The 9 Best Headboards of 2022

Headboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A headboard can turn your room into a cozy space, because it is capable of providing greater comfort with an elegant and attractive touch. Currently, the market offers a wide variety of models, however, we will detail the most outstanding ones, such as La Web del Colchón Julie, which is handcrafted with an MDF wood structure and upholstered in imitation leather, for greater resistance and smoothness. On the other hand, the SueñosZzz Zurich is covered by 25 density foam and you can use it hanging or leaning on the wall for greater versatility, it also includes installation material.

The 9 Best Headboards – Opinions 2022

Renewing the decoration of your room can be as simple as adding a padded board on the wall, so we present you a list with the best headboards of 2022, where you can obtain information about its characteristics to select a model that is according to your needs. your needs and tastes.

Headboard for 150 bed

1. The Mattress Web Julie Upholstered Headboard for Bed

This attractive headboard for a 150 cm bed is designed by hand by skilled craftsmen, which guarantees a good finish. Its internal structure is made of MDF wood that gives it great resistance and durability, as well as 4 cm thick padded foam.

On the outside, it is upholstered in soft-touch faux leather or synthetic leather, with 3 buttons that form a horizontal line, to provide a classic and elegant touch. In addition, it is available in black, ash grey, beige, white and is easily washable with a damp cloth and neutral soap.

It is considered by many to be the best headboard, as it includes all the installation materials for its wall fixing system, such as a height regulator, plugs and screws, guaranteeing correct fastening. In addition, it is suitable for beds with a standard double width, thanks to its dimensions of 160 x 55 x 4 cm.

Your bedroom must have attractive and functional furniture that allows you to get a good night’s rest, that’s why it’s good to select the best headboard of the moment. In this sense, we suggest you review the pros and cons of this model:


Upholstery: It has been upholstered with black leatherette fabric, but you can get it in other colors. In addition, its design has 3 buttons to give a touch of elegance.

Structure: Its internal structure is made by hand in MDF wood by skilled craftsmen in the manufacture of this type of furniture.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 160 cm wide and 55 cm high, making it suitable for 150 cm wide beds.

Installation: It is to hang on the wall and includes the necessary materials for its installation, among which are screws, plugs and a height regulator.


Thickness: The thickness of the padding could be less than the 4 cm specified by the manufacturer, which must be taken into account before making a decision.

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Headboard for 135 bed

2. SuenosZzz Bed Headboards 135 cm quilted Zurich

This functional headboard for a 135 cm bed offers 2 installation options to provide greater possibilities of use. One of them is to install it on the floor, between the wall and the bed, you can also hang it directly on the wall, thanks to the fact that it includes the necessary pieces for this task.

Its internal structure is made of pine wood, covered with HR 25 density foam, which guarantees greater firmness and comfort because it has the ability to recover its shape after being used, in addition, it does not cost much money, this is the reason why the one that many consider to be the best quality-price headboard of the moment.

It is upholstered with the new Aqualine fabric, which in addition to repelling liquids also resists stains. It is a light piece of furniture that weighs just 4.55 kg and has dimensions of 145 x 57 x 7 cm, making it suitable for use as a headboard for a 135 cm wide double bed.

If you don’t know which headboard to buy because you are looking for a high-quality product that adds appeal to the decoration of your room and is also useful, then you need to analyze in detail the pros and cons of this piece of furniture:


Upholstery: It is upholstered in gray with high-quality, anti-stain Aqualine fabric that provides durability and resistance.

Dimensions: It is suitable for 135 cm wide beds, since it has dimensions of 145 x 57 x 7 cm.

Installation: It offers a double installation system, supported behind the bed or hung on the wall, to adapt it according to your needs.

Foam: Its padding has 25 density HR foam, which provides firmness and softness.


Structure: Its internal structure is just a frame, not a complete sheet, which could reduce its strength.

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Headboard for 90 bed

3. Mueblix wrought iron headboard Nova 90

It is a headboard for a 90 cm bed, which has a simple and elegant design, capable of bringing warmth and romance to the decoration of any room. In addition, it is available in a sober white color, which provides greater brightness and luminosity to the environment.

