The 9 Best Duvet Covers of 2022

Nordic Filling – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Nordic fillings are blankets filled with natural or synthetic materials capable of providing heat, being widely used during cold seasons so as not to feel discomfort when sleeping. If you want to acquire one of these, first of all, we present the Montse Interiors SL 90 x 150 Cm. It is a 400-gram density duvet with synthetic filling to be practical in cold environments. It is white, light and breathable. Secondly, you could evaluate the Pikolin Home RF201, a large duvet cover with anti-mite protection and a weight of 300 grams.

The 9 Best Duvet Covers – Opinions 2022

Having a duvet filler at hand can help you enjoy greater comfort when resting at night, especially if it is winter, so in the following list, you will be able to evaluate the most important characteristics of some of the best duvets on the market:

Nordic filling for 90 bed

1. Montse Interiors SL Synthetic Duvet Filling For Duvet Cover

Nordic fillings may be just what you need to sleep in winter and this Montse Interiors SL model could be of interest to you.

It is a filling designed for a Nordic sack that has a size of 90 x 195 centimeters to easily dress a single bed. Likewise, it has a grammage of 400 grams, offering a wide barrier against the cold

On the other hand, with the Nordic padding for a 90 x 195 centimeter bed, it is made up of hollow silicone fibre, which provides comfort, softness and air circulation thanks to its breathable properties.

In addition, the quality of its preparation allows you to wash the padding in a machine, as well as dry it in a domestic dryer without risks and it should be noted that it is one of the cheapest on the list, being a striking alternative for those looking to save money.

For those who are interested in acquiring what is perhaps the best Nordic filling of the moment, here are the pros and cons of this model:


Sizes: Depending on its availability, it can be purchased in sizes of 90 x 195 centimeters, 90 x 190 centimeters and 105 x 195 centimeters.

Filling: It is filled with hollow silicone fiber, which is breathable and light for your comfort.

Grammage: The density grammage is 400 gr /m², offering warmth and comfort during the night.

Cleaning: The padding can be washed at home without problems and even put in the dryer.


Width: It could be wider to avoid problems when trying to place it inside generic bags.

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Nordic filling for 150 bed

2. Pikolin Home Duvet Filled With Nordic Fiber Anti-mites

If you are looking for a good duvet cover for a 150-centimeter bed, we recommend you take a look at the Pikolin Home brand product, since it is practical, comfortable, can be washed at home and is hypoallergenic.

It is a quilt with synthetic Nordic filling and a grammage of 300 gr / m² to provide enough warmth during the winter and even be used in autumn. It has dimensions of 240 x 220 centimeters and its weight is light, maintaining a good level of comfort during the night.

On the outside, the duvet features a microfiber fabric that is pleasant to the touch and designed to increase comfort when lying on or under the duvet.

For its part, the interior is made of silicone hollow fiber with a touch of down and made of 100% polyester to help air circulation at night.

Pikolin Home could become the best brand of Nordic fillings, so you should know more details about it:


Breathable: This option is breathable so as not to be too hot and can be used in the fall.

Hypoallergenic: The fabric is hypoallergenic, preventing you from having to worry about allergies.

Mites: The anti-mite treatment will keep pests away.

Maintenance: Its care is simple and it can be washed at home by activating the gentle cycle and drying at low temperatures.


Size: It is a little narrower than other padding, so you must accommodate it well to prevent it from gathering.

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Nordic down filling

3. Snuggledown Feather and Duck Down Duvet

Another model that could become the best Nordic padding is the Snuggledown, since it has striking advantages to increase the comfort of any user.

This option in fillings has a size of 230 x 220 centimeters and an approximate weight of 3.58 kilograms. This is due to one of its main advantages: the natural filling. It has 85% feathers combined with 15% down so the duvet can be quite warm when it’s cold.

Apart from this, the Snuggledown down duvet has a 230 thread count cover made of cotton to be, as well as comfortable, easy to wash at home, since it is compatible with both a domestic washing machine and a tumble dryer. It also has an anti-dust treatment that will keep it clean for longer than other models.

When you don’t know what duvet filling to buy, we invite you to consider what this Snuggledown product has to offer:


Natural: The Snuggledown model has down and feather filling to be more effective against the cold.

Touch: It has an outer fabric with a soft and pleasant touch, with which you could rest more comfortably.

Light: Its weight is light to be a natural filler, so it is comfortable to use at night.

Heat: It is capable of providing the necessary heat so as not to worry about the cold of winter.


