The 9 Best Adhesive Tapes of 2022

Adhesive Tape – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

An adhesive tape is a useful and practical element that is used to join two parts. It can be used in DIY, walls, paper and much more. Currently, there is a wide range of models, among which two are highly recommended. The first is Alioo 5 M, a transparent adhesive tape with special properties, because it is washable and reusable, with a convenient width of 3 cm and a length of 5 meters. Another favorable model is the Gauder I5-WPBE-O3YA, a proposal for easy installation and gluing, which is magnetic, with a strong adhesion system, which makes it suitable for different tools and applications. 

The 9 Best Adhesive Tapes – Opinions 2022

For DIY, home work, sealing documents and endless other uses, adhesive tapes have almost become a necessity and the current market has various models that are suitable for different needs, so selecting one can be complex. Therefore, we have narrowed down the list and selected 9 adhesive tapes that lead the preferences among users, to explain their most prominent features. 

double sided tape

1. Alioo 16.4ft/5M Double Sided Adhesive Tape 

Because it is suitable for fixing photos, for use on walls, in the kitchen, and so on, this proposal can be recognized as the best adhesive tape on the market, because it is resistant and washable, so it is reusable. 

This double-sided adhesive tape is made with nano PU gel, with a high viscosity that makes it suitable for sticking to almost any smooth surface, including glass, metal, plastic, marble, tile, and more.

In addition, it is washable, so it can be reused, since once it dries it will recover its adhesion and, thanks to its properties, it can be removed without leaving damage to the walls or glue marks. Likewise, it has a width of 3 cm and a favorable length of 5 meters, with a thickness of 0.1 cm. 

On the other hand, this model is not toxic and not harmful to the environment. It is resistant and with a strong grip, so it will hold objects for a long time.

This alternative has been suggested as the best adhesive tape of the moment, so we have summarized its characteristics in the form of pros and cons, so that you can learn more about it. 


Reusable: It is washable and reusable. It is only necessary to let it dry and its properties will be restored.

Length: It can be used for several projects, because it is 5 meters long and 3 cm wide.

Material: Its adhesion is produced thanks to a high-viscosity nano PU gel that sticks easily. 

No damage: If you want to remove, it leaves no damage on the walls.


Leather: It is not favorable to contain leather, nor silicone objects.

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2. Dlopk Multifunctional Washable Double Sided Tape

Made of transparent acrylic rubber, this Dlopk proposal frequently appears on lists as one of the best adhesive tapes of 2022, because it has been manufactured with nanotechnology and with a material that adheres to different surfaces. 

In general, this model is durable and washable, so it can be reused, so it is favorable to use in different DIY projects. In addition, it has a length of 3 meters, with a width of 3 cm, as well as a thickness of 0.2 cm. This double-sided adhesive tape can be easily cut according to your needs.

Also, you can bend or stretch it a little, so it’s flexible. Being washable, it is possible to remove dirt and, after drying, it will regain its gluing properties. It can be used on smooth and rough surfaces with the same level of grip and adhesion, on tiles, ceramics, glass, leather, plastic, etc.

Manufacturers like Dlopk compete to become the best brand of adhesive tape on the market and this model is an example of this. Here are its pros and cons. 


Dimensions: It is 3 meters long, 3 cm wide and 0.2 cm thick, so it offers good coverage and, if more quantity is required, the 6-meter presentation can be chosen.

Technology: It is made with nanotechnology and a material that makes it adjustable to different surfaces.

Uses: Its properties are versatile for objects or areas of glass, plastic, stone, leather and others. 

Washable: If it gets dirty, it can be washed to recover its sticking properties. 


Weight: If the limit of 1 kilo is exceeded, which is the weight that can be supported on smooth surfaces, the adhesion may not be long-lasting.

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adhesive magnetic tape

3. Gauder Strong Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Available in presentations of different lengths, this alternative is recommended for those who are wondering which is the best adhesive tape on the market, since it has adequate performance for joining parts and is flexible. 

The manufacturer Gauder promotes this type of adhesive magnetic tape, which is suitable for placing knives, photos, pens and much more, through a quick and easy installation system.

All this leads to it being an extra strong tape, as it is joined by a film that prevents the evaporation of the glue, so it is durable and practical for magnetic surfaces such as refrigerators and many others. 

It is available in lengths of 3 and 6 meters, with widths of 1.5 and 2 cm, so you can select the one that best suits your needs. Likewise, this model admits a high weight, so that it can be placed on different spaces to perform the function of a magnet.

The various options available may prevent you from knowing for sure which adhesive tape to buy, but knowing more about this model can help you reach a decision.


