The 9 Best Anti-Bumping Locks of 2022

Anti-bumping lock – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to improve the security of your home, business or institution, it is best to buy robust and reliable anti-bumping locks that cannot be easily opened by thieves. For example, the Fac 946-RP/80 anti- bumping deadbolt is a good complement to the main lock on your door. It has 6 types of protection, among which we mention anti-impressioning and anti-picking. Also, we recommend the Lince 7930RHL deadbolt, which has an A/C lock, to ensure the opening of the door from the inside. It also has a 50 mm bulb that will serve in various door models.  

The 9 Best Anti-Bumping Locks – Opinions 2022

To prevent thieves from easily opening the door of your house, we recommend buying an anti-bumping lock. However, there are many makes and models on the internet, so we have put together this list of some of the best anti-bumping locks of 2022.

Fac lock anti-bumping

1. Fac 946-RP/80 VVE lock

If you are looking for the best anti-bumping lock, we recommend you review the qualities of this product. It has a UNE-EN 1303 certificate, which is given to a lock only when it has 6 types of protection. One of the newest types of protection is anti-impressioning, which avoids making a copy of the key with a pick and silver foil.

In addition to this, this anti-bumping Fac lock prevents thieves from removing the bulbs, so it will be much safer for the home or business. And, if you want greater security, you should know that it also has anti-drill protection, thanks to its robust material.

Another type of protection offered by this lock is anti-leverage. This is thanks to a resistant metal accessory that makes it impossible to open the bolt with a lever.

It may be the best anti-bumping lock of the moment, so check out its most important pros and cons, which we explain below.


Type: This accessory is of the bolt type and serves as a complement to the main lock on your door.

Security: The cylinder is not of the traditional type, but anti-impressioning, so that thieves will not be able to make a copy of the key with improvised tools.

Size: Its bowler is 50 mm, so it is the right size for many door models.


Aesthetics: A trim is missing on the part of the lock that goes into the room.

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Lince antibumping lock

2. Lynx 7930RHL Single Bolt

This could be the best value for money anti-bumping lock, so reviewing its most important qualities could help you know if it is the right product for you. It is an antibumping Lince lock with which you can reinforce almost any door, bedroom, living room, office, etc.

It has 5 types of protection, so you can avoid various thefts in your home or business, even if you’ve been away for a few days. The thief may try to steal, but the anti-bumping, anti-drilling and anti-removal functions of this auxiliary deadbolt will make this task difficult or impossible. Even this lock has an anti-pick and anti-turn function, so that your goods are better taken care of from thieves. Even if you are inside the place you can use the A/C block, so that no one can enter, even if they have a copy of the key.

In the following lines, we mention the most important details of this Lince bolt model, they may give you the answers you are looking for.


Length: The cylinder has a length of 50 mm, a fact that you have to take into account before buying any lock.

Card: In addition to the fact that the package includes 5 multipoint keys, it also comes with a card so that only you can get a copy.

Protection: It is certified for anti-rotation, anti-extraction, anti-drilling, etc., so your door will be more secure.


Copy: It is missing that it has anti-impressioning, because that way they will not make copies of keys with special tools.

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Inceca anti-bumping lock

3. Inceca 36312 Rim lock against lever and knob

If you are wondering which is the best anti-bumping lock, you should know this model, because it has a security cylinder with an anti-breakage shield, for greater protection of your assets in the company or at home. That is, with this the thieves will not be able to break to extract the bulb.  

In addition to this, this Inceca anti-bumping lock comes without a handle, so you only have to remove the lock and the door will open. However, on the inside it does have a knob-type counter lever, you just have to turn it to open the bolt from the inside. Thus it becomes a comfortable reinforcement for your main lock.

Another quality that stands out in this product is the strike plate, since it is made of resistant metal and has 6 holes, for a better grip on the door frame.

This is one of the most resistant locks to break with drill, so it will protect your things with greater precision; Here we explain its main pros and cons.


Extraction: Thanks to its protective shield, thieves will not be able to extract the bulb.

Leverage: Its robust 6-bolt striker and anti-leverage plate will prevent the door from being easily opened with a card.

Knob: For your convenience, this deadbolt has a rotating knob on the inside of the door. 


