The 9 Best Bathroom Furniture of 2022

Bathroom furniture – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The bathroom is one of the places where space is often scarce. Although if you have quality bathroom furniture, it is always easier to take advantage of that space and create a more welcoming environment, while having additional storage to store what you want. Something that you can enjoy with products like the SoBuy FRG126-W bathroom column. A model 144 centimeters high, 30 centimeters wide and five spaces, with two drawers and three shelves. If you want something even smaller, you can use the Vasagle BBC42WT model, with a base of 30 centimeters, a height of 89 centimeters and three spaces in total, two of them with a drawer.

The 9 Best Bathroom Furniture – Opinions 2022

The bathroom cabinet is one of those products that make our lives easier. In a complex environment such as the bathroom, this piece of furniture offers us space to store towels, cosmetic products, the dryer and all kinds of accessories that are usually necessary during our personal hygiene or to show off our best image. Fortunately, with this selection of the best bathroom furniture of 2022 that we have made, it will be much easier for you to see what is currently moving in the market and which is the ideal piece of furniture to take advantage of that space comfortably.

bathroom column cabinet

1. SoBuy Bathroom Column Furniture 

When it comes to looking for the best bathroom furniture of the moment, the Sobuy FRG126-W model is a versatile solution for different environments. We are talking about a bathroom column cabinet with measurements of 30 centimeters at the base, in a square format, as well as a total height of 144 centimeters. Enough to house a total of three shelves and two open drawers, in which to store and organize everything you need comfortably. 

All the pieces are made of resistant white lacquered DMF wood, so the product adequately resists use, as you would expect in the best bathroom furniture you can find. And so you don’t have to worry either, the furniture is also easy to assemble, with everything you need included in the kit.

So that you do not have problems when it comes to knowing which bathroom furniture to buy, all you have to do is read what we tell you about this interesting model.


Material: The product has been made of high quality MDF wood, with good resistance to moisture.

Variety : In this piece of furniture we find three shelves and two drawers, where you can easily organize all your things.

Finish : Its white lacquered finish fits perfectly in almost any bathroom.

Size : We are talking about a tall model and adjusted in size with respect to its base, 30 centimeters on a side. Therefore, you can place it in almost any bathroom without problems.

Assembly : Assembly is simple, including everything necessary to proceed in the kit.


Stability : Although the cabinet is stable in general, some users recommend fixing it to the wall for safety.

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wooden bathroom cabinet

2. Wooden Vasagle Bathroom Cabinet

The Vasagle BBC42WT wooden bathroom cabinet is another interesting alternative to make better use of the space in our bathroom. We are talking about a model that, although it does not come from the best brand of bathroom furniture on the market, does have everything necessary to be a quality model. Something that is perceived in its finish, which efficiently resists mold and moisture. 

Regarding its shape, we are talking about a column-type piece of furniture with a base of 30 centimeters in a square format, and a height of 89 centimeters. So it is the most interesting solution on the market to take advantage of those small spaces in the bathroom. In these dimensions we find three different spaces, with two drawers that we can place where it suits us best. As a finishing touch, its upper area can also be used as a shelf, but trying not to overload the product. A host of functions that help us decide which is the best bathroom furniture to take advantage of any space.

Although it is not a model that stands out for being a cheap bathroom furniture, the truth is that the product offers interesting functions, such as those listed below.


Resistant: The product is resistant to humidity and has a special treatment against mold.

Fixation : Includes a fixing rope to give you greater security when mounting the product.

Flexible drawers: The drawers can be placed in the position you like best, according to your needs.

Cleaning : Cleaning is as simple as wiping the surface of the product with a damp cloth.


Lack of guides: Since the drawers do not have guides, they can get caught by rubbing during use.

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bathroom cabinet with mirror

3. Miroytengo Wall-hung washbasin cabinet that includes a mirror

Having a cabinet with a bathroom mirror is essential to see ourselves when we comb our hair, put on makeup or shave, as appropriate. And thanks to the Miroytengo 104531 furniture, we will have a good storage space, a large mirror and a washbasin included with the kit, so you will not miss anything. 

The product has ample measures, 80 centimeters wide, 64 high and 45 deep. Its suspended format allows you to take advantage of all the interior space by having two doors and a central shelf, which divides the space. 

Regarding the mirror, it also has a good size, fitting perfectly into the set that forms the furniture and the sink. As if that were not enough, the product is very versatile, as it includes two side-opening doors and a large lower shelf, to make better use of that space.

Show off style and give your bathroom a new look with this complete cabinet, sink and mirror kit.


Suspended System : The suspended furniture makes it easier to clean underneath it and better isolate it from the ground and its humidity.

