The 9 Best Anti-decubitus Cushions of 2022

Anti-decubitus cushion – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Spending many hours sitting down, either due to health problems or excessive work in the office, can cause obstruction in blood flow and, therefore, annoying bedsores or ulcerations. To prevent this situation, we must incorporate an anti-decubitus cushion into our chair, to help us distribute the pressure. The Waobe 301-796 model has an anatomical design, consisting of a seat and a backrest that adapt to any type of chair, to provide you with a surface with an adequate level of cushioning. Likewise, the transparent Mediawavestore Gel is a cushion made with a core of hyperelastic polymeric gel, which provides adequate support for the lower back.

The 9 Best Anti-decubitus Cushions – Opinions 2022

When we sit down, our body weight generates a level of pressure against the seat, which, over a long period of time, could injure our skin. For this reason, the ideal is to incorporate a cushion that gives us a correct distribution of pressure. Below, we present nine models valued by users as the best anti-decubitus cushions.

Anti-decubitus cushion for wheelchair

1. Waobe Wheelchair Cushion Anti-decubitus Cushion

Many buyers have recommended this product as the best anti-decubitus cushion due to its ergonomic design, which will give you significant relief from sciatica, coccyx, hemorrhoids, spine and other ailments. Its design is square and has a convenient format of 45 x 41 x 3.5 centimeters.

In addition, it incorporates a cushion for the seat and another for the backrest, which you can use in the car, the dining room, the office or any other type of chair, due to its great level of adaptation.

An Oxford foam core was used to make the cushion, to achieve better pressure distribution and a synthetic honeycomb fabric in the cover, which provides waterproofing and breathability.

Likewise, you will be interested to know that this anti-decubitus cushion for wheelchairs is completely anatomical and incorporates a velcro adjustment system for the backrest area, so you will not have to worry about unexpected slippage.

This model has been considered by many as the best anti-decubitus cushion of the moment due to its ergonomic design. Here are its positive and negative characteristics.


Cover: Its polyester honeycomb fabric provides greater breathability and impermeability.

Design: Its design with seat and back enhances comfort and improves pressure distribution.

Dimensions: Its 45 x 41 x 3.5 centimeter format adapts to a wide variety of chairs.

Use: With this cushion you can get quick relief from ailments associated with hemorrhoids, sciatica, spine, among others.


Cleaning: Due to the absence of a zipper on the cover, you will not be able to access the core to clean it.

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Gel anti-decubitus cushion

2. Mediawavestore Ergonomic anti-decubitus transparent gel cushion

Mediawavestore has designed this gel anti-decubitus cushion with people who sit for hours due to a physical limitation or because of their work in mind; either in a car or in front of the computer. To do this, it has a design that provides great comfort and provides adequate support to the hips, releasing pressure from the sciatic nerve and the sacral-lumbar area.

It is a cushion that has hyperelastic polymeric gel, so it adapts anatomically to your body. Likewise, thanks to its structure similar to that of a honeycomb, it provides adequate ventilation and provides a plus of freshness to your seat.

Its dimensions are 37 x 30 x 4 cm, which is why you can carry it with you without any problem and adopt a correct posture at all times. It also has a removable and easily washable cover, so you can always keep it clean.

This model could be the cushion you are looking for, given its high quality and the benefits it offers. We invite you to read the summary of its characteristics.


Structure: It has a hive structure that favors proper ventilation.

Gel: It has a hyperelastic polymeric gel core, which easily adapts to your anatomy.

Portability: Thanks to its dimensions and lightness, you can easily take it with you.

Size: Its size allows you to put it on any seat, either on a chair or in the car.


Overweight: The cushion may be deformed if used by an overweight person.

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Viscoelastic anti-decubitus cushion

3. Adiggy Medical Viscoelastic anti-decubitus cushion PU cover

If you are looking for a cushion that gives you an anatomically comfortable surface, you should review this model that, according to many users, could be one of the best anti-decubitus cushions of 2022.

For its manufacture, HR30 type foam was used, four centimeters thick, laminated with three centimeters of viscoelastic material. The latter provides protection to the body with respect to excess pressure exerted when the user proceeds to sit down. Thus, you will avoid the appearance of bedsores or relieve the pain of existing ones.

For its part, the cover was made with polyurethane fabric, which is a waterproof and breathable material. In addition, the fibers have a treatment to combat mites and bacteria.

It is important to mention that this viscoelastic anti-decubitus cushion has a format of 42 x 42 x 7 centimeters and supports up to 100 kilograms, so it can be used on any type of chair and by people of various sizes.

Adiggy Medical, with more than 50 years in the market, is considered the best brand of anti-decubitus cushions, and offers you this model, the details of which we review below.


Dimensions: You can use the cushion on almost any chair, since it has a standard square format of 42 x 42 centimeters.