Length: You can select between two lengths, 3 or 6 meters, as well as widths of 1.5 and 2 cm, and thicknesses of 1.8 and 2 mm, depending on your needs.

Type: This is a magnetic type tape, which offers high hold, but also retains a good level of flexibility.

Surfaces: It can be placed on various surfaces, which diversifies its use.

Adhesive: Its adhesive is strong and proof of dehydration, capable of supporting a high weight.


Color: As its glue is white, it may be visible in transparent areas, which would be unattractive. 

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3M double-sided tape

4. 3M CSR-ZB143 Double Sided Adhesive Tape 

Within the catalog of options that are presented in the market, there is this 3M double-sided adhesive tape that has adequate performance and is favorable for different uses, because it has a strong adhesive. 

This model is available in a length of 3 meters, a sufficient quantity to use it in different projects, since, in addition, it has a thickness of 0.1 cm. Likewise, it is an extra-strong double-sided adhesive tape, since its adherence is high and immediate. 

Within its properties, it is black and has 4 layers. Although its uses are varied, it has been developed with a focus on the automotive sector, since it can fix parts and provide improved aesthetics. 

Likewise, this model provides stability and is durable, while adjusting to different surfaces, because it has viscoelastic properties and the joints it makes have adequate adherence.

For those interested in this model, we have identified its most representative pros and cons and present them below. 


Type: It is a practical and discreet tape, as it is double-sided and black in color, with 4 layers, which diversifies its use.

Uses: Although versatile, it is designed for automotive use because it is black in color and strong.

Length: It is available in a presentation of 3 meters, with 0.1 cm thickness, which allows it to be used in various tasks.

Adherence: It has a glue with viscoelastic properties that favors the joints between pieces and enhances adherence.


Protection: The protection tape that it incorporates can be complex to remove.

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custom adhesive tape

5. Now Pack Custom Printed Masking Tape 

If you want to buy a personalized adhesive tape, you may be interested in knowing the specifications of this model marketed by Now Pack, because it is available in different patterns and is convenient due to its high degree of adherence, which diversifies its use. 

This is a delicate proposition that can be used for packaging and is available in a multi-unit presentation, for a total of 108 rolls, delivered in three packs of 36 cylinders. 

Each tape is made with a high dispersion acrylic adhesive and its dimensions are 5 cm by 66 m. They are available in transparent white color and on this you can add the preferred logo, according to the user’s needs. For this reason, it is a decorative adhesive tape with which it is possible to seal boxes, join parts and so on, all with the labeling that identifies the company.

This model has interesting attributes that we have identified and summarized in the form of pros and cons, so that you can analyze if it is suitable. 


Quantity: The model is available in 108 rolls of tape, making it convenient for businesses.

Type: It is a tape with acrylic adhesive in aqueous dispersion, favorable for its adherence and bonding.

Stamping: According to tastes and needs, it can be stamped with the company logo.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 5 cm by 66 m, which is a favorable size and quantity for long-term use.


Units: Being so many units, it is recommended for commercial use, not personal. Certainly, this does not limit its operation.

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Transparent tape

6. Apli 12490 Transparent adhesive tape 

When looking for an option for universal use, you might be interested in this proposal manufactured and marketed by the Apli brand, because it is a conventional transparent adhesive tape, which is positioned as one of the cheapest and most efficient on the market. 

On this occasion, a transparent colored zeal is presented with dimensions of 1.9 cm by 33 m in length, making it suitable for different projects, whether at home, at work or for school. 

The model is available in a tower of 8 units and is a highly resistant film of 28 microns, which when released does not emit annoying noises and acquires almost any surface.

Due to its properties, this model can be cut to the desired length, either with your hands or with scissors, and it has a glossy finish, as well as being provided with a permanent and resistant type of adhesive.

We have grouped the characteristics of this model in the form of positive and negative aspects, so that you can learn more about it.


Presentation: It comes in a total of 8 units, making it suitable for various projects. 

Dimensions: Each roll has dimensions of 33 meters by 1.9 cm wide, which prolongs its use.

Uses: It can be used to glue different materials, thanks to its strong adhesion. It can also be cut with your hands or scissors.

Finish: It is transparent in color, so it is aesthetic and its finish is shiny.


Porous surfaces: Although its adhesion level is high, if it is applied on a highly porous surface, it may not be as effective.

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Tesa adhesive tape

7. Strong  tesapack packing tape 

Made of polypropylene, this proposal qualifies as the best price-quality adhesive tape, since its cost is affordable and it can have multiple applications, with an adequate degree of adhesion, so that the elements will stay together. 

This Tesa adhesive tape is recommended for cardboard sealing that requires superior adhesion, since, being made of plastic, it is robust and resistant to ultraviolet rays. 

