The 9 Best 2 Seater Sofas of 2022

2-seater sofa – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Sharing with family, receiving visitors and enjoying a movie are some of the situations that are most enjoyed from the comfort of a sofa. In addition, these pieces of furniture are convenient because, depending on the model, they improve the decoration of the room. From traditional to avant-garde, there is one for every taste. A versatile option is the Movian Scutari model, a foam-filled two-seater sofa bed, which is available to select from in two colours. A more classic model is the Adec Olden, a two-seater sofa with a soft, mustard-colored textile fabric and Scandinavian-style wooden legs.

The 9 Best 2-Seater Sofas – Opinions 2022

The 2-seater sofas are decorative and functional accessories to place in small areas, which provide avant-garde and classic styles to rooms. Currently, there is an extensive market dedicated to these models. So, if you are interested in acquiring one, you might be interested in learning about nine of the best 2-seater sofas, a section in which we explain the characteristics of the models that appear as the favorites of the user community.

2 seater sofa bed

1. Movian Scutari Two-seater sofa bed

Available in two colors to select the one that best matches the decorative aesthetic, between black and grey, this model has been suggested as one of the candidates for the title of the best 2-seater sofa on the market. This is due to its versatile design, as well as functional, as it adapts to two different positions.

The model measures 122 cm long by 91 cm wide by 91 cm high. It has been made with strong materials, with a textile upholstery and a soft foam padding that provides cushioning when sitting.

Likewise, its structure is made of wood and metal, with wooden legs and a non-slip rubber base. It is a 2-seater sofa bed, so it is convenient to save space and to be used for overnight guests when necessary.

Knowing the pros and cons of this model could help you determine if it is the best 2-seater sofa of the moment.


Structure: It has a structure made of wood and metal, materials that provide resistance.

Design: Its design is simple and it is available in gray or black.

Versatility: It’s not just a sofa, it can be converted into a bed and has adjustable sitting, reclining or sleeping positions.

Stability: Its structure provides adequate stability thanks to its four bases and two additional ones in extended mode.


Padding: The padding that it includes may be insufficient if the weight that the furniture can support is exceeded.

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2. Homcom Sofa Bed with Reclining Armrest

With a compact design in a modern style and with a removable and washable cover, made of red linen fabric, this model qualifies as a convenient option, because it has armrests, which makes it more comfortable and decorative.

In addition, due to the characteristics of its structure, this model is adjustable on 5 levels, so it can be used for different purposes, since it is a 2-seater sofa bed with a load capacity of up to 300 kilos.

This resistance is given by a metallic iron structure, with a soft foam padding that increases comfort. In addition, it incorporates a couple of back cushions, which will serve as pillows for this guest bed. Its dimensions in sofa mode are 70 cm wide by 166 long by 80 cm high, adaptable to different spaces.

The pros and cons of this model are an example of the quality that HomCom supplies to its products, which is why some consider it to be the best brand of 2-seater sofas.


Design: It has a design with removable and washable red linen covers.

Adjustment: Its structure can recline at five levels, whether for a sofa, divan or bed.

Dimensions: As a bed, its measurements are 188 long by 70 wide by 80 high, so it offers enough space.

Capacity: It has a high load capacity of 300 kilos.


Structure: Its black metallic structure must be treated with care to avoid scratches.

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Small 2 seater sofa

3. Adec Olden Loveseat

If you are looking for a rest chair and you are wondering which is the best 2-seater sofa, then it would be convenient for you to take a look at the characteristics of this model, because it has design and construction attributes that make it a convenient option for small spaces.

It is a small 2-seater sofa inspired by the minimalist and Scandinavian style, so its design is elegant and comfortable, since it incorporates armrests on each side, as well as a padded padding that provides comfort when sitting.

Its structure is resistant, with wooden legs and a delicate outward tilt, as well as anti-scratch protection to prevent damage to the floor. Its style can be combined with other home or office furniture because it has a soft fabric, with grid pattern seams and it is possible to select between the colors mustard, gray and sea green.

If you don’t know which 2-seater sofa to buy, you can review the pros and cons of this model to see if it suits your needs.


Style: Its Nordic style with minimalist touches is functional for 2 people.

Base: It has a base made up of 4 wooden legs, with anti-scratch protection.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 127 cm long by 75 wide by 77 high, compact for small areas.

Seams: Its design is complemented by an upholstery in soft fabric, with grid pattern seams that make a better fit.


