The 9 Best Chronothermostats of 2022

Chronothermostat – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022


With the use of a chrono-thermostat, you will be able to manage the heating system more easily, since this complement allows you to monitor the temperature in order to avoid wasting energy. One of the most recommended models could be the Fantini Cosmi CH180WIFI, a chrono-thermostat with a touch screen and wireless connectivity with which you can control it remotely from your tablet or smartphone. It can be used with heating and cooling, as well as being programmable. On the other hand, you may also be interested in the Vemer VE785700, a modern design model with a backlit screen and multiple operating modes, to meet your needs in both summer and winter.



The 9 Best Chronothermostats – Opinions 2022


If you’ve decided to equip your home’s heating system with a good timer-thermostat, you’re probably interested in learning about some of the options we’ve selected based on their good reputation and positive customer reviews.

Chronothermostat with Wi-Fi


1. Fantini Cosmi Intellicomfort CH180WIFI touch screen, Wifi

From the Fantini Cosmi brand, we present you a Wi-Fi timer-thermostat that you can link to your home network, in order to manage it remotely thanks to the application available for mobile devices.

It is the CH180WIFI model, which has a size of 15.5 x 3.5 x 11.5 centimeters with a weight of 181 grams, together with a backlit screen that will facilitate reading even in low light environments.

It should be noted that the screen is also touch screen, allowing easy handling of its functions and programming, which will allow you to determine the weekly operation of the heating according to your needs.

For its installation, the Fantini Cosmi chrono-thermostat offers the ability to be embedded in the wall or to use a 503 box, which will provide greater protection to the device, as well as help improve the final aesthetics.

Next, we invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of what could perhaps be the best timer-thermostat of the moment:


Programming: The weekly programming system will prevent you from having to worry about the operation of your heating.

Display: The backlit touchscreen display is easy to read, easy on the eye, and easy to operate.

Connectivity: It has Wi-Fi connectivity at 2.4 Ghz, being compatible with home and office networks.

Management: You can manage it through a mobile device by downloading the Fantini Cosmi application for the chrono-thermostat.



Configuration: The configuration of the equipment is more complicated compared to other models.

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wireless chronothermostat


2. Vemer VE785700 Tuo WiFi Lite Chronothermostat

Another good option, if you are looking for a good wireless timer-thermostat, could be the Vemer VE785700, since it offers dual operation to get more out of it.

Being dual, the programmable thermostat can be connected to heating and air conditioning installations, which will allow you to program practically all year round, helping you to execute a permanent savings plan.

It can also connect to Wi-Fi to be configured from a mobile device and has support for the iOS and Android operating systems, thus guaranteeing the availability of the application for the vast majority of buyers.

As for its design, it is aesthetically simple, but modern. The casing is white and has a large screen that shows the numbers in large size on a blue backlit background that increases contrast.

Knowing which timer thermostat to buy can be much easier if you evaluate positive and negative aspects such as the following:


Management: Its buttons are tactile and are located on the casing to offer easy access, as well as a quick response.

Dual: It is a dual capacity model, so you can use it with both heating and air conditioning.

Connectivity: Wifi connectivity provides the link to home networks for remote use.

OS: The application available for mobile phones has its Android and iOS version, respectively.


Date: A detail that is missing in the team interface is being able to see the date.

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Siemens Chronothermostat


3. Siemens REV24 digital push and roll chrono-thermostat with programming

The Siemens 3023050 is likely to one day become the best timer-thermostat, and this is thanks to its offering of several programming modes, as well as a discreet, high-quality design.

Specifically, the equipment will allow you to run a weekly programming setting with which you can choose the temperature, time to switch on and off, among other details for your heating. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to cycle changes throughout the day for a much more personalized fit.

On the other hand, the Siemens chrono-thermostat also stands out for its design, which offers high resistance thanks to the presence of a methacrylate casing that protects the device from any impact. It has a size of 11.5 x 9.6 x 3 centimeters and its weight is 458 grams, to be easy to handle when installing it.

Given that Siemens could be the best brand of programmable thermostats, it is useful to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this model:


Programming: You can choose up to 7 days of programming to cover the entire week at home.

Cycles: Each day you can activate 3 cycles to optimize the operation of the heating.

Resistant: It has a resistant casing that will be in charge of protecting it against bumps, scratches and chafing.

Information: The interface shows the time, date, temperature, day and the active mode of the chrono-thermostat.



Backlight: An important detail to consider is that the screen does not have a backlight for use in the dark.

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digital chronothermostat


4. Fantini Cosmi C804 Touch Screen electronic timer-thermostat

If your budget is a bit tight, one of the cheapest timer-thermostats on this list is the Fantini Cosmi C804, but don’t be fooled by its price, as it is quite practical.

