The 9 Best Hot Tubs of 2022

Hot Tub – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a hot tub at home is the best option to relax after a long day at work, massage our body or enjoy therapy in the event of a muscle injury. All this is possible thanks to its system of water outlet nozzles with different thicknesses and pressure levels. GRAFICA MA.RO SRL Havana is a hydromassage bathtub that can be used by two people simultaneously, as it has a spacious and anatomical structure. In addition, they have an intuitive operation. For its part, the Jet-Line Villa Salomé model was made with resistant materials and a series of nozzles with relaxing and therapeutic purposes.

The 9 Best Hot Tubs – Opinions 2022

Hydromassage bathtubs are products that currently enjoy great popularity due to their relaxing-therapeutic function, as well as thanks to the aesthetic contribution given to the bathroom. Below, we present a small selection made up of possibly the nine best whirlpool bathtubs, which will help you define your purchase.

Hydromassage bathtub for 2 people

1. Gráfica Ma.Ro SRL Hydromassage bathtub Model HAVANA 

The Havana tub might just be the best hot tub. Its structure has a spacious format whose base offers dimensions of 170 x 115 centimeters, while its height reaches 61 centimeters. For its manufacture, sanitary-type acrylic was used in a bright white tone with stainless steel. These are certified, high-end materials that make up a structure weighing 100 kilograms.

This hydromassage bathtub for 2 people incorporates a convenient automated sterilization system, as well as the taps and all the necessary material for its installation. 

Likewise, it has been provided with a practical shower, water pressure regulation mechanism, LED light, towel holder, a couple of cushions, five large nozzles and 10 small ones. We cannot fail to mention the computerized control panel, from which you can program the operation of the bathtub.

If you want to have the best hot tub of the moment at home, you should consider this model among your purchase options, since it has attractive features.


Manufacturing: The sanitary acrylic and stainless steel used provide a long useful life due to their quality.

Installation: It has a fairly simple assembly thanks to the built-in tools for this task.

Format: The bathtub is suitable for two people, thanks to its 170 x 115 centimeter format.

Operation: Its computerized control panel allows you to easily program its operation.


Instruction manual: Due to the absence of the instruction manual, if you have doubts about its use, it is necessary to contact the technical service, who will send you one.

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2. Jet-Line Hydromassage bathtub for 2 people with chromotherapy

This Jet-Line 2-Person Hot Tub has captured the attention of buyers due to its spacious design, made of sanitary-grade acrylic material and lined with fiberglass. In this sense, it is a product resistant to both the weight supported and the scratches that may arise with constant use and washing.

The structure has an elegant aesthetic in white, its format is 180 x 140.5 x 74 centimeters and its weight is around 99 kilograms. In addition, it is worth mentioning the incorporation of around 30 nozzles with massage, relaxing and air jet functions. 

Likewise, there is the LED lighting system for a warm experience, the disinfection mechanism and a practical control panel. Also, it is important to mention that the equipment requires a power supply with a power input of 220 to 240 watts, which falls within the average standard.

With this model you will have a resistant product, with intuitive operation and elegant aesthetics. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Dimensions: This 180 x 140.5 x 74 centimeter bathtub offers a spacious layout designed for a couple.

Manufacturing: Acrylic and fiberglass material was used for its manufacture, which give it greater resistance to deterioration.

Mouthpieces: Thanks to its 30 mouthpieces you can enjoy various therapies to relax your body.

Power: The product requires a power input of 220 to 240 watts and offers moderate consumption.


Water consumption: The water consumption required by the bathtub is high, however, when compared to other models it is acceptable.

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outdoor hot tub

3. Jet Line Hot Tub Whirlpool Jacuzzi Villa Salome

Among the best hydromassage bathtubs of 2022, this model stands out, patented by the well-known brand Jet Line, which has an elegant design line, with a spacious and resistant structure. Its format corresponds to a base of 210 x 160 centimeters and a depth of 79 centimeters, so we can conclude that it is a suitable surface for a maximum of two people.

