The 9 Best Canapé Covers of 2022

Sofa Cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Formerly they were considered luxury pieces in those of families of high social class. However, today canapés covers are avant-garde elements that elegantly dress any bed, bringing originality and distinction to different spaces. Choosing the most suitable for your decorative style and dimensions of the canapé is not as easy as you think; so we present two products that could meet your expectations. Starting with the Estela 36278, a skirt type model, easy to install and resistant to washing. Another favorite of many is the Martina Home Canada, a sofa cover available in various sizes and colors.

The 9 Best Canapé Covers – Opinions 2022

Next, we present some of the best sofa covers that the market offers, with the idea of ​​helping you choose the model that best suits the size of your bed, your tastes and also your budget.

Cover couch with velcro

1. Estela Rustic Dyed Yarn Covers Velcro Closure

Dressing your bed properly goes beyond using a matching sheet set or duvet cover. For this reason, if you are looking for the best sofa cover that provides protection and a touch of distinction to your bed, you could consider this model manufactured with high quality standards.

It is a velcro bed cover with a bed skirt type design, which offers easy installation. To do this, it has a velcro strip that is attached to the piece and another self-adhesive strip that you must put around the bed, in order to attach it to the structure.

It is a model made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton fabric, with a rustic and tear-resistant texture. Likewise, it is available in neutral colors that combine with any style.

It is a bedding that is easily integrated into the decoration. Of its characteristics we have highlighted some of the most important aspects.


Variety: You can choose the bed skirt from a wide variety of sizes according to your preferences.

Installation: It is an easy model to install on your bed, since it has two velcro strips that keep it attached to the bed.

Design: It offers you an elegant design, with folds in the corners and in the center of the sides.


Availability of colors: A range with a greater variety of colors is missing.

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Sofa cover 135

2. Martina Home Canada White Canapé Cover, 135 Bed

If you want to add a plus to the decoration of your bedroom, dressing your bed with a divan cover like this model offered by Martina Home could be an excellent alternative. This Spanish brand enjoys great prestige in the bedding market and has a wide variety of sizes, so if you need a 135 cm divan cover, you will find it here in a range of six attractive colours.

The Canada canapé cover is a quilt-type model made of canvas, a resistant fabric that includes 70% cotton and 30% polyester. For this reason, it provides extra protection to the structure of the sofa, while offering an air of elegance. To do this, it has pleats in the corners and a 30 cm high ruffle, which efficiently covers the foot of the bed.

Martina Home could be the best brand of sofa covers at the moment, given its high quality and variety of models to choose from. Learn a little more about this product.


Design: It is a sofa cover designed with a quilt format, easy to put on and take off.

Pleats: The skirt has pleats in the corners, which provides greater elegance.

Fabric: It is made of canvas fabric, a wear-resistant textile that dresses and protects your bed.


Washing: To prolong the useful life of the textile, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C.

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Gray sofa cover

3. Arlinens Loose polycotton couch cover

If you have a limited budget and are looking for a gray divan bed cover that will elegantly highlight your bed, this is one of the cheapest models on our list that also offers you high quality and a quilt-like design that completely covers the box spring and the sides of the bed. your bed. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the tone of your choice according to your style and decoration.

It is made of cotton and polyester fabric, a textile resistant to washing without fading. Likewise, the manufacturer offers you a wide variety of measurements in width, length and height, so that you can find the model that fits perfectly to the size of the bed you want to dress. For all these reasons, this could be the best price-quality sofa cover of the moment.

It is a model that brings a feeling of warmth and comfort to bedrooms. We present a summary of its pros and cons.


Skirt: It has a 40 cm high skirt with a pleated design in the corners, which provides elegance and discretion.

Cost: It is a model that offers a competitive cost, compared to other similar products.

Colours: You can select the color of your preference from a wide range of available shades.


Ironing: In order to achieve a better appearance when dressing your bed, the manufacturer recommends lightly ironing the fabric after washing.

