The 9 Best Bedroom Wallpapers of 2022

Bedroom Wallpaper – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Wallpaper has become for many the first choice when it comes to breathing new life into an interior space; since it is an economical, versatile product and provides a personal touch. It is used in decorative projects thanks to the wide variety available and its ease of installation. One of the most recommended is Fine Decor FD42282, a high-quality washable paper, textured and recommended for decorating bedrooms and living rooms with a plus of elegance. Another popular wallpaper is Murando FB-0038-aa-7, a wall mural with high resolution, waterproof colors and printed with green technology.

The 9 Best Wallpapers for the Bedroom – Opinions 2022

Next, we present a list with 9 of the best wallpapers that you can use in different spaces, according to your decoration and style. They are high quality papers and in a wide variety of designs that adapt to all tastes, environments and also to all budgets.

wallpaper for double bedroom

1. Fine Decor Wallcoverings FD42282 Fractal Quartz Wallpaper

Creating an elegant and sophisticated environment is possible without spending a fortune. To do this, you have this wallpaper that is part of the exclusive Fine Decor quartz collection, a high-end product at an affordable cost; so it could be the best value for money bedroom wallpaper.

It is a wallpaper with a design that provides a geometric pattern on a taupe background. It also has metallic details and rose gold lines that offer a reflective effect. In addition, it is a model that has a textured finish and a linen appearance.

This wallpaper for a double bedroom can also be used in living rooms and offices, given the aesthetic component it provides. In addition, it is easy to install, washable and comes in a roll that covers 5.2 m2 of surface.

To give your walls a touch of class, you could consider this paper. Learn about its strengths and possible drawbacks below.


Utility: It is a recommended product to decorate the walls of bedrooms, living rooms, studies and offices.

Design: It has a design of geometric figures, with a textured finish and lines that stand out discreetly with elegance.

Presentation: The paper is presented in a roll of 52 cm x 10.5 m; so it can cover an area of ​​5.2 m2.


Raccord: In cases where you have to use more than one roll for the wall, you must carefully match the repeating pattern or raccord.

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2. Rune Wall Murals Fleece Photo Wallpaper

If you are looking for a wallpaper for a double bedroom that will add style and class to your walls, this photomural model could meet all your expectations. It is a resistant and easy-to-install product, manufactured in Germany by a company of recognized prestige in the interior decoration market.

You will be able to cover your walls with an attractive and personal touch, since it is a design that highlights a large dandelion flower with its petals floating in a current of air. It’s a photorealistic motif with bright colors that stand the test of time.

It is made with a non-woven fabric support, which offers greater resistance. On the other hand, its printing process has been carried out respecting the environment, free of odors and washable; so it is recommended for different home environments.

This model could be the best bedroom wallpaper of the moment given its high quality. Keep reading to learn a little more about this product.


Installation: It is a paper with TNT support easy to install. In addition, it does not bend and does not generate bubbles.

Format: You will receive the mural in a roll format sectioned into 7, 8 or 9 sheets, depending on the size chosen.

Printing: The photorealistic images feature high-tech, environmentally friendly printing.


Variety: A greater variety of designs is missing, in order to cover various decorative needs.

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white bedroom wallpaper

3. Murando Wall Murals Non-woven Wallpaper Wall Decoration

This model stands out among the best bedroom wallpapers of 2022, as it offers a wide variety of designs to choose from that adapt to the most demanding tastes and styles. It is also a model that gives you reliability, since it is free of odor and toxic substances; so it is ideal for rest rooms.

It could be one of the best white bedroom wallpaper options, since it is a model that offers you a continuous pattern of leaves, branches and flowers in white and with an impressive design with a 3D visual effect.

In order to facilitate its installation, the manufacturer presents the mural in a roll with strips that are numbered and easy to cut. In addition, you can choose the most suitable size for the surface you want to cover, among several available options.

If you are looking for a wall mural that provides a personalized touch to your spaces, we invite you to evaluate the most outstanding aspects of this model.


Variety: It is a product available in a wide variety of designs and colors; resistant, waterproof and odour-free.

TNT: It has a non-woven fabric support, with a smooth surface that does not generate folds, does not wrinkle and does not produce air bubbles.

Aesthetics: It is a wall mural that provides an aesthetic component and great appeal to spaces.


Light colors: To achieve a better finish and visual effect, the manufacturer recommends that the wall be painted in light colors.

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Youth bedroom wallpaper

4. Murimage stone wall wallpaper including glue

This youth bedroom wallpaper presented by Murimage is an ideal alternative to give life and personalize spaces. This German brand, recognized worldwide for its high-quality products, manufactures wallpaper and stickers for all environments and tastes.

This model offers you a visual effect that resembles a stone wall painted with graffiti art, resistant to light and with colors that do not fade easily; therefore, it is an appropriate product to cover high-traffic surfaces.

