The 9 Best Bed Rails of 2022

Bed Rail – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bed rails are mobile or rigid structures that adapt to the sides of the bed, to prevent possible falls in children who are learning to sleep alone, or for the elderly and disabled people who have trouble getting up. An interesting model in this category is the Safety 1st 24530010, a railing with a length of 150 cm designed for children’s beds, made of aluminum and with automatic locking for greater safety. But, if you are looking for rails for adult beds, Dynamic Supports AD955 is for you. This model is universal with a folding format and adapts without problems to almost any type of bed.

The 9 Best Railings for Beds – Opinions 2022

We invite you to review our list of the 9 best bed rails of 2022, which we think might suit your needs. A selection that we made based on the positive evaluations of the users and analyzing the characteristics of each product.

child bed rail

1. Safety 1st Barrier Folding child bed Fall arrest

If you are in the process of helping your child to get used to using the bed, an effective alternative for his safety is the Safety 1st rail, because it has an automatic lock when it is in vertical format, which provides greater security to your small, so it could well be considered as the best bed rail on the market.

In terms of manufacturing, this child’s bed rail is made of aluminium, a stable and light material, which is why it is capable of providing a firm hold for your child while he sleeps, being very simple and safe to use.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the length of this railing is for 190 cm beds, with dimensions of 45 x 148 x 45 cm.

If you want a simple railing, with good finishes and an adequate level of stability, you should know more about this model.


Compatibility: The rail is designed to be used on beds up to 190 cm, although you could also buy the 90 cm one.

Stability: This extra long rail offers good stability, thanks to the width of the frame that remains under the mattress, providing greater security.

Manufacturing: The frame of this barrier is made of aluminum and varnished in white for a nice finish.


Thickness: You must be aware that the mattress is between 9 and 26 cm thick, because if it exceeds those limits you will no longer be able to use the railing.

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rail for adult bed

2. Dynamic Aids Universal folding handrail

This railing for adult bed by Ayudas Dinámicas is designed for people with problems moving around on their own. This model can be adapted to different beds, mainly those that do not have rails in their structure, thanks to its practical and versatile anchorage that offers various adjustment options.

For its part, each unit of this universal railing has a total width of 158 cm and a height of 42 cm, with adjustable anchors of up to 5 cm in width, which you can modify by changing the built-in screws. You might also be interested to know that when it is down it reaches a maximum height of 15 cm.

It is important to point out that the AD955 railing is made of iron with nickel-plated horizontal bars, which give it great strength and resistance, being very easy to lower and raise. In addition, it has a mechanical locking system that is activated when the bar is fully extended.

This product from Ayudas Dinámicas could be positioned as the best bed rail of the moment, because it is easy to install, safe and resistant. Therefore, we summarize here its pros and cons.


Installation: The assembly is quite simple, incorporating all the necessary accessories for installation.

Dimensions: The AD955 is 158 cm long and 42 cm high, comfortably fitting almost any type of bed.

Versatile: This model has a versatile anchor, which allows adaptation to different heights.


Weight: The railing has an approximate weight of 5 kg, which could be inconvenient to move it from one place to another.

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Orthopedic adult bed rail

3. Sale of Articulated Bed Rail mattresses

This set of 2 rails designed for articulated and geriatric beds stands out for having a stable structure, made of steel tubes and a sliding fixing system that facilitates the function of raising or lowering the rail.

As it is an orthopedic adult bed rail, it has an approximate height of 45 cm + 1 cm, counting this dimension from the bed base slats. Its length is 140 cm + 1 cm, when the two rails are folded they have a length of 178 cm and a height of 12 cm + 1 cm, measurements that you must consider to know its compatibility with the orthopedic bed you have at home.

Regarding the thickness of the mattress, this model of barriers is suitable for structures with a thickness of 2 cm and a height between 3 cm and 7.5 cm.

Next, we invite you to know the advantages and disadvantages of this model so that you can verify if it adapts to your needs.


Orthopedic: This duo of rails is designed to adapt to orthopedic or geriatric beds, to provide patient safety.

Material: Both support rails are made of stainless steel, a material that provides robustness and resistance to the structure.