Price: The price is a bit high, however, it is a robust and safe lock that will protect your assets.  

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Anti-bumping and anti-drill lock

4. MAUER NW5 Locking Cylinder

Perhaps it is the best anti-bumping lock with anti-drill protection, because it has an encrypted card without which it will be impossible to make copies of the keys. In addition, this anti-bumping and anti-drilling lock will make it much more difficult for the thief to open the door, so you have time to call the police. 

It is a 36 x 36 mm bulb, so it will work for wider than average doors. Likewise, it should be noted that it has the EN-1303 certification, one of the newest, with anti-breakage and anti-extraction protection. In other words, the light bulb is reinforced, so that the thief cannot break it with blows and improvised tools. 

On the other hand, we mention that the package includes 5 security keys with mobile discs, to avoid their duplication. Likewise, the bulb is anti-pick, thanks to its special anti-pins.

If you don’t know which anti-bumping lock to buy, take a look at the main qualities of this model, which we show you below.


Type: This product is not a lock, but a bulb, so you will not have to change the entire security system of your door.

Security: Apart from being a resistant bulb, it offers you a coded card, so that only you make copies.

Material: The keys and pins are made of nickel silver, a very resistant metal alloy.


Clutch: This cylinder has a single clutch, so if you leave a key inside, you will not be able to open from the outside.

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Other products

5. Schlosser Technik High Security Eurocylinder 

We do not always have the best home security, but if you want to improve this aspect, we recommend the Schlosser Technik light bulb. This product has a pear-shaped design, so it is compatible with various types of locks. In addition, it comes in different sizes, from 35 x 35 to 60 x 40 mm, so you can choose the cylinder that best suits your door lock.

And, if you’re concerned about the security of your home or business, this bulb provides anti-pick, anti-shatter, anti-drill and anti-bump protection. It even has Snap Secure technology, which closes 2 internal sections if the bowler is forced. This will make it more difficult for thieves to break into the place you are protecting.

Although it is one of the cheapest options, it provides you with much more security than the common European profile locks.


Type: Its design is pear type, so it is compatible with many types of locks.

Technologies: This bowler offers anti-bumping, anti-pick, anti-drill, to make it more difficult for thieves to enter.

Sizes: It is used for small locks of 35 x 35 mm or other sizes, the largest model reaching 60 x 40 mm.


Hardness: Sometimes this bulb can be a bit hard, however, it fulfills its function and is quite safe. 

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6. Tesa Assa Abloy TK153040L High Security Cylinder

If you are looking for a bulb that fits your 70mm door, this could be the one, as it is anti-pick, so they will not be able to unlock it with sharp and improvised accessories. It also has anti-break protection, that is, it will not be possible to drill it to break the screw that holds it to the lock. 

Another advantage of this bowler is that it is pear-shaped, so it fits in most European locks. We also mention that the light bulb comes with 5 security keys and an anti-copy system, giving you greater confidence and peace of mind.  

In the same order of ideas, it should be noted that the key is reversible and with points. In addition to this, if you leave the key inside, you can use the key from the outside to open the door.

Perhaps Tesa Assa Abloy is the best brand of anti-bumping locks, as it makes resistant and reliable security products.


Robustness: For your safety and that of your property, the bowler is quite robust, capable of withstanding drilling and knocks.

Card: The keys are accompanied by your security card, so that no one can make copies without your permission.

Practicality: This lock has a double clutch, so you can open it from the outside, even if you leave a key inserted on the other side of the door.


Length: The keys are very long compared to other models of light bulbs.

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7. Lynx 32403 Lock 50 mm

This is one of the cheapest locks on the list, but it has been made with stainless steel on the front, thus offering elegance and long life. In addition, its design is 4 bolts and has a silver color that combines with almost any home decoration and various types of doors. Likewise, it has a straight type edge that adapts very well to the space that many doors have destined for it.

In addition to this, this lock has a protective shield, to reinforce the cylinder and prevent thieves from extracting it easily.

On the other hand, we mentioned that the hole for the bulb is of the pear type, so you can change the original cylinder for another whenever you want. However, the cylinder that comes with this lock is of high quality and has a length of 50 mm.

Choosing a lock is a task that can be easy when you know the most important features. Here we present the most outstanding of the Lince 32403 lock.


