The 9 Best Bedroom Wardrobes of 2022

Wardrobe for bedroom – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the furniture in our home, the cabinets are the pieces of furniture that occupy a place of honor; especially those intended for bedrooms. They are not only useful for their contribution to the organization, but also for their decorative character that provides an aesthetic component to these enclosures. For this reason, we present two models with an excellent reputation on the web. Starting with the Habitdesign ARC184W, a spacious wardrobe with sliding doors, two different areas and ideal for a double room. Another attractive and functional model is the Habitmobel Mirror, a piece of furniture with melamine finishes, with a coat rack and a large lower drawer.

The 9 Best Bedroom Wardrobes – Opinions 2022

We know that choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom is not an easy task, given the wide variety of models that the market offers you. For this reason and in order to help you choose the product that best suits your space and needs, we have prepared a selection with 9 of the best cabinets available.

Wardrobe for double bedroom

1. Habitdesign ARC184W Wardrobe 2 sliding doors

This Habitdesing model stands out among the best bedroom wardrobes of 2022 for its design and functionality. It is a model belonging to the “Dreams Bedroom” collection, a set of furniture with straight lines and minimalist design. This modern Nordic-style wardrobe is made of high-quality melamine and its front has two different finishes: gloss white and nature.

It is a wardrobe for a double bedroom, since it offers an internal organization that favors the storage of clothes for two people; for which it has two identical areas separated by a central division. Each with a top shelf and a clothes rail.

You can choose the dimensions of the wardrobe of your choice between two available models, either 180 or 150 cm wide. In addition, thanks to its two easy-slide sliding doors, you will have more space in your bedroom.

Due to the variety, design and high quality of its products, Habitdesign could be the best brand of bedroom cabinets. Next, more details of this model.


Doors: It is a model that offers two practical sliding doors, designed with easy-to-open handles.

Central division: It has a central division that separates two identical areas, so it is recommended for a couple.

Internal organization: Each area has a bar and a top shelf for optimal storage.


Weight: Because it is a product with a weight of 117 kilos, you may need help when moving it.

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Mirror cabinet for bedroom

2. Habitmobel Wardrobe Bedroom Mirrors

The best bedroom wardrobe could be the one that adapts to any decorative style and also provides optimal storage. Such as this model from Habitmobel, which offers a modern, functional and timeless design, appropriate for any bachelor’s room.

It has dimensions of 184 cm high, 81 cm wide and 52 cm deep and has two large lower drawers, where you can organize folded garments. In addition, in order to organize hanging clothes, it has a bar that supports up to 10 kilos of load. Likewise, it is a wardrobe with a mirror for the bedroom, which you can mount either on the inside or outside of the door; according to your tastes.

Likewise, to provide greater visibility and access to the interior, it has two folding doors that you can easily open and close. On the other hand, we mention that it is made of melamine wood with white finishes, so you can easily integrate it into existing furniture.

It is an ideal wardrobe to furnish various rooms, so you could consider it when decorating. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses.


Storage: It has a bar, two large drawers and a bottom to put boxes or accessories.

Materials: Its structure is made of high-quality melamine with white finishes and its bar is made of resistant aluminum.

Doors: It is a cabinet designed with two folding doors that favor easy access to its interior.


Maximum load: It is advisable to respect the maximum storage weight allowed for the bar, which is 10 kilos.

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White bedroom wardrobe

3. Abitti Wardrobe with 2 doors and 2 drawers

If you need to furnish a bedroom and get a closet that gives you organization and storage space without spending a fortune; this model could be a practical, functional and economical alternative.

Not only does it offer you an affordable cost, compared to other similar cabinets, but it also offers you a stable, sturdy structure and enough space to organize clothes, shoes and accessories. For this reason, many consider it the best value for money bedroom wardrobe.

It also has two hinged doors that open at 90°, so you have easy access to the interior of the cabinet. Likewise, thanks to its drawers you can store various folded garments. Both the drawers and the doors have handles that facilitate opening.

In addition, it is made of high quality melamine and with a gloss white finish; so this white bedroom wardrobe brings a modern and elegant touch to the rooms.

Whether for young or old, this could be the most suitable wardrobe for any bedroom. Here is a summary of its advantages and disadvantages.


Two drawers: Its design includes two large drawers located in the lower part of the cabinet, equipped with handles that facilitate the opening system.

Bar: It has a chrome bar that resists oxidation and on which you can hang your dresses, coats or jackets.

Assembly: You will receive a practical user manual and all the hardware for its respective assembly.


Handles: The quality of the drawer and door handles could be improved. However, they are pieces that you could easily replace in case of deterioration.

