The 9 Best Bathroom Accessories of 2022

Bathroom Accessories – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Aside from the functionality of the accessories you choose for your bathroom, it’s great when they instantly bring an upgrade to your decorating style. It’s not empty or meaningless to want this space in your home to be a nice and comfortable private haven, so finding the right details will be all-important. The elegance of the Ikea Baren toilet brush will stand out next to your toilet with its silver container and beautiful knob to help you with a good cleaning and disinfection. For their part, the bathrobes or towels will look very organized when hung on the resistant and shiny Roca A816651001 metal double hanger.

The 9 Best Bathroom Accessories – Opinions 2022

The alternatives that we present below can be a nice transformation when you want to place new accessories in your bathroom. Many of them require only unscrewing or are installed so easily that it will take little time for your bathroom to look fresh and charming.

Ikea bathroom accessories 

1. Ikea Baren Toilet Brush with Stainless Steel Holder

Ikea bathroom accessories are characterized by having a beautiful image style and a lot of functionality. One of the most important features of this toilet brush is the combination of these aspects with a sleek silver bowl design and a strong bristle brush made of polypropylene plastic and synthetic rubber. 

In addition to a very resistant material that ensures effective cleaning of the walls of the toilet, it is a tool that will look great placed in a corner next to it. The brush is not exposed to view, but is protected by a stainless steel holder with a cover and a beautiful chrome knob. 

Additionally, the fact that there are two brushes makes them be among the purchases of the best bathroom accessories of 2022 that the renowned brand Ikea has in its catalog. 

This set of brushes is perfect to stand out in two bathrooms in your home. Let’s see more of its advantages.


Decoration: The chrome shine, the cylindrical shape and the contour of the knob will highlight the decoration of the bathroom. 

Head: As it wears out, you don’t have to throw away the entire accessory, as its threaded head is replaceable. 

Replacement: You can get Hejaren replacement brushes for this set from Ikea quality products. 

Bracket: The stainless steel bracket is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth. 


Thread: The threaded joint between the brush and the handle may not feel as tight when making strong movements when cleaning. 

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Roca bathroom accessories

2. Roca A816651001 Double Hanger

It is impossible to think of a bathroom without a place to comfortably hang and keep the towels, bathrobes or clothes you will need close at hand. Among the variety of Roca bathroom accessories is this great double hanger from the Victoria collection. With a timeless, beautiful and very functional design, it is capable of holding up to 5 kg of load. 

In addition to giving personality to the decoration, it can be considered one of the best bathroom accessories given the way it is fixed. There are two ways to choose the perfect fit for this hanger to the bathroom wall. It may well be with the use of screws or glued, avoiding drilling and holes. 

The important thing is that it is a small detail that will make a big difference in the system of order and organization that you can have in your bathroom. 

Thanks to this and other products, Roca can compete as the best brand of bathroom accessories. Let’s review the best of this double hanger. 


Chrome: Its shiny chrome finish and simple design make it a beautiful and elegant accessory. 

Installation: It comes with its kits for installation with plugs and screws or to stick it on the wall with adhesive. 

Size: Its size of 13 cm long and 4.7 cm wide makes it a very compact hanger and easy to locate.


Slippery: Make sure the weight of the clothes is level when hanging, as they can slip off the round shape of the hooks.

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Amazon bathroom accessories

3. AmazonBasics Modern Bathroom Accessory Set

If you want the quality and good price of Amazon bathroom accessories, this is a great option with which you can bring modernity to the decoration or, on the contrary, achieve the best retro style in your bathroom. Whatever your choice, your bathroom will stand out.

Although you should pay attention to a possible variation in price, you can choose these 4 great units with satin nickel, chrome or antique bronze finishes. The set consists of two towel rails: one with a 61 cm long bar and one with a ring shape, a coat hook and a toilet paper holder.

Its manufacture uses a very resistant zinc alloy as a base material and together with its anchoring to the wall with screws, it guarantees stability and firmness. This way, there will be no accessory drops requiring constant reinstallation.

The AmazonBasics collection is expanding every day, becoming present in different places in the home and office. Let’s get to know other additional details to highlight about the product. 


Game: There are 4 pieces that together achieve the objective of refreshing the environment with an easy renovation of accessories.

Resistance: Its material and firm fastening on the wall allow a stable support of weight between 5 and 10 kg. 

Installation: It comes with a complete installation kit that includes the necessary anchors, plugs and screws.


Finishes: The robustness of each of its pieces is recognized, however, the finishes may not look so fine. 

