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Hydromassage Column – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


When it comes to enjoying a relaxing shower, it can be attractive to add the comfort offered by a shower column. An interesting product and with which it is possible to add the pressure of different sprinklers, to give you greater comfort and relaxation in your shower. You can entrust this task to models such as the Roca A2H0423000 column. An integral model of a thermostatic nature and with sprinklers throughout the body of the shower, for greater comfort. A similar approach is given by the Bonade Multifunctional model, which has been designed so that you can adjust it to your preferences every day, with up to 6 configurations available.

The 9 Best Hydromassage Columns – Opinions 2022

Enjoying a relaxing shower is easy if you have a quality hydromassage shower column. Some products that add special sprinklers to the usual shower, for greater comfort and relaxation. But to achieve this, it is necessary to find the best hydromassage column of the moment, according to your needs and preferences. To make it easier for you to decide which is the best hydromassage column to mount in your home, we give you some ideas, with proposals that range from the simplest and cheapest to the most expensive and complex.

Roca hydromassage column 

1. Roca A2H0423000 Chrome Hydromassage Column

Although it is not among the cheap hydromassage columns on the market, the Roca A2H0423000 model is all you need to enjoy pleasant sensations in your shower. To do this, this Roca hydromassage column replaces the conventional shower heads with two complete jets integrated into the body of the product, which perfectly cover both the neck and lumbar areas. 

As a firm candidate to be the best current hydromassage column, the product also has a thermostatic water outlet system, which allows you to regulate the water temperature to what you need. A complete model that is finished off with a large water outlet in the upper area, as well as the usual telephone socket, with hose and head, for when you do not need a massage but a simple shower.

Let’s know more details about this model, coming from the best brand of hydromassage columns for a good part of the users.


Water outlet : Compared to conventional models, this product has two large jets oriented towards the neck and lower back.

Temperature control : It is easy to control the outlet temperature using the included thermostatic system.

Installation : The installation is very versatile, since the column is hung in the way that suits you best.

Modes : The hydromassage system has two modes of use: stimulating and relaxing.

Appearance : The product is made of matte stainless steel with an elegant chrome finish.


Calibrated: It is necessary to calibrate the thermostatic system previously, so that it works correctly.

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2. Roca A2H0416000 Thermostatic Hydromassage Column, Evolution Model

Among the best hydromassage columns of 2022 we also have the Roca A2H0416000 model. A product that follows the line of these modern Roca models, with an integrated double sprinkler system, as opposed to superimposed sprinklers. A product that is made of high quality stainless steel with a beautiful chrome finish and a simple installation system, hanging on the wall. 

The product includes everything you need to easily control the output of water, both for the thermostatic system and for the way you can choose the type of massage to receive. All this within the usual quality approach when referring to a Roca hydromassage column. An approach where there is also a hose and a handheld shower, as well as a large water outlet at the top, for better sensations of use.

To make it clearer which is the best hydromassage column you can buy, we give you more details about this Roca product.


Material: Its stainless steel construction gives a nice appearance to the product.

Complete design: In addition to the jets, you have a large top outlet and a hose with a telephone.

Thermostatic : This technology allows better control of the water temperature.

Installation : The installation is done comfortably, hanging the column from the wall.


Water direction: Since it has integrated jets, they cannot be oriented.

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Thermostatic hydromassage column

3. Bonade Multifunctional Hydromassage Thermostatic Shower Panel

A thermostatic hydromassage column offers many advantages when taking a relaxing shower, since you don’t have to worry about temperature variations, which allows you to enjoy the moment even more. 

This attribute is just one of the many qualities that the Bonade model offers for your well-being. Similarly, it is safe to use for children and the elderly, thanks to its temperature lock of 38 degrees, which prevents burns. 

On the other hand, it is a widely configurable column, which allows you to choose between a waterfall or rain water outlet, in addition to having the possibility of selecting up to 3 options in your hand shower.

The technical aspects of the model are also noteworthy, since the model is made entirely of stainless steel, to avoid corrosion problems. In addition, it is a scratch resistant material and also easy to clean.

If at this point you have not decided which hydromassage column to buy, analyzing this model in detail may help you select your best option.


Safety lock: Allows proper use for children and the elderly, thanks to its temperature lock that does not allow it to be increased to more than 38 degrees.

