The 9 Best Bunk Beds of 2022

Bunk Bed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The bunk beds are recommended for those small rooms where it is not possible to mount two conventional beds. Since ancient times it has been the favorite piece of furniture for trains, ships and even prisons, since it favors optimizing small spaces. Today, bunk beds have evolved their design to become safe and very comfortable rest areas, as is the case with the Neu.haus AABH-720X Metall Etagenbett model, a piece of furniture designed for the rest of three people. But if what you are looking for is practicality, the Ponti Divani Pontidivanics23 could be the one, since it is an attractive sofa that converts into a bunk bed.

The 9 Best Bunk Beds – Opinions 2022

Given so much variety that the market presents, it could be difficult to choose a bunk bed in particular. For this reason, in order for you to have a clear picture regarding the most suitable model for your needs, we have prepared a selection with some of the best options of the moment.

bunk bed for marriage

1. neu.haus Metal bunk bed For 3 people Bed frame

A bunk bed for double is a sturdy piece of furniture that has a double bed in the space below, while the upper part offers an individual area; so it is ideal for the rest of three people. These characteristics define the Neu.haus product, considered by many to be one of the best bunk beds of 2022.

It is a model recommended for homes with little available space, so the lower bed can accommodate up to two adults and a child can rest on the top; Or, it could be ideal for the room of three brothers. Likewise, thanks to its practical ladder, easy access to the upper bed is obtained.

Powder-coated metal tubes have been used for its robust structure. Likewise, the bunk includes the two bed bases and the upper bed has a protective grille.

If you have a small house and you need to optimize the space, this bunk bed could be the solution for your rest. Read below the highlights of it.


Capacity: It is a modern bunk bed that gives you the capacity for comfortable rest for up to three people, whether they are adults or children.

Design: Its attractive and functional design offers you a comfortable double bed and a single one on top.

Variety: Depending on your tastes and decorative style, you can choose the model in black or white.


Assembly: The assembly work could be laborious, especially if you have little knowledge of DIY.

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bunk sofa

2. Ponti Divani Bunk Bed Innovative Mechanism Security System

If you frequently receive visitors and do not have a guest room, this bunk bed could provide the most suitable solution to make the most of your space. It could be the best bunk if we consider its multifunctional character; since it is a convertible sofa.

The Italian brand Ponti Divani has designed this modern and innovative piece of furniture in a sofa format, which, thanks to a simple folding mechanism, can be converted into a conventional bunk bed. It is a model that includes two comfortable mattresses made of highly resistant expanded polyurethane, each measuring 80 x 190 x 14 cm.

Likewise, to provide stability and safety, the structure is made of metal. In addition, the lining of the sofa is made of a moisture-repellent textile, which favors cleaning and lengthens its useful life.

It is a practical and functional piece of furniture that you could use in any home area. For more details on this model, read a summary of its pros and cons.


Folding design: Its modern and innovative design unfolds the sofa and turns it into a comfortable bunk bed for two people to rest.

Mattresses: Includes two comfortable mattresses made of expanded polyurethane.

Dimensions: The sofa measures 200 x 90 x 90 cm closed and reaches a height of 125 cm when opened; which favors the use of space.


Cost: If you have a limited budget, you could analyze other options available in our list, since this model is one of the most expensive.

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triple bunk

3. Mueblesya.com Bunk Bed Three White Pine Beds

This model is made from solid white pine which not only provides great strength to increase stability, but also has a pickled and washed finish that adds a natural touch to the room. It is important to mention that it is a bed for children, since it works with single mattresses of 90 x 190 cm.

It is a triple bunk bed, thanks to the fact that it has an upper and a lower bed, but the latter is at the same time a trundle bed, since it includes a practical pull-out bed base, so your children can invite a friend to sleep. In addition, the two main beds can be separated to obtain two single beds.

This product includes slatted mattress bases, as well as fittings and assembly instructions, so you do not have to buy them separately or hire a specialized technical service.

This may be the best value for money bunk bed as it is one of the cheapest and has a number of interesting benefits. Let’s see its most relevant pros and cons.


Triple: It is made up of two beds, but the lower one incorporates a pull-out bed base for a third option.

Materials: It is made of solid pine, which provides great stability and increases safety.

Finish: The pine wood has a pickled and washed finish that gives a natural touch to the space.


Mattresses: The package does not include mattresses. However, it does come with the slatted bed bases and the fittings for installation.