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Wardrobe for youth bedroom

4. Abitti Children’s youth wardrobe 3 doors interior bar

If you are thinking of decorating your daughter’s room, but you don’t know which is the best bedroom wardrobe that can offer a feminine and functional touch; this attractive model from Abitti could be what you are looking for.

It is a wardrobe that complements the “Cloud Bedroom” collection, although you could also buy it separately and make it the center of attraction in the room.

This teen bedroom wardrobe could give your daughter’s room an air of romance. For this, it offers a structure painted in pastel colours, such as Alps white with streaks, pink and grey.

Likewise, its internal organization will provide storage for clothes, accessories, shoes and more. For this, it has an upper bar to hang clothes, a shelf with three compartments where folded clothes could go and boxes or purses can be stored in the lower part.

When it comes to a youth room, this wardrobe with soft colors and its modern design could be the most suitable. Next, its main qualities and cons.


Design: It is a wardrobe designed with feminine taste in mind, given the shades it offers.

Organization: Thanks to its structure equipped with a top bar and a shelf with three compartments, you can efficiently organize your clothes.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are as follows: 90 x 200 x 52 cm, so you can mount it in rooms with little space.


Selection of colors: As it is a product manufactured to complement a collection, for now the manufacturer does not have other colors.

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Wardrobe for bedroom with sliding doors

5. Habitdesign Wardrobe with Two Sliding Doors Model Hera

A bedroom wardrobe with sliding doors is a storage option that helps you maximize the space available.

In this sense, we have the Hera model from Habitdesing, a wardrobe that, with its large size, favors organization and thanks to its contemporary style, it could steal the spotlight in your bedroom. In addition, its doors slide their panels in parallel and do not need extra space to open them.

It is a wardrobe that stands out for its ability to organize all kinds of clothes and objects for daily use. To do this, it offers two equal areas that divide its interior and its dimensions are 150 cm wide, 200 cm high and 60 cm deep; which is why it is ideal for use as a couple.

Likewise, it has two upper shelves where you can conveniently store boxes or bedding. In addition, it has ABS material studs that protect the floor and prevent annoying noises.

This model could be the best bedroom wardrobe of the moment, given its qualities and high quality. For more details on this product, keep reading below.


Materials: It is a cabinet made of high-quality melamine, an easy-to-clean material with a non-porous surface that prevents the appearance of bacteria.

Guide system: Its sliding doors have metal guides equipped with a brake, which favors the useful life of the panels.

Studs: In order to protect the floor against scratches, its feet have ABS plastic studs, which also dampen noise.


Assembly: Its assembly could be laborious, especially if you are not a DIY expert.

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Corner cabinet for bedroom

6. Relaxdays Wardrobe Corner Fabric Wardrobe Dressing Room 2 Rods

When you only have a few square meters, a corner wardrobe for a bedroom could be the best solution to make the most of that forgotten corner of your room. For this reason, you could consider this Relaxdays model, not only because of its design that adapts to any corner of your home, but also because it is one of the cheapest wardrobes at the moment.

It is a product made with a steel structure, which gives you stability and resistance; For this reason, it is capable of supporting a load of up to 60 kilos. It also has fabric and plastic material that cover its walls and protect your clothes from dust. In addition, it has two doors that roll up easily and are held in place with a hook and loop closure.

It is a cheap bedroom closet with a storage capacity that gives you eight shelves to organize folded clothes, put boxes, shoes, accessories and more. It also has a large and a small bar.

If you are looking for an economical and functional product to store your clothes, this corner cabinet is worth your consideration. Analyze the following summary of its virtues and cons.


Resistant: Thanks to its structure made of steel, it is a cabinet that can support up to 60 kilos of load.

Design: It has a design that maximizes space, so you can mount it in any corner or corner of your bedroom.

Organization: It offers you up to 8 shelves and two bars, to store all kinds of garments.


Zipper: A zipper closure system is missing for its roll-up doors, in order to provide greater protection against dust.

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Narrow wardrobe for bedroom

7. Habitdesign 0J7446Y Youth Wardrobe

We know that when a bedroom has only a few square meters, furnishing it with the right pieces could be difficult. For this reason, a narrow wardrobe for the bedroom is one of the best options to take advantage of space and thus store and organize clothes without the need for a large piece of furniture.

This is the case of this compact model, which does not take up much space in your bedroom; since it only measures 90 cm wide and 2 meters high. However, it offers you great capacity thanks to its optimal interior layout. It offers you a bar that goes side by side, on which you can hang long and short garments.

It also has a practical divider with three shelves, especially useful for organizing folded clothes. Likewise, at the bottom of the closet you can store boxes or shoes. In addition, it has three easy-open folding doors and is available in pastel colors.

It is a wardrobe recommended for children’s or youth rooms. For more information on this model, we have highlighted some positive and negative aspects.


Collection: This wardrobe belongs to the “Snuba Bedroom” collection; so you can also buy the matching bed and shelf.

