The 9 Best Aleppo Soaps of 2022

Aleppo Soap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Sometimes our skin requires special care that not all soap can provide. But, there is one that stands out for its versatility by allowing it to be used on different skin types and covering various purposes due to its moisturizing, antiseptic, regenerative, and antioxidant qualities, among others. We are referring to Aleppo soap, an artisanal product that dates back to ancient times and whose benefits can be seen in the original Grüne Valerie Natural Cosmetics, a soap that stands out for its presentation of 2 bars and ecological certification, or the natural Amity suitable for sensitive skin due to its low percentage of laurel oil.

The 9 Best Aleppo Soaps – Opinions 2022


Aleppo soap is part of Syrian culture, as its history and evolution have gone hand in hand. And although the recipe for this ancient soap is completely natural, its manufacturer brands can vary the composition of its ingredients to adapt it to different personal requirements. Therefore, below, we offer you a complete list of the best references of this product.

Authentic Aleppo soap


1. Grüne Valerie Original Aleppo Seife Natural Cosmetics

Grüne Valerie Natural Cosmetics authentic Aleppo soap has a formulation that has endured over time to provide quality and well-being to those with combination, sensitive or oily complexions. Plus, it can provide positive benefits to both skin and hair. Hence, it can be used as intimate, facial, body soap, shampoo and even to treat acne and as shaving foam.

It has a composition free of fragrances, dyes, preservatives and polymers; therefore, being made from olive and laurel oil, it helps to eliminate impurities, hydrate the skin, and prevent both aging and inflammation and neurodermatitis. Reasons why this natural, handmade and vegan soap is among the best Aleppo soaps of 2022.

Thinking about its versatility, the manufacturer offers a presentation of two soaps of 200 grams each, in an appropriate box for its conservation.

The best Aleppo soap of the moment is one that, in addition to being versatile, is efficient. Therefore, know more qualities of this product.


Authenticity: This soap maintains its original recipe, which has been certified by the Jubaili family for many years.

Composition: Its formulation is based on 40% bay oil and 60% olive oil, hence its moisturizing property.

Matured: It has a maturation of at least 6 months, since it is stored in warehouses to enhance its benefits.


Aroma: Since it does not contain fragrance, its characteristic smell may not be as pleasant for some people.

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2. Everything For You E4U Original Aleppo Soap

Aleppo soap is considered one of the oldest in the world, since according to historians it was used by Cleopatra to keep her skin silky and clean. In this sense, this Everything For You product has a unique reputation and certification of the best Aleppo soap.

It is a product manufactured in the south of Turkey with natural ingredients and free of animal and chemical derivatives, so it can be used by strict vegans. By having 50% olive oil and 50% bay oil, it provides healthy benefits for skin and hair such as prolonging aging, moisturizing, exfoliating, bactericidal, preventing damage to the scalp and hair loss, among other properties..

Authentic Aleppo Soap Everything For You Seife_07 comes in a traditional 200 gram presentation, suitable for use as bath soap, shaving soap and shampoo.

This Aleppo soap is intended to help keep our skin healthy. Therefore, we invite you to know its pros and cons.


Originality: It has an ancestral tradition of more than 3,000 thousand years, so its formula, process and manufacturing utensils are maintained.

Properties: This soap has anti-allergic and antiseptic qualities, so it helps to remove impurities from the skin.

Alkalinity: It has a pH between 8 and 9, making it suitable for any area of ​​the body.


Presentation: Due to the fact that its cuts are made by hand, it may show irregularity in its sizes.

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Syrian Aleppo Soap


3. Amity Handmade Aleppo Natural Soap

This Aleppo soap from Syria Amity is made naturally, since its formulation does not use chemical substances, dyes and fragrances, which favors its use for the skin. In addition, it is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin as it contains a neutral alkaline pH.

Its manufacture comes from Syrian roots, although its manufacture is currently carried out in Turkey, which is made by hand in an artisanal way and using exclusively oils of vegetable origin. In addition to this, it bears a seal of authenticity embodied in the structure of each piece. If you are wondering about its size, each soap follows a traditional format of 200 grams and dimensions of approximately 8.6 x 6.3 x 5 cm.

Because it is an Aleppo soap, its maturation is extensive since it has an estimated time between 6 to 9 months, thus giving the product a remarkable convenience to be used on the body, face and hair.

If your decision is to opt for the best brand of Aleppo soaps, in Amity you could find experience and a variety of products.


Management: It can be used for the hygiene of sensitive skin and babies, since it does not contain fragrances and has a neutral pH.

Composition: Its formulation is based on 16% laurel oil, olive oil, sea salt and water, making it an ecological soap.

Format: It has a 200-gram tablet presentation, which provides adequate performance.


Concentration: Due to its low percentage of laurel oil, it could have more cosmetic than healing qualities. 

