The 9 Best Closet Organizers of 2022

Closet Organizer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Closet organizers have the quality of coming in different models, designs, sizes, shapes, etc., so finding an option that suits your needs should not be too complicated. In summary, we consider that one of the best closet organizers could be the Locisne Rejillas; a set made up of several pieces that you can insert together to create dividers. It is adjustable and you can use it without tools. Another good alternative in organizers could be the RenFox Fabric Boxes. Here we are faced with a set with drawer-shaped pieces that have the quality of being foldable.

The 9 Best Closet Organizers – Opinions 2022

When you need to make better use of closet space, organizers are a solution, as they are efficient and affordable, to meet most requirements. Therefore, we have decided to review what could be the best closet organizers and thus help you find the right one for you.

adjustable closet organizer

1. Locisne 32 Pieces Adjustable Grid Drawer Dividers

A model that is easily among the first options to consider if you are looking for the best closet organizer is the Locisne Rejillas.

This alternative can be adapted both to your needs and to the available space you have in the cabinet drawers to install it, since it is made up of 32 pieces. These work as dividers and, in addition, you can cut them according to the length in which you need them.

To offer durability, they are made of plastic and both handling and installation are simple tasks to perform. Thus, you can have your new adjustable closet organizer drawer ready and installed in just a couple of minutes.

Aesthetically, the set is discreet and quite practical for the underwear drawer or the office drawer, as you can play with the size of the compartments and storage spaces.

This product is cataloged by some as the best closet organizer of the moment, so you should review its pros and cons:


Customization: You can shape these dividers according to the desired length and height, so that they fit easily inside the drawers.

Quantity: The set has a total of 32 pieces that you can use to create separations within your wardrobe.

Handling: They have a finish that is light and flexible, providing ergonomic and easy handling.

Installation: You will be able to install these spacers without the need for additional tools.


Robustness: The pieces could be heavier to create a more robust barrier, since the weight of clothing, for example, can cause them to move.

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Other products

2. RenFox 9 Pcs Drawer Underwear Organizer

For those who are interested in the box organization system, we recommend this RenFox brand product.

It is a set made up of 9 boxes distributed as follows: 3 large, 3 medium and 3 small. The large measures 28 x 28 x 13 centimeters, the medium 28 x 14 x 13 centimeters and the smallest offers 14 x 14 x 13 centimeters.

With these dimensions, you can better distribute your belongings and they will help you to install them both in drawers and outside them, increasing the practicality of the product and increasing freedom of use.

Besides, it should be noted that they are aesthetically beautiful and are lined in fabric, presenting a pleasant manufacturing finish that will not allow anything to get lost.

Taking into account that RenFox could become the best closet organizer brand, here is more information about its product:


Pieces: The closet organizer consists of a total of 9 boxes of various sizes that will serve to organize.

Design: Each of the drawers is lined with fabric, being pleasant to the touch and beautiful to look at.

Folding: They have a structure that can be folded, to turn the boxes into small squares.

Utility: You can install them both in the closet of your room and in the bathroom or even in the kitchen.


Zipper: The zipper seam and its quality itself could be improved as it is not very durable and needs to be handled carefully so as not to damage the closure system.

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3. Nifogo Home Closet Organizer Shelf T-Shirt Folder

Nifogo H-DYB-LB0 is an option that is among the best closet organizers of 2022, since it is able to keep in order a drawer that tends to get cluttered easily: the one with t-shirts.

The Nifogo set contains a total of 20 pieces where you can use 1 for each shirt and even stack them when deciding where to store them. They have a size of 34.5 x 29.5 centimeters, being compatible with several sizes of shirts, as well as being completely transparent to avoid confusion when looking for what to wear.

On the other hand, it is also highlighted that the design of the organizers allows you to carry them even in your luggage when you go on a trip. So you can forget about ironing wrinkles or even needing the iron.

When you don’t know which closet organizer to buy, you can consider the advantages you will get by installing one like this:


Anti- wrinkle: The fold that is made to the shirt to store it in the organizer prevents the fabric from wrinkling.

Quantity: You will get a total of 20 plastic pieces where you can accommodate your clothing.

Stacked: They have a design that allows one organizer to be stacked on top of another, saving even more space.

Travel: They are a very useful tool to keep your suitcase tidy when you go on a trip, especially if you want to keep everything wrinkle-free.


Fragility: Keep in mind that the construction of the organizer is made up of thin plastic sheets, which are relatively brittle if you try to bend them.

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4. MaidMAX Fabric Collapsible Hanging Shelf Closet Organizer

MaidMAX has for you what could easily be the best value for money closet organiser: the 903034-UK model, which will help you keep the things you use most close at hand and maximize storage space.

This particular option is found within the types of hanging organizers, since, in the upper part, a couple of hooks have been installed with which you can fix the steel bar product inside your closet.

