The 9 Best Blinds of 2022

Blind – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Blinds are a type of curtain that, unlike the standard model that opens with a continuous movement, they fold vertically like a blind. They are very useful if you want to install a more modern mechanism to block the view from a window, for example. If you are interested in purchasing one, we recommend the Blindecor ARA model. This blind has a translucent finish to let in a little light, it can be purchased in various colors and it is easy to clean. Another good option could be Ikea Asia Pleated, since it is a model with an elegant style and a pleated fabric that gives it a striking appearance.



The 9 Best Blinds – Opinions 2022


With so many alternatives in blinds in different sizes, colors and materials, it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. For this reason, we have compiled a selection of some of the best models on the market to help you find the most suitable one to meet your needs.

roller blind

1. Blindecor Ara Smooth Translucent Roller Blind

To make sure you get the best blind, you must first evaluate it in detail and the ARA model seems to be an attractive and practical alternative. It is a roller blind that can be used in rest rooms, bathrooms, offices, corridors and more thanks to its design.

It has dimensions of 160 x 175 x 6 centimeters with a light weight of 1.15 kilograms, making it an easy model to handle and install so you can do it yourself if you have a couple of tools at hand.

The blind is made of 100% polyester and, depending on its availability, you could buy it in the following colors in addition to white: lilac, pistachio, ivory, light blue, orange, brown, grey, purple and many others.

Likewise, if you require a blind of a larger or smaller size, you could also find it in its versions of 80 x 175 centimeters, 100 x 175 centimeters, 100 x 250 centimeters, etc., up to a maximum of 160 x 250 centimeters.

Since the Blindecor model could be the best blind of the moment, here we present its most important advantages and disadvantages:


Design: It is a blind with a simple style, but practical thanks to its variety of sizes, colors and installation.

Installation: It has a support mechanism that can be embedded both in the wall and in the ceiling.

Maintenance: The fact that it is made of polyester allows you to clean it easily using a damp cloth.

Security: It has an integrated blocking system in its chain to prevent children from playing with the blind.



Finishes: The translucent finish of this blind may let in too much light for the taste of some buyers.

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Ikea blind

2. Ikea Asia Schottis Pleated Blind

If you are interested in eye-catching blind models, take a look at the Ikea blind, since it stands out for having a pleated-style fabric that makes it look like a blind. In addition, it is dark gray, so it hides stains and dirt, while blocking the passage of light for your comfort and privacy.

Another quality that could make this model the best value for money blind is that it has dimensions of 190 centimeters long and 100 centimeters wide, offering enough material to cover a space of 1.9 m². But if you need it in another size, you can easily cut it down to the right size for your window.

Its closing mechanism is through safety clips at the top and a hook designed to be fixed to the window frame and keep the opaque blind in place.

This Ikea blind is one of the cheapest options on the list, which can be appealing for thrifty shoppers: 


Design: The Ikea blind stands out for having a pleated design to add a more elegant and robust appearance.

Color: It is dark gray, being easy to combine with modern decorations, as well as hiding dirt.

Blocking: It has a blocking coating on its outer face to prevent too much light from passing through.

Cut: You can cut the blind if you notice that it is too big for the window where you are going to install it.



Use: It is a manual handling model and does not have a chain to raise or lower the blind.

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Blind for night and day

3. Blindecor Lira Double Fabric Roller Blind Night and day

Possibly belonging to the selection of the best blinds of 2022, this Blindecor product deserves a little of your attention, since it is a blind for night and day thanks to the fact that its construction is designed to fold in the direction of double fabric, preventing the daylight can enter the room.

Also, if you don’t like total darkness at night, you can unfold the blind more so that you only leave a layer of fabric that blocks your window, being practical as a kitchen blind. You can do all this with a simple chain movement, being an easy-to-use and safe model for children thanks to the child-lock mechanism.

Regarding its size, the blind measures 120 x 180 centimeters, although you could find it in versions of 100 x 180 centimeters, 100 x 250 centimeters, 120 x 250 centimeters and more, so you can purchase the one that best suits your window.

Blindecor has a wide catalog that could make it the best brand of blinds on the market, so you should evaluate its pros and cons:


Practical: It is a very practical alternative since its double fabric allows it to completely block external light.

Colours: The fabric is dark gray, being very useful to hide dust, although other design patterns are also available.

Materials: It is made of 100% polyester, so it has a long life and is easy to handle.

Cleaning: You can clean it with a damp cloth to keep it looking new and avoid bad smells.