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Aleppo soap Najel


4. Najel Aleppo Jasmine Toilet Soap

Najel is a company in northern Syria with more than 20 years of experience in the production of natural and organic soap products, whose bars are disregarded for their quality and medicinal properties. In this sense, it offers this special edition presentation in which the best value for money Aleppo soap could be found, since it offers a 100-gram vanity-size soap suitable for personal use at an affordable cost.

This Aleppo Najel Jazmin Bio Soap is a genuine recipe from the Al Najjar family since 1895, which has passed among its members passing on their knowledge for the preparation of said personal hygiene cosmetics. Said formulation is based on olive oil, laurel oil and jasmine fragrance. Therefore, it is a peculiar Aleppo soap as it has a pleasant aroma without neglecting its properties for the care, beauty and well-being of the skin.

If you are looking for Aleppo soaps, Najel offers you this product for daily hygiene. Next, we invite you to read the pros and cons.


Aroma: It has a jasmine fragrance that leaves your skin perfumed as well as cared for.

Benefits: It is used to treat different conditions of the scalp as well as some skin irritations.

Presentation: As it is a special edition, a delicately presented Aleppo soap is offered, convenient for the whole family or to offer as a gift.


Weight: Despite offering good qualities, the pill has a weight of 100 grams, so its performance is short-term.

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Liquid Aleppo soap


5. Marius Fabre Liquid Aleppo Soap

This Marius Fabre Liquid Aleppo Soap is made especially for people with sensitive skin and dry scalp, as it contains 100% organic ingredients such as bay oil and olive oil, which provide antiseptic, moisturizing and moisturizing properties, thus providing a Efficient skin and hair care, reflected in its vitality and manageability when used continuously.

On the other hand, it is recommended that users read the instructions for use so that Aleppo liquid soap is more efficient. In this sense, it is recommended to apply the gel and leave it to act for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.

Knowing that Aleppo soap originates from the Middle East, this shampoo is produced in France, specifically in Marseille, under the highest standards and traditional Syrian methods that leads users to use a highly traditional soap.

If you have wondered which Aleppo soap to buy, this product could be a good option, so we show you some positive and negative aspects of its presentation.


Formulation: It has a liquid soap presentation that facilitates its application.

Benefits: Thanks to its properties, it could improve the vitality of the hair by preventing scalp problems such as dandruff.

Presentation: It comes in a refillable plastic container of one liter, which avoids its frequent replacement.


Smell: Due to its intense fragrance of vegetable oils, it may not be suitable for people with sensitive smells.

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Aleppo soap for acne


6. Alepia Premium Liquid Aleppo Soap

Following the Syrian tradition, Alepia AR0364 Aleppo Soap for acne is designed for daily body and facial cleansing. Its smooth texture is suitable for use as a bath gel and shampoo, making it a two-in-one product with the virtues of traditional Aleppo soap.

It should be noted that, despite its modern presentation, it turns out to be a good product made with virgin and organic oils free of parabens, EDTA SLS, formaldehyde or phthalates, artificial fragrances and preservatives. Therefore, it can be used on normal and sensitive skin with complete peace of mind.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that olive oil moisturizes and gives elasticity to the skin, thanks to its content of vitamin E and fatty acids. For its part, laurel oil regenerates, cleanses and restores health to the complexion due to its medicinal properties. Therefore, it is convenient to treat acne.

Having a good product for the general hygiene of the whole family is one of the most desired purposes by parents. Therefore, review in detail the qualities of this soap.


Bio Certification: It has the Cosmetic Bio Charte Cosmebio certification, which ensures its safety and respect for the environment.

Presentation: Its container with built-in dispenser makes it hygienically safe to be used by all members of the family group.

Use: Given its low concentration of Laurel oil, it is suitable for all skin types and body areas.



Portability : It is a product that is difficult to take on a trip due to its presentation format.

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Aleppo soap for psoriasis

7. Amity Traditional Aleppo Natural Liquid Soap

Given so many presentations of this ancient soap, the doubt could arise about which is the best Aleppo soap. To provide an answer to users seeking to improve the health of their skin, the Amity brand offers this Aleppo soap for psoriasis on the market . It comes in a convenient liquid format contained in a 250 ml container with a dispenser, which facilitates its dosage, also avoiding waste. It is suitable for treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea due to the healing properties of laurel oil, which is found in the 25% formula.

On the other hand, it is originally from Turkey following the traditional curing and maturation processes necessary to obtain an authentic and quality soap. Due to its qualities and properties, it is also a suitable soap for sensitive skin, since it provides a moisturizing, antibacterial and hypoallergenic effect that nourishes the complexion and cares for it, so it can be used on any part of the body without any inconvenience.

If you are looking for a skin cleansing product that maintains quality standards throughout its history, this Aleppo soap could be the one.


Packaging: It comes in a practical container with a dispenser, so its use and hygiene will be facilitated.

