The 9 Best Bathroom Drawers of 2022

Bathroom drawer unit – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bathroom drawer units are a type of functional furniture that, depending on their model, can be placed in any room of the home, with the purpose of storing clothes, towels, personal care and cleaning products, among many other objects. When reviewing the options on the market, we see that there is a great variety in the designs and the volume of containment, highlighting the Sundis Country model, whose structure will allow you to store cloths and personal hygiene items, while adding a distinctive touch to the room., due to its finishes. For its part, the Curver 206314 is a bathroom chest of drawers with a modern style and spacious easy-open drawers.



The 9 Best Drawer Cabinets for Bathroom – Opinions 2022

The drawers are structures with a series of compartments in which you can store all kinds of objects, so their use is convenient to maintain order in any room of the home. Below, you will find nine bathroom drawer units recommended as the best of this year.

cheap bathroom chest of drawers

1. Sundis Tour 3 Storage Tower with 3 drawers

Recommended as the best bathroom chest of drawers, this model stands out with the Sundis quality seal, made of 100% polypropylene, which is a synthetic material with a pleasant touch, free of toxic agents, light and with a moderately flexible body. In addition, said plastic is resistant to water, so it is possible to clean it with water and detergent or expose it directly under the tap, without fear of deterioration.

It is a cheap bathroom chest of drawers, whose design consists of a vertical structure, which adapts to different spaces. However, the three built-in compartments are quite spacious, providing a maximum storage volume of 15 litres. In addition, special bearings with 360° rotation are incorporated, in order to provide a better user experience when moving the structure from one area to another, within the bathroom or other rooms.

Next, the pros and cons of what could be the best bathroom chest of drawers of the moment.


Cleaning: Due to its polymer construction, you can easily clean the structure with water and a mild detergent, to effectively remove dirt.

Bearings: Lower bearings are incorporated, in order to provide a fast displacement.

Compartments: The three compartments offer adequate interior space to store numerous objects.

Handles: Thanks to its handles it is possible to comfortably open and close each of the compartments.


Flimsy: The plastic used may seem a bit flimsy, but if you do not exceed its capacity, it can last for a long time.

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2. Bakaji Chrome Steel Beautician Trolley Drawer Unit

This is a cheap bathroom chest of drawers, which has managed to capture the attention of the brand’s followers, due to its resistant design and colorful aesthetics, in which a structure made of stainless steel stands out, with a pleasant chrome finish. 

Likewise, there are its four synthetic compartments, distributed vertically and each provided with a convenient knob. In this way, it is possible to open and close the drawers with total ergonomics. In addition, an additional shelf and a pair of handles are integrated at the top to improve handling.

The compartments offer a format of 32 x 37 centimeters, dimensions that are suitable for organizing cloths, makeup, personal hygiene products, cloths, brushes, among other objects. Additionally, you will find four bearings on the bases, whose purpose is to improve the mobility of the equipment within the bathroom.

To buy a successful bathroom chest of drawers, you should review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Compartments: Thanks to its spacious compartments, it is possible to store makeup, cloths, personal hygiene items or any other object.

Structure: The metallic structure used provides stability and resistance to the product.

Bearings: The four lower bearings are convenient for people to move the frame effortlessly.

Knobs: Its knobs allow you a comfortable grip, achieving a quick opening and closing of the drawers.


Colour: The color of its compartments may not be to the liking of all users, especially if you are looking for a discreet chest of drawers.

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Auxiliary drawer unit for bathroom

3. Curver Style Chest of 3 Drawers with Legs

When reviewing the purchase lists, we will find that this model has been commented, on several occasions, as one of the best bathroom drawers of 2022, for being designed with high-quality robust polymer and having detailed finishes, which recreate the wicker weave.. In this way, the product gives the room a highly attractive decorative and modern touch.

This is an auxiliary bathroom chest of drawers provided with three drawers, with a convenient front grip area and lower sliding system, by means of rails. In this way, a quick and safe slide is achieved to access the interior of said compartments.

