The 9 Best Energy Efficient Heaters of 2022

Low consumption heater – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having heaters during the winter season and cold days is a great advantage, especially if their use does not represent a high cost of electrical energy. To cover this need, some manufacturers have designed low-consumption heaters, so the catalog is extensive. Among these, the Purline MR2000B stands out as a recommended alternative, because it can heat the room faster, supports temperature adjustment and offers overheat protection. On the other hand, the 2000 W Cecotec Ready Warm 5200 Box Ceramic is equipped with a digital display and adjustable thermostat, it has a timer and can be remotely controlled.


The 9 Best Low Consumption Heaters – Opinions 2022

If you have thought about purchasing a low-consumption heater, you should know that there is a wide variety of equipment on the market from different brands that offer similar features and functions, although not all of them may be appropriate. To play it safe, we suggest taking a look at the following section, where we present the most relevant characteristics of those that have been described as the best low-consumption heaters.

Low consumption electric heater

1. Purline MR2000B Low Consumption Electric Radiator Heater

Starting our list, the Purline MR2000B model is presented as an option that many could consider as the best low consumption heater. The device measures 55 x 27 x 62 cm, which makes it easy to place in the space provided for it. 

On the other hand, its 2000 W is a great power. However, this does not increase electricity consumption too much, since it is equipped with mica panels that speed up the heating process and, in addition, it incorporates an adjustable thermostat that maintains the temperature in the room and turns off the equipment when it has already been reached. the ideal temperature.

This equipment has a protection system that prevents overheating and maintains adequate oxygen conditions in the environment, which favors optimal breathing, without affecting or drying out the nasal mucosa. It is an easy-to-use, low-consumption electric heater that can be used even when sleeping, since it does not produce annoying noises that could interrupt rest.

One way to check if this could be the best energy efficient heater of the moment would be to evaluate its pros and cons, so you can read them here. 


Adjustable: Its thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature according to the level of heat required.

Speed: It increases the temperature quickly and turns off when it reaches the indicated temperature, which reduces energy consumption.

Oxygen: Keeps oxygen in the environment without burning it, because hot air disperses quickly.

Portable: It has wheels and feet, which favors moving it without much effort.


Location: Not designed for use in bathrooms, nor is it recommended for wall mounting. 

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Energy-saving wall-mounted bathroom heater 

2. Cecotec Ceramic Wall Heater Ready Warm 5200 Box Ceramic

Cecotec includes in its catalog a low-consumption wall-mounted bathroom heater, with IPX2 protection, which has established itself as one of the best low-consumption heaters of 2022. It is the Ready Warm 5200 Box Ceramic, equipped with a digital display and temperature controls. easy access and handling, which incorporates a remote control to facilitate control.

It has an adjustable thermostat to regulate the power at two levels, a minimum of 1000 W and a maximum of 2000 W. It incorporates a timer, which makes it possible to program the heater to turn off after a few hours and thus save energy.

It is designed with the Ceramic Technology system, a technology capable of increasing the level of efficiency, by automatically regulating the power, depending on the increase in temperature it perceives. It has the ability to quickly distribute heat to the required area, within a range of 20 square meters.

Cecotec is positioned among the manufacturers that aspire to become the best brand of low-consumption heaters. Here, the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Management: It can be manipulated in a simple way, by means of its remote control.

Screen: Its Smart Control LED screen allows you to monitor variations in temperature and other functions.

Operation: It incorporates three heating modes, turbo, eco and fan, to adapt to each situation.

Filter: It has a filter to prevent dust particles from entering its interior, which prolongs its usefulness.


Installation: The indicated distance between the holes for your installation may not be accurate.

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Low consumption ceramic heater 

3. Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Heater 2000 W

This low consumption ceramic heater offers safer and more efficient heating compared to traditional equipment. In this sense, it has a rotary button that allows you to adjust the power in a range of 1200 to 2000 W, which allows you to adapt it to the circumstances.

In addition, it has 4 options of use, maximum and minimum power, with stationary or oscillating operation. In this way, you can use the device according to the needs of the moment. For this reason, many think that it is one of the best energy efficient heaters of 2022.

As for safety, it offers protection against overheating to avoid accidents. As if that were not enough, it has a compact design, weighs only 1.75 kg and incorporates a handle on the top, so you can transport it comfortably and easily.

According to some user opinions, Pro Breeze is the best brand of low-consumption heaters, so if you are looking for quality equipment, you should thoroughly review the PB-H01-EU, since it is one of the most outstanding products on the market. brand.


Oscillation: It is capable of oscillating 60°, which allows the hot air to be distributed efficiently in the space.

Security: It has an anti-tilt system, which turns off the equipment immediately in case it loses stability and falls.

Portable: Offers a compact and lightweight design, with a carrying handle for added convenience.


Noise: It is possible that the noise it generates is very high for rest rooms, since it can reach 57 dB.

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Low consumption hot air heater 

4. Brandson Heater with remote control 

The low consumption hot air heater with an oscillating system from the manufacturer Brandson is another proposal that should be evaluated. It is an equipment with a modern and attractive design, built with ceramic elements, which generates a heating power of 2000 W and can be controlled from a certain distance by means of its infrared control.

It has the timer function, which allows you to set the operating and shutdown time within a maximum of 8 hours. In addition, it offers security against possible overheating, as well as anti-tip protection, since it can be safely turned off in the event of a very high temperature or when tilting downwards. 

Similarly, it has a rotating mechanism that facilitates the distribution of heat evenly in various directions. It has two heating levels and the temperature can be adjusted between 10 and 35°C. It is suitable for use in bathrooms and bedrooms. 

Although the main description of this product may be of interest, its pros and cons should not be overlooked.


Safety: It offers protection and safety against very high temperatures and possible overturning, since it can be turned off in any of these cases.

Anti- dust: It is favorable for people with allergies, as it incorporates an anti-dust filter that can be easily removed and washed.

Elegant: Its attractive design in black, with LED screen, modernizes and beautifies any environment.

Oscillating: Includes a rotating function that optimizes heat distribution.


Noise: It may emit a little noise during operation.

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Efficient heater with low consumption 

5. Orbegozo FH-5028 Electric heater with adjustable thermostat

Two levels of heating and the possibility of regulating the temperature through its thermostat are just some of the functions that the efficient low-consumption heater FH5028, from the Orbegozo brand, can carry out. 

This equipment is presented as the best value for money low consumption heater because, in addition to providing immediate heating, it has the ability to function as a fan, so it can also work with cold air. It can be used between two power levels, a maximum of 2000 W and a minimum of 1000 W. 

It is equipped with a security system that protects the equipment from overheating, since it can be turned off instantly in the event of any risk due to very high temperatures. It has easy-to-use rotary dials to adjust the temperature and select the operating mode and incorporates a light that indicates when the device is on and helps monitor the status of the equipment.

If you are looking for cheaper low-consumption heaters, this alternative could be the one. Here, some advantages and a con of this proposal.


Stability: Securely attaches to any flat surface, allowing for better stability.

Ventilation: In addition to producing heat instantly, it incorporates a fan function that can generate cold air.

Power: Helps to air-condition the environment and consume the right amount of energy through two power levels, 1000 or 2000 W.

Adjustable: Includes a thermostat whose temperature can be adjusted according to the degree of heat required.


Fan: Fan operation is likely to result in increased noise emission.

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Low consumption heating panel 

6. Klarstein Wonderwall Energy saving heater 

It is a low-consumption heating panel that heats at high speed, since it works with Carbon Crystal infrared technology, capable of transforming up to 95% of electrical energy into heat, which favors high performance. In this sense, it has a maximum power of 450 W.

For added versatility, it offers a timer to program operating hours 7 days a week. In addition, it does not work with a fan, so it does not cause noise or raise dust, so it is a good option if you are wondering what is the best energy-efficient heater.