Assembly: The assembly of its legs may require more time than expected.

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4. vidaXL 2 Seater Sofa

Those interested in acquiring a suitable model for reduced stays may include this proposal as one of their alternatives, as it is recommended as the best possible value for money 2-seater sofa, since its cost is one of the cheapest. It is a piece of furniture that includes armrests on each side, with a classic style with modern touches.

This small 2-seater sofa has been manufactured with a stable and resistant wooden structure, with a base of steel legs and black synthetic leather upholstery that gives the piece greater elegance, so it is positioned as one of the best 2-seater sofas of 2022.

The dimensions of this sofa make it convenient to integrate with the rest of the decoration, since it does not take up much space, because its measurements are 114 cm wide by 78 deep by 81 high, and its modern design combines with different styles. It has foam padding and its assembly is not complex.

That this model is one of the cheapest 2-seater sofas does not mean that its quality is bad. You can certify this through its pros and cons.


Construction: It has a structure of wood, synthetic leather and chromed steel, offering good resistance.

Stability: Its structure is firm, with steel legs that provide stability.

Design: The furniture has a classic design, with armrests and black leather upholstery, easy to combine with the spaces.

Assembly: Its assembly is fast, with instructions that facilitate the process.


Hardness: Although it has foam padding, the seat can be hard for some people.

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2 seater relax sofa

5. Festnight 2 Seater Faux Leather Recliner

Upholstered in white synthetic leather, this is the Festnight alternative recommended for those looking for a 2-seater relax sofa, because each seat is spacious, with padded cushions and reclining properties, which increases comfort.

In addition, this armchair has a modern style, so it can be integrated into spaces such as offices, living rooms, movie theaters, among other areas, to provide greater comfort when sitting and enjoying company.

It is also equipped with an extendable footrest and a folding backrest. It has dimensions of easy adaptation with 128 cm wide by 85 cm in diameter by 103 cm high and an angle of inclination of 125º.

The model is built with resistant materials that provide stability and robustness to its structure for a better rest. Its mobility is facilitated because it is delivered in separate pieces to assemble and complete the assembly at home.

To learn more about this proposal, it would be favorable if you take a look at its pros and cons.


Modes: This model has reclining properties, so it can be folded down for greater comfort.

Design: It has a modern and elegant design with armrests, available in white.

Construction: Its manufacture has been made with strong materials, padded padding and synthetic leather upholstery.

Dimensions: Being for two seats, it is compact, with a size of 128 cm wide, 103 cm high and 85 cm in diameter without being extended.


Stability: If it is not used following certain care, it may lose stability and firmness.

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Chester 2 seater sofa

6. vidaXL Chesterfield Loveseat

Among the multiple alternatives in the VidaXL brand catalog, is this 2-seater Chester sofa model, a piece of furniture with a 19th-century style, which has become a renovated classic for homes.

This proposal is an armchair with capacity for two people, which incorporates armrests on each side. To make a difference with other models, this sofa has an upholstery in multicolored and easy-to-clean textile fabric. In addition, it has a wooden structure of adequate resistance, a non-slip base and padded seats.

As for the dimensions of this cheap 2-seater sofa, it has a regular size of 145.4 cm wide, 70 cm high and 76 cm deep, with a seat width of 110.5 cm and a depth of 55. 5 cm, as well as a backrest height of 41 cm, making it comfortable and spacious.

Next, we present the positive and negative aspects that stand out in this model.


Upholstery: This model has an original design because it has an upholstery in multicolored textile.

Style: This sofa has a refreshed Chester style, with armrests on each side.

Dimensions: The armchair has capacity for two seats, thanks to its dimensions of 145.4 cm wide, 70 cm high and 76 cm deep.

Cleaning: As this sofa has a woven upholstery that combines polyester and cotton, cleaning the seats can be completed easily.


Weight: The model weighs 94 kg and this makes it difficult to move around to renew the decoration in the home.

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2 seater leather sofa

7. Adec Chesterfield Loveseat

Another Chester-style model is presented by the manufacturer Adec, with a proposal for a 2-seater leather sofa, with the classic English style of armrests on each side and a backrest almost at the same height as these, with elegant touches that provide distinction and category..

The model is upholstered in imitation leather with buttons and is available in 4 colours, white, black, vintage chocolate and velvet green, so that the favorite can be selected according to the decoration and style.

