The 9 Best Bedroom Curtains of 2022

Curtain for the bedroom – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Curtains are an accessory that plays a fundamental role in the decoration of any space. However, beyond the aesthetic component that they can provide, these elements also provide privacy to the enclosures and contribute to improving rest. One of the best options could be the Pony Dance 5263M03, a selectable blackout curtain in several colors, with a soft texture and recommended for noise isolation and climatic comfort. Another favorite of many is the Deconovo CTF1014MG-5, a decorative and functional model that contributes to optimal rest; In addition, you can select the most suitable size for your windows.

The 9 Best Curtains for Bedroom – Opinions 2022

Choosing the most appropriate curtains for our home is something that should not be taken lightly, since it is a key piece in the decoration as a whole. Therefore, so that you know 9 of the best alternatives available in the market, we present the following comparison.

Double bedroom curtain

1. Pony Dance Blackout Curtains Marriage Room Accessories

A curtain for a double bedroom, like this model from Pony Dance, could be an excellent alternative to give your spaces a touch of class and distinction. It is a curtain that has a thick and opaque fabric, it does not show through, it does not shrink and it is soft to the touch. In addition, you can choose the measurements and color of your choice from a wide range of models.

Thanks to its high quality, you will have a curtain that gives you the comfort you need for optimal rest. In this sense, it protects from noise, wind and dust; while helping to regulate internal temperature and blocking the passage of light. In turn, it has eight metal eyelets that favor its assembly. All these qualities could only be present in one of the best bedroom curtains of 2022.

It is a modern, versatile curtain with a plus of elegance. Next, we invite you to know a summary of its highlights.


Utility: It is a versatile curtain that you can use in different bedrooms, living rooms, doors, windows, games room, etc.

Variety: You can choose the color and size that best suits the dimensions and characteristics of the space.

Ecological: It gives you the option of regulating the interior temperature, so you will be saving on cooling and heating.


Exteriors: Because it is a fabric curtain, it is not the most recommended for use in outdoor spaces.

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2. Miulee Modern Bedroom Sheer Polyester Curtains

When choosing a curtain for a double bedroom, it is important to consider the utility that it can provide; That is why Miulee has designed this multifunctional curtain model. It is a set of two pieces that you can use as a decorative element to cover your windows with distinction or, put it as a separator between two thick curtains.

It is a curtain designed to provide your spaces with natural lighting and a feeling of spaciousness, so it could be the best curtain for the bedroom. It is a model made with light and translucent fabric that filters ambient light efficiently; without blocking clarity and without compromising your privacy. In addition, it favors ventilation.

In order to facilitate its installation on a pole, it has a convenient pocket on the top and for its maintenance, you just have to machine wash it with cold water and use the delicate cycle.

Because it is an easy-care, decorative and functional curtain, you could consider it for any space. For more details, read below its pros and cons.


Measurements: They are curtains available in different heights and with a standard width, so you can choose the measurement that suits you best.

2 pieces: With the purchase you will receive two very useful pieces to cover your windows, regardless of size.

Ventilation: Thanks to its light and translucent fabric, it gives you adequate ventilation.


Sharpness: The colors of the curtains presented in the advertising could vary slightly depending on the sharpness or the resolution that your computer presents.

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Youth bedroom curtain

3. Deconovo Modern Blackout Thermal Insulating Curtains for Living Room

Whether you work night shifts or simply need to take an afternoon nap, having a blackout curtain that blocks out natural light is an option to consider.

This model offers you two panels of thick fabric made of 100% polyester of the best quality, with a soft touch and made with modern triple weaving technology; so it is able to efficiently isolate the light when you need it.

It is a curtain for a youth bedroom that you can also use in other rooms or spaces, since in addition to its insulating function it also offers a decorative element.

The manufacturer offers you a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from, so regardless of the size of your windows or the decoration of the place, you will be able to find the most suitable model for you.

This could be the best bedroom curtain of the moment, given its quality and functionality for the benefit of rest. We present its relevant characteristics.


Triple fabric technology: It is an innovative technology that includes a black intermediate layer that favors darkening.

Insulation: These are curtains that provide noise insulation and help minimize temperature changes.

Fabric: Each panel is made of 100% high-quality polyester, with a soft touch and easy maintenance.


Light colors: Light colors tend to be more transparent than expected, so if you want to totally block out the light, you could choose darker tones.

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4. Pony Dance Grommet Blackout Curtains for Teen Bedroom

If you are looking for a curtain for a youth bedroom that offers you an aesthetic component and also the possibility of having adequate comfort during rest, this model could meet all your expectations. It is a product that offers you two pieces or panels of opaque fabric, with a lining and a triple-weave design. For this reason, they are curtains that favor noise reduction and prevent the passage of sunlight.

Likewise, its thick fabric fulfills insulating and thermal functions, thanks to which your bedroom can have a pleasant temperature; regardless of the time of year and the outside weather. This favors savings in air conditioning systems.

You can easily install it using a curtain rod, since it has metal eyelets that, at the same time, facilitate a comfortable closing or opening; according to your needs.