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Bathroom accessories without drilling 

4. BasicForm Stainless Steel Adhesive Hooks

As well as being the best value for money bathroom accessories, these 3 hooks will be just as functional and practical when used in the kitchen or cupboards. Safely, they allow up to 5 kg of weight between towels, coats, aprons and other items such as kitchen utensils, keys and caps, among others. 

They are bathroom accessories without drilling that you can stick with a resistant adhesive on walls and smooth surfaces that include wood, marble and glass. With this purchase, you will not only feel that you are acquiring cheap and attractive bathroom accessories, but also that they are very easy to install. 

Make sure to clean and dry the surface without any dust or grease, remove the adhesive cover, attach the hook and press firmly for about 30 seconds. Let it adhere well for a period between 24 and 72 hours and that’s it. 

In addition to highlighting that it is among the cheapest options, it is good to delve into other positive features of this product.


Design: There are 3 individual hooks in 4.3 cm square frames that allow you to play with symmetry and create your own design when glued.

Color: Its black color is part of modern decoration trends that can impact any environment. 

Material: They are made of resistant stainless steel painted with the vacuum coating technique so that the paint does not peel or damage.


Surfaces: These hooks cannot be glued on walls with reliefs or with paint that leaves dust on the fingers.

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bathroom accessories set 

5. Gmmh Set of 6 bathroom accessories

With this set of bathroom accessories, both the sink area and the toilet area will have 6 beautiful details to decorate everyday use. For the placement of the soap you have two options: a dispenser container for liquid soap and the bar you can place it in a soap dish with a grid-style surface that keeps it dry. 

For convenient washing and brushing, it comes with a small cup as well as a holder to keep toothbrushes organized. As part of the elements, a small silver-colored tilt-top garbage container will look great in the corner of your preference. 

To complete the set, a stylish toilet brush with holder can be placed next to the toilet for cleaning. Its brush is unscrewable, so it could be replaced, without problem, when it is already damaged. 

There is no doubt that with this set you can achieve a beautiful combination of accessories. Here are more advantages for your purchase. 


Set: It is a set of accessories that brings together 6 ideal pieces that could be more expensive if they were purchased separately.

Material: They are accessories made of hard and quality plastic that will not break if a piece falls.

Colours: You have to choose between neutral colors such as beige, gray and brown or intense ones such as red, pink, green and light blue.


Plastic: Although they are silver in color, there are no metallic parts. All material is durable plastic. 

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bathroom accessories set

6.Zeller 18260 Bath Accessory Set, 4 Pieces

Although you have other color combinations to choose from, the beige and brown model of this set of bathroom accessories makes it ideal if you are looking for a rustic touch as decoration in the setting of your bathroom. Both the design and the color contrast make these 4 pieces made of ceramic beautiful elements to accompany the sink area. 

If you like the use of liquid soap, the dispenser accessory will be very useful and attractive with its silver combination. Also, it comes with a matching small dish to be used as a soap dish and a toothbrush holder. 

Creativity and good taste can play with the utility of each piece. For example, the glass that comes in the set can be used to rinse your mouth or to place flowers, aromatic plants or your makeup brushes. 

If you are looking for which bathroom accessories to buy, this Zeller set brings together 4 items with very good qualities. 


Design: The colorful embossed details in brown evoke a beautiful rustic style in the decoration. 

Set: In addition to trim pieces, there are 4 perfect pieces as very useful elements for the sink area. 

Stability: The 6.5 cm circumference measurement gives the pieces good stability to stand on any surface. 


Breakable: Due to its ceramic material, it is a nice game that should be avoided in bathrooms used by small children and thus avoid falls that break them.

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bathroom accessory set 

7. Jotom Set of 4 Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

In addition to this beautiful vintage style, the Jotom bathroom accessory set comes in a variety of designs and colors to match your bathroom environment. Its premium quality makes it ideal for decorating this space in your home or giving it as an attractive and functional 4-piece gift.

A soap dish, liquid soap dispenser, mouthwash cup and toothbrush holder made of highly durable ceramic will attract the eyes of anyone who uses the sink. They are accessories that combine aesthetics with robustness and utility. 

The options to select include smooth surfaces with drawings of beautiful moose or embossed with ornaments, lines, large or small squares. Similarly, its colors are very varied and include white, beige, pink, dark green and the combination of white and yellow.   

This is definitely one of the best ceramic bathroom accessory sets. Let us highlight again some of its characteristics.  


Designs: In addition to the variety of colors, you can choose between cylindrical, square or pot-style designs. 

Material: Each of the pieces is made with a thick ceramic construction that promises to be very durable. 

