The 9 Best Air Curtains of 2022

Air Curtain – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Air curtains are the solution to maintain the temperature in commercial spaces and common areas, preventing heat loss through large windows or doors, by creating an invisible barrier that separates environments. In this article we are going to compare the best air curtains and we will analyze models such as the Lxn Super Thin Alloy, designed for professional use with cold or hot air mode, or the Fan Cun Dian 36 that prevents the entry of mosquitoes and other insects.



The 9 Best Air Curtains – Opinions 2022

For all those users who are looking for a solution to energy consumption problems in air conditioning, air curtains form a natural barrier on doors and windows, which prevents the escape of hot air in winter and cold air in summer. 

Air curtains for doors

1. Lxn White Super Thin Alloy

The Lxn Blanco Super Thin Alloy air curtains for doors are designed to be used in commercial spaces or in large doors and windows, where there is usually a loss of temperature, either cold in summer or heat in winter. This could be the best air curtain if you are looking for a model with sanitary features, which not only maintains the room temperature, but also prevents the entry of insects, smoke and poisonous gases.

The air curtain works on both sides of the door, very quietly, thanks to its dual shaft motors, dynamically balanced blowers and automatic thermal protection system. It has air speed control and remote control.


Energy saving : The air curtain saves energy, as it blocks the loss of normal interior temperature in doors and windows, which avoids spending more on air conditioning or heating.

Silence: It is completely silent and allows you to see the outside, which is ideal for shops and large spaces.

Protection: Offers a high degree of sanitary protection against insects, harmful gases, odors and fumes.


Installation : Although it is indicated that the installation is simple, for it to work correctly, it is best to have it installed by a professional, which makes the price of the curtain more expensive.

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2. Lxn Cold/Heat indoor air curtain

Lxn offers door air curtains with a high protection factor and clean, quiet operation. In this case, it is a curtain to be installed indoors, with a smaller body, but with great power. The body of the machine is made of metal alloy and is protected against fire and corrosion, it is also easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

This could be one of the best air curtains of 2022, thanks to its air barrier that prevents the entry of insects, odours, smoke and harmful gases, while maintaining the internal temperature and preventing cold or heat from escaping. This achieves better temperature control and considerable energy savings. 

Thanks to its compact design it is very easy to install on any door. It has speed control and remote control to configure it. It is very quiet, perfect to install in a restaurant and even for home use.


Size : Thanks to its size, it can also be installed in a home, allowing you to control the temperature in your home.

Variable speed: Variable speed allows you to find a perfect balance between airflow and noise.


Price: Although it has an ideal size to install it in a house, the price can be a bit high.

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Hot and cold air curtain

3. Fan Cun Dian 36 Hao Hot and cold air curtain

The Fan Cun Dian hot and cold air curtain has a stable operation, both in its cold and heat mode, which allows you to optimize energy expenditure, while avoiding temperature leaks, which can cause spikes in temperature. spending on heating or air conditioning. It is a very powerful equipment, with low consumption, with protection against overheating and capable of working non-stop for 5000 hours without failure.

This could be the best air curtain of the moment, since it not only protects the interior temperature in summer and winter, but also isolates the establishments from insects, fumes, odors from the outside and also protects from harmful gases. Thanks to its uniform force motor, it has a very low noise level and is very clean, ideal for restaurants, cold rooms and even hospitals.


Cold and Heat: By having a mode for cold and heat, it can be used in both summer and winter, creating a complete separation between the interior and exterior environments.

Noise Level: Thanks to its perfectly balanced and continuously operating motor, it has a very low noise level.

Energy Saving: Allows energy savings of 20% compared to other similar equipment, allowing more efficient energy consumption.


Price: The price can be one of its great drawbacks, since it is slightly higher than that of other curtains on the list with similar characteristics.

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cold air curtain

4. HCP Wind Air Curtain Fans with remote control

The HCP cold air curtain is capable of creating an air barrier that allows an area to be isolated from the outside. In this case, the area of ​​the curtain is very wide, so it can isolate large rooms, such as shops or spaces and common areas, avoiding the loss of heating or air conditioning and achieving a more comfortable passage for people.

The equipment has a high-power and high-performance motor, quieter than cheaper options, with stable operation and a very low noise level. It is possible to regulate the speed of the air, as well as the angle of the curtain, to optimize protection and efficiency in energy consumption. 

This air curtain is easy to assemble, so you will not need to hire anyone to assemble it, and you will be able to clean it easily. It requires little maintenance and, with regular cleaning, can last for years with very high performance.


Mounting. Simple assembly allows users to easily assemble and disassemble the air curtain for cleaning whenever necessary.

Configuration: It has many configuration options, from choosing the size of the equipment, to the inclination of the curtain and the speed of the air, which allows it to be configured to suit the needs of each space.


Size: Although it has several size options to choose from, the largest of them is very heavy, only suitable for common areas and public spaces.

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150 cm air curtain

5. Air Curtain Fan over Door Low Noise

The Air Curtain 150 cm air curtain allows you to choose between different sizes, so you can get the one that best suits your needs. If you have ever wondered which is the best air curtain for your home, this could be the model you are looking for, since it adapts to the needs of space, while allowing you to save energy and create cool environments in summer and warm in winter. 

