The 9 Best Coffee Tables of 2022

Coffee table – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The home furniture market is quite broad and coffee tables are one of the most sought-after products when decorating a space or making a makeover to an existing décor. Among the available options, the Comifort Elevable model stands out, a coffee table that has an integrated magazine rack and has a modern minimalist design. Another alternative that may interest you is the Ikea Lack. This piece of furniture is simple, but practical and robust, so you can place all kinds of decorations on it; in addition to being able to take advantage of it when there are visitors at home.

The 9 Best Coffee Tables – Opinions 2022

Coffee tables become the focus when they are installed in any room, especially in the living room. When you go to acquire one of these, we advise you to pay attention to its characteristics and, then, we present several purchase options, so that you can choose the one you like best.

Elevating coffee table

1. Comifort Elevating Coffee Table with Built-in Magazine Rack

Reaching the position of what could be the best coffee table, we present the Comifort Elevable model, a product with a good reputation and with a more than practical design.

This coffee table has dimensions of 43 x 100 x 50 centimeters and can reach a height of 55 centimeters, thanks to the center with a lifting top. By raising this section, you will be able to use the extra space as storage, so you can organize what you want.

Its structure is made of high-density MDF boards and needs to be assembled at home, preferably with the help of a third party. Finally, it should be noted that it is among the cheapest models on the list, in case you do not want to spend too much when buying a lift-up coffee table.

Next, we invite you to review in detail the pros and cons of what could become the best coffee table of the moment:


Positions: The piece of furniture has elevating boards, to adopt 2 different and adjustable positions.

Storage: It has internal and external storage space, so you can save what you want.

Finishes: The manufacturing materials have good and attractive manufacturing finishes, which add quality to the furniture.

Accessories: The product has anchors, screws and other elements necessary for its installation.


Assembly: The assembly process can be complex for some people and it is even recommended to do it between 2, to avoid setbacks.

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2. Hogar24 Es Odín Liftable Coffee Table Drawer Solid Wood Design

Hogar24 Odín is the name given to this elevating coffee table, which has a rustic but elegant style that you can easily combine at home or in the office.

It is a model made of solid pine wood, which has a natural finish, to give the furniture an ecological look. However, its black metallic legs stand out, providing stability during use.

The size of the coffee table is 100 x 50 x 47 centimeters and, as it has a lifting center, its height can reach 57 centimeters. Inside you will find a practical compartment to store things, as well as a resistant structure that allows you to use the furniture with it open.

Hogar24 is, for some, the best coffee table brand and with products like the Odín model, many understand why:


Design: The piece of furniture has a practical and elevating design, to take advantage of the space of the lower board.

Materials: It is made of good quality solid wood, which gives it a rustic and natural appearance.

Legs: It has black metallic legs that give it a modern appearance.

Assembly: It presents a low assembly difficulty, allowing it to be ready in a few minutes.


Varnish: The wood is not varnished, which is recommended to increase the robustness and durability of the coffee table.

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Ikea coffee table

3. Ikea Lack Coffee Table

Among what could be the best coffee tables of 2022, this model from the well-known Ikea brand stands out, which will be able to complement a room in the home, whether for rest or recreation.

This Ikea coffee table has dimensions of 90 x 55 x 45 centimeters and is comfortable enough to also be used as a side table. Also, being spacious, even children could use it as a desk.

On the other hand, this white Ikea coffee table is relatively light, compared to other furniture, allowing it to be easily handled when it needs to be moved when cleaning or changing the current decoration.

It is made of MDF and has a layer of transparent acrylic varnish that will protect the boards against wear, moisture and dirt.

To easily decide which coffee table to buy, it is necessary to review the positive and negative aspects of all the available options:


Style: It has a simple cut that makes it minimalist and elegant.

Assembly: Thanks to its structure, the table is easy and intuitive to assemble, to save time.

Handling: Being relatively light, it will be easy to move when you need to clean underneath.

Utility: Due to its design, this product can also be used as a side table or for children’s use.


Finishes: The wood of the coffee table could have more resistant manufacturing finishes, to increase the durability of the furniture in general.

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Liftable and extendable coffee table

4. Beliwin Height Adjustable Lift Up Coffee Table

Beliwin 4 in 1 is an alternative if you are interested in acquiring a liftable and extendable coffee table, since this model has both qualities and can be very useful in homes with little space.

It has a size of 114 x 100 x 74.5 centimeters when unfolded and can take on different heights, allowing it to be used as a decoration, a desk or to eat. In addition, it allows you to exchange the wooden panels, to increase the capacity of the table, reaching a size suitable for up to 8 people.

On the other hand, its wheels stand out, which are located on the feet of the table and allow the folding system to work more easily, by extending or shortening the length of the furniture. In addition, they have rubber tips to avoid causing damage to the floor.

If you are looking for an extendable coffee table, we invite you to discover the Beliwin Release Living, a practical piece of furniture that you can take advantage of on multiple occasions:


4 in 1: It is classified as a 4 in 1 coffee table because it can adopt 4 different heights.

Shape: It has a square structure that can be rectangular depending on the settings.

Size: It has a mechanism that allows you to unfold more sections of the board, to enlarge the table.

Wheels: Wheels have been incorporated in the lower part that facilitate the movement of the table and can be safely locked.


Handling: It can be tricky to assemble while you get used to the locking mechanism, but it will only be a matter of time.

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round coffee table

5. Vasagle Round Glass Coffee Table

From the Vasagle brand we present you a round coffee table, in case you prefer this style in particular.

The LGT21G model stands out for its particular shape, which has approximate dimensions of 84 x 84 x 45.5 centimeters with a weight of 11.5 kilograms, being also a stable and robust coffee table.

Its manufacture, on the other hand, provides it with a tempered glass surface, which gives the coffee table an elegant style, together with a structure made of steel to support the weight of the glass without problems.

Finally, it has a gold finish and is powder coated, which helps protect the material from wear and tear, extending the life of the coffee table so you can use it for many years.

Among the cheaper alternatives, this option from Vasagle offers useful advantages to decorate and provide practical space in the room:


Design: The coffee table has an elegant and simple design for any living room.

Materials: It has robust manufacturing materials in its structure that make it durable.

Finish: The frame of the table is gold, making the furniture decorative.

Rubbers: The feet are equipped with rubber protectors, so as not to damage the floor.


Fingerprints: Since the table top is made of glass, fingerprints are easily marked on the surface and are noticeable to the eye.

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glass coffee table

6. bonVIVO Vintage Donatella Coffee Table

If you prefer to equip your living room with a glass coffee table, the bonVIVO Donatella model will probably catch your eye.

This option intelligently combines glass and wood, providing a modern and youthful style that you can take advantage of in different spaces of the house. Its size is 40 x 55 x 110 centimeters and it weighs 22.5 kilograms.

As for its manufacture, the structure is made of wood, but the plate is made of glass. It also has steel and MDF elements, as well as robust finishes that make it reliable.

Likewise, apart from being spacious on the outside, the coffee table also has a lower board, which allows you to take advantage of the space between the glass and the wood, generating an integrated container where you can store all kinds of objects, books, magazines, remote controls. and more.

In case this model has caught your interest, here are some important pros and cons:


Design: Donatella has a tasteful and elegant design that will add style to your decoration.

Style: It is classified as a contemporary piece of furniture, for decorations in houses and offices.

Materials: The wood is durable and of good quality, guaranteeing a long useful life for the furniture.

Storage: You can take advantage of the space between the glass and the board to store things.


Stability: Although it is robust, it can wobble if it is not placed on a completely smooth surface.

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modern coffee table

7. Goldfan Modern 2er Set Round Coffee Table

If at this point you have not been able to choose which is the best coffee table, we have a Goldfan brand model for you that might interest you.

This modern coffee table can become a practical piece of furniture in the living room, since it is accompanied by a smaller model that you can install together. Both coffee tables can be used to place objects or decorations and its simple, yet modern design is easy to combine with various styles.

In addition to this, many consider the Goldfan Modern Set to be the best value for money coffee table, thanks to its affordable cost and the practicality of having 2 tables. Which leads us to mention that, in case you need more free space in your room, you can hide the small table under the large one, so that it is not in the way.

So that you can choose a good coffee table, here are the pros and cons of the set that Goldfan offers you:


Set: The offer includes 2 coffee tables that you can arrange as you like in the room.

Design: They have a simple but practical design that allows you to take advantage of the extra board.

Space: When you need it, you can hide one under the other to make more space.

Legs: Tables feature slim, black powder-coated legs for durability.


Finishes: Although the appearance of the board is natural wood, the touch it offers is plastic, which could be an aesthetic disadvantage. However, this quality makes it easy to clean.

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square coffee table

8. Alkove Amazon Hayes Square Wood Coffee Table

Alkove Hayes is a coffee table that could easily become the best option for your living room, offering comfort, space and durability.

Hayes has dimensions of 90 x 90 centimeters, presenting a square shape and a natural finish, qualities that will allow it to be easily adapted to the decoration of the room. Its structure is quite robust and can support the weight of various objects without problems.

With Alkove’s square coffee table you can also organize everyday objects at home, taking advantage of the space provided by the lower top, where you can discreetly store whatever you want. So you can have items such as the TV or air conditioning remote control, some magazines or recipe books, among many other things, at hand.

Before choosing the coffee table model that you are going to buy, it would be convenient to review all the relevant details about it:


Design: This coffee table has a simple design, with natural finishes that you can easily combine.

Materials: It is made of solid wood, offering robustness and long durability.

Storage: The structure incorporates a lower board that you can use as a space to organize things.

Practical: The shape of the table allows it to be used as a coffee table, a coffee table, for TV, to play games, etc.


Tool: To assemble this coffee table you will need to have some Allen keys on hand, since the purchase does not include any tools.

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Coffee table with wheels

9. Homely Coffee Table with Wheels and Glass

Homely has for you a coffee table that is attractive, decorative, resistant and striking; which, in addition, is also spacious to accommodate ornaments and everyday objects.

The piece of furniture has a size of 90 x 50 x 38 centimeters and is made up of a unique structure of tempered glass raised above the ground by legs with wheels, so that its contemporary and classic style at the same time, can give a different touch to your home.

Due to its manufacturing materials, the product can be quite heavy, but, thanks to the fact that it is a coffee table with wheels, the Homely Coffee model will be comfortable to use at home, since you can easily change its place if you need more guest space.

So that you can make a good purchase decision, we have selected the most important features of this model:


Design: The shape and structure of the table make it quite decorative for any room.

Finishes: Being made of tempered glass, the furniture is robust and reliable.

Installation: It is one of the easiest models to install, since it is already assembled.

Wheels: It has wheels built into the base, so you can easily move the table around the room.


Tint: Since the glass is considerably thick, depending on the light, it can take on a greenish appearance, although this does not affect its usefulness at all.

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Coffee table accessories

decorations for coffee table

Nuptio Set of 2 Large Pillar Candle Holders

Having decorations for a coffee table could give it the required touch, to make a simple piece of furniture more striking and attractive.

In case you are looking for an alternative, we advise you to evaluate the Nuptio product, since it is made up of two pillar candlesticks that you can place directly on your table, to give it a different and outstanding touch.

They are made of metal, but painted gold, maintaining an elegant and minimalist style at the same time. They are flashy but not over the top and will allow you to have a nice conversation by candlelight.

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Decoration for coffee table

Ootb Home Wood Plate with 2 candle holders

Another good alternative in decoration for a coffee table could be the Ootb product, since it has several elements that you can accommodate to your liking.

It is a wooden plate that is accompanied by 2 candle holders, 2 candles and some decorative stones so you can create the vision of your preference. The tray has a size of 21.5 x 21.5 x 9 centimeters, being comfortable and small enough not to take up too much space on the table, but without going unnoticed.

In addition, it is delivered in a beautiful gift box, also becoming an alternative to give away.

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Shopping guide

Having practical and attractive furniture at home can help you enjoy your own space more. In this guide to buying the best coffee table, we’ll look at several of the things that many consumers consider when looking for the right model for their homes.

table style

One aspect to determine before choosing your coffee table is its style, which should be based on the type of furniture and decorations you already have in the room. In this way, you can maintain harmony between all the elements, to guarantee a more consistent aesthetic appearance.

It is normal to find a comparison of coffee tables where emphasis is placed on the aesthetic style of certain models, since this allows buyers to know if the offered furniture will be worth considering or not.

In this sense, you should know that, in general, you can easily find table styles such as minimalist, elevating, with wheels, wood, glass, steel, and more. Each type of coffee table has its own style and offers different advantages, so we advise you to review them in depth before choosing yours.

For example, minimalist coffee tables are pretty to look at, but they don’t usually offer as much storage space as lift-top ones. Also, a glass table can be considered more elegant than a wooden one, but as long as it has the right decorations.