Maintenance: Its cleaning can be done comfortably with a soapy sponge and a damp cloth, without much effort.


Mattress: It is important to take into account the thickness of the bed, as these rails are designed for structures 2 cm wide.

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rail for trundle bed

4. Innovations Ms Nido 3016 Bed Barrier

If you are looking for a railing to use in the first stage of the baby, we recommend the 3016 model from Innovaciones Ms, because it is a beautiful barrier for nest-type beds that incorporates gray elephants in its design and is suitable for children aged between 36 months and 3 years.

The assembly of this railing for a trundle bed is simple and it has a folding mechanism that folds easily by pressing the red safety button on each end, while to raise the railing you need only one hand and it locks by itself.

Additionally, it is good to add that if you buy this model you are getting a spacious railing with a structure of 150 cm long x 50 cm high, which would be appropriate to protect your child from possible falls while sleeping or if he is leaning on his bed..

If you want to know which is the best bed rail, we recommend you take a look at the pros and cons of this model for trundle beds.


Dimensions: The dimensions of 150 x 50 cm allow greater coverage of the bed, better protecting the user.

Aesthetics: The structure is gray, with mesh and two cute elephants with their trunks raised.

Assembly: Assembly is simple, since it includes an adjustment system for the sides.


Distance: Probably the meter and a half distance between the fold buttons could be inconvenient, since you have to release one side first and then the other.

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baby bed rail

5. Jané Folding Bed Rail

Looking for a railing for a baby bed, we found this model in white from the Jané brand, being one of the cheap fastening barriers of this selection, since it has a fairly affordable price for most budgets.

Its manufacturer recommends its installation in beds for babies older than 18 months to guarantee their safety. Its format is folding and its structure is made of stainless steel, a quality that gives it stability and hardness.

In addition, it incorporates a net in the center and soft padding on the edges, which serve to prevent bumps in the little one in case of colliding with the ends. On the other hand, it is appropriate to point out that the length of this model is 90 cm and it is easy for adults to open.

Among the cheapest railings on the market, we recommend you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this Jané model, for a better purchase vision.


Light: Although the structure of this railing is made of steel, it is quite light since it weighs almost 2 kilograms, so it is easy to move.

Presentation: Its white design allows you to use this railing regardless of the color of the bed, as it integrates seamlessly into the decoration of the room.

Assembly: If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions you can complete the assembly in a short time.


Mesh: Keep in mind that the mesh fabric is delicate, and it is necessary to clean it with a soft damp sponge so as not to damage it, since it cannot be removed.

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Articulated bed rail

6. Sleep Online Set of Folding Geriatric Metal Railings

When we have a geriatric patient at home who needs care and a safe bed, the most appropriate thing is to buy some railings to prevent any fall. This particular model is a pair of metal railings reinforced with 3 26 mm steel tubes, varnished with epoxy paint that significantly improve their quality, providing greater resistance to bumps and scratches.

In this sense, if you are looking for a rail for an articulated bed, we recommend this model from Duérmete Online, because it is designed precisely for this type of bed base, as well as for electric, geriatric or hospital beds, including rails for both sides of the bed..

Another advantage of this model is that the two rails are fully collapsible and easily adapt to the frame of any bed of this format, because they incorporate their own anchoring system.

If you still have doubts about which bed rail to buy, you should review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Duo: With this model you are acquiring 2 rails for each side of the bed, being appropriate in the prevention of patient falls and possible injuries.

Anchorage: It incorporates an anchorage system reinforced with rubber bands for greater user safety.

Dimensions: This model has open dimensions of 167 cm x 50 cm, so it is quite spacious.


Design: You should consider that these rails are designed to be installed on articulated beds, not being compatible with traditional ones.

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Folding bed rail

7. Neppt Elderly Bed Rail Folding Rails

In elderly care accidents while sleeping are very common. For this reason, it is necessary to place a folding bed rail like this Neppt model, known by many users as the best brand of bed rails.

This model, in particular, has a high-quality aluminum frame and a wood look that enhance its finish, while its mounting structure is robust and easy to install.

Its measurements of 86.36 cm at the anchor base, added to the 93.98 cm of the upper rail, allow the user a good grip and greater protection. For its part, the folding mechanism through a red button, with an ergonomic design, facilitates assistance to the elderly to get out of bed, as well as changing the sheets or cleaning the bed.