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Sofa cover 150 x 190

4. Easycosy Covers Canapés for Atenea Bed Base Skirt for Bed

If you want to dress your double bed without forgetting every last detail, you might need a 150 x 190 canapé cover that completely covers the feet and thus achieve a perfect result. To do this, this model has the exact measurements you need and in addition, the manufacturer offers you other options to dress different sizes of beds.

It is an accessory that stands out among the best canapés covers of 2022, since in addition to the diversity of sizes available, it also offers a quilt-type design. Thanks to this, it completely covers the space between the mattress and the bed base, while its skirt covers the sides; which provides a sense of order. In addition, its 32 cm high skirt has been made with a small angle in the corners, in order to provide greater fluidity to the fabric.

Below, we present a summary with the most outstanding characteristics of this bedding that could help you make a purchase decision.


Utility: You can use it to give a touch of elegance to your bedroom, while protecting the feet and sides of the sofa.

Angle: Each of its corners has an angle that favors the fluidity of the fabric.

Colors: You can choose neutral colors that match any sheet or comforter.


Fastening: A fastening system that allows the canapé cover to be fixed to the legs of the bed is missing.

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White couch covers

5. 10XTen Covers canapés Elegant Simple to Wash and Place

If you are one of those people who prefer light and neutral colors, a white sofa cover like this model could be the perfect accessory to give your room an orderly and neat appearance. It is a model made of plain white canvas, a fabric made up of 85% cotton and 15% polyester.

This material stands out for its resistance to friction, wear and also for providing a soft sensation to the touch. Likewise, it is a canvas that is easy to wash and does not discolor. For this reason, if you do not know what sofa cover to buy that offers you a long useful life, you could consider this model.

On the other hand, you will be able to find the perfect measures to dress any bed; since the manufacturer puts at your disposal different sizes that adapt to all the dimensions of the sofa. In addition, it is also available in a sand color that combines with any decorative style.

If you are interested in this attractive and functional couch cover, we invite you to learn about its strengths and weaknesses.


Resistant: It is made of high quality canvas, resistant and easy to wash.

Design: It offers you a quilt-type design that completely covers the mattress and the three sides of the bed.

Combinable: Since it offers a white color, you can combine it perfectly with any bedding.


Wrinkles: The fabric tends to wrinkle more than expected, so you should iron it before using it.

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Pink sofa cover

6. Belledorm Easy Care Sofa Cover

The best sofa cover is the one that not only adds elegance to your bedroom, but also favors order in the room by hiding your storage area under the bed. These qualities are present in this Belledorm model, an accessory that dresses your bed appropriately and with distinction.

It is a pink sofa cover designed to decorate a room with a romantic style; although you can also choose other colors that can be easily combined with any style. Likewise, it is a model available in various sizes for various models of beds.

It is made of a textile that mixes 50% polyester and 50% cotton, to provide resistance and a soft touch. In addition, its design offers you a fold with a height of 41 cm, which provides full coverage to the space between the bed frame and the floor.

To dress your bed with a touch of sophistication, you could consider this sofa cover. For more information about this model, we present its pros and cons.


Textile: It is a model made of a 150-thread textile that provides softness and resistance.

Skirt height: Thanks to the height offered by the skirt of 41 cm, you can easily use it on high beds.

Sizes: You can choose between several sizes and thus elegantly dress different sizes of beds.


Bleach: In order to preserve the color and quality of the textile, it is recommended not to use bleach during washing.

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Cover sofa 90

7. Utopia Bedding Stretch Extra Deep Ruffle Bed Skirt

One of the reasons why many people use a divan cover is because they have a fairly high bed, so the sheets and duvet do not cover the sides. In this sense, this skirt-type model has a drop of 40 cm, which provides a uniform appearance of the bed.

It is a 90 cm divan cover suitable for a single bed; however, it is also available in other sizes. It has a luxurious design that offers you pleated ruffles all around the divan, giving your bed a classic and elegant style.

Likewise, it is made of brushed microfiber; a mercerized fabric, resistant to stains and with a long useful life. In addition, it is pre-shrunk to retain its shape and avoid problems with washing.