Brush holder: Its design comes with convenient holes for both the brushes and the toothpaste tube. 


Dispenser: You must take care that the soap gel does not remain and accumulate to prevent the dispenser from sticking. 

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Adhesive bathroom accessories 

8. Konky Bathroom Towel Rack 

Choosing the best bathroom accessories for your home depends on the style they offer and also on how practical they are. The elegance and robustness of this model make you immediately believe in the strength it promises to support a load of up to 5 kg. 

This set has a 40cm long stainless steel bar and two 5.5cm square hanger hooks. Its easy installation is one of its most notable attributes, since each piece comes with self-adhesive pads so there is no need to drill holes in the wall. 

Only a clean ceramic, glass, wood or stainless steel surface is needed for a firm bond. With this product, Konky displays some of its best adhesive bathroom accessories to provide a practical place where towels, clothes and bathrobes will look very tidy. 

Let’s see more features that allow these pieces to be just as functional in other spaces such as the kitchen. 


Material: Stainless steel makes them robust accessories that withstand scratches and resist corrosion very well.  

Installation: No nails or drilling required. Its installation method is successful thanks to its powerful adhesive with 3M tape. 

Finishes: In addition to its elegant silver color, each piece has polished finishes and blunt rounded edges. 


Adherence: Its adhesive power is limited to the indicated surfaces, since it does not work on walls with paint, that are enclosed or with wallpaper. 

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bathroom accessories 

9. AmazonBasics 5-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

With this proposal, AmazonBasics offers 5 beautiful elements that will fulfill their practical and decorative function in the main or family bathroom of your home. They are matching accessories including a soap dish, a dispenser with a manual pump, a glass, a toothbrush holder and a wastebasket. 

Despite not being among the cheapest bathroom accessory sets on the market, its appeal lies in the originality of its shapes. This model, in particular, plays with symmetry and attracts attention with curved and wavy lines that stand out in the brightness of its white color.

In addition to the singularity of its design, the base to place the toothbrushes offers wide holes in which, in addition to being able to place the tube of toothpaste, the electric brushes fit well.

With this alternative, AmazonBasics earns a place among the best bathroom accessories of the moment for a perfect touch in the decoration. Let’s delve more into its details. 


Originality: Its minimalist, classic and original design looks great in each of the five pieces.

Set: It is a set of accessories that comes with a good number of elements with quite functional characteristics. 

Material: It is all made of melamine that has been given a polished finish that looks like porcelain. 


Lidless: While the bin is a nice design addition, it comes without a lid, which isn’t always to everyone’s liking for a bathroom.

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Shopping guide 

Turning the bathroom into a nice and pleasant place can require a significant investment. However, there are practical and economical options that, with the guidance of this guide to buying the best bathroom accessories, you can find. Making use of your money in the acquisition of articles of great aesthetic impact and outstanding functionality will be totally worth it. 

Priority Accessories 

So that your bathroom decoration project does not remain a dream, but you can give yourself the pleasure of giving a touch of personalization, prioritizing the accessories that are actually necessary according to your family dynamics is essential. To achieve your goal without having to affect the budget, taking into account how much each piece costs is important. 

However, before evaluating the price, you should first consider the essentials that, for most people, there is no other way to obtain them but to buy them. Shower heads, taps, drains or grab bars for the elderly, among others, are in this group of priority elements. 

After you are sure that you have all the really necessary accessories, then you can take a look at the world of add-ons like toothbrush holders, soap dishes, shower curtains, towel hangers, light fixtures, mirrors and many more. Typically, the ones used around toilets, sinks, and bathtubs can be purchased separately or in kits. 


The most convenient thing when considering an accessory for your bathroom is that it be cheap and of very good quality. An expensive product is not necessarily the best, however, a smart purchase should not neglect the details of its materials, finishes and function. 

Depending on the accessory in question, in your bathroom you could see materials such as porcelain, ceramic, glass, plastic, stone, nickel-plated metal and stainless steel among the most common and that offer durability against to humidity. 

Not confusing quality with specific uses of the product is another thing to take into account. For example, you may be looking for hanger hooks that are installed with adhesive. This is a product that can work to the highest quality on a smooth ceramic surface, but will fall off within minutes if you try to stick it on a powder coated wall. So make sure you read the recommendations before you buy. 


It’s not about spending on anything you think will look nice in your bathroom. Trying to make the accessories look and work well becomes a priority and for this, their dimensions must be taken into account. The idea is that they fit perfectly, help save space and be used with complete comfort. 