When it comes to the manufacture of this outdoor hot tub, we will have to mention the combination of reinforced polymer, sanitary acrylic and a convenient fiberglass coating that prevents scratches. All this has been worked on a stainless steel structure, which allows greater stability.

The bathtub incorporates a series of nozzles responsible for providing different therapies that relieve stress levels, massage and relieve muscle discomfort. In addition, it has been provided with an ozone sterilization system, heating and adjustable drainage.

For many, Jet Line is the best hot tub brand due to the variety of models and high quality standards, learn more about your model.


Dimensions: Its structure has dimensions that are spacious enough for a couple of people with a robust build.

Nozzles: The incorporation of a series of nozzles will allow you to enjoy relaxing and therapeutic treatments.

Structure: The stainless steel structure incorporates rigid polymer reinforcements on acrylic, adding a fiberglass coating for greater resistance.

Sterilization: Its automated sterilization system maintains the hygiene of the product.


Symmetry: The bathtub does not have a very symmetrical shape, something that on an aesthetic level can bother some users.

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4. Bagno Italia Hot tub hydromassage bathtub 200x200x80 for outdoor use

This is an outdoor hot tub designed to be used by a maximum of five people. This is due to its spacious structure of 200 x 200 x 80 centimeters and capacity to hold up to 1,200 liters of water.

The product has been made of ABS polymer, a synthetic material with a high level of resistance, soft to the touch and free of polluting particles that can cause some type of allergy. In addition, it incorporates a total of 29 copper nozzles arranged in small and large sizes for the output of water and air pressure.

On the other hand, we have the incorporation of a sensor system for measuring the water level, some cushions to place the head and an electronic lifesaver. It is important to refer to the integrated heater and the fact that the respective set of taps is included in the purchase package.

If you are looking for an outdoor bathtub to enjoy with your friends, you should review the pros and cons of this spacious model for five people.


Construction: The ABS polymer selected for its construction offers strength, smoothness and stability.

Accessories: You will not have to invest in a set of taps, since it is included with the purchase.

Dimensions: Its base of 200 square centimeters and height of 80 centimeters, offers a suitable surface for five people.

Sensors: Thanks to its measurement sensor you can easily know the volume of water contained in the bathtub.


Weight: The weight could be a bit high for handling, so the help of at least one other person is necessary.

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Corner hot tub

5. Gráfica Ma.Ro SRL Model Sant’Angels hydromassage bathtub 140 x 140 cm

When asked which is the best hydromassage bathtub, you should know the main characteristics of the Sant’Angels model. Its structure has been designed with high-end raw material that enhances a long useful life, thanks to the resistance and stability provided by stainless steel, sanitary-type acrylic and front glass.

This corner whirlpool bathtub has an elegant format in white, chrome taps and a pair of headrests padded with synthetic fabric. Its format is 140 square centimeters and is suitable for two people.

In addition, it incorporates 28 nozzles, pressure regulation system, towel holder and control panel with intuitive operation. In the same way, the product has been provided with LED lights to carry out a “color therapy”, sterilization mechanism, protection against overheating of the electrical part and all the necessary material to carry out the assembly.

By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this model, you may not have any more problems deciding which hot tub to buy.


Manufacturing: Thanks to its construction in stainless steel, acrylic and glass, you will enjoy a resistant and stable product.

Design: The structure has a spacious and elegant design, designed to accommodate two people.

Safety: The bathtub has been provided with a mechanism against short circuits, which enhances its useful life and provides safety.

Accessories: With the purchase, all the necessary material for the assembly is included, so you will not have to make extra investments.


Format: This bathtub has a single presentation of 140 square centimeters, which is a limitation for people with a larger build.