Due to its features and because it is one of the cheapest models, this bed accessory could be the best sofa cover of the moment.


Materials: It is a model made of microfiber with high tensile strength, it is anti-wrinkle and easy to maintain.

Pre-shrunk: Thanks to its pre-shrunk treatment, it is a textile that does not shrink with washing and retains its shape.

Classic Design: The ruffled skirt brings a classic style to bedrooms, while properly dressing up your bed.


Drying: According to the manufacturer’s advice, it is better if you machine dry it at a low temperature.

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Cover sofa 150

8. Cassa Luyton Cotton Polyester bellows canvas sofa cover

To highlight the prominence of your bed, it is not enough to dress it in a conventional way. You need to cover the legs and the structure with style and elegance, and for this, an easy and functional option is to use a divan cover that adapts perfectly to its size. For this reason, if you are looking for a 150 cm sofa cover, this model could meet your expectations.

It is a skirt that you can choose between two available neutral colors, white and sand; two easily combinable tones that adapt to any decoration you have in your bedroom.

Its design has two folds located in the corners of the footboard and two side folds that provide a better fall of the fabric. Likewise, it is made of tinted canvas that is highly resistant to rubbing, intensive use and is also easy to wash.

It is a model that could change the look of your bed and give your room a touch of originality. Next, analyze its pros and cons.


Pleats: It has pleats on the sides and in the corners of the footboard, which provides elegance and better fluidity of the fabric.

Colors: You can choose the canapé cover between two available neutral colors, combinable and easy to integrate with any style.

Variety of sizes: You can choose the size that best suits the dimensions of your bed.


Short: If you have a high sofa, this model could be short to fully cover its sides.

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Canape cover 160 x 200

9. Today 576334 Mattress cover cotton/woven fabric

When you use a canapé cover, the spaces become warmer and more welcoming; highlighting much more your bed and the space it occupies. This and more is what this model offers you, designed to dress your rest area with sophistication. It is a 160 x 200 cm sofa cover, so it is recommended for double beds.

It has finishes of great elegance, for which it offers you four original knots located in each corner of the mattress. Likewise, its format completely covers the bed base and its drop is 23 cm high, so it covers and protects the sides from any scratches.

The central part, which is located under the mattress, is made of polypropylene and its skirt is made of 100% cotton, resistant materials that can be machine washed without becoming deformed. In addition, it is available in neutral tones that match different bedding.

Elegance, functionality and a competitive cost are some of the qualities of this model that are worth considering. Learn about its advantages and disadvantages below.


Format: It is a bed accessory that offers you a quilt-type format, which covers the bed frame and the sides.

Knots: Its design integrates four elegant knots located at each end of the bed, which provides greater distinction.

Textile: Made of polypropylene and cotton, this accessory is soft, resistant and easy to wash.


Base color: For a better aesthetic appearance, it would be appreciated if the entire piece was made with fabrics of the same color.

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Shopping guide

Choosing the most suitable sofa cover according to the size of your bed, your personal preferences and the decorative environment of the room is not a simple matter given the wide variety of models offered by the market. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best sofa cover, with the idea that you know the most relevant aspects that you must evaluate before making your selection. We want your purchase to be as successful as possible and that the chosen product adapts to your budget.


Many people have sheets, duvet covers, quilts or comforters that are not long enough to reach the floor and encase the bed frame. In these cases, a sofa cover could be a practical and functional solution. This accessory fulfills the main function of protecting the couch from dust, stains, wear and even bumps and scratches.

However, beyond this objective, canapés covers also provide an aesthetic component that helps to decorate rooms and dress the lower part of beds with distinction, providing a touch of originality. It is a product designed to provide distinction and elegance to your bedroom, since it has the quality of transforming a boring bed into an attractive bed in minutes.

Likewise, it allows you to create harmony between the colors of the room; because by covering the feet and the sides of the sofa, the rest of the textiles coordinate better. On the other hand, if you do not have a sofa but you use the space under the bed base as a storage area to store objects such as shoes, boxes or suitcases; this piece of fabric could give you more privacy, as it brings order to the bedroom and helps to discreetly hide what you put under the bed.