Regarding the design, it is a flat panel that has dimensions of 50 x 90 cm, so it can be hung in any room without taking up much space on the wall. Also, it is available in the 60 x 100 cm version.

When comparing the available models, it is normal to wonder which energy efficient heater to buy. For this reason, we invite you to carefully review this model before you make a decision.


Technology: It has Carbon Crystal technology, to increase the performance and efficiency of the device.

Operation: It is suitable for people with allergies and who are sensitive to noise, since it works without a fan.

Manual: Includes an instruction manual in Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.


Remote: The remote control is attached to the panel by means of a cable, which could reduce its practicality compared to models with wireless remote control.

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Small energy efficient heater 

7. Glamouric Ceramic Heater 

If what you are looking for is a small heater with low consumption but high efficiency, the Glamouric brand offers a practical model, which allows you to adjust the power level to 750 and 1500 W, to convert the room during a cold day into a warm and cozy, in just a few seconds. 

This equipment also has an oscillating system, capable of rotating within an angle of 100°, which favors uniform heat dispersion. In addition to this, it incorporates a ventilation function and has a thermostat, which allows the heating to be adjusted by simply turning the knob to the desired temperature position. 

It also offers protection against overheating, since it can stop automatically if its internal temperature is higher than the safety limit. It also has a button to turn it off if it tips over, and it’s flame resistant. 

To complement the information regarding this model, it would be convenient to consult its favorable points and a negative aspect.


Size: Its small and portable size of 24 x 18 x 14 cm favors moving it and placing it on any safe surface.

Oscillation: It works as a fan and can rotate 100°, which improves heat distribution.

Construction: It is made of plastic and metal, but inside it incorporates PTC ceramic plates, which speed up heating.

Reliable: It has protection against overheating, tipping over and meets the main safety standards.


Cleaning: It does not have a removable filter, which could make it difficult to clean to remove dust particles.

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Low consumption halogen heater 

8. Cecotec Quartz Radiator Ready Warm 7000 Quartz Bath

Among the cheap low-consumption heaters, the Ready Warm 7000 Quartz Bath from Cecotec stands out, which works with a maximum power of 1200W and is equipped with Quartz Warm technology. It incorporates three quartz resistances, which enable the emission of heat in an adequate way, within spaces of up to 10 square meters. 

In addition to this technology, it has the Pull Chain Easy system, a practical chain switch that allows the equipment to be handled easily and safely. Similarly, it has a rotating system known as Rotate Wind, which makes it rotate automatically and extend the heating at an angle of 70°.

This low-consumption halogen heater is equipped with an adjustable thermostat to adjust the power to two levels, which allows you to save energy in Eco mode, with a power of 600 W and adapt the temperature according to the need of the moment. 

Evaluating the positive and negative aspects of the Cecotec Ready Warm 7000 could be helpful when making a decision.


Adjustable: Total Control technology favors orienting it as required by the user.

Support and security: It has a security grid and includes a support that keeps it stable on the wall.

Protection: It has IP24 protection against splashes, which makes it useful to place in bathrooms and damp areas.

Regulation: It is possible to regulate the thermostat in two power levels, depending on what is required.


Plug: The plug orientation is on the right and cannot be changed, which may influence mounting tasks.

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Low consumption mini heater 

9. Lacyie Low Consumption Electric Heater 

In the search for the best low consumption heater, it would be worth considering the advantages and characteristics offered by the Lacyie brand, with the EK0727501 model, made up of PTC ceramic elements, capable of generating a power of up to 1000 W, ideal for creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the office or home.

It has a timer that can provide up to 12 hours of heating, without interruption or concerns about energy consumption. It also has an adjustable temperature thermostat, which turns the heater on and off automatically and maintains the temperature level according to the settings you set.

This energy efficient mini heater can start providing heat in just two seconds and also has the option of working as a fan, with which you can switch between two speeds, which increases its efficiency and contributes to energy savings. It also incorporates a lamp, whose dim light simulates real flames.

To simplify the characteristics of this low consumption heater, we have added some pros and cons that could be decisive in the choice.


