratification for water through the BriseJet system and an external thermostat to improve control. 

This model competes to be the best 100-liter electric water heater of the moment and, below, we present its pros and cons for you to analyze.  


Thermostat: It has an external thermostat that facilitates the selection of the desired temperature.

Insulation: For added security, it is shielded and heavily insulated.

Efficiency: Its consumption is 1.85 Kwh/24h, so it will help you to make an adequate consumption of energy

Design: It has a compact vertical-style design that is available in white.


Installation: Its installation can be complex due to the location of its supports.

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100 liter Cointra electric thermos

2. Cointra Thermo Electric Tnc plus-100

A model that stands out for its quality and good performance is this 100-liter Cointra electric water heater, which has a practical vertical-style design and is convenient to install at home, either next to the bathroom or in the utility area. 

This proposal has a weight of 22 kilos and is available in white, so it is discreet and fits with most decorations, as long as there is space available for its measurements of 97.3 cm high by 45 cm. wide and 47.2 cm deep. 

Due to its energy efficiency and power of 1500 W, this model, which is one of the cheap ones, is positioned as one of the best 100-liter electric water heaters of 2022, since it is also capable of withstanding a pressure of 8.5 bars and has an adjustable external thermostat for temperature adjustment.

Cointra can be recognized as the possible best brand of 100-liter electric water heaters, thanks to models like this one, whose pros and cons we have summarized here.


Design: It has a compact design for vertical wall installation, available in white.

Thermostat: It incorporates an external thermostat through which the water temperature can be adjusted. 

Operation: Its operation is practical, suitable for a maximum pressure of 8.5 bars.

Power: It is an efficient team, thanks to its power level of 1500 W, which gives it a recovery time of 1 hour and 56 minutes. 


Connections: The water heater does not include the connections and sockets. These must be purchased separately.

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100 liter Fleck electric water heater

3. Fleck Electric thermos duo5-100-eu 100 l

Equipped with all the supports that facilitate its installation, either vertically or horizontally, this model may be the answer to those who wonder which is the best 100-litre electric water heater.

It is an efficient and safe device that has a vitrified titanium coating that protects the magnesium anode from currents and negative waters, so that it has an optimized operation, with a low level of corrosion. 

In addition, the 100 liter Fleck electric water heater has a power of 1500 W, but low energy consumption, and is suitable for households of between 3 and 4 people. It weighs 25 kilos and its dimensions are 127.5 cm high by 49 cm wide and 27 cm deep. It has a quick shower function and has an intelligent and electronic thermostat, as well as an LCD display to facilitate control. 

If you do not know which 100 liter electric water heater to buy, we can suggest that you take a look at the pros and cons of this model.


Installation: This product includes installation brackets and is multiposition, either vertically or horizontally.

Display: It has an external LCD display that allows you to observe data and control the functions.

Safety: It has a vitrified coating, an armored resistance and the respective safety valve, so that it offers a good level of safety.

Power: It is a powerful equipment of 1500 W, which allows heating the water in an adequate time.


Emptying: Apparently, the emptying of the equipment can become complicated, especially if it is in a vertical position.

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100 liter Junkers electric water heater

4. Junkers elacell horizontal electric thermos

Equipped with a power of 1.5 kW, this 100-liter Junkers electric water heater is recognized for its energy efficiency, which allows you to enjoy hot water with low power consumption, which is why it is positioned as one of the favorites. 

This model has a classic white design with modern touches, which is equipped with brackets for horizontal installation, either above the doors or discreetly under the stairs, so it takes up little space. 

Likewise, this low-consumption 100-liter electric water heater has a robust construction, with a vitrified steel tank, so that there is adequate insulation, because it is reinforced with polyurethane. Its control is simple, since it incorporates a control that allows you to adjust the temperature according to the user’s requirements. Similarly, it has an easy-to-use installation mechanism, because, not being so heavy, it is manageable. 

Get to know this model better by reading its pros and cons, which we present below. 


Design: The thermos has a classic 100 x 44 cm design, which is available in white and discreetly integrates with spaces. 

Power: It is a powerful unit, with 1.5 kW and optimized electrical energy consumption.

