The 9 Best Forge Headboards of 2022

Wrought iron headboard – Buying Guide, Analysis and Opinions

The double bed in the room is one of the elements that usually takes up the most space, so it is easy to make it the center of attention. However, a complement that increases the attractiveness of any bed is a wrought iron headboard which, in addition, provides stability and more comfort. A model that we can recommend is the Homes with Coin Style. Its artistic design is beautiful and with careful details, in addition to having high pillars. Another good alternative is the Forja Hispalense Antic Clásico, a vintage-style headboard with ball ends and an antique finish, to give the room an elegant touch.

The 9 Best Wrought Iron Headboards – Opinions 2022

The artistic work of a wrought iron headboard can make it difficult to choose the most suitable one for your bed. However, these pieces usually offer the advantage of being much more durable and resistant than MDF headboards, for example, so here you will find several models that may interest you.

White wrought iron headboard

1. Hearths with Headboard Style of National wrought iron Model Coín

The headboards are accessories that manage to give prominence to the bed, in addition to preventing the mattress, sheets and pillows from colliding with the wall. In this opportunity, we bring you a white wrought iron headboard that might interest you.

This is the Coín Style Homes model, which is designed for 150-centimeter mattresses and has a height of 120 centimeters, being quite impressive to complement your bed.

As mentioned, it is white and the wrought iron work presents curved lines, details, joints, pillars and more, providing the classic style in this type of headboard. On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that it is possible to purchase it in other colors by ordering directly from the manufacturer.

As for its installation, it is easy to carry out, since the structure of the forge has anchors, to secure it to the wall.

Bearing in mind that it is perhaps the best wrought iron headboard of the moment, it is important to review its pros and cons in detail:


Finishes: The wrought iron headboard has handmade finishes, which have been taken care of in detail to improve their quality.

Coating: The materials have a coating that makes them resistant to oxidation, making the product durable.

Design: It presents a delicate and elegant style for rooms with a minimalist style.

Assembly: It can be assembled very easily, so you can install it without problems in a short time.


Large: Keep in mind that it exceeds the standard measurements, so it could look large, depending on the type of bedding you use.

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2. Hogar24 Wrought iron headboard made in Spain

From the well-known Hogar24 brand, we recommend evaluating the 135-centimeter white wrought iron headboard if you are looking for a simple but elegant model to decorate and complement your rest space.

This product has a structure made of metal, which has resistant joints, so you can use it and install it with total confidence in your bed. Its details have been taken care of to avoid causing any scratches by accident and, in addition, it is robust to support weight if you want to rest your back on it, for example.

As for its size, it is within the standard for 135-centimeter beds, since it measures 125 x 140 x 4 centimeters. On the other hand, it should be considered that a white wrought iron headboard like this one will be quite easy to combine with different decorative styles or also become a remarkable element among other colors.

Hogar24 will probably one day become the best wrought iron headboard brand, as it offers practical and beautiful models accompanied by multiple advantages:


Design: It has a delicate and elegant design that will easily complement your bed.

Robust: Its manufacturing finishes make it a robust piece that you can use comfortably.

Tips: The tips end in a ball shape, being safer in general.

Sizes: Depending on availability, you can choose it in other sizes to better fit your bed.


Anchorage: As a disadvantage, the headboard does not have anchorage points, to mount it on the wall.

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Old wrought iron headboard

3. Forging Seville Classic Antic wrought iron headboard

Forja Hispalense may be one of the best known brands in wrought iron headboards, so we could not leave out a model like the Antic Clásico.

We are faced with an old wrought iron headboard that exploits the vintage aspect, to adopt this style both in structure, as in color and details. It has a size of 141 x 127 centimeters, being suitable for beds of 135 centimeters without problems.

As for the aesthetic design, the structure of the wrought iron headboard is black, while the balls of the pillars and other details are painted gold. The entire segment, however, has a distressed finish to maintain the style of the headboard throughout. In this way it has an elegant and attractive appearance for various types of tastes.

When you don’t know which wrought iron headboard to buy, we advise you to evaluate the aspects that could be important to you as a consumer:


Design: Presenting a classic style with vintage colors, this model could be the one for those who appreciate old pieces.

Details: It has several details that increase the depth of the vintage look such as the ornaments and the balls of the pillars.

Finishes: The coating that has been applied to the headboard is of good quality and gives it a resistant finish.