Edges: The edges of the blind do not have a finish, so you must be careful to prevent the threads from coming loose.

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children’s blind

4. Zebra Technologies Rollertor 44029 Roller Blind

In case you are looking for a children’s blind, we advise you to take a look at the 44029 model from Zebra Technologies. This option in blinds stands out for presenting an attractive and suitable design for children where, when unfolding it, you will be able to observe a series of drawings of animated birds of different colors and expressions. This detail could add joy and color to the room.

As for its size, the blind has dimensions of 130 x 175 centimeters and a light weight of just 848 grams, which will avoid adding excess weight to the support or structure. In addition to this, it could be available in sizes of 110 x 175 centimeters or 150 x 175 centimeters so that you can choose the one that best covers the window.

And since it is designed to be installed in a children’s room, the blind has a child safety system that will prevent the little ones from manipulating it.

When you don’t know what blind to buy for your little one’s room, you can consider what this option from the Zebra Technologies brand offers you:


Design: It has an attractive design for children and is also practical so that you can handle it with ease.

Installation: The format of the blind support allows it to be installed on both ceilings and walls.

Accessories: With your purchase you will get the plugs and screws to install it, as well as a counterweight system.

Printing: The printing of the drawings has been made with certified inks to guarantee greater durability.



Light: As it has a white background, this blind lets in some light, but since it is for a children’s room, this may be safer.

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blind package

5. Victoria M. Ivora Folding Blinds Folding Shade Package

A packaged blind lacks rods, so it has a slightly more flexible and free design when unfolding. The option offered by Victoria M. could be attractive given the texture of its rustic fabric.

It has dimensions of 100 x 175 centimeters, but could be purchased in a wide variety of sizes depending on availability. In addition, it is also offered in different colors, such as ivory heather, structured cream, gray, blue, white, etc. This will help you find the right one to match your decor.

It is mainly made of polyester and one of its most practical advantages is that the fabric can be disassembled to be machine washed at a temperature of 30ºC, preventing you from having to worry too much about its care or maintenance.

On the other hand, you won’t have to invest extra money to install it either, since your purchase includes all the necessary elements, except for the drill, so you can fit it wherever you want. 

If you want to make the most of your money, you should consider the positive and negative aspects of the blind of your interest:


Design: The Victoria M. blind has a striking design that, in addition to blocking out some light, adds character to the room.

Materials: The marbled ivory blind is made from a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, making it durable and easy to clean.

Assembly: Its installation is quite simple and the purchase gives you the necessary elements to carry it out without problems.

Washing: The fabric can be removed from the support to be machine washed, facilitating its general care.



Rope: Keep in mind that the support mechanism only allows you to place the rope to unfold the blind on the left side.

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folding blind

6. Basic Stor Folding Blinds With Rods

Knowing which is the best blind could be easier if you know details about its preparation. For example, in this case, the Basic Blinds model is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, a quality that will allow you to wash it in a domestic machine so you can avoid stains and dirt.

In addition, this folding blind has a size of 150 x 4 x 175 centimeters and its weight is 1.6 kilograms, which makes it suitable for windows of various sizes. On the other hand, it has rods so that its opening and closing are much simpler, avoiding jams with strings.

Regarding its design, the fabric of this blind is smooth and you can buy it in the following colors: orange, wine, chocolate, ecru, white and lime, in case you want to use a particular color for the decoration of the room where you are going to be installed.

Given the aspects we recommend to analyze to acquire a good blind model, here we present the ones related to this product:


Rods: It has rods that separate the fabric into fragments to facilitate the use of the blind.

Colors: The variety of bright colors gives you the possibility to combine it with different types of decorations and styles.

Washing: The manufacturing materials will let you wash the blind easily from home.

Ironing: Don’t worry about losing the smooth finish if you wash it, as the fabric is suitable for regular ironing.



Thickness: For the taste of some buyers, the thickness of the fabric may not be enough and let a lot of light through,

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screen blind

7. Kaaten Roller Blind Screen Opening 10%

Kaaten has a screen blind for you whose main advantage is its manufacturing materials made up of 80% PVC and 20% polyester. This combination gives the blind durability and resistance to extend its useful life, even if you fold and unfold it several times a day.

In addition, this confection will allow you to wash the fabric of the blind with relative ease using only soap and water to remove dust or any stain that may have occurred.

It has a size of 135 x 250 centimeters so that you can cover a fairly large window, although you could also find it in other sizes in case it is too big for you. As for its colors, you can choose between dark gray, light gray, black, lilac and pink according to your taste.