Its structure has been forged in iron and is made up of 30 mm diameter side tubes. Likewise, it is covered with highly versatile epoxy polyester paint, which in addition to decorating also offers the possibility of protecting its surface from damage caused by constant changes in weather conditions.

If you want to discover which is the best headboard, then it is good that you know that this model does not require installation, because you can place it standing behind the bed and it has lower support studs, which provide greater stability and firmness on the headboard. floor, avoiding possible slips.

If what you are looking for is a complement to the decoration of your room, which provides a special visual appeal, it is good to consider the best brand of headboards, so we think that the pros and cons of this model may interest you:


Coating: It has an epoxy polyester paint coating, which protects its surface from possible corrosion caused by moisture.

Materials: It has been forged in iron with 30 mm tubes, which not only provide firmness but also resistance to the passage of time.

Dimensions: It has a maximum height of 125 cm and is suitable for 90 cm beds.

Support: It is provided with lower support studs, which provide it with greater firmness on the surface of the floor.


Finishes: Being wrought, it is possible that its joints do not have the best finishes, however, this is part of the rustic aspect of its design.

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Wooden bed headboard

4. The Web of the Vintage Rustic Wooden Headboard Mattress

It is a versatile wooden bed headboard, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, thus offering a distinctive and modern piece to each person. In addition, it has a weight of only 4 kg, so it is comfortable to hold and carry.

It has dimensions of 100 x 90 x 4 cm, which makes it suitable for 90 cm wide single beds. The headboard does not require complicated assembly, since it is only necessary to join its legs and it includes screws, plugs and a height regulator for this task.

It is made of solid pine wood that offers greater resistance to the structure and has a brushed finish, which highlights its rustic and natural touch, making it more attractive for rooms with country-style decoration. Likewise, it offers you 5 different colors to choose from, among which are turquoise, Nordic white, walnut varnish, pale pink and natural varnish.

If you want to acquire a headboard with a natural surface, which allows you to decorate it to your liking and which is also one of the cheapest, then we invite you to review the characteristics of this model before choosing one:


Materials: It is made of solid pine wood with a brushed finish, which offers the possibility of customizing it with the paint of your choice.

Weight: It weighs just 4 kg, which provides greater comfort when moving it.

Installation: Its installation is simple and includes plugs, screws and height regulator to facilitate its assembly anywhere.

Dimensions: It is suitable for 90 cm wide beds, since it has dimensions of 100 x 90 x 4 cm.


Structure: It is likely that some of your shelves are not properly aligned, which could give the impression of imperfection.

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Headboard for 180 bed

5. Decorquality ED Upholstered Bed Headboard Leatherette Model Texas

It is a headboard for a 180 cm bed, which has smooth lines, making it suitable for a sober and elegant bedroom, thanks to its button-tufted design with 6 buttons that form rectangles. In addition, the upholstery has been made with white leatherette fabric, has a padding system and 20 kg density foam with a thickness of 8 cm, making it resistant and comfortable.

It is made up of a solid wood frame and its dimensions are 180 x 70 x 8 cm. Likewise, it is made with high quality pine, developed in renewable Galician forests, making it an environmentally friendly product.

It is easy to install and has the necessary hardware to carry out the process. Its cleaning method is simple and straightforward, since you only need to slide a previously moistened soft cloth towel over the surface and rub in a circular motion to remove dust.

Complementing the decoration of your bedroom can be easy if you manage to choose a good headboard, with an attractive and functional design, so it is recommended that you take into account the pros and cons of this innovative model:


Dimensions: It is indicated for two-seater beds, thanks to its dimensions of 180 x 70 x 8 cm.

Upholstery: It has a quilted upholstery made of leatherette fabric, which gives a modern and warm appearance to the space, as well as greater resistance and durability to its surface.

Maintenance: It is easy to clean and maintain, since it is only necessary to rub the surface with a slightly damp towel.

Wood: It is made of Galician pine wood, which in addition to offering strength to the structure is friendly to the environment.


