The 9 Best Bathroom Furniture of 2022

Washbasin furniture – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, it is necessary to have a good quality washbasin cabinet that allows you to make the most of all the free space to make the bathroom more welcoming. To give you an idea of ​​what you might be looking for, we recommend the Trendteam Cabinet 132430190. A shelf-type piece of furniture made from wood, designed with a hole to place the siphon, which also fulfills its function to store bathroom accessories. Another interesting piece of furniture is the Intradisa 8915, 70 cm wide, 67 cm high and 45 cm deep, with 2 doors and a height-adjustable shelf inside to maximize storage space.

The 9 Best Bathroom Furniture – Opinions 2022

The sink cabinet is a suitable product to take advantage of the space in the bathroom, because in it you can store towels, personal hygiene products, the hair dryer and other items that are usually in this area. But we know that it is not easy to choose this type of furniture, so to help you we have made a selection of the best sink furniture of 2019, so that you can determine which one is best for you to make the most of the bathroom.

Basin cabinet for washbasin 

1. Trendteam Wooden Cabinet Furniture  

When it comes to looking for the best quality-price bathroom cabinet, the Cabinet model from Trendteam Furniture is a good option to decorate your bathroom. We are talking about a cabinet-type base unit for washbasin with dimensions of 65 cm wide, 56 cm high and 35 cm deep, divided inside with a plank to provide two storage compartments where you can organize your toiletries. staff with comfort. In addition, it has a very competitive and affordable price in the market.

Its design is of modern lines and its pieces are made of wood agglomerate in a San Remo-type light oak finish, with two doors that open easily and a hole to place the siphon. 

Another advantage that this model offers is that its installation is very simple and includes all the necessary kit for assembly, so you can do it yourself.

If you want to know which sink cabinet to buy, we invite you to read the other interesting aspects of this model.


Material: The washbasin cabinet has been made of high-quality wood chipboard, offering good resistance to signs of moisture.

Storage: In this model you will find a board that divides the interior into two shelves so that you can comfortably organize your personal belongings.

Finish: The San Remo light oak finish of this piece of furniture adapts to any decoration in your bathroom.

Measurements: This piece of furniture has a height of 56 centimeters and has a size in relation to its base of 35 centimeters on a side. So, you can place it in almost any bathroom without problems.


Color: The color of the photos may not exactly match the original model when you receive it, but it is not much difference.

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Pedestal washbasin cabinet 

2. Intradisa Bathroom cabinet under washbasin 8915 Wenge

The Intradisa 8915 pedestal washbasin cabinet is another interesting option to take advantage of the space in our bathroom in a more efficient way. It is one of the best washbasin cabinets of 2019, since it has a beautiful finish that provides resistance to moisture, being made with 30 and 16 mm thick melamine board, making it a quality piece of furniture. 

It also includes 4 PVC legs that raise it 7 cm from the ground for greater comfort, while the door handles are made of high-resistance metal.

Its design is cabinet type with 2 doors and inside, it has a height-adjustable shelf so you can adapt it according to your storage needs. Its square format is 70 centimeters wide, 67 centimeters high and 45 centimeters deep, an appropriate size to make the most of the space in your bathroom.

This model could be the best sink cabinet of the moment, because it is comfortable and functional, fully fulfilling its storage purpose. Learn a little more about this product.


Doors: This piece of furniture has two practical doors with metal handles that give it a touch of elegance and simplicity.

Material: It is made with top quality melamine boards that provide resistance and functionality to the furniture.

Legs: This model incorporates a set of 4 legs made of PVC that raise it 7cm from the ground. So you can comfortably clean under it.


Assembly: The furniture comes in separate pieces for its assembly, being necessary to pay close attention to the instructions to assemble it without difficulty.

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Vanity unit with foot 

3. Premier Housewares Under Sink Cabinet 

This Premier Housewares model is a piece of furniture designed for pedestal sinks, made of top quality plywood, which incorporates two doors with internal shelves for storage in its structure. In this way, the result is a space-saving solution, to keep the bathroom tidy, which is why many users consider it to be the best sink unit on the market.