In addition, it has a simple and silent unwinding, so it can be unrolled without major inconveniences. The model can be used for various purposes, but it has been developed mainly for the packaging of objects.

It has a conventional design, is transparent in color and provides high adhesion, which in turn is resistant to cuts, so the use of scissors is recommended. Its dimensions are 5 cm wide by 66 m long, a considerable amount.

Before making a hasty decision, you can estimate the quality of this adhesive tape that is one of the cheapest.


Unwind: To remove it from its core, the tape is silent and subtle.

Type: It is a traditional single-sided, transparent-colored tape, suitable for packaging.

Adherence: It is made of plastic and has adequate adhesion and resistance.

Dimensions: Its dimensions make it convenient to use in multiple tasks, since its dimensions are 5 cm wide, by 66 m long.


Removed: It is not a suitable tape to be removed, since doing so can leave traces or damage the surface.

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waterproof adhesive tape

8. Cococity Self-adhesive Strips 

If you are looking for quality and firmness, then you might be interested in this proposal presented by the manufacturer Cococity, since it is a waterproof and waterproof adhesive tape, making it suitable for different situations and tasks.

This model has been manufactured with transparent acrylic seams, so it has a high degree of adhesion, since its glue is strong and resistant to moisture, as well as mold, oil and other elements, for a professional-style finish. 

Thanks to its properties, the strip provides a resistant seal, with a professional finish, since it is transparent. In addition, it can be used in the kitchen, the toilet, the shower, bathtubs and other spaces that involve contact with water. Its application and installation are simple, since no additional tools are required, and its sealing is flexible, but does not deform, so it has a long life.

You can learn more about the specifications of this model by taking a quick look at the following pros and cons that we have recorded.


Viscosity: It has a high viscosity, so its adherence is superior to different surfaces.

Resistance: It is resistant to water, mold, oil and other elements, so it is durable.

Uses: Can be used in wet environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers and bathtubs, making it versatile.

Properties: It is thick, has flexible properties, with transparent acrylic seams and delicate finishes.


Elasticity: The tape is not of the elastic type, so it cannot be removed to mold it to certain surfaces.

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3M adhesive tape

9. 3M VHB 7000033156 Adhesive Tape

This 3M adhesive tape is designed for difficult surfaces so it is strong and has a high tack so it is suitable for parts that can be tricky to join.

This model is of the double-sided type and has a thickness of 0.1 cm, a width of 1.9 cm and a length of 3 meters and is made of acrylonitrile styrene acrylate, so it is resistant and offers high performance.

Furthermore, it can be used indoors and outdoors on materials such as powder coatings, metals, wood, glass, ceramics and on almost all plastics and varnished surfaces.

Also, after it is installed on the surface, it will not separate. Instead, it joins parts precisely, so there’s no need to use screws, welds, or other hardware to achieve a discreet and secure finish.

By knowing the pros and cons of this model, you will be able to determine if this adhesive tape is favorable for the use you intend to give it. 


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 3 meters in length, 1 mm in thickness and 1.9 cm in width, which allow the tape to be applied in varied and simple tasks. 

Glue: It has a high degree of adhesive, so the pieces and surfaces will stay together.

Manufacturing: Its manufacturing is solid, being made with acrylonitrile styrene acrylate, so that it provides good performance.

Uses: The application can be made on various surfaces such as plastic, wood, metal, ceramics and more.


Surfaces: This model is not favorable for rough surfaces, but it is for smooth ones. 

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Shopping guide

To be able to join pieces, keep elements attached to surfaces and more, different tools can be used. Among them, the adhesive tapes are practical, comfortable and versatile. So, if you are interested in acquiring one of these, it is recommended that you be able to identify characteristics that denote quality and usefulness in relation to the type, adhesion and uses. Therefore, you might be interested in the following guide to buy the best adhesive tape on the market. 

Modality and type

If you are interested in acquiring a product that holds two parts together efficiently, then you need an adhesive, but there are different types and modalities, which fit different needs.

Therefore, before making a random choice, it would be prudent to take a look at the comparison of adhesive tapes and be able to identify the different modalities that can be found on the market.

In this way, you will notice that there are transparent double-sided tapes, black double-sided tapes, self-adhesive magnetic tapes, decorative and personalized tapes, as well as other models that are single-sided, available in brown or transparent, which would be conventional jealousy. to pack. These can be used to achieve a more discreet, more striking finish, work in smaller spaces, hold objects, etc.

Similarly, within the available options, it is also possible to identify sealing tapes for humid environments, with waterproof properties and tapes for difficult surfaces, as well as those that have been developed with attributes and properties that favor their use in the area automotive.