In addition to this, its installation can be on ceilings or walls and all the elements required for a safe and reliable fit are included.

The practicality of adjustments of this model could be very useful in its daily use, so we advise you to take it into account:


Design: This Kaaten blind has a simple, but practical and easy to handle design so you can use it without problems.

Colours: Its variety of available colors gives you the freedom to choose the one that best suits the room.

Fire: The composition of its materials prevent the spread of fire in the event of a fire.

Repellent: It is capable of repelling dust, pollen and bacteria, making it a safe option for people with respiratory conditions.



Anchors: A detail to consider could be the fact that the anchors are made of plastic and this could affect stability if they are not fitted correctly.

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japanese blind

8. Store D’Intérieur Japanese IMP Roller Blind Polyester Rossignol

The Store D’Intérieur brand has a Japanese blind for you with which you can give an oriental touch to the room where you are going to install it. The product stands out for being white and having a fairly delicate floral print in gray to contrast with the background, as well as being one of the cheapest.

Its dimensions are 60 x 180 centimeters, making it a blind for medium-sized windows such as those in the bathroom or hallway, for example. However, if your manufacturer has them, you could purchase this model in other sizes, reaching a maximum of 120 x 180 centimeters.

Regarding its construction, it is made of polyester, facilitating its care and maintenance so that you can have it as new for longer. Also, its buyers comment that it is easy to install and use as it has a cord long enough to adjust the blind, either raising or lowering it.

Next, you can have more details about the pros and cons of this Japanese blind model:


Design: The length of this blind makes it useful to be placed on glass doors offering privacy in the office, to mention one place.

Print: Its print makes it striking and elegant, as well as easy to combine.

Filtered: Being white, the blind manages to filter the light from outside without darkening the room too much.

Construction: Its polyester construction will allow you to easily remove dirt without having to send it to the dry cleaners.



Width: Do not forget that it is a particular design model and its width may not be enough for windows of standard size.

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bamboo blind

9. Blinds Basic Window Blinds

From Blinds Basic we present a different and striking alternative both to protect your privacy and to provide you with comfort and style in your room. It is a blind made with bamboo wood rods in a natural finish, providing a different look to most.

This bamboo blind is also tinted in a honey color to accentuate the finish and its dimensions are 150 x 170 centimeters, making it practical for use in the home or office and will block external light both day and night.

If the natural finish is not to your liking, you could also choose this model with a caldera or wenge finish, the latter being much darker to obtain greater light blocking.

On the other hand, opening and closing it will be a simple task thanks to the incorporation of actuation strings, with which you can adjust it with a simple and smooth movement.

Blinds made of solid materials can be more durable and this model of Blinds Basic has interesting advantages:


Materials: The most remarkable thing about this option is its manufacture in bamboo wood for a long useful life.

Colours: You have to choose between the natural honey-tinted finish, the boiler finish or the wenge finish according to your preferences.

Cleaning: It can be quickly cleaned with a pass of the vacuum cleaner or the duster to get rid of the dust.

Accessories: The purchase of the blind includes the hook that will allow you to secure it to the wall.


Privacy: The separation between rods can be too wide for some tastes and not offer the desired privacy.

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Blind accessories 

Mechanism for blind

Emma Heavy Duty Blind Chain Set

If you have damaged the roller blind mechanism from so much folding and unfolding, don’t worry, since the Emma brand has a set for you so that you can easily replace it.

It is a blind mechanism that you can install on the front, side or top of the bar, offering wide compatibility with different models. In addition to this, the bracket has a diameter of 3.2 centimeters to be able to fit standard 3.0 centimeter tubes.

On the other hand, the kit includes supports made of metal to guarantee robustness and durability, as well as the chain so you can raise your blind with confidence.

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Shopping guide


It is likely that having a guide to buy the best blind available, it will be more feasible for you to make a successful investment. With it, you could identify the most important features that you should consider so as not to waste your money. For this reason, in addition to offering a comparison of blinds, here are the most relevant aspects in this regard.

blind design

According to some opinions of experts and buyers, the visual design of the blind plays an important role in determining how much it costs, so you should study the value for money carefully.

Most of the models that are sought for the home usually offer standard measurements to adapt to the windows, but before choosing which one to buy, it is advisable to take measurements in the place where it is planned to be installed in order to be able to acquire the appropriate size blind.

The same goes for weight, which should be considered in light of the support system and its reliability, especially if you plan to fold and unfold regularly during the day.

