The 9 Best Floor Lamps of 2022

Floor Lamp – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Floor lamps have become an important piece of home decoration, as they can create different environments depending on their design and the type of lighting. They are elements with a leading character, so when choosing a model you should pay attention to both aesthetics and functionality. In this sense, we have the Ikea Not, a floor lamp made of ABS plastic and equipped with an adjustable arm that is especially useful for reading. Another recommended proposal is the Hofstein Nagu, a modern model with a slim body and equipped with integrated LED lights.

The 9 Best Floor Lamps – Opinions 2022

Many times it is difficult to choose a model, taking into account the wide variety of floor lamps that the market offers; There are different sizes, designs and brands. For this reason, we present a list with some of the best lamps available, specially designed to satisfy all tastes and needs.

Ikea floor lamp

1. Ikea Not Reading Floor Lamp 803.048.75

Among the cheap lamps offered by the market is this product. A model with great features at an affordable cost, if we compare it with other similar ones; which is why many consider it to be the best price-quality floor lamp of the moment.

It is a reading floor lamp equipped with a flexible arm that can be adjusted in any direction; so you can direct the light where you need more lighting. Thanks to this quality, it is possible to enjoy your favorite hobbies, such as knitting or reading, and without having to illuminate the entire living room or room.

This Ikea floor lamp, in addition to providing focused lighting, also provides general light to spaces and for this, it has a mechanism that turns the bulbs on and off independently. In addition, it is strong and stable, as it is made of powder-coated steel tube and high-quality ABS plastic.

In addition to being a floor lamp with an attractive presence, it is also very useful for everyone at home. Read a summary of its pros and cons below.


Dimensions: Its height is 174 cm and the diameter of the foot is 27 cm; so you can put it in any special place without taking up much space.

Independent reading arm: You can orient your reading arm according to your needs and turn it on or off independently of the main bulb.

Cost: You won’t have to spend a fortune as this is one of the cheapest floor lamps on the market.


Incandescent light bulbs: The manufacturer recommends the use of energy-saving LED light bulbs, so you should avoid incandescent light bulbs.

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LED floor lamp

2. Hofstein Modern Aluminum Nagu LED Floor Lamp

With a minimalist style and a curved format that provides less rigidity than other conventional lamps, this model stands out among the best floor lamps of 2022. It is a luminaire equipped with a panel of integrated LED lights, certified with energy efficiency class A++, which ensures an efficient and saving lighting system.

Its bright luminous flux is 1100 lumens and it only consumes 11 watts of power. Likewise, it is a lamp with a long useful life, since the LEDs can offer an average of 30,000 hours of illumination. In addition, it has an easily accessible on and off switch.

It is a modern LED floor lamp, with a height that reaches 153 cm and its base has a diameter of 26 cm; so it takes up little space. It is made with a metal structure in brushed aluminum and its 15 cm wide lampshade has high quality synthetic material; providing distinction and elegance.

This contemporary lamp offers you bright light and a modern touch to spaces. For this reason, it could be the best floor lamp of the moment. Know its pros and cons.


Built-in LEDs: You won’t have to buy separate bulbs, as the lamp has built-in LEDs for bright light.

Lighting: The estimated useful life of the LEDs is 30,000 hours, that is, it can provide light for 1,250 continuous days.

Design: It has a stylized, minimalist and curved design; which provides a modern and attractive style.


Intensity: The intensity level of the light could be improved. However, it is a lamp that fulfills its purpose.

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wooden floor lamp

3. Onli queer standing wood fabric lampshade

This could be the best floor lamp if a decorative style that combines the rustic with the natural predominates in your home, since it is a wooden model that combines these elements with an elegant design. It is 170 cm long and has a base made of solid wood, which provides the necessary counterweight and stability to keep the lamp steady.

It is a wooden floor lamp whose structure is made up of a metallic tube, which is covered by a bundle of artistically placed branches and firmly held by a set of two cords, in tune with the texture and color of the wood.

