The 9 Best Fitted Sheets of 2022

Fitted Sheet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In addition to giving us a slight sensation of warmth on cold days or freshness on hot days, the sheets protect the surface of the mattress, preventing dust and other particles from dirtying it. Due to this, the choice of a fitted sheet must be done with care, especially since not all are equally suitable for the whole year or for all types of mattress. Among the best sellers today is the Ikea Knoppa, with elastic edges and ideal for single mattresses up to 26 centimeters high. On the other hand, if you need a fitted sheet for a mattress 150 centimeters wide and made of anti-rheumatic flannel, the Sabanalia Bajera-Franela_150bc is a convenient option for you.

The 9 Best Fitted Sheets – Opinions 2022

If you are thinking of buying new lingerie for your bed, it is important that you take into account several important aspects such as texture, quality of fabric and size. Here’s a selection of some of the best fitted sheets for 2022.

Ikea fitted sheet

1. Ikea Knoppa elastic standard

Ideal for a bed with a single mattress, this Ikea fitted sheet is one of the best and cheapest alternatives that you will find on this list, as this brand is known for developing and offering users good quality products that fit any pocket. comfortably.

As for its design, this fitted sheet has wide elastic edges that allow it to fit optimally to mattresses, keeping it firm and wrinkle-free, even after use. In addition, thanks to its wide edge, you can easily adapt it to mattresses up to 26 centimeters high.

It is made with a resistant fabric that is not very susceptible to wrinkles or shrinkage, qualities granted by its composition of 52% polyester and 48% cotton. It can be washed in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and can also be tumble dried at a low temperature, for easy maintenance.

Considered the best fitted sheet for quality and price, don’t hesitate to find out a little more about its positive and negative characteristics.


Dimensions : Ideal for beds measuring 90 x 190 centimeters, this fitted sheet can be placed on all types of mattresses with a maximum height of 26 centimeters.

Color : This fitted sheet comes in a crisp and elegant white color, which will look great in guesthouses, hotels, or even at home.

Elastic : It has a wide elastic strap that allows it to fit firmly to mattresses without the risk of shifting or coming off.

Fabric : It is made with a special fabric that prevents wrinkles and shrinkage, which adds comfort and improves the wearing experience.


Individual : Remember that you must choose a sheet according to the type of mattress you have, so if you have a double bed, this product will not work for you.

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Flannel fitted sheet

2. Sabanalia Flannel Fitted Sheet

For users who want to protect their double bed, this flannel fitted sheet is a suitable option to consider. With its elasticated edge, this sheet will fit perfectly on a wide variety of mattresses, as it comes in several available presentations.

Made with flannel fabric that has anti-rheumatic properties, this sheet offers maximum comfort on cold days by providing a pleasant sensation of warmth. Its fabric is made of 85% cotton and 15% polyester but, unlike other similar ones, this one will not form balls of thread over time.

As for the fabric, it has a grammage of 200 gr/m2, making it light and easy to fold, in addition to which you can choose its color from various shades to adapt it to the rest of your decoration. If winter is coming, this soft and warm fitted sheet may be an excellent choice.

According to the opinions of some users, this could be the best double size fitted sheet for winter, so we invite you to review its important aspects.


Variety : Although this model is presented for 150-centimeter mattresses, the brand offers a wide variety of sizes for you to choose from.

Grammage : With a resistant fabric, this sheet has a grammage of 200 gr/m2, which guarantees a long useful life.

Texture : Made with 85% cotton and 15% polyester, this flannel fabric sheet is ideal for winter.


Softness : It is possible that, depending on the type of soap you are using for cleaning, the touch of the fabric seems a bit stiff, so it is recommended to use a little softener.

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Waterproof bottom sheet

3. Tural Waterproof Mattress Protector and Fitted Sheet 2 in 1

If you have a young child who tends to wet the bed at night while sleeping, it is advisable to place a moisture protector on their mattress to prevent damage to the surface. This product is a versatile waterproof and fully breathable fitted sheet that will protect your child’s mattress at all times.

It is not only a protector, but also a sheet that prevents leaking of spilled liquids thanks to the fact that it is made of 100% cotton, which is a natural fabric with absorbent and breathing properties, maintaining a greater sensation of comfort and freshness.

It incorporates a thin but effective polyurethane membrane that creates a barrier against dust mites, making it an ideal alternative for people with allergies. It also has an elastic band that provides optimal support for mattresses of 150 x 190 centimeters and up to 30 centimeters in height.

Tural is known as the best brand of waterproof fitted sheets on this list thanks to its features and quality. That is why we suggest you learn a little more about this product.


Versatility : This product has a double function, since it is a protector and a bottom sheet for mattresses.

Washing: You can easily machine wash this sheet at a maximum temperature of 95 degrees Celsius.