Size: It has a 50mm cylinder so this lock will fit a variety of today’s door models.

Locks: It has 4 locks or bolts that allow it to have a greater resistance to the door against theft.

Material: The front part of the lock has been made of stainless steel, which is a material resistant to corrosion. 


Turns: It would be good if it had more key turns, for greater security, since it only has two.

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8. Ifam WX1000 Security Cylinder 30×40 Reinforced

This pear lock cylinder is double clutched and triple guarded, with a double piston, double spring system. All this will give you greater security and you will be able to rest peacefully or even go on vacation for a few days without worrying about a thief entering your home.

Similarly, this bowler comes with five keys made of nickel silver with a head molded in ABS resin and a security card. Also, it has a 2 mm anti-break bridge, which has been made of stainless steel.

Also, we mention that it has anti-pick protection of 16 active pins with different combinations. Thanks to it, the thief will not be able to open the door with household utensils.

The cylinder is of high security European profile, which gives you peace of mind and protection against theft.

Next, we explain what the pros and cons of this cylinder model are, perhaps they will clarify any doubts you may have.


Antibumping: It has triple antibumping protection, thanks to the double spring and double piston system, so you will be protecting the place very well.

Anti-pick: It will prevent thieves from using the pick technique, as this bulb has 16 active pins with many combinations.

Keys: It comes with 5 keys that have been made of nickel silver with the head molded in ABS resin, being quite resistant and durable.


Anti-impressioning: It would be good if it also had anti-impressioning protection, so that the thief cannot make a copy of the key with thin silver sheets. 

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9. Cisa AP4S De Cisa 30×40 Dual Clutch Cam

This bulb or cylinder model will keep you safe from the techniques most used by thieves such as bumping and picking. Also, it is resistant to illegal copying or cloning of keys, due to the special configuration of the springs. It should be noted that the latter are made of steel and phosphor bronze.

Likewise, we inform you that both the counter-pitches and the pitons are made of steel, so they will withstand continuous use, as well as multiple theft attempts.

Since the keys are protected with the AP4 System technology, their duplication can only be done through CISA Solution Partner cards. As if that were not enough, this key is compatible with a protection shield. The head can even be customized in 15 different colors and the package includes 5 security keys.

Learn more about the Cisa AP4S cylinder through its main pros and cons.


Security: It has a control system of 12 pins, 1 patented pin, 6 active and 5 passive, which provide greater security and confidence.

Material: The cylinder is made with quality materials, nickel and brass, for greater strength and durability.

Card: Nobody will be able to get a duplicate of the keys, unless they have the security card that comes with this product.


Color: It does not come in other colors, only silver, so if you want a gold lock, you should look at other options.

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Shopping guide

In this article we explain the qualities that a high-quality anti-bumping lock must have, so read each one of them if you want to protect your home or business.


In this guide to buying the best anti-bumping lock we will start by talking about the different types of locks out there. The best known are the overlapping and internal ones.

When we talk about rim locks, we refer to the deadbolt type, which are installed on the outside of the door, but inside the room. This type of lock has a security bulb, which is the only piece that is installed inside the door. That is, it is the only reason why you must go through the door where you are going to mount this type of lock. 

At the end of the assembly, from outside the room you will only see the anti-bumping cylinder where you have to insert the key to open it. This is because deadbolts almost always come without an external lever, also known as a hand by many people. 

For its part, the internal lock is the one that is assembled when you are manufacturing the door. It is the whole set of pieces necessary to open and close the door of your house. Some people include the cylinder when they talk about locks, but in reality, the cylinder is separate. You can leave the same lock and only change the bulb, to reduce costs.

If you want to change your internal lock, we recommend you buy it with at least 2 turns of the key, so thieves will have to work a little harder to open it. Of course, this is not definitive for security, keep in mind that both the lock and the deadbolt must have various security technologies to better protect your home or business. 


Until now, there are only 6 main technologies in deadbolts or deadbolts. For example, there is the anti-drill feature, which will prevent the bulb from drilling, a task that thieves carry out a lot today. Likewise, there is another technology called anti-pick, which prevents thieves from opening the door with picks or improvised tools. If you want more protection, buy a lock or cylinder that has this function.