Color: It comes in a white presentation, so it could be easily stained, however, you can get it in 9 other shades to adapt it to your tastes.

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Headboard for 105 bed

6. Furniture Pejecar Bora headboard for 105 bed

This headboard for a 105 cm bed is a handcrafted piece of furniture with a satin white finish, which offers the possibility of giving a romantic and warm touch to the decoration of your bedroom, since it has a design of simple lines with vertical shelves..

It is made of solid wood extracted from radiata pine or radiata pine, which provides strength and elasticity to the headboard, as well as being a fairly light material, making it easy to use. It also has a double installation system, so that you can place it lying on its legs or hanging on the wall with the help of the included hardware.

Regarding its dimensions, it is 115 cm wide, so it is only suitable for single beds of 105 cm or less. In addition, it is 120 cm high from the ground and 3 cm thick to insulate both the cold and the heat.

Giving a personal touch to the decoration of the bedroom is possible when you have a special piece of furniture, such as this handcrafted headboard. In this sense, we detail its main characteristics before you make a decision:


Materials: It is made of distinguished or radiata pine wood, which offers a light and resistant structure.

Design: It has a design of simple lines that highlight its warmth and purity, thanks to the fact that it is made up of vertical shelves.

Dimensions: It is suitable for 105 cm beds, since it has dimensions of 115 x 120 x 3 cm.

Installation: It has two installation options, hanging on the wall or lying on its legs.


Color: It is only available in satin white, which could put it at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list with a greater variety of colors.

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Pallet bed headboard

7. SuenosZzz Rest Specialists Trevinca Headboard

This is a pallet headboard, which is one of the cheapest and highest quality materials available. It has a natural ecru finish that adds a rustic, country feel to any room, making it especially appropriate for people who are fanatics of nature.

It has a wall design with horizontal shelves that reveal the natural grain of the wood, so it is suitable for personalizing it to your taste and type of decoration, using varnish or paint. In addition, it includes the necessary hardware to anchor it to the wall safely.

On the other hand, it measures 110 cm long and 45 cm wide, suitable for suspended installation on 90 and 105 cm beds. It has a weight of only 5.6 kg that favors support and transport.

A wooden headboard can give you many decoration options, because it can be adapted to different environments and can also be personalized with a few coats of varnish or paint. For this reason, it is recommended that you consider the pros and cons of this model:


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 110 x 45 cm, which makes it suitable for beds of 90 or 105 cm.

Materials: It is made of high quality pine wood, which provides a strong and resistant structure over time.

Design: Its structure is made up of horizontal shelves in an ecru or natural color that offer an air of country-style freshness in the room.

Weight: Its weight is just 5.6 kg, which makes it easy to handle and install, because you do not need extra equipment to hold it.


Support: It does not include any type of support that could cushion the contact of the headboard with the wall, which could cause annoying noises.

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Headboard for 160 bed

8. SuenosZZZ Upholstered Jasmine Wood Headboard

This modern headboard for a 160 cm bed has a quilted design with 3 buttons and a central seam, upholstered in red imitation leather with a soft texture that provides great comfort. In addition, it has dimensions of 160 x 50 x 4 cm, making it suitable for decorating rooms with a double or matrimonial bed.

It has a resistant structure made of pine wood, a material recognized for its lightness and strength, complemented by padding made with 30 kg density polyurethane foam, which provides firmness and allows you to enjoy a good rest.

Also, it offers 2 mounting options to adapt it to your tastes and needs. One of them allows you to rest it on the bed base without a fastening system and the other way you can hang it on the wall at the height you consider necessary, thanks to the included installation hardware.

If you want to give your room a focal point, with an attractive and also functional piece, then you should carefully analyze the pros and cons of this model before making a decision:


Structure: It has an internal structure made of pine wood that combines lightness and resistance, to offer a long useful life.

Upholstery: It has quilted-style upholstery, red in color and made of soft-touch leatherette fabric that provides greater comfort. However, it is available in 12 other colors.