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6. Gráfica Ma.Ro SRL Hydromassage bathtub Model MIAMI 135 x 135 cm

This is a corner hot tub with a modern and elegant design that will capture the attention of all your guests. Its structure has been built in stainless steel and sanitary acrylic, two materials that offer a high level of resistance, stability and durability. Likewise, it incorporates robust glass in its front area so that you can monitor the water level.

It is important to mention that this is a cheap hot tub with a format of 135 square centimeters, suitable for a maximum of two people. In addition, its installation method is quite simple and includes some tools and a complete set of taps.

When it comes to tasks such as power on, nozzle programming, LED light, pressure adjustment, activation of the sterilization system and motor shutdown, you will not have to worry because they are intuitive processes that are carried out by means of from a control panel.

This is a bathtub with a vertical, spacious design and elegant aesthetics, whose advantages and disadvantages you will learn about below.


Raw material: The stainless steel and acrylic material used in its construction provide a high level of resistance to the structure.

Format: The bathtub has capacity for a couple of people thanks to its 135 square centimeter interior.

Accessories: The installation process will be quite simple due to the incorporation of some tools and a set of taps. 

Control panel: You will have a fairly intuitive control panel for you to program everything related to the operation of the bathtub.


Heater: Its operation could be further improved if a water heater is incorporated.

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Other products

7. Gráfica Ma.Ro SRL Hydromassage bathtub Corner bathtub Varadero 170 X 115 cm

If you want to acquire the best value for money hydromassage bathtub and one of the cheapest on our list of recommendations, we invite you to get to know this product in detail, which has managed to positively capture the attention of users. It is the Varadero model from the GRAFICA MA.RO SRL house, whose structure has a format of 170 x 115 x 61 centimeters and has been designed to be used by up to two people simultaneously. 

For its manufacture, certified materials were used, such as stainless steel in the structure and its nozzles, as well as sanitary acrylic and synthetic fabric for padding the pair of cushions.

This bathtub has been provided with a practical and intuitive control panel from which you can program its operation. In addition, it incorporates a towel holder, a pressure regulation system, an overheating mechanism and a sterilization mode.

Among the cheapest hot tub options is this model, whose pros and cons we reveal below.


Control panel: The incorporation of a control panel provides quick and intuitive programming of its functions.

Cushions: You can rest in complete comfort thanks to the pair of cushions padded with synthetic fabric.

Dimensions: Its 170 x 115 x 60 centimeter format offers an interior structure suitable for two people.

Towel holder: You will always have your towel at hand, since it incorporates a special support for its placement.


Hot water: The incorporation of a heater is an aspect that could be improved to provide a better user experience.

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8. Duwilux Whirlpool HAMPTON 180 x 130 Whirl bathtub

When thinking about acquiring a hydromassage bathtub, we form certain expectations regarding the functions that the product will offer us, as well as about the resistance of the structure and the projected aesthetics. In this sense, a recommended model is the Duwilux Hampton. It is a bathtub with a base of 180 x 130 centimeters, a depth of 75 centimeters and a pair of padded headrests, designed to offer a space for relaxation and comfort suitable for two people.

Among other specifications to highlight of this model, we have its containment capacity for 450 liters and the copper taps with a chrome finish that protects it from corrosion. 

Similarly, it is important to mention the incorporation of a 300-watt air pump, a 1.5-kilowatt heating system, ozone disinfection technology, light therapy and a total of 22 air nozzles.

This bathtub has high-end power and an attractive design, which will offer you intuitive operation and low power consumption.


Format: Its dimensions 180 x 130 x 75 centimeters create a medium-sized format for two people, which will not take up much space when assembled.

Headrest: The bathtub incorporates a pair of headrests, which will allow you to rest in great comfort.

Nozzles: With this bathtub you will have 22 nozzles with adjustable air outlet according to the needs of use.

Disinfection: Its ozone disinfection technology will keep the water clean and fresh.


Assembly: Its assembly, although it is intuitive, requires some tools that are not included with the purchase.