The air curtain also protects you from dust, pollution from outside, insects and any smoke or harmful gas, creating an effective barrier that isolates and creates two environments. 

It has a very quiet motor, with stable and balanced operation, which favors constant and uniform air output. It has speed adjustment and protection against overheating and corrosion.


Design: It has a high-quality metal body, finished in white. It is very elegant and discreet, perfect for public places and commercial offices. 

Uniform curtain: Thanks to a high-performance motor, it has stable operation and creates a uniform air curtain, which allows creating two isolated spaces.


Size: Although it is possible to choose between different sizes, the sizes are predefined, which can be a problem if none of them suits your needs.

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Other products

6. Power Dynamics Air curtain for commercial door

Power Dinamica could be the best brand of air curtains on the market and with this model they demonstrate their good work. It is a high-performance air curtain, with a very powerful motor, capable of creating a constant air flow that insulates the interior, preventing loss of temperature, either hot or cold.

It is available in different sizes: 90, 120 and 150 cm, so you can adapt it to any space, although all the measurements are designed for commercial doors, so it will not be the best model for your home. It has a remote control, with which to control the air flow, speed and temperature.

Prevents temperature losses, while protecting against dust, pollution and the entry of insects and harmful gases.


Performance: It is a high-performance device, which will allow you to work for hours and hours without failures or errors.

Configuration: It has many configuration options, starting with the possibility of choosing the size of the team. 


Price : This is a slightly more expensive air curtain than other models on the list, which is because it is designed for high performance and commercial use.

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7. Air Curtain Aluminum air curtain for doors and windows

For all those users who are wondering which air curtain to buy for their establishment, this Air Curtain model is one of the best they can find. It is a large curtain, with several size options and that prevents the escape of air conditioning or heating, achieving efficient energy consumption and savings of up to 20% on electricity bills.

The pure copper motor allows smooth air return, with a large outlet area, creating a dense and wide curtain. The wind wheel is silent and the air outlet is uniform, creating an effective barrier against dust, insects, gases and pollution from the outside. It has speed setting and remote control.


Motor: Its pure copper motor allows a high performance, silent and uniform operation, at the same time, energy consumption is reduced.

Design : It has a very elegant design, long and narrow, with white aluminum finishes. It is a discreet device, perfect for shops, restaurants and even hospitals.


Installation: For optimal operation, it must be installed by a professional, which, added to its cost price, can be a bit expensive.

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8. Luftschleiermaschine Wind curtain machine with remote control

If you are looking for the best value for money air curtain, the one from Luftschleiermaschine may be the one for you. Not only is it a very solid piece of equipment, perfect for installing it at the door of a restaurant, a supermarket or commercial offices, but it is also one of the cheapest.

It is a very complete curtain, with a high-performance copper motor, which creates a constant air barrier, with the option of regulating the speed and the exit angle, which will allow you to adapt it to any environment and need. It also has a remote control with which to regulate the settings and is completely silent.

It works continuously, with reduced energy consumption, protecting the interior from dust, pollution and insects and preventing air conditioning exhaust.


Price: It has a reduced price, which makes it perfect as an investment for a commercial premises.

Configuration : It has several configuration options that allow the air outlet to be adapted to the needs of each space.

Motor : The copper motor is designed to work continuously without increasing energy consumption.


Weight: It is a heavier equipment, which means that its installation and maintenance will be a little more complex than other models on the list.

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9. Aly air curtain high power fan

This Aly air curtain generates a very powerful airflow that forms a protective barrier, blocking the entry of external agents such as dust, environmental pollution, insects or harmful gases from car exhaust, while preventing indoor air outlet, maintaining the temperature and improving the energy consumption of air conditioning or heating. 

It has a copper motor, with double turbine bearings, high power and stable operation, which allows a continuous air outlet without increasing energy consumption. It has several configuration options to balance the speed of the air outlet and achieve a silent and effective barrier. 

It has a remote control to configure the air flow and protection against overheating and power surges.


Installation: The equipment includes a perforated steel plate that facilitates installation on any door or window.

Efficiency: Its copper motor with double turbine bearings improves the efficiency of the air flow, while reducing energy consumption.


Price: It is one of the most expensive models on the list, because it is a high-power curtain, which can be a problem for certain users.

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Shopping guide

After the complete comparison of air curtains, we continue this article talking about the main characteristics of this equipment. Details such as power or configuration that can have a great impact on the purchase decision, making the difference between a curtain that is right for you and one that is not.

curtain length

The size and length of the air curtain is the most important purchase criteria when choosing one of these pieces of equipment, since an error or miscalculation of this factor can mean that the air curtain you have purchased does not serve your purposes.

The air curtain should be the same width as the door you plan to install it on. In case you cannot get an air curtain with the exact width, you should look for one that is slightly longer, but you should never install a curtain that is narrower than the door, since the effect will be lost and the barrier created will not it will be useless.

