The 9 Best Glues of 2022

Glue – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Glue is one of the most valued inventions, since its use extends from the industrial to the domestic sphere. And it is that the practicality of this product allows you to create school or DIY activities, and even provide a second life and restore functionality to any object by simply choosing the most suitable. Thus, we can commercially find products such as Leimexx Industrial Adhesive, a fast-drying mixture that provides stability when fixing materials of a different nature. Or the 3M Spray Mount, a convenient spray for graphic design and the like, because it is repositionable.

The 9 Best Glues – Opinions 2022


The world of glue is so complex, given its wide field of application, which has given rise to the creation of universal or specific use adhesives. In this sense, we have gathered products of different presentation, composition and purpose to be covered, in order to help you in a satisfactory purchase.

plastic glue


1. Leimexx Extra strong industrial adhesive with granules

This is an industrial type glue, which comes in a convenient presentation for home use. It is an adhesive composed of a liquid thermosetting polymer that is accompanied by a hardener, whose fusion in the appropriate proportion provides efficient results in a short time.

An important point to consider is that this plastic glue offers good stability against the effects of water and heat, so it can be used to fix objects exposed outdoors or that, due to their functionality, are in contact with said elements..

On the other hand, to facilitate its use, both components are contained in plastic bottles equipped with fine-tipped nozzles, which allow not only to apply the appropriate volume, but also to reach the most difficult irregularities, and even repair small objects. Qualities for which it could well be defined as the best glue.

Due to its physical and chemical qualities, this is an option to have at home and solve unexpected eventualities; therefore, learn more details.


Versatile: It allows to repair fractures, breaks, cracks and restore all kinds of objects.

Field of application: Given its composition, it can be used in almost all plastics, rubber, metal, glass, aluminum, stone, ceramics, jewelry, among others.

Final finish: Once hardened, it can be polished and painted to give a better aesthetic finish.


Handling: As it is a thermal glue, which gives off vapors when its components are mixed, contact with the skin and the respiratory tract should be avoided.

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2. Pattex Waterproof Plastic Glue


If you are looking for a quality adhesive that allows you to rebuild parts or objects efficiently, this product could be convenient, since it occupies a place valued among the best glues of 2022. In addition, it has the quality of tolerating humidity as it is considered resistant to liquids.

On the other hand, we do not want to forget to mention that this glue for plastic provides a convenient shock resistance. In this way, the joints of the repaired surfaces can withstand impacts. On the other hand, it tolerates temperatures of up to 70 ºC, making it useful for jobs where exposure to heat is frequent.

Another point to highlight is its viscous and transparent appearance, which will help the union of the parts to present a remarkable aesthetic finish. In addition, it can be used for different types of materials, especially PVP and PCV type plastics.

In your DIY ideas, the Pattex house glue could be a practical option, since its qualities could make it a quality and resistant product.


Colorless: Because it is transparent, it does not leave residues, in this way the joints can go unnoticed.

Waterproof: Given its resistance to water, it can be used to stick objects that contain liquids or that are in contact with this element.

Content: It comes in a presentation of 30 grams, a convenient volume for large projects.


Drying: Although it sticks in a short time, it must wait up to 24 hours for its final fixation.

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spray glue


3. 3M Spray Mount Repositionable Adhesive


If you want to venture into the world of graphic design or make your own photographic compositions at home, this 3M spray glue could serve as an ally, as it has qualities that could give your projects professional finishes.

Focusing on its composition, we highlight that it is a glue made from petroleum-derived polymers and other components that provide its aerosol quality. In addition, it is contained in a 200 ml cylinder equipped with a nozzle, which facilitates its controlled release and in the convenient volume. Likewise, said presentation allows it to be stored for a long time due to its form of release and containment.

As for its adherent properties, it is characterized by presenting a temporary effect, although once its fixation is complete, it provides permanent results. Similarly, it does not leave stains or cause wrinkles or imperfections in the materials it glues.

This product could be cataloged by many as the best glue of the moment, so we invite you to learn about some additional aspects.


Presentation: Its aerosol format considerably facilitates its application, especially in large projects.

Repositionable: Although it quickly bonds light materials, it offers the possibility of removing them to give them a better presentation.

Transparent: Once it is fixed it is colorless, so it does not leave stains, providing professional results.


