The 9 Best Chaise Longue Covers of 2022

Cover for chaise longue – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

As important as having a sofa is having a practical piece to cover it, so that it stays clean and without stains on the upholstery. Being a recurring need, there are various alternatives that vary in design, size, quality and more. However, there are two standouts among the favourites. If you want an elegant cover, Textilhome ADELE-TEXTIL-21 is a dual model, made of polyester, which immediately decorates and protects the sofa. If you are looking for a model that covers completely, the Subrtex ESSBTSFT003L20LB is an anti-stain cover that is available in various colors, made of elastic and highly durable fabric.

The 9 Best Covers for Chaise Longue – Opinions 2022

To protect the sofa from stains, pet hair and other impurities, it can be covered with a cover that isolates the original upholstery and gives it a new look to integrate with the decoration. For those interested in providing greater protection to their sofa, we have identified 9 models that are positioned among the best chaise longue covers, so you can get to know them and select the most convenient one.

Chaise longue sofa cover

1. Textilhome Sofa Cover Chaise Longue Adele

Those who are looking for a model that is efficient and decorative can take a look at this proposal, which usually appears as the best chaise longue cover on the market, since it is made with quality and durable textiles.

This model is available in several colors, to select the one that suits the style of decoration. In addition, it has dimensions of 240 cm and it is possible to choose whether the chaise lounge is on the right or left side.

This chaise longue sofa cover is made of 100% polyester, with 90 g/m2 polyester padding. Thanks to this, it fits correctly to the piece of furniture and, to facilitate its portability, its manufacturer presents it in a zippered bag, so that it can be stored comfortably and safely.

Next, you can learn more about the pros and cons of this model considered the best chaise longue cover of the moment.


Confection: It has been made of 100% polyester textile, with padding in the same material, so it is comfortable.

Adjustment: As its measurements are 240 cm, it adapts correctly to large sofas and several seats.

Storage: Includes a zippered bag for easy portability and storage.

Design: It has a modern design and is available in various colors, in addition to the fact that it is possible to select a model according to the location of the chaise longue.


Fastening: Although it has a good fit, it does not include a specific mechanism for fastening to the sofa.

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2. Taococo Sofa Cover

The manufacturer Taococo presents this model that, due to its characteristics, is positioned as one of the best chaise longue covers of 2022, because it has a modern design and adequately protects, to avoid stains and impurities in the upholstery.

This chaise longue sofa cover is suitable for use on 3-seater corner furniture, with dimensions between 180 cm and 230 cm. It is favorable for both sides of the L, either left or right.

In addition, it has been made with resistant and elastic materials, with a composition of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, so that it protects and is decorative, because it is available in several sober colors, with a minimalist style. The model has been made with a two-part structure that facilitates its placement. It can be washed by machine or by hand, with cold or warm water, to maintain hygiene in the piece.

If you were interested in this model, you should know that it is part of the catalog of what is possibly the best brand of chaise longue covers. Here, its pros and cons.


Design: It has an L-shaped design, available in various colors to match the decoration.

Adjustments: It adjusts correctly to the furniture because it covers dimensions from 180 to 230 cm.

Composition: It’s durable because it’s made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, so it’s a bit stretchy.

Cleaning: It can be easily washed by machine or by hand to maintain hygiene.


Parts: It is not suitable for models that are in one piece.

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Elastic cover for chaise longue

3. uyeoco Elastic Chaise Longue Sofa Covers

If you don’t want to spend a fortune to give your old sofa a new life, this model could be what you are looking for. Many consider it to be the best value for money chaise longue cover of the moment. To do this, it not only offers an affordable cost, but also has materials that provide a long service life.

On the other hand, it is made of 92% polyester fabric and 8% elastane, making it an elastic chaise longue cover that adapts perfectly to the measurements of the furniture. It also provides softness, comfort and elegance. On the other hand, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors for all tastes.

The manufacturer offers parts separately, either for 1, 2, 3 or 4 seats depending on the model you have. For this reason, it is advisable, before making your purchase, that you consider the piece you need and the measurements of the modular sofa.

It is not only one of the cheapest proposals, but also one of the most functional and decorative. Read on for its pros and cons.


Separate pieces: It is a model that adapts to different styles of furniture, since the manufacturer offers separate pieces.

