The 9 Best Canapés with Drawers of 2022

Canapé with drawers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The canapés with drawers are a good option for those who want to save space in their room, since these structures not only support the bed base, but also incorporate special compartments and drawers. In this way, pillows, blankets, pajamas, sheets or any small object you want can be neatly stored. This is the case of the Habitdesign Kendra model, designed with high resistance chipboard, to support a load of up to 180 kilograms. In addition, its four drawers are spacious and provide ergonomic handling. For its part, the Naturconfort Folding Kindeer is a sofa with drawers, whose folding design incorporates a silent hydraulic opening mechanism.

The 9 Best Canapés with Drawers – Opinions 2022

There are many models of sofas with drawers on the market, but not all of them have the same design characteristics, so it is important to carefully review the product that has caught our attention, so that the selection is successful. Next, we present nine canapés with drawers that, according to critics, could be the best of this year.

Sofa with drawers 150 x 190

1. Habitdesign 006088BO Bed with drawers for box spring

Recommended as the best price-quality settee with drawers, this model stands out, whose structure was made of chipboard and, in turn, covered with melamine. In this way, it is possible to enjoy a resistant, stable structure with a pleasant smooth touch, which is easy to clean, as it does not have porosity in which dust accumulates.

In addition, this 150 x 190 centimeter sofa with drawers provides a maximum load of 180 kilograms, making it suitable for supporting the weight of two people. For its part, the four integrated drawers resist five kilograms each, that is, you can store pillows, cushions, winter blankets, sheets, among other textiles.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that the bases of this 150 cm storage bed with drawers have been provided with special ABS polymer studs, which is a non-slip material and capable of preventing scratches on the floor when moving the bed.

Among the cheapest options of sofa with drawers, this model stands out. Here, its pros and cons.


Bases: Thanks to the synthetic studs on the bases, you won’t have to worry about scratching the floor or making noise.

Drawers: You will have four drawers to store pillows, blankets, sheets, among others.

Assembly: You will be able to quickly carry out the assembly, since the instruction manual offers a detailed step-by-step.

Cleaning: Cleaning the dust is easy, because it is only necessary to rub a soft cloth on the sofa.


Assembly: The resistance will depend on the correct assembly of the furniture, so we recommend you pay attention to this aspect.

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Folding sofa with drawers

2. Naturconfort Wooden Canapé Kindeer

This is a product made with high-end materials, capable of supporting the weight of the bed base and the people who are going to rest on it, as well as the objects stored in the compartments. In addition, its folding design is raised by means of a hydraulic mechanism, quite silent. For this reason, this is a product valued as the best sofa with drawers.

For the construction of the structure, stainless steel was used for the top cover, and DM or low-density wood for the board and the drawers. Both are robust materials and easy to clean with a soft cloth.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this folding bed with drawers has a metal fastening ring on the headboard, so that the bed base does not slide. For its part, the base of the structure was upholstered with a 3D-type fabric that, being breathable, prevents the accumulation of bad odours.

Rated on the web as the best sofa with drawers of the moment, this product has interesting positive and negative aspects.


Folding: The built-in hydraulic system provides a silent opening of the tabletop.

Fastening ring: To prevent the bed base from slipping, a metal ring is added to the head.

Drawers: Thanks to the included drawers, you can store pillows, blankets and bed clothes in an organized way.

Cleaning: You will have no problem cleaning this sofa, since it is only necessary to rub a dry cloth over it.


Assembly: Although the assembly is simple, you will need the help of another person, due to the size of the pieces.

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Sofa with side drawers

3. Memomad Functional Bed Bali Frame with Lots of Space

Memomad is characterized by the manufacture of good quality products, with functional and modern designs that adapt to different styles of decoration. Such is the case of this sofa with side drawers, which has a solid pine wood structure, a material of considerable resistance and stability, whose maximum load corresponds to 400 kilograms.

In addition, this bed is easy to assemble, because its instruction manual includes step-by-step instructions with quick-to-understand graphics, this being another reason why users comment on the product as one of the best sofas with drawers in 2022.

Likewise, leather handles are incorporated into the structure, for a safe grip when moving the couch. Likewise, the storage space stands out, for which you have two compartments with their respective doors, six drawers, ten shelves, two of them being removable.

Memomad is valued as the best brand of canapés with drawers due to its quality, and this model is proof of this. Here, more of its details.


Handles: You can easily handle the sofa, thanks to the built-in leather handles.

Load: Its solid wood construction provides a high level of resistance, to withstand a load of 400 kilograms.

Cleaning: You will not have to spend too much time cleaning, because it is only necessary to rub a dry cloth to remove the dust.

Storage: You will have several compartments, drawers and shelves, to store everything you want.


Assembly: The assembly could be a bit messy, because the sofa incorporates many pieces.

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Box bed with drawers

4. Somnus Canape Folding Mattresses with Drawers Mod. Atilo

Thanks to this model, many people have been able to answer the question of which is the best sofa with drawers, since it is a recommended product in the different purchase portals. This is due to its modern design, defined finishes and high level of resistance, since it is made of solid wood.

In addition, this box bed with drawers incorporates a convenient hinged lid, which can be easily opened and closed, so you can access the interior of the structure. Thus, you will have a spacious storage area, in which you can place pillows, winter quilts, among others.

Likewise, in the front part of the structure, there are a couple of drawers with an ergonomic handle and rails with wheels, which provide greater control when opening. Likewise, the product incorporates metal rings on the headboard, which keep the mattress in place, preventing slippage.

If you have not specified which sofa with drawers to buy, this model could capture your attention, due to its attractive details.


Upholstery: The upholstered areas in 3D fabric are breathable, to prevent the accumulation of bad odours.

Structure: You will enjoy a stable and resistant structure, due to its solid wood construction.

Hinged: Its hinged lid provides a quick opening, to access the interior easily.

Drawers: The front drawers offer ample space to store small items or bed clothes.


Size: If you are looking for a canapé for double bed mattresses, you will have to bet on another model, because this one is suitable for individual bed bases.

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White sofa with drawers

5. Habitmobel Bed for mattresses with drawers

With this white sofa with drawers, you will incorporate a functional product into your room, which will not only offer you a safe support for placing the mattress, but also four 16 x 76 x 50 centimeter drawers, integrated into the structure, where you can store pillows, cushions, winter quilts, sheets, among others.

In this way, you can save space, by not having to place these garments in the closet. In the same way, thanks to the modern design of this sofa model, you will give the room an elegant touch that will not go unnoticed, but will not break the existing decoration codes in the room either, due to its minimalism.

For the construction of the sofa, melamine sheets were used, which is a wood of notorious resistance, stable and with a pleasant touch. In addition, this material has forest sustainability approval, which makes it a type of ecological wood.

Next, let’s learn more about this sofa with drawers, built by Habitmobel.


Sustainable: The melamine used has a forest sustainability certification, which implies that it was obtained following ecological principles.

Drawers: Its four drawers, with a spacious interior, allow you to store several blankets and pillows.

Compatibility: You will be able to place your mattress with a double bed, because the surface is suitable for this format.

Finishes: The well-cared-for finishes of the structure give the product an elegant and discreet aesthetic.


Colour: The white frame color may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s an elegant shade that’s easy to match.

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Other products

6. Wohnenluxus York bed with integrated slatted frame + lift function

Among other high-ranking products, there is this sofa with drawers belonging to the Wohnenluxus collection, which offers you a functional structure with a highly elegant aesthetic.

It is an easy-to-assemble sofa, built in robust wood, which gives the design the necessary resistance to support the load without vibrations or generating annoying sounds. This is also due to the fact that the pieces fit together correctly, and to the quality of the built-in hardware to fix the parts.

Among other aspects to highlight about this product, we have its lid with a folding opening system, its base and headboard upholstered with white polyurethane fabric, which is a type of high-quality synthetic leather, with a soft touch and easy to clean. Likewise, there is the incorporation of a convenient bed base, which reduces the pressure points made on the surface when lying down to rest.

This is a positively valued product, whose advantages and disadvantages you can review right away.


Folding: You will be able to raise the lid quickly and safely, thanks to the built-in folding mechanism.

Manufacturing: The structure of this sofa offers great resistance, to support the load without instability, due to the good quality level of the wood.

Storage area: Its drawers are suitable for storing sheets, blankets and cushions.

Bed base: With the purchase a bed base is included, so that you can use the product from the first day, without making extra investments.


Upholstery: You will have to be careful with the upholstered areas, since the leatherette can get dirty quickly.

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7. Hf4You Kingsize bed with box base drawers without headboard

This sofa with drawers is considered one of the cheapest in this list of recommended products, whose wooden structure not only offers resistance, but also a pleasant aesthetic, due to its well-crafted finishes. In addition, the base has a black textile covering, which gives the structure an elegant and distinctive touch.

On the other hand, we must mention the pair of built-in side drawers, whose spacious interior is suitable for placing some sets of sheets, blankets, pillows or cushions, which will allow you to save space and maintain order in the room. Both compartments are easy to open and close, thanks to the metal slits arranged for grip, which provide safe handling.

Below, you will be able to verify the good and less favorable aspects of this sofa with drawers that stands out among the cheapest.


Bearings: You will have no problem moving the structure by yourself, since it has bearings.

Compatibility: This canapé is compatible with any type of mattress, as long as it has the format of the support surface.

Drawers: You will have a couple of side drawers, to store small objects, sheets, blankets or pillows.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the structure with a damp cloth and a dry one, since the upholstery is synthetic.


Headboard: Although the headboard of the bed is not included with the purchase, you can purchase it separately.

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8. Achilles Berlin Box Spring Bed Drawers Storage Space

Achilles Berlin is a German brand that offers you a product with high quality standards in terms of its manufacture, designed to offer a resistant structure, capable of supporting a maximum load of up to 120 kilograms.

The team board has dimensions of 200 x 180 centimeters, while the base has a height corresponding to 64 centimeters. It is spacious measures, suitable for two people. In addition, the sofa incorporates, on the lower side, a pair of drawers with ergonomic knobs that facilitate the opening and closing of said compartments, in which it is possible to store clothing, sheets, cushions, among others.