Size: It is possible to purchase this model in different sizes, depending on the availability of the manufacturer.


Robustness: Its pillars are a little thinner than other wrought iron headboard models, so they are less robust.

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Black wrought iron headboard

4. Furniture Headboard Foja Nova

Mueblix Foja Nova could be among the best wrought iron headboards of 2022, so it is the next model that we will review in this selection, to help you decide which one to buy.

Here we are before a black wrought iron headboard that has a simple design, but with enough height to look imposing in combination with the bed in your room. Specifically, it reaches 121 centimeters high, also being comfortable and robust to lean on.

Evaluating its shape, the slab has a simple and minimalist design that could be used in rooms with different decorations, taking advantage of the practicality provided by a simple style. In addition, being black, it is much easier to combine with sheets, curtains and rugs, for example.

The Mueblix wrought iron headboard is one of the cheapest options on this list, but don’t be fooled by its price, as it has very striking advantages:


Structure: This model has a simple artistic work in a minimalist style and in black that will look good on any bed.

Light: It has a relatively light weight that facilitates its handling and subsequent assembly.

Anchor: It is equipped with several anchor points, which will allow you to mount it directly on the wall.

Installation: You can have it ready in a few minutes, since its installation is not complicated.


Details: In the structure of the wrought iron headboard, the welding joints can be seen, which affects the aesthetic finish of the piece.

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Other products

5. Distrigal.SL HomeSouth Single Headboard Bedroom Headboard

Distrigal.SL has a wrought iron headboard for your bed that, in addition to being resistant and attractive, is also affordable as it is among the cheapest in the selection.

The HomeSouth model has dimensions of 118 centimeters high and 90 centimeters wide, so it is compatible with single beds of 1 place. It is made of metal and has a wrought iron finish, so that it can provide a touch and performance to match.

Added to this, the main pillars that support the headboard are accompanied by protective studs, which establish a safe support for your floors, by not generating marks or scratches when moving the bed.

And, in addition, keeping it clean and free of dust turns out to be quite simple, since you can use a simple damp cloth to remove any dirt that has accumulated on the headboard.

In the following space you will be able to evaluate in more detail some characteristics of this wrought iron headboard:


Studs: The feet of the headboard are equipped with studs to protect your floor from scratches and marks.

Assembly: It comes with a manual to assemble it and the task is quite simple, according to users.

Maintenance: You can easily clean the headboard with a damp cloth to keep it free of dust.

Safe: By not having spikes or pointed ends, its structure is safe and reliable to complement the bed.


Metal: Unlike most wrought iron headboards, this one is not made of iron, but of metal, being less resistant.

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6. Homes with Headboard Style of National Wrought Iron Venice Model

In the search for what could be the best wrought iron headboard, you may come across models such as the one from Homes with Venice Style, which has a quite striking and delicate design at the same time.

This headboard has a structure that measures 105 centimeters wide, but what most attracts attention is the metallic design that has been integrated into the upper part, which reaches a height higher than other headboards.

Aesthetically, it is about delicately curved shapes that intertwine with each other, to maintain harmony throughout the design; and it is white to accentuate the delicacy that it seeks to present. This, in addition, leads us to highlight that the paint has been oven dried, providing greater adhesion and reducing premature wear.

When choosing which model to buy, you should be clear about the advantages and disadvantages that they present, in order to make a correct decision:


Style: The Stylish Homes product has an eye-catching look to become the center of attention.

Paint: It has been painted and oven dried, providing better paint adhesion.

Measurements: It is possible to buy the headboard to order, so that it has the exact size you need.

Finishes: Its manufacturing finishes are discreet, avoiding showing excess welding points.


Height: The artistic design of the wrought iron headboard makes it taller and more imposing than other models, so it may combine better mainly in large rooms.

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7. Home24 Wrought iron headboard 360 degrees

When you are in a situation where you cannot decide which is the best wrought iron headboard that you could use on your bed, taking into account its measurements and materials can be useful to choose a durable and resistant product.

In this case, the Hogar24 model could be what you are looking for if you want to mount a simple, elegant headboard with good manufacturing finishes on your bed. This forged structure has a size of 125 x 4 x 140 centimeters and its weight is approximately 8 kilograms, allowing it to be handled comfortably when installing it.