Elastic: Its spandex material and elastic band easily adapt to the sectional sofa.

Variety: You can choose the color and design of your choice from a wide variety.

Gift: With the purchase you will receive a matching pillowcase.


Washing: When washing, it is advisable to avoid the use of bleach, since it could cause deterioration to the fabric.

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4. Caveen Stretch Polyester Chaise Longue Sofa Cover

This elastic cover for chaise longue from the manufacturer Caveen is positioned as one of the favorites of users, because it is made with resistant textiles that serve to protect the sofa and prevent wear.

The model is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, so it is breathable and soft to the touch, with an adequate level of elasticity that allows it to adjust to different dimensions, without its properties being altered, while it does not wrinkle It doesn’t generate heat. In addition, it has been equipped with an adjustable elastic strap that helps hold it firmly. It is a convenient proposal for three-seater sofas up to 230 cm.

It is also available in several colors, to select the one that best suits the decoration of the room. In case of accumulation of dirt, it can be removed and washed by hand or machine. It comes in kit form, as it includes 2 sets of covers, 8 sticks to hold the fabric, instructions, and 2 pillowcases.

We have identified in this model some properties that we present in the form of pros and cons to help you in your choice.


Installation: Its installation is quick and easy, and it includes instructions to complete it.

Design: It has a design with soft properties that does not generate heat and is available in various colors to match the space where it will be used.

Construction: Its construction is made with resistant and dustproof materials, with 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

Accessories: It is equipped with 2 sofa covers, 2 pillowcases, instructions and 8 sticks, so it is complete.


Dimensions: Although it is elastic, it is necessary to check the dimensions of the sofa beforehand, because this can interfere with the correct fit.

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Waterproof chaise longue sofa cover

5. Topown Waterproof Chaise Longue Sofa Cover 3 seater

To prevent stains caused by accidental spills from damaging the upholstery of the furniture, the best option could be a waterproof chaise longue sofa cover, such as this model presented by Topown.

It is a cover made with a fabric that combines 95% polyester and 5% elastane, which in addition to providing resistance, elasticity and a good fit, also resists spills of water or any other liquid. To do this, it forms a waterproof film that protects the passage of moisture to the sofa for 30 seconds.

Similarly, it is a recommended cover to prevent dust, pet hair, stains and any other external agent from causing damage to the original fabric of the furniture. By this, it can prolong more than 5 years its useful life. Plus, it’s available in stylish neutral tones that go with any style.

It is a soft, elegant and resistant case. We invite you to know its highlights.


Waterproof: It is a model that offers waterproofing for 30 seconds, which protects the sofa against liquid spills.

Elastic: Thanks to its fabric with elastic qualities, it easily adjusts to the sofa.

Fastening: It has an adjustable hem and a fastening cord that allows the cover to stay in place.

Cushion covers: Includes two matching 40 x 40 cm cushion covers.


Foam sticks: The foam sticks included to tighten the cover tend to come off regularly.

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Chaise longue sofa cover 290

6. Eysa Levante Sofa Cover

If you require a chaise longue 290 sofa cover, the manufacturer Eysa presents a proposal that is positioned as one of the cheapest on the market, but with an adequate level of protection for the upholstery.

In addition, this model has been manufactured to high standards, with functional and multipurpose fabrics, available in at least 6 colors that combine appropriately with any type of decoration, because they are delicate and discreet. It is made of cotton and has waterproof properties, so it covers well and prevents stains and deterioration.

In addition, this cover is easy to fit over the sofa and is available with the extension for the right or left side, depending on the needs of the user. It can be purchased in two sizes: 240 cm and 290 cm, depending on the sofa you have at home.

This model has a functional design and, if you want more details, you can find out about them with the following pros and cons.


Design: It has an elegant design that is available in various neutral colors, suitable for various spaces.

Construction: Its construction has been made with quality materials in soft cotton, which protects the upholstery.

Cleaning: It will not be difficult to clean this cover, since it can be placed in the washing machine, at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees.


Seams: Some seams are not as delicate, so their finishes could be improved, especially on the edges.

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Other products

7. Banzaii Sofa Cover Covers Chaise Longue

Those interested in acquiring a chaise longue cover can opt for this model from the manufacturer Banzaii, which is one of the favorites of the user community, due to its resistance and protection characteristics.