Load: Its load for up to 100 kilograms allows it to be used by people of different complexions.

Waterproof: The polyurethane fiber of the cover gives it waterproof properties, which is convenient in case of spills.

Filling: The foam used adapts to the person’s anatomy without deforming.


Laminate: The layer of memory foam may not feel thick enough for some people, so the cushioning experience may vary.

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Air anti-decubitus cushion

4. DYHQQ Medical Anti-decubitus Cushion for Air Seats

Anti-decubitus cushions have achieved great popularity due to the multiple benefits they provide to our body, since they allow us to enjoy maximum comfort when sitting for long periods of time.

Proof of this is this air anti-decubitus cushion, made of thermoplastic urethane. It is a polymer highly resistant to both water and abrasion, characterized by its flexibility and pleasant soft touch. In addition, it is free of BPA, which is a substance that is harmful to health.

The dimensions of the cushion are 42 x 42 centimeters and its thickness is seven centimeters, making it suitable for wheelchairs, office chairs or gamers. Likewise, you can use the product in the car seat, when traveling by plane, among other situations. We cannot fail to comment on its considerable maximum load of 150 kilograms and the incorporation of a manual pump to inflate the structure.

This is an inflatable anti-decubitus cushion, which can be used without any inconvenience by people with a robust build. Next, other details.


Dimensions: Its structure of 42 x 42 centimeters and square shape adapts to any type of chair.

Load: The cushion can be used by people with a robust build without problems, because its maximum load is 150 kilograms.

Pump: You will be able to use the cushion from the first day, since it incorporates a practical manual pump.

Materials: The thermoplastic urethane of the structure gives the cushion flexibility, resistance and softness.


Patches: Due to the fact that it is an inflatable product, it would be good if it included a set of repair patches.

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Alova anti-decubitus cushion

5. Winncare Ergonomic Alova Cushion

WINNCARE is a brand that has built a solid reputation in the rest market, thanks to the fact that each of its products incorporates high-end materials that adapt to the needs of different user targets.

Proof of this is this Alova anti-decubitus cushion, specially designed to reduce a large percentage of the pressure exerted by our body when sitting for long periods of time.

To make this possible, its developers devised a 43 x 43 centimeter structure with a slope, made of polyurethane foam with viscoelastic. In this way, they managed to adapt to the shape of the body without deforming. In addition, these materials are thermoregulators, so they adjust to climate changes.

Among other aspects to mention about this cushion, we have its thickness of six centimeters, which is an adequate surface for a maximum load of 90 kilograms.

With this cushion you will enjoy an anatomical and highly comfortable surface that correctly distributes pressure. Here are its pros and cons.


Dimensions: Its 43 x 43 centimeter format adapts to a wide variety of seats easily.

Load: The density of the membrane used is suitable for a convenient maximum load of 90 kilograms.

Ergonomics: Its inclined surface allows the coccyx to acquire a much more relaxed posture.

Manufacturing: Viscoelastic material was used for its manufacture, which promotes a correct release of pressure when sitting down.


Assembly: Its design may not be suitable for some car models, since the rear part would require a cutout at the ends.

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Other products

6. Pepe Anti-decubitus Cushion Memory Viscoelastic Office Wheelchair

If you are looking for an anti-decubitus cushion for a family member who has lost mobility and remains seated in a wheelchair, this model could be the one. Likewise, it is recommended for the office and for the car. It is a product that offers comfortable cushioning, because it is 8 cm thick.

Its structure is designed with two types of high-quality foam. On one side, it has 5 cm of polyurethane and on the other, it has 3 cm of viscoelastic with memory effect. These materials offer adequate weight distribution and help release pressure from the lower back and buttocks.

Likewise, it includes a zippered cover that facilitates its washing. It is also waterproof, breathable and non-slip, since it is made of 100% polystyrene and polyurethane. In addition, it is available in black, a tone that matches any seat.

It is a cushion that adapts to any chair or car, providing extra comfort when sitting. Next, its positive and negative aspects.


Utility: It is a product recommended for orthopedic use, you can also use it at work, in the car, in wheelchairs, etc.

Cover: It has a waterproof cover in black, with a zipper, and made of resistant materials that protect the interior of the cushion.

Structure: The structure of the cushion is made up of viscoelastic foam and polyurethane foam, materials that provide comfort and improve circulation.


Rigidity: For some users, the rigidity of this cushion has turned out to be greater than expected.

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7. Adiggy Medical Viscoelastic Anti-decubitus Cushion with perforations

Adiggy Medical is once again present in our selection of recommended products, but this time with an anti-decubitus cushion with perforations on its main face. This peculiarity of the design allows you to stand on it without fear of slipping.

To make the cushion, a four centimeter thick HR35 foam core was used, as well as a three centimeter laminate of viscoelastic material. In this way, the user will enjoy an ergonomic surface with an adequate distribution of pressure.