Each of these gluing elements have characteristics that distinguish them from each other and that make them more or less favorable depending on the needs of the user. For example, magnetic tapes tend to be flexible and have the quality of being versatile, so they can be suitable for placing on metal surfaces thanks to their adhesive or for providing magnetism to a wall so that various objects can be placed on it. metal, just sticking a piece of tape over it. 

length and presentation 

If you want to have an estimate of how much an adhesive tape costs, then you should know the presentation offered by the manufacturer, as well as the number of meters of tape that it provides for a certain cost. 

In this sense, there is a range of options. Even the same brand can present different lengths of the same tape to the market. For this reason, you can find tapes with three meters in length, as well as others of six meters. In addition to the length, in some types it is necessary to consider the thickness and width, since according to this, it may or may not adapt to a certain space. In conventional models, it is common to find longer extension lengths, with options of up to 16 meters.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to consider the presentation, since the manufacturer can sell 1 unit or several rolls. Some options can even include up to 100+ cylinders for commercial use, while others can have up to 8 rolls of tape, suitable for schools and offices.

Adherence and uses

One of the most relevant aspects of this class of gluing tools is adherence, that is, the quality of the glue, as well as its viscosity and properties. In this way, a good and economical adhesive tape will be the one that fully fulfills its main function: being able to join two pieces permanently. 

In some models, this resistance of the glue can be measured in weight, so that they are capable of supporting pieces of up to 1 kilo without falling to the ground. In others, it is necessary to know the type of glue and its characteristics.

For example, there are some proposals that are endowed with PU nanogel, a viscous and strong material that adheres favorably and that provides adequate results because it is stable and durable. Other tapes have fast and immediate adhesion, with the advantage that they do not dry out.

In relation to the uses, according to this glue it can be used on different surfaces, such as metal, plastic, wood, varnish, walls and more. However, it is important to verify if the model is exactly suitable for the type of material where it is to be applied.

Properties and resistance

Adhesive tapes can be made of different materials, but most are made of flexible and thin plastic, so they fit in different spaces. Within the properties of these elements, it is important that they are silent when removed from the core, that they are flexible and that they adhere successfully.

Some models are made with technologies and glues that allow them to adhere and remove without causing damage, while others leave marks. Similarly, some models are equipped with UV protection, are washable, resistant to water, humidity and other elements.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an adhesive tape?

The way of use may vary depending on the type and model of the tape. For example, with double-sided tape, it is convenient to clean the surface where it will be placed and, later, cut a piece of the roll with the desired dimensions. The next thing will be to remove the protective film and, once the gel is exposed, it must be placed on the surface and then glued to the desired object.

In some cases, it is necessary for the temperature to be at a specific degree to increase the adhesion effect and seal properly. It is important that a little pressure is applied and creases are avoided. 

Q2: How to remove glue residue from adhesive tape?

Different methods can be followed to remove adhesive tape glue residue, which may vary depending on the material of the surface from which the element has been removed. However, a common way is with the use of alcohol. This should be placed on the area and, with the help of a sponge, remove the rest of the glue. 

Similarly, there are those who recommend the use of non-corrosive detergent, because if a very abrasive product is used on walls or painted surfaces, the color can be altered. Also, when it comes to wood, you must be careful not to damage the varnish, so you can use cologne and a silicone spatula.

Q3: What is the adhesive tape made of?

The composition of adhesive tapes usually varies according to the type. Therefore, the film can be made of plastic, cloth, paper and even metal, as well as other materials that have flexible properties and that react well to the incorporation of the glue. Similarly, rubber tapes and those made with synthetic polymers can be identified, as well as elastomers, plasticizers and bonding agents. They may also contain antioxidants that provide greater stability and make them resistant to degradation, as well as formulas that increase the viscosity of the adhesive. 

Q4: How to close boxes with adhesive tape?

To close boxes with adhesive tape it is necessary to be equipped with packing tape, which is the most common and one of the cheapest. The first thing is to close the box in a conventional way and then start adding the tape. 

The way to do it can vary according to the weight or content. For low weight it is recommended to apply the tape in the lid and corner areas as it is an additional protection. Likewise, it can be packed in the form of L and U, to provide reinforcement. Either way, it’s important to protect weak spots and secure foundations. 

Q5: How to cut an adhesive tape?

There are different ways to cut duct tape. In many cases, you can even use your hands, but this will depend on the type of tape. Similarly, you can use an adhesive tape dispenser, scissors or a cutter. If neither of these are available and it is conventional tape, the teeth or the tip of a ballpoint pen can be used.

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