Insulation: For greater security, it has an adequate insulation system and robust construction, with a vitrified steel tank.

Installation: The heater has supports that facilitate horizontal installation on walls.


Indicator: This model does not have a water temperature indicator.

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100 liter Teka electric water heater

5. Teka Electric Thermo Ewh100 

Among the available models, this 100-liter Teka electric thermos appears, which is one of the most efficient on the market, because it has a robust construction with an enameled tank and ceramic resistance. 

This product has been equipped with a safety valve and an electrical power of 1500 W. It saves on consumption, because it has a power regulator, as well as a thermostat that can set the temperature between 30 and 75º, to adapt to every need.

Also, its design is available in white and is for horizontal installation. Its weight is 29.6 kilos, so it is relatively manageable. It has a stainless steel resistance and its valve admits a pressure of up to 7.5 bars. Similarly, its interior is protected with a triple insulating layer that reduces the effects of oxidation.

This thermos stands out for its quality and price, but it will be through an analysis of its pros and cons that you will be able to determine if it is suitable. 


Power: It is a powerful equipment, with a capacity of 1500 W, as well as efficient and adjustable consumption.

Control: It has two dials that facilitate control, one for on/off and another for temperature regulation. 

Thermostat: To control consumption, it includes an indicating thermostat, which improves the way the equipment is used.

Protection: Its interior includes a triple insulating layer and stainless steel resistance to prevent corrosion.


Installation: Some items required to complete the installation are not included in the purchase package and must be purchased separately.

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Bosch 100 liter electric water heater

6. Bosch Electric water heater vertical tronic 6000t es100-5 

Weighing 25.8 kilos, this 100-liter Bosch electric water heater has a practical and favorable design for vertical wall installation, since it includes all the mounting elements. 

This model has been equipped with a front control center for temperature adjustment and has dimensions of 96 cm high by 48.6 in diameter, so that it can be placed without taking up much space. 

Likewise, for greater safety and protection, this proposal has a sheathed resistance, as well as a vitrified tank and a polyurethane insulator, so that the effects of corrosion are reduced and it has a special valve to manage safety.

In addition, its heating time is relatively fast, thanks to its power of 2 kW, while its consumption is low. In the same way, it admits a considerable level of maximum pressure of 8 bars.

Reading more about this model can be favorable to determine if it is suitable for the requirements. Here, its pros and cons. 


Temperature: It admits a variable temperature range between 8 and 70º, so it adapts to each need while consuming efficiently.

Time: Its 2 kW power allows a relatively fast heating time.

Protection: It has IP24 protection, which protects against splashes or small particles.

Control: It has intuitive temperature control to configure the operation in a few steps.


Assembly: It is necessary that at least two people participate in the assembly process, since it is not so simple.

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Ariston 100 liter electric water heater

7. Ariston Pro1 Eco Electric Thermo

Designed for installation in a horizontal direction, the 100 liter Ariston electric water heater is a device with adequate performance to heat water in a short time, especially when compared to other proposals.

It has a shielded resistance, as well as an external regulator to adjust the temperature and is equipped with the WaterPlus innovation, which exponentially increases the level of domestic hot water (DHW). 

Its construction is resistant, made with materials that reduce the effects of corrosion and delay the appearance of limescale in the water. This is because it has a vitrified resistance that provides greater durability. 

Likewise, it is equipped with an electronic mechanism that facilitates the use of the equipment and that enhances the production of water, through an intelligent display strategically located on the sides. In addition, it is technological, because it is capable of memorizing consumption habits and includes hydraulic connections, which facilitates its installation. 

To have more details of this model, we invite you to learn about its favorable and negative aspects grouped below. 


Technology: It has a display that facilitates electronic control of the equipment and has a Core Tech function, which memorizes consumption habits.

Power: Heats the water quickly and carrying out a balanced energy consumption.

Design: It has a design for horizontal installation with its respective supports and a modern appearance.

Construction: The construction is solid, being made with materials that favor the production of DHW and safety.


Indicators: Indicators for temperature regulation can be complex to understand, since there are several.

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100 liter horizontal electric water heater

8. Forcali Electric water heater 

If within your options you want to consider the best value for money 100 liter electric water heater, then we might suggest that you take a look at the attributes that this model from the manufacturer Forcali incorporates, because it stands out for its adequate performance for the production of domestic hot water.. 