This device works through an electronic system with which you can choose temperature levels for your home: Comfort, Economy, Night and Frost with preset settings; avoiding unnecessary complications when activating it.

In addition to this, it also offers several functions based on user settings, whether to choose during the holiday season, turn off the equipment or adjust to the time change.

On the other hand, this digital chronothermostat has a user-friendly design, thanks to a touch screen and blue backlighting that will facilitate general use. Its size is 13.8 x 2.5 x 8 centimeters and it has a light weight of 181 grams, considerably facilitating its installation on the wall.

This Fantini Cosmi team could be a good purchase alternative, so you should know everything you need:


Programs: It has a series of automatic programs that you can choose to avoid complicating yourself with settings.

Levels: You can choose between 4 different temperature levels, also set automatically.

Screen: The screen of the equipment is comfortable to read, in addition to having a backlight and touch sensors.

Installation: You can choose to install this programmable thermostat directly on the wall or using a box.



Instructions: The instruction manual is only in the Italian language, which makes it difficult to understand.

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Garza digital chronothermostat


5. Garza 400606 Chrono Programmable Digital Thermostat

Following the search for the best timer thermostat, we present the Garza 400606, a digital model with security systems and basic programming.

This programmable thermostat has an easy-to-follow programmable system. Among its options you can adjust the performance of your boiler for days or weeks, as well as choose between some of the automatic modes that are already installed in the equipment. In addition, with the Garza digital chronothermostat you can check the status of the heating, since it has protection against freezing for winter seasons.

Visually, it highlights its backlit screen on a green background, which shows you the set temperature and the room temperature in large numbers. For its part, the equipment measures 11.5 x 13.5 x 8.5 centimeters and weighs 181 grams to be installed without taking up too much space on the wall.

In case Garza’s product has piqued your interest, we recommend you also consider the following:


Programs: The system offers personalized weekly programming, automatic mode and 4 presets to facilitate the configuration of the equipment.

Mode: You have the vacation mode available to make the most of energy savings and reduce consumption.

Format: The temperature can be displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius as you prefer.

Contrast: The screen has a high contrast with the numbers and has a backlight.



Batteries: The batteries needed to turn on the timer-thermostat must be purchased separately, as they are not included.

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Coati chronothermostat


6. Coati 0 digital programmer chronothermostat af126630

For some buyers, the Coati M291330 is probably the best value for money timer-thermostat, as it is affordable and offers a simple system to operate.

Coati’s digital chrono-thermostat has a fairly simple design, with a small screen and 2 directional buttons: On and Off; which facilitates the general handling of the device. Likewise, its screen shows important and complete information, which includes the active mode, temperature, current date, among other details.

In addition to this, the Coati chrono-thermostat has the advantage of working with a receiver with a 2-wire input and a temperature selector that offers different ranges depending on the mode activated, so you can choose the one with which you feel most comfortable at home.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest offers, you should consider the pros and cons of the Coati chrono-thermostat:


Discreet: If you are looking for a model that does not attract attention, this timer-thermostat is one of the most discreet among those mentioned.

Simple: The operation and configuration are simple to avoid complications when using it.

Connection: Offers the ability to connect 2-wire relays without inconvenience.

Temperature: Allows you to adjust the temperature in intervals of 1 hour for greater comfort when you are at home.



Off: It does not offer a schedule for turning off the heating system, like other purchase options between programmable thermostats.

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Honeywell Chronothermostat


7. Honeywell Home CMT707A1003 Chronothermostat

Reviewing the best chrono-thermostats of 2022, it is likely that you will come across this Honeywell model, since it is simple to use, discreet in sight and with several operating modes.

The CMT707A1003 model has a size of 15 x 2 x 10 centimeters and its weight is 200 grams, maintaining a compact profile for installation on walls. It has a casing made of plastic and a basic LCD screen for operating functions.

It also has directional buttons and a selector that will let you choose the operating mode, temperature, programs and more. Its interface is easy to understand and it has an automatic mode, in case you don’t want to configure the savings plans.

In addition, the system allows you to adjust 4 daily temperature intervals in case you want to adapt it to when you are at home. Thanks to this, the Honeywell timer-thermostat could be a good purchase alternative for those who do not want to get too complicated.

To help you decide whether or not this is the programmable thermostat for your home, here is more information about it:


Simple: It is a team of simplified design and thought to facilitate the use for anyone with its direct shortcuts.

Management: It has a practical “Ok” button that helps configure the equipment without complication.