Fastening : It incorporates an elastic that allows it to optimally adjust to mattresses of 150 x 190 with 30 centimeters in height.


Drying : It is possible that, after washing, the sheet may take a considerable time to dry completely, since it is not recommended to use an automatic dryer.

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Coralline fitted sheet

4. Burrito Blanco Coralina Fitted Sheet

Are you one of those who suffers from cold at night? The best thing for you would be to have a sheet warm enough to allow you to rest without interruption, especially in the winter season. If this is the case, this fitted coral sheet is one of your best alternatives on this list.

Ideal for double mattresses up to 150 x 200 centimeters, this sheet has an elastic band that allows it to fit optimally to the bed, thus avoiding annoying wrinkles caused during movement on the bed.

With a pleasant sensation to the touch, this sheet has a soft and light texture, since it is made of 100% Polyester painted in light beige, so it will dress your bed very well.

Although it is not one of the cheapest models on this list, this sheet has the following characteristics, which make it an alternative that you should take into account.


Texture : Its soft and pleasant to the touch texture stands out, which makes it a good alternative to use on cold days.

Adjustable : It has an elastic strap that allows it to optimally fit mattresses up to 150 x 200 x 30 centimeters.

Weight : It has a weight of 240 gr/m2, so it has a good level of durability and warmth.


Size : It is important that you take into account the measurements of your mattress before making the purchase, so that the product fits well.

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fitted bottom sheet

5. Dreamzie 100% Polyester Microfiber Fitted Sheet

With a plethora of color options to choose from, this fitted sheet can be a great alternative for those looking to personalize their bedroom. This option in particular has an albaster white color that could look great dressing the bed in any room.

Made of 100% polyester microfiber with a weight of 82 gr/m2, this sheet stands out for having the texture known as “peach skin”, so your rest on it will be very pleasant. In addition, it is completely hypoallergenic, making it an ideal option for users who suffer from allergies.

With a breathable and resistant property, this sheet presents the corners with elastic bands, which allows it to fit firmly to those mattresses that are 90 x 200 x 25 centimeters, as well as being really easy to put on.

If you are interested in learning more about this product, to find out which is the best fitted sheet on this list, do not hesitate to look at its most outstanding aspects.


Washable : it is a bottom sheet that can be machine washed with a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees centigrade.

Elastic : It has four corners with elastic rubber that allow it to fit perfectly to the mattresses and prevent it from coming off when you move.

Construction : This fabric does not pill or wrinkle thanks to its 100% polyester construction.


Fabric : It is important that you bear in mind that it is made of synthetic fabric, so if you prefer a natural fabric, we recommend choosing another bottom sheet.

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Bottom sheet 150 x 190

6. I Like 100% Cotton Fitted Bottom Sheet

If you like bed linen with a striking color, don’t miss the opportunity to assess this attractive chocolate-colored alternative, or any of its other color proposals. This fitted sheet of 150 x 190 x 25 centimeters fits properly for full mattresses.

The fabric of this fitted sheet has 144 threads, making it a resistant and breathable sheet, correctly absorbing moisture. In addition, to the touch it is presented as a very pleasant and soft alternative.

On the other hand, you can machine wash it without any problem, as it will remain in perfect condition for a long time and will prevent the formation of the typical annoying little balls that appear on fabrics after several washes.

Considered the best bottom sheet of the moment according to the opinions of some users, be sure to learn more about this proposal from the manufacturer I Like.


Fabric : It is made of 100% cotton composed of up to 144 threads, which gives it durability and breathability.

Washing : To facilitate cleaning, you can wash this sheet in a machine without any deterioration problem.

Measurements : It is a fitted sheet suitable for placing on mattresses up to 150 x 190 x 25 centimeters and, thanks to its elastic band, it will not come loose easily.


Colors : Actual colors may be slightly different from product photos, but you may like them.

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Fitted sheet 135 x 190

7. AmazonBasics 400 Thread Count Fitted Sheet

Many users opt for the AmazonBasics brand thanks to the high quality and number of features offered by its products. This is the case of this 135 x 190 x 30 centimeter bottom sheet, ideal for double mattresses.

It is made from 100% breathable cotton fabric, providing the wearer with a high level of softness. On the other hand, its fabric is made up of 400 threads, making it a resistant product that fits properly to mattresses thanks to its elastic edge.

In addition, it is a sheet that prevents wrinkles, so you will not need to iron it after washing. It can be machine washed with like colors and 60 degrees Celsius water temperature, as well as tumble dry low.

If you are still not sure which fitted sheet to buy, we recommend that you look carefully at the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Adjustable : The bed can improve its appearance and protection because this sheet will fit perfectly to your mattress thanks to its elasticated edge.