It weighs 30.8 kilos and its dimensions are 1 m high by 46 cm in diameter. It is available in white, with a matte finish. In addition, it is made of galvanized steel, so it is resistant. 

Its installation system has been designed for wall mounting. On the other hand, this 100-litre horizontal electric water heater has a power of 1500 W and is capable of heating water quickly, while admitting a pressure of up to 7 bars. 

It also includes a pressure valve, electrolytic sleeves and fixing screws. It admits external frontal regulation and has a shielded resistance that provides robustness.

This electric water heater is one of the cheapest and, if you want to know more about its specifications, here are its pros and cons. 


Assembly: Includes supports, screws and other elements that facilitate installation without purchasing other parts.

Power: Its 1500 W power allows you to heat water quickly and efficiently. 

Indicator and regulation: The equipment incorporates a temperature indicator and admits its regulation.

Construction: It has a solid construction, made with resistant materials and 2.5 cm insulation.


Installation: Its installation can be complex and it is recommended that it be done by specialized personnel. 

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Aparici 100 liter electric water heater

9. Appearance electric thermo H100 

Designed with anchors and supports at different points, this 100-liter Aparici electric water heater proposal is suitable for a multi-positional installation, depending on the space available and the user’s needs. 

It has a power of 2000 W, so it is efficient for heating water quickly, since the production of DHW is generated by a pair of shielded resistances on an enamelled carbon steel flange. Its consumption is low, so it promotes savings, with an estimated daily level of 6.64 kWh.

In addition, this model admits a pressure of up to 9 bars and has a hydraulic safety valve. In this heater, weighing 28.2 kilos, it is possible to control the temperature by means of a double safety thermostat and it has IP24 protection. Similarly, it has been equipped with a pilot in the front area to observe the operation of the resistance. 

Before making a final purchase decision, we invite you to learn about the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Power: Heats the water effectively thanks to its 2000 W power and shielded resistances.

Assembly: Its installation can be multipositional according to the space and user needs.

Consumption: This thermos has an efficient and saving energy consumption, with an estimated 6.64 kW.

Control: The model has a thermostat that can be adjusted by means of a crank in the front area with easy access.


Weight: It can be a bit heavy, which makes it difficult for one person to install and handle the equipment.

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Shopping guide

Enjoying hot water is an advantage that can be obtained if you have a thermo heater. These equipments are available in different forms of operation and number of liters. Among them, the 100-liter electric ones are among the most convenient. So, if you want to know more about the details that should be considered in this equipment, you cannot stop reading this guide to buy the best 100-liter electric water heater, which we present below. 

power and endurance

If you want to have an estimate of how much a 100-liter electric water heater costs, then it would be convenient if you could make a quick analysis of the power of the equipment, since, in many cases, this is an element that denotes quality and efficiency to obtain hot water. Sanitary (DHW) in the home. 

Most of the 100-litre proposals are equipped with an electrical power of between 1,000 and 2,000 watts, optimized to heat water in between 60 minutes and 2 hours. Likewise, this process for obtaining DHW can be generated by a pair of shielded type resistors that are usually activated by an external switch. 

Heat boosting resistors may be located on carbon steel flanges. In relation to pressure, each model has its maximum level. However, most of the proposals are manufactured to withstand a pressure of between 7 and 9 bars. 

Construction and consumption 

Selecting an economical 100-liter electric water heater is not a complex task. You just have to make sure that the model is of quality and has a low level of corrosion and a long useful life, so that you do not have to make constant investments in new equipment. 

In this class of products, the construction is a very important property. Therefore, all internal and external components must be analyzed. In the case of the interior, there are many models that have a carbon steel tank, which in turn is covered in vitrified enamel. These deposits can also be cold-rolled and their function is to serve as an insulation system against corrosion. Also, some equipment is equipped with magnesium anodes that increase protection. 

On the other hand, on the external construction, it must be solid and resistant. For this reason, the vast majority of manufacturers make a structure in sheet steel of different densities, which can be covered with a special thick enamel.