Versatile : The cabinet has two doors and a large lower shelf, to place whatever you want.

Economic : The product is an economical solution when equipping any bathroom almost completely.


Installation: Since we are talking about a suspended cabinet with a sink and mirror, it is not exactly one of the easiest models to assemble.

Screws : It is convenient to verify if the screws are suitable for our wall, changing them if necessary.

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Bathroom cabinet with reduced depth

4. Shower.es Suspended Bathroom Furniture Reduced Depth

If you need a compact product for small bathrooms, the Ducha.es Fresno Tea bathroom cabinet with reduced depth is the proposal that can best suit you. A product that has measures of 50 centimeters high by 35 deep and 60 or 80 centimeters wide, depending on your needs. A tight approach where there is no room for almost anything, such as the towel rail located on the side or the mirror on the top. 

In the body of the furniture we find two large drawers, to organize everything you need inside. And since we are talking about a complete kit to equip your bathroom, the product is also accompanied by the mirror and even the wall lamp on the top for lighting. A comprehensive proposal with which to change the image of any bathroom in an elegant way.

Let’s discover the highlights of this complete bathroom furniture and the rest of its accessories.


Narrow bottom: Since we are talking about a cabinet with a narrow bottom, it is ideal for the place where a conventional cabinet does not fit.

Finish: The product has quality materials and a beautiful dark ash finish.

Complete kit: The model is accompanied by a mirror, lamp and sink, so that renovating your bathroom is even easier for you.


Amount of light: Some comments indicate that the lamp does not give much light once installed.

Brackets : Although it is strange, the model does not include the brackets for the wall, which must be purchased separately.

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Rustic bathroom cabinet

5. Bathlux Bathroom Furniture 

If your bathroom is country style, then the Bathlux 50810 model is probably what you need to add storage space. This rustic bathroom cabinet has a typical under-sink design, so it fits perfectly under it, without taking up more space than necessary. It also has a hole to place the sink and the pipe, so its installation is easier. 

Regarding its design, we are talking about a product in a wardrobe format, with two large side-opening doors and measures 60 centimeters high by the same width and 30 centimeters deep. All this in a product with a beautiful rustic finish, combining the plain white color of the frame with the beautiful worn brown tone of the doors, so that it fits perfectly into any decoration project.

Give a traditional touch to your bathroom with this beautiful, spacious and elegant vanity unit.


Finish : Its finish in white and brown tones give the product an elegant look, with its conventional rustic appearance.

Handles : The furniture handles maintain the elegant line of the product, with a nice chrome.

Material : The MDF material of the product has good resistance to withstand the use and humidity of the bathroom.


Bottom : The product does not have a bottom, so what you put inside can be exposed from the back.

Height : Due to the height of the product, it is possible that part of the pipe is visible.

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Suspended bathroom cabinet 

6. Miroytengo Bathroom Furniture Set 

The suspended bathroom furniture has become a new trend with which to change the image of any bathroom. We have the proof in the complete Miroytengo 104561 kit, with which to have a wall-hung cabinet with a sink and an auxiliary column, to renew our bathroom and give it a very pleasant image. 

For this, we have a main piece of furniture 80 centimeters wide by 57 high and 45 deep, with ample space to store whatever we want. Something that helps to have two large drawers with large handles. The furniture is white with chrome handles, so the image of the product is also optimal. The set is finished off with an auxiliary column, also suspended, with a height of 150 centimeters, 30 centimeters wide and 25 centimeters deep, where to store towels and other objects.

Having ample storage and everything you need to equip your bathroom is very easy with this model.


Drawers: Its two large drawers offer you a very comfortable space to store everything you need.

Auxiliary column: In addition to including the matching cabinet, sink and mirror, you also have a wide auxiliary column, with two doors and ample interior space.

Handles : The wide metal handles make it easy to open the drawers without damaging them during use.


Assembly: Due to its characteristics, the furniture assembly process is somewhat more complex than in other simpler models.

Size: The product has considerable measurements, so it is not the most suitable for small bathrooms.

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Small bathroom cabinet

7. SoBuy FRG226-WN,ES 3 Tier Bathroom Shelf

Even the tightest of spaces will fit a small bathroom cabinet, like the SoBuy FRG226-WN model. This compact piece of furniture measures 74 centimeters high by 28 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters deep, so even in the smallest bathroom there will be no problem placing it. 

This space is divided into three shelves that decrease in height, the upper one being somewhat lower than the lower one. Something that makes it easier to place various objects on those shelves and keep the furniture more stable. Regarding its finish, it combines white elements, on the shelves, with touches of natural wood in the support area. And since this model has a high quality and is among the cheapest at the moment, we could be talking about the best value for money bathroom cabinet in our selection.