This pedestal sink cabinet has dimensions of 30 cm deep, 60 cm high and 60 cm wide. Meanwhile, in its internal part it has a cut width of 18.5 cm and 22 cm from back to front, to fit the furniture around the pedestal of the sink without difficulty.

Additionally, this piece of furniture comes with a white lacquer finish with modern chrome handles, which make it a very attractive set, as it can be easily combined with any bathroom decoration.

Premier Housewares has more than 50 years of experience in the home furniture market, so its products are synonymous with quality, earning it a place as the best bathroom furniture brand in our selection.


Design: This cabinet has been designed to fit around a pedestal sink, with the necessary cutouts to fit properly.

Material: It has been manufactured with good quality plywood, which gives it elegance and resistance.

Handles: It has two chrome handles on the doors that match the white color of the furniture.


Bottom: This piece of furniture does not have a back bottom due to its design for pedestal sinks, so the things you store will be exposed in this area. 

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Basin cabinet with reduced depth 

4. Starbath Plus Suspended Bathroom Furniture Set 

Are you interested in knowing which is the best sink cabinet? We recommend you take a look at this model offered by Starbath Plus. A kit that offers a space to store your bathroom items, a small sink and a practical mirror so you can shave, comb your hair or put on makeup without any problems.

This model is a small washbasin cabinet with dimensions of 40 x 48 x 22 cm. Meanwhile, the sink measures 40 x 22 cm and the mirror has 40 x 44 cm, adapting perfectly to bathrooms with little space. In addition, its suspended format allows you to take better advantage of the interior of the furniture, since it has a single door and a central compartment without divisions.

If you like this washbasin cabinet with a reduced depth, you should know that it does not incorporate a siphon, or LED wall light, valve or tap, it only includes the fittings to hang it.

For those who still don’t know which sink cabinet to buy, we recommend this model to give your bathroom a new style, since it includes the cabinet, mirror and sink.


Suspended format: This model has been designed with a suspended format, to facilitate cleaning under the furniture and protect it from the ground or humidity.

Interior: The furniture has a single door and a fairly large internal compartment, so you can put your belongings.

Size: It is a small and practical piece of furniture for a bathroom with limited space, since it incorporates a mirror and the sink in a single product.


Accessories: It only includes the hardware for mounting on the wall, but it does not come with the taps, the siphon or the LED wall light, which translates into an additional expense.

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Suspended washbasin cabinet 

5. Shower.es Mizar Bathroom Set Reduced Depth

For those who are looking for a wall-mounted washbasin cabinet, this bathroom product Ducha.es Mizar is a very interesting proposal that could suit you. It is a compact piece of furniture that has dimensions of 60 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters deep, although you can also purchase the 80 x 35 cm model, depending on your preferences.

This product has two large drawers to store your bathroom items and you have the option of being able to choose the color of your choice, as it comes in gloss white lacquer, Tea Ash and Sinatra Oak, to give it a touch of elegance and harmony. to your bathroom.

Many people consider this to be the best vanity unit, because it includes a kit with a ceramic washbasin, a LED wall light to place it on the mirror or wall, an aluminum towel rack and, depending on the model chosen, it could also come with a smooth mirror. 

Although this model is not one of the cheapest in our selection, it is a worthwhile investment, as it is backed by a brand that offers quality products with good finishes. 


Bottom: This piece of furniture has a narrow bottom, which is ideal for a bathroom with small spaces, adapting comfortably.

Finish: This product is made of good quality materials and has a nice glossy white finish, making it look more elegant.

Washbasin: The piece of furniture is accompanied by a ceramic washbasin, a lamp and, if you prefer, also a mirror, making it a complete option to renovate the bathroom.


Faucets: This model does not include faucet or pipe accessories, which must be purchased separately for the sink to work.