Field of application: Its effectiveness applies to cardboard, paper and the like, so it may not provide good results on other types of materials.

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ultraviolet light glue


4. Fischer 548829 Universal Lighted Adhesive

This Fischer product has a formula that combines the adhesive action of cyanoacrylate and the effects of ultraviolet light, which is responsible for activating and reinforcing the components of the product. All in order to provide a convenient fixation in the shortest possible time.

It is important to note that thanks to this technology it is possible to quickly seal, fill or rebuild any personal, decorative, recreational, daily use and many more objects present in the home. Hence, the solutions offered by this glue with ultraviolet light can be very broad. In this sense, it is applicable to materials such as ceramics, porcelain, leather, metal, glass, some plastics, among others.

On the other hand, its practical presentation of 4 gr ampoule with dosing nozzle allows you to use only the convenient amount, reducing losses and the possibility of coming into contact with the product, so its use is safe for the user.

If this glue has caught your attention, it would be convenient for you to analyze more of its qualities, because based on them you could define if it is the appropriate one.


Sealing: Its composition allows it to dry, either by pressing the surfaces or by the action of ultraviolet light for extra fast results.

Wait Time: When activated by the UV lamp, it provides enough time to correct before fully setting.

Multipurpose: This glue, in addition to joining, also allows you to seal and fill imperfections for better finishes.


Compatibility: The ultraviolet lamp has no effect on the other products offered by the brand.

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Medium glue


5. Imedio Universal glue pot 6304633


If you are wondering what is the best glue, this universal type adhesive could be the convenient alternative for your needs. It is a product that allows joining a wide variety of materials commonly used in DIY tasks at home such as paper, wood, plastic, among others.

Imedio glue has a long and qualified history of more than 65 years in the adhesive industry, which is why it is considered one of the best, since it offers fast drying, durability, and at the same time, resistance.

Finally, we can add that its 35 ml presentation is suitable for several uses after opening, and it is even a good choice when gluing a large volume of crafts. In addition, its translucent appearance favors it to be applied without leaving traces of glue, providing a good finish in each project.

This practical glue is made to act conveniently. Therefore, we invite you to read some of its positive and negative aspects.


Nozzle: It has a dispensing tip, so you can precisely manage the amount of glue to use.

Resistance: Its composition allows adhered surfaces to be washed or submerged in water.

Drying: It offers fast drying, so you will not have to spend hours holding the pieces.


Bottle: With continuous use, the metallized tube could break, which would cause spills or dehydration of the product.

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contact glue


6. Tesa Supergen tube contact adhesive


If you are looking for a reliable contact glue, this product could be the one for those jobs where you need to fix one surface to another. To facilitate this task, it comes in a 75 ml capacity metal tube presentation; convenient volume to be used on a medium scale. In addition, it has dimensions of 16.8 x 3.5 x 5.1 cm and a weight of 4.54 grams, making it a light product that is easy to transport anywhere.

Another point that you should pay attention to is its formulation, since this glue is made with organic solvents, which are not harmful, since it does not contain toluene. Likewise, it is designed to achieve rapid drying of materials. On the other hand, it provides good finishes to projects, since it is a colorless glue that does not leave stains and provides considerable durability when it withstands different temperatures.

If you still don’t know what glue to buy, this adhesive offers good qualities; so it could be an alternative to join your jobs safely.


Volume: It has a tube presentation with a 75 ml capacity, which is convenient for various applications.

Appearance: It has a transparent appearance, so you can carry out tasks with crystalline finishes so that the repair or union is discreet.

Versatile: Its composition is suitable for gluing different surfaces, making it useful for any craft.


Storage: It should be foreseen to close it properly, but without excessively tightening its lid, to facilitate its opening in its next use.

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Glue stick


7. Pritt Adhesive Stick child-safe glue for children


Providing security to the smallest of the house in each element of their school supplies is of great importance. Hence, this glue stick is not only one of the cheap products, but it is also aimed at making any school or office craft efficiently and safely.

It is a product that uses sustainable ingredients in its composition, as it includes 47% water and 46% potato starch, soap and sugar. Reason why it is suitable for children.

Among its other characteristics, we highlight both its easy-to-use colorless stick format and its fast drying, since its adhesion power is approximately 2 minutes. These qualities make it suitable for practical work with any type of stationery. On the other hand, it comes in a pack of two tubes, one of 22 grams and the other of 11 grams, enough for a long period.