Having additional storage space in your bathroom without spending a lot is easy with this model, located among the cheapest on the market.


Assembly: Its assembly is simple and you will only need a few minutes to get it ready.

Finish : Compared to the usual smooth finish, this model combines white shelves with a support in a natural tone.

Compact : The product is very compact and is suitable even for very small bathrooms.


Capacity: It is obvious that, since we are talking about a compact product, it does not have a large capacity.

Upper shelf: The upper shelf has hardly any “barrier”, so its use is somewhat limited.

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vintage bathroom cabinet

8. VidaXL Solid Pine Wood Bathroom Cabinet

Having a traditional bathroom requires a vintage bathroom cabinet, such as the VidaXL 246035 model. This beautiful retro-style cabinet has been made of pine wood with a natural finish and visible grain, which gives a special touch to any room. in which we place the product. As if that were not enough, we are talking about a bathroom cabinet under the sink, so you can replace the foot of any sink without complications and simplifying its assembly. 

The rest of the elements of the product, such as the hardware or the handles, follow the same line, without clashing with the design. A model with measurements of 70 centimeters wide by 63 centimeters high and 32 centimeters deep, which makes it easy to have space to store the basic objects you need in the bathroom, well organized.

Giving a traditional touch to any bathroom is easy if you bet on this beautiful model with a classic cut and natural finish.


Under sink: Since we are talking about a product under the sink, it can be easily placed.

Finish: The natural wood finish is very elegant and gives a different touch to any room.

Comprehensive design: Both the hardware and the closure and rings maintain the vintage image of the rest of the product.


Interior: This model has a diaphanous interior, without shelves or any distribution in this area.

Appearance: Since the product has a natural construction, it is possible that the finish of the furniture received will differ in its appearance from the images.

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white bathroom cabinet

9. Vasagle Bathroom Cabinet

Having space to store everything you need is easier with the Vasagle LHC41W model. This white bathroom furniture has two bodies, with a side where we find a large door and two shelves, to store towels and other larger objects. On the other hand, on the left side we have four removable drawers, where to store all kinds of small objects. In total, the product measures 55 centimeters wide by 81 high and 30 deep, so it’s not too bulky either. 

It is finished off with details such as its beautiful white finish, present on all the tables of the product, or its resistant base, which prevents the risk of the product accidentally tipping over during use. All this without forgetting the ease of cleaning, thanks precisely to the quality of these finishes and materials.

Expand the storage space in your bathroom with this versatile mixed unit, with drawers and shelves. 


Mixed cabinet : The cabinet has an area with four drawers, as well as another with a door and two shelves.

Finishes : The product has an integral white finish in all its parts, with high quality.

Anti-tip : Thanks to the design of the legs, the model has less risk of tipping over than other similar products on the market.


Smell: The model gives off a somewhat strong smell during the first days, although with the passage of time it disappears.

Assembly : The product is delivered disassembled in about 50 pieces, the assembly process being somewhat complex.

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Shopping guide 

Making better use of the space in your bathroom is usually somewhat complicated. However, with a bathroom cabinet suitable for the available space and your preferences, it will be easy for you to get the most out of your bathroom and have everything at hand. A task in which you can rely on the advice of our guide to buying the best bathroom furniture, where we give you the guidelines that will guide you to find the perfect model for you without too many complications.

furniture type

One of the advantages that we have when buying bathroom furniture is the wide variety of products that we have at our disposal in the market. Something as easy to check as taking a look at any comparison of bathroom furniture that we have at our fingertips. So finding the perfect product for the bathroom is not a problem.

Among these models, we have the traditional bathroom column, which comes in both a cabinet format and a shelf type or even in a mixed approach. A question that offers us all kinds of distributions in terms of the number of shelves and others, to adapt the space to what suits you best.

Another interesting option is the vanity units, which help make better use of this lower space. They are pieces of furniture that come in a conventional or suspended model, so that you will have additional storage space, equally distributed on shelves, in drawers or in a mixed format, depending on what interests you. Finally, we have the conventional shelves, with variable height and different designs, very suitable for placing all kinds of objects and others in your bathroom.

Measurements and dimensions

We have already talked about the type of furniture that we have at our disposal, but the important thing is to have enough space to place them. The advantage of current products is that the offer is so wide that we can choose those that help us make the most of the space.

In general, we find large-format products, with standard measurements of about 60 or 80 centimeters wide and a variable-size background. These models are ideal for good-sized bathrooms and where there is a lot of space available. Regarding the depth, this also has a variable measure, although for smaller spaces you can also find products with a reduced depth, 30 or 35 centimeters.