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Countertop washbasin cabinet 

6. Tendance Furniture Above the Basin or Sink 

For those looking for a cheap washbasin cabinet, Tendance has among its models this product designed to slide under the washbasin with 2 convenient doors, with a height of 70 centimeters and a width of 60 centimeters, distributed on an internal shelf that offers optimal storage 30 centimeters deep. In addition, due to its affordable price, it is considered by many to be the best value for money washbasin cabinet.

Its structure is made of good quality MDF wood and is lacquered in white with attractive gray details that attract attention, being a simple solution to give your bathroom an elegant touch and optimize its storage space.

It should be noted, regarding its design, that this countertop washbasin cabinet has a precise cut to allow the siphon to pass without rubbing against the surface of the cabinet and is mounted on feet, which facilitate cleaning the bathroom.

If you still have doubts about which sink cabinet to buy, we recommend you continue reading the characteristics of this model.


Under the sink: This piece of furniture is designed to slide under the sink, making it very easy to install.

Finish: It is made of good quality MDF wood, with a white and gray finish that adds elegance to any room.

Storage: It has an internal shelf to maximize storage in the cabinet and opens through 2 comfortable doors.


Low: This model only has 70 centimeters in height, which could be very low for people with tall statures.

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Double washbasin cabinet 

7. Stano Java Double Sink Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

If you prefer a wooden washbasin cabinet, we recommend this model from the firm Stano, because it is made with exotic natural teak wood, so it is highly resistant to the passage of time and is not damaged when it comes into contact with water. So, this cabinet will effectively withstand all the demands of a bathroom and will last you for years, which is why many think that it is the best bathroom cabinet.

Its structure is that of a double washbasin cabinet 140 centimeters long, 50 centimeters wide and 75 centimeters high, with three storage compartments, with two doors on the sides and the middle one open, being a piece of furniture suitable for storing towels and other large items.

Additionally, its design has been designed to include the sinks, taps, siphons and drains that are needed and you can choose them to your liking. In addition, it is necessary to apply some matte varnish or wax to protect the furniture, since it comes without treatment or lacquer. 

Learn a little more about this wooden piece of furniture designed for a large bathroom, with a double sink and three large storage compartments.


Resistance: Thanks to its solid wood construction, this piece of furniture provides great resistance and durability.

Size: It is a large piece of furniture 140 centimeters long, with three large compartments and two doors to organize your bathroom.

Finish: The product comes with a natural wood look so you can give it the finish you prefer to match your bathroom decor.


Price: This model is the most expensive of our selection, although you should consider that it is a solid wood piece of high quality and resistance, making it a product that will last for years.

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Roca washbasin cabinet 

8. Roca Unik Victoria Basic 800mm

A Roca washbasin cabinet is an interesting option to give an elegant look to any bathroom. With Roca’s Unik Victoria Basic Nogal A855852222 model you will have a washbasin cabinet with a timeless, simple and functional design, which will comfortably fit into the space available in your bathroom to give it a pleasant and distinguished appearance. 

Its installation is of the suspended type, but if you wish you can adapt a pair of legs that are purchased separately. So, we are talking about a bathroom furniture with two comfortable drawers with straight and simple lines, with an oak wood appearance that makes it look more elegant, being this union of characteristics that help to decide which is the best furniture for sink to take advantage of the space we have available in the bathroom. 

To finish, this piece of furniture has a diameter of 80 centimeters wide by 56.5 high and 46 deep, so it has ample space to store your bathroom accessories.

This model is backed by a company that is distinguished by the quality of its furniture. Learn more about your Victoria Basic furniture.


Drawers: It has two large drawers that offer a comfortable space to store everything you need in bathroom items.

Washbasin: This product includes a ceramic washbasin integrated into the base of the furniture.

Handles: This model has practical metal handles to facilitate the opening of the drawers and avoid damaging them.


Accessories: This model does not include suspension legs or taps, accessories that must be purchased separately.

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Rustic washbasin cabinet 

9. Bathlux Bathroom Furniture 50810

If the decoration of your bathroom is country style, the Bathlux 50810 model could be the rustic sink cabinet you need to complement this space. This piece of furniture has a low format to integrate the washbasin perfectly under it, taking advantage of this storage space. In addition, its design includes the hole to place the sink with its respective pipe, to facilitate installation. 

Another outstanding feature of this model is that it is designed in the shape of a cabinet with two large doors that open to the sides and dimensions of 60 x 60 centimeters in terms of the height and width of the cabinet, while the depth is 30 centimeters. 

The structure is made from MDF wood that gives it great lightness, the frame being combined in a matte white tone with a striking aged oak color on the doors, which make it more welcoming.

This model is one of the cheapest in our selection, but it is perfect for giving your bathroom a traditional look, with a rustic and simple touch.


Rustic: Its traditional rustic design with white and brown finishes add elegance to the model.

Accessories: The handles to open the furniture doors have a striking chrome to maintain the elegance of the style.

Resistance: This piece of furniture is made of MDF wood, which gives it great resistance against humidity and continuous use in the bathroom.


Bottom: The back of this piece of furniture is completely exposed, since it has no bottom, so everything you store in it will be seen from behind.

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Shopping guide 

For many people it is often difficult to make the most of the space in the bathroom, because they do not know what furniture they can incorporate into the decoration. An effective solution to this problem is a washbasin cabinet that adapts to the space that we have available in the bathroom, that matches the environment and that allows you to have all your personal hygiene accessories at hand. This task can be easier if you take into account this guide to buy the best sink cabinet, because through it we make known the most important aspects that must be considered when purchasing this product, so that it is the most successful investment without many inconveniences.

Vanity unit and its types

The first thing you should determine if you plan to purchase bathroom furniture is the type of element you want, because if you browse the web you will see that there is a wide variety of furniture that the market makes available to you, so it would not be a problem finding the one that is perfect for your bathroom.

In this sense, we have to talk about the sink furniture, these are appropriate to take advantage of the space that is in the lower part of the sink. They are presented with a conventional design and also suspended, providing adequate space to store towels or other objects, since they incorporate shelves, drawers or both at the same time, so you could choose the one that best suits you.

Another interesting model that is widely sold is the traditional bathroom column that comes as a shelf or a cupboard-type approach, although there are pieces of furniture that are designed with both formats, but in both ways it is perfect for including different distributions in the living space. bathroom and adapt it to your taste for greater comfort.

Furniture size and shape

When we make a comparison of sink furniture, we realize that there are models of different sizes and shapes, so it is vitally important to know what space we have in our bathroom, since it depends on it that the furniture we we choose adapts perfectly to the place where we will place it.

In this context, you can find products that have large formats with measures between 60 and 80 cm in length, with a bottom that can vary in its dimensions. They are suitable models for large bathrooms with ample space available. 

There are also pieces of furniture that are suitable for small spaces, since their interior is between 30 and 35 centimeters deep, a suitable measure for storing small things, towels and personal hygiene items. But all these pieces of furniture usually have a variable height, in addition there are column-type bathroom furniture that can reach a height of approximately 2 meters, while the compact models do not exceed 90 cm in height.

As you will realize, the options are many in terms of this type of furniture, so as we already told you, the important thing is to be clear about the space available in your bathroom to achieve the incorporation of a sink cabinet without inconvenience and that combines with the design of your bathroom.

Design and materials

Another aspect that you should consider is the design of the sink cabinet, regardless of whether it is very expensive or if the cabinet is the cheapest, because this feature is present in both cases, so you can decorate your bathroom with an elegant style. and cutting edge. 

You will also find furniture with a retro or vintage design, with rustic finishes, mainly designed for those who prefer traditional decoration. In this sense, you can identify this style in the hardware, planks and elements to open the furniture doors. Likewise, you can find these details in bathroom furniture with modern lines, with a minimalist or Scandinavian style. You just have to do a detailed search so you can find the furniture that interests you. 