As an additional detail, it should be noted that it has built-in anchor points, which are designed to help you mount the headboard on the wall and thus increase its stability, allowing you to lie down with confidence at all times.

Below, we present several of the most important pros and cons regarding this headboard, to help you decide:


Elegant: This is a wrought iron headboard with a simple but elegant design that can be easily combined.

Details: It has details in gold color that increase the aesthetics of the piece.

Anchorage: It has several anchoring mechanisms incorporated in the structure, for its installation on the wall.

Colors: Depending on its availability, this headboard can be purchased in black or white.


Assembly: Keep in mind that the headboard has elements that must be assembled, but it is quite simple and you can have it ready in no time.

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8. Mueblix Wrought Iron Headboard Ecus

Mueblix Ecus is the name of the model that, according to some buyers, could become the best value for money headboard, thanks to the fact that it offers multiple advantages at an affordable cost.

This alternative has dimensions of 127 centimeters in height and its width is suitable for installation in 135-centimeter beds. However, it should be noted that, depending on availability, it is possible to find this headboard in other sizes, such as 90 centimeters, 105 centimeters and 150 centimeters.

Its aesthetic design is simple, but reliable, since it has a structure made of iron and coated with epoxy paint, which is durable to keep the headboard looking new for longer. In addition, this also makes it much easier to clean, as there is no risk of rust or staining.

So that you can take advantage of the money invested, it is important to review all the details regarding the wrought iron headboard that interests you:


Design: Mueblix offers you a wrought iron headboard with a classic and beautiful style, for any room in the home.

Materials: The structure is made of iron, being reliable, resistant and durable.

Studs: It has integrated studs in the lower part, avoiding marking your floor when mounting it.

Paint: It has been treated with epoxy paint to minimize the risk of chipping or wear.


Stability: When installing it, you must make sure to anchor it both above and below, to prevent it from moving when in bed.

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9. Forja Hispalense Modern wrought iron headboard Mireia

Forja Hispalense could be the favorite of several buyers when they do not know which model of forging headboard to choose for their bed. In this space, we will stop to get to know your Mireia model.

This wrought iron headboard is designed for 150-centimeter mattresses, since it has dimensions of 157 x 116 centimeters, being able to cover the entire width without problems, protecting the bed adequately.

Another notable aspect of this model is its structure, which provides a good level of robustness thanks to its manufacturing materials, which even have sheets of sheet metal inside, to increase the durability of the headboard. Finally, the asymmetrical design of polygons is striking, as it is easily combinable with rooms for young and single people or married couples.

Before deciding which headboard you will take home, we invite you to thoroughly review this Forja Hispalense model:


Design: It is a modern headboard that has a pattern cut into asymmetrical shapes that make it eye-catching.

Materials: Its structure is made up of rectangular metal tubes that provide the necessary robustness.

Interior: Inside the headboard itself, a metal sheet has been integrated that increases the resistance of the piece.

Colors: The manufacturer’s catalog offers a wide variety of colors to choose from.


Style: Before buying this headboard, keep in mind that it escapes from the classic style presented by wrought iron models, so it looks better in modern decorations.

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Shopping guide

Headboards are both practical and decorative elements in the room, as they increase the comfort that the mattress can provide, as well as protect your sheets and pillows. In this guide to buying the best wrought iron headboard we will analyze several of the aspects that could determine which is the most suitable option for you.

Wrought iron headboard design

A comparison of wrought iron headboards, in general, is plagued by questions about the design of the product. As the mattress is one of the central elements of the room, it is important to choose a headboard according to the decorative style and, of course, the size of your bed.

Therefore, when you review the different models, you cannot ignore the measurements of the piece. In these cases, the size of the headboard is determined by the width of the bed, whether it is 105 centimeters, 135 centimeters, 150 centimeters or another measurement. As expected, the most practical thing is to choose the appropriate size, in order to avoid areas of the headboard protruding from the bed.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the forge headboards, for the most part, have intricate welding designs that are responsible for providing aesthetics to the structure and providing greater prominence to the bed. You can find them with different themes, whether they are delicate or prominent, in neutral or striking colors, as well as with various finishes.

Materials and manufacturing finishes

The manufacturing materials used in the elaboration of a wrought iron headboard are decisive both in the quality of the product’s performance and in how much it costs, since, depending on its finishes and integrated details, this value can vary considerably.