Modes: Among its function modes you will find preset programs such as Manual, Automatic, Vacation and Off, for easy use.

Absence: Its Vacation program lets you select the temperature for up to 99 days of absence.



Screen: Its screen is small and does not have lighting.

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Heating chronothermostat


8. Simon Brico Af126678 Portable digital chronothermostat

Simon Brico has a good quality alternative for you if you still haven’t found the ideal heating timer-thermostat for your home; the AF126678.

This equipment allows you to adjust the temperature in a range between 5 °C and 35 °C in manual mode, while you also have the automatic modes preset by the manufacturer available.

On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the antifreeze function, responsible for maintaining the temperature of the environment at a minimum of 5° C to prevent the freezing of mechanical parts of the heating. This makes it very useful when you go on a vacation trip, for example.

It is also worth mentioning that its design is robust and comfortable to use, presenting a size of 11.3 x 8 x 3.1 centimeters with a good size screen, large numbers and high contrast.

Simon Brico’s equipment could be what you are looking for to complement the heating in your home, so here are some pros and cons:


Portable: The portability of the timer-thermostat will allow you to have it close by when you are at home and thus not have to get up to change the temperature.

Interface: Its interface is quite complete and it even shows the autonomy status of the batteries to know when to change them.

Buttons: The buttons are simple and easy to identify, helping to set it up smoothly.

Screen: It has a good size screen and large numbers to show temperature.



Receiver: You must be careful when installing the wires of the relay, since the receiver is small.

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Delta Dore Chronothermostat


9. Delta Dore TyBox 137 Room chrono-thermostat via wifi

In case you are interested in purchasing a digital timer-thermostat that you can use anywhere in the house, we present the Delta Dore TyBox 137 model.

It is a chrono-thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity, which can be linked to a receiver where the heating cables will be connected, allowing the temperature to be controlled remotely.

Added to this, the Delta Dore chronothermostat is ergonomic to use, having a size of 10.4 x 8 x 2.5 centimeters with buttons and a selector wheel accompanying a backlit screen. With them you will manage all the functions of the heating system from the comfort of your sofa.

It also offers the ability to choose daily programs for temperature control, as well as 2 automatic modes of Comfort and Economy in case you prefer the manufacturer’s settings.

If you are interested in buying the Delta Dore programmable thermostat, you should probably consider some extra features:


Wireless: By not requiring a direct connection with wires, you can use the timer thermostat anywhere in the house.

Wifi: Connects via Wifi to the receiver to adjust the temperature of the boiler without having to go to the equipment.

Levels: The system has 2 preset levels for temperature: comfort and economy, which facilitate the use of the device.

Programs: It will allow you to program the operation of the heating system on a daily or weekly basis according to your needs.



Date: The current date will not be displayed on the screen, although this does not limit its operation.

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Shopping guide


A timer-thermostat is a tool with which you can manage, more efficiently, the operation of heating or air conditioning at home. If you are interested in acquiring one, in the following space we will analyze the important characteristics that influence the performance of this type of equipment so that you can acquire the most practical and economical one.

Chronothermostat design

The first thing that we will review in this guide to buy the best programmable thermostat is its design itself. One of the main advantages of these devices is that they are usually discreet and compact, so they do not affect the decoration of the home and their installation is relatively simple.

When you review among the available options, you will notice that this type of equipment is similar to a digital thermostat, so its size is manageable and discreet.

If they are designed to be wall mounted, they should include a trim plate that allows you to give the installation a professional finish. Otherwise, we recommend you check if it has a support where you can place it on a table or shelf near the wall relay.

On the other hand, aesthetically it is more practical to choose a timer-thermostat that is intuitive, where the details of the information offered on its screen are specified, as well as its buttons. This will help you use it more easily, in addition to allowing it to be handled by older people.

Display and control panel

Considering all the importance that the design of the chrono-thermostat has for some users, the screen where the user interface will be displayed, as well as the buttons that will allow you to activate and deactivate functions, cannot be left out.

In the case of these devices, the screen is of crucial importance, since details such as the active temperature, the chosen time, the operating mode, among many other things, will be displayed here. This should be large, easy to read, and high contrast. Also, if possible, make it backlit so you can see it without problems in the dark.

The control panel, for its part, can be present both physically and digitally, since some programmable thermostats come with touch screens for use. When reviewing this section, you must make sure that each button is fully identified and that they are of good quality, so as not to wear out by pressing them daily.

programming system

A comparison of programmable thermostats probably has a point of focus on the device’s programming system, since, after all, one of its main functions is to offer operating modes capable of satisfying the user’s requirements without affecting their pocket.