Ease of use: Offers easy-to-activate switches, so you can adapt to the model quickly and take advantage of all the included features.

Durability: This column is made of resistant materials, for proper use over time.


Cleaning: The product does not come with anti-fingerprint treatment, so you will probably have to clean it more often.

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4. DP Faucets Thermostatic hydromassage column 

The DP Grifería Provenza thermostatic hydromassage column is an interesting option for those looking for cheap but quality columns. A model that changes its main manufacturing material for white aluminum, compared to the usual stainless steel of these products. Something that gives the model a different and interesting look. 

It also changes the approach of its jets, integrated inside the column compared to the more classic external sprinkler models. These sprays are large in size and comfortably focused, to cover your body comfortably. 

The model is finished off with everything that completes a quality product, such as the upper spray system or the telephone with a head on the side. By the way, the installation has 50 centimeter long sleeves, which make it easier to place the product at the height and position that suits you best.

Give a different touch to any bathroom with everything that this complete shower column puts at your disposal.


Appearance: The white aluminum that is part of this product makes a nice difference compared to the traditional design of these models.

Shower heads : The two large integrated shower heads generate pleasant sensations during the shower.

Assembly : The assembly is very versatile both due to the size of the product and that of the connectors, 50 centimeters long.


Finishes: Some finishes could be improved, especially in the aspect of the shower telephone and the hose.

Calibrated: As with thermostatic models, it is necessary to previously calibrate the column and before leaving it assembled.

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Other products

5. Saeuwtowy LED Waterfall Shower Panel

The Saeuwtowy Type1 hydromassage column is one of the most versatile models on the market, with up to five water outlet modes. Something that can be seen with the naked eye, since in its structure we find four showerheads but also an integrated upper area, in the manner of showerheads from Roca and other leading brands. An advanced design that allows you to better customize the behavior of the water outlet and enjoy better experiences during use. 

In addition, it also has other details such as the LCD screen, where you can clearly see the temperature of the water and also the duration of the shower, so you don’t overdo it. The model also has integrated LED lighting, so you can see everything more clearly during the shower. And we can’t forget the lower bathroom faucet either, for when you need to use it and don’t want the conventional mode of use.

If you are looking for a complete and versatile product, you can use all the functions offered by this model.


Modes of use: Thanks to its approach, this product has 5 different functions, such as rain, waterfall, hand shower, jets or bathtub spout.

Thermostatic : The thermostatic system makes it easier to control the outlet temperature of the water.

Technology : The model includes technological elements, such as LED lights or the integrated LCD screen.


Batteries : The process of changing the batteries is somewhat complicated, requiring the disassembly of the product from the wall.

Materials : Certain connecting elements are made of plastic, so they must be tightened and treated with care.

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6. Turefans LED Shower Column LCD Display Multiple Modes

The modern design of this hydromassage column will quickly capture your attention, due to its elegant aesthetics and well-crafted finishes. In addition, thanks to the blue tone LED lighting system incorporated into the structure, you can create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere while you are showering.

The equipment has been manufactured in 304 steel, which is an alloy with a robust, stable, light and resistant body. Likewise, an anticorrosive protection is added, which is convenient because the metal is in constant contact with water. For its part, the exterior was brushed to provide a soft touch and highly attractive shiny appearance. 

Also, the LCD screen integrated into the column stands out, from which it is possible to adjust the temperature level of the hot or cold water. Likewise, you have the option to select the type of water output, be it spray, rain, discharge, waterfall or a manual mode.

Next, the pros and cons of a hydromassage column with modern design and advanced technology.


LED lighting: The LED lighting system creates a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.

Adjustment: It is possible to adjust the temperature of the water from cold to hot or vice versa, as it suits you.

Water outlet: With the push of a button, you can select between five different modes for the water outlet.

Assembly: All the necessary parts for assembly are included, so you will not have to make any additional investment.


Instruction manual: An instruction manual in Spanish is missing.

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7. DP Faucets G-642 Crystal Hydromassage Column

As we have already mentioned, buying one of these modern hydromassage columns does not mean breaking your wallet. We have the proof in models such as the DP Grifería G-642, which is currently the best value-for-money hydromassage column in our selection. A product of traditional cut that has a wide structure and made of steel base and glass cover, with which to have a different image in your bathroom. 

It also includes six traditional cut sprinklers, adjustable and activatable as it suits you according to your preferences. A model that does not lