The 9 Best Fabric Closets of 2022

Fabric Wardrobe – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to maximizing space and providing organization to rooms, fabric wardrobes have found a niche in homes; thanks to its lightness and functionality, which favors putting them in places where extra storage is required. Likewise, given their affordable cost and efficiency, many consider them the best option compared to an expensive wooden cabinet. The Udear Portable Closet could be the one for you if you are looking for a closet with an elegant design and ample interior space. Another recommended model is the Kit Closet 5 shelves, a compact product with good potential for organizing and protecting footwear.

The 9 Best Cloth Closets – Opinions 2022

Below, we present a comparison with 9 of the best fabric wardrobes available on the market. The idea is to help you choose the model that best suits your space and your organization needs, so that your purchase is as successful as possible.

fabric wardrobe

1. Udear Foldable Cloth Closet Clothes Portable Organizer

This Udear model could be your best ally when it comes to organizing various clothing, accessories and personal items. Thanks to its solid structure with large dimensions and its good interior layout, it is considered by many to be one of the best fabric wardrobes of 2022. In addition, it offers easy assembly, since the manufacturer includes all the necessary parts for this task.

Its structure is made of high quality elements such as steel and its connectors are made of PP plastic. Likewise, its dust and waterproof textile cover is easily removable for cleaning.

For this reason, it is an appropriate fabric wardrobe for the protection of your clothing. On the other hand, its format provided with high feet favors an additional lower space and facilitates the cleaning of the floor.

This cabinet provides the ability to keep everything organized and away from prying eyes. Next, we invite you to evaluate its pros and cons.


Load capacity: It is a model capable of supporting up to 150 kg of weight, evenly distributed between its shelves and bars.

Variety: It is a model available in a variety of elegant shades such as brown, black, gray and beige, which adds distinction to the environment.

Pockets: It has 2 side pockets to store clothes, small objects or accessories.


Assembly: The assembly of this cabinet could be laborious, especially if you do not have previous experience in this work.

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2. Songmics Wardrobe Closet Folding Textile Organizer

This fabric wardrobe is a model that stands out for its versatility, as it provides enough vertical space to store dresses and all kinds of long garments. Likewise, its design also offers other organizational opportunities, since it has several shelves to store a large number of clothes that can be folded.

It has a structure made up of steel tubes and polypropylene connectors, elements that provide stability and resistance. Likewise, this cabinet is complemented by a waterproof and breathable cover, which keeps its interior free of dust and moisture.

On the other hand, it has three roll-up doors equipped with zippers and Velcro bands, which makes it easy for you to keep them open or closed at your convenience. In addition, because it is an element that provides a lightweight storage system, you can easily change its place.

This could be the best cloth wardrobe of the moment, since it integrates resistance and capacity. Know your strengths and weaknesses.


Versatile: You can use this wardrobe to store clothes for daily use or for seasonal clothes, you can also put its textile cover or not, according to your preferences.

Assembly: Thanks to its simple assembly, you will not need tools for assembly.

Dimensions: It has measures of 175 x 150 x 45 cm; which favors its ample storage capacity.


Side pockets: The presence of side pockets to store small objects is missing in its design.

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Fabric shoe cabinet

3. Fabric Shoe Closet Kit 5 shelves

If what you are looking for is a fabric shoe cabinet to keep all your shoes organized and close at hand, this model could be a good option. In addition to its compact design that takes up little space and stable structure, it is also a cost-competitive product, for this reason, it could be considered as the best value for money fabric wardrobe.

It is a wardrobe with a capacity for up to 15 pairs of shoes, so it offers 5 resistant PVC shelves and a steel structure. In addition, thanks to its practical side closure system, you can easily protect your shoes from dust.

Likewise, it is a model equipped with a good quality textile cover, which stands out for its original and attractive design that contrasts a black background with white details alluding to its functionality.

It is a very useful closet to keep your shoes always organized. We invite you to read its advantages and disadvantages.


Opening and closing: It has a roll-up door with two zippers that provide protection against dust and its velcro strips keep it open easily.

Capacity: It has 5 resistant PVC shelves, which allow you to store up to 15 pairs of shoes.

Structure: It is a fabric wardrobe made with steel rods, which gives it stability and resistance.