Manufacture: This liquid Aleppo soap is manufactured in Turkey by expert master soap makers following the genuine traditional method.

Vegan: Its ingredients are of plant origin free of preservatives and dyes, which is why it is suitable for vegans.


Appearance: Due to its consistency, some users who prefer tablets may avoid its use.

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Aleppo soap for hair


8. Carone Aleppo Soap with Laurel Oil

In online stores you can get cheap and good quality Aleppo soaps, which allow you to maintain personal hygiene and take care of your hair at the same time without having to invest more money in the purchase of several products. Such is the case of Aleppo soap for Carone biodegradable hair, which in turn can be used as a foam for removing facial and body hair.

As for its formulation, it contains 32% laurel oil that, together with olive oil, offers not only deep hydration for hair and skin, but also treats conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, allergies, among others. Reasons why it is recommended for frequent use in body hygiene in general.

On the other hand, it can also be used as a beauty treatment, since its content of polyphenols and vitamin E nourishes the skin and prevents aging.

Learn a little more about the qualities of one of the cheapest Aleppo soaps on the market.



Use: Due to its properties, it is convenient to restore the health of the scalp, balancing its pH, fat content and restoring softness.

Suitable for all users: Given its vegetable formulation, it can be used both by people with sensitive skin and those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

Packaging: It comes inside a box of usable material that gives it a good presentation to give as a souvenir.



Daily use: Because it is a soap with a concentration greater than 30% of laurel oil, its use is recommended only twice a week.

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Aleppo soap with laurel


9. Lynpha Vitale Aleppo Soap 3 pieces

Aleppo Soap with laurel Lynpha Vitale is a faithful exponent of the family and cultural tradition of Syria, since year after year each process is faithfully followed, from obtaining the oils to the maturation of the final product, with the purpose of provide its users with a natural and safe soap for daily use.

Regarding the dimensions and weight of each tablet, we can mention that they have been well chosen to be comfortable to handle, whether it is used for washing clothes or hygiene, intimate, body, facial and hair. However, the brand offers a smaller format with a good finish to take on a trip or to treat specific conditions.

On the other hand, being a soap that does not contain chemical additives and is made up of vegetable oils, it hydrates and revitalizes both the skin and the hair, making them look healthier.

For those who like to enjoy what is natural in all areas, they could find the convenient ally in this soap.


Pack: It is offered in a pack of three convenient units for the use of the family group and home hygiene.

Genuine: Presents its characteristic shades and aroma, in addition to the front engraving, which ensures its originality.

Concentration: Being made with 25% laurel oil, it can be applied as an exfoliant or mask to treat impurities and irritations on the face.


Presentation: They could include a version of miniature soaps carved with motifs typical of the region, to offer as a gift, since only the traditional bar is offered.

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Shopping guide


Acquiring Aleppo soap could be a task that generates mistrust, even more so when it is sought for curative purposes. Reason why we have focused on exposing in the following guide to buying the best Aleppo soap the essential qualities that this hygiene and personal care product must have.


There are several physical characteristics that guarantee its authenticity, which can be easily seen in a comparison of Aleppo soaps. The first of them is its peculiar irregular panela shape, product of its manual cutting. Although, currently some leading brands of this soap have also dedicated themselves to creating other smaller formats carefully carved with striking designs that are convenient to offer as a gift or decorative element for bathrooms.

Another distinctive feature is its coloration, since on the outside it has a brown tone that can go from less to greater intensity according to the time of maturation or drying. Likewise, internally it must be green, as a result of the oils used in its formulation, which must also be cold pressed to ensure their properties.

On the other hand, Aleppo soap must also bear a seal stamped by hand on its surface with the manufacturer’s inscription. Mandatory Arabic characters and the occasional Western character must appear on it. In addition, in said seal stars must be appreciated, which refer to the percentage of laurel oil that the product has. Where each one represents a value of 5%.



Aleppo soap is characterized by being a natural, biodegradable and economical product suitable for body and hair hygiene for the whole family, regardless of skin type, since it has completely natural ingredients such as olive oil, laurel, water and caustic soda (of vegetable origin).

Delving a little deeper we can find that olive oil obtains its moisturizing, softening and antioxidant properties, which is why it is said to be an anti-aging soap. While bay oil gives it antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and restorative qualities, among others, in addition to providing its characteristic aroma.

However, based on the aforementioned properties, manufacturers develop presentations with different concentrations of laurel oil, which can range from 0.4 to 50% or more, to enhance some healing properties. For this reason, before acquiring one, it must be defined if it is for daily use or to treat some conditions of the skin and scalp.

Finally, it should be noted that, although Aleppo soap does not contain colorants, added perfumes or chemical additives, some variants of this soap can be found on the market with the addition of other natural ingredients that provide more benefits.


