The 9 Best Bed Base Legs of 2022

Bed base legs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you have purchased a new box spring to replace your old bed or you are furnishing the guest room, it is important that you choose strong and stable legs, so that no accidents occur while someone is resting. There is an immense variety of bed base legs to choose from on the market, among which the Flores Cortés 39001 set is one of the most popular, due to its height of 25 cm and to the fact that it is made of a resistant material. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that allows you to adjust its height and that is compatible with beds, bases and mattress supports, we recommend you look at the Sales of mattresses 30_787776.

The 9 Best Legs for Bed Base – Opinions 2022

To choose the best bed base legs, it is important to make a detailed distinction and comparison between the most outstanding features of each purchase option that catches your attention. Therefore, to help you in your choice, we have selected some of the most popular models of the moment.

Universal bed base legs

1. Flores Cortés 390001 Set of legs for bed base 4 units

If you have a box spring at home that you want to put new legs on, but don’t want to spend too much money on it, we recommend you consider this product. Regarded as the best value for money box spring legs, this set includes 4 units that are easy to install and well finished.

It can be described as a suitable option for those users who are looking for stable and firm legs, which have a maximum height of 25 cm, which avoids leaving the bed too high or too small.

In addition, these are universal bed base legs that you can easily install on almost any slatted base; and thanks to its metal construction, the legs are very resistant, so they can hold the bed base properly.

To choose the best bed base legs of the moment, we recommend you look at each positive and negative aspect of this and the other alternatives on this list.


Design: This is a set of legs for bed bases that includes 4 units with good finishes and a sober appearance.

Material : They are made of black and silver chromed metal, so they provide great strength and durability.

Height : Get a suitable height for your bed base, thanks to the length of each leg of up to 25 cm.

Universal : Their universal design makes them compatible with most bed bases on the market.


Squeak : It is possible that, if they are not well adjusted, you may perceive an annoying squeak when moving on the bed.

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Adjustable bed base legs

2. Sale of Leg mattresses for Adjustable Height Bases and Bed Bases

If you want to know which are the best bed base legs of 2022, we recommend you review the features offered by this product, especially if you are interested in acquiring a height-adjustable bed frame leg.

With one of the cheapest prices on the list, this bed base leg has a cylindrical design and a robust appearance, so you can place it safely. On the other hand, this model is compatible with upholstered bases, articulated beds and various types of bed bases.

An attractive aspect is that you can adjust the height of the bed bases up to 33 cm and beds up to 25 cm, so you can sit or get up from the bed frame comfortably. In addition, it incorporates a 1 cm diameter thread, with which it will be fixed to the base and will prevent displacement caused by dragging.

If, faced with so many models on the market, you don’t know which bed base legs to buy, we recommend you look at the pros and cons of this model.


Reinforcement : It is a suitable alternative to place as a central leg in those mattresses of great proportions.

Material : With the possibility of choosing this product between metal or wood, it is a resistant and durable model.

Adjustable : The possibility of adjusting the height of this leg up to 33 cm stands out, which provides greater comfort.


Unit : Keep in mind that with the purchase of this product you only receive one leg, so if you need to buy several, you must do so separately.

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Legs for Flex bed base

3. Flex Set of 2 Flanged Legs

Having a free bed base at home gives you the opportunity to receive a guest and offer them a comfortable rest, so if you are looking for supports to complement it, this set of two Flex bed base legs could be your best alternative.

It is a set of pair of legs that are compatible with the Atomic model bed frame by Flex, as well as for the Esparta Dormilón. They incorporate a metallic gray flange that allows an easy and secure adjustment.

With a total height of 26 cm, these legs provide a higher level of comfort to the bed base, by determining a suitable height. On the other hand, they are legs made of metal, so they have a robust and quality appearance, as well as providing great strength and durability.

Flex could be the best brand of box spring legs today, so looking in detail at the pros and cons of this product is not a bad idea.


Height : With a total height of up to 26 cm from ground level, these legs provide great comfort when placing the bed base.

Material : Made of strong metal, the two included pieces provide a high level of safety and load resistance.

