The 9 Best Clic Clac Sofas of 2022

Click Clack Sofa – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The main characteristic of the clic clac sofas is to be able to unfold their backrest, to become a bed in which to rest when you feel like it. They are very useful if you are used to receiving visitors at home and you can buy them in a wide variety of designs. A good purchase option could be the Hogar 24 Arcón Chocolate. This clic clac sofa has a soft upholstery that is pleasant to the touch, ideal for promoting rest. Its size corresponds to a 2-seater bed and offers storage space. Another clic clac sofa that might interest you is the Adec Chic. Its design is modern and it is upholstered in imitation leather, which makes it easy to clean in case it gets dirty.

The 9 Best Clic Clac Sofas – Opinions 2022


A clic clac sofa can be much more practical and comfortable than you imagine, which is why we have prepared a selection with multiple options, so that you can evaluate all its characteristics and thus choose the best among all of them for your home or office.

Click clack sofa with chest


1. Home 24 Clic Clac Sofa Bed with Chest

When considering the best clic clac sofas of 2022, we find this representative of the Hogar 24 brand.

It is a clic clac sofa with a chest that is very practical if you want to make the most of the structure, to increase storage space at home along with comfort.

It offers a total of 3 places to sit and 2 to lie down, being very practical for the living room or an additional room, for example. Its size is 80 x 190 x 90 centimeters in sofa mode and 120 x 190 centimeters in bed mode.

Reviewing its construction you will find a fabric that is soft to the touch and dark in color, which makes it very suitable for concealing its use. Besides, the extra space in the chest will be very useful for organizing things at home.

So that you can easily choose the best clic clac sofa of the moment, we advise you to review its advantages and disadvantages before buying:


Design: The fabric is dark in color, which will help hide stains, so it looks like new for longer.

Space: Its main advantage is the extra storage space it offers, thanks to the chest.

Assembly: It is not difficult to assemble and you can have it ready in a very short time.

Adjustable: The back of the furniture, being in sofa mode, can be adjusted in 2 different positions.


Noise: Since it has wooden slats on the bottom, this can cause noise when moving on the sofa.

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Leatherette click clack sofa


2. Adec Group Chic Sofa Bed Click Clack System

Another model that some users consider for the position of the best clic clac sofa is the Adec Chic; a piece of furniture with a modern and attractive look, to give style to your living room.

It has dimensions of 180 x 85 centimeters and can reach 180 x 105 centimeters when unfolded, so you can lie down without any problem. The click clack mechanism is responsive and easy to use, as well as sturdy.

On the other hand, the fabric used is white imitation leather and has double seams, which guarantee good durability. In addition, the fact that it is a leatherette clic clac sofa indicates that it is easy to clean, despite being white. This material is practically waterproof, so you can wash it with a damp cloth without risk of causing damage.

Adec is considered by some buyers as the best click clack sofa brand and here we review the pros and cons of its Chic model:


Aesthetics: This sofa is beautiful, elegant and simple, to look good in any room.

Materials: It is a robust piece of furniture with a metal structure that makes it durable.

Chrome: The feet that support the sofa are covered in chrome, which gives it a modern touch.

Instructions: You will be able to assemble it without problems, thanks to the included instructions.



Comfort: The hardness of the sofa makes it uncomfortable to rest on, so it is advisable to use an additional mattress.

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Other products


3. Don Descanso Sofa Bed 3 seats Reine Upholstered

If you keep wondering which is the best clic clac sofa, you are probably interested in learning more about this option from Don Descanso.

Here we are before a sofa that measures 206 x 74 x 83 centimeters, providing a 43-centimeter-high backrest and a seat depth that reaches 52 centimeters. This indicates that it is a spacious model where you can sit or lie down comfortably.

In addition to this, it should be noted that it is very attractive, since it has a structural design with large cushions that makes it different from most. It has fabric fabric that, depending on availability, can be chosen in gray, blue, green, pink and more. As for the accessories, the purchase includes a pair of small rest cushions, which have been created to match the clic clac sofa for your comfort.