This glue is one of the cheapest on our list and also has good qualities, so it would be very helpful to analyze its additional qualities.


Security: It is suitable for children, so they can carry out their school activities with total confidence and without any risk.

Presentation: It has a 2-bar presentation, so it could last longer before buying another part. 

Ecological: 90% of its ingredients are natural, so it is eco-friendly and safe for health.


DIY: It only works on paper and the like, so it is not effective for gluing other materials.

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Uhu glue


8. UHU Max Repair Extreme Paste Polymer Adhesive


With a long history in the adhesives and office supplies industry, UHU has gained experience and a following for the quality of its products. Among the most prominent in its catalog is Max Repair Extreme, an Uhu glue capable of conveniently fixing in approximately 15 minutes.

In addition, it is multipurpose, as it can fix any type of material such as rubber, ceramic, cork, glass, wood, concrete, metal, fabric, plastic, among others, so it has a wide field of application in the home.

If we focus on its appearance and composition, we can see that it is a product with a soft pasty and colorless texture, made from polymers, so it provides good finishes without affecting the aesthetics of the repaired part. In addition, it is an adhesive with good qualities of flexibility and both thermal and mechanical tolerance, which provides long-lasting results over time.

Uhu could be considered the best brand of glue. Therefore, we invite you to read more features of your product.


Presentation : It comes in a presentation of 1, 4, 5 and 10 tubes of 20 grams, convenient for subsequent uses.

Resistant: It has a thermal tolerance that goes from -40 to 120°C, so it can repair objects that are subjected to these temperatures.

Waterproof: It is dishwasher safe, so it can be used on items that are in contact with water without problem.


Directions: It may not come with directions in Spanish or English, so it could make it difficult for some users to read.

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loctite glue


9. Loctite Super Glue-3 Original Mini Trio Universal Glue


Looking for adhesive substances that provide maximum bond strength could be synonymous with a high price. But this is not the case of Loctite Super Glue-3, which with a low cost could be classified as the best value for money glue. In this sense, this glue with a transparent and liquid aspect, acts immediately on the clean and dry surfaces of some materials such as metal, plastic, wood, porcelain and others.

Among other qualities, Loctite glue has a new triple-resistance formula (water, extreme temperatures and impacts), so its effectiveness could be guaranteed with just one drop supplied.

Regarding its ingredients, it is made with ethyl cyanoacrylate, a very common chemical in the glue industry due to its qualities. Finally, its presentation of three ampoules with a secure closure allows it to be stored without the inconvenience of spills and future losses.

On this occasion, Loctite offers us this versatile kit of glues, which will provide us with an effective solution when an object breaks in the home.


Pack: Thanks to its Super Glue-3 presentation (three ampoules of 1 g), it can be very useful for different jobs.

Drying: Due to its instant drying in 3 seconds, this glue is efficient for short-term projects.

Practical: Each cartridge is for a single dose, it also comes with an anti-clogging tip for practical use.


Composition: Given the nature of its components, it tends to dry quickly, so it must be used completely to avoid losses.

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Shopping guide


In our guide to buying the best glue you can find some aspects to take into account when looking for one, since it is worth being cautious and having a product of this type at home. Given that at the least expected moment we may need it, either to repair a part or object or to set up a job.


It is important to bear in mind that there are different types of glues on the market, differentiated both by their presentation and by their use (industrial, professional, domestic or children’s). Thus, for example, we have the universal glue, generally made from synthetic polymers, so it is a very convenient cheap glue for many uses in the home, with the limitations of offering little resistance and intolerance to heat.

Another of the best known and used are the so-called “super glues” which are nothing more than cyanoacrylates; its advantage lies in the speed to achieve solid and inconspicuous joints. However, its handling must be careful. In this same sense, there are glues made up of two components, which combine an epoxy resin with a hardener. But, they must be given enough drying time for their reaction to be effective.

A product that we cannot ignore is the contact glue, because although it is industrial, its use in the domestic sphere is diverse and valued. It is not only characterized by providing solid joints but also flexible ones. However, it must be applied carefully with the help of some element and be careful due to the odors it emanates. And finally, we have the multipurpose ones that, although they provide a practical and safe handling, may not generate efficient results over time.