This could be the best wallpaper for a youth or children’s bedroom, since its design with a great wealth of tones brings light and color to the rooms. In addition, it is an easy product to clean, since it is waterproof and for its installation, it includes glue and step-by-step instructions.

For the variety, quality and attractiveness of its products, Murimage could be the best brand of wallpaper for the bedroom. Analyze one of their recommended models.


Ecological printing: It is a paper made with ecological printing, odorless, waterproof and with bright colors that resist light.

Design: Its youthful design offers you a wall painted with graffiti art and with multiple shades.

Installation: Its installation is explained step by step and with the purchase you will receive a glue that favors its assembly.


Surface: For best results, the surface should be free of silicone, dirt, and latex paints.

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modern wallpaper for bedroom

5. LAPMF Modern Non-Woven Wallpaper Roll Wall Decor

If you are looking for a modern wallpaper for the bedroom and you are looking among the cheap and good quality models that the market offers you, you could consider this paper that LAPMF offers you; a product at an affordable cost and with great coverage.

It is a paper model presented in a roll that is 10 meters long and 53 cm wide; so you can cover walls up to 4.7 m2. In addition, its design offers you multifunctionality; which is why it is recommended not only to decorate walls or surfaces, but also to give new life to furniture or drawers.

Its manufacture includes ecological material with TNT fibers, which repels stains, bad odors and mold. It can be used at home in bedrooms and living rooms; also in offices, hotels, etc.

When you are looking for a modern style to decorate your walls, this wallpaper could be your best ally. Know its pros and cons.


Yield: Each roll contains 10 meters of wallpaper with a width of 53 cm, which is enough to cover 4.7 m2 of surface.

Effect: Once installed, it is a paper that produces an attractive visual effect, with neutral colors and lines that provide a plus of elegance.

Versatility: You can use it to decorate the walls and also to improve the external appearance of the furniture.


Glue: This product does not include glue with the purchase, so you must purchase it separately.

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wooden wallpaper for bedroom

6. Murimage Wallpaper Including Glue Optical 3D Wall Murals

The vintage style allows us to enjoy the rustic and the old. Such is the case of this wooden wallpaper for the bedroom, an excellent alternative to cover the walls and adopt an original vintage style.

It is a mural with a 3D effect, since it resembles a wall covered with old, worn and discolored wooden boards. It is printed in pastel tones that can be easily combined with the furniture present in the decoration. In addition, thanks to its ecological manufacturing without odors or toxins, it is a product that you can use in living rooms or bedrooms.

Its size is 274.5 x 254 cm, enough to cover a smooth surface. Likewise, to facilitate the assembly task, you will receive glue, installation instructions and the design of the wall divided into 6 equal parts; each one with its corresponding numbering.

If you are a lover of the vintage style and you don’t know which bedroom wallpaper to buy, this model could be what you are looking for. Analyze this wall mural in detail.


Resistance: It is a resistant product, since it is waterproof and stands up to the passage of time without losing color.

Style: It offers you a timeless style that combines vintage with a plus of originality.

Numbering: Each of its six panels has the corresponding numbering, which favors its assembly.


Thickness: The thickness of the paper turned out to be thinner than expected; which could be a disadvantage.

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brick wallpaper for bedroom

7. EnLavish Classic Brick Pattern Self Adhesive Mural Wallpaper

If you still don’t know which is the best bedroom wallpaper that allows you to create an individualized environment with a textured visual effect, you should analyze this model for its great advantages.

It is a new generation wallpaper made with high quality, so it uses eco-responsible products; account for it with PVC free of heavy metals. It is easy to install thanks to its self-adhesive quality, it does not generate bubbles either, it is washable and you can remove it when necessary.

It is a brick wallpaper for the bedroom that simulates a rustic brick wall with light and neutral tones. You can also mount it in different spaces of your home, such as living rooms, study room, kitchen and it is even recommended to restore different types of furniture or to use in offices and offices.

It is a product with an excellent reputation on the web, given its versatility and quality to decorate different environments. We invite you to learn a little more about this wallpaper.


Application: It is an ideal wallpaper to mount in the kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, offices and any smooth surface.

Material: It is made of ecological materials, such as PVC free of heavy metals.

Variety: You can choose the design of your choice and the most convenient size according to the area you want to cover.


Sharpness: Depending on the chromatic irregularity present in each monitor, it is possible that the colors of the paper differ from those stated in the photographs.

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striped wallpaper for bedroom

8. XTZLTY Modern Simple Bedroom Living Room Non-woven Wallpaper

Decorating with this wallpaper allows you to quickly and economically personalize your spaces; since it is a product that provides lighting, sobriety and style to your walls without the need to paint.

It is a decorative element made with a non-woven fabric support, which provides greater resistance and quality to the paper. Its design has a pattern of symmetrical and vertical stripes, which give the space a feeling of spaciousness. In addition, it is available in three shades that adapt to different decorations.

It is a striped wallpaper for bedroom that offers easy installation as you don’t have to worry about matching complicated patterns. Its roll has 9.5 meters of 53 cm wide paper and can cover up to 5.3 m2 of wall.