Firmness: The inclusion of a support that provides greater firmness in the upper part of the cabinet would be appreciated.

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4. Udear Fabric Shoe Cabinet 10 Tiers

This Udear model gives you an efficient space to organize and keep a large number of shoes protected from both dust and moisture. For this purpose, its vertical format has 10 levels that can hold an average of 3 pairs per level, enough storage for the whole family.

It is a resistant and stable fabric shoe cabinet, since it is made with a 12 mm thick steel pipe structure and plastic couplings that provide durability. It also has a waterproof textile cover provided with zippers, which provide a completely closed space.

It also has side pockets for extra space. In addition, it is a model with multifunctional qualities, since it can cover other storage needs. In this sense, you can use it in the bathroom, ironing area, laundry room and even in a storage room.

Udear could be considered the best brand of fabric wardrobes, thanks to its great track record and versatility in its designs. Analyze one of its most outstanding models.


Connectors: These pieces are made of resistant and high-strength plastic, so the safety of the joints will not be a problem.

Format: Being a vertical format cabinet that takes up little space, you can mount it in any corner of the home.

Maintenance: Thanks to its non-woven fabric, its cleaning is simple; just wipe it with a damp cloth.


Large lasts: Depending on the size of the last of the shoes, your capacity could be limited to two pairs per section.

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Fabric side cabinet

5. Compactor Fabric Closet with Chic Zipper

Although the new trends invite us to bet on prints, the traditional versions of a single color continue to be present. So this simple Compactor design might be the one for those looking for a monochromatic fabric side cabinet.

It is a model composed of a textile cover in a beige tone; a color that offers many advantages when it comes to interior decoration. At the same time, its structure has plastic and metal parts that are easy to assemble, as they intuitively fit together.

On the other hand, this fabric wardrobe is equipped with a rail and has approximate dimensions of 75 cm x 50 cm x 160 cm, which provides interior storage space with hangers. These features make it a good organizing alternative in a student residence or to declutter a master closet.

This model is not only one of the cheapest, but it is also an efficient alternative for extra storage. Therefore, it is convenient to know its additional qualities.


Design: Its modern design includes a bar to hang hangers, in order to meet the organization needs in various spaces.

Assembly: Its assembly does not require tools, making it a practical and easy to assemble cabinet.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 75 x 50 x 160 cm, which is why it is a convenient wardrobe for small bedrooms.


Shelves: An upper shelf is missing to store folded clothes or towels.

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6. PrimeMatik Detachable Fabric Wardrobe Wardrobe

If you need to organize clothes in a storage room, in a guest room or you simply need an auxiliary fabric wardrobe to store seldom-used garments, this PrimeMatik model could be the most suitable; since it stands out among the cheap products of good quality that the market offers.

It has qualities of resistance and durability, which is why it has a 16 mm tubular metal structure and plastic connectors. Likewise, it is a wardrobe that offers a textile cover with doors equipped with zippers, in order to keep everything protected.

It has a convenient interior distribution, because in addition to a suspended bar to hang hangers, it also has an upper shelf that is useful for organizing folded clothes, towels or boxes. Likewise, it has two side pockets to keep frequently used objects such as sunglasses, hats or scarves close at hand.

Below, we have prepared a summary of the most outstanding features of this practical and efficient wardrobe, in order to help you in your purchase decision.


Materials: Its structure has high-quality metal and plastic parts, which gives you stability and a long useful life.

Cover: Its resistant fabric cover provides complete protection to garments against dust and dirt.

Functionality: It is suitable for a guest room, student residence or as temporary storage of seasonal clothing and accessories.


Instructions: Clearer and more specific instructions would be appreciated to enhance the assembly experience.

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Detachable fabric wardrobe

7. Intirilife Closet Fabric Folding Wardrobe Organizer

The best fabric closet is one that gives you versatility, efficiency, practicality, and ample space to store clothing, bedding, towels, etc. All these qualities and more are present in this model.

Thanks to its dimensions of 170 x 108 x 45 cm, and its convenient interior layout made up of bars and shelves, you will have a portable wardrobe that offers you a large storage capacity.

Likewise, its design allows you to adapt it to any space; whether at home, student residence or even in the office. For this, you will be able to create an elegant space that favors organization in a simple and economical way.