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train berth

4. Habitmobel Children’s Convertible Bunk Bed

When it comes to providing practicality and a modern touch to children’s rooms, a bunk bed like this model could be one of the best options to furnish the bedroom of the little ones in the house. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture, which helps you save space, while favoring organization and storage.

It is a model that offers two vertically aligned beds with a small offset from each other, which is why it is called a train bunk. Its structure includes a closet-shaped storage area and two additional drawers located under the lower bed. For this reason, it is ideal for resting and for storing clothes or toys.

Likewise, you can configure the modules in different positions depending on the availability of space. In addition, its white and gray finishes harmonize with any decorative style.

Habitmobel could be the best bunk bed brand, given the quality and wide variety of furniture it offers for the home. Next, one of its most outstanding products.


Storage: It has two drawers below and a cabinet where you can store clothes and toys.

Users: It is a bunk bed designed for children’s or youth rooms, given the dimensions of its beds of 90 x 190 cm.

Configuration: With the purchase you will receive a user manual, which explains the various configuration options.


Mattresses: Mattresses are not included in the purchase, so you will have to make a separate investment.

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bunk bed with desk

5. Mhf Bubu 1 Desk Bunk Bed

It is a multifunctional piece of furniture recommended for the room of a large child or teenager, since it is at the same time a high bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a shelf. In this case, it has two sections with doors to store toys, clothes and other objects. In this way, the steps of the bed access ladder become shelves to store various items.

The desk is used to place a desktop or laptop computer and is located just under the bed to make the most of the space. On the other hand, this piece of furniture has been manufactured with oak board and high-quality ABS laminate, so it is a stable and resistant structure, which increases safety.

This bunk bed with desk has overall measurements of 72″ high, 81″ wide, and 48″ deep. As if that were not enough, the package includes a 90 x 200 cm mattress.

This could be the best bunk bed of the moment if we take into account its benefits. However, it is advisable to review its main features in more detail before making the purchase.


Multifunctional: It is a very complete piece of furniture, since it includes a desk, a shelf cabinet and a loft bed.

Resistance: It has been made with ABS laminated oak boards, so it offers great resistance to increase its useful life.

Size: It has dimensions of 186.7 x 204.4 x 121.8 cm, so it is used to make better use of space in small rooms.


Installation: The cabinet comes disassembled from the factory and has a medium installation complexity, so the process can be slow.

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Bunk bed with 3 beds

6. BMS Group Triple Carino Children’s Bunk Bed mattresses included

If you are furnishing your children’s room and you don’t know which is the best bunk bed, which gives you three rest areas without taking up extra space, this children’s model could meet all your expectations. It is a bunk bed with 3 beds with box springs included and three practical foam mattresses.

Its design offers two perpendicular beds aligned one above the other. Likewise, under the lower bed there is a large drawer that can be used to put a mattress and prepare a third bed; Or, use it to store pillows, blankets, comforters or toys.

Similarly, since it is a model recommended for children, the manufacturer has designed it with rounded corners, a stable ladder and odor-free ecological enamel finishes; so you will have a reliable piece of furniture for your children.

It is a bunk bed that gives you great advantages, as well as being one of the cheapest on the market. Read on and evaluate the strengths and what can be improved on this piece of furniture.


Rest areas: You can configure up to three comfortable rest areas, two in the bunk format and a third in the trundle bed.

Versatility: The drawer where the trundle bed is located can also be used as storage for bedding or toys.

Safety: Thanks to its rounded ends, odorless ecological paint and stability, it is an ideal bunk bed for children.


Foam: Greater thickness is missing in the foam of the three included mattresses.

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folding bunk bed

7. Aznar Vega Max Folding Bunk Bed with hydraulics

This folding bunk could be the solution for rest, when it comes to beach or mountain houses where you need to make the most of the space; Likewise, it is also ideal if you usually receive unexpected visits. Thanks to its dimensions of 90 x 190 cm, you will have two comfortable beds in the space occupied by one.

The novelty of this model is its hydraulic folding mechanism, thanks to which you can easily fold and unfold the bunk. Likewise, together with this resistant system, it is a product made with robust steel tubes; which is why it is a bunk bed that provides security and stability to sleepers. On the other hand, in order to give the mattress firmness and comfort when sleeping, each bed has a bed frame made of beech wood slats.

Thanks to its folding qualities it is a very useful model in various environments. We invite you to evaluate a summary of its most outstanding aspects.


Utility: It is a model that you can use in meetings with friends, parties, mountain houses, beach houses or to host unexpected visits.

Load capacity: It is a resistant bunk bed that supports up to 130 kilos in the upper part.