Manufacturing : This fitted sheet is made of 100% cotton, so it provides a pleasant feeling to the touch and good breathability.

Washing : You can avoid the tiresome work of washing the sheets by hand because you can put them in the washing machine at a temperature no higher than 60 degrees Celsius.


Measurements : It is important that you purchase the appropriate sheet model for the dimensions of your mattress, otherwise it could be a little loose or too tight.

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Bottom sheet 180 x 200

8. Biberna 77155/080/087 Elastic fitted bottom sheet

Many say that black is an elegant color, therefore, if you want the linen on your bed to match the style of your room, then this 180 x 200 centimeter fitted sheet may be the alternative you are looking for.

With a 100% Oeko Standard textile certificate, this product is considered to be of high quality in terms of its fabric, being free of any substance that may be harmful to your health. In addition, it is a product that is very soft to the touch and resistant to the washing machine thanks to its weight of 720 gr, which allows it to withstand more washes without deteriorating.

Made of 100% cotton, it is a sheet that is characterized by being breathable and light. It fits perfectly to your double mattress of any thickness thanks to its wide border with elastic band.

Before making your choice, it is necessary to know the product well. Therefore, we name the most outstanding characteristics of that sheet.


Washable : You can comfortably wash this fitted sheet in a machine at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius.

Fabric : This fitted sheet stands out for having a soft-touch and breathable fabric, since it is made of 100% natural cotton.

Adjustable : It incorporates a high quality elastic band around the edge, which allows it to adjust properly to almost any thickness of mattress.


Colour : If the color does not convince you, you can choose another of the available tones.

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Bottom sheet 200 x 200

9. DecoKing 100% Cotton Fitted Sheet

There are users who prefer large beds. However, sometimes finding the right lingerie for that mattress size can be a bit of a chore. If this is your case, you are in luck, since we present you with a 200 x 200 centimeter bottom sheet.

Complying with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard certificate, this sheet stands out for being made with a high-quality fabric, made of 100% combed cotton. This gives it a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch with fine threads free of harmful substances.

In addition to being ideal to place on your bed in the winter, it has an elastic edge, which allows it to fit properly on mattresses up to 28 centimeters thick.

Presented as one of the best alternatives for large beds, this fitted sheet is an indicated option thanks to its features. For this reason, we invite you to learn more about this product.


Fitted : This sheet fits 200 x 200 x 28 centimeters mattresses snugly, giving it a sturdy and neat look.

Fabric : Suitable for cold nights, this sheet is made of 100 combed cotton and provides a pleasant touch to the user.

Certified : It has an Oeko-Tex 100 quality certification, which guarantees that the product is free of harmful elements.


Fine : The fabric may seem a bit fine to you due to the threads used in its construction. However, it is known as a resistant product.

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Shopping guide

The sheets have the important purpose of protecting our mattress from natural aging or damage caused by liquid spills, dust and bed bugs such as mites.

However, with so many models available on the market, choosing the right fitted sheet for your bed can be a bit of a complicated task. Therefore, if you are not quite sure where to start or what aspects to consider when making your choice, we have taken the initiative to create this practical guide to buying the best fitted sheet.


One of the first questions that many users ask when choosing a new fitted sheet is how much the product costs. This, especially, if we have a slightly reduced budget and we are interested in acquiring a good and cheap bottom sheet.

However, there is no need to worry if this is the case, since the manufacturers, aware of this situation, have manufactured all kinds of alternatives which are optimally adjusted to the needs of any user.


In any comparison of fitted sheets, there is one essential aspect that you should look at carefully before making your choice. The size of the sheet is really important, since it must optimally match the size of the mattress you want to cover.

In this sense, you can find individual, double, matrimonial, King and Queen type sheets on the market, which are the sizes pre-established by mattress manufacturers. However, they can also be selected in other sizes, among which the most common are 60 x 120, 150 x 190, 190 x 200 and 200 x 200 centimeters, which makes it easier to choose a suitable fitted sheet for your bed.


When talking about lingerie for your bed, the aspect of the design that the bottom sheet must have is of great importance, since it somehow reflects our personality and taste.

Considering this aspect, the manufacturer brands have made available innumerable colors and designs, which allows users to choose according to their taste and personal touch. However, it is important that you keep in mind that you will also need to purchase a cover that matches the color and size of your mattress.

However, you need not be put off by a beautifully patterned fabric or one that sports an attractive color, as a beautifully patterned sheet will not do much good if the fit is not right.

Therefore, check that the fitted sheet has elastic on the edge. Ideally, it should have a high level of tension so that the grip is much firmer.


