The 9 Best Benches of 2022

Bench – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The functional decoration of the spaces serves to make the most of them through an elegant aesthetic. To achieve this, it is necessary to have elements such as stools, which have become a trend due to their designs and compact sizes. Although there are many alternatives, two are positioned as the favorites. The HomCom ES831-135WT0731 model is a classic style stool made of solid wood, with a white design that includes armrests. Close behind is the Ikea Infantil model, a stool for the smallest of the house, adjustable in three heights and made of pine and cardboard fiber.

The 9 Best Benches – Opinions 2022

The stools are decorative and functional elements that can give a better look to the room where they are placed, while being practical both for sitting and for placing objects. Before making a hasty purchase, we invite you to learn about the main characteristics of the models that are positioned among the preferences of users as the 9 best stools on the market.

bedroom bench

1. HomCom Foot of Bed Stool Upholstered Banquette with Arms

Finding the best stool on the market can be an arduous task, but not impossible, if you take a look at the properties of this model from the manufacturer HomCom, which is positively valued for its design and functionality.

It is a bench for the bedroom that can also be used in the hall of the home, because it has a classic and timeless design in white, with curved armrests on each side.

The model is made of solid wood, so it is stable and includes adjustable pads at the base of the legs. In addition, it is comfortable because the cushion is filled with 20 cm thick sponge. It has also been upholstered in soft-touch linen fabric.

The gross weight of this stool is 8.8 kilos, making it portable and easy to place in any room. Its load capacity is high, since it can support up to 130 kilos.

There are those who consider this model as the best stool of the moment. Knowing its pros and cons could help you figure it out.


Dimensions: Its general dimensions are spacious, with 102 cm long by 31 cm wide and 51 cm high.

Capacity: Despite being light, it has a high support capacity of 130 kilos.

Design: Its style is classic and elegant in white, with curved armrests on each side.

Construction: It is made with a solid solid wood base, a cushion filled with thick foam and upholstered in linen fabric.


Upholstery: Being white, it gets dirty easily, so you must be careful about its use.

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Ikea bench

2. Ikea Adjustable Children’s Bench

Those who want to acquire a quality product must search among the best stools of 2022 and this model of the Ikea brand is equipped with features that make it one of the favorites of users, due to its resistance and adaptability.

This Ikea bench has a simple design that has been created to serve as a children’s bench. In addition, it is suitable to accompany the little one during his first years of life because it is adjustable in three heights, so that it can be adapted as the child grows.

In this way, the bench has heights set at 30 cm, 38 cm and 43 cm. The construction of this alternative is resistant, since the vast majority of its pieces are made of solid pine, with a cardboard fiber seat and acrylic lacquer paint for better finishes. The width of the seat is 45 cm, so it is suitable for comfortable sitting.

Next, you will be able to know the pros and cons of this Ikea model, a manufacturer recognized as the possible best stool brand on the market.


Adjustment: It can be adjusted in height from 30 cm to 38 cm, to finish at 43 cm. This offers different levels of sitting comfort.

Specific use: The model is designed with the purpose of being a bench for specific use by the smallest of the house.

Construction: It has a resistant construction, made with pieces of solid pine wood.

Finish: For a shiny appearance, it has transparent acrylic lacquered paint finishes.


Capacity: Being a small and compact model, its capacity is reduced to a few kilos.

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foot of bed stool

3. Vasagle Bed Stool

This Vasagle stool meets the quality standards to answer the question of which is the best stool on the market, because it has a solid construction and an elegant design.

So, if you are looking for a foot-of-bed stool, this could be the right alternative, because it has an iron frame that resembles the English models, as it has rustic wood details that provide an additional touch to the aesthetics of the bedroom.

In addition, it fulfills a double function, since, under the seat upholstered in black synthetic leather, you can access a large compartment to discreetly store objects and accessories, with a safety hinge, which allows you to keep the box open while cleaning. or store. It has a simple and easy to assemble structure, because it includes all the elements for assembly. Its weight is 20 kilos and its support capacity is 120 kg.

If you still don’t know which stool to buy, learning more about the pros and cons of this model could help.


Construction: Its construction has an iron structure and rustic brown finishes.

Capacity: Its weight is just over 20 kilos, but it can support up to 120 kilos, which is a good level.

Seat: It has a padded seat with 4 cm of foam, with a black PU cover.

Compartment: It has a discreet compartment under the seat, which incorporates a safety hinge.


Accessories: The included tools for assembly can be a bit flimsy.