According to the needs of each user, it is possible to select between different sizes, depending on the number of seats on the sofa and on the side of the extension, either right or left.

In addition, this cover is made with optimized materials for protection, since it repels impurities and has a special treatment against stains, water and even hair, so pets will not be a problem.

It is easy to apply, remove and can be machine washed to remove any traces of dirt. The model is made of polyester, with a padding of 100 grams, so it is thick.

Reading the positives and negatives of this model can help you determine if it is suitable for your sofa.


Design: It has a striking orange design, which covers and gives visual dynamism to the sofas.

Construction: Its construction has been made with polyester, with a 100-gram padding, so it is padded.

Protection: It is convenient to prevent stains and liquids from reaching the upholstery of the sofa.

Dimensions: Depending on the type of sofa, you can select the dimensions between models from 2 to 4 seats, for a better adaptation.


Adjustment: It may be necessary to make some additional adjustment to the sofa, so that it remains properly covered.

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8. SearchI Left Chaise Longue Sofa Covers

Searchl presents a cheap chaise longue cover that is recognized as one of the most convenient in its category, since it has an L-shaped design, which comprehensively covers the entire sofa, through two separate parts, to provide greater protection. of the upholstery, so that wear is slow.

This model is available in a wide range of patterns and colors, so it will serve to renew the decorative atmosphere of the room and give a new style to the classic sofa. The cover is made of soft, resistant polyester and suitable for machine washing. Similarly, it includes elastic and reinforced seams that ensure greater durability.

The proposal is made up of two units and can be used in L-shaped sofas from 1 to 4 seats, so you should check the size and determine if it is favorable for the sofa you have at home.

Before selecting this model, you can learn more about its features with its pros and cons.


Dimensions: Its dimensions can be adapted to sofas with a different number of seats.

Design: It has an L-shaped design that is created in two pieces, to cover more efficiently.

Construction: Its construction has been made with resistant materials, in soft polyester with reinforced seams.

Washing: To maintain hygiene, it can be washed by machine or by hand.


Color: Actual color may be less vivid than it appears in photos.

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9. Wakects Chaise Longue Sofa Cover

If you have small children and pets at home, you should give your sofa extra protection to prevent deterioration. This modular sofa cover is a proposal that could meet all your expectations, since it has a design and size that adapt perfectly to the dimensions of L-shaped sofas.

It is made of high quality polyester, which resists the passage of time, while efficiently covering the original upholstery of the furniture. The measurements for the 2-seater are approximately 140 to 185 cm and, for the side of the 3-seater sofa, the dimensions are from 190 to 225 cm.

Likewise, it is an easy model to put on and take off, so you can wash it whenever necessary. In addition, the manufacturer offers you the cover in an elegant neutral tone that harmonizes with any decoration.

To learn more about this cover, we invite you to analyze below some of its most outstanding qualities.


Adjustment: It is a model designed with an elastic hem and fastening tapes, which adjust the cover properly to the sofa.

Material: This product is made of 100% high-end polyester, resistant, soft and with a long useful life.

Neutral tones: The manufacturer offers you the cover in an elegant gray colour, a neutral tone that combines with any decorative style.

Maintenance: It is easy to put on and take off, which favors its washing and maintenance.


Dimensions: To avoid any setback, before making the purchase you should consider the format and measurements of your sofa.

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Shopping guide

Avoiding accelerated wear on the sofa and stains on the original upholstery is possible if the furniture is protected with a special cover that covers its surface and gives it a renewed style. To make a successful purchase, it is necessary to pay attention to certain characteristics that will make one model more suitable than another. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best chaise longue cover.

Construction and materials

When evaluating the comparison of chaise longue covers, we will find that there are different types of clothing and materials that are used to make these textile pieces. One of the most popular, due to its high level of durability and resistance, is polyester with spandex. However, you can also find some covers that have been made with cotton.

In the same way, it is important that, when making the choice, the quality of the details and the seams are taken care of, which must be delicate in appearance, but reinforced so that they are not easily damaged and the pieces remain united, regardless of the use and of the washes that are made to the cover.

