The 9 Best Bathroom Sconces of 2022

Bathroom Wall Lamp – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are many bathroom fixtures on the market, so getting one that suits our usage needs will depend on how careful we are in carrying out the respective search. In any case, the important thing is to review the main quality indicators and sound out the options of other users. For example, the Aourow XGJ018 300 5.0 is a low energy consumption luminaire, with a resistant design and easy installation, which will give your bathroom a distinctive touch that everyone will notice. But, if you are looking for white light equipment that allows you to accurately view your face in front of the mirror, the Oowolf Moonlight Goddess II model is a good option.

The 9 Best Bathroom Sconces – Opinions 2022

Bathroom wall lights are functional pieces with varied designs, capable of aesthetically satisfying the tastes of the most demanding people. However, for this to be possible, we need to know how to choose the right model for our bathroom, so we present nine designs below that, according to users, could be the best this year.

bathroom mirror wall light

1. Aourow Mirror Lamp Bathroom LED 5W 230V

For many, this could be the best value-for-money bathroom fixture, made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and polyvinyl chloride or PVC polymer. In addition, its design has great visual appeal and adapts to any style of bathroom; by providing an elegant touch, which will hardly go unnoticed.

This bathroom mirror wall light offers quick and intuitive mounting, whether on the wall, above the mirror or in any cabinet. In addition, it is a device with a power of five watts with a type A+ energy classification label, which represents low electricity consumption, which will not significantly affect the monthly billing and will take care of the environment.

Also, you will be interested to know that the light projection of the LED bulbs is of a natural white tone with a temperature of 4000 Kelvin and they provide a useful life of approximately 35,000 hours of use.

Among the cheapest bathroom fixtures, this model stands out. Here, more of its details.


Useful life: According to the manufacturer, you can enjoy up to 35,000 hours of use, making it a durable device.

Safety: Thanks to the IP44 protection system, you can stop worrying about short circuits due to splashes.

Consumption: Its A+ classification label indicates low electricity consumption, which will not affect your billing.

Structure: You will not have to worry about corrosion, since the structure is made of high-quality stainless steel.


Noise: The computer may make a small humming noise when you turn it on, but after a few seconds it stops.

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led wall light for bathroom

2. Oowolf 12W 1200LM Led Mirror Wall Lamp

Oowolf, on this occasion, presents us with a LED wall light for the bathroom valued among the cheapest in this selection of recommended products, made with high-end materials and with a simple, but modern design.

For the structure, aluminum with a chrome finish was used, a robust, non-deformable and light material, which is convenient when handling the wall light to mount it on the wall. For its part, the built-in 700 lumen bulb projects a natural light with a color of 6000 Kelvin, suitable to provide you with a good view of your face, in the bathroom mirror.

It is worth mentioning that the bulb has a power of eight watts for low energy consumption, which not only favors your monthly electricity bill, but also cares for the environment. In addition, according to the manufacturer, you will not have to worry about spare parts, because its useful life is around 30,000 hours of use. 

Next, know the good and the bad of acquiring this Oowolf bathroom fixture that stands out among the options on the market.


Lighting: Its bright white light will allow you to apply makeup comfortably.

Consumption: This A++ energy class luminaire offers low power consumption, which is flattering for your pocket and the environment.

Protection: The IP20 protection treatment prevents deterioration caused by splashes and dust.

Duration: You will not have to worry about quickly acquiring replacement bulbs, since its useful life is 30,000 hours of use.


Assembly: The assembly could be a bit messy, but you will be able to clarify your doubts thanks to the instruction manual.

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Vintage bathroom mirror wall light

3. MantoLite Led Wall Lamps 8W Bedroom Lighting

This is a luminaire valued as one of the best bathroom wall lights of 2022, whose modern and easy-to-assemble design offers a 40-centimeter horizontal structure, made of brass with a matte finish. Likewise, the fixing base incorporates stainless steel, while the screen is acrylic, for a better distribution of the light when it is projected, even avoiding the generation of heat due to radiation.

It is a vintage bathroom mirror wall lamp with an innovative head with a 270° rotation mechanism, which will allow you to adjust the light beam up to 120°. The bulb used is of the halogen type, with a power of eight watts and low consumption, thanks to its classification of type A++. 

In addition, a practical chain switch and an IP20 protection treatment stand out in the equipment, which will prevent the deterioration of the electrical system due to humidity.

MantoLite is valued as the best brand of bathroom fixtures, due to its high quality standards. Let’s get to know other details of one of its models.


Lighting: The warm white light projected by the bulbs is pleasing to the eye.

Efficiency: Its energy efficiency A++ offers low power consumption.

Head: The turning mechanism of the head allows a better adjustment of the projection of the light.

Use: You will have no limitations when using this equipment, since its design is suitable for mounting in any room.


Switch: Your chain switch might not be to everyone’s taste. However, it is elegant and easy to manipulate.

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bathroom wall light

4. Azhien Led Mirror Lamp 10W 820LM

For those who have not defined which is the best bathroom wall light, it would be helpful to know a little about this model made by the Azhien house, made of high-end stainless steel, which offers resistance and non-deformability. For its part, the area of ​​the connections is plastic, thus allowing correct electrical insulation for safer handling.

This bathroom wall light incorporates a special IP44 treatment, which protects the electrical area from deterioration due to splashes and both the screen and the exterior of the structure from mist. 

Its assembly is simple and suitable for furniture, mirrors and any wall in general, because the fixing supports can be removed and incorporate pre-drilling. Similarly, the bulb has a power of 10 watts, 820 lumens and low power consumption, up to 90% less than conventional bulbs.

This model is a good option for those who still do not know which bathroom wall light to buy. Here are its pros and cons.


Protection: The IP44 treatment that the product has protects it from humidity and prevents fogging.

Mounting: Thanks to its removable and pre-drilled support, you can mount the wall light on any cabinet, wall or mirror.

Electrical network: For greater practicality, the wiring can be incorporated directly into the electrical network of your home.

Lighting: The projected white light is suitable for the bathroom and bedrooms, due to its clarity.


Off: When you turn off the equipment you could perceive a slightly dim reflection of light, but it is not annoying.

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LED mirror wall light for bathroom

5. Glighone Apply Bathroom Mirror Light 21 Led 5W

This is a LED wall light for bathroom mirror with the Glighone quality seal, which has managed to capture the attention of buyers due to its design in acrylic aluminum and stainless steel, in which well-cared finishes stand out, highlighting the quality of the equipment.. 

Its resistant and light materials allow convenient handling, for quick and easy assembly; since, in addition, it incorporates all the necessary material to carry out said fixing task.

The fixture attaches a switch to the frame to turn its five-watt bulb on or off. On the other hand, the projection of said light is cold white, has an adjustable angle of 180° and has low consumption, compared to incandescent lighting systems. Thus, you will achieve energy savings of up to 80%, being able to use the equipment without fear of raising the costs of the monthly electricity bill. 

This is a bathroom wall light with a series of advantages and disadvantages that could be interesting, so we summarize them below.


Lighting: The cool white light projected by the spotlights will allow you a clear view.

Switch: You can easily turn the equipment on or off, thanks to the switch built into the structure.

Accessories: You will not have to invest in installation accessories, since they are incorporated with the purchase. 

Consumption: The luminaire offers low electricity consumption, allowing you to save money on your monthly billing. 


Wattage: The five-watt wattage of the bulbs might be a bit low for large bathrooms.

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light fixture for bathroom

6. Aogled Bathroom Mirror Lamp 10W

Considered the best bathroom wall light, this horizontal model stands out with an easy mounting base on the wall, any type of cabinet or mirror, by means of a built-in clamp.

The equipment has managed to capture the attention of buyers due to its elegant structure made of robust stainless steel, with a pleasant chrome finish and soft touch. Likewise, it incorporates acrylic plastic, which is responsible for insulating the heat and a special IP44 protection treatment, to avoid deterioration caused daily by splashes, mist and dust.

It is worth mentioning that this bathroom light fixture incorporates a 10-watt bulb, 820 lumens and a cold white tone temperature, which will allow you good visibility at all times. There is also the angle of the projected light, which is adjustable up to 180°, depending on your needs for use in the bathroom.

This could well be the best bathroom wall light of the moment, according to users. Here are its positive and negative aspects.


Light angle: The adjustable light angle allows a wide coverage of the space.

Lighting: Its cool white lighting allows for better vision and generates less heat.

Bulb: The bulb offers an average lifespan of 35,000 hours, so you won’t have to worry about replacements.

Protection: This equipment is suitable for damp spaces, thanks to the built-in IP44 protection.


Wattage: The wattage is likely to be a bit low if you want high-intensity lighting.

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Bathroom wall light with switch

7. Luxvista 9W Adjustable Angle Led Bathroom Mirror Light

If you want to incorporate a bathroom wall light with a switch into your home, which allows you to quickly manipulate and adjust the angle of light, with a modern cut design and a structure made of resistant materials, you should review this model patented by Luxvista.

It is an easy-to-assemble luminaire, which is suitable for being placed on the wall or on the mirror in the bathroom. The structure combines an acrylic area, for better insulation, with stainless steel, detailed finishes and a chromed surface; that give the product an elegant touch similar to the tone of the faucet. In this sense, integrating the wall light into any bathroom is easy.

On the other hand, we have the incorporation of a cool white tone light bulb with 9 watts of power, 900 lumens, which provide a good range, adjustable light angle up to 120 ° and low energy consumption of A + classification.

To make a successful purchase, you should review the good and bad of this model.


Finishes: Its chrome surface is similar to the faucet, allowing you to combine the wall light in any bathroom.

Adjustment: You can easily adjust the angle of the light up to 120°, as desired.

Accessories: With the purchase, the required screws are incorporated to fix the structure, not being necessary to acquire them separately.

Impermeability: The IP45 protection prevents the structure from deteriorating due to humidity and mist.


Lighting: If you are looking for warm lighting, you will have to opt for another product, because this one is cold white light.

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ceiling light for bathroom

8. BK Licht IP44 bathroom ceiling light

Those looking for a bathroom ceiling light with a double bulb design, incorporating a mechanism with independent 340° rotation and 45° folding movement, might be interested in this model belonging to the BK Licht purchase catalogue.

This is a five-watt powered device, offering convenient low power consumption for your monthly electric bill. In addition, each of the bulbs has 400 lumens and projects a warm white light tone of 3,000 Kelvin, suitable for creating a really cozy atmosphere in the room. Likewise, the useful life provided by the bulbs stands out, which, on average, is 20,000 hours. Thus, you will not have to make constant investments acquiring spare parts.

We cannot forget to mention the IP44 protection treatment against splashes that, added to the metal structure, make it a suitable product to be safely mounted in the bathroom.

This is a highly positioned luminaire, due to its attractive design and functionality. More details below.


Lifespan: The bulbs have a lifespan of 20,000 hours, which will save you from constantly buying replacements.

Protection: You will not have to worry about deterioration caused by moisture, since it incorporates IP44 protection against splashes.

Lighting: The projected white light creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. 

Design: Its design with a rotating double bulb allows total adjustment, according to your taste and need. 


Flimsy: The structure might seem a bit flimsy, but the alloy used is quite strong.

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Wall light for bathroom IP44

9. Dailyart Wall Lamp Bathroom Mirror 5W 325lm Led

With this IP44 bathroom wall light, you won’t have to worry about internal or external deterioration caused by the splashes, mist and humidity characteristic of this type of space. This is precisely because it incorporates a special treatment that effectively protects it.

On the other hand, we have the design of this product, which is elegant and highly attractive, due to the chrome surface and soft touch given by the alloy used to manufacture the structure. In fact, thanks to that silver color and the shiny finish of the lamp housing, you will be able to combine the equipment in any bathroom without changing the decoration codes.

In addition, the bulb has a power of 5 watts and has been equipped to be placed on the mirror, in the closet or on the wall without any inconvenience, since it incorporates the appropriate screws and parts to carry out this task.

This is an appropriate product for wall, mirror and cabinets. Here are its main specifications.


Structure: You will enjoy a resistant and non-deformable structure, thanks to the aluminum alloy used.

Efficiency: Its A++ efficiency label suggests low energy consumption, which will be reflected in your billing.

Assembly: You will not have to purchase the fixing parts separately, since they are attached to the purchase.

Protection: The structure adds an IP44 treatment that protects it from humidity, mist and dust. 


Adjustment: When placing it on the mirror you may need to add a small rubber, so that it fits correctly and takes care of the glass.

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Shopping guide

Bathroom wall lights not only allow us to enjoy correct lighting, but also serve as a decorative element in said space, providing a distinctive and elegant touch that everyone will notice when entering. Therefore, if you need a product of this type, you should review the following guide to buy the best bathroom wall light.

Manufacturing raw material

If you are interested in acquiring a wall light for your bathroom, the invitation is to review the different options that the market has for you. In this way, you can wear a quality product and, therefore, durable. For this to be possible, it is necessary to know the type of material used to manufacture the structure, which is usually one of the main characteristics to be analyzed in any comparison of bathroom fixtures.

Regarding this specification, most brands usually use synthetic parts to enhance safe heat insulation and metals such as steel, aluminum and even brass are used for the structure. These are three alloys with a high level of resistance to corrosion, so they will not be affected by the characteristic humidity of the bathroom.