Padding: Its internal structure is padded with 30 kg density polyurethane foam to give it firmness and improve its shape.

Installation: It offers the possibility of supporting it on the bed base or hanging it on the wall and includes accessories for its installation.


Buttons: The buttons could be more delicate than expected, so it is suggested to treat them with due care to prevent them from falling off.

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White headboard

9. Distrigal SL HomeSouth Upholstered Double Bed Headboard

This white headboard is capable of bringing spaciousness and elegance to any type of decoration, since it is made with imitation leather that gives an impeccable finish to the structure and its capitonné design incorporates vertical and horizontal seams, which form wide rectangles. with 3 marks in the center to highlight its padding.

It has dimensions of 50 cm high and 3.5 cm thick, which effectively isolate the sensation of cold or heat that the wall may give off. It also has a width of 160 cm, making it suitable for decorating double beds.

On the other hand, it is an easy-to-install model, which includes the necessary screws and rings for a strong and secure fastening to the wall, placing it at a reasonable height from the edge of the bed.

A comfortable and attractive headboard can greatly improve the decoration of any room, so we invite you to carefully review the positive and negative characteristics of this model before making a decision:


Design: It has a quilted design with decorative horizontal and vertical seams, which form rectangles to give a modern touch to the room.

Installation: It is wall-mounted and includes the necessary tools for this task.

Upholstery: It is upholstered with imitation leather or imitation leather, which offers a sensation of softness to the touch for greater comfort.

Dimensions: It is suitable for double beds thanks to its dimensions of 160 x 50 x 3.5 cm.


Finishes: It is stapled, so it is necessary to hold it with due care during its installation to avoid accidents.

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Shopping guide

The headboard must be an attractive and functional piece within the decoration of your room, so when deciding on a specific model you must take into account all its characteristics to select the one that suits you best. In this sense and to facilitate your search, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best headboard.


To choose the appropriate model that is more in line with your personality and style, you must first take into account its lines and design. In this sense, you should consider whether you want an industrially prefabricated headboard with more delicate finishes or if you prefer a handmade one, where each piece manages to be unique and could provide a distinctive touch to the room.

Also, it is important to know where you are going to hang it, since some models can be used as the back of a piece of furniture in the living room, in this way you should know if you want to give it a cozy, classic, rustic, elegant, modern, fun touch. or sophisticated to the place. As background information, it’s worth noting that each design often incorporates elements that can add to the appeal of the headboard, such as stitching, buttons, and studs.


The manufacturing materials are very important when making a comparison of headboards, as they can help you decide which one is best for you. In this sense, the most common for this complement are natural wood, upholstered wood and iron.

In the case of unupholstered wooden headboards, in addition to being cheap, they are usually presented in their natural form or with some layers of varnish for protection, which provides a unique finish and gives a rustic touch to the room.. On the other hand, the upholstered wood ones use different types of fabrics to give different finishes, such as fabric, quilted synthetic leather or stain-resistant acualine fabric to prevent damage.

The padding of these models allows for greater comfort when reading or simply sitting in bed, since they generally use Hr foam with a density between 20 and 30 kg and a thickness that can range from 3.5 cm to 8 cm, which makes it possible to efficiently insulate both cold and heat.

In the case of headboards made of iron, they are generally coated with epoxy paint or similar to protect the surface and prevent contamination and damage to health. It is worth mentioning that both the varnish, as well as the fabrics and paints can be available in a variety of colors, so you can decide which one best suits your personality.


The dimensions and weight of a headboard can define its value, so you should take them into consideration if you want to know how much each one costs, whether you want to buy a single or double size for double beds. In this sense, there is a kind of general rule when deciding the dimensions of the headboard you need, which explains that its outer edges should protrude 5 or 10 cm on each side of the mattress. Although it is not necessary to follow it to the letter, it is important to know it and take it into account.

In this way, you can find 100 and 110 cm headboards for 90 cm wide beds, 115 cm for 105 cm wide beds, 145 cm for 135 cm wide beds and 160 cm for 150 cm beds. Wide. The height of the headboard can vary between 50 and 125 cm depending on your tastes and the selected model, as well as the thickness that can affect comfort.