Empty spaces: Movement during sleep can bend the fabric and cause the padding to accumulate in one place, leaving empty spaces.

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Nordic filling for 4 seasons

4. Sabanalia Nordic 4 Seasons Xtreme 150 + 350 grs/

Sabanalia offers you a duvet filling for 4 seasons that you can use throughout the year, thanks to its thermo-regulating properties.

This is the Xtreme-Duo-150 model, a Nordic padding with dimensions of 240 x 220 centimeters designed for 150-centimeter beds. It has a weight of 3.3 kilograms to be comfortable when sleeping and an external fabric of microfiber with frosted polyester to ensure a soft touch.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this model is made up of a set of 2 quilts, which can be joined using an Easy-Clip mechanism to change the size of the filling. This way you can better adapt it to the size of your bed to be able to tuck yourself in freely.

As for its grammage, it offers a total of 350 gr /m² and is made of silicone hollow fiber with a down-like feel, which is why many would consider it the best synthetic duvet filling.

This Sabanalia option has a lot to offer and you can learn more about it below:


Design: The Xtreme-Duo-150 has an attractive design with good finishes in its textures to be resistant.

Adjustable: You can adjust its size by adding or removing a section of padding with the use of Easy-Clip.

Hypoallergenic: It is hypoallergenic, avoiding causing discomfort to sensitive people.

Exterior: The exterior fabric is soft to the touch and has treatments against mites and bacteria.


Buttons: The buttons on the joints are delicate, so you must be careful when changing the size of your duvet filling.

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Nordic filling for winter

5. Utopia Bedding Winter Silicone Hollow Fiber Duvet

In case you need to acquire a Nordic filling for winter, we invite you to consider the Utopía Bedding EU0022 model.

By choosing this option you will obtain a duvet with synthetic duvet filling made up of silicone hollow fiber for a 130 or 150 centimeter bed, since its size is 220 x 240 centimeters.

Aesthetically, it is attractive, given that it is made with resistant seams and a fairly comfortable microfiber fabric. It also has a hypoallergenic barrier to avoid respiratory problems and can be washed at home with cold water.

In addition to this, it is important to note that the sewing pattern will take care of keeping the filling accumulation in the right areas to prevent the quilt from warping. So you can have it as new for much longer to enjoy a warm garment that makes winter nights more pleasant.

One of the cheapest alternatives in Nordic quilts is that of DHestia and it offers multiple advantages:


Padding: The Utopía Bedding option has 1,900 kilograms of silicone fiber padding for your rest.

Washing: Machine washable on gentle cycle and can be sun dried or tumble dried as preferred.

Soft: It is soft to the touch, offering a comfortable space to rest.

Safe: The fabrics used in its manufacture are safe, do not contain harmful substances and make it hypoallergenic.


Thin: It is thin compared to other fillings, but it does its job of keeping you warm.

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Nordic filling for 105 bed

6. Sancarlos Boreal Synthetic Nordic Filling Density 300g

Among what are possibly the best Nordic fillings of 2022, Sancarlos Boreal could not be missing, so we invite you to consider it.

This Nordic padding model measures 180 x 220 centimeters and is synthetic, providing a density of 300 gr /m² of hollow silicone fiber, so you can use it as a coat in winter. It is compatible with 105-centimeter beds and weighs just 2 kilograms, quite light compared to other options.

On the other hand, the 105-centimeter Nordic padding for bed has an outer fabric made of 100% acrylic that can be washed at home with non-aggressive soaps and cold water, saving you visits to the dry cleaner.

Likewise, the presence of an anti-dust cover stands out, specially treated to keep away dirt and bad odors that may affect the hygiene of the padding.

If the Nordic padding from Sancarlos has caught your attention, we invite you to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages:


Cover: This padding comes with an anti-dust cover in charge of keeping the fabric clean for longer.

Grammage: It is made of synthetic materials and has a density of 300 grams to provide comfort and warmth.

Care: It can be easily washed at home with water at 30 ° C and gently dried.

Exterior: It has an acrylic fabric on the exterior that provides softness to the filling.


Hot: It is hot due to its weight, which could be excessive to use in summer, for example.

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Nordic filling for summer

7. Zollner Spring and Summer Nordic Quilt Bed 150

A good option, if you are looking to invest in a Nordic padding for summer, could be the Zollner Microfiber, thanks to the fact that it has a light weight of 100 gr /m², so its perspiration is high and it can provide warmth without losing freshness.

