The 9 Best Ceiling Lamps of 2022

Ceiling Lamp – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 

Deciding on a ceiling lamp is choosing the ideal lighting to envelop the entire space. Our following suggestions are ready to bathe your home in light and allow each decorated corner to be exposed and truly appreciated. If you want to highlight your dining room table or bathroom, the Ikea Melodi lamp is excellent for spreading light evenly over it and creating a pleasant atmosphere for everyone sitting around it. For its part, the modern and ultra-flat design of the Oowolf Water Moon ceiling lamp will allow a high-quality LED brightness to illuminate bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even corridors.

The 9 Best Ceiling Lamps – Opinions 2022

Regardless of whether your home is small or quite spacious, the right ceiling lamp is capable of creating a unique environment with its light. With the following options, you can achieve everything from the brightest spaces to the warmest and most discreet environments. 


Ikea ceiling lamp 

1. Ikea Melodi ceiling light

Adapting the light to the space you need is easy to achieve with the best hanging ceiling light. This type of lighting hangs under your ceiling, becoming a source capable of lighting the place you want in a focused manner. 

With the Ikea ceiling lamp, you can give the environment of the table, breakfast bar or even a bathroom a bright or very dim atmosphere, depending on your taste. In addition to the clarity that its white color allows, the design of its lampshade directs the light directly to the chosen place and diffuses it to the rest of the room.   

This 28 cm lamp looks great as part of the decoration. It can be placed alone or accompanied by other lamps in the series that you can get in different sizes. Additionally, its cleaning is done in a very simple way, needing only a dry cloth.

Let’s know more advantages that make this hanging ceiling lamp one of the best to add charm to your spaces. 


Design: The simple pendant design of this ceiling light looks great with a variety of types of furniture. 

Energy class: It is a lamp that works very well with bulbs of energy classes A++. 

Rails: It is compatible to connect it to the SKENINGE rail system in case you want to create a decoration with more lamps.

Material: Both the material of the cable cover and that of its screen is a resistant and very durable plastic. 


Large Spaces: The light it casts around you can feel dim and dim when used alone for large space lighting.

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LED ceiling lamp 

2. Oowolf LED Ceiling Lamp

Among the best ceiling lamps of 2022, this modern and minimalist design stands out. Its lighting is designed to flood various spaces in the home such as the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the corridor, the bathroom and even the balcony. 

It is an ultra-flat square design LED ceiling lamp measuring 30 x 30 cm that stands out very well in the decoration. It comes with an included bulb designed to have a lifespan that exceeds 50,000 hours and a quality of brightness that is appreciated with its capacity of up to 1900 lumens. 

Also, it feels like a stable light source with no flash or glare which is definitely healthier for your eyes. When you activate the switch, you will immediately see that there are no dark spaces in the room, but everything lights up. 

There are more advantages that make this ceiling light a lighting experience that many will want to have in their home.



High brightness: Its square design allows the high brightness it offers to reach all areas around it. 

Energy efficiency: It is a ceiling lamp with energy efficiency class A+++ that reduces consumption by up to 90%.

Installation: Its simple structure allows an installation that you can do yourself, without the need for a professional electrician. 


Not dimmable: The intensity of its light is fixed and cannot be adjusted to dim its light power if desired. 

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Double ceiling lamp 

3. BK Licht Swivel Spotlight Ceiling Lamp

With a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin and 500 lumens between the two bulbs, this double ceiling light offers its warm light to create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. It measures 25.5 cm long, 6.5 cm wide and 9.7 cm high which, together with a rotating style, make it a beautiful decorative piece in the room where you place it. 

Both spotlights are mobile and you can direct them towards that specific point you want to give light to. It will be enough to turn its heads moving them up and down to illuminate those areas of your bathroom that you need the most.

In addition to all this, this matt nickel colored lamp is among the cheapest lighting products, thus becoming one of the best options to transform your space into a truly welcoming atmosphere. 

Let’s see more details that make this rotating ceiling lamp an attractive piece to decorate and illuminate your home. 


Design: It has an attractive double bulb design made of strong metal material and modern matte nickel color. 

Versatile: Just as it can look spectacular on the ceiling, it can also be perfectly installed on the wall. 

Saving: It is a lamp with two LED bulbs of 3 W each, whose energy consumption is very low and saves. 


Low light: If you use only this lamp, you may feel that its light is not enough to illuminate an entire room. 

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modern ceiling lamp 

4. Daxgd Crystal Ceiling Lamp

If you are looking for lighting that also offers accessories of distinction, this may be the perfect option for you. All the crystal details of this modern ceiling lamp will make an impression on whoever sees it. It has a very polished and shiny design that will add a very elegant touch to the bathroom. 