We have distinguished some positive and negative aspects of this model that we summarize below.


Structure: The aluminum construction design provides strength and durability. For its part, the wood finish gives a nice appearance to the railing.

Mechanism: The red button allows the railing to be easily lowered for the user to enter or exit the bed, as well as to change the sheets.

Utility: This rail provides safety when sleeping and comfort during the day, as it is used as a support to get out of bed, supporting up to 130 kg.


Unit: The purchase of this product only includes one barrier, so if you want the pair, you must add another railing in your order.

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Children’s bed rail

8. Plastimyr 5014002 Bed Rail

Among the cheap products in our selection, this can be considered the best price-quality bed rail, since it is a functional model, easy to assemble and at an affordable cost.

Its railing design for children’s beds is determined by the measurements 140 x 40 x 45 centimeters and its simple assembly, since it can be placed between the mattress and the bed frame thanks to the adjustable straps.

On the other hand, the folding format allows to fix the bed without difficulty and without having to dismantle the barrier. In addition, the fabric mesh facilitates the child’s visibility and ventilation so that he or she sleeps comfortably, an aspect that parents value positively in the process of adapting the child from the crib to the child’s bed.

If you like this model for its low cost, we recommend you take a look at the positive and negative aspects that we identified in it.


Functional: This model adapts to different styles of children’s beds, including nest type, offering protection to children and confidence to their parents.

Assembly: Adjustable straps allow the barrier to be fixed between the box spring and the mattress for greater stability.

Visibility: The mesh design allows for better visibility from children to parents and vice versa, as well as promoting ventilation on hot nights.


Maintenance: The fabric cannot be removed from the structure for cleaning.

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railing for elderly bed

9. QLL Seniors Barrier Single Bed

In nursing homes and nursing homes, the use of bed rails is common, as they prevent accidents during the night and make it easier for people to get up when they need to, as it is a support they can hold on to.

So if there is an elderly, sick or disabled person in your family who needs help getting out of bed, this QLL bed rail for the elderly may be a wise investment.

The rail format of this railing allows it to be conveniently used as a support to get up or sit down, demonstrating enough strength to support the weight of an average adult. In addition, its one-button flip-top design allows the user or caregiver to raise or lower the barrier without difficulty.

All these features are added to the simple and robust assembly of this model, since the fixing screws are included, making it possible to adapt the barrier to different types of bed, making it one of the best bed rails for 2022.

Before rushing into the purchase of this or any other railing model, we suggest you review our summary of the pros and cons of this product.


Use: The folding system of this railing allows the barrier to be raised or lowered with the push of a button.

Measurements: You can choose this model in two different sizes: 120 x 40 cm and 97 x 40 cm.

Assistance: This railing is recommended for the elderly, because it provides assistance to sit down or get up from the bed, thanks to the robust structure and the resistant fixing.


Cost: The price of this product is high, considering that it only comes with one railing.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a safety barrier for your child’s or an adult’s bed can be a difficult task if you are not clear about the aspects you need to check. For this reason, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best bed rail, in order to orient yourself so that you can make a wise investment, avoiding problems in the installation or with the measurements of the product.

Materials and structure

The manufacturing materials of a product are a very important element to determine if it will be durable and resistant to use, so when making a comparison of bed rails you should verify this aspect.

By virtue of its usefulness, some models combine aluminum in the lateral tubes and stainless steel in the structure, in this way a robust, resistant product that offers good stability is formed. On the other hand, we find the railings with details made of polymer, it being important to verify that the plastic used is friendly to the environment, without contaminants and soft to the touch.

Other designs include a fabric coating, an aspect that gives the model a better style and that can be cotton or polyester based, so we recommend you investigate what each structure and aggregates are made of, to avoid allergic problems.

Other famous bed rails are those made of wood, which are modern and with beautiful finishes, so if you decide on this type of structure, we invite you to verify that it is a polished wood, so that it does not give off splinters that can hurt the person who will use it.