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wooden bench

4. Moycor Wooden Benches: Sutsuru Model 2 seats

If, after reviewing some alternatives, you still have not found one that meets your requirements, then you could take a look at this Moycor model that has an oriental-style design and rounded lines, which fits the aesthetics of bedrooms and receivers.

It is a wooden stool that has been made with natural mindi trunk, so it is resistant and of quality. Unlike other alternatives, this one does not have a cushion, since its entire structure is made of wood, with brown finishes, which allows it to be customized according to taste.

The dimensions of this model are 120 cm by 60 cm by 37 cm and it has capacity for two seats, so it supports the weight of at least two adults. As its properties are light, you can change your position or stay frequently.

Before making a quick purchase, take some time to learn the pros and cons of this model.


Design: The design of this model is oriental style, with rounded lines and wood-colored finishes.

Seats: It has capacity for two seats, so it can withstand the weight of two adults.

Construction: Its construction is solid, being made of wood from mindi logs.

Weight: Despite being resistant, its weight is relatively light, which makes it easy to handle and move.


Height: Some people may find this bench low in height and uncomfortable to sit on.

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shoe remover stool

5. DRW Footstool Stool with trunk

For those who value classic and elegant designs, this option from the manufacturer DRW may be attractive, because it has a medieval aesthetic and is multifunctional, so that it integrates into any environment to make it more sophisticated.

This footstool is equipped with armrests on each side and has no backrest, so it looks similar to a divan. In addition, it has a padded seat to rest, with capacity for two seats, which is covered with imitation leather. Meanwhile, the rest of the structure has been manufactured with robust raw materials and finished in dark brown.

The dimensions of this stool are 114 cm long by 39 cm high by 58 cm wide, so the size is suitable for a minimum of two seats. As an additional element, under the seat of this stool there is a compartment to store objects discreetly, so it fulfills a double function, incorporating a trunk with a large volumetric capacity.

If you liked this model, it is convenient that you review its pros and cons before making a decision.


Dimensions: The dimensions are 114 cm long by 39 cm high by 58 cm wide, enough for two seats.

Compartment: It is not only a stool, since, having a compartment, it serves as a storage trunk.

Design: The design of this model is classic, with a medieval style that serves to decorate the space where it is placed.

Durability: The bench has a main structure in imitation leather, so its level of durability is considered high.


Style: Its style can be a bit dull and old for some modern or brighter decorations.

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trunk bench

6. Songmics Trunk Puff Folding Storage Stool

This is the recommended alternative for those who are looking for the best value for money stool, because it is one of the cheapest on the market and has a functional and resistant design, which serves both to decorate and to store objects and rest on it..

This model is robust and has good stability because it has been manufactured with an E1 class MDF structure, so it has light properties, but the load capacity, according to its manufacturer, is 300 kilos. Also, its base is moisture-proof.

The trunk stool has a modern and elegant design that is available with a white fabric covering, while, to be padded, the seat is filled with soft and thick sponge. In addition, it is functional, because it takes up little space, it is foldable and it has a simple, fast and efficient assembly system.

Since cheaper options appeal, be sure to consider the pros and cons of this model.


Versatility: It is an appropriate stool to sit on, store and decorate, so it is versatile.

Design: Its design is elegant, without armrests, with a modern and minimalist style in white.

Capacity: Although its weight is only 6.62 kilos, its support capacity is quite high, for about 300 kilos.

Folding: To save space, it can be folded and has a quick and easy assembly mechanism.


Color: Being its upholstery in white fabric, it tends to get dirty easily, but this depends on the care with which it is used.

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shoe rack stool

7. Relaxdays Modern Shoe Bench

If you want to buy a shoe rack stool, this model from the Relaxdays brand could be of interest to you, which is positioned as one of the best alternatives on the market due to its simplicity and practicality, features that are integrated into a modern and light design.

This shoe rack stool is simple and has a padded cushion with capacity for two people. Under its surface it has an appropriate shelf to place all kinds of shoes, boots, slippers and more, because its height is approximately 21 cm.

In addition, it has a Nordic design, rectangular cut with rounded corners and upholstered in gray fabric. The stool is made of bamboo, a material that is easy to clean and suitable for humidity, so it can be placed in the bathroom. Although it is a light piece of furniture, weighing only 4.6 kilos, the model has a capacity to support up to 120 kilos. It also includes instructions and assembly tools.

This model stands out among the best, but it would be good if you take a look at its positive and negative aspects.


Construction: It has a resistant structure because it has been made of bamboo wood.

Capacity: Its load range is over 100 kilos, so it is resistant.

Seat: It has a wide seat without backrest, with capacity for at least two seats.

Versatility: It can be placed in any room because it serves as a shoe rack or a chair to rest on.