Control: The various functions can be controlled remotely through its built-in remote.

Connection: A plug is added to connect it directly to the wall and a support to fix it on the surfaces.

Automatic: It has the ability to automatically turn off when reaching the set temperature or ventilate cold air if necessary.

Comfortable: Its size makes it easy to transport it comfortably and place it without taking up much space.


Scope: The capacity of this model does not reach too wide a space, so it is mainly indicated for small areas.

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Shopping guide

Currently, a wide variety of heating equipment is offered on the market. However, you have to know how to choose the right one well and recognize if its characteristics and benefits would be in line with what is needed. For this reason, it would be pertinent to stop for a few minutes to review some of the characteristics included in the following guide to buy the best low-consumption heater.


The efficiency, operation and capacity of this equipment depend to a large extent on the power they can generate and this, in turn, is a characteristic that could have an influence if we want to have an estimate of how much a low consumption heater costs. 

To find a heater with adequate power that meets the need, it would be prudent to consider the measurements of the space where it is planned to be placed and, in relation to this, choose equipment that has the ability to distribute heat evenly throughout this area.

Among the varied offer, there are models that offer the possibility of alternating between various power levels, with equipment between 400 and 800 W to cover areas of 10 square meters, or ranges from 1000 to 2000 W, which can work in spaces of 20 meters. square or more.


Most of these devices are usually lightweight and small, making them portable and easy to locate. However, there are other physical characteristics that distinguish them, so it would be convenient to make a comparison of low consumption heaters, which makes it easier to analyze and choose a model whose design suits the available space and, at the same time, combines with the decoration and furniture.

There are models with a handle, wheels and attractive colors, ideal for moving them more comfortably. There are also smaller and more practical ones for use at home or in the office on a table or flat surface. As well as there are ceramic, modern, with digital screen and remote control.

There are also the panels, equipment that could go unnoticed, as they can be camouflaged on the wall. Low consumption wall heaters are another feasible option, if you prefer to have fixed and permanent installation equipment. 


A low consumption heater can be economical, but if a piece of equipment that works with electricity to generate heat does not guarantee the necessary protection and safety, it could represent a risk for those who handle it or stay close to it. It is important that the heater you choose meets basic safety standards and can be handled without fear of possible burns. 

There are energy-saving heaters with IP24 splash protection, as well as IPX2, which means they may be suitable for placement in bathrooms or damp locations. Similarly, there is equipment of this type equipped with effective safety systems, capable of making the heater stop working when there is a high increase in the interior temperature.

They also have safety mechanisms that can deactivate the device when it loses stability and tends to tip over. Others, in addition, are built with materials suitable for resisting flames.


Energy efficient heaters are designed to provide heat within small rooms. However, these can have different types of use, according to their functions, level of protection and capacity. There are equipment specially designed to be placed inside bathrooms, as they offer the necessary protection to resist possible splashes.

There are also others with a very low noise level and adjustable thermostat, which could be useful to use with confidence when sleeping throughout the night, since they do not interrupt rest, nor do they affect energy consumption, since they can be programmed to work for a determined time. 

Likewise, there are portable heaters, useful to carry in your luggage, when you plan to spend a few days of rest in very cold areas. Similarly, there are handy devices to deliver heat directly to the body from a short distance. 

Thermostat and advanced functions

Some low consumption heaters are equipped with adjustable thermostats so that they work at a certain temperature and incorporate a timer to program the operating time for hours. In addition, some incorporate a rotating system that favors better heat distribution and there are several that include the fan function with one or more speeds. Others, newer, can connect to a Wi-Fi network and be controlled remotely through the respective application.

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use an energy-saving heater?

To use a low consumption heater correctly, it is advisable to turn it on 10 to 20 minutes before staying in the place, to give it time to condition the room with the right temperature. To prevent burns, it is important to keep a certain distance and avoid touching it. In addition, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and use it only in the spaces indicated for which it is intended, avoiding placing them outdoors or in places where there may be contact with flammable substances.