It is designed for beds of 150 centimeters, since it has a size of 250 x 220 centimeters with a weight of just 550 grams, being comfortable to use and feel on the body when resting.

In addition to this, the outer cover is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester in white and with diamond sewing patterns. It is soft to the touch, as well as quite comfortable to sleep on.

As for its padding, it is of the synthetic type made of silicone hollow fiber with hypoallergenic treatment, capable of withstanding high washing temperatures, the maximum recommended being 90 °C for the elimination of bacteria and mites.

If you have not been able to make a purchase decision, it may help to evaluate the important aspects of this comforter:


Seasons: The weight of this model makes it suitable for spring and summer as it is light.

Resistance: The clothing materials withstand heat to be washed at high temperatures.

Filling: Its filling is breathable, allowing air circulation when sleeping.

Lining: It comes in a lining made of cotton and polyester to ensure a pleasant touch.


Cold: It is not the most recommended option if you want to buy a Nordic filling for cold nights, since it is thin.

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Nordic filling for 135 bed

8. Amazinggirl Aby’s Bedding Complete

If you have not yet been able to make a decision about which is the best duvet filling, you may want to know about this product from Amazinggirl.

The Aby model is a set with duvet filling made up of a duvet cover measuring 135 x 100 centimeters and a pillowcase measuring 60 x 40 centimeters with which you can equip a 135-centimeter single bed.

On the other hand, this product is comfortable to lie on thanks to the pure cotton feel, which will also be easy to care for as it can be washed at a temperature of 40°C and is also tumble dryer compatible.

In addition, with this duvet cover for a 135-centimeter bed, you won’t have to complicate yourself too much, since it can be opened with a simple zipper and is completely safe to use for baby and child beds.

The Amazinggirl set is really practical, so it’s worth considering it among your possible purchases:


Set: The purchase includes a duvet cover and a pillow for Nordic filling with which you can dress the bed.

Fabrics: A fabric made of 100% cotton has been used, so it qualifies as soft and pleasant bedding.

Closure: The practical zipper closure will greatly facilitate the use of the quilt.

Light: It is light, but this does not affect its ability to provide warmth thanks to its padding.


Children: Please note that it is designed for children, so its dimensions are small.

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Nordic filling for 180 bed

9. DHestia Eco Feather Fiber Nordic Filling Duvet 250g

For some users, one that could be the best value for money duvet cover is the DHestia Aby, mainly due to the fact that it has special treatments and is suitable for 180-centimeter beds.

Specifically, the duvet has a silicone hollow fiber filling and a fabric with hypoallergenic characteristics that is also anti-mite and bacteria, which considerably increases safety when using it.

As for its size, it has dimensions of 260 x 240 centimeters to become one of the largest on the list, although it maintains a light weight of just 2.95 kilograms.

In addition to this, the 180-centimeter Nordic padding has a grammage of 250 gr /m² to better support the weight without deforming, as well as being able to be washed from the comfort of home with gentle cycles and non-aggressive detergents.

Before choosing which duvet to bring home, it’s helpful to know the pros and cons of each alternative:


Weight: It has a weight of 250 grams and can be used in different seasons depending on the temperature.

Hypoallergenic: It is a safe filling to use for sleeping thanks to its hypoallergenic properties.

Mites: You can forget about mites when using this filling, since it has treatment against them.

Washing: Its clothing fabrics allow washing at home without any inconvenience and also machine drying.


Heat: Due to the weight of its padding, this model is hot at times other than winter.

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Shopping guide

Finding a Nordic filling for the cold season can become a real challenge if you don’t know exactly what to look for, since many confuse them with simple quilts. For this reason, in this guide to buying the best Nordic padding you will be able to learn more about these outerwear to increase your comfort when resting:

Nordic filling design

One of the most important aspects to review before buying any model is the design in general. In a comparison of Nordic fillings, it is common to find buyers interested in the size of a particular model and it is because this detail must be adapted to the accessories you have at home.

In this sense, we must remember that the Nordic fillings are designed to be placed inside a duvet cover, which will protect the fabric from the outside and add an extra layer to feel warmer during the winter.

Based on this premise, when reviewing the options that the market has for you, we advise you to carefully evaluate the dimensions of the padding. You must make sure that it is compatible with the bedding or, if you do not want to use a cover, that it is at least the right size to avoid spaces without shelter.

Fabrics used

How much does a Nordic padding cost is usually one of the most repeated questions among interested users and you should know that the fabric used to make the padding can be very influential in its price.