As for the height, it is also variable, from column format bathroom furniture up to 2 meters high to more compact models that are barely 80 or 90 centimeters high. Again, the versatility of these products is key to getting the most out of the space. By the way, we are talking about the measures but it is also convenient to consider the distribution of that space, so that you can make the most of it.

Materials and finishes

So far we’ve talked about the more practical parts, so let’s take a look at the layout now. Something that is present even in affordable models, so dressing your bathroom with elegance is not going to be a problem. In general, these products are usually made of MDF or chipboard, with a good manufacturing quality. But there is also higher-level furniture made of other more noble woods, such as pine and other similar ones. Something that, logically, influences how much the product costs.

The most common finish and appearance in this furniture is lacquer, which has a high resistance when it comes to withstanding humidity and the usual conditions of use of these products. This lacquer is usually present in different colors, white being the most common of them, although we can also find gray, brown and other similar tones, according to the most current lines.

The other large group are products with rustic or vintage finishes. These finishes have an ideal appearance to fit into this type of more traditional style bathroom. An aspect that is present both in the planks and in the handles, the fittings and the other elements, just as it happens in the most modern or current line products. It is enough to search well to find the model that most interests us, since the market offer is wide and varied.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to organize a bathroom cabinet?

If you have done your homework when buying your bathroom furniture, surely you have chosen a piece of furniture that is well distributed inside and that makes it easy to place everything as it should. In any case, it is always a good idea to be clear about what you are going to put inside to know how to organize it. In general, if you are going to put towels or textiles, or toilet paper and other items sensitive to moisture, they should be away from sources of moisture. You can also use trays or baskets to put things inside the closet and make better use of that space, being one of the most current trends. 


Q2: How to make a bathroom cabinet?

The process of making a bathroom cabinet depends on what we have planned. However, in almost all cases we are talking about a piece of furniture with a main body format, whether rectangular or square, lengthwise or widthwise. This main body must be built with high-resistance planks, later adding shelves according to what you need, both in number and height. Adding doors is an option, although it is usual to have an open design, as it is more comfortable. Finally, what is necessary to add are the legs, which must support the furniture and adequately separate it from the ground, considering where it will be mounted.


Q3: How to clean a bathroom cabinet?

To clean your bathroom furniture easily, all you need is a soft cloth and a suitable cleaner. We will start by removing the dust with a duster or similar to pour, then a wood cleaning product or general cleaner, depending on the finish of the product. A few drops on the cloth are enough to clean the entire piece of furniture. We will rinse the product with a cloth soaked in some water if necessary. You can top it off with a polish if you want.

Q4: How to install a suspended bathroom cabinet?

The process of installing a suspended bathroom cabinet is similar to that of placing a conventional cabinet, although you will need to equip yourself with a drill and a screwdriver to carry out this assembly. Start by marking the areas to be drilled, where the brackets will be installed. Do not forget to see the height of the furniture according to what you need, so that everything fits. Once the supports are assembled, all you have to do is place the furniture, either by inserting it or hanging it, so that it is firmly attached to the wall.


Q5: How to restore a bathroom cabinet?

The restoration process will depend on both the state of the furniture and its specific characteristics. If the problem is just paint, all you have to do is remove the old paint, give it a coat of anti-humidity primer and proceed to paint the furniture with the color that you like the most. If the product has been affected by water or has cracks and breaks, then we must fix them beforehand, using a wood filler or similar and sanding as necessary. Don’t forget to replace handles, hinges and other elements that are necessary, depending on their condition.

Q6: How to paint a lacquered bathroom cabinet?

Lacquered bathroom furniture has an outer layer that prevents its conventional painting, unless specific paints are used for this type of material. However, even using these products it will always be necessary to lightly polish the surface of the furniture, in order to create the base on which the new paint can properly grip after painting. If you finally remove all the previous lacquer and leave the wood exposed to paint, do not forget to prime it before painting with a protector that is efficient against humidity, since this will give more durability and quality to the furniture finish.

Q7: How to put a bathroom cabinet with a floor drain?

The assembly process of this type of furniture does not have more complications than a conventional furniture, since these do not usually have a bottom and allow to operate directly on the pipe. We will start by placing the furniture normally, although without the bottom elements or the doors, to have greater maneuverability.

Next, we will place the drain pipe from the sink to the floor, making the corresponding connections and isolating them to prevent leaks. As an extra, it is convenient to fix the furniture firmly, to prevent its possible movement from detaching the pipe from the ground and causing problems.

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