It is a thick curtain that provides climatic comfort, so it could be the model you are looking for. Analyze your strengths and potential drawbacks.


Insulation: It has two layers with a black lining that isolates noise, cold and heat; It also prevents light from passing through.

Installation: It has high quality metal eyelets that allow it to be easily installed on a bar.

Colors: It is available in several selectable colors, depending on the existing decoration and your particular tastes.


Height: In order to achieve an excellent finish, it is advisable to take into account the height of your windows before making the purchase.

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Children’s bedroom curtain

5. Nicetown Blackout Children’s Room Curtains with Sheers

If you want to redecorate your child’s room and you don’t know which is the best curtain for the bedroom that gives this space a childish touch full of magic and color, this curtain could be a wise bet. It is a model that has an appropriate design for boys and girls, since they are curtains designed especially for the little ones.

It is a curtain for children’s bedrooms with an attractive aesthetic, which offers two panels with colors in tones that harmonize perfectly with the existing decoration in the room. In addition, it has stars that stand out when the light from the outside is reflected in them; simulating a bright and starry sky.

Depending on the environment, you can choose the most appropriate colors from several available options. Likewise, height measurements according to the size of the window are also eligible.

Many recommend it as an attractive and ideal curtain for any children’s or youth space. Evaluate its advantages and disadvantages below.


Design: Each panel has two different sets of fabric: an opaque polyester base and a transparent and light sheer, which fills the spaces with color.

Starry Effect: During the night, the external light passes through the hollow stars and provides a starry sky effect.

Ribbon: You will receive the curtain with four gold ribbons to hold each of its panels.


Washing: To keep the curtain in perfect condition, it is advisable to wash it at a temperature not exceeding 30ºC.

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6. TupTam Kids Room Curtains 2 Panels

This children’s bedroom curtain offers you a wide variety of attractive designs and colors so you can select the one that best suits the windows of your little one’s room. You can choose fun and cheerful motifs with patterns of stars, drawings of bears, owls, butterflies, clouds and more; depending on whether it is a boy or a girl.

It is a model made of 100% high-quality cotton, a textile that does not discolor, resists washing and is only transparent enough to provide dim lighting in the bedrooms; without allowing direct sunlight to pass through and preserving privacy.

With the purchase you will receive two matching curtains and two decorative ties to hold the panels together when you want to keep them open. In addition, in the upper part it has a tunnel that favors the sliding of the bar for easy assembly.

It is a recommended curtain for children’s rooms and it is also one of the cheapest, so it deserves your consideration. Read on and learn more about this model.


Designs: The manufacturer offers you a wide variety of patterns and colors with attractive designs for the bedrooms of boys and girls.

Maintenance: They are curtains that you can easily wash, either by hand or by machine.

Tape: The curtains include two decorative tapes that favor opening the panels with elegance.


Pocket: You will need to consider the diameter of the rod and the width of the pocket, so that you can easily install the curtain.

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Other products

7. Translucent Curtain Frames with 8 eyelets for Living Room Bedroom

When what you are looking for is a curtain that provides freshness, clarity and at the same time a cozy atmosphere, this is probably the model you are looking for. It is a curtain designed in a piece of translucent fabric that allows optimal passage of light into the rooms, so it is recommended for different spaces; such as a living room, study room or bedrooms.

It is a curtain made by hand with 100% high quality polyester and on its surface it has small white pompoms, which provides a touch of elegance and distinction.

Likewise, thanks to the fact that it has 8 metal rings, you can mount it on the bar without the need for a complex installation. On the other hand, this model is available in white; a tone that harmonizes with any environment and decoration.

If you still don’t know which bedroom curtain to buy, this model recommended by many could be one of the best options. Evaluate its most important features.


Handmade: It is a curtain made by hand, so it has handmade details that give it beauty and class.

Size: It offers you a standard size of 140 cm wide x 260 cm high, measurements that adapt to most windows.

Uses: You can use it in different spaces such as living rooms, rooms or bedrooms.


Colors: The availability of this model in assorted colors is missing.

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8. Amazon Basics Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains with Tiebacks

Getting a restful sleep, whether day or night, is essential for the health of the body; so it is important to create a quiet, relaxed environment, with little lighting and free from disturbing noises. For this, this Amazon Basics curtain could be an excellent proposal.

It is a decorative element made of opaque fabric and a triple weave that works as an insulating barrier against noise, sunlight and also different temperature changes. For this reason, in summer you will have a cool bedroom and in winter, a warm and cozy room. In turn, its panels ensure total privacy.

You will receive a two-piece curtain in monochrome dark blue, a color that can easily be combined with most rooms, whether for men or women. Likewise, its design includes a large upper pocket that adapts to any diameter of bar.

Amazon Basics is a manufacturer that offers high-quality products for the home, so it could be the best brand of curtains for the bedroom. Learn more about this model.


Installation: It has a large pocket that favors the installation of the curtain in any type of standard or decorative rod.

Pieces: You will receive two panels and two Velcro straps to gather the curtains elegantly.

Insulation: Thanks to its triple fabric, it is a model that works as an insulator against light, noise, cold or heat.