However, something that can be highlighted in this type of product is that, in general, high-resistance and durability materials such as iron and metal are used, mainly because the latter have a more affordable cost than iron., but they sacrifice a bit of robustness.

On the other hand, when we focus on the finishes, we refer to the treatment that the structure of the headboard has had after the application of paint, either to speed up its drying, give it a shiny finish, fade the color or protect it against humidity and oxidation..

Assembly and installation

Although for many users the most important thing is to find an affordable wrought iron headboard, it is also relevant to consider the aspect of its assembly and installation. Being a structure that, in general, must be anchored to the wall to hold on, it is advisable to take these details into consideration before spending money.

Depending on the model you choose, you may or may not find anchor points previously built into the structure. If it does, it will make the installation process easier and more efficient, but if it doesn’t, it’s highly recommended that you take the time to create them, as this will help you hold the headboard firmly to the wall and prevent it from shifting when you’re in bed.

Care and maintenance

The wrought iron headboard, like any other decorative element or piece of furniture in the house, can get dirty and, due to the general design of these pieces, the most common problem is dust. Therefore, we recommend choosing a headboard that you can easily clean, to prevent the accumulation of dirt from affecting your rest.

And that is something that may not cause too much concern for you if you decide to choose headboards that are made of metal, since this material can be cleaned relatively easily, using a simple damp cloth to remove dust accumulation and some disinfectant. liquid, to kill bacteria.

security provided

Taking into account that the wrought iron headboard is mounted on the bed, it is very important to take the time to evaluate the details regarding the safety and comfort that a certain model is capable of providing. This will prevent you from investing in a headboard that you could inadvertently hurt yourself with when lying down in the dark, for example.

To make sure you choose a wrought iron headboard that will not pose any risk when resting, we advise you to look at details of finishes, joints and ends that may be present in the structure. For example, headboards that have balls in the pillars are more recommended to avoid accidental hits on edges with vertices, which can cause more damage than a rounded surface.

The same goes for the aesthetic welding elements of the headboard, since you must make sure that they have been properly sanded, so as not to show metal chips or sharp parts.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to fasten a wrought iron headboard to the wall?

The installation of the wrought iron headboard on the wall is important to guarantee stability during its use, in addition to obtaining a reliable support base on which to rest your back when you want to rest. For the most part, wrought iron headboards have points that will allow you to anchor them to the wall using expansion plugs and a drill.

To anchor your headboard, you will need to put it against the wall to mark the location of the anchor points and then drill holes. These will serve to screw the structure to the wall and thus keep it fixed, even if the mattress moves.

Q2: How to paint a wrought iron headboard in aged white?

If you want to give your white wrought iron headboard an aged look, you will, of course, need white metal paint, solvent, a brush and fine sandpaper.

When you have the structure painted and dry, proceed to pour a little solvent into a pot, to apply irregularly on the surface of the headboard. Before they dry, use the brush to create shade and color variations that make the paint look old. Let it dry for 24 hours and give it the final touches with a fine sandpaper, to minimize the intensity of color in the areas where the solvent has not penetrated.

Q3: How to cover a wrought iron headboard?

To cover a wrought iron headboard, you will need a cover that has the right dimensions to carry both the metal structure and the padding that this type of headboard usually has.

Once you have the cover at hand, proceed to install it on the headboard, in order to visualize the spaces that you must complete with the padding, which can be foam, for example. Start filling the interior of the cover, helping yourself with a stick to push the foam towards all the corners so that it can be sufficiently taut.

When you are satisfied with the level of padding, you will have to sew the bottom of the cover or also close the zipper, depending on how it is made, and everything will be ready to use with your bed.

Q4: How to restore a wrought iron headboard?

The restoration of a wrought iron headboard can be easily done by simply removing the old paint and applying a new layer. However, to do this, you must first carry out a series of steps that prepare the structure.

Before you begin, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the entire headboard with a dry cloth to remove any accumulated dust and grime. You can also use tools like wire brushes and soapy water if the pieces are too dirty.

Then it will be time to remove the old paint. To do this you will have to use stripper and a spatula, applying the product on the headboard and letting it rest for the necessary time, and then remove the complete layer of paint with the help of the spatula. At the end, you must let the structure dry to continue. Once the headboard is dry, you can apply the coat of paint of your choice, but it must be specially made for metals, in order to guarantee a uniform and durable finish.

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