In addition, this chest of drawers, which is also one of the cheap ones, has an upper shelf to place larger packages on it, while its four lower bases provide stability, so that the chest of drawers stands up and does not tip over unexpectedly due to the weight. of the load.

Curver could be the best brand of bathroom chests of drawers and this model is proof of that. Here, more details.


Drawers: The three built-in drawers have a spacious interior for the distribution of various elements.

Structure: Its rectangular structure adapts correctly to any corner of the bathroom.

Upper shelf: Thanks to its upper shelf, you can place larger packages.

Strength: The robust polymer used for the product offers strength and stability.


Cleaning: Cleaning may require a little time, since dirt tends to accumulate on the surface, due to its texture that imitates wicker.

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4. Homfa Wooden Drawer Cabinet Storage Bathroom Auxiliary

The Homfa house presents this auxiliary chest of drawers for bathroom, whose functional design can be used as a decorative element, due to its elegant aesthetics in white, granted by the detailed finishes applied in each of the cuts and joints of the structure.

For the manufacture of the furniture, MDF type wood was used, which is a resistant and easy-to-clean chipboard, since it is only necessary to slide a soft cloth over the surface, to remove accumulated dust and dirt.

It is worth mentioning that this chest of drawers has been provided with a total of four drawers with a spacious interior, so you can place towels, clothes, personal hygiene products, makeup or any small object you want. 

In addition, each compartment has a slotted handle that, together with the sliding rail system, manages to provide great ergonomics, precision and safety when opening and closing the drawers.

Here, we present the main details of this bathroom chest of drawers with a modern and spacious design.


Sliding rail: You will get a quick opening and closing of the drawers, thanks to the integrated sliding rails.

Handle: Slotted handles are incorporated into each of the drawers to provide an ergonomic grip.

Use: The use of the product is not only limited to the bathroom, since it is suitable for any corridor or corner of the home.

Cleaning: The structure offers a quick cleaning with a dry cloth, due to its smooth MDF surface.


Colour: Due to the light colour, this chest of drawers may require more frequent cleaning.

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Wicker chest of drawers for bathroom

5. Ts Ideen Natural chest of drawers with vintage look baskets

With this product from the Ts Ideen house, many people have been able to answer the question of which is the best bathroom chest of drawers. Its vintage-type design will give a distinctive touch to the room, due to the combination of high-quality materials. Such is the case of the paulownia wood structure, which provides stability to the furniture, while the four wicker drawers provide a breathable and resistant space for placing makeup, towels or any personal hygiene product.

For its part, the drawers of this wicker chest of drawers for bathroom incorporate a convenient grooved handle, so that you can open and close them with total ergonomics. Likewise, a cover in textile fabric stands out, with which it is possible to keep all the objects stored in the compartments protected from dust and dirt. Likewise, these covers complement the aesthetics of the furniture.

If you still don’t know which bathroom chest of drawers to buy, the recommendation is to review the pros and cons of this model.


Drawers: The wicker drawers offer a spacious and airy interior.

Structure: The structure has good resistance, thanks to its robust wood construction.

Use: The design of this chest of drawers is suitable for any space in the home, be it the bathroom, the kitchen or the bedroom.

Covers: Textile covers are incorporated for the drawers, which protect the objects from dirt and add a decorative touch to the furniture.


Dimensions: It is important to check the dimensions of the structure, since they could be a little reduced.

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Drawer cabinet for bathroom

6. Vasagle Bathroom Storage Cabinet with Drawers

With this bathroom chest of drawers, you will have a functional structure, in which you can store objects of various sizes in an organized way. In addition, thanks to the detailed finishes of the furniture, both in its cuts and joints, to the white enamel and its soft touch, it is possible to achieve an elegant aesthetic that will combine with the decoration of any room in the home.

The structure incorporates four drawers arranged vertically towards one side, while, on the opposite side, there is a cabinet with an easy-to-open door, by means of a metal knob with a secure closure, through a magnet. In addition, this last compartment has a removable tray, designed to be placed at three different heights, as you see fit.