Rail: It is a curtain model with a design not suitable for use on a rail system.

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9. Umi by Amazon Thermal Modern Bedroom Blackout Curtains

Today there are curtains for all budgets. From expensive models to good and cheap curtains like this model that Umy presents to you at a competitive cost; if we compare it with other similar products in terms of design and materials. For this reason, it could be the best value for money curtain on our list.

It is a curtain that offers you a pair of panels, which you can choose from a wide variety of monochrome colors and also from several available sizes; taking into account the dimensions of the window and the decoration of the bedroom.

They are two pieces made of 100% polyester with a soft and resistant touch. Likewise, they also favor comfort in the face of heat or cold and efficiently block the passage of light from 85% to 98%; depending on the color you choose, if it is a dark or light tone.

For offering affordable cost, colour, functionality and a modern touch for your bedrooms; It is one of the best-selling curtains on the web. Get to know its highlights.


Variety: You can select the color of your preference and the most suitable size for your windows.

Design: They are two curtains with a smooth, elegant and timeless design, which combines with various spaces.

Utility and compatibility: They are recommended for use in bedrooms, studies, living rooms, etc. In addition, they are compatible with bars less than or equal to 4 cm in diameter.


Tape: It would be appreciated the inclusion of a decorative tape to gather the curtain when you want it.

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bedroom curtain accessories

bedroom curtain rod

Amazon Basics Curtain Rod with Terminals

The bars offer a decorative plus to the enclosures and this model provides great distinction. It has attractive urn-shaped terminals and you can choose between bronze, black and nickel tones; according to your preferences.

It is a bar designed with a simple mechanism that makes it adjustable according to your needs; so you can have from 90 to 180 cm in length.

It is also capable of supporting from light curtains to heavy thermal curtains of 9.98 kilos.

In addition, it is a bedroom curtain rod that includes all the necessary material for its respective assembly.

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Shopping guide

The curtains provide an elegant touch to the home, they add a plus of privacy to the rooms and, in addition, some provide comfort both on winter and summer days. Hence the importance of having the right model and for this, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best bedroom curtain. Here you will find relevant aspects that you should consider when investing in this product.


Nowadays curtains are versatile elements, since they fulfill a double function; On the one hand, they offer an aesthetic component to the bedrooms and on the other, they are products that go further and also fulfill the role of providing comfort to these rooms.

For this, we speak of decorative and functional curtains; so there are attractive models that can prevent light from entering the interior, serve as thermal insulation against temperature changes and also offer privacy from prying eyes.

Whether you are looking for a model for a double, children’s or youth bedroom, a study room or a living room, the market offers a wide variety of types, models, sizes, colors and prices; so you can always find a good and cheap curtain that suits your needs and budget.

On the other hand, for the curtain to fulfill its purpose, before choosing you must consider factors such as the color of the walls, the existing furniture and also the size or shape of the windows; since for each specific need of the enclosure there is the most suitable curtain.

Types according to the installation

When you make your comparison of curtains for the bedroom, it is important that you establish the difference between the types that exist according to the installation system.

In this aspect, we have curtains specially designed to be mounted on rails. They are curtains that hang by means of sliding guides, which are attached to rails installed at the top of the windows. They are ideal in cases where the space between the window and the ceiling is reduced.

In turn, there are curtains designed to be mounted on bars (regardless of whether it is a minimalist bar or one with colorful finishes). These are curtains that have in their preparation a tunnel or upper pocket of the same fabric, with metal eyelets or rings through which the rod passes easily.

Colors and patterns

To ensure that a curtain adapts perfectly to the environment, there must be harmony between the chosen colors and the environment in general. Therefore, avoid mixing patterns on the same curtain, as this could generate an ornate and unsightly effect.

To cover the large windows of a bedroom, a good option is to combine blackout curtains with thick fabrics and in dark tones, with others of light colors and fine texture. The set of these pieces allows you to efficiently control the entry of light.

In addition, it is important that you consider that dark colors make the rooms appear smaller; while light tones provide the feeling of spaciousness.

For this reason, blackout curtains are recommended for spacious rooms; while the models in light colors could be the most suitable for slightly smaller bedrooms.

Textile and measurements

The textile of the curtains is an important aspect that you must consider when making your choice, so regardless of how much it costs, you must bet on good quality fabrics. The idea is that the model offers a fabric resistant to dust and discoloration; while providing ease of washing.

Curtains made of thick and heavy fabrics, such as velvet, linen and polyester, provide thermal insulation and prevent the passage of light. Others are made with light and not very thick textiles such as cotton. There are also light thread net curtains that are generally used as a complement to thick curtains.

Therefore, in the case of rooms with little natural light, it would be advisable to install translucent and light curtains that favor lighting. While the bedrooms that are exposed to direct sun, need blackout curtains and thick fabrics.

As for the measurements of the curtain, the best brands offer their pieces with standard measurements suitable for different sizes of windows. However, it is advisable to choose a model whose height provides approximately 10 cm additional to the length of the window. This detail will make them rest loosely on the floor, which provides a more cozy and elegant look.

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