Before you decide which clic clac sofa to buy, you should take into consideration its positive and negative aspects:


Design: It is attractive to the eye, with a modern style and, depending on its availability, it can be chosen in other colors.

Comfort: It has built-in armrests on both sides that you can use to feel more comfortable on the sofa.

Decoration: The purchase includes a pair of decorative cushions in the same style as the furniture.

Structure: Its manufacture with a wooden body stands out, which makes it resistant.



Instructions: The instructions that come with the sofa to assemble it are a bit confusing, but the task is not complicated.

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4. Marckonfort 3 Seater Sofa Bed Clic Clac Damas

From the well-known brand Marckonfort we present a clic clac sofa that could become one of the most useful pieces of furniture in your home.

It has space for 3 people to sit at the same time, as well as thick padding capable of generating comfort when you go to use it to lie down. Its size is 198 x 87 x 95 centimeters when used as a sofa and 180 x 43 x 109 centimeters when unfolded.

For its part, the clothing fabric is 100% polyester combined with D50 Kg foam padding, which is responsible for comfort in the furniture. As for its color, it will depend on availability, but it can be mustard or gray, so you can choose the one that will best combine with your decoration.

So that you can know all the important details of this clic clac sofa, below, you will find its pros and cons:


Space: The most remarkable thing about this option is that you will have a total of 3 places to sit and 2 to lie down.

Foam: It has padding that helps make the cushions soft, increasing comfort.

Construction: The fabric used is resistant and reliable, so you can use the sofa without problems.

Handling: The folding and unfolding mechanism is easy and intuitive to use.



Aesthetics: Having it in sofa mode, the lower table is quite noticeable and this may not be to everyone’s liking, since it affects the decoration.

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5. Komfortland Night Star Sofa Bed

Another clic clac sofa that could become a good purchase option is the Komfortland Black Night. A piece of furniture with a modern and elegant design that you can enjoy at home or in the office.

It has dimensions of approximately 100 x 190 x 94 centimeters, so you will have enough space to lie down completely and even to share it. Aesthetically it is elegant and beautiful, since it has a dark gray and black fabric that makes it modern.

Besides, it stands out that you can remove the outer cover whenever you want, to wash it easily and keep the sofa looking new. Finally, it is affordable, earning it the title of best value for money clic clac sofa, according to several netizens.

If you take into account the good things and those that could be improved, in each clic clac sofa, it will be much easier for you to decide which one to take home:


Modern: It has a modern style and color scheme that makes it useful for the home or office.

Padding: It has foam inside, to provide support when sitting and lying down.

Sides: On each side of the sofa there are armrests that you can use according to your preferences.

Cleaning: The cover can be removed for washing, which will help keep the clic clac sofa looking like new.



Occasional: The sofa is not designed to be permanently slept on, because it is not comfortable enough.

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6. Marckonfort 3 Seater Sofa Bed Clic Clac Rimen

Click clack sofas are very useful if you have little space and now we will get to know a model that is both practical and beautiful; the Marckonfort Rimen.

It is a 3-seater clic clac sofa with a size of 181 x 82 x 80 centimeters capable of becoming a bed of 181 x 41 x 102 centimeters; Enough to be used by up to 2 people at the same time.

The structure is made of eucalyptus wood with a natural finish together with a blue polyester fabric that creates a very nice contrast. In addition, the feet of the furniture have the same finish as the structure and stand out on various types of flooring.

On the other hand, the opening mechanism is a book type, so that you can transform the piece of furniture with one hand if you need it and, thinking of your comfort, it has a foam padding that makes it softer than other models.

When you want to find out between the various clic clac sofa options, evaluating each feature separately can be helpful:


Nice: It has a minimalist design and style with bright colors that will make it stand out at home.

Rest: You will be able to enjoy enough space for 2 adults to lie down at the same time.

Adjustable: You will have a total of 3 different positions in which to put the backrest when adjusting it.

Materials: The feet of the clic clac sofa are made of wood, guaranteeing robustness.


Installation: When arranging the sofa in your living room, you should be aware of the wooden base, since it protrudes from the structure.