The diameter of the base that is embedded in the ceiling is 20 cm x 20 cm, which supports an octagon-shaped structure surrounded by crystals that protrudes and illuminates. It is certainly an aesthetically pleasing ceiling light that creates a very beautiful visual effect when reflected in its mirror finish. 

Additionally, its LED light immediately positions it among lighting devices of energy efficiency class type A, which offers energy-saving consumption in thousands of operating hours. 

If you are thinking about which ceiling lamp to buy to enhance your decoration, you may like the characteristics of this option. 


Design: It is a ceiling lamp that moves away from the generic with a bright design and modern glamor. 

Materials: The combination of stainless steel, mirror and glass for its elaboration make it durable and beautiful to decorate. 

Light: It is a white light that with its brightness can very well illuminate spaces in your home that are between 5 and 8 m 2. 


Instructions: Although it promises a simple installation, you have to understand English to clarify any doubts in its instruction manual.

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vintage ceiling lamp

5. Lightbox Retro ceiling lamp, dimmable, 3 spotlights

This alternative is a vintage ceiling lamp that will fit perfectly in environments where the retro style is the special touch of decoration. It is a 43 cm wide and 11.5 cm deep wooden bar that functions as a base for three eye-catching rotating spotlights. 

There are 3 heads of individual movement that can be rotated at the convenience of the place where you want to give more lighting. Each one has a burnt steel finish that transforms this antique ceiling light into a highly decorative, powerful visual effect.

In addition, it is adjustable, which gives the opportunity to adjust the intensity of the light, taking it from the brightest to the dimmest, making it ideal for creating pleasant environments in interior spaces. It also offers the advantage of being able to replace the bulbs when needed. 

Let’s specify another series of important details to evaluate when buying this ceiling lamp. 


LED: Although there are three bulbs, its LED light allows a saving effect and environments where little heat emission is felt.

Light Bulbs: Works with 5W LED bulbs that conform to energy efficiency class A++.

Materials: Metal and wood make this ceiling lamp a product that can last a long time. 


Price: It is a ceiling lamp that complies with a vintage decorative style whose cost is among the highest. 

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industrial ceiling lamp 

6. Tsbank Retro Industrial Indoor Ceiling Lamp

In keeping with the avant-garde and creative character of a decorative style born in the 1950s, this industrial ceiling lamp will achieve a bohemian look wherever you decide to place it. With its bare iron bars, it creates a structure where the geometric figures are confused with each other.   

It is a small ceiling lamp with measurements of 15 cm x 15 cm in length and width and a height of 20 cm. It is perfect to place it on ceilings at home, in commercial businesses, offices, shops or bars as a creative and key piece for an industrial style decoration. 

It will work well with LED, CFL, incandescent and Edison style LED bulbs. Despite not coming with a bulb included, its characteristics may make it considered by some to be the best value for money ceiling lamp that can be obtained. 

In addition to being one of the cheapest industrial lighting alternatives, this ceiling light has more to offer. 


Design: The open geometric shapes formed by the iron bars protect the bulb and, at the same time, let its light pass through. 

Finishes: The entire body of the lamp has a varnish finish that works as anticorrosive and antioxidant. 

Installation: It comes with a package that includes all the necessary accessories for easy installation. 


Size: You must take into account that it is a mini ceiling light type lamp that could be short in size for some LED bulbs.

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hanging ceiling lamp 

7. Lingkai E27 Vintage Industrial Ceiling Lamp Ceiling Lamp

In this hanging metal ceiling lamp, two concepts come together to create a unique and different piece that will enhance the decoration of the place. If you’re one of those people who don’t settle for the basics, but instead like something flashy and full of character, this vintage industrial style lamp will create an attractive focal point, as well as providing good lighting.

It is an 8-arm chandelier whose lighting intensity will be determined by the power of the bulbs that are placed. Its E27 holder works well with incandescent, LED and CFL bulbs. 

However, it should be noted that the maximum power should not exceed 40 W per bulb. So if you have the ceiling space of 114cm for the width of this light, then just take out its installation pack and you’re good to go. 

Let’s see more qualities that make this ceiling light a different option for your hallway, living room, kitchen island or dining room.


Material: Its base is made of a strong and resistant metallic material to support the load of the entire structure of the lamp. 

Cleaning: Its cleaning is very simple to avoid the accumulation of dust. Just wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

Arms: Each of its arms is protected against rust, corrosion, and discoloration.


Installation: Given the number of arms and wiring, you may feel that this ceiling light is somewhat difficult to mount.

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metal ceiling lamp

8. BKLicht Ceiling lamp with rotating spotlights 

You no longer have to wonder which is the best ceiling light that allows you to individually adjust the light needs in the environment. With this option, you can raise, lower or rotate each focus by placing more or less lighting. Of course, all depending on whether you want to stand out or make an environment more intimate. 

Its 16.5 cm diameter round chrome base will look beautiful on the ceiling displaying 3 spotlights of the same material that can be adjusted individually. Also, knowing that water and electricity do not get along, the IP44 value of this metal ceiling lamp makes it perfect for humidity. 

This German brand has created a splash-resistant ceiling lamp that can be a great choice for areas near the bathtub, shower, terrace and even in certain areas of the garden. 

With a wide range of lighting for ceilings, walls and mirrors, BKLicht is for many people the best brand of ceiling lamps. Here more to consider about your purchase.


Design: Its semi-recessed design and chrome and polished appearance make this ceiling lamp look very beautiful and elegant. 

High performance: With 3 together 250 lumen spotlights, each one generates a warm white light with high light output.

Duration: It promises a long duration in operation that reaches 20,000 hours of lighting. 


Socket: If you want to change the bulbs for ones of more intensity, you must provide that they work for a GU10 socket. Otherwise, they won’t assemble. 

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wooden ceiling lamp

9. Eglo TownShend 3 Ceiling Lamp

Eglo is a company that tries to ensure that the combination of an attractive, functional and affordable design is never lacking as a main feature in any of its products. This beautiful and fresh wooden ceiling lamp is part of the collection that the brand has called TownShend 3, where the natural-colored wood and the white of the spotlights are the protagonists of the design.

This particular lamp comes with 2 light points whose swivel joints allow you to align or move the spotlights whenever you want. It is ideal for corridors, living rooms and bedrooms and could enhance the decoration much more by accompanying it with the other lamps in the series.

Any E27 bulb will fit and work in the spotlights. In addition, it stands out for being a ceiling lamp suitable for all A++ energy class bulbs, so it is also very economical.

Let’s review several of the reasons why it could be considered the best ceiling lamp of the moment for interiors. 


Design: It has a light colored design that manages to look rustic and timeless, looking great with any decoration. 

Size: You only need 30 cm long of free space on the ceiling for this small two-bulb lamp to look great. 

Material: Its oak-look wood and the steel of the spotlights make it a robust and durable ceiling lamp.


Humidity: Its IP20 protection index recommends this lamp only for use in closed spaces away from humidity.

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Shopping guide 

When it is your turn to choose the lights for your home, this guide to buying the best ceiling lamp can be of great help. In addition to factors such as style or energy consumption, a space with adequate lighting becomes a pleasant environment to work, chat, prepare recipes in the kitchen and even rest. 


Before the design catches your attention, when making your ceiling lamp comparison, keep in mind that it must provide the appropriate characteristics to survive different locations. A lamp for spaces that are not totally closed, such as terraces or balconies, must ensure tolerance to humidity. Something very different for the one you plan to place in the living room. 

In the same way, the one you choose for the shower area must guarantee to be sealed against possible splashes of water. So, it is not only a question of whether they are indoor or outdoor lamps, but depending on the location inside the home, you may need resistance to dust or oxidation and corrosion caused by moisture condensation.

The information on its protection index referred to as IP is an effective orientation regarding this. The first digit that accompanies the letters IP can go from 0 to 6 and indicates the level at which it protects against dust and the second, from 0 to 8, is an indicator of resistance to water.

So, an IP20 ceiling light has protection against solids, but it can be damaged if it gets wet. Instead, an IP68 has the highest level of protection against dust and even supports immersion in water.


Of course, the decorative style, the functionality and how much it costs are aspects that will allow a ceiling lamp to stand out as the most suitable for you. In the wide range of styles that can be found, you have modern, contemporary, glamorous with glitter, rustic and vintage trends, among others.

Depending on the type of ceiling light installation, you get flush or semi-flush mount designs. The first ones are the ones whose base and light are glued to the ceiling without spaces. They are ideal for low ceilings and large areas to light.

Semi-flush mounts leave a gap between the base in the ceiling and a short stem that suspends the fixture. They typically offer a variety of decorative details and are perfect lamps for moderate to high ceilings in hallways, foyers, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Hanging designs, on the other hand, are those that hang lower from the ceiling creating a focused light source. You can use a single bulb lamp, create beautiful decorations with several that come in various lengths, or opt for chandelier-style lamps that look beautiful in spaces like the dining room. 

Other impressive ceiling lamps are rail lamps. They use perfect directional spotlights as aesthetically attractive elements and also as accent lighting when you want to highlight a specific point in your home.

Intensity and energy consumption 

As a last consideration, there are two aspects that depend on each other. If intensity of brightness is important to you, then you should look for options that allow the use of bulbs that have enough power to radiate strong light throughout the room. Conversely, if you want to set a space with dim lighting, one that uses fewer lumens may suffice. 

For example, ceiling lights with swivel spotlights usually come with 3W bulbs that work very well to give light to focused areas. There are some models that allow you to change and use higher power bulbs and others that warn you not, so you have to be very aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations for use. 

Also, finding a good and cheap ceiling light must go hand in hand with the possibility that it is compatible and works with saving light bulbs that have an energy efficiency rating. 

The use of incandescent alternatives is decreasing and LED and Edison LED bulbs are consolidated as the favorites due to their characteristic of good operation with less energy. 

In fact, one of the modern and popular options are ceiling lamps that include and use LED strips. With them, you forget about changing bulbs for a long time, since they could offer a useful life of up to 50,000 hours of operation.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to install a ceiling light? 

Step number one will be, as for any electrical work, to cut off the general power supply or only the one that carries current to the point of the lamp. In addition to this, although they seem obvious, there are important security recommendations that need to be remembered. Make sure you have the right tools on hand such as screwdrivers, wire strippers, hammer, drill, safety glasses, and a stable ladder.

Measure the thickness of the holes for the studs and drill into the ceiling. After having assembled the lamp according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you are ready to connect the cables of the lamp and those of the ceiling with a terminal, taking care of the combination of neutral, earth and phase cables. Once this installation is done, the lamp is fixed to the ceiling by its base, the energy is returned and it is checked that it works.

Q2: How to make a ceiling lamp? 

The ideas are many, as well as the variety of materials that you can use, among which are paper, wood, wicker and much more. For example, you can surprise with a geometric hanging ceiling lamp made with soda straws. 

You only need the straws, the cap and the light bulb, scissors and a sheet of EVA foam preferably in the same color as the straws. After designing and making a geometric figure with straws and EVA rubber in its joints, it will be enough to fix the cap on its base and that’s it. 

Another idea is to make a base with wooden slats. Its measurements will depend on whether you want to make it for 2 or 3 bulbs. With a 4mm diameter drill, make the holes through which the cables of the lampholders whose length you must have previously determined will be inserted. The connections are made, the wood is fixed to the ceiling and that’s it. 


Q3: How to remove a ceiling light? 

Whether you’re installing or removing a ceiling light, making sure you’ve turned off the power going to that spot is critical. Then, depending on the design of the lamp, you must carefully proceed with the removal of each of its parts. If you are talking about a pendant ceiling light, first remove the bulb and then unscrew the fixing base on the ceiling and disconnect the cables.

In case of being a recessed lamp, it will be necessary to start by removing the screen, then the light bulb and, finally, the base panel fixed to the ceiling. 

Q4: How to paint a ceiling lamp? 

You can paint with a brush or spray and, depending on the material of the lamp, the selection of paint is key. For example, for metal surfaces, gloss enamel type paints will work very well. To renew the glass parts, getting a specific paint that gives color while maintaining its transparent nature is possible.

The steps prior to painting are very important for the coating to look great. Whatever the material, you must clean all dust before changing or reviving the color. For metal surfaces, a good tip is to apply a coat of primer or sandpaper softly to remove the shine before painting.


Q5: How to connect a ceiling light with 4 wires? 

To be clear on the electrical connections that must be made, the first thing to note is that there are currently standard colors to recognize the function of each cable. The ground wire is usually green and yellow, the neutral blue or white, and the live wire can be brown, black, or gray. 

In fan-type ceiling lamps there are usually 4 cables to connect. Among these are the ground, neutral and two corresponding phases, one to the lamp and the other to the fan. In this case, the two phase wires from the lamp are connected together to the phase wire from the ceiling. 


Q6: How to change the socket of a ceiling lamp? 

Start by cutting off the power supply and removing the bulb. With the required care, you must unscrew and disassemble the base of the lamp in order to find the cable connections. Once this is done, the cables are disconnected from the socket in use, which, if in good condition, will be the same for the new socket.

If not, use wire cutters and wire strippers to cut and strip at least 1cm at the ends. These are passed through the back of the base, inserted into the terminals and tightened. Then, place the body of the new socket and you are ready to power the bulb.

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