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9. Supply24 DOUBLE Whirlpool bathtub Olymp Made in Germany

Direct from Germany comes this model of whirlpool bathtubs with a rectangular format of 190 x 140 centimeters, designed to be used by two people and mounted in any interior space of your home. Its white structure has well-cared finishes that highlight the high level of quality characteristic of the brand.

Certified and resistant materials were used for its construction, as well as angular chrome faucets and water sterilization technology using ozone. 

In addition, the product has been provided with LED lighting, a safe adjustable heating system, a water pump with a maximum power of 900 watts and a total of 24 nozzles with varying sizes that promote relaxation. We cannot forget to mention the pair of headrests padded with synthetic material, which provide extra comfort.

This is an indoor bathtub with an attractive design that can capture your attention at first sight and whose pros and cons we specify below.


Power: The 900-watt power of the pump generates low consumption and is regulated according to the needs of each person.

Headrest: The pair of headrests gives people extra comfort when diving.

Sterilization: Ozone sterilization technology removes bacteria from the water, leaving it clean and fresh.

Design: Its rectangular design and detailed finishes will give the room an elegant and minimalist aesthetic.


Accessories: By not incorporating a shower or regulators, it is necessary to purchase these accessories separately. 

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Shopping guide

Hydromassage bathtubs, more than a luxury, for some users can be considered a therapeutic and relaxation equipment, since the pressure generated by their nozzles, added to the cold, warm or hot water, significantly help to release tension and relieve ailments Here is a small guide to buying the best hot tub, which we hope will be of great help to you.

Format and resistance

Both the format and the resistance offered by the manufacturing raw material are usually characteristics to be taken into consideration in any comparison of hydromassage bathtubs. Therefore, it is important that you emphasize corroborating both aspects prior to purchasing the product.

With regard to the format of the structure, it is necessary that the dimensions width – length of the bathtub adapt to the space that you have set for its assembly. In this sense, it is convenient to contrast these measures to avoid any type of future mishap. In addition, you will have to make sure that the interior of the bathtub is spacious enough for you to immerse yourself comfortably. Remember that there are models designed for two and up to six people, fully adaptable to your usage needs.

On the other hand, there is the issue of resistance, stability and durability of the structure, which will depend directly on the materials used for its construction. These must be high-end and have their respective certification. The main ones used by manufacturers are stainless steel for the base and sanitary acrylic for the structure. Likewise, glass is usually incorporated in a small area to visualize the water level from the outside.

Control panel and work modes

No matter how much your hot tub costs, you’ll need to keep it simple to operate. To do this, you will have to confirm that the structure has been provided with a control panel with an intuitive design, whose buttons have been properly identified. In addition, this space must be placed in a visible and easily accessible area. In this way, when you immerse yourself in the bathtub, you can access it without any inconvenience.

When reviewing the purchase portals, you will find various models of hot tubs and, although they have the same operating mechanics, it is also true that there are some distinctive characteristics. In this sense, we refer to the configuration and working modes.

Most of today’s bathtubs have a small controller panel with an on-off button and other functions for adjusting the speed of the motor, pressure and the direction in which the nozzles are projected. Likewise, it could also have a light therapy mode. These settings provide a better user experience.


Although it is important that you emphasize the search for a good and cheap hot tub, you should also take into consideration other aspects that will benefit you in the long term. It is the incorporation of some accessories in the purchase package. In this way, you will get a better mounting experience. In addition, you will avoid making an extra investment by acquiring the necessary material for this task separately.

In general, manufacturers usually accompany the hydromassage bathtub with a set of taps that corresponds to the level of quality of the product. However, you must verify that the manufacturing material is anticorrosive and with a robust body that guarantees its useful life.

Similarly, it is quite common to find some brands that offer a fairly complete assembly kit with their products. In them, you will find various tools, supports for fixing, pipes and connections, among other necessary elements.