Colours: Thanks to the colors it offers: alpe white and acqua green, it is a piece of furniture that can be used by any child or adolescent.

PEFC Certificate: This certificate accredits it as a responsibly manufactured product, whose wood comes from managed forests.


Capacity: If you are one of the people who have a large amount of clothes, the capacity of this closet may not be enough.

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Children’s bedroom wardrobe

8. Brian & Dany Children’s Modular Wardrobe Doors Animal Motifs

If what you are looking for is to keep your little one’s clothes, toys and school supplies organized, but you don’t know which bedroom wardrobe to buy, you could take this model into account; designed with an aesthetic component that provides decoration to children’s rooms.

Its modular format includes 12 cubes, which you can easily assemble; since it does not require tools, so it includes connectors that hold the modules together. Likewise, each panel has an independent door, decorated with attractive drawings of animals in full color.

It is a wardrobe for children’s bedrooms that offers two compartments with a bar to hang the child’s clothes and in its modules you can easily organize other clothing or store toys. For this reason, it is a wardrobe that you can also use in a game room. In addition, it has a resistant metal structure and polypropylene free of contamination, hygienic and easy to clean.

It is an attractive, functional wardrobe and one of the cheapest on the market. We present a summary of its main characteristics.


Materials and load: Its structure has steel and its panels are made of polypropylene. In addition, each module can support up to 10 kilos of weight.

Design: It has 12 doors, each one designed with full color animal motifs.

Variety: You can choose the model of 12 or 8 cubes; likewise, you can also select between blue or pink.


Instructions: The instructions in Spanish for their respective assembly are missing. However, it is a task that for many has been easy.

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Cherry Bedroom Wardrobe

9. Steens Richmond Combi Wood Wardrobe

If you are one of the people who bet on the traditional, a cherry-colored bedroom wardrobe made of wood could meet your expectations. This model offers you a robust construction; for which, it has high quality solid pine wood and natural finishes that embellish it, making it a classic piece of furniture that could decorate any room.

Its dimensions are 137.3 cm high, 88.3 cm wide and 48 cm deep; so it could be the one for people with short stature or for bedrooms with limited space. Plus, it features 4 feet that keep it off the ground and two opening doors with push-button pulls.

On the other hand, its storage capacity allows you to easily organize clothes hanging on its bar and for bedding, towels, or accessories, you have two medium-sized drawers located in the lower part of the wardrobe.

It is a small cabinet, but with great features. To learn more about this attractive and robust English piece of furniture, pay attention to its most outstanding features.


Materials: It is a cabinet made of high quality materials, such as solid pine wood, which offers great strength and durability.

Size: Its compact dimensions especially favor small bedrooms and small people.

Design: It has a classic design that could be integrated into the decoration of any conventional bedroom.


Maintenance: As it is a piece of furniture made of wood, it is advisable that you carry out periodic maintenance to keep it in good condition.

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Shopping guide

The following guide to buying the best bedroom wardrobe is specially designed to help you choose the most suitable model for your decorative style, available space and storage needs. Here you will find the variables that you could take into consideration before betting on a particular wardrobe.


The first thing you should consider when buying a wardrobe is the space available in your room; since the size of the model you choose will depend on this. Given its leading role in this room, this piece of furniture could determine the organization of the rest of the furniture.

If you have a large room, you will have no problem getting the model you prefer, regardless of size and design; where you can comfortably store all your clothes and other accessories. If, on the other hand, your bedroom has only a few square meters, you should consider investing in a functional but compact wardrobe.

Remember, in general, in order to hang clothes with enough clearance and without interfering with the proper closing of the doors, the wardrobe should offer a useful depth of at least 60 cm. Also, keep in mind that models with sliding doors take up less space than their counterparts with swing doors.

style and materials

If you have a conservative style, you might be interested in a wardrobe that integrates with the decoration. To do this, some brands offer models whose minimalist designs harmonize perfectly with any room. Likewise, other cabinets play a leading role in the bedrooms; are those that stand out for their colors, format or materials.

On the other hand, when it comes to manufacturing; Among the most used materials we have wood; a robust material that provides warmth and offers a long service life. Likewise, there are the modern models made of melamine, an easy-to-clean and versatile product, since it has great resistance and diversity of colours.

Likewise, there are innovative cabinets that combine two finishes; for example, wood and glass. You can also find more practical models, made of metal structure and with fabric cover; They are suitable cabinets for those who have a limited budget, since it is a product that, in addition to being functional, is also economical.


Although some trends opt for cabinets without doors, if you are not a fan of order, the best option is to buy one that does. The doors give the room a more organized presence and also protect clothes from dust. Next, we present the three types of doors most used in wardrobes: hinged, sliding and folding.