Evaluating the main offers of programmable thermostats, you will notice that many of them offer the possibility of choosing daily, weekly and even on-off schedules based on the outside temperature. All this will depend on the capacity of the model of your interest, as well as the accessibility offered by the chrono-thermostat for customization.

Likewise, considering the flexibility of hours and days, for the activation of the team, can be useful based on your routines or those of the members of your family group.

Operating modes

As mentioned, the operating modes of a programmable thermostat are very important for its performance, since they must have the appropriate parameters to adapt to the demands, regardless of whether it is a hot or cold season. Because of this, how much a thermostat costs can be determined by the variety and types of modes available.

Some models of programmable thermostats can offer hourly or daily modes, which are established according to your habits and preferences. For example, a good method to save on heating is to turn it off or take it to a minimum at night, something that your programmable thermostat could do automatically if it has the capacity. In this sense, it is also worth mentioning those that can work in Eco mode, which is responsible for getting the most out of energy without being too expensive.

Connectivity and installation

Since the programmable thermostat is designed to work in conjunction with an external installation, you cannot ignore its installation capacity. Some models have compatibility for systems that others don’t, so make sure you buy the right one. At the same time, if you want to enjoy more comfort when using it, considering connectivity should also be among your priorities before buying it.

Also, in case you do not want to make structural modifications, you can also consider wireless chrono-thermostats. These devices have wireless connectivity, so they can manage the operation of the systems without the need for cables.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a timer thermostat?

Place the device on a table to remove the battery port cover and put in a fresh pair. Press the power button and the screen should wake up to set the time. Use the +/- buttons to change the digits and repeat the process to choose the day. When you have finished, press Enter to save each of your settings and the timer-thermostat will enter Automatic mode.

If you want to change the operating mode, you must press the Program button and here you will return to the section where you will choose days and hours. With the help of the +/- keys navigate to the day you want to program and select it with the Enter key. Then choose the desired temperature mode and save your preference.

Q2: How to install the Coati digital timer-thermostat?

Before you do anything, turn off the power at the main board, as you’ll need to tamper with the boiler control wires.

To install the Coati digital chrono-thermostat, approach the thermostat and remove the front cover. Once out, locate the screws holding the control cables and remove them to free them. Next, remove the screws that secure the old bracket to the wall.

Now, take the chrono-thermostat trim and install it using the included plugs and screws, making sure to route the cables carefully. Proceed to install the chrono-thermostat support, to then connect the boiler cables to the device terminal. To finish, mount the previously configured device in its respective support and everything is ready.


Q3: Which is better, thermostat or programmable thermostat?

In many ways, a timer-thermostat is much more beneficial than a thermostat. Unlike the latter, the first is designed to work with saving modes regarding the operation of heating and air conditioning.

A chrono-thermostat is equipped with various systems in charge of offering savings when using these services, either through on and off programs, ambient temperature detection, established schedules, among other factors. For a standard thermostat, these options are much more limited, so you can’t customize how the systems work as thoroughly.


Q4: How to change a timer thermostat?

If you have an old programmable thermostat that you want to replace with a new model, you must first cut off the power to your home directly at the main board to avoid any accident.

Prepare your chrono-thermostat and complete the initial configuration steps. Then, proceed to remove the old equipment by removing the screws that hold both the base and the bracket.

With the help of a screwdriver, remove everything to leave the installation clean. Locate the support of the new chrono-thermostat in its place and secure it to the wall using the screws. Install the cables in the terminal respecting their positions and finish mounting the equipment on the base.

Q5: How to program a timer-thermostat to save heating?

If you want to program your chrono-thermostat to save electricity when using heating, one of the methods most used by users around the world is to configure the equipment so that it remains off during the hours when no one is at home. Not many people are careful with this, which is a considerable cost in the utility bill. You can also program the timer-thermostat to turn off the heating at bedtime when everyone is in their beds and warm.

At the same time, it should be considered not to overstrain the equipment, since the recommended temperature to be at home is around 21 °C, but considering the influence of the weather outside, you can choose to choose a time to turn on previous. So when you get home from work you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere.


Q6: What is a modulating chrono-thermostat?

Modulating chrono-thermostats are those units that have sensors and systems designed to capture the temperature of the environment. With this information, they can regulate the ignition power of the boiler, in order to maintain a constant temperature in the rooms; in addition to lengthening the useful life of the installation.

Q7: Where to place the chronothermostat?

The chrono-thermostat can be installed in any room of the house, although it is generally used to locating it in the one where the most time is spent during the day. Besides, you must respect recommendations such as avoiding installations near heat sources or where the sun’s rays hit, as well as being at a height of between 1.5 to 1.8 meters from the ground.

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