Likewise, it has a lampshade with straight lines made of sand-colored fabric, which favors the whole ensemble, since it could harmonize in any room. In addition, it is a model that gives you the feeling of contact with nature.

It is a nature-style floor lamp, functional and of great beauty, which is why it is considered among the best in its category. Next, we present its advantages and disadvantages.


Aesthetics: It is a lamp that provides an aesthetic component to any room, given the originality of its nature-style design.

Materials: It is made of metal covered with branches and a robust wooden base that adds a rustic touch to the decoration.

Screen: It has a screen with straight lines made of high-quality fabric and in a sand color, which complements its organic design.


Bulb: The manufacturer does not include the bulb with the purchase, so you will have to look for it separately.

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floor lamp with table

4. Qianguang Indoor Lighting Wooden Lamp with Shelves

Today the lamps assume different functions, not only to illuminate and decorate; such is the case of this floor lamp with table that offers you extra storage space so you can place books, small pots, decorations, toys and even your mobile.

Its design gives you a robust structure made of high quality wood, thanks to which you will have a product with a long useful life. It has three vertical storage shelves and, in its upper part, it has a decorative and functional lamp, equipped with a translucent linen shade, which offers lighting for up to 30 m2 with a bright light without being dazzling.

For this reason, it is a model that you can use to illuminate a cozy corner of a bedroom, living room, hallway, study or dining room. In addition, it is an elegant lamp that harmonizes with various decorative styles, since you can choose between several available colors.

If you don’t know which floor lamp to buy that gives you versatility, easy assembly and warm and cozy lighting, this model could be an excellent option. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.


Vertical storage: It has a design that offers three robust shelves, capable of storing a load of up to 20 kg.

Versatile: In a single product you will have a lamp and a decorative wooden piece of furniture to put books, toys, flowerpots, etc.

Lighting: Thanks to its screen made of linen, you can have a soft lighting for that corner that was dark.


Stability: It is advisable to put the heaviest objects on the lower shelf, in order not to compromise the furniture’s stability.

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vintage floor lamp

5. Albrillo Floor Lamp Vintage retro design

For lovers of retro style, this vintage floor lamp could be an excellent alternative to decorate rooms and at the same time have extra lighting. Thanks to its design that provides an aesthetic component, you will have a lamp in your home that favors an elegant atmosphere, regardless of whether it is on or not.

It is an ideal element to provide indirect lighting and create a more intimate atmosphere, whether you mount it in a bedroom or in a living room. It is made with a metallic layer in black color and free of contamination; In addition, thanks to its tripod format structure, the lamp turns out to be a safe and stable model.

In addition to all this, it is a luminaire with an affordable cost, so you will have a cheap and sophisticated floor lamp. In addition, for greater comfort when turning it on, it has an easily accessible foot switch.

When it comes to creating an elegant and vintage-inspired atmosphere, you could consider this attractive and resistant lamp. We present an analysis of its pros and cons.


Tripod: Thanks to its tripod-shaped structure, it is a lamp that provides great stability.

Assembly: Its assembly is very simple to carry out, so you will not have to seek the help of a professional.

Utility: You can use it both at home and professionally; so it is very useful to mount it in a restaurant, hotel, living room, study or bedroom.


Maximum voltage: In order to guarantee its proper functioning, the manufacturer recommends using only light bulbs that do not exceed 60w of electrical power.

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dimmable floor lamp

6. Reality Luke Table Lamps and Angular Floor Lamps

This dimmable floor lamp with a dynamic style and less rigid than other traditional models, could give a flexible and modern touch to the room. It is a lamp whose structure has an articulated arm, which you can move up, down, to the right or to the left; according to your needs. This advantage allows you to orient it comfortably, so it is designed to favor a light environment for reading or manual work.

It is a lamp that also offers a superior light, which illuminates with a brilliant light but without causing glare, since it is directed towards the ceiling. Likewise, to improve the user experience, it has a mechanism that allows you to control its intensity.