Cabinets with hinged doors are the most common. These doors are very easy to install, since they work with the classic hinge mechanism. They are those that open outwards at an angle of 90 °, so you must consider a minimum space available to open them completely. They are the recommended doors if you have organized your bedroom with enough space.

Next, there are the sliding doors; whose rail mechanism allows you to slide the panels in parallel, without the need to occupy extra space on the outside. For this reason, they are the most suitable for wardrobes located in bedrooms with limited space, as they help to maximize the organization of the room.

Finally, there are the cabinets with folding doors. These doors, unlike the folding ones that open outwards, have a particular sliding system that allows them to fold inwards; gaining space for better access to the interior.

Interior space

The interior space is another of the fundamental aspects that you must analyze when making your comparison of bedroom cabinets. To be a functional model, the wardrobe must have an internal area that allows you to optimize storage; the idea is that you can efficiently organize all your clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, coats or whatever seasonal clothes you need to store.

For this reason, it is essential that you analyze your needs and the space that the closet gives you. In this sense, if you need this piece of furniture to share it with another person, you could choose a model that has two different areas, in such a way that each one has its space perfectly delimited.

Likewise, if you are one of those who have a lot of clothes, you could opt for a wardrobe that has drawers, shelves, shelves and one or two bars to hang jackets or dresses; in this way you would be taking full advantage of the storage capacity. The idea is, regardless of how much it costs, to achieve a closet with a practical and organized interior.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bedroom wardrobe?

Once you have chosen the most suitable model for your space and your clothes, you must proceed with its respective assembly. To do this, you must have the manufacturer’s instructions at hand, as well as all the respective parts and screws. You should also have some basic tools.

Once you have completed the assembly, make sure that the cabinet is stable and safe, without the risk of tipping over. To do this, make sure that the floor and the wall where it will be placed offer a smooth surface.

Likewise, it is advisable not to overload the bar or the shelves; as this could cause a deterioration of the structure. Also, try to open and close the doors being careful not to hit them.

Q2: How to decorate a wardrobe for bedroom?

The decoration of a closet could define your good taste and personality. In youth rooms, this piece of furniture is usually decorated with photographs or images that highlight the style of young people. Likewise, in the case of children’s cabinets, they can be decorated according to the colors present in the bedroom or with a favorite cartoon or children’s character.

On the other hand, cabinets can also be decorated by sticking vinyl or adding mirrors to their front. Also, if it is the case that the closet does not have doors, you could put some fabrics as curtains, which match the colors of the environment.

Q3: How to organize a bedroom closet?

A closet should have a high storage area, where you could organize clothes from other seasons or suitcases. Likewise, in its central space where the bar is located, you can hang long garments, such as dresses and suits.

If the closet has drawers, shelves or shelves, there you can store everyday clothes such as sweaters and t-shirts in an orderly way.

Likewise, the lower part could be used to organize all your shoes. In addition, depending on the size of the piece of furniture, you could also customize it with various accessories, such as removable shoe racks, tie racks, storage baskets and more.

Q4: How to make a wardrobe for bedroom?

If you want to make a wardrobe for your bedroom, it is recommended that you seek advice from experts in the field. But if you are passionate about DIY and want to save some money, with a little creativity and the right materials you can do it.

First of all, choose the layout based on your available space and storage needs. Select wood or melamine to assemble the structure and then proceed to cut and assemble each of the pieces; taking into account that you must carry out a convenient internal organization. Then, assemble its doors and finally, decorate it to your liking.

Q5: Where to put a bedroom wardrobe?

Properly locating the closet in your bedroom is essential if you are looking to maximize space and organization. However, everything will depend on the size of your bedroom; The idea is that the wardrobe is positioned in an easily accessible place, where it does not interfere with the passage of people and does not block any door or window.

Likewise, if you have a dressing area, you can place it there as an extra storage; with this you will be providing greater amplitude to the main bedroom.

Q6: How to clean a bedroom closet?

Carrying out the task of cleaning a closet is something simple that you can do in a short time; it will be enough to use the vacuum cleaner in the corners and extract the dust from its interior.

If you want to do a deep clean, the first thing you should do is empty the closet completely and remove the clothes to another bedroom. With the help of a vacuum cleaner you can remove all the accumulated dust; afterwards, use a damp cloth and with a little neutral soap clean the walls and sections. Next, dry everything and make sure there are no traces of moisture. Leave it open to air out and then proceed to put everything away.

Q7: Why is the back panel of the bedroom wardrobe loose?

The back panel of a cabinet is usually the part that tends to cause the most problems; especially when released. This happens mainly when we have overloaded the shelves or shelves with objects, pressing towards the bottom and loosening the screws that keep it fixed. For this reason, it is advisable not to exceed the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturers.

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