For its part, the cover has been made of polyurethane fabric, which gives the lining breathable, waterproof and protective properties against mites. In addition, it incorporates a side zipper for practical removal, which will allow you to wash the textile and ventilate the core. We cannot forget to mention the width – length of 42 square centimeters of the cushion, adaptable to any type of wheelchair.

If you are looking for a cushion for people with limited mobility, do not hesitate to review what is good and what could be improved about this model.


Format: Its measurements are considered standard, so you will have no problem using it on any chair.

Waterproof: Its polyurethane cover prevents the passage of moisture caused by an unexpected spill on the structure.

Core: Thanks to the combination of HR35 foam and viscoelastic you will enjoy total pressure cushioning.

Non- slip: The perforations on its front face allow a good posture for the user when sitting down.


Warmth: Its use is more conducive to winter, since the synthetic fabric of the cover is a bit warm.

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8. OrtoPrime Viscoelastic Postural Anti-decubitus Cushion Orthopedic Coccyx Cushion

There are many positive comments on specialized websites about this product, since it has a fairly simple design aesthetically, but completely adaptable to any type of body. This is due to the incorporation of polyurethane or memory foam inside, which is a material characterized by quickly recovering its original shape after pressure is released.

For its part, the cover that covers said foam is made of blue waterproof fabric, which adds a high level of breathability to its properties. In addition, the cover has been provided with a zipper, which will allow you to easily remove it to put it in the washing machine or wash it manually.

It is important to mention that this gel anti-decubitus cushion has dimensions of 39 x 39 x 7 centimeters, corresponding to its width, length and depth. These are suitable measures for different types of wheelchairs, office chairs, car chairs, among others.

This model has managed to capture the attention of thousands of buyers due to its attributes. However, be yourself who judges it by reviewing its pros and cons.


Interior: Its polyurethane interior adapts to the anatomy due to the memory effect.

Waterproof: You won’t have to worry about unexpected spills as the case is waterproof.

Cleaning: You can easily uncover the cushion to wash it in a machine or manually.

Dimensions: The cushion has a standard format of 39 x 39 x 7 centimeters, which adapts to a wide variety of chairs.


Colour: The royal blue shade of the cover could be quite striking for those who want a discreet cushion.

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9. Queraltó Round anti-decubitus cushion with hole 44x9x15cm

On this occasion, Queraltó presents us with a product that, according to what has been commented on in the different purchase portals, could be the best value for money anti-decubitus cushion. In addition, it is one of the cheapest on our list.

The design has dimensions of 44 x 9 x 15 centimeters, circular format and a hole in the middle. It is an anti-decubitus cushion with a high level of ergonomics, suitable for being placed on a wide variety of office, wheeled, gamer chairs, among others.

For its interior construction, 100% polyester foam was used, which provides cushioning and good pressure distribution. For its part, the white cover combines a face of cotton fabric and another of polyester. In this way, you can use the cushion in summer because of the more breathable surface, which is cotton, and turn it over in winter, to enjoy the warmth of polyester.

Below, we present the outstanding features of an anti-decubitus cushion that is among the cheapest in our selection.


Design: Its donut-shaped design offers great ergonomics when sitting down.

Cover: You can use the cushion in summer and winter, thanks to the fact that one of its faces is made of cotton fabric and the other is made of polyester.

Padding: The inner padding foam adapts to the body and offers a correct distribution of pressure.

Dimensions: Its dimensions of 44 x 9 x 15 centimeters adapt to almost any seat.


Cleaning: The manufacturer does not indicate that the cover can be removed, which would make cleaning a bit difficult.

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Shopping guide

Anti-decubitus cushions are used by people who have little mobility, since, when sitting for long periods of time, the pressure of their body on the chair generates bedsores or ulcerations on the skin. This occurs due to the obstruction of blood flow in the respective area. The use of anti-decubitus cushions in these cases is quite beneficial, because they provide a better distribution of pressure. However, you will need to purchase a product with certain characteristics, so the recommendation is to review the following guide to buy the best anti-decubitus cushion.

indoor manufacturing

The aspects to be evaluated in a comparison of anti-decubitus cushions can be varied, highlighting among them the internal manufacturing of the product. In this sense, we refer to the type of foam and the level of quality offered. Let us remember that the main function of this type of cushion is to correctly distribute the pressure generated by our body when we sit down. In this way, we avoid the generation of bedsores, ulcerations, ailments at the level of the pelvis or fatigue in the lower train. For this to be possible, we will need the filling material of our cushion to have certain specific qualities that enhance our comfort. Such is the case of flexibility, softness and cushioning.

When reviewing the proposals of the main cushion brands, we will find that the favorite foam of the manufacturers is viscoelastic. This is a material known to have memory, which allows it to adapt to the shape of any anatomy. Thus, when you get up, the surface will acquire its original shape without deforming.