It also has integrated LED panels that help you save energy and is also made of silver metal with a matte finish; which gives a touch of class to the rooms.

Reality could be the best brand of floor lamps, as its products are functional, attractive and with a great diversity of designs. We present the pros and cons of this model.


Lighting: It is a lamp that gives you two types of light, an upper one directed towards the ceiling that efficiently illuminates the rooms and another focused for reading.

Dimming: The upper lamp allows you to dim or regulate the intensity of the light according to your needs.

LED panels: The two lights have LED panels that save up to 80% energy, since they are ecological.


Reading arm: Greater length in the reading arm is missing. However, it is a model that fulfills the functions for which it was designed.

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nordic floor lamp

7. Tomons FL1002 Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

This Nordic floor lamp is a worthy representative of this sober style, as it perfectly combines the wood of its base with the white tones of its lampshade; these characteristics being the pillars that define the Nordic style. With this model you can give your rooms a plus of warmth and elegance.

It is a lamp that is supported by a three-foot base similar to a tripod, which in addition to providing an original touch also favors stability. Likewise, the wood has natural tones while retaining a smooth texture; so you can have a lamp with elegant and unique finishes.

On the other hand, its large screen with dimensions of 45 cm in diameter and 25 cm in height, is made of resistant white polyester fabric; which filters the light and provides a warm and relaxing lighting. Also, for added savings, this lamp includes an 8-watt LED bulb.

Decorating with elegance, sobriety and without neglecting efficiency is possible with this Nordic lamp. Read below the pros and cons of it.


LED bulb: The manufacturer includes a powerful and durable 8-watt LED bulb. Although it also supports other incandescent bulbs up to 60 w.

Cable and switch: It has an extra long cable of 3 meters in length and a comfortable foot switch that prevents you from bending over.

Assembly: It offers you an easy assembly and in case you want to store it, you can remove the feet without any problem.


Wood color: As these feet are made with unique pieces of natural wood, it is likely that the tones will differ slightly from one another.

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industrial floor lamp

8. Briloner Leuchten 1380-015 Retro Floor Lamp

If you are one of the people who prefer industrial style decoration and you are looking for the best floor lamp to combine with this environment, this retro model could meet all your expectations. It is a black floor lamp with a tripod format that guarantees its stability and thanks to its design, you can set your living room with a movie set effect.

The Briloner industrial floor lamp is made of highly resistant metal and to give it a touch of elegance, its structure is painted in black; while the interior of the screen has an attractive gold color, all with a sober matte finish.

In the same way, its on and off mechanism offers you greater comfort, since it has a practical pedal switch located on its cable. In addition, its E27 socket makes it compatible with various light bulbs with a maximum voltage of 60 W.

It can be an ideal floor lamp to create a warm atmosphere with an industrial style, so it could be the main protagonist of your living room. We present its pros and cons.


Finishes: It is made of black painted metal with a gold shade, with matt finishes that highlight its elegance.

Compatibility: You can use the bulb you prefer with a maximum of 60 w, due to its E27 socket.

Stability: Thanks to its sturdy tripod-shaped legs, it is a lamp that provides great stability.


Direct light: If what you are looking for is a focused or direct light lamp, you could look for other options.

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golden floor lamp

9. Eglo Viserbella Floor Lamp 60W

One of the great advantages that floor lamps provide is their ability to diffuse the intensity of the bulb; which is why there are no annoying shadows or glare. Such is the case of this gold floor lamp, an elegant model that has a fabric lampshade of the same color, which adds glamor to the rooms; while nuanced the effects of light.

It has a stylized body made of champagne-colored steel, which not only provides sobriety, but also resistance. Likewise, given its thin and slender structure, it is a lamp that you can easily move from place to place and place it in any special corner where it is not possible to put another piece of furniture.

On the other hand, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the use of light bulbs; Since it has an E27 socket, you can use those with energy efficiency from A +++ to E, either incandescent or saving.