One of the aspects that will determine how much an Aleppo soap costs is precisely its presentation. Thus we can find its traditional format in low-cost tablets, whose dimensions and, therefore, weight vary depending on the brand. These physical qualities, in addition, may vary slightly from one soap to another because it is a completely handmade product, where the most commercial formats are those in panela with an average weight of 200 g. This size can be convenient for daily use and you can even find packaged soaps, a very advantageous presentation for those who use this soap in all areas of the home, such as washing clothes and disinfecting cupboards and drawers (anti-moth).

On the other hand, the liquid presentations of Aleppo soap are a little more expensive depending on the bottle that contains them. However, this turns out to be an advantageous element when it comes to guaranteeing its hygiene until the soap runs out. In addition to this, if it has a dispenser, its use and dosage is even easier.

Regardless of the option you prefer, the important thing is that it has both the traditional formulation and that it has reflected, either on its label or characteristic stamp, the percentage at which it is made to be used appropriately according to skin type and dermatological condition. correct.


The original Aleppo soaps are made entirely by hand following a traditional recipe, passed down from generation to generation, by Syrian soap masters. For this reason, the most recognized brands for their long history also have a certificate of credibility or authenticity printed on their packaging or label, endorsed by the competent bodies.

On the other hand, since its ingredients are basically natural oils of vegetable origin free of genetically modified organisms and obtained from renewable sources, they may even contain ecological seals or accreditations (Eco, Bio) that ensure their organic and environmentally friendly character, such as for example Ecocert or Cosmetic Bio Charte Cosmebio.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use Aleppo soap?

Aleppo soap is characterized by its versatility as it has antiseptic, antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerative properties. Therefore, it can be used both for body hygiene in general and in cleaning clothes and even in the treatment of skin conditions. However, the first thing to take into account is its percentage of laurel oil.

Thus, for example, a soap with a percentage of less than 16 can be used for the daily hygiene of the whole family and for washing clothes. While one at a concentration of 30% or more, it is recommended only for use twice a week. In this way it is considered suitable for the treatment of dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, among other conditions. Regardless of the case, it should be previously moistened, rubbed and rinsed with plenty of water.

Q2: How to make Aleppo soap?

To make Aleppo soap at home we just have to ensure that the environment is as ventilated as possible, as well as the use of gloves, mask and glasses. Then 100 gr of caustic soda is diluted in 250 ml of distilled or mineral water, respecting that order, mix and let stand, since the solution will become hot giving off vapours.

Once the temperature drops, add 700 ml of olive oil and mix for half an hour. When it takes on a thick texture, add 10 ml of bay oil without stopping stirring. Then proceed to empty into the molds previously smeared with Vaseline to facilitate unmolding. Let stand for 12 hours at room temperature, unmold and store for a reasonable time (minimum three months) for use.

Q3: How to cut Aleppo soap?

It may be that, due to its composition, texture, the type of pressing and maturing to which Aleppo soap is subjected in its production process, it tends to break when it is cut at home. However, one of the most common tips is to apply a heat shock in the microwave, place it on a hard surface for cutting with a sharp wide-blade knife.

Q4: Where does Aleppo soap come from?

This natural soap, based on Olive and Laurel oil, comes from an ancient province located in northern Syria, from which Aleppo also takes its name. And, although its production has now spread to other regions, it continues to maintain its traditional composition and craftsmanship by employing Syrian labor and the knowledge of the region’s own master soapmakers.

Q5: What are the benefits of Aleppo soap for hair?

Although its use for hair is more recommended for the treatment of some scalp ailments due to its healing properties, the truth is that its prolonged use can help improve other qualities. That is, the hair becomes soft, manageable, also enhancing its volume and natural fall. Of course, it is a process that requires perseverance, since after the first few washes it can become tight and dry, difficult to disentangle, a not very pleasant result. But once the pH in the hair and scalp is balanced, its benefits could be appreciated.

Q6: When does Aleppo soap expire?

We are clear that Aleppo soap improves its qualities over time with its maturation. In addition, the antiseptic properties that Laurel oil provides make it a safe product. However, like all natural soap free of preservatives, when in contact with moisture and continuous handling, it could soften over days or oxidize due to its high oil content after 18 months. For this reason, it is convenient to provide good storage at home when it is purchased in quantity, even if the pill is large, it should be divided into smaller portions to make the most of it.

Q7: Which is better, liquid or bar Aleppo soap?

Both alternatives turn out to be good options for hygiene and skin care, as long as they retain the qualities that characterize this soap. However, it is a personal decision, as there are those who are inclined towards the confidence that pills give them as it is the traditional format that has governed this product throughout history. For its part, the liquid Aleppo soap, when presented in a plastic bottle, allows only the necessary to be used thanks to its built-in dispenser, so it is not manipulated in its entirety and is kept as hygienically as possible until it is exhausted.

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