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7. Change Your Furniture Sofa Bed Veneto Clic clac

Now we are facing one that could be among the most comfortable clic clac sofas in the list offered by the brand Cambia Tus Muebles.

The main attribute of the Veneto model is the thick padding that accompanies both the backrest and the seat, so that, when using it in bed mode, you should not sacrifice any comfort.

It has dimensions of 190 x 86 x 95 centimeters and the structure is made of eucalyptus wood. This material, in addition to being robust, has a very attractive natural finish that looks good in conjunction with the design of the fabric.

The latter leads us to mention that the clic clac sofa has been made of polyester, which has a two-tone design in 2 shades of gray that, together with the design of the padding, give it a striking and elegant appearance.

With the intention that you get one of the best clic clac sofas on the market, we have prepared a list with the pros and cons of this product:


Comfort: It is an alternative that generates comfort to sit or lie down whenever you want.

Fabric: It presents a robust construction and quality materials that generate confidence.

Padding: The foam padding increases comfort when sitting on the clic clac sofa.

Manufacturing: Its construction is made up of durable and resistant elements, so you don’t have to worry about wear.



Assembly: The assembly of the clic clac sofa can be a bit messy due to the handling of the installation accessories.

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8. Chance Furniture Change Your Sun Sofa Bed Furniture

Chance Furniture offers you one of the cheapest click clack sofas among those mentioned, in case you want to save a little money.

This purchase alternative is 190 x 88 x 87 centimeters, providing a total of 3 places to sit. It has an easy-to-handle book-type opening system, as well as a resistant structure and chrome-plated metal feet.

For its part, the manufacturing fabric is blue with white details and has a pleasant touch, to be comfortable in case you want to go to bed. Likewise, reviewing its interior, we find a block of springs in a zigzag position, designed to distribute the weight evenly and prevent the furniture from wearing out prematurely.

If you carefully consider all the important aspects of the clic clac sofa, you will be able to decide which of them will be most useful to you according to your needs:


Angle: It offers several reclining positions, so you can use the back of the sofa as you like.

Interior: It has a zigzag-shaped spring system that improves rest.

Assembly: The assembly of the clic clac sofa is simple, since it does not have many pieces.

Comfort: Thanks to the quilted padding, the sofa is ergonomic enough to rest on.


Height: One aspect that should be improved is the size of the sofa, as some consider it to be too low.

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9. Hogar 24 Clic Clac Sofa Bed Upholstered In Leather

Hogar 24 is a well-known option when it comes to furniture, and this time we bring you an alternative that is both comfortable and attractive.

The clic clac sofa by Hogar 24 has a structure made of wood, which provides it with the necessary robustness so that you can enjoy it daily without fear of it being damaged.

At the same time, you will also be able to keep it clean easily, since it has been made of imitation leather and this allows you to use disinfectants or a damp cloth, in case it gets dirty.

For its part, the size of the sofa is 77 x 180 x 82 centimeters and, when put in bed mode, it measures 108 x 180 centimeters. This allows 2 adults to lie down without problems, as well as enjoy a seat for 3 or 4 people.

For those who do not want to spend a lot of money, we will now review several features of one of the cheapest options in clic clac sofas:


Upholstery: The fabric used is ecological leather, providing a pleasant touch and an attractive style.

Assembly: The process of installing the sofa is quite simple and will not take much time.

Maintenance: Thanks to its construction materials, it will be easy to clean it if it gets dirty.

Base: The sofa’s chrome feet make it eye-catching and easy to match with other furniture.


Large: This clic clac sofa, compared to other models, is larger, so it will also take up more space.

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Click clack sofa accessories


Click clack sofa cover


Cornasee Clic-clac Elastic Cover Protector

If you plan to have your piece of furniture in the living room, its use will probably be continuous and here we offer you a clic clac sofa cover that will allow you to keep it looking new for longer.

We are referring to the Cornasee model, which is made to be compatible with clic clac sofas with up to 3 seats. The fabric used is polyester with spandex in a combination of 92% for the first and 8% for the second. This gives the cover easy handling and a pleasant feel.