In the same way, we recommend that your security lock has anti-impressioning, because, if it does not have it, the thief will be able to use a special tool to copy your key. This is a very common way to rob a house, because the thief opens the door without much effort and is able to close it again, as if nothing had happened.

Also, there are two very important technologies, anti-pull and anti-pry. With the first, robberies are avoided by removing the bowler, and with the other, the thief will not be able to open the door with cards or levers.

It should be noted that not all locks or bulbs have the 6 technologies mentioned here, however, it is important that the model you buy has several of them. Also, we mentioned that this quality directly influences the fact of how much a certain lock costs, so keep this in mind before choosing a specific one.  

size and aesthetics 

When making a comparison of anti-bumping locks, it is important to know the size of each model, because otherwise you can lose the time or money invested. For example, if the doors are 70mm, you should buy bulbs or locks to fit them.

The doors can be 50, 60, 70 mm or other sizes, so you should carefully check the size of the light bulbs you will buy, to make a correct investment.

On the other hand, aesthetics influences the price of this type of product, but not always, that is, you may find a good and cheap lock on the Internet, since there is a lot of variety.

But regardless of the price, to maintain the appropriate aesthetics of the place, the most advisable thing is that the lock is beautiful and that its color adapts to the design of the environment and the door.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an anti-bumping lock?

Anti-bumping locks use special security cylinders, so you should not insert traditional keys from other locks into it, only the ones that come in the package. In addition, it is important to insert the key gently, it is not necessary to use a lot of force, because that way you could block the lock, having to call a locksmith to solve the problem.

This happens because many anti-bumping locks have security systems that prevent them from unlocking when we force the key. Yes, this could happen even with any of the original keys to the lock.

Q2: How to know if my lock is anti-bumping?

The main way to know if your lock is anti-bumping is to check the product box or the seller’s description on the Internet. If you have forgotten where you bought your lock or bowler, check the manufacturer’s page, there you will find the exact model and all the features it has.

Similarly, another way to find out is through the cylinder, since, if your key hole is horizontal, it must be a security one. In other words, you most likely have an anti-bumping lock. 

Q3: How to fit an anti-bumping lock?

If you are replacing your entire door lock, you should measure the door space for installation and make any necessary changes so that the new product will fit smoothly. Normally, anti-bumping locks come with an installation manual, so follow the steps provided by the manufacturer. In case it does not come with a manual, a video on YouTube could help you, otherwise, hire a locksmith who can help you with this task.  

Q4: Can the keys of an anti-bumping lock be copied?

Yes, it is possible to copy the keys of a lock or anti-bumping cylinder, but this can only be done with the encrypted card that comes with the purchase of the product. We refer to a card that confirms if you are the true owner of the lock.

Go to a professional locksmith center in your city with the encrypted card and one of the keys that came with the purchase of the product. Show both things and fill in the requirements requested by the technical service. Generally, if the company you visited does not make the copies, they will take the card and key to the official company themselves. In a few days you will have your copy ready at the visited locksmith.

Do not be happy if your key can be copied by any locksmith, on the contrary, it is better that this process is only possible through the manufacturer of your lock or bowler.

Q5: Is it essential to install an anti-bumping lock next to an armored door?

The most common thing is that it is essential to install this type of lock on armored doors, because that way you give greater security to your money and valuable objects. However, some people on the Internet do not recommend using full light bulbs, but those that are visible only from inside the room.

Q6: What certifications should an anti-bumping lock have?

The best certification for an anti-bumping lock is UNE-EN 1303, because that way you will have a lock that is quite resistant to theft. Many locks that carry this certificate are anti-prying, anti-picking, anti-impressioning, anti-drilling, and anti-removal, so thieves won’t be able to unlock them easily. For example, with anti-impressioning, criminals will not have the option to copy or clone the key with a generic key and thin silver blades.

Q7: What happens if I lose the keys to my anti-bumping lock?

If you lose your anti-bumping keys, you should change the door lock or cylinder as soon as possible. This is because someone with bad intentions can find one or more of the keys and steal your house.

Then, take the lock you removed to the official manufacturer’s support center to see if they can fix the problem there. In case they do not give you new copies of keys, it is best not to reinstall the lock.

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