Also, it is important to mention that the product has some anchors on the back, used to fix the structure to the wall. Thus, any type of unexpected overturning will be avoided.

Let’s find out more positive details and if there is anything to improve on this wooden bathroom chest of drawers.


Handles: You will be able to open and close the drawers comfortably, due to the integrated slotted handles.

Assembly: You will enjoy a simple assembly, since the parts are identified and the instruction manual is fully explanatory.

Anchors: In order to avoid unexpected overturning, you will have a system of rear anchors for the wall.

Bases: The built-in bases keep the structure off the floor, allowing easy cleaning under the cabinet.


Moisture: This type of wood tends to swell when exposed to moisture, so be careful.

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Bathroom chest of drawers with wheels

7. Bakaji Chromed Steel Beautician Trolley Chest of Drawers Pull Out Drawers

Bakaji is a recognized brand in the market, due to the manufacture of functional, resistant products, with aesthetic harmony and easy handling. Such is the case of this model which, according to reviews on the web, is considered the best value for money bathroom chest of drawers.

The structure of the product has been made of stainless steel tubes, highlighting a shelf at the top, for placing boxes or objects a little larger than those stored in the three vertical drawers. In this way, it is possible to make the most of the cargo space of the furniture.

On the other hand, this bathroom drawer unit with wheels has a pair of upper handles, so you can guide the sliding of the bearings with total precision. Likewise, these pieces will allow you to directly lift the structure, so that it will be possible to move the furniture over the stairs safely.

Among the cheapest bathroom drawer units in this list, this model stands out. Here, its advantages and disadvantages.


Structure: The metal structure provides resistance and a pleasant aesthetic, due to the chrome finish.

Usage: This is a auxiliary chest of drawers, suitable for the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

Bearings: Thanks to the wheels integrated into the bases, it is possible to move the chest of drawers on the floor.

Knobs: The knobs arranged on the drawers provide a comfortable grip for quick opening and closing.


Drawers: The storage space of each of the drawers may not be very large for some people.

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Plastic drawer unit for bathroom

8. Honor Jojoba Cabinet Drawers Plastic Narrow Shelving

This is a plastic bathroom chest of drawers that will not take up much space, due to its vertical and narrow format. However, the interior of its two compartments offers ample space, in which it is possible to distribute towels, personal hygiene items, cosmetics or any other small object in an organized manner.

Both the structure and the drawers have been made of polypropylene, which is a polymer with a robust body, capable of providing resistance and stability to the piece of furniture. In addition, it is a material that can be exposed to moisture without deteriorating, which facilitates the cleaning process, either with a cloth or directly under the water tap.

On the other hand, there is the issue of mobility, for which a system of four bearings was attached to the bases. In this way, it is possible to move the cabinet from one end of the room to the other with ease.

Next, you can review the good and less favorable aspects of this model.


Drawers: The spacious interior of the drawers is suitable for organizing various toiletries, cosmetics and towels. 

Bearings: The bearings arranged in the base allow the furniture to move easily.

Cleaning: You will have no problem cleaning the chest of drawers with water and detergent, due to its manufacture of moisture-resistant polymer.

Format: Thanks to its simple and narrow design, you can place the structure anywhere without taking up much space.


Colours: If you are looking for a colorful chest of drawers, it is possible that the tones used for this model do not meet this requirement.

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Narrow chest of drawers for bathroom

9. Songmics Narrow Cart with Wheels Storage Shelf

With this narrow bathroom chest of drawers, you can store any container of shampoo, body cream, gel, perfumes, cosmetics, among others. In the same way, the compartments are suitable for placing clothes, towels or, if you prefer, it is possible to store preserves and spices. Everything will depend on the home area where you decide to incorporate the cart.

For the manufacture of the furniture, polypropylene was used, a resistant material that will not deform or slide due to the weight of the load. Also, thanks to the fact that this polymer is waterproof, the chest of drawers is suitable for use in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

Regarding the structure, you will have two mutually adjustable modules, with a pair of drawers each. In this way, you can use the chest of drawers with four levels or separate it to enjoy two pieces of furniture, whose drawers have a width, height, and depth of 15.5 x 18 x 46 centimeters.