As a general rule, doors for domestic use, those of houses and apartments, usually have a width between 80 cm and 90 cm. As you will see, a good and cheap air curtain will be available in various sizes, starting at 80 cm and ending at 150 cm, a width that is usually common in double doors and sliding doors in shopping centers and common public spaces. 

Before buying your air curtain, measure the door or window on which you plan to install it, since an 80 cm model will not do any good on a 90 cm door and a 120 cm model will be excessive and too expensive. However, a 90 cm unit can be used for an 80 cm door, since it will only be a few centimeters longer, which may even be good for its operation.


The advantage of air curtains over air conditioners is that they do not have recessed parts, so you will not have to break the wall. This greatly facilitates the installation that, except in large and powerful equipment, you can do it yourself. 

Some kits have features such as perforated plates that are screwed to the top of the door and make installation easy. While others have no guides or aids. In any case, our advice is to leave the installation of this equipment in the hands of professionals, especially if the installation requires changes to the structure or position of the door. 


The higher the power, the greater the ability to create an air barrier. This translates into better protection and conservation of the internal temperature. With a denser barrier, insects, odors and fumes will be completely shut out.

An increase in power also means that the need to have the air conditioning or heating at extreme temperatures will decrease, since the interior temperature will be easier to control. All this will translate into greater energy savings and greater sustainability. But you should also keep in mind that the power will influence how much the air curtain itself costs.


To end this guide to buying the best air curtain, we have to talk about noise. These machines spend all day in operation, therefore, they must be as quiet as possible, since otherwise they will be annoying, and may even be dangerous for the hearing health of customers. Keep in mind that the noise level considered healthy to spend 8 hours a day is 85 decibels. Above this level, they can cause serious hearing loss.

In this sense, you should check the technical specifications very well and choose air curtains that are as quiet as possible. For example, if you have to choose between two models, one that works below 60 decibels will always be preferable to one with 85, even when it will not damage your hearing.

As a general rule, all curtains are silent, however, at higher power they tend to be noisier. Luckily, most kits include some kind of slider or setting to adjust the speed, which also helps control the noise level, so a very powerful and noisy curtain can be set to emit less vibration, with Just slow down a bit.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an air curtain?

The first thing you should do is read the user manual to familiarize yourself with the equipment, its parts, its functions and its main features. Once you have it clear, you must install the machine on the door or, if you prefer, hire a professional to take care of the installation for you.

The air curtain should have the exact same size as your door or, if possible, be a little wider so that it covers the space perfectly. Once installed, you just have to use the remote control to set the speed of the air outlet. The ideal is to find a balance between power and noise, try the most common configurations until you find one in which you are not able to hear the air. Above all, do not turn off the curtain, since doing so will lose all the effect and this type of device is designed to work without rest.

Q2: How to make an air curtain?

It is possible to make a home air curtain by grouping a series of ceiling fans in a straight line. The fans must have the same power and have the same angle, so that the air flows to the same place and does not disperse. If the fans do not have the same power, the air will disperse and it will be impossible to create a compact barrier that prevents the escape of temperature or the entry of invading elements such as insects, dust and contamination from the outside.

An air curtain can also be made using a rubber or drip irrigation pipe and installed on an electric compressor. The compressor will shoot a jet of compressed air through the rubber creating an air curtain. The problem with this system is that the compressor must refill the gas when it runs out, which will stop the curtain. In addition, compressors usually have a high energy consumption, so you will not get the desired effect either.

Q3: How to calculate an air curtain?

The most important thing when calculating an air curtain is to know the size of the door, since the air jet must be exactly equal to, or slightly greater than, the width of the door. For example, an 80 cm air curtain will not do any good on a 90 cm door. On the other hand, a 90 cm curtain would be valid for a 80 cm door, since it would be a little wider, so the effect would be more effective.

Q4: How to install an air curtain?

The air curtain should be installed over a door or window so that the air barrier created by the equipment blocks the entrance. This must be so, since the air curtain will prevent external elements such as flies, mosquitoes and other insects from sneaking in, as well as dust, pollution and even odors. At the same time, the air barrier will prevent heat or cold inside from escaping, improving the efficiency of air conditioning or heating.

The curtain must be installed on the door, usually anchored on the wall, just above the upper frame. In commercial doors, it can also be placed just above, on the ceiling if the door is of the niche type, although better results will always be obtained if it is installed on the door frame, since the curtain will fall in a straight line.

Most kits come with steel plates with pre-drilled screw holes, which will allow you to screw the sheet metal to the wall and fit the curtain over it. Once placed, you will only have to connect it to a power outlet to put it into operation.

In the event that you need to make changes to the structure of the door to install the equipment, it is best to have the help of a professional, since this type of installation can be complex and dangerous.

Q5: How to clean an air curtain?

Cleaning an air curtain is not very different from cleaning an air conditioner. The most important thing is to keep the curtain filters clean, as they will be responsible for the quality and fluidity of the air. To clean them, simply remove them and remove all dust and debris accumulated on them with hot water. If they are very dirty, you can also use a product such as grease remover or soap, although it is best to clean them only with water.

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