Flimsy: Although it is resistant, it gives the impression of being flimsy, so the recommended weight should not be exceeded.

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Upholstered bench

8. Versa 19500261 Pink Patchwork Bedside Stool

If you enjoy originality and want to give a special touch to home decoration, then this upholstered bench could be the right option for your needs, because it has a colorful and striking print, made of cotton fabric.

This model is light, since its weight is only 5.5 kilos, but it can withstand a much higher level of load, because it is made of a resistant wooden structure. The measurements of this alternative are 45 cm high by 40 cm deep by 80 cm long, to accommodate one or two people. Although it does not have a backrest, the seat of this stool is comfortable, as it is equipped with soft and padded foam padding.

Its assembly is simple, it is only necessary to join the legs to the rest of the structure and it will be ready to use. In addition, its simple, practical and minimalist style design makes this a recommended option to decorate any corner of the home.

Many people say that this model is one of the most convenient, but you can do your own analysis knowing its pros and cons.


Weight: It is a light and easy to transport model, since its weight is only 5.5 kilos.

Construction: The manufacture was made with a structure with robust padding and wooden legs that provide stability.

Design: Its modern and minimalist design with bright colors is suitable for placing in any room.

Seat: It has a wide seat, with dense padding to provide greater comfort.


Capacity: Although it is resistant, its support capacity is low, so it must be used with caution without exceeding the weight.

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white bench

9. Adec Upholstered Bench for Bedroom Model Bench

Sometimes, a white banquette is the favorable decorative element to improve the aesthetics of the home in a subtle and modern way. With this Adec model you will be able to achieve this goal, because it has a minimalist but elegant design, which will serve to enhance the beauty of any corner of the house.

This model is made with a metallic structure with chrome finishes and a seat that has been upholstered in shiny white synthetic leather, making it easy to clean and incorporating decorative seams that give it a more delicate touch.

Its measurements are 120 cm wide by 40 cm high by 40 cm deep, with a relatively light weight, so it can be carried from one room to another without inconvenience and can be placed in the bedroom, living room, hall or even in the hallway. Its assembly is simple and includes all the elements to do it.

Before deciding if you will buy this model, you could review more about its favorable and negative details.


Design: It has a minimalist design with modern and simple touches, being white.

Structure: Its structure has been made of metal, with delicate chrome-style finishes and seat upholstered in synthetic leather.

Measurements: It measures 120 cm wide by 40 cm high by 40 cm deep, making it practical for different spaces.

Assembly: Includes instructions that facilitate assembly, as well as all the hardware and tools.


Stability: The legs can be a bit flimsy, so they might not provide enough stability.

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Shopping guide

Home decoration is essential to improve the aesthetics in rooms, which can be achieved with practical elements that have appropriate designs. A simple way to achieve a change is through a stool. However, before buying the first option you find when doing the search, it is necessary to find features that ensure quality and practicality. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best stool on the market.

Construction and structure

If you are interested in knowing how much a stool costs, then you should take into account the manufacture of the model, in terms of its construction and the materials that were used for its structure, since, in addition to being an indication of quality and useful life, it can help you determine its cost.

Most stools are made with a resistant and solid wood structure, which can be taken from different trees, such as bamboo, mindi, pine, among many others. Similarly, you can also find some alternatives that are made of wood conglomerate, with MDF structures and cardboard fiber.

On the other hand, some are designed with metallic structures that could be made of wrought iron or chromed metal. In any case, the most important thing is the stability and resistance of the structure, regardless of the material with which it has been made.

Seat and upholstery

In addition to the structure and materials, the seat and upholstery are two properties that must be analyzed in a comparison of stools, since, although there are a large number of models, not all have the same comfort and ergonomics.

The stools are pieces that serve for functional decoration of the home. In other words, they are practical to improve aesthetics, but also to rest when sitting on their structure. Hence, it is necessary that they are equipped with spacious and ergonomic seats.

For this reason, there are many alternatives that include a soft and thick padding in a foam that improves the sensation of comfort. Similarly, there are some options that do not include it, so it is necessary to add cushions.

Likewise, it is important that, in case of selecting a model with a seat, its upholstery can be evaluated. These can be made of linen, cotton, imitation leather, etc. Each of these coatings has its pros and cons. In general, the fabric models tend to be more original, but the faux leather ones are easier to clean and are more elegant. In addition, it is important that the upholstery has delicate and well-made seams.

weight and capacity

A good and cheap stool is attractive to many buyers and it is even more so if it is light in weight, but with a high level of support, since it will be more functional and efficient for decorating spaces.