This is a bathroom chest of drawers with qualities that might interest you. More information below.


Assembly: The assembly of the levels is an intuitive task, which will not take much time. 

Use: This is a suitable piece of furniture to store objects and products typical of a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, sewing workshop, among others.

Bearings: You will be able to easily move the chest of drawers from one place to another, due to the lower bearings.

Handles: The drawers have ergonomic grip handles, which provide controlled opening and closing.


Anchors: The incorporation of rear anchors is missing, to fix the structure on the wall.

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Shopping guide

With the following guide to buying the best bathroom chest of drawers, you will be able to learn about the main characteristics of the furniture’s manufacture, assembly, safety, and operation that you must evaluate, in order to take home an effective, quality, and durable product.


The raw material used to manufacture a bathroom chest of drawers is an aspect that influences the level of quality offered by the product. Similarly, you could determine how much each model costs. Therefore, it is important to verify the thickness and resistance to humidity of the type of material used.

When reviewing the proposals for bathroom drawers on the market, the synthetic models stand out mainly, because they are waterproof and, therefore, protect the objects stored in the drawers. Also, plastic is usually easy to clean with soap and water. On the other hand, other designs combine polymer in the drawers and steel or aluminum for the structure. In this sense, it is convenient to make sure that the alloy has been treated against corrosion, to avoid deterioration of the piece.

In addition, there is furniture made of wood or MDF chipboard sheets, which are usually aesthetically attractive materials due to their color and applied finishes, since it is possible to polish the surface for a modern appearance, or wear it down in a vintage style.


The issue of safety is important in any product that we plan to purchase, so bathroom drawer units could not be the exception. It is a type of furniture that incorporates a series of drawers, which we must manipulate daily, so if the structure is not stable enough, it could slide, causing the objects placed on the upper shelf to fall. Likewise, it is possible to generate the unexpected overturning of the furniture.

In order to avoid this type of domestic accident, some models usually integrate, on the back of the structure, certain special anchors that allow the chest of drawers to be fixed to the wall. Certainly, this requires some drilling in the selected wall, using a drill and a bit. However, it is a simple task, for which it is not necessary to spend too much time.

Likewise, there are drawer units that incorporate non-slip coatings on their four bases, for greater safety and gain stability on tiled surfaces or other smooth materials.


The design, interior space, opening and closing of the drawers, are usually aspects that cannot be missing in any bathroom chest of drawers comparison, since, after all, the drawers are fundamental pieces of furniture.

The drawers must offer dimensions according to the products that we plan to store in them, since, otherwise, we will have problems organizing the objects and we will not take advantage of the space correctly. For example, by organizing the containers of shampoo, gel, moisturizers, among others, horizontally, there is a risk that the contents of the containers will spill. Therefore, it is best to place them vertically.

Similarly, it is prudent to check the method of opening and closing the compartments, for which it is recommended that the structure attaches a handle on the front, a knob or a grip slot. In any case, the important thing is that said piece can offer an ergonomic grip. Also, confirm that the manufacturer has integrated a rail and, if possible, a ball mechanism in the bottom edges of the drawers. Thus, a controlled and safe sliding will be achieved when opening and closing.


As is known, there are a large number of models when it comes to furniture for the bathroom, so getting a good and cheap chest of drawers is not a difficult task. You will only need to review the proposals that the market has for you. In this sense, you must be careful, since for the purchase of the chest of drawers to be considered really successful, the ideal would be that it offers a simple and intuitive assembly, in which we do not have to invest too much time.

Precisely, to avoid any type of complication when coupling the different parts of the structure, more and more manufacturers are incorporating an instruction manual, with the assembly step by step, explained in simple words and backed up with detailed images. Likewise, some brands list all the parts, for greater practicality. Thus, an immediate understanding of the fit of the parts is achieved.

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