Lock system

Buying a good and cheap bed rail has many advantages, but in addition to these characteristics, it must provide security. Without a doubt, this is an important factor, because the usefulness of the handrail is to prevent the little one or our elderly from falling unexpectedly while sleeping, or when trying to get up in the middle of the night. For this reason, it is necessary that the assembly of the structure has an effective blocking system that provides peace of mind, to avoid accidents.

In this order of ideas, it is recommended first of all to check if the model you plan to choose has lateral supports to provide a high level of stability and rigidity, adapting to the bed correctly. Some bed rails incorporate a clip system for locking/unlocking and others include screws to fix the structure, providing greater security, so it all depends on your choice.

size and measurements

Definitely, the size of a bed rail could have a determining influence on how much this type of product costs, since the cost is not the same for a 90 cm or a 150 cm model, but you cannot get carried away by its price., because the most important thing is to find a railing compatible with the size of the bed base and the mattress.

Among the most popular models of railings for beds on the web, there are different formats, it being convenient to select the one that best suits the base where you plan to install it. Thus, we see simple railings with structures of a slat and with approximate dimensions of 90 cm long, 8 cm high and 4 cm thick. Other models have longer and more spacious designs, with measurements of 100 cm or 150 cm.

You should also consider the format of the mattress, because there are some railings that have limits between 9 and 12 cm in thickness, others are compatible with 5 cm mattresses and there are models that are suitable for bed bases up to 30 cm, so you must measure first your mattress so you can choose the right size.

Maintenance and cleaning

If it is a product designed for children’s beds, you should bear in mind that cleaning is more frequent than models for adults, but in any case it is appropriate to check the maintenance and cleaning method offered by the manufacturer.

Some models include a removable cover, which depending on the fabric can be washed by hand or machine. But, this cover must be allowed to dry completely in the open air, to avoid the proliferation of bad odours, mites and mold.

Wood structures can be cleaned with a special product for this type of material, which easily removes dirt and creates a protective layer on the frame. Those that are made of polymer can be cleaned with a damp cloth, while metal railings only have to be wiped with a dry cloth to remove dust and that’s it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to lower the hospital bed guardrail?

If the hospital bed has manual barriers, they usually have a lock button that allows the effect of raising / lowering when pressed. In this case, the locking button must be pressed and the handrail must be accompanied downwards, without letting it fall. On other models you press a button and you have to slide the rail freely from right to left to lower it. Remember to make sure that when lowering or raising the railing it is locked to avoid accidents.

Q2: When to remove the bed rail?

This decision will depend on the child’s behavior while sleeping, since there is no precise moment to remove the railing. Therefore, it is recommended to constantly monitor the sleep of the little one to determine if he makes frequent turns, or if he wakes up and wants to get up. Once these situations no longer occur and your child has become accustomed to his new bed, you can remove the rail.

Q3: How to make a bed rail?

You can make a low cost railing using PVC pipes to assemble a robust and functional structure. The materials you will need are: 6 meters of PVC pipe, 4 PVC “T”, 8 PVC elbows, all 20 mm and adhesive for these pipes. Regarding the tools, you will only use a bow saw and tape measure, in addition to a marker.

Regarding the measurements, you can cut the tubes to the size of the barriers for children’s beds. Remember to also consider the height of the mattress so that it provides enough protection.

Now you can start by joining and gluing the pieces, including the bars that will go under the mattress. In this sense, you can leave a few extra centimeters to fix the bed, without removing the railing.

Finally, design some covers for the barriers with a theme according to the decoration of the room and your child will be able to sleep without fear of falling out of bed.

Q4: How to install a bed rail?

Depending on the model you have purchased, the first thing you should do is read the instruction manual and carefully review the entire structure, as well as verify if you have the necessary screws to adjust the bars to the bed. For the assembly of the support rails, you also have to be aware of the manufacturing material, because if the bar is made of wood you need to help yourself with a screwdriver to fix the screws firmly.

If the railing is foldable, its installation is easier, since you only need to join all the pressure pieces so that the structure is ready to be placed under the bed frame and check that the mattress has the indicated height, although in some cases screws are required for adjustment and the above procedure must be followed. On the other hand, if the rail incorporates metal rails, you must also secure its mounting with screws to hold the rail to the bed.

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