Brida : It incorporates a flange in the upper part, which allows a better adjustment to the structure of the bed frame.


Pair : This is a set of 2 box spring legs, so if you need to purchase 4 legs, you will need to purchase them separately.

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Legs for Pikolin bed base

4. Pikolin Set of 4 Round Stonepik Legs

If you need quality legs that match the tubular design of your bed base, we recommend you consider this product that stands out for its quality and durability.

These Stonepik model Pikolin bed base legs are compatible with all the bed bases and bases of this brand. Therefore, if you have a Pikolin bed whose legs need to be changed, this may be your best option.

This set of legs for bed base, has 4 units of 26 cm in length each, which provide an adequate height to the base where they are placed. On the other hand, they are made of metal, which allows them to offer high durability and load resistance. In addition, thanks to their gray tubular design, they could combine very well with the original Pikolin bases.

Although not one of the cheapest alternatives to buy, these box spring legs provide good features, such as an eye-catching design and good quality.


Set : This is a set of 4 legs compatible with all Pikolin bed bases and bases, suitable as original spare parts.

Height : Thanks to their length of 26 cm, these legs make the bed base stand at a suitable height.

Metal : They are made of resistant metal, so they are suitable for placing under a base.


Compatibility : Its incompatibility with other brands means that this model cannot be used with non-Pikolin bed bases.

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High legs for bed base

5. Hogar24 Set of 4 Square Legs for bed base

If you have a bed base at home that you usually place your guests on and you need to move it easily from one place to another, it is advisable to have a set of high bed base legs with wheels, which make it easier to move the base. This is what must be highlighted in these legs, of which two incorporate wheels that allow the bed to be lifted and moved comfortably.

They are made of resistant square steel tube, with dimensions of 3 x 3 cm, so it is a set of universal legs. In addition, they have a length of 32 cm each, so they provide the right height for any base.

To facilitate their fixing, they are equipped with an anchoring system using flanges, which allow the legs to be installed using a simple screw, making them firm and stable.

To acquire the set of legs that best suits your needs, it is necessary to know more about the advantages and disadvantages that each product offers. Next, we expose the pros and cons of these legs for bed base.


Material : Made of steel, these box spring legs provide great durability and resistance to high weight loads.

Height : With a height of up to 32 cm, you can give the base or mattress a suitable height.

Universal : This is a set of universally compatible bed base legs, so you can use them with almost all bases on the market.


Tightening : It is important to ensure that you properly tighten the bridles on these legs to prevent a fall in the middle of the night.

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Legs for Body Flex bed base

6. Tempur Design Chrome Legs for Bed

If you want to know which are the best legs for bed bases, then you should do a preliminary study of all the most outstanding aspects of each model. This alternative stands out for being a set of legs for Body Flex bed base with an exclusive and elegant design, with a minimalist appearance and completely chromed.

This set of 4 box spring legs is specially designed for Flex brand bases or frames, and incorporates a 19cm mounting bracket to allow for a suitable height.

They are made of metal, so they provide good resistance and durability, giving the user a greater sense of security. In addition, thanks to the 10 x 15 cm tube area, they are a suitable alternative to place as an extra leg on a frame.

If you need to acquire a set of legs for bed bases, we invite you to learn a little more about this proposal from the Tempur brand.


Height : These legs for bed bases have a suitable height for the bases of the Flex brand with a length of 25 cm each.

Set : It is a set of legs that includes 4 units of 15 x 10 cm in area, so they are suitable for use as main or reinforcement legs.

Design : They have an elegant and minimalist design, with a completely chrome appearance, which is highly striking.


Price : If a budget is a bit tight, you should choose another model from this list, since it has one of the highest prices.

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Folding legs for bed base

7. Argomaniz Cuens Descanso Set of Two Folding Legs

If you need a set of folding legs for a bed base, this model could be a good alternative to purchase, especially if you need it to place a trundle bed for a child. They have a height of up to 35 cm, so they provide adequate height for the base.