Other widely used materials are polyester and polyurethane foam, which are characterized by being breathable and thermoregulatory. Likewise, they are attached to different anatomies, depending on the density of the membrane to avoid pressure points. On the other hand, we have some models that combine a block of polyester or polyurethane with a viscoelastic laminate.

textile cover

Cushions are structures that are in constant contact with our body, so they are quite prone to getting dirty due to such handling. In fact, it is quite common for them to be victims of an unexpected spill on our part. For this reason, the incorporation of a textile cover that serves as a barrier between dirt and the interior foam is so important. In this sense, you will find a large number of models provided with a coating, which also gives the design a distinctive touch depending on the color or pattern of the fabric. Thus, you will have no problem combining the cushion with the chair, whether you use it in the office, the car or at home.

Likewise, there is another aspect that you cannot ignore and that could influence how much the product costs. It is the type of textile, which, as far as possible, you should ensure that it has waterproof properties for greater protection. For example, polyester and polyurethane textiles are two of the most used by manufacturers, because, despite retaining the passage of liquid, they are also breathable, have a soft touch and are washable.

Design and dimensions

Anti-decubitus cushions usually have varied designs, so you will not have any problems finding a model that really suits your anatomy and needs for use. Remember that the structure of the cushion must have a format compatible with the seat of the wheelchair, the office, the car or the surface where you plan to use it. Due to all these aspects, manufacturers study the possible scenarios to which the product will be subjected and incorporate specific characteristics into their designs that benefit the different users.

For example, you can have circular cushions with a hole in the center, others with undulations and slopes to improve posture while providing greater comfort to the pelvis and coccyx.

There are also square cushions, which usually have a standard length-width measurement, in order to offer greater compatibility with the different types of existing chairs. We cannot leave out the inflatable models, which are widely used because they are portable.


The cleaning of the cushion must be a priority issue at the time of its selection, since it will be useless to acquire an economical product if it does not offer us a correct cleaning method. In this sense, the ideal would be for the cover to be removable, allowing us to extract the inner foam, in order to place it in a ventilated place in order to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and bad odors. In the same way, we can wash the coating by machine or manually, according to the instructions of each of the manufacturers. In case of being an inflatable model, cleaning will be easier, by rubbing a damp cloth all over the outside.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an anti-decubitus cushion?

To use an anti-decubitus cushion, you must first verify the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the care you must take with the product, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with it and avoid its rapid deterioration. If the cushion incorporates a cover, you must place it by sliding the zipper to prevent the filling from coming out or being exposed. Next, place the cushion on the seat of the chair or on its back. In case the model is inflatable, you will have to use a manual or electric pump to fill it and also put it on the surface where you are going to sit.

Q2: How to wash an anti-decubitus cushion?

Washing your anti-decubitus cushion will depend on the type of material with which it has been made, since some models are inflatable and others have a textile cover. In either case you will need detergent, bleach, a sponge, a cloth and a couple of buckets.

If your model has removable covers, proceed to remove the zipper and extract the padding. Then, submerge the textile in a bucket with a solution of detergent and water, which you must have previously prepared. Let sit for a minimum of five minutes, then begin to carefully rub the cover with your hands. Similarly, if the manufacturer recommends it, you can use a gentle cycle on your washing machine. Don’t forget to hang the liner in the open air to dry, out of direct sunlight.

If your cushion is inflatable, you will need to rub the soapy solution with a sponge and remove the product with a damp cloth. Finish by drying the cushion with an absorbent cloth.

Q3: How is an anti-decubitus cushion placed?

The purpose of this type of cushion is to distribute the pressure as best as possible, so that people with little mobility can feel comfortable and avoid pressure sores on their skin. For the placement of the cushion, you will only need to put it on the seat or backrest, as the case may be. Then, you only have to correctly adjust the pad to the format of said surface.

Q4: What measurements should the anti-decubitus cushion have?

The market has various options of cushions, but most retain a standard square or slightly wavy format of 30 to 40 centimeters in length and width, respectively, varying in thickness. This occurs because these measures are used in both wheelchairs and conventional ones. The ideal when selecting an anti-decubitus cushion is that its size is as similar as possible with respect to the seat or surface where we are going to sit.

Q5: When to change an anti-decubitus cushion?

The useful life of our anti-decubitus cushion will depend on how careful we are when using it. However, there will come a time when we will inevitably have to change it. This is due to the deterioration of its filling, which is often polyurethane or viscoelastic foam.

After about two years, the material gives way and, therefore, loses its stability and cushioning properties, which are ultimately responsible for distributing the pressure exerted by our body. Similarly, there are many factors that can influence the advancement of this material expiration process, such as the weight of the person or certain care conditions. It would be advisable to change the cushion when you feel that it does not provide you with an adequate level of comfort.

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