Taking measurements is essential whether it is to decorate for the first time and verify that the accessory will fit in the intended place or if you are going to renovate and want to use the perforations made and do not want the holes to be seen in the walls. The latter is valid when talking about the type of built-in bathroom accessories such as shelves, towel racks and toilet paper holders. 

The correct dimensions can make a bathroom shelf between the mirror and the sink a perfect storage platform. If you use electric toothbrushes, a brush holder with large dividers that will fit thick handles is suitable. In short, considering the size of the accessories will ensure a good purchase.  

style and color

A bathroom accessories comparison will, of course, look for the best choice for creating a comfortable and beautiful space. It is about buying elements that do not clutter the environment or the color schemes created in the decoration, but rather harmonize and highlight them.

A good recommendation could perhaps be to choose accessories in simple styles and neutral colors that are versatile to fit in a change of decoration that you want to make later. However, the range of bathroom products is very varied in all kinds of styles and tones. 

If you are looking to create a modern atmosphere in your bathroom, get digitally operated shower heads and mirrors. In the same way, you could combine them with lighting fixtures and sets to hang towels with very aerodynamic lines and intense or metallic colors. 

On the other hand, the classic or Zen style and the vintage or romantic style are also protagonists with neutral or pastel colors in many of those independent accessories that you can easily move, such as sink sets, laundry baskets, garbage cans, bathroom mats, etc. bathroom and more.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use the bathroom accessories? 

The great thing about bathroom accessories is that they give you a lot of freedom in how you use them. Although there are some that have been designed for specific functions such as hanging towels, in general, they lend themselves to being used in the kitchen or playing with them in terms of height to place them when children or people with mobility are taken into account. reduced living at home. 

There are others that allow great versatility in their use. For example, depending on the style of the soap dish, it could become the base for scented candles. A mouthwash cup can be a great place to put makeup brushes or nice-smelling plants.

Q2: How to put bathroom accessories without drilling?

The market has accessory options that come with pads with adhesive tapes as a way of installation. The remarkable thing is that, apart from the fact that you will not have to open holes in the walls, they are so well glued that, for the most part, they offer to support weight of up to 5 kg without problem. 

In general, it is enough to clean the surface, remove the adhesive protector and stick holding for a few seconds. However, you must read in detail the type of surfaces that each product recommends and whose characteristics allow a strong adhesion that resists the promised weight. 

Q3: How to remove silicone glued bathroom accessories? 

Silicone is a great and frequent ally in all home environments. When it is fresh, it is used to paste or seal and when it dries it becomes like a rubber that must be delicately removed with a spatula so that the surface where it is glued is not damaged. 

To make its removal easier, you have ideas such as moistening it by keeping wet cloths for a few hours, try softening it with a hot air gun or use special removers on the market if you want something faster. 

Q4: How to clean the bathroom accessories? 

Cleaning these types of accessories is essential. Remember that where water accumulates there is a great chance of mold growth and bad smell. However, each manufacturer makes washing and cleaning suggestions depending on the type of material used to make the accessories.

For example, for those made of stainless steel, a damp cloth is usually sufficient. Those made of plastic can be washed with neutral soap and there are some made of ceramic that can even be put in the dishwasher. 

Q5: How to make bathroom accessories?

Hand in hand with creativity and your desire, you can create the most beautiful, useful and personalized accessories in the style of your bathroom decoration. For example, from a bar you can go to a sailor rope towel rack. The only thing you need is a thick rope that, supported by two metal supports and knotted at the ends, looks great next to the sink to place the hand towel.

To make your own containers for makeup brushes, toothbrushes, and mouthwash cups, recycling glass containers can work very well. You can decorate them with paint or string. And, for little ones, it’s fun to use plastic animal toys as toothbrush holders by cutting a hole in the top. 

Q6: Where to put the bathroom accessories? 

That depends on your style of decoration and the use you want to give it. For example, a trash can that comes in an accessory kit can be placed next to the toilet if you decide to use it as a trash can or in another corner when you use it as a container for children to put their clothes to take off when they go to the bathroom. 

Likewise, both the bars and hooks to hang towels or robes could be placed on the wall, on the side surface of the bathroom cabinet or even behind the door. It all depends on how practical you think the place of placement is. 

Q7: What are the most common bathroom accessories? 

The variety of accessories for the bathroom is numerous. From elements that have specific utility to those that serve as decoration have a place in this important space. Undoubtedly, among the most common are those that can give order and comfort to the placement of towels and bathrobes. 

On the other hand, a soap dish is also essential when using bar soaps, since it is used to place them and keep them dry without falling apart. Likewise, toothbrush holders, wastebaskets and toilet brushes are very common.

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