They are bed base legs suitable for 40 x 30 mm tube structures, in addition to being made of steel tube, so they are a resistant and quality product, capable of withstanding the appropriate load.

It is important to note that these bed base legs incorporate very resistant sliding wheels, with which you can move the bed frame from one side to another comfortably and easily. This set includes the 4 legs for the bed base, which come in two pairs joined by a crossbar.

Before making a light choice, we recommend that you review again the advantages and disadvantages of these folding legs.


Height : Thanks to its length of 35 cm, you can place your bed base at a suitable height.

Wheels : Each leg incorporates a wheel that makes it possible to move the mattress from one place to another more easily.

Steel : Made of square steel tubing, these legs provide greater strength and durability.


Weight : Take into consideration the weight to which you are going to expose these legs, since if it is greater than that allowed, it is possible that the screws break.

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Slatted base legs

8. Dreaming Kamahaus Pack of 4 Metal Legs

This may be a suitable alternative for users who need new slatted bed base legs. The set offers several features that could catch your attention, for example, it is a set of 4 legs of 27 cm of suitable length to place the base at a comfortable height.

To facilitate their fixing, each leg of this set incorporates a clamp. This allows for greater and easier adjustment to the 30 x 30 mm steel tube frame. On the other hand, each leg can get a few extra centimeters, by using the protection studs.

You will not have any kind of problem when you want to assemble this set of legs, since the necessary tools and parts for assembly are included with your purchase. In addition, it should be noted that it is a product manufactured under European quality regulations.

Each model that we present in this list has a series of positive and negative aspects. Therefore, we recommend you review these legs for bed base.


Height : These bed base legs have a suitable height to provide greater comfort to the user.

Assembly : Everything necessary to assemble the legs is included, making it a simple process.

Clamp : Each leg has a clamp that has the objective of providing greater fixation and security.


Displacement : If you are interested in acquiring a set of bed base legs that have wheels for movement, you should look at another of the models on this list.

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Legs for 35 cm high bed base

9. WolfPack 5110105 Square Bed Frame Leg Set

If you have a bed base at home and before throwing it away you prefer to use it for a last-minute guest, then you should consider these 35 cm high bed base legs, which provide adequate height for the base.

With the purchase of this product, 4 units of square tube with 3.5 x 3.5 cm area are included, so they are suitable as legs for mattresses, beds, bases, etc.

These legs are made of black metal tubing, so they offer greater durability and strength. In addition, these legs incorporate a clamp with which a better fixation to the base structure is achieved.

Finally, if you are already interested in any of these models, it is convenient to review the most important characteristics of this set of legs for bed bases.


Set : 4 units are included with the purchase of this set of box spring legs, which is suitable for placing on a bed.

Height : With an approximate length of 35 cm, these legs provide a suitable height for any base.

Clamp : Thanks to the clamp that each leg incorporates in the upper part, a greater adjustment to the structure will be achieved.


Oval : It is important that you take into account the shape of the structure’s tube, since this set of legs is compatible with square tube bases.

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Shopping guide

Sometimes having an extra bed to accommodate a last minute guest can be a good idea. Therefore, if you have an old unused bed base or box spring and want to avoid unnecessary expense, we recommend you renew it by fitting a set of new legs.

With the intention of helping you make the right choice, we have developed the following guide for you to buy the best bed base legs, naming the most important aspects that should be considered when choosing a new set.


If you have a small budget and you are worried about how much an investment in a new game costs, we recommend that you initially take into account the use that you are going to give it and the number of units that you need, since, on many occasions, you will need more than one.

However, you can rest assured, since there is a wide variety of models on the market, as well as prices to choose from. So, if you are looking for the best and cheapest legs, it is a matter of looking carefully at their most outstanding aspects.


One of the main questions you should ask yourself is the number of legs you need, since it could be the case that you need one or the entire set, which can sometimes be 4 or more.

In today’s market, there is the possibility of acquiring a complete set of 2 or 4 legs together, which allows you to keep the same style, especially if you have good taste and care about the details.