It is one of the cheapest models you can get online, so it deserves your consideration in this comparison. For more details, read below.


Utility: In addition to the aesthetic component, it is a role that inhibits odours, mold and stains on the walls.

Scope: With the purchase of a roll, you will have enough wallpaper to cover an area of ​​5.3 m2.

Assembly: Because it is a simple and modern design that does not have complicated patterns, it is easy and quick to assemble.


Self- adhesive: It lacks adhesive material on its back, which facilitates mounting on the wall.

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Master bedroom wallpaper

9. Murimage Wallpaper Including Glue 3D View Living Room

Having a wallpaper for the master bedroom like this model presented by Murimage is an option that not only beautifies the environment, but also provides calm and relaxation to the room.

It is a 3D wall mural that offers you a highly realistic landscape, with a visual effect that allows you to enjoy a forest dimly lit by sunlight. The German-quality printed image features bright, true-to-life colors that are lightfast and odor-free. For this reason, it is recommended for rest rooms and large living rooms.

In addition to this, it is a product that includes glue that favors its assembly without the need to invest additionally. In addition, its dimensions are 274.5 x 254 cm; which covers a wall with ease and to improve the experience of use, it includes assembly instructions.

It is one of the most recommended wall murals by users, given the beauty of its design and the quality of the paper. We present its most outstanding aspects.


Design and relax: Its design is that of a forest of trees illuminated by the sun, which could bring your bedroom tranquility and relaxation at bedtime.

Ecological: It is made of odorless materials, so it is recommended for interiors.

Size: Its size perfectly covers a wall with the following measurements: 274.50 x 254 cm.


Outdoors: As it is a product made of paper, it is not advisable to put it on outdoor surfaces.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a wallpaper to breathe new life into your walls could be a difficult decision, given the wide variety available on the market. For this reason, in order for you to select the most suitable product for your decorative needs, we present the following guide to buying the best wallpaper for the bedroom; where you can find the most outstanding aspects to take into account before betting on a specific model.

Design and style

Design and style is the first thing that many people consider when choosing a wallpaper; since it is about the decorative and visual effect that is intended to be achieved in the bedroom or living room.

In this sense, we have plain papers that offer monochromatic colors and give the sensation of having the wall painted. There are also striped papers that can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on your tastes; They are elegant and timeless models.

Patterned paper is another option to choose from; They range from modern, daring models to the most classic, discreet and elegant. Finally, there are the papers that imitate materials, in order to simulate a concrete, brick, stone or wood wall.


In your comparison of wallpapers for the bedroom you will notice that there are models manufactured with certain special characteristics, which makes them more resistant to use and easier to clean.

First of all, we have the washable papers. These products offer a composition that allows you to use a damp sponge or cloth with water and neutral soap for cleaning, without compromising its structure. In these cases, you should avoid scratching the paper and do not use abrasive products.

Likewise, there are the ecological models. They are papers that in their manufacturing process do not generate emissions; so they are free of harmful components, they do not give off toxic odors or volatile chemicals. They are also products resistant to both stains and wear. In addition, once they are no longer used, they become a recyclable product.

On the other hand, there are also wallpapers capable of resisting the incidence of sunlight. For this reason, they offer a long useful life and keep their colors and properties unchanged.


The support of a wallpaper could be related to how much a particular model costs. When talking about the support we refer to the part of the paper that is stuck to the wall and manufacturers offer two modalities: TNT support (non-woven fabric) and paper-based support.

Non-woven wallpaper models are those that are made with paper fibers that have been joined together without being woven; reason why they do not form threads and provide more resistance to the base. For this reason, it is an easy product to remove and put on without suffering damage or deterioration.

On the other hand, we have the traditional wallpaper made up of a layer of thin paper. It is an inexpensive product that does not have a protective coating, so it does not resist humidity and tends to be more delicate; That is why it is not recommended for spaces with high traffic or friction.


In the wallpaper category, you can also find models that are made with texture or relief. These are products especially recommended for covering surfaces that have some type of imperfection, as they are capable of camouflaging details and making them go unnoticed.

Likewise, most of these models are made with natural fibers that give them an original beauty; such is the case of models made with palm leaves or strips of wood. These elements are pressed directly on the paper, using a TNT support that favors their installation. In addition, they are textured papers that convey warmth and naturalness.


There are different installation systems, starting with self-adhesive paper. This model does not require glue, glue or external adhesives, since it has its own resistant adhesive. Its great advantage is that it can be easily repositioned as many times as necessary.

Another alternative is paper that is installed by applying glue to the wall; These models correspond mainly to those manufactured with TNT support. For this, it is necessary to acquire special glue for this type of material.

We also have the papers where it is essential to apply glue not only on the wall, but also on the back of the paper. In these cases, you must wait for the glue to act for a few minutes before gluing it later. This installation mode usually corresponds to traditional papers, which admit universal glue.

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