Design and assembly

If you are thinking of improving the temperature of the water with efficient equipment, it is recommended that you establish a comparison of 100-liter electric water heaters based on the design, type and assembly of the heater. 

Although all models work with electricity, their mounting mechanisms are not the same, as these vary depending on the design and the manufacturer. For this reason, we can find in the market from vertical models, which are usually the most common, to horizontal and multiposition alternatives, which can be installed in any direction, vertical or horizontal, because they include the supports, elements and screws to complete the process.. 

In some cases, it will be necessary for a plumber or specialized personnel to take care of the installation to the water intakes, as well as the wall mounting, while, in others, it may only require the help of another person and basic knowledge. For the assembly. 

In relation to the design, almost all the available models are white with a matt finish and can have a controller display or, failing that, have rotating handles.

Also, their sizes can be compact or slightly larger. It is this characteristic that affects the space required, but it can be said that, as they are all 100 litres, they have similar dimensions.

control and thermostat 

Most electric water heaters have a simple operation and control system that is activated by means of a button or rotary dial for ignition, as well as a second handle, which allows the adjustment of the thermostat to generate hot water and save electricity, with a efficient and even intelligent consumption. 

This quality is a technology that some equipment incorporates, capable of recognizing consumption habits for greater efficiency in the production of hot water. Also, the thermostat can measure a wide range between 8 and 75º.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a 100 liter electric water heater?

Using a 100 liter electric water heater is a simple process, which begins with installation. Once this step is completed and the tank is full, all you have to do is connect to the power outlet to start operation. After that, it is only necessary to select the temperature using the rotary dial that is usually on the front, in order to select a mode, according to those established by the manufacturer for the model. In most cases, the equipment has an eco mode, and this is usually recommended to achieve better energy performance. The next thing will be to wait for the heater to start generating water, which will come out hot through the taps. 

Q2: How many watts does a 100 liter electric water heater consume?

This depends on several factors, since it can change according to the power, brand and mode of use. In general, this information is specified in the manual of each equipment. However, some models can consume an average of 6 to 10 kWh/day. 

Q3: How to install a 100 liter electric water heater?

The way to install a 100-liter electric water heater varies depending on the model and brand. However, in most cases it is required to choose the place, leaving a few centimeters on each side to improve access and as a security measure. Then, the wall support must be placed, adjusted with screws and the main tank added, through a system that will depend on each model. Next, the hydraulic connections must be made, corresponding to the water inlet and outlet, and the last step will be to plug the equipment into the current to test its performance.

Q4: How to fix a 100 liter electric water heater?

To repair a 100-liter electric water heater, the first thing will be to find the fault, since there can be different causes that generate the problem. If you do not have knowledge, it is best to solve common breakdowns. For example, the water may need to be drained and refilled. In addition, there may be a problem with the connection to the outlet, since the parts may not make contact and therefore the cable or plug must be replaced. 

It is also possible to deal with more complex problems with the insulators and the resistances, as well as the safety valves, since, after a period of use, the water could have oxidized them. For these cases, it is recommended to call a specialized technical service. 

Likewise, the recommendation of the technicians and specialists in the area is that, if the thermos fails, its use is suspended and an immediate solution is sought to avoid major problems with the home’s sanitary water system.

Q5: How to empty a 100 liter electric water heater?

The first thing will be to disconnect the equipment from the power source and close the passage of water to it. Then you have to disconnect the cold water inlet and place a large container under it so that the water inside the thermos falls out. In some cases, it will be necessary to open a faucet for the water to start coming out. Similarly, it is necessary to release the outlet for hot water, which will allow air to enter. 

Q6: How is a 100 liter electric water heater connected to the mains?

This is a simple process because the direct connection comes out of the device through a cable that ends in a plug or socket (they are usually short). This prong should be connected by simply inserting the pins into a live wall power supply. A little pressure must be exerted and, when it is correctly connected, the device can already be used. 

Q7: Why does a 100 liter electric water heater burst?

It is not common for this to happen, but the most likely cause may be due to a water pressure higher than that supported by the equipment and a fault in the safety valve which, among other functions, is responsible for reducing this pressure level. So, if there is a persistent drip or the thermos bursts, it may be that the valve has already exhausted its useful life.

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