With this glamorous looking lamp it will not be necessary to keep the main light on, which leads to energy savings. Keep reading and know its pros and cons.


Design: It is a floor lamp that brings glamor and elegance to any room, thanks to its stylized design and its golden fabric shade.

Manageable: Since it has only one foot and a slim body, you can put it anywhere in your house without much effort.

Structure: Its structure is made of steel, which in addition to strength and durability, also provides distinction.


Cable: The cable length of 1.5 m could be insufficient if you do not have a power outlet nearby.

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Floor Lamp Accessories

shade for floor lamp

Lum&Co Oval Lampshade

Shades provide great advantages, especially when it comes to a floor lamp shade; since they can provide the feeling of warmth, recollection and peacefulness.

For this reason, if the screen of your lamp has deteriorated, it is important to replace it to avoid glare caused by the intensity of the bulb.

Lum&Co Oval lampshade is made of acrylic and covered in white fabric, so it can be combined with any decoration.

Its measurements are 31 cm in diameter at its base and 20.5 cm in height; in this sense, remember that its dimensions and format must be compatible with the base of your lamp.

Likewise, the manufacturer includes with the purchase an adapter specially designed for E14 and E27 sockets.

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Shopping guide

Today floor lamps play a leading role as decorative elements that provide pleasant lighting to small spaces. We know that it is not easy to choose a particular model; however, beyond the price or how much it costs, we want you to find the right product for your needs and your decorative style.


Although it is evident that the main function of a lamp is to illuminate, not all of them illuminate with the same intensity and efficiency; since depending on the type of lamp and bulb, you will have the amount of light you need. Likewise, depending on where you place it, you can achieve a more or less warm and illuminated space.

Similarly, there are modern models that come with a reading arm, so they are especially useful when it comes to reading or knitting. In addition, most of these lamps have an independent on and off mechanism; for this, you will be able to keep the lighting only in the reading focus and turn off the main light.

Floor lamps are not only a source of lighting; Likewise, they are decorative pieces that are part of the furniture; so in addition to giving light, they also offer style and personality to your home. Reason why, they could be the essential accessories to achieve a cozy atmosphere with a touch of elegance.

Design and styles

As it is a product that plays a leading role in the home and that will be present at all times, its aesthetic component is the main aspect that we usually analyze when looking for a floor lamp. Therefore, before choosing a model, you must take into account the decoration you have at home and based on this, select the lamp whose design and style fits with all the furniture. Otherwise, your lamp might be out of place.

Thinking about the harmony that should exist between the lamps and the various decorations; as well as in order to please the most demanding tastes, the best brands bet on a wide variety of styles, among which stand out: modern, minimalist, rustic, oriental, natural, ethnic, Nordic, retro or vintage, articulated and curved.


As they are lamps that have a higher height than other models, the materials are designed to provide stability and a stylized appearance. Likewise, the materials used in its manufacture vary according to the style; being able to find lamps made of aluminum, nickel, wood, bronze, plastic and more.

Similarly, the finishes can be bright, chrome, matt, Florentine, etc. and its base is usually heavier, in order to counterbalance and provide the necessary stability to stand up.


When it comes to lamps, it is the lampshade that defines the impact on the decoration; depending on its shape, materials and color you can modify the aesthetics of any room. For this reason, in any comparison of floor lamps you should pay attention to this essential aspect, since there are different types of lampshades.

We have those drum-style ones, they are the classic lampshades of a lifetime, they offer an opening both above and below and provide a uniform and warm light throughout the room. There are also Japanese-style screens, usually made of rice paper or linen and silk fabric; They provide a very handcrafted effect and generally cover the entire base of the lamp.

Similarly, there are the conical screens; these are usually the most popular and some offer a rustic look. They have a wide base and are capable of directing light downwards. Finally, there are the floor lamps that do not have a conventional screen; These modern models have a spotlight with a reduced screen that is located in a flexible head, so you can direct and focus the light in the direction you want.