This piece of furniture measures 166 cm long by 84 cm deep and 75 cm high, so, despite being 2-seater, it is large in size, suitable as a central armchair for living rooms, dining rooms or even bedrooms.. Its structure is resistant and it has padded seats and backrests that guarantee comfort, in addition to being easy to clean with the help of a damp cloth.

Before making a purchase decision, we invite you to know the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Cleaning: It has an upholstery in imitation leather material that is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Design: Its design corresponds to the classic English Chester, with an elegant style and button-tufted finish.

Dimensions: It has 2 seats, with dimensions of 166 cm long by 75 high and 84 deep.

Assembly: Its assembly is not complex and includes all the screws and hardware.


Modernity: If you want a model with a more modern look, it is recommended to look for other options, since this sofa is classic.

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2 seater reclining sofa

8. Ecode Sofa Canapé Two Seats Reclining with Massage

This is the convenient option for those looking for more than just a piece of furniture, since it is a 2-seater reclining sofa with a massage system on its right side, thus providing a higher level of comfort.

In addition, this module can be controlled by a remote and it is possible to select between 9 massage modes, 5 of them automatic and 4 manual to combine the undulation motors and reduce the tension of the body, from the head to the back, which affects better circulation.

Likewise, it is possible to regulate the massage time in periods of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes. After the time elapses, the system will stop and power off. Another of its benefits is that it has lumbar heat to relax this area. On the other hand, it is reclining at an inclination of 150º, with extendable footrest and has been made of synthetic leather fabric, with HR foam padding, which provides resistance.

If you were interested in this alternative, then the most recommended thing is that you review its pros and cons to see if it is convenient.


Construction: It has a robust construction, made with a strong material structure and upholstered in synthetic leather.

Module: It has a massage module in the right seat, which provides greater comfort.

Programming: The massages can be controlled with a remote to program them according to needs.

Inclination: This model is extensible in the footrest, with a reclining level of 150º.


Pockets: The pocket on one side cannot store large objects, although this is not an outstanding function of this type of product.

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Nordic 2 seater sofa

9. Slaap Sofa & Chaise Nordic Style Sofa

This 2-seater Nordic sofa has attractive properties that make it one of the main options for users, because it is versatile, with a classic design that can be integrated into any home decoration. It is made of resistant acrylic materials, and can be combined with other armchairs and armchairs for a greater visual impact in the rooms.

Its structure incorporates wooden legs that support great weight, making it solid. In addition, the product is available in light grey, a neutral tone that adapts to multiple decoration styles.

The upholstery is removable, so it can be removed and washed to maintain hygiene in the piece. Its seats are comfortable and spacious, reaching almost three seats. Likewise, despite the fact that it is delivered with separate parts, its assembly is simple and it allows you to store some magazines in its side pockets.

To learn more about this model, we have listed 4 pros and 1 con that we present to you below.


Design: The sofa has a Nordic-style design and wooden legs, with spacious and comfortable seats.

Cleaning: To maintain hygiene, the model has removable and washable gray covers.

Assembly: Comes from the factory half assembled so needs to be completed and includes instructions.

Comfort: It is made with quality materials and a soft, padded padding.


Colour: It is only available in light grey, so if you want a more visually striking shade, you may have to keep looking.

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2 seater sofa accessories

2 seater sofa cover

Martina Home Tunisia

To protect the upholstery of the armchair it would be favorable to have a cover for a 2-seater sofa and this model is among the most outstanding for its resistant composition, with a fabric that mixes 50% polyester, 45% cotton and 5% elastomer, with quality Jacquard style.

This proposal can be extended from 120 cm to 190 cm and is available in a wide list of colors, with more than 20 shades to select the one that best suits your preferences.

In addition, it adapts to different models of sofas because it has elastic properties.

To stay in place, it has rubber bands.

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Shopping guide

Sofas are essential pieces for the decoration and functionality of the home, as they are the element where guests sit or rest to enjoy family time. However, each model provides different advantages according to its characteristics, so before making a hasty decision, it is best to take a look at the following guide to buying the best 2-seater sofa.


There are many models of armchairs available on the market, but they differ from each other for more than just the design. For this reason, we will observe that in the comparison of 2-seater sofas, the regular ones and those with a versatile structure are established.

In the case of the former, they are simple, comfortable and functional models that can be placed in any space in the home. On the other hand, those with a versatile structure are designed to be transformed, so that they can be extended through different mechanisms, so they are functional to save space and serve as an additional and improvised bed for visitors who must stay at home.