Using a sofa cover highlights your good taste and brings an elegant style to your room without having to spend a fortune. Thanks to the variety of designs, colors and textures available, you will always be able to find an economical model that suits your tastes and your budget.

To achieve a harmonious whole that combines perfectly with the design of your bedding, it is important that when you make your comparison of canapés covers, you consider matching the color of this piece with that of your sheets, pillowcases or duvet; the idea is that you can achieve an image of balance and order in your room.

If it is a double room, you could bet on a model with neutral colors; either in the range of gray, white, beige or ivory. In this way, the canapé cover can easily be integrated into the decoration. In the case of youth bedrooms, cheerful and bright colors are an excellent alternative that highlights and provides a modern look to the space.

On the other hand, if you use sheets with dark colors or you are one of the people who prefer the design where the contrast is the protagonist, you could buy a model in shades such as black, dark blue, brown or plum; taking into consideration that it harmonizes with the cushion covers, with the carpet or with the curtains in the bedroom.

Design and fastening modes

This bedding offers two designs: one type quilt or another similar to a skirt. The couch covers similar to a quilt are those that can be placed under the mattress, covering the entire area of ​​the couch and its sides. Some offer corner and center creases, while others offer a smooth look.

With regard to the so-called “bed skirt”, they are those that consist of a long piece of fabric that is installed around the bed, covering its structure to the ground. For these cases, manufacturers have designed different fastening modes, such as velcro, brackets, and there are also those that have thick elastic bands that hold them firmly to the bed. Likewise, the skirts can also offer a plain, pleated or fully pleated design.


If you want to know how much it costs, the market has a wide variety of textiles for all budgets. Being the most used canvas, microfiber and fabrics that combine cotton with polyester. These materials offer high quality and provide long life to the model.

Compared to canvas, this fabric is highly resistant, semi-rigid and very similar to canvas, but softer and lighter. While microfiber is a synthetic textile that does not fade and resists washing.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to place a sofa cover?

If you have bought a quilt-type sofa cover, these models are very easy to place on the bed. First, you must remove the mattress. Then, spread the wide area of ​​the fabric over the divan or bed frame, remembering that you have to let the fabric fall over the sides. Next, proceed to adjust the corners, ensuring that there are no wrinkles. Finally, put the mattress back in its place and dress the bed with matching sheets.

Q2: How to make a couch cover?

First of all, you need skill to operate a sewing machine. Select the appropriate fabric for this project and take the measurements of your bed (height x width x depth). Start by cutting the widest part, the one that goes between the box spring and the mattress; then, cut the piece that will serve as the skirt, the one that will cover the canapé to the ground. Here you can choose if you prefer a pleated, pleated or straight style. To finish, join the panels and mount the divan cover on your bed.

Q3: How to fasten a couch cover?

When it comes to a skirted ottoman, these models are easy to install and fasten. To do this, they usually come with a velcro attached to the edge of the fabric and another that you must attach to the edge of the bed by exerting some pressure. However, to ensure that it does not fall due to changes in temperature or constant use, it is recommended that the Velcro be stapled to the crossbars of the bed frame.

Q4: How to clean a couch cover?

Cleaning the couch cover is a task that does not require excessive work. However, it is advisable that you check the product label or its respective manual, there they indicate the temperature, the products and the most recommended washing techniques to prolong its useful life through different symbols.

Usually, when it comes to canapés covers made of cotton and polyester fabric, manufacturers recommend machine washing with a maximum temperature of 30ºC.

Q5: How to put a velcro on a couch cover?

In the event that you have made a sofa cover at home and want to put a velcro on it, or the model you have has lost its support and you want to renew it; start by sticking the velcro with an adhesive along the fabric. This is in order to provisionally fix it before sewing it definitively. But if you have the skills to skip this step, you can sew the ribbon by machine or by hand.

hand directly along the edge of the fabric. Remember that the velcro loop closure must go on the divan cover and the hook closure on the bed frame.

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