Some models that are made of solid wood are resistant, but they have their weight against them, which, although it allows a large load capacity, limits the movement of the piece, which leads to leaving it in one place and prevents varying the decorative aesthetic. regularly.

Among all the options that are available in the market, the most sought after by users are those with light properties, with a weight that can range from 4.5 kilos to 12 kilos. These stools are practical to place in different rooms and their functionality increases because, in general, they have a load range that exceeds 100 kilos. However, although the manufacturers ensure a large capacity, it is recommended not to reach the top, to prevent its structure from giving way and accidents to occur.


Before making a hasty purchase, it is convenient to do an analysis of the design, in relation to the decorative and functional needs. This is because the aesthetic alternatives are very varied and you can find classic models with a medieval touch, even options with an oriental style. In the same way, in terms of taste, there is something for everyone, because some proposals have minimalist and modern designs, which are integrated into infinite types of decoration.

When it comes to functionality, many stools are more than just seats. Some of them are equipped with compartments, so they are trunk-style. Others include a lower shelf that serves as a shoe rack. Similarly, models with armrests can be differentiated and some options are even foldable, thus saving space.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a stool?

To use a stool, the first thing to do is assemble it, since these pieces of furniture usually come from the factory half-assembled. Although it is a simple process, it is recommended to locate the assembly instructions to follow them.

Similarly, the vast majority of options include hardware and tools that will help complete the process. Afterwards, it will have to be placed in a room and start using it. Depending on the stool, it will be possible to sit on it, use its shoe rack or its trunk for storage.

Q2: How to upholster a stool?

To upholster a stool, you will have to take the measurements of the area you want to upholster and then acquire a material that meets the requirements, in relation to design and quality. Later, if it is possible to remove the legs, they should be removed to have greater control over the structure and to be able to cover efficiently.

You should get a piece of thick fiber, which is the size and shape of the seat. Similarly, scissors and a stapler will be needed. The fabric next to the fiber should be placed on the surface of the sidewalk and cut in its shape. Then, with the help of the staple, pressure will have to be exerted and it must be stapled below on each of the edges, so that there are no wrinkles. If there is excess fabric, the excess can be cut.

Q3: Where to put a stool?

Banquettes can usually be placed in the bedroom, right at the foot of the bed. Similarly, some alternatives have the right design to be placed in the hall of the house or even in the living room. Also, if the corridors are wide, the options without armrests and backrests can be placed in these areas, while the compact and moisture-proof alternatives can be convenient to place in the bathroom. Everything will depend on the tastes, the space and the decorative aesthetic that you want to apply to each room.

Q4: How to restore an old bench?

Instead of buying and throwing away an old stool, it can be restored to improve its aesthetics and give it another useful life. The best way to renew a banquette is achieved by sanding the wooden surfaces and then polishing and varnishing with a tone that fits the style of each space. In addition, it is possible to make a new upholstery to the seat, it is only necessary to find a striking and original fabric and apply the upholstery process.

There are even people who choose to change the legs of the structure for more modern ones, to give the bench a renewed touch and, in this way, not have to get rid of it.

Q5: What type of structure does a sidewalk have?

The structure of a stool will depend on the brand and model, since each piece has its own way of elaboration and, according to the design, the materials are incorporated. Some alternatives have fixed or mobile structures (in two parts) made of wood or metal. Similarly, others have folding areas that facilitate storage and portability. In any case, the most important thing in the structure is that it be stable and resistant.

Q6: How to decorate a wooden stool?

The best way to decorate a wooden banquette is to add some cushions that match the color and combine with the rest of the home decoration. In addition, another element that makes the stools look more elegant are the rugs, so the stool can be placed on a rug, so that its color and design stand out.

Q7: How to make a wooden stool?

To make a wooden stool it is necessary to have specialized tools and elements to complete the project. Among them, you need a wood cutter and sandpaper, as well as nails and hammers to join the parts that will make up the sidewalk.

In addition, it is convenient to make a sketch with the shape and measurements that the furniture will take. Once you have all these components, you will need to find pine wood and cut the established pieces. Afterwards, the edges should be sanded so that there are no splinters.

For the project it will be necessary to make several wooden strips of different dimensions that correspond to the design, as well as a board (seat), screws of different thickness and length, since they will be the ones that will help join the pieces, to shape the stool you have chosen to make.

Q8: How to clean an upholstered bench?

The way to clean an upholstered bench usually varies according to the material of the upholstery. When it comes to fabric, it is best to remove the dust and, if stains appear, you can apply a little neutral detergent with water and rub with a sponge. For models upholstered in imitation leather or synthetic leather, a special product can be applied to the surface periodically, so that it maintains its shine.

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