Drying time

When making a comparison of glues, we can see that one of the main factors to consider is the drying time. The speed with which we can carry out a project or solve a problem depends on this, since the faster it dries, the sooner we will be able to enjoy the functionality of the object, accessory, decorative element or complete a school or work activity.

We can say that its type of sealing will directly intervene in its drying speed. Hence, chemical adhesives do this by reacting with temperature, heat or humidity, so they can be quite fast. Like the two-component ones, which once the epoxy reacts with the hardener, fixes the surfaces. This group also includes those cured by ultraviolet light, which when the photochemical reaction occurs, adhesion is instantly obtained.

We must not ignore the glues that require pressure, some solvent or the application of heat, so their effect takes a little longer. Therefore, when making a choice, it is recommended that, regardless of how much the glue costs, it provides effective results in the shortest possible time, more so if we need to solve last-minute incidents.



Most glues are handled with deposits in the form of a boat, tube, ampoule or stick, of different capacities. This is another important point to consider, since it will determine the volume that can be used in each application, project or repair to be carried out.

However, the choice of the size of the bottle depends largely on the use that is going to be given to it. In other words, if what is required is a glue for more or less frequent use such as school work, DIY, design, then it is good to lean towards larger formats.

On the contrary, if the use is going to be sporadic, such as punctual repairs, a smaller presentation is better. Not only because of the fact that it is practical, but there will be no loss of the product, since they usually degrade or dry out over time.

Ease of application

As is known, the handling of this type of product must be careful, due to the chemical components that make up the formulation of most. Although, currently the school-type ones are manufactured based on natural and sustainable ingredients, so that they do not cause damage to health and the environment, in addition to coming in very comfortable presentations that avoid contact with the skin.

For their part, both cyanoacrylates and epoxy-type ones are mostly accompanied by pointed nozzles that provide precision and volume when applying the glue. Our recommendation is that you review and evaluate the way in which you can place the right amount of the product, to avoid using it in excess.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a glue?

Although its use will depend on the nature of the material (wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, fabric, porcelain or ceramic), the activity to be carried out (school, DIY, repair, etc.) and the type of glue; the action is basically the same. The first thing is to place the pieces to be joined on a surface to facilitate their handling.

Next, if necessary, the area to be bonded is cleaned to remove any residue of dust, grease or moisture; this will allow the glue to exert its action better. Afterwards, a thin layer should be applied and the pieces are joined, fixing them until dry. Try not to spread your skin and do the task outdoors, in addition to reading the instructions for use beforehand to obtain efficient results.

Q2: How to remove the glue from clothes?

Currently, there is a wide variety of products that help remove glue from clothes, including home remedies. In this sense, among the most outstanding options are white vinegar, lemon with salt and acetone.

The procedure is simple. Taking the necessary precautions, a cotton ball, a piece of cloth or simply apply the chosen product to the stain and rub gently for a short time, until the glue is released, and finally rinse with plenty of water.


Q3: What is the glue made of?

Some glues are the resulting product of polymers from petroleum hydrocarbons, such as polyvinyl acetate, polyurethane and cyanoacrylate. Others are of plant origin, such as corn starch, starch dextrins and the bark of some trees, and there are even those of animal origin, obtained from collagen.

It should be noted that this chemical, also called polyvinyl acetate, has characteristics that provide the union of two or more bodies, being a synthetic product that, depending on the degree of polymerization, obtains the viscosity that characterizes the glue.


Q4: How to make homemade glue?

If you are part of the movement to recycle and help the environment, preparing your own glue will give you security, since many of the adhesives sold in the market contain chemicals that are harmful to health. To do this, place flour (1 cup), sugar (1/3 cup) and a little water in a saucepan over medium heat until this mixture thickens. Then add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and let the emulsion rest in a glass container in the refrigerator.

Q5: How to remove the glue from hands?

When making crafts it is inevitable to fill your hands with glue. But this compound could cause damage if it is aggressive or just dirty if it is a soft glue. 

In the case of the last mentioned, you can remove it from your hands by washing with hot water and soap. If you do not have such elements, you can apply Vaseline or some cream. If it is an adhesive resistant to these options, you can use acetone or specific cleaners, as they also help remove difficult glue residues. However, you should take the necessary precautions, especially if your skin is sensitive.

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