Also, it should be mentioned that with the purchase of the product a two-bed bed base is incorporated, with a core of padded springs and an upper layer of gel, which manage to provide a total of seven pressure points.

Here, the main details of a sofa with drawers with a discreet and elegant design.


Mattress: You will not have to invest extra money acquiring a mattress, since the canapé incorporates it.

Drawers: Its side drawers have a practical storage capacity.

Bases: Bases were added to the structure to prevent deterioration, since it is not directly exposed to the ground.

Extra storage: You will have an extra space under the main board to store other objects.


Instruction manual: The assembly instructions for the structure may not be very detailed, but it is still an intuitive task.

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9. Jpp Folding sofa Large storage capacity drawers Assembly

If you want to invest your money in a sofa with drawers that not only serves as a support base for the mattress on which you are going to rest, but also offers you some storage spaces for winter quilts, pajamas, sheets, blankets, pillows and cushions, you might be interested in this model. In addition, the structure will give the room a pleasant, fresh and modern aesthetic, thanks to its detailed finishes and laminate with a pleasant smooth touch, which covers all the wood.

The board with a folding mechanism offers a quick opening, to access the central cabinet, where you can place large quilts without inconvenience. In addition, the main board has a format of 160 x 190 centimeters, which is ideal for any mattress with a double bed. For their part, the drawers incorporate metal guides and ergonomic grip areas that, together, offer correct and safe handling.

This is a sofa with drawers with interesting positive aspects and, probably, something to improve, which we summarize below.


Folding: You will have a large storage space under the board, since said piece is folding.

Drawers: The side drawers have a spacious interior for you to store clothing and sheets in an orderly manner.

Durability: The structure has good resistance, thanks to the wood used for its construction.

Cleaning: Its laminated surface offers quick cleaning, since it does not have porosity that accumulates dust.


Lower bases: Lower bases are missing, to avoid direct support on the ground.

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Shopping guide

The acquisition of a sofa entails the verification of different aspects, referring to its design and manufacture, with the purpose of selecting a quality product. In this sense, it is convenient to review the following guide to buy the best sofa with drawers.

Fixed and folding tabletop

When reviewing any comparison of canapés with drawers, it is common to find the type of board among the main aspects evaluated in it. This is because this area fulfills a very important function, having to support the mattress. Therefore, it is necessary that the surface has been manufactured with a resistant raw material, non-deformable and capable of offering high stability.

Among the materials generally used is solid pine or cherry wood, as well as sheets of chipboard or MDF. Whatever the case, it is important that you verify that it has a smooth touch, either because the wood has been polished, laminated or upholstered. In this way, the mattress does not deteriorate on contact with the surface.

In addition, you must keep in mind that not all the boards are fixed, because on some occasions the brands tend to vary the designs, incorporating lifting mechanisms by means of lateral guides or a hydraulic system. Thus, a large closet is obtained for the storage of quilts or blankets used in winter, which saves space, by not having to place these textiles in the closet.

Drawers and compartments

An aspect of interest when acquiring a sofa is the incorporation of drawers and compartments in its structure, which allow for the organized storage of clothing, sheets, blankets, among other textiles or small objects. Perhaps, this is a feature that influences how much the product costs, but finally, we will be able to save space in the room thanks to it.

For example, there are canapés that have a pair of drawers on the sides or in the front region of the structure, being the most common models on the market. In this case, it is recommended that the drawers have a knob or front handle, while on the lower sides, they must attach a system of metal rails or small wheels. In this way, a controlled sliding is achieved when opening and closing the drawer.

Likewise, other designs add compartments with dividers, which some users set up so that their cats or dogs can rest in them at night. For their part, the small removable tops are suitable for you to place a glass or cup with your drink on them, while you read a book or watch television.

Mobilization of the structure

Drawer divans are generally robustly designed structures, so once their parts are assembled, handling could become a bit of a messy task for some people. In this sense, reference is made to the mobilization of furniture, either to remodel the room or to carry out a deep cleaning of the floor.

For any of these reasons, it is necessary for the product to incorporate some basic elements that improve the user experience, such is the case of lower bases that keep the sofa off the ground. In this way, it will be possible to easily insert the head of the broom or pad to remove the dust.

Likewise, it is necessary that these blocks have been provided with rubber coatings, which prevent the deterioration of the floor. Also, some models have been equipped with side grip handles and bearings on the bases, which allow quick and safe handling of the couch at all times.


Regardless of how cheap the sofa you buy, you should keep in mind that if it does not offer easy cleaning, then your purchase will not be a good investment. Therefore, it is important that the structure has a preferably smooth surface, since porous materials or materials with any type of texture tend to accumulate a higher percentage of dust and dirt. This same situation occurs with canapés upholstered in light colors.

The important thing is that the cover of the furniture, whether it is made of wood, metal or textile, provides resistance against humidity. Thus, it will be possible to rub a damp cloth to carry out a deeper cleaning. Likewise, this allows the application of special products, which not only remove dirt, but also create a protective film.

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