This fabric is what keeps the padding protected as such and provides the outer feel of the product. For this reason, it is very important to check what the cover that contains the duvet filling is made of, since the softer it is, the more pleasant it will be when sleeping.

In addition, it is necessary to know it to know what the most recommended cleaning method is when you want to wash it, since, if it is used without a cover, the dirt could begin to be noticed in just a few days.

Nordic filling type

Nordic fillings can be made from two types of materials: natural and synthetic. In most cases, models made with natural padding are much more expensive than synthetic ones, so if you want to buy a cheap product, we advise you to lean towards those options.

However, before making your purchase decision, you should know that natural fillings offer a higher level of comfort than synthetic ones, just as their effectiveness is greater due to their anti-humidity properties. This type of filling is usually made up of down and bird feathers, which have been treated to be used safely at home.

Considering synthetic fillings, these are made up of man-made fabrics and usually have microfiber options. Being a synthetic fabric, some advise choosing fillings with a higher grammage, compared to natural ones, in order to enjoy the same level of comfort. However, this will increase the weight of the padding considerably, so you should carefully evaluate the value for money.

Applied treatments

When you are reviewing the options available in the duvet filling market, you cannot ignore the treatments that have been applied to the manufacturing materials of the product.

In this sense, the Nordic fillings of natural origin always have treatments against germs and bacteria that may have remained in the bird’s feathers, so they are safe to wrap up at night.

But, in addition to this, some models offer hypoallergenic quality, guaranteeing that the padding will cause discomfort to people with allergies. Likewise, you can also consider anti-mite fillings, which will be in charge of keeping bed bugs out of your room.

With this type of treatment in your Nordic padding, you will not have to worry about side effects when using it and it should be noted that many synthetic options also offer this type of security, so that you can rest without problems at night.

Filling care

Finally, we recommend you analyze the resistance and compatibility of the Nordic filling in terms of its care.

Since we are dealing with a garment of considerable size, it is very important to evaluate how it can be washed. Fortunately, many options are compatible with household machines, saving you from having to spend a fortune at laundromats to keep it clean.

However, it does not hurt to review details such as, for example, the temperature of the water that it can withstand, since the hotter it is, the more hygienic the washing process will be. You should also check if you can use a specific type of detergent or activate a particular wash cycle, being careful not to be too aggressive to keep the padding in good condition.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a duvet filler?

The Nordic fillings are designed to be placed inside a duvet cover and thus be able to provide the necessary heat for cold nights. Start by opening the cover, whether it has a zipper or button closure, and lay it flat on the bed.

Now take the Nordic filling and insert it into the cover, taking care that it does not clump at any point and stretching it towards the corners. Then simply close the cover and you’ll have a new duvet to rest on.

On the other hand, you can also use the padding without the need for a cover, only you must be careful not to dirty it to avoid having to wash it too often.

Q2: How to wash a duvet filling?

Before attempting to wash the duvet at home, you should first check its label to familiarize yourself with the washing recommendations, since these types of fabrics usually have special requirements in terms of the cycle and water temperature. In general, this cannot exceed 60°C to avoid damage to the filling.

Once you have verified the appropriate water temperature, carefully place your duvet insert in the washing machine and select a cycle for delicate fabrics that works with a gentle spin. When the process is finished, it is likely that the filling will retain water, so before hanging or drying it, we advise you to squeeze it with your hands.

Q3: How many grams does a Nordic filling have to be?

The ideal weight for a Nordic filling is influenced by whether natural or synthetic material has been used. In the first case, less grammage is needed, since the properties of feathers and down allow them to provide more warmth than fiber, for example.

Bearing this in mind, some users recommend fillings of 300 grams or more for cold seasons, while, if you want to use them in summer and spring, models of 120 grams or more are more than enough.

Q4: How to put the duvet filling?

A good technique to put the Nordic filling inside the cover is using clothespins.

Start by taking the duvet cover and opening its zipper, so that you can carefully insert the filling. Then, fold it until the corners are joined, place the padding parallel to the cover and insert the upper part until you can hold it with the tweezers.

Once secured, you can stretch the cover over the padding so that it covers it completely and, finally, you will only have to close it to enjoy its warmth.

Q5: How to fold a duvet filling?

Thanks to the design of this type of garment for the coat, you can fold the Nordic filling as if it were a common quilt.

Lay it out completely on the bed and take the two top corners to fold the padding and join them with the bottom ones. Then go to either side and fold in. Repeat the process as many times as the filling allows and that’s it.

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