Similarly, there are some proposals that, although they are not a sofa bed, they can recline, so they provide greater convenience and comfort because they extend with footrests and a folding backrest to relax the entire body.


The furniture is made of different materials that affect the quality of the product, so knowing them is a way of estimating how much a 2-seater sofa costs, as well as its durability.

According to the model and the brand, each piece of furniture has a structure. Some of them are made of high-quality solid wood, while others are made of metal. Similarly, you can also find alternatives built with a mixture of both materials, so they have, for example, wooden structures, with chromed metal legs or vice versa.

In any case, regardless of their price, the most important thing is the stability and firmness they offer. In addition, it is convenient that they have a non-slip base so that they do not move easily and damage to the floor is avoided. For this reason, in some proposals gums are added.

capacity and weight

According to the construction materials, each 2-seater sofa has a capacity, which not only refers to the number of people that can sit on its structure, but also to the weight that it is capable of supporting. Therefore, you can find different models, with a capacity ranging from 90 kilos to 180 and even more than 200.

The difference is usually determined by the materials and the strength of its structure. In general, the more robust models tend to offer a greater capacity. Also, the lighter proposals usually have less capacity in relation to the weight they support. Although adequate capacity is favorable, a heavy structure may not be convenient for those who regularly move the chairs to change the decorative aesthetic of the home, since they will have to enlist the help of another person.

design and size

A cheap 2-seater sofa can be convenient but, beyond the price, it is best to analyze whether the design and size fit the space and decoration needs of the home or office. Therefore, according to the model, a style can be selected.

In this way, there are classic proposals, others contemporary Chester or Nordic Scandinavian style due to their legs, while some have modern details. Similarly, within the designs you can select options with armrests on each side or without them.

In relation to size, although they are all for 2 seats, their dimensions change, so that compact proposals can be found for small or larger spaces with wide seats and backrests.

fabric and additives

Another characteristic that can be selected in a 2-seater sofa is the fabric and upholstery, since some models have a cotton textile fabric, as well as others have a synthetic or natural leather covering. Each of these materials provides different styles and softness in contact with the skin. Also, according to the material, its cleanliness changes. In fact, in some alternatives, these fabrics are removable and machine washable covers.

On the other hand, some options include additional accessories and additions, so they have a module for programmed massages, while others have pillows and cushions.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a 2 seater sofa?

To use a 2-seater sofa, the first thing to do is assemble it, because the vast majority of these armchairs come half-assembled, so it is necessary to assemble all its parts.

To do this, remove all the packaged parts and look for the instructions to follow the established steps. In the case of a sofa with legs, it is likely that these must be inserted firmly and snugly, so you will have to apply pressure and use the tools included in the package. Once it is assembled, it only remains to place it in the selected place and sit on it to enjoy the comfort of its filling.

Q2: How to make a 2 seater sofa cover?

To make a cover for a 2-seater sofa, it is necessary to take the measurements of the sofa and then it is necessary to make a pattern on paper with the shape and design in real scale. The next thing will be to select the textile material to be used (preferably with a high percentage of polyester and cotton) and elastics must be purchased to add in the corners. With the help of a sewing machine proceed to make the cover and, to finish, you will have to place it on the cushions and the structure.

Q3: How to clean a 2 seater sofa?

The way to clean a 2-seater sofa varies according to the material with which it is made. For example, there are some alternatives that, instead of being upholstered, have removable covers that can be put in the washing machine. In the case of proposals with imitation leather upholstery, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. In the case of the wooden structure, cleaning is also done with a cloth, but a special product can be used to maintain the shine of the wood.

In the proposals upholstered with fabrics, there are those who suggest that a soft bristle brush be rubbed together with neutral soap, with non-corrosive properties, and then removed with water.

Q4: How to fix sagging loveseat?

This is a process that takes some time, but it is not complex, if you have the necessary tools, because it will be necessary to open the sofa, which means that the upholstery must be removed from the edges and expose the interior to reinforce with thick foam. In this way, you will no longer be sunk.

To continue, the upholstery is pressed again so that there are no folds and, with the help of a wood stapler, the fabric must be secured in the hidden areas.

Q5: Which is better, a fabric or leather 2-seater sofa?

Both models are suitable. However, determining which one is better will depend on the tastes and needs of each person. However, in relation to quality, the best 2-seater sofas could be the leather ones because it is a better quality material and softer to the touch.

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