Likewise, it is advisable to carry out periodic maintenance while it is unplugged. To do this, it is advisable to remove the grille and clean it with a damp cloth, while it is advisable to clean the rest of its external parts with a cloth, water and neutral soap.

Q2: How much does an energy-saving heater consume?

The consumption of this type of heaters may vary depending on the model. Although most offer great energy efficiency, some are designed to work with more or less power than others, and there are models that allow their operation to alternate between two power levels. 

In addition, other factors intervene, such as the number of hours of use and the number of days per month in which it is used. Thus, taking as an example a low consumption heater of 500W of power, assuming that it is used a maximum of two hours a day for 31 days, it could consume around 31 kW per month.

Q3: How to know if a heater is low consumption?

To know if a heater is low consumption, it must be certified that its maximum operating power is not very high or at least has a lower level. The electric heaters that could be classified as low consumption are those that can provide maximum efficiency, with a power of between 400 and 1200 W.

Q4: How to install an energy efficient wall heater?

Installing an energy efficient wall heater can be done quickly and easily. The first step is to locate the place where it is going to be placed, ensuring that there is a power outlet nearby and that it is at a suitable height. 

After this, it is necessary to measure the distance between the fixing holes and mark them on the wall. Then, with the drill, you must proceed to open the holes, then insert the plugs and screws and, finally, hang the low consumption heater. 

Q5: Why does my energy efficient heater turn off?

There are several causes that could cause a low consumption heater to turn off. Among the most common, it could be due to failures in some of its components or dirt in the resistors, which would prevent air flow. In addition, it may be configured so that your safety thermostat activates and the equipment turns off when it detects overheating.

Q6: Which is better, an energy efficient heater or an energy efficient radiator?

These units fulfill a similar function, as they are useful for heating small rooms with moderate energy consumption and offer adequate performance. However, there are some differences that could be beneficial in both cases, according to the preferences and needs of each user.

One of the advantages of low consumption heaters is that, unlike radiators, they have the ability to heat the environment more quickly, since it only takes a few seconds after they are turned on, while a radiator could require much more time. Also, the latter are less portable and do not support a fan function to work with cold air.

Q7: How many square meters can an energy efficient heater heat?

The dimensions of the area that can be heated by a low consumption heater could depend on the capacity and power of each model. In general, these units are designed to provide heating inside smaller rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

The most powerful, which offer between 1,000 and 2,000 W, can cover spaces of up to 20 square meters. While those of lower capacity, between 400, 500, 800 and up to 1000 W, are designed to distribute heat within environments between 8 and 10 square meters.

What type of heater consumes less?

Something that makes a family stand out is their awareness of resources and respect for nature. When we use any type of electrical appliance, we must do it intelligently and respectfully, so that we can control the consumption of appliances and the bill they generate.

And, what happens when winter comes to our city? We make more use of electrical appliances, since some people spend most of the day at home. It is logical that the most used appliance on cold days is the heater. To heat the rooms of our homes and our offices, it is very common to use a low-consumption heater, so we recommend that you learn about the different portable and low-consumption heating systems that the current market offers.

It is necessary to make a comparison between the different models of low consumption heaters offered by manufacturers, paying great attention to the details, functions and main features, so that you can choose the heater that best suits your needs.

In principle, electric heaters are the most suitable portable and low-consumption devices to place in small spaces that need to be heated, in addition to the fact that they do not require any type of installation or maintenance, so their practicality and versatility are very high. There are many different models and types of these devices, each one with its advantages and disadvantages compared to the next, so it is highly recommended to be very careful when choosing one of these devices.

Thanks to the fact that they use electrical energy to function, low-consumption electric heaters operate without any risk or danger associated with the use of any fuel, making it a perfect device to place in a bedroom, since it does not emit any type of polluting gas that can poison the air and the environment.

Before choosing the model that you like the most, we recommend that you take into account several aspects, such as its power, heating capacity, and its size, in addition to paying attention to the co

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