In addition, within the clothing, it is also possible to evaluate the level of comfort provided by the piece, as well as the softness and warmth it emits. In many proposals, these covers have a padding that is usually made of the same material and allows it to be padded, thus providing greater comfort for those who sit on the cover. This padding can be in different proportions or non-existent, so the cover would be a thin and unfavorable alternative to protect from the cold, but convenient for hot days.

Protection and parts

A good and cheap chaise longue cover can be easy to find on the market but, beyond its quality and cost, the model must fit the sofa; otherwise it will be a bad investment. For this reason, before making the purchase, it is recommended to check the number of pieces included in the model, since this way it will be possible to determine if it is convenient.

Some models are made up of a single piece, while others are two separate covers. Similarly, there are proposals that include additional covers for pillows or cushions, so that they integrate with the rest of the selected pattern.

On the other hand, these textile pieces are more than just a cover for the sofa, as they have been designed to protect the structure, the upholstery and prevent rapid wear of the furniture, in order to make it more durable.

Also, within the protection, there are some models treated with textile technologies, so they are waterproof, stain and hair proof. Each one can offer this level of protection to a greater or lesser extent than another, according to the materials and the brand.

design and colors

Sometimes it is necessary to consider the design to have an estimate on how much a chaise longue cover costs. Therefore, if you want to know the approximate cost, you should review the design. In this sense, the most popular models are those that are L-shaped, and these can be selected with the extension to the right or left side, depending on the needs.

Similarly, they can be covers only to place on the furniture, so that it contrasts with the original upholstery or, failing that, cover it completely. Each model has its specific dimensions. In general, these cover several measures that can go from 180 to 240 cm or more. Also, you can select if it is a cover for a 2.3 or 2 seater sofa.

On the other hand, in relation to colors, it is possible to find from neutral tones such as black, beige, brown, gray and others, to covers with patterns and more striking colors.

Fit and wash

A chaise longue cover must fit snugly over the furniture to ensure adequate upholstery protection. Therefore, it is recommended that it include foam sticks, which should be placed in the cushion slots, so that the cover does not move. In addition, the material needs to grip favorably and have non-slip properties. Likewise, it is important that the cover can be easily removed and can be washed, either by machine or by hand, to maintain hygiene.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a chaise longue cover?

To use a chaise longue cover, you must first identify the number of pieces that the model includes. To continue, the cover must be extended and placed on the selected sofa, verifying that the labels are towards the bottom.

Once the cover has been stretched out, if the model includes foam sticks or poles, these should be inserted into the slots in the furniture to prevent it from slipping. In this way, the protection will be maintained permanently. In addition, at the end, the ropes or elastics must be adjusted to allow a correct fastening.

Cleaning can be done by hand or by machine, depending on the type of fabric. Drying must be done in the open air, except for certain types of textiles. In general, cleaning will depend on the conditions of use.

Q2: How to make a chaise longue sofa cover?

To make a chaise longue sofa cover, you need to take the measurements of the piece of furniture and look for a pattern with the shape you want to give, either in L or complete. Next, it will be necessary to find a textile material that fits this type of piece. One of the most recommended is polyester, but it is advisable to select one with a flexible textile, so that it provides more elasticity.

Once you have all the materials, the pattern should be taken to the textile with the help of a sewing machine. The measurements must be respected and, when finished, it is convenient to try it on the sofa. There are those who suggest that you make two pieces, to facilitate the installation of the cover.

Q3: How to measure the chaise longue cover?

Before making a hasty purchase, most manufacturers recommend that the dimensions of the sofa can be identified. For the measurement, take a tape and check the width of the furniture, not including the armrests on the sides. In the case of the extension, it should also be measured with the help of the tape. Once the values ​​have been obtained, it is time to compare them with the measurements presented by the cover. The model that most closely matches the figures obtained, with a few centimeters above, should be selected. It must be remembered that the dimensions detailed by the manufacturer may vary between 2 and 5 cm.

Q4: How to clean the chaise longue cover?

Depending on the model, there is a way to clean and wash a chaise longue cover. In some cases, when it comes to water or juice spills, even if the model is waterproof, it is necessary to take a cloth and remove the excess so that it does not reach the original upholstery.

In addition, from time to time, it is recommended to completely remove the cover and take it to the washing machine. Neutral detergent and cold water should be used. The use of bleach is not recommended for any reason. Once the washing process is over, it can be air dried.

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