Water treatment

The cleanliness of the bath water is another issue of great importance, since our body will be in direct contact with the vital liquid when we submerge. This means that, if we are not consistent with its cleaning, we could cause some type of allergy or subcutaneous infection. Therefore, it is important to verify that the product to be purchased incorporates some type of automated disinfection or sterilization technology.

For example, most hot tubs come with an ozone generator, which is one of the best methods of purifying water, keeping it fresh and free of bacteria. 

In addition, it is important to mention that ozone is free of chemical residues, so it is completely ecological. Likewise, it provides a deodorizing effect, which will block any bad odor generated by humidity. On the other hand, the ultraviolet treatment stands out, which is carried out by means of lamps that automatically radiate light and purify all the water.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a hot tub?

The first thing you should do is cover the drain and fill the bathtub up to the level recommended by the manufacturer. In this way, you can pour any relaxing or therapeutic essence that you want into the water. Next, identify the control panel and press the power button to start the motor and proceed to adjust the speed. Likewise, configure the pressure level of the jets, the lights and the water temperature, which should not exceed 40 °C. Thus, you can carefully immerse yourself in the bathtub and adjust the direction of the nozzles.

At the end of the session, you will have to press the off button, get out of the bathtub and release the drain to empty the bathtub. Remember to dry the control panel with a soft cloth.

Q2: How to clean a hot tub?

In general, hot tubs have a disinfection or sterilization system, which is responsible for eliminating accumulated bacteria. However, it is important to periodically carry out a deep cleaning both inside and outside of the structure. To do this, you need the help of a soft sponge to rub a generous amount of detergent on the surface. If you wish, you can apply a homemade recipe to remove stains such as baking soda with lemon, white vinegar or bleach. The important thing is that you completely remove the excesses and be careful with the faucet, since these formulas could corrode it or damage its finish.

Q3: How to light a hot tub?

Turning on a hot tub is a fairly simple and intuitive procedure. As is known, this type of equipment requires electrical power to start the motor, so you will have to connect its respective power cable to the nearest power source. Afterwards, it will only remain to identify the power button on the control panel and press it.

Q4: Why doesn’t a hot tub work?

The reasons for a hot tub not working can be several. For example, it could be the product of a fault in the electrical system due to a low or high current, as well as an incompatibility with respect to the input and output voltage of the power source. Other possible causes of the cessation of its operation could be the bath pump, a deformed turbine and worn gaskets. It is important that, in the event of a failure in its operation, you stop using it, since, otherwise, you could aggravate the damage.

Q5: How to make a masonry hot tub?

To make a built-in bathtub you will need to delimit the area to be excavated and mount the respective suction pipe, which must be approximately two inches in diameter. Then, place the pump with its piping system and start pouring the concrete over the metal mesh arranged at the base of the previously dug area. Do not forget to mount the sewage pipe, the suction and return mechanisms and the hydrojets. Also, you will have to add a glass of approximately 10 centimeters on one side to monitor the water, empty the floor and finally place the tiles.

Q6: How to install a hot tub?

Hot tubs have their own plumbing system, so installation work will primarily consist of matching existing tubs in the installation area. Thus, you can adjust them to each other without any inconvenience. In addition, you must fix the structure with the help of the material incorporated by the manufacturer and connect the power cable to a power source.

Q7: What is the difference between a Jacuzzi and a hot tub?

The Jacuzzi and the hot tub are a pair of products that function identically. However, there is a small differentiation that can confuse buyers. The term Jacuzzi is really the surname of the father of hydromassage bathtubs, who patented the invention under that brand name. For their part, other manufacturers recreated the concept under a generic name such as “whirlpool baths”.

Q8: Who invented the hot tub?

The hydromassage bathtub was invented by an Italian mechanic living in California named Cándido Jacuzzi. At the beginning of the 20th century, together with his six brothers, he founded the Jacuzzi Brothers company, responsible for the construction and marketing of both aircraft propellers and hydraulic pumps.

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