In addition, they are materials with a non-deformable and light weight body, which is convenient so that you can handle them easily. Likewise, they stand out for having a quite pleasant aesthetic, soft touch and surface similar to that of the faucet. In fact, by placing the wall light in bathrooms, it will give them an elegant and distinctive touch, because it generally adapts to any type of decoration.


Another aspect that you cannot go unnoticed is cleaning your bathroom fixtures, which will allow you to maintain their good condition for much longer. Therefore, when starting the selection process, you will have to verify this aspect and try, as far as possible, to make it a quick and simple task.

These pieces are usually designed so that you just have to run a damp cloth and a dry cloth over them. Thus, you will eliminate the dust and moisture particles characteristic of the objects found in the bathroom.

Likewise, some manufacturers recommend using a professional cleaning product that restores the shine to the metal of the structure, but that is free of abrasive components that deteriorate the surface and enhance corrosion. In fact, it is important that you avoid applying homemade recipes with vinegar, bicarbonate of soda or bleach, since, at first, you will eliminate bacteria efficiently, but over time, they will end up shortening the useful life of the product.

mounting hardware

The mounting material is one of the elements that do not usually capture the attention of buyers initially, but its importance is crucial for the choice to be successful. In fact, when this set comes with the purchase, it could influence how much the bathroom fixture costs and, at the same time, significantly improve our user experience during the structure assembly process. This is because we will not need to spend time and money looking for screws, nuts, anchors or other parts compatible with the equipment to fix it. Therefore, opting for a model with this type of accessories or tools is a good investment.

In fact, if we review the purchase catalog associated with bathroom fixtures, we will find that more and more brands are betting on the incorporation of these kits. In addition, a few others put connection cables within your reach so that you avoid any inconvenience when choosing a low-capacity cable, with respect to the passage of current in your home.

Light bulbs

Regardless of how cheap the bathroom fixture that has caught our attention is, if it does not incorporate a long-life bulb, it could be difficult to change and if its energy consumption is high, then its purchase will be a bad investment..

Therefore, you must verify that it is a product with a use time of no less than 20,000 hours, as well as that it incorporates an A+ or A++ classification label that, compared to conventional lighting equipment, offers energy savings. up to 80%.

Similarly, we recommend choosing a cold white color for the bathroom, as it will allow you to see better in front of the mirror, while warm tones are more welcoming and, therefore, suitable for other rooms.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bathroom wall light?

To use a bathroom wall light, the first thing you should do is select a model that suits the room, both in size to be mounted, and in lighting power. Also, it is important that the design is pleasant and the materials resistant.

Do not forget that it is a device that works with electric current, so it is necessary to read its instruction manual to avoid incidents. Likewise, it checks that the structure is in good condition, that all the pieces have been incorporated and, in case of attaching assembly tools, confirms its quality.

Q2: How to change a bathroom light bulb?

If the light bulb in your wall light has begun to fail and you want to change it, you should not worry, since it is a simple task that you can carry out yourself.

You may need a screwdriver to remove any casing that protects the bulbs to be replaced. In this case, remember to always keep the equipment off to avoid any unexpected current flow that could hurt you. Also, check that the replacement has the same voltage as the original bulb before mounting it.

Despite being a process considered intuitive for some, if there is any doubt, the indicated thing to do is to review the instruction manual to clarify your questions.


Q3: How to make a bathroom wall light?

If you want to make your own bathroom wall light, you will need at least nine bulbs connected by the same cable. In this way, they get a feed in sequence. Each of them should be five watts and preferably LED type. Pin them around the bathroom mirror, skirting the frame. Next, plug the power cord into the nearest AC outlet, being careful to hide the wiring for a better finish. Similarly, there are many other ways to create your own appliques, which you can learn about through specialized portals on the subject.   

Q4: How to clean a bathroom fixture?

Cleaning the bathroom fixtures is a simple task that you must carry out periodically, to maintain the good condition of the equipment. You will only need a damp cotton cloth and others dry. Then slide them over the structure to remove any accumulated dust. Also, take care to clean the lamp area. Remember, in both cases, to avoid the use of abrasive products.

Q5: How to install a bathroom wall light?

The bathroom wall light can be mounted on any wall in the room, on the mirror and even in a cabinet that requires lighting. In any case, the process requires prior familiarization with the equipment, so it is recommended to read the instruction manual. It also corroborates access to nearby electrical connections.

Then, make some holes in the wall according to the fixing points of the structure to place the screws. You can also fix the wall light to the edge of the mirror, but in this case you will need a pad to prevent damage caused by pressure.

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