Storage: Thanks to its folding mechanism, it is a model that hardly takes up space when it is closed, so you can easily store it in any corner.


Mattress thickness: The lower bed is only compatible with mattresses with a maximum thickness of 15 cm.

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trundle bunk bed

8. Interbeds Children’s Bunk Bed Triple Carino mattresses included Pino

Today a trundle bunk bed is one of the most demanded pieces of furniture in homes with several children, since it is a product that offers up to three comfortable rest areas without taking up extra space in the bedroom. In this sense, this model offers you an ideal design to comfortably furnish any children’s room.

It is a bunk bed with three beds, either for the use of three little ones or in the event that your children receive guests to sleep, since the trundle bed can give the appropriate rest to the visitor. Likewise, if you prefer, the lower area is also suitable for storing toys.

In addition to all this, it is a model that you can easily convert into two single beds, thanks to its easy assembly mechanism. In addition, with the purchase you will receive three practical foam mattresses.

Thanks to its versatility, this is a bunk bed that you could consider in your comparison. Learn more about this piece of furniture.


Materials: It is a children’s bunk bed made of high-quality solid pine wood, which provides resistance and long useful life.

Variants: Both the safety rail and the ladder can be mounted on the right or on the left, depending on your convenience.

Versatility: Its design allows you to separate the bunk bed and convert it into two single beds, one of them with a trundle bed.


Maximum weight: According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the maximum weight of each bed should not exceed 70 kilos.

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Montessori bunk bed

9. Feelharmonie Lot superposé Montessori modular Victoria

Taking into account the Montessori philosophy, which focuses on the child and their learning, as parents we must provide an environment adapted to their needs. For this reason, this Montessori bunk bed has a design that offers a bed at ground level, considering the height of a little one and an upper bed that is only 98 cm from the ground.

It is an approved piece of furniture designed to grow with your child, since it offers a mechanism with which you can make various configurations in order to adapt it to different stages of their development. Therefore, you can separate the bunk bed into two single beds and you can also adjust the height on two levels, according to the needs of the child.

Likewise, it is a robust bunk bed made of pine wood and MDF panels. In addition, it is a product that complies with current safety standards and is recommended for children over 6 years of age.

If you are looking for a piece of furniture supported by the Montessori principle, but you do not know which bunk bed to buy; you could take this model into account. Next, its qualities and disadvantages.


Approved: It is an approved bunk bed that grows with your child, for which it offers you various heights and configurations.

Safety: It complies with current safety standards, making it a reliable product.

Bed base: It has bed bases made of solid wood slats, which provides comfort and stability.


Ladder: The design of the ladder is not compatible to place on the left side, so you must consider this detail at the time of assembly.

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Shopping guide

When there is not enough space in the bedroom and you need each sleeper to have an individual and comfortable rest area, bunk beds could be the best option. Thanks to the wide range of possibilities on the market, you can always find the most suitable model for you. However, in order for your investment to be successful, you must evaluate the most relevant aspects to consider before selecting this piece of furniture. For this reason, we present this complete guide to buying the best bunk bed.


The bunk beds ceased to be static furniture to become functional and practical dynamic pieces that adapt to all spaces and decorative styles. In this sense, there are various formats, among which the conventional bunk beds stand out, which offer two single beds one on top of the other. In some modern models, this format can have drawers to take advantage of the space between the bed base and the floor, and in others, the lower bed has a double size and is ideal for two people.

There are also the bunk beds that offer a configuration of three beds aligned perpendicularly; or, two visible resting areas and a third hidden nest type. Likewise, there are modular bunk beds that have a storage, study and rest area. In addition, you can also find highly practical folding models, and even formats that offer a comfortable sofa during the day and at night they transform into a comfortable bunk bed.


There are many people who bet on a bunk bed, given its features and the wide variety of models, designs, sizes and manufacturing materials available for all tastes.

These ingenious pieces of furniture have been conceived mainly with the function of helping you save space in a room, regardless of whether it is a large or small bedroom. Therefore, when two or more people can sleep one above the other, the room gains more space, so the available area can be used for other purposes. Being able to divide the bedroom into differentiated areas such as study, games and rest areas.

Likewise, in addition to optimizing space, by using a bunk bed you are promoting unity and company between siblings, who will be able to share the room and maintain a comfortable resting surface for each one. On the other hand, bunk beds are also functional when it comes to accommodating a guest and you don’t have a guest room.

size and users

Size is one of the main aspects that you should assess when making your comparison of bunk beds. To do this, begin by analyzing the available space in the bedroom, so that the furniture does not hinder free movement and favors order and organization. Next, you have to assess who it is for; that is, who will be the users.