The material that has been used for the manufacture of the sheet is another aspect that you should undoubtedly look at carefully when making a selection between several fitted sheets, because this factor directly influences the quality of the product, as well as as in its useful life. For the investment to have been worthwhile, it is important that the sheet has a quality fabric.

To make their fitted sheets, most manufacturers take advantage of the hypoallergenic properties of natural fabrics such as cotton, in addition to the fact that it is a breathable material, soft to the touch and cool, so it is recommended for use in summer. On many occasions, this material is combined with different percentages of polyester, which gives the product a little elasticity.

On the other hand, you can also find sheets made entirely of polyester, which provides robustness and warmth to the product. Likewise, by mixing polyester and polyamide, you will obtain a light sheet with a certain level of impermeability.

Finally, it is important to mention those fabrics that have an ecological technology, such as bamboo. This gives them softness to the touch, absorption, antibacterial protection and even sustainability.


Finally, maintenance is an important aspect to take into account before making your choice. Fitted sheets are a product that we must wash with some frequency, so it is advisable to emphasize their care.

Taking this into account, you should know how the manufacturer indicates that you will have to wash and dry it.

Almost all fibers have to be washed with detergent and without bleach, as they sometimes end up deteriorating and discoloring the threads of the fabric. On the other hand, washing with very hot water may be inadvisable for those fitted sheets that have pieces with elastics, due to the fact that they lose a little resistance and flexibility.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to put fitted sheet?

To correctly place a fitted sheet on a mattress, the first thing you should do is adjust one of its corners, lowering the hem as much as possible along the height of the mattress. Next, you must continue with each of the remaining corners, making sure that the previous ones do not come loose.

Q2: How to fold a fitted sheet?

Correctly folding a fitted sheet is a simple task, all you have to do is follow each of the steps carefully.

Start by firmly pinning two adjoining corners of the sheet lengthwise, leaving the seams on the outside. Next, he places the corner you’re holding in your right hand over the corner you’re holding in your left hand, lining up the elastic on both sides.

Now proceed to join the lower corner that has elastic with the ones you are holding and, finally, go up the last corner and fix the edges by smoothing them. Place the sheet on a table keeping all four corners facing up. Fold the sides in so that it forms a rectangle and flatten it with your hand.

Q3: How to put elastics on a bottom sheet?

By following a few steps, you can transform an ordinary sheet into a fitted bottom sheet. All you need is a sheet the size of your mattress, some elastic, a tape measure, and a sewing machine.

After taking the measurements of your mattress, including its thickness, you will need to place a sheet and spread it over it, making sure that all 4 sides go down each side of the mattress and leave approximately 10 centimeters more for the hem, which you will have to do around the whole sheet. Insert the elastic band through the hole, making sure that the two ends meet and finally join them well so that the sheet fits the mattress.

Q4: How to fix a fitted sheet?

On many occasions, and after multiple uses, the elastic band of adjustable bottom sheets tends to lose its qualities, remaining very loose on the mattress, forcing you to repair it by changing it completely.

To do this, you will need to loosen the entire seam around the sheet and discard the stretched rubber. Proceed to measure the size of the mattress on which the sheet was placed and cut the elastic band with that measurement.

Finally, re-sew the entire hem that you released earlier and, with the help of a safety pin, proceed to pass the elastic through the hem, making sure to go around the sheet and joining its two ends with a seam. In this way, you will already have your old bottom sheet with a new elastic band that allows it to fit your mattress well.

Q5: How to iron a fitted sheet?

With the help of an ironing table, you should gradually iron each segment of the bottom sheet, without forgetting the corners. When you have already passed the iron in a general way, join the four corners one inside the other and turn the sheet over, placing them on the edge of the table without letting them loose. In this way, when you pass the iron again, you will straighten them at the same time.

Then, place the entire folded sheet on the table and iron it again, folding it from the corner and smoothing it out with your hand.

Finally, fold in the corners and fold the sheet in half all the way. He passes the iron once more lengthwise and ends up closing the sheet in three parts.

Q6: How to make a fitted sheet?

To make a fitted sheet, you will need a large piece of the fabric you want to use for the fitted sheet. Keep in mind that each fabric provides a certain level of stretch, as well as a certain touch and thermal sensation. For this reason, it is important that you take into account your personal needs and tastes before choosing the fabric.

Next, lay the stretched out fabric over the mattress you want to cover and have each end of the fabric fall down each side of your mattress. With the help of some pins, fix the joints formed.

Q7: How to prevent the fitted sheet from coming off?

To prevent a bottom sheet from coming off, ideally it should have an elastic band that allows it to fit firmly to the mattress. When you place it, you will have to pass it on each side, trying to take it to the bottom of the mattress if it allows you.

This will improve its hold considerably and prevent it from coming loose. Keep in mind that if it is too tight, the sheet will end up coming loose in the same way.

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