In addition to this, you cannot forget to take into account the aesthetic section of the blind. We advise you to acquire a model that can be properly combined with your decoration or the style that you have implemented in the room so that it can be merged without problems.

clothing materials

Another of the factors influencing the sale price may be the materials used in the manufacture of the blind, which is why, if you are looking for an economical model, it is likely that you will have to sacrifice a little in terms of the type of fabric.

In these cases, when talking about blinds, it should be taken into account that many are used directly to try to block sunlight during the day, which is why this type of model must be made of great thickness or with materials capable of to achieve the purpose.

If you want one to prevent the light from bothering you, you should look for blinds that have a thick construction or are made with fabrics such as high-density polyester, PVC or even wood. It will depend on your budget to acquire the one that best suits your needs.

fabric density

As mentioned above, the manufacturing materials play an important role, since these can determine the density of the blind fabric.

Practically, a high-density blind will be able to block out light from outside relatively easily and offer both darkness and privacy for your overall comfort.

However, if you only want one of these products to filter the amount of light that enters the room, you can consider models with lower density, which, in turn, are usually cheaper than others.

Integrated plugins

The accessories integrated in the blinds refer mainly to the cord, rope or chain through which you can fold and unfold the fabric.

Many buyers tend to evaluate this aspect with great emphasis before buying a certain model, since the blind is a manually used curtain, it is necessary that it has a resistant, durable and reliable mechanism that you can use without fear of being damaged.

The same can be said for the folding system. Before buying any blind, you should check, if possible, how fluid the movement is when you want to open or close the blind. This will help you avoid a model that is awkward to handle and likely to break sooner than expected.

Maintenance and care

Last but not least, it is necessary to know the possible maintenance and care that you can apply to the blind of your interest.

Since a blind is practically a curtain for your window or door, it gets dirty just like one of them would, which is why you will have to deal with accumulations of dust, stains and dirt in general at some point.

To avoid having to discard your blind the first time, we advise you to check that the fabric used to make it is easy to clean. Some options allow you to remove the fabric to wash it in a machine, which turns out to be very useful, since it would save you work and, in turn, keeping the blind free of dirt will be a very simple task.

Others, like those made of wood or plastic, for example, will let you clean them with a vacuum, duster, broom or brush. It may take a little longer to get rid of all the dirt, but these offer the advantage of being more durable and resistant than fabric ones.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a blind?

To use a blind correctly, you must first identify which side the cord is on to fold and unfold it. Approach him and try to pull one of the strings, if you meet resistance, leave it and take the other one. When thrown, this action should raise the blind. Start by doing it carefully until you can identify the fold pattern to avoid any jams.

When you want to lower the blind to cover your window or glass door, take the same cord that you used to raise it and, pulling to the side to remove the lock, slowly loosen the cord until the fabric reaches the desired height.


Q2: How to make a roller blind?

Making a roller blind at home is a simple task that you can carry out by acquiring the following materials: a roller blind support with its respective accessories, fabric, scissors, thread and a needle.

The first step is to measure the support so you know what size and shape to cut the fabric for your blind. Reinforce the edges with double stitching and integrate the velcro fabric that should come included with the support at the top.

Next, install the blind bracket on the wall and place the piece of fabric on it. Check that the string can turn the tube to roll up the fabric and if everything is fine, your homemade roller blind is ready.


Q3: How to clean a blind?

Cleaning a blind is usually a relatively simple task, especially if it is models made of cotton or polyester. This type of fabric can be washed by hand or machine as you prefer, but always remember to check the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

In the case of wooden or plastic blinds, you can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove the remains of dust that may have accumulated on the surface. If not, you also have the option of using a damp cloth to make it look like new in no time.


Q4: How to change a blind mechanism?

If the mechanism of your blind has been damaged, don’t worry, you can change it very easily and you will only need a screwdriver. Start by removing the blind from the support and prying out the mechanisms on both sides with the screwdriver.

Take one of the new roller blind mechanisms and place it at the end of the tube, matching the anchors so that it can rotate smoothly. Repeat the same process on the other side to finish putting the blind back in place and making sure that everything works correctly.


Q5: How to place a blind?

When you want to install your blind, the first thing you should do is place the support on the window to place it in the right position. Remember to take into account the width and height of the fabric to avoid leaving gaps that could let in light or put your privacy at risk.

When you have found the ideal location, mark the position of the support holes with a pencil and then, using a drill, open a hole where you will place the plug and the screw to fit it.

Now all you have to do is place the tube with the blind in its place and check that the opening and closing mechanism work correctly, as well as verifying that the blind remains stable when handled.

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