In the case of adolescents or adults, it is advisable to look for a large, robust bunk bed, with suitable beds to provide space and comfort. If, on the other hand, it is about children, there are plenty of suitable models on the market for them; however, medium bunk beds could be a good option, since you won’t have to buy another one when they grow.

Materials and safety

It is a fact that how much a bunk bed costs will depend on the quality of the materials used. For this type of furniture, resistant materials are needed to ensure stability; Therefore, manufacturers prefer to use wood as the first option, since it provides strength, warmth and a long useful life to the structure. For all this, it could be the best alternative if you want to make a long-term investment. Their disadvantage is that they are usually expensive furniture.

Another favorite material that could replace wood is MDF, a product that provides firmness and durability at a more affordable cost. But if you are looking for a good and cheap bunk bed, there are also models made of powder-coated metal tubes or reinforced steel, a material that offers strength and is lighter than wood.

Safety and firmness are two other fundamental aspects that you must take into account when choosing a bunk bed. These parameters are not only related to the quality of its manufacturing materials, but also to the assemblies offered by the manufacturer of each model, in order to obtain the maximum union between each of its parts. The idea is to choose a bunk bed that provides stability at all times, with a robust and safe structure.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to build a wooden bunk bed?

Building a wooden bunk bed is a job that requires great dexterity, skill, and DIY knowledge. First of all, you should evaluate the model you want to build based on the users and the available space in the bedroom. Once you are clear about which bunk bed is best suited to your needs, you can visit any website that provides you with tutorials made by expert carpenters. There you will receive instructions, step by step, to cut the wood, assemble the structure, assemble each piece and, finally, apply the glaze of your choice.

Q2: How to decorate a bunk bed?

Depending on the type of bunk you have, there are various options and themes to decorate and create a more welcoming space. In general, choosing and changing the color of your bunk bed can provide a unique environment; If it’s a kid’s bunk bed, a bright, fun color might be a wise choice. While if it is a bunk bed for teenagers or a young man, you could go for dark or neutral colors.

The color can be selected according to the tones present in the bedroom; likewise, adding curtains in shades that match the sheets can give the bunk bed a touch of intimacy. Therefore, choosing a theme and color palette will make your room stand out.

Q3: How to recycle a bunk bed?

Bunk beds take up a considerable amount of space, so recycling them is an appropriate option when you don’t want to dispose of them. If only one person is using the bunk bed, the bottom bunk could be removed for additional space, which can be used as a small study, in which you could set up a desk and chest of drawers. If you’re not going to use the entire bunk bed, you can get rid of the mattresses to create a closet or storage space.

Q4: How to reinforce a wooden bunk bed?

The misuse of a bunk bed carries risks that you should consider; for example, you should take special care with the maximum weight that the upper bunk can support and never exceed this load. To do this, it is best to reinforce by adding two to four bed base slats, so that it has extra resistance. If the bunk bed has a ladder that is detached, it would be best to screw it, so that it provides firmness and safety when using it.

Similarly, at the time of purchase, choose a bunk bed that suits the user. If it is a bunk bed for children, it is not necessary to reinforce it excessively, since the amount of weight it must support is less. On the contrary, if it is about young people and adults, it is best to buy a sturdy bunk bed or add reinforcements to avoid an accident.

Q5: How to make the bed in a bunk bed?

First of all, you have to know that it is best to use fitted sheets for mattresses, in this way you will not have to make a great effort when making the beds. The bottom bed is the easiest part of the task, start by placing the sheet on the edges that are against the wall and then the ones that are exposed.

If the top bunk is light enough, your best bet might be to pull it out of the bunk and place the sheet on the outside of it; This way you will save a lot of time and it will look impeccable. If, on the other hand, the bed is very heavy or your bunk does not allow you to remove it easily, you could choose to use a stool with which you will have access to all the corners of the mattress, adjust the sheet on them and you will have both beds ready.

Q6: How to assemble a bunk bed?

Before starting to assemble your bunk bed, check that you have at hand all the tools, parts, screws and materials necessary for its assembly to be strong and safe. Likewise, it is essential that you have a user manual, since each model offers a different assembly.

If you are one of the people with experience in this type of task, it will not be difficult for you to make any model; however, if you do not have previous knowledge, you could hire the services of a specialized technician to carry out the project. In this way, you will be more calm and confident that the beds will be firm and stable.

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