It is available in an attractive ash gray tone, which makes this removable fabric wardrobe a model with a timeless style and easily combined with any existing furniture in the area.

In the following section, we detail the additional features offered by this comfortable and versatile wardrobe.


DIY mounting system: Thanks to this mounting system integrated into its construction, you will be able to assemble it without additional help and in a short time.

Decorative: It offers you a design that, in addition to being functional, is decorative, for which it offers a gray color that can be combined with any style.

Pockets: The structure has 4 practical side pockets, convenient for keeping accessories and small items close at hand.


Stability: By having thin and high feet, you could lose a little stability when removing garments.

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8. MorNon Closet Canvas Hanging Clothes Storage Rack

If you are a tenant and do not want to spend on an expensive wooden wardrobe, an efficient wardrobe, easy to put on and take off, could be a suitable alternative to maintain order. Such is the case of this removable fabric wardrobe that allows you to put it where it suits you best, in order to solve your order and storage needs.

It has dimensions of 130 x 175 x 45 cm, conveniently distributed for optimal organization; so it has an area to hang long clothes and several compartments to store folded clothes, toys, bags, shoes and other accessories for daily use.

Likewise, the protection of the entire interior is given by a textile cover with zippers that prevent humidity and the passage of dust. Quality that could be very useful when you keep clothes or objects for a long time.

We invite you to analyze the main characteristics of this multifunctional fabric wardrobe with a good aesthetic finish.


Multi-purpose: In addition to a bar to hang clothes on hangers, it also has several shelves to store folded clothes, boxes and other objects.

Stability: It is a cabinet equipped with 8 feet that ensure stability during use and handling.

Opening system: It has three roll-up doors with zippers, so you can open and close each one independently.


Shelves: A more robust material is missing on the shelves, in order to ensure the weight without suffering deterioration.

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Children’s fabric wardrobe

9. Udear Wardrobes Bedroom Fabric Outdoor Closet

If you are looking for the best fabric wardrobe to furnish your child’s room, this product from Udear could be a solution that not only promotes order, but also provides a modern and attractive touch to any child’s bedroom.

It is a children’s fabric wardrobe equipped with a striking cover, designed with a pattern that is attractive to all children and made with environmentally friendly materials. Likewise, its solid structure has 25 mm thick steel tubes and its polypropylene connectors provide stability.

It also offers you a format with high feet, which not only keep objects off the floor, but also make it easier to clean this area and even provide extra storage space. In addition, the cabinet has an easy assembly.

If you don’t know which fabric wardrobe to buy for your little one, you could consider this model in your comparison. Therefore, we invite you to read its qualities and disadvantages.


Cover: It is a wardrobe equipped with a soft peach skin cover, with an attractive children’s design that adds decoration to the bedroom.

Versatility: Thanks to its robustness, in addition to being a wardrobe, you can also use it as a shelf without a cover.

Capacity: It has 3 sections to hang clothes, 4 shelves and side pockets, which allows you to store a large volume.


Assembly: For some the assembly has not turned out to be as easy as expected. However, thanks to the included user manual you could do it without major problems.

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Shopping guide

Fabric closets are a handy option if you want to keep everything organized without spending a fortune. They are portable products, easy to assemble and you will be able to find the most appropriate model for your storage needs on the market. However, for your purchase to be a success, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best fabric wardrobe.

Types and functionality

Although most fabric cabinets are multipurpose products, since once assembled you can give them different uses (in a bathroom, storage room or in a garage); the truth is that today, they have been perfected to cover a specific function: that of helping to keep clothes organized.

Among the types of fabric wardrobes, we have the simple models, equipped with a robust frame and reinforced joints so that its suspension bar can support various winter, party or seldom-used garments; which favors decongesting a main closet.

On the other hand, there are models on the market specifically designed to contain shoes and other items commonly used in the home such as towels, bedding, curtains and tablecloths.

However, multi-purpose fabric closets are still a favorite option for many, as they offer multiple compartments to store not only clothing and shoes, but can also contain accessories, table linens and all kinds of personal items that are used to. to include in a conventional wardrobe.