With regard to materials, the screens are usually made of fabric, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and metal such as copper or bronze; Everything will depend on the design and style of the model you are looking for.

Light bulbs

We could not leave aside in this guide to buy the best floor lamp, the theme of the light bulb based on the lighting you need. Remember that the higher lumens, the more light you will have; however, it could also represent higher energy expenditure. For this reason, manufacturers recommend the use of low-energy light bulbs, with which you save almost 60% compared to traditional ones.

Likewise, some of the modern floor lamps are compatible with LED bulbs; bulbs that consume 80% less energy, offer long life, turn on instantly and do not emit CO2. In addition, there are models that integrate LED panels in their structure, for better lighting and less consumption.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a floor lamp?

Floor lamps are often used in homes either to provide warmth or focused light, while providing an elegant touch to any environment: living room, library or bedroom. You just need to mount it correctly, install the bulb recommended by the manufacturer and place it in a suitable place; preferably where it does not interfere with the traffic of people.

Q2: How to make a floor lamp?

If you want to make a floor lamp for your home, you will need materials to create its structure (metal or wood); also for its screen, which can be made of fabric, paper or plastic and a base that provides support and stability. For its manufacture, you can visit any of the tutorials on the web that teach you step by step the construction of the lamp, you just have to keep in mind the design you want and follow the instructions given by the experts.

Q3: How to paint a wooden lamp base?

To give new life to your wooden floor lamp, you can easily achieve it with paint. To do this, start by sanding the wood using fine-grain sandpaper; then, clean the surface and remove the dust that has been generated using a damp cloth. Next, with the help of a brush, apply varnish or the enamel of your choice. When the paint is completely dry, you can put your lamp back in the room or living room.

Q4: How to change the cord of a floor lamp?

It is important to replace a damaged cable as soon as possible, as this could cause a short circuit. Although it is a simple task, it is essential that you have basic knowledge of electricity; otherwise, you could seek the help of a specialist technician.

Start by disassembling the lamp holder, in order to have access to the cables located in the screw system; Proceed to loosen the screws and remove them. Next, you’ll need to install the new wiring; for which you must measure the height of the lamp and the distance to the power outlet. Strip the wires with the help of a wire cutter and make all the relevant connections.

Q5: How to clean the lampshade of a floor lamp?

To keep your lamp as new, it is important to clean it at least once a week and its maintenance will depend on the material with which it is made. In this sense, if the lampshade is made of fabric, you can apply dry cleaning products and rub gently with a brush. In the event that the lampshade is made of parchment or paper tulip, it will suffice to pass a dry cloth or a feather duster to remove the dust. If, on the other hand, the screen is made of plastic or metal, you can use a damp cloth to clean it and then dry with a clean cloth and it will be in perfect condition.

Q6: How to transform a halogen floor lamp into LED?

Begin by disassembling the lamp by removing the halogen bulb holders. Then remove the old bulb and install the new LED. It is necessary to adapt a switch on the cable to be able to turn the lamp on and off, since a conventional dimmer does not work with an LED lamp. Once the switch is installed, the LED light fixture is ready to use.

Q7: How to assemble a floor lamp?

To proceed to build a floor lamp, the first thing you should do is read the user manual provided by the manufacturer; since the assembly instructions differ for each model. However, as a general rule, this task is usually easy to carry out, with some exceptions; so in cases where it is difficult to assemble it, you could request the service of a professional.

Q8: How to restore a paper floor lamp?

To give the paper lampshade of a floor lamp a second chance, you will need some materials such as neutral gelatin, glue, water, tissue paper and a brush; You should also have a hand mixer and a container to soak and beat the gelatin. To get started, install and glue the tissue paper onto the lampshade.

Now, you must soak the sheets of neutral gelatin and after 5 minutes you can beat the mixture to remove the lumps. Next, apply this viscous substance evenly with a brush on the tissue paper. You can lay down a new layer of paper and reapply the mixture.

After a few hours, it will have dried completely and the restoration will be finished, leaving your lamp as good as new.

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