In relation to the materials of this type of bathroom furniture, you should consider those that are made with good quality materials and that provide a guarantee of durability. This element greatly affects how much the sink cabinet costs, but it is worth investing your money in something that is resistant, since it is not something that we are going to change every year. 

So, look at models with laminated, lacquered, MDF or chipboard finishes and, if you have a loose budget, you can look for those made with solid oak or walnut wood, which are highly resistant to moisture, since you should be aware of this furniture will be in contact with water or steam in the bathroom, being necessary that they are durable.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a sink cabinet?

A sink cabinet is mainly used to organize or store accessories and personal items, to store towels, toiletries, cosmetics, etc. Its usefulness goes in harmony with its design, since there are shelf-type models, with drawers and several compartments for a better distribution of space. What is sought with the sink cabinet is to maintain order in the bathroom and best of all, you can complement the decoration with towel racks, mirrors, among other elements, to maximize the cabinet’s storage potential.


Q2: How to paint a sink cabinet? 

To paint a wooden sink cabinet, first you need to sand the entire surface to remove the remains of the old paint, so that a base is formed for the new paint to adhere properly. After you have sanded the entire structure, it is advisable to apply a layer of wood protector, to make it more resistant to moisture, which will give the furniture more durability and a better finish. Now, apply the paint of the color of your choice, let it dry and then, if necessary, you can apply a second layer to give the lacquer more uniformity. Let it dry overnight and voila.

Q3: How to organize the sink cabinet?

As we have seen, the washbasin cabinet has a well-distributed interior space, with shelves that act as shelves or with comfortable drawers that facilitate internal organization. So, the important thing is to know what things we are going to store inside the cabinet. In general, in this place we usually place towels, toilet paper, shampoo, soaps, cosmetics, hair or beard shaving implements, among other items. Another way to organize the drawers is by using baskets or small trays to optimize the space of the furniture.

Q4: How to stick the sink to the cabinet?

To stick the sink to the cabinet, it is important to use a resistant glue, such as silicone for bathrooms and kitchens, because it is the most suitable for resisting humidity. The first thing you should do is check the contact points between the sink and the furniture structure. Next, place a considerable amount of silicone around the entire base of the furniture where the sink will be fixed. Now, very carefully you have to bring the sink in the correct position on the furniture, press firmly and let it dry for approximately 24 hours, so that it is fully glued and sealed.

Q5: How to modernize a washbasin cabinet?

To modernize your bathroom, you need to take a walk through the decoration pages, so you can get an idea of ​​the new design trends in terms of sink furniture. If you like the minimalist style, we recommend looking for washbasins with wall-mounted furniture, since these models have displaced pedestal washbasins from the market, because they take up a lot of space in the bathroom. A good alternative is to install a bowl-shaped sink on a shelf, because with this you will achieve a feeling of modernity and give space to small spaces. 

Q6: How to adapt a piece of furniture to a sink?

The first thing we must check is the format of the cabinet, if it is a pedestal sink cabinet or if it is suspended, since in both cases it is necessary to verify that the water pipe fits perfectly in the cabinet. If it is a cabinet for a pedestal sink, these usually have a hole that fits snugly to the shape of the foot of the sink and they do not have a back wall to facilitate installation.

It is recommended to place the furniture to the structure of the washbasin, without the doors or the bottom elements, so that the maneuver is easier. Then, the drainage pipe, the taps and the necessary supports are placed to hold the sink to the cabinet. Now, install the rest of the furniture pieces, doors, handles and supports.

Q7: How to install a suspended washbasin cabinet?

To install a wall-hung washbasin cabinet you must have a screwdriver and a drill at hand to fix it to the wall. The first thing you should do is mark the area to be drilled, as the supports will be installed at those points. Take into account the height of the furniture in relation to the available space in your bathroom, so that it fits perfectly. When you have assembled the supports, you will need to place the furniture on them. There are models with formats of supports that are inserted between them and there are others that are hung, what you must specify in both cases is that the furniture is firmly attached to the wall.

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