On the other hand, its design is quite simple, but you have the possibility of finding it in multiple colors and patterns, depending on the manufacturer’s layout.

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Click clack sofa mattress


Marckonfort Clic Clac Mattress for Sofa Bed

In case you need a clic clac sofa mattress on which you can rest peacefully, we recommend you take a look at the Marckonfort product.

This mattress measures 140 x 200 centimeters while its height is 13 centimeters, providing a comfortable space in which to lie down or also as an additional bed when you need it.

The fabric of the product is stretch fabric of 290 grams per m², which offers a pleasant touch, to promote rest and, in addition, has a special treatment that will prevent the appearance of fungi and bacteria, as well as minimize odors..

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Shopping guide


Home furniture plays an important role in providing space to rest and rest at ease. On this occasion, we have for you a practical guide to buying the best clic clac sofa, since this furniture is very useful if you have little space to receive visitors at home.

Furniture characteristics

When buyers are looking for a good option, reviewing a click clack sofa comparison can provide an overview of the offers available in the market.

Consequently, finding the right one can be easy if you check important details such as its size, provided resting space, weight and other design characteristics, since this way you will obtain a practical and beautiful piece of furniture for your home.

In addition to this, it is necessary to mention that, if before buying you have at hand the measurements of your living room or the room where you are going to put the furniture, you will be able to choose one that fits without problems and without getting in the way. Also, do not forget that the size of the clic clac sofa will be directly proportional to the places it can offer to rest.


clothing fabric

One aspect that can be decisive in how much a clic clac sofa costs is the manufacturing fabric that has been used during its manufacture. As mentioned, there are many models available and the fabric can help classify them.

If you are looking for an economical model, we recommend those that are covered with imitation leather or polyester, since they are part of the most common and affordable fabrics on the market. Both offer different but nice touches and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In detail, you should also pay attention to the quality of its seams. When they are double, the resistance to tears will be greater, so that the useful life of the furniture in general will be increased. If not, you can take advantage of the covers, to avoid wearing out the seams too quickly.


Structure quality

The structure of a sofa is important in any of its types, but it is more relevant when it comes to click clack models. This folding and unfolding mechanism is what gives grace to the piece of furniture, so you should take it into account before deciding which model to buy.

Consequently, and taking into account that click clack sofas must support the weight of several adults at the same time, you need to make sure that the model you want to buy has a robust and reliable construction. Likewise, it is also important to check that the manufacturing materials are of good quality and capable of generating the weight support announced by the manufacturer.

Taking the time to consider the details of each option on the market ensures that you invest in a click clack sofa that will not disappoint you, as well as providing a pleasant space to spend the night.

Care and maintenance

When you find yourself evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each option in clic clac sofas, one of the aspects that we advise you to review in detail is the possibility of care and maintenance that the model of your interest has.

When it comes to furniture for daily use and even for resting, it is very important to choose a click clack sofa that is easy to care for. In this sense, the leatherette models are among the most recommended, since this fabric is practically waterproof and you can even clean it with a cloth and a little detergent. Thus, removing stains or removing dust will be a fairly simple task compared to other types.

On the other hand, it is also common to find clic clac sofas with suede and polyester coverings, which have the advantage of offering a more pleasant touch than leatherette fabric, but are a bit more complicated to care for.

assembly difficulty

The clic clac sofas have the quality of being able to transform into a bed, generally with 1.5 or 2 seats, depending on the size of the piece of furniture. Due to this, it is convenient to review the mechanism to transform it, which is expected to be easy to use. Also, keep in mind that many models are delivered in pieces and require assembly; a detail that we advise you not to overlook.

Specifically, we refer to being attentive to the assembly difficulty that the clic clac sofa may represent. Some options are more complicated than others, so you should be on the lookout to avoid investing in a piece of furniture that will give you headaches later.

At the same time, it is advisable to verify that it has instructions in Spanish that can help you know where what goes. This will save you time and frustration, so you can have your click clack sofa up and running in minutes.

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