It has dimensions of 25 x 38 x 61 centimeters and its height has been divided with 2 dividers, so you have access to 3 storage levels. In relation to the materials, it is made of canvas, cardboard and metal; presenting a simple design, but useful to fulfill its function.

If you have not yet been able to decide which would be the best organizer model for your closet, we invite you to review the pros of this option:


Practical: It is a hanging type organizer in which you can store towels, clothes or accessories.

Levels: It has 3 separate levels that will allow you to organize your belongings by categories.

Hooks: The hooks are made of metal, being durable and reliable.

Installation: The use of the organizer is intuitive, since you only have to unfold it, hang it from the bar of your closet and that’s it.


Weight: It is not advisable to store heavy objects inside this closet organizer, as the dividers could give way in the middle.

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5. Umi Amazon Brand Closet Organizer 6 Compartments

Being among the cheapest products in closet organizers, this option from the Umi brand could be an effective solution to make better use of the available space, thanks to its hanging design.

This particular model has dimensions of 30.5 x 29.2 x 130.8 centimeters, putting at your disposal a total of 6 separate compartments where you can store different things. It is beige and the touch is pleasant.

Its manufacture is composed of nylon, fabric and cardboard, in addition to having seams that make it resistant and durable. Regarding its assembly, it is also highlighted that it is simple to carry out and the velcro closure is quite resistant to support the weight of the load.

Considering the advantages of each closet organizer one by one will allow you to make a correct purchase decision:


Design: This Umi model is hanging and with several levels, being very practical and comfortable to install in the closet.

Materials: The organizer is made of resistant fabrics and a velcro closure to support the weight of the load.

Compartments: You will have at your disposal a total of 6 separate spaces to store what you want.

Preparation: Its assembly is very simple and it will take you just a few seconds to have it ready to use.


Height: Being an organizer model that is installed hanging, before choosing it you should check that the height inside the closet is sufficient for its assembly.

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6. Soulpala 2 Piece Underwear Closet Organizer

If what you are looking for is an organizer with multiple compartments, we present the Soulpala Oxford model; which is a set with 2 hanging organizers and dozens of dividers on both sides.

On one of its sides you will find 12 mesh pockets and on the other with 18 pockets, which have sizes ranging from 12.5 centimeters to 25 centimeters in length. Thanks to this, you can store all kinds of accessories, clothes, objects and products with ease.

Reviewing its construction, a resistant fabric known as Oxford cloth has been used, which, in turn, has been combined with PVC mesh to create the pockets. This results in a reliable and durable product for organizing many items.

One of the cheapest options on the list is Soulpala, so we invite you to consider its pros and cons:


Double Sided: This organizer features storage space on both sides, to help you make the most of it.

Construction: Among its construction materials are Oxford cloth and PVC mesh, which give the organizer durability.

Compartments: You can enjoy 40 spaces to organize in each piece, distributed so that there are 18 on one side and 12 on the other.

Practical: With storage spaces of various sizes, you can use the organizer to adapt it to your belongings.


Small: Depending on the size of bra you wear, the compartments to store them are likely to be a bit small.

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7. JingPeng Set of 4 Stackable Plastic Closet Organizers

Those people who are interested in basket type closet organizers may find JingPeng brand product useful.

Here we are before a set of 4 plastic baskets with a stackable design, which you can assemble very easily at home so that you can use as many as you need. The size of each one is 45 x 34 x 18 centimeters, being quite spacious compared to other models and can carry up to 3 kilograms each.

As for their design, they are white and have holes on the sides, facilitating ventilation for your clothing or accessories. In addition, their style allows you to use them without problems in other spaces, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

In case this product has caught your interest, here are the most important pros and cons we found:


Rails: The drawers have a rail system at the bottom with which you can extract each unit without having to lift the one on top.

Capacity: Each basket provides a storage capacity of up to 3 kilograms; enough for about 30 shirts.

Stackable: They have a structure with which you can stack one organizer on top of another, to save space.

Assembly: You will be able to assemble each piece in its place to form the drawers in a simple and intuitive way.


Robustness: When installing the edges, they are not as fixed as in other models of closet organizers, which could affect their storage capacity.

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8. CGBoom Robust Drawer Underwear Organizer 4 Boxes

In case you’re wondering what the best closet organizer is today, you’ll probably want to check out the features of the CGBoom set.

We start by mentioning that it has a total of 4 drawers of different sizes, depending on the number of compartments: 30 x 30 x 10 centimeters for the 24 and 7 spaces, representing the large pieces. For their part, the small ones measure 15 x 28 x 10 centimeters and offer you between 8 and 6 cells.

Taking into account the above, you should know that the 24-cell is designed for accessories, the 8-cell for scarves and ties, the 7-cell for T-shirts, and the 6-cell for underwear. These various sizes and spaces will give you the opportunity to organize your clothes drawers, to easily find anything you are looking for.