However, in case you need a single leg as reinforcement or to complete a ruined one, you will be able to choose from thousands of alternatives the one that best suits the style. However, remember that if you buy several similar ones separately, it may be a little more expensive.


Another of the most relevant aspects that you should consider before making the purchase is the material with which this product is made, since it guarantees the resistance and useful life that the product will have.

It is always convenient to buy products made with materials with quality certification and that guarantee the greatest safety.

In the market, it is very common to find models of legs made of wood or steel, since they are the materials popularly known for being more reliable and resistant to high loads. In addition, they are much easier and cheaper to produce.

If you do not want to make a bad investment and need new legs in a short time, it is best to purchase a set of bed base legs made of quality materials.


This is perhaps the most important aspect that you will have to analyze when choosing your next set of bed base legs. Since we know that there is an infinite variety of tastes among human beings, manufacturers have developed many types of legs, so finding one that matches your bedding should not be a difficult task.

Although bed base legs come in many types of shapes, their use remains the same, so you should not forget that it is a piece that serves as a column to hold up a structure or bed base. Therefore, it is important that the design is functional and not just decorative.


In any comparison of bed base legs, the height of the piece should not be missing, so if you are interested in acquiring a new set of legs, you should know how to choose a comfortable and suitable height for you.

The market offers models from 20 to 40 centimeters in length, on some occasions it is a fixed measure and on others it could be an adjustable measure. However, there are specialists who believe that fixed-height legs are better and more stable, while adjustable ones allow you to easily modify the height, which is a great advantage.

Finally, before making a decision lightly, keep in mind that the height at which your bed will be will provide more or less comfort when going to bed or getting up from it. Remember that if it is a very small leg, the mattress will be very low.


Finally, we must not forget to mention the importance of the adjustment clamp that some of the bed base legs on the market incorporate. On the one hand, there is the possibility of acquiring a set of screw legs and, on the other, you can opt for an alternative with a clamp.

The latter provides a better grip on the base structure, however, it is important that it shares the shape of the tube to avoid any accident.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to install a bed base legs?

Place the legs with the help of the plates and place them facing each other at the desired height of the bed base, making sure to respect the distances so that the bed is completely balanced.

Finally, tighten the nuts well to prevent the legs from loosening over time, but taking care not to break or isolate the screw.

Q2: How to make legs for bed base?

You will mainly need a tube or wooden block long enough to cut 4 or 5 pieces of the same size, which is very important if you do not want to have any unevenness. Measure a length of 20 to 30 cm long and mark a guide where you will pass the saw.

After having cut all the legs, proceed to polish the base to avoid any sharp edges, in addition to being able to adapt a metal clamp compatible with the shape of the base tube at the other end, which will help you achieve a better fit to the bed frame.

Finally, place a screw that allows you to tighten the clamp for better stability.

Q3: How to cover the legs of a bed base?

Covering the lower part of the leg of a bed frame is a simple task, you just have to get a thick material such as rubber or carpet, which you can easily cut, taking the area of ​​the leg as a guide.

Make sure to leave a few millimeters on each side, so that there is no contact of the edge of the leg with the ground and you can avoid any accidental scratches.

Using some strong glue, attach the piece of material to the uncovered end of the leg and push them together until the glue has dried.

On the other hand, you could also take the exact measurement of the area of ​​the tube and look for a replacement cap on the market.

Q4: How to fix the legs of a bed frame?

The first step is to remove the damaged legs from the structure, to determine the specific damage it presents and to find the best solution.

If the leg is made of wood and is broken, you can go to a carpentry shop and look among the leftover cutouts until you find one with the same thickness and proceed to adjust its length just like the other legs.

If they are tube legs, what you should do is get another discard tube that is similar and cut it to the desired length.

However, if the damage is located at the base of the leg, you can easily change the bottom cover, using a tool to remove the old cover and proceed to find a replacement as similar as possible.

Q5: How to raise the legs of a mattress?

To raise the legs of the bed base, you must activate the locking mechanism to release it and stretch the leg to the length it allows. Next, it locks the safety again when it finds the desired measure, to prevent the leg from being accidentally picked up again.

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