Materials and maintenance

When analyzing a comparison of fabric wardrobes, you will notice at first glance that this type of furniture is generally made up of materials that stand out for their lightness. The reason for this is that they have been designed to facilitate their mobility within the home.

The tubular structure of these cabinets is usually made of materials such as steel, while the couplings are designed in plastic. The advantage of these materials is that they offer solidity, stability and resistance to support weight without suffering deterioration.

These cabinets have a complement that provides protection to the interior. It is a textile cover, which can be made of canvas, plastic, nylon or non-woven fabric. This cover must have breathable, waterproof qualities and must also be resistant to daily use.

The issue of maintenance is something that you cannot ignore, so you could look for a wardrobe that incorporates a removable cover made of materials that are easy to wash, so that you can keep it clean without any problems.


Speaking of design, fabric cabinets have been improved so that they not only turn out to be an economical and efficient piece of furniture for storage, but can also be used as another element of decoration.

As for color, although the new trends point to prints and the incorporation of modern designs, the vast majority of fabric wardrobes have remained in a traditional style; where monochromatic and easily combinable tones continue to set the standard.

However, when it comes to wardrobes for children’s use, the market offers you a wide range of designs to choose from; with striking colors and motifs that all children like.

Regarding the closing system of its doors, this aspect is another important factor that you must consider. If the design integrates zippers, these will facilitate a closure that prevents the entry of dust and any type of dirt. There are also cabinets with roll-up doors that incorporate Velcro, so you can keep it open if necessary.

Capacity and distribution

Both the capacity and the interior distribution are aspects that are related to the dimensions of the cabinet, so you should evaluate your available space for assembly before purchasing. Likewise, the capacity offered by the model in question must be in accordance with your storage needs.

For this, it is best to previously evaluate how much clothing or objects are going to be stored. The idea is that the closet is not full of clothes that could cause a collapse of the structure. On the contrary, it is advisable to respect the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding its maximum load capacity.

On the other hand, that the product has accessories such as shelves or shelves, is a quality that not only provides comfort, but also promotes optimal interior organization. Likewise, a storage plus that you could consider, regardless of how much the wardrobe costs, is that it integrates side pockets; which will allow you greater practicality to have frequently used objects at hand.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to assemble a cloth wardrobe?

Assembling a fabric wardrobe is a simple task, as these products have been designed so that you can carry out this task without the use of tools. In general, regardless of how simple or complex its structure is, the procedure is similar. First, you must organize all the pieces and read the instruction manual included by the manufacturer in detail.

Once all the elements have been identified, proceed to carry out the assembly, starting at the base of the cabinet. To do this, you must join the feet, with the help of the connectors, to the main bars, providing them with a good fit; since the stability of the cabinet will depend on this.

Next, you can add the shelves and other bars until the structure is complete. To finish, you just have to mount the fabric cover.

Q2: How to make a cloth wardrobe?

Making a fabric wardrobe could be a project that, in addition to testing your creativity, requires prior knowledge and DIY skills; the idea is that you can create a custom and personalized storage cabinet.

An element that you could use for this task is the pipe used for the construction of PVC-based water networks. This type of material can be easily cut and assembled using elbows and connectors.

Once you have defined the design you want to make, based on your available space, determine the dimensions of the tubes, the number of elbows and T-connections, as well as the fabric to be used.

Then, he proceeds to cut and assemble each of the internal sections of the wardrobe, incorporating at the same time the textile material that will function as shelves; This material must be previously hardened with glue or a specific product to give it greater stability and a neater finish.

Once the structure is completely assembled, the cover is made, anticipating leaving a door of a convenient size that facilitates access to the interior of the cabinet.

Q3: How to line a cloth wardrobe?

If you want to give new life to your fabric wardrobe, either because your textile is boring or has deteriorated due to time; there are several options that could help you achieve the desired style.

The first is to choose again to use fabric, since the market offers textiles with all kinds of designs, colors and prints; those used in upholstery being more convenient, due to the resistance they offer. To facilitate the process, you can use the previous cover as a pattern, thus avoiding errors in the measurements.

Another interesting idea could be to use wallpaper or vinyl, for which you must take the measurements of the sections that make up the wardrobe, cut each section and glue it with the help of some special glue for fabrics.

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