The 2 types of headboards most commonly used due to their practicality and functionality are the standing and hanging ones. In the case of the floor models, they do not need to be attached to the wall because they can stand on their own behind the bed, which also allows you to easily move the decoration around whenever you consider it necessary.

On the other hand, hanging or wall headboards must have some type of fastening system to keep it suspended above the upper edge of the mattress. In this sense, it is necessary to open 2 or more holes in the wall to install the hardware or plugs that will hold it in place.

Also, it is worth mentioning that some models offer both installation options, where you can decide whether to hang it or support it behind the bed according to your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to place a headboard?

To place the headboard, the first thing you should do is measure the distance from the floor to the desired height on the wall to mark the fastening points, making sure that both points are at the same height to avoid unevenness, which is why it is important that you use a meter and perform several tests. Afterwards, you can open the holes in the wall with the help of a drill and insert the hardware or plugs that will hold the headboard in place to finally mount the headboard.

Q2: How to make a headboard?

A wooden headboard is attractive and easy to carry out as a DIY project, for which you will only need wooden slats of the length that is most suitable for your bed, as well as varnish, nails, screws, glue or adhesive tape. To start, place the horizontal strips on a flat surface, such as a table or the floor to mark the position of your preference, it can be one next to the other or leaving a few centimeters between them.

Next, fasten the horizontal slats with two or more vertical slats at the back, holding them in position using one of the aforementioned fastening devices. Once they are well secured, apply a layer of varnish to give the wood a more careful appearance, wait the time indicated by the manufacturer for it to dry and you will have the structure of a headboard.

Q3: How to decorate the headboard?

The headboard of the bed is a versatile and functional element where you can express all your creativity so that it becomes the focal point of the decoration of your room. In addition to being able to hang the traditional padded board, the iron bars or the wooden slats, you can also hang portraits, paintings, pieces of cloth, posters, stickers, flowers, among many other things that are according to your personality and the color palette. colors of your room.

Q4: At what height is a headboard placed?

There is no specific height to place the headboard of a bed, since the height will basically depend on the taste and needs of each person. However, some decorators take their intended use as a guide to establish an approximate height.

In this sense, the headboards used only as a decorative piece in the room are not usually too high, so they could be between 50 and 60 cm from the mattress. However, if in addition to a decorative piece you want a headboard that serves as a support, then you need one from 60 to 100 cm.

Q5: What to do with a used headboard?

A used headboard can have countless uses, not only decorative but also functional, everything will depend on its type of structure and your creativity. Those made of wood can be used as a desk, coffee table or back of a piece of furniture. Those made of iron can serve as a screen to separate spaces or you can simply renew them to redecorate the room or living room.

Q6: How to renew a headboard?

Renovating a headboard can be an interesting decorating project that will help you give your room a new look. In this sense, if your headboard is padded, just by changing the color or pattern of the tapestry you can create a big difference. If, on the other hand, it is made of wood or iron, you can change the tone of the paint, add vinyl or cover it with fabric. You can also mix textures and materials to give it an avant-garde touch, the important thing is that you let your imagination run wild.

Q7: What to put above the headboard of a double bed?

The headboards of double beds are usually places where objects valued by the couple are placed, it all depends on the tastes and interests in common. In this sense, it is possible to place photos of special moments and people for both of you, but they are also appropriate to put pieces of art, books and independent reading lamps so that the two people can read lying in the tranquility of their bed.

Q8: How to upholster a headboard?

To upholster a headboard you will need a board, a piece of foam rubber 5 cm longer than the board on each side, a piece of fabric 10 cm longer than the previous pieces, staples and a stapler. Place the board on a table, mount the piece of foam rubber on it and start fastening it to the edges of the board with the help of the stapler, placing a staple every 2 or 3 cm.

Remove the board with the foam from the table and spread out the fabric, then place the board back on the table but with the foam on top of the fabric and the board on top. Next, start pinning the fabric the way you did with the foam, making sure it’s stretched out nicely.

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