Storage space

An advantage that coffee tables have is that, in addition to becoming a focal point in the room, they also provide storage space, either to keep things close at hand or to place decorative elements.

The types of coffee tables that offer more storage space are the lift-up style, since these usually have built-in drawers inside, which can be used when the table top is raised. In addition, this allows you to have everything much more organized and hidden from view.

However, one of the best methods to assess the available space is also based on the size of the table itself along with factors such as the shape. Generally, rectangular models are more comfortable to use, but circular tables provide more freedom in arranging furniture.

Whatever your decision based on the shape of the coffee table, you will be pleased to know that in both alternatives it will be relatively easy for you to find one that is good and economical, so as not to spend too much money when buying your furniture.

Manufacturing materials

Taking into account the manufacturing materials is essential to know how much a coffee table costs, since, basically, these elements determine elementary characteristics, such as durability, aesthetic appearance, robustness and other details.

In the case of furniture such as coffee tables, the manufacturing materials do not vary much compared to other types of furniture. You can find good quality and durable alternatives made with steel and glass structures or also wood, if you are looking for something more robust.

Which leads us to mention that the variety of manufacturing materials will influence aspects such as the finish and feel of the furniture, as well as the type of maintenance it will require, so that you can have it as good as new. All these aspects are relevant in the short and long term, so they should not be neglected when considering the options available in coffee tables.

Maintenance and care

Last but not least, we have the maintenance and care that your coffee table will need. This includes all the requirements to keep it clean, looking good and free of wear and tear.

For the most part, you can get a pretty good idea of ​​its care just by looking at what it’s made of. Some materials require more attention than others, such as wood. This must be kept free of dust and moisture, otherwise it can generate unpleasant odors over time.

Stainless steel, for its part, although it is resistant, we advise you to clean it regularly, since it can accumulate grease and dust on its surface, feeling unpleasant to the touch. However, you can clean it relatively easily by using water without risk of damage.

As for the models that have tops made of glass/crystal, these must be treated with care and respecting their cleaning, which should be done at least once a week. This type of coffee table allows dirt to be noticed easily, so you must remain vigilant to avoid accumulation of dust on the surfaces.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to decorate a rectangular coffee table?

In a practical sense, on these coffee tables you can put useful objects, such as the TV remote control, magazines or books to read, and even board games too. It does not matter that it is not about ornaments as such, as long as you keep order for a casual style.

If you prefer to use specific decorative elements, we recommend objects such as vases, bowls, vases, small plants, candles or colorful ashtrays, to bring life to the room.

Q2: How to make a coffee table with pallets?

Making a coffee table out of pallets is a fun and relatively easy project that you can do at home with a couple of tools. To make it, you will need a 1.5 x 1 meter wooden board, a glass of the same size, 8 pallets, sandpaper, varnish, brush, wood glue, nails and a hammer.

Start by sanding all the elements completely. You can do it by hand or also use an orbital sander, which will help you speed up the work and save a lot of time. This will prevent splinters and make the boards easier to work with.

The wooden board will be used as a base for the pallet table. Take one of the pallets and cut it into 10 or 15 centimeter pieces as you prefer, to create the elevation on the board. Install them using glue and nails, taking care that there is one in each corner and also in the centers.

Place 2 pallets, one at each end, on the pieces to create a support and then install the remaining ones on this new base, making sure to fix them properly. To finish, place the glass on top and you will have your coffee table made of pallets ready.

Q3: How to make a modern coffee table?

The construction of a modern coffee table is usually made up of 3 pieces, which can measure 40 x 80 x 12 centimeters for the legs and 120 x 80 x 12 centimeters for the top. These pieces are obtained by joining MDF boards of different thicknesses, which can be adapted to your taste and budget.

Build each piece using board slats to make the elevations, in addition to installing the intermediate supports, to increase the sturdiness of the structure and finish by joining them with the help of a drill and wood glue. Finish with a good coat of varnish and leave to dry very well in the open air.

Q4: How to decorate a glass coffee table?

If your glass table has a metal support, you can decorate it with metal elements, such as ornaments, trays, candle holders, etc. Vases also stand out quite a bit, as long as you choose colors that match the style of the room.

If the base of your coffee table is made of wood, the accessories that could work in its decoration are books, magazines, naked candles, and even themed bottles to give a fun atmosphere.

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