So that you can decide if this CGBoom model is the right one for you, we now recommend that you review its advantages and disadvantages:


Type: Here we are facing a very useful organizer model for drawers, since it is square and 7.5 centimeters high.

Set: The purchase includes several organization drawers with dividers that will be useful for organizing your things.

Durability: They have a good build quality and are robust enough to be used daily.

Versatility: The structure of the organizers is foldable, allowing them to be easily stored when not in use.


Compact: Although it has several compartments, these are a bit small to store common clothes such as large bras or thick socks.

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9. DIMJ 10 Pocket Closet Organizer Bag Hanger

In case you have run out of space for your handbags, you are probably interested in buying an organizer designed especially for them and, if so, we have a good option for you.

It is the model of the DIMJ brand that offers 10 special compartments to store handbags, which are visible so you can quickly choose the one you are going to use.

Its size is 96 x 60 x 36 centimeters, providing 6 pockets of 41 x 31 centimeters on its sides and another 4 more in the center, which you can use to store multiple objects. The manufacturing, in addition, is of good quality and resistant to support the weight of the bags.

If you have come this far and have not been able to choose a closet organizer to buy, the advantages of this model may interest you:


Type: The DIMJ product is designed for storing handbags, although it can also be used with other objects.

Spaces: It offers 10 storage spaces where you can organize and keep all your accessories in sight.

Durability: It is made with resistant materials and finishes to withstand the weight.

Fixing system: The hooks with which the organizer is hung from the bar are reliable and robust.


Instructions: The product comes without an instruction manual for its assembly or use, but it is intuitive enough to avoid any inconvenience.

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Shopping guide

With the variety of models that you can find to keep your clothes and personal items in the closet well organized, it is convenient to know which aspects are more influential than others. Therefore, we offer you a practical guide to buying the best closet organizer with useful tips to choose which one to take home.

Closet Organizer Type

One of the main characteristics to choose and know approximately how much a closet organizer costs is its type. As mentioned, this product is versatile in terms of design, so it is important to know what type is needed at home to select the right one.

In addition, if we consider the number of accessories and clothing that are usually stored in a closet or even in a single drawer, the variety of organizers expands even more. For this type of space, adjustable models are very practical, as they can be adapted to the space and create divisions that help you classify your things.

Another quite popular and useful type are those designed especially for certain garments, such as t-shirts, socks or women’s bags. These are easy to spot and will give you the extra space you need for that particular item of clothing or accessory.

On the other hand, classic organizers cannot be left out, and they are those that are made up of boxes or trays in which you can put whatever you want. They are very useful for dividing spaces and also for organizing objects, products, clothes and accessories.

Product design

The design of the closet organizer is also among the relevant aspects that many advise reviewing when choosing which model to buy. When you know details regarding aesthetics and size, you can select an organizer that is easy to install and has enough storage space.

In this sense, we advise you to take into account that the size of the organizer must be suitable for your wardrobe. So you can install it without problems. Also, if the organizer you want to buy is going to be on display, it’s a good idea to review its exterior design, so you can choose a model that looks good in the room and is compatible with the closet.

If we review it from another perspective, it would also be useful to review details regarding the structure, since several options in closet organizers are collapsible to facilitate storage if not needed. In addition, some have particular shapes to more comfortably store the garment or accessory for which they have been exclusively designed.

Storage capacity

The next aspect that is important when reviewing a closet organizer comparison is the storage capacity offered. This may depend on several factors and we advise you to study them to invest in the most useful model for you.

Likewise, you need to choose a closet organizer that is large enough to store all the things you need and, above all, that helps you take advantage of the space available in your drawers and shelves.

Whether you are going to store large, small or medium objects, it is important to have compartments or divisions that help you separate them by categories, pieces, colors and more.

Construction and manufacturing

When you are reviewing the closet organizers that the market has for you, do not forget to take a look at the manufacturing quality of each model. This will give you a better idea of ​​its capacity and durability in the long run, so you can invest in a good quality product.

This applies especially to its manufacturing materials, which must be durable and robust. This guarantees resistance by supporting the weight of the things stored, the folds of its structure or whatever you need to do with the closet organizer, depending on its model.

However, due to the type of application that this product usually has, even an inexpensive organizer made of simple materials can be quite useful for organizing things.

Installation Complexity

One detail that is often overlooked by some buyers, but is still very important, is the complexity of installing the model of your choice. Considering the variation in types and designs, we advise you to review this feature so that you avoid buying a product that is later uncomfortable to use.

This focuses mainly on organizers designed for drawers, since their size must be adequate to be installed inside without leaving unused spaces that do not serve to store anything.

If you are concerned about this detail, you should know that there are very versatile organizer models that you can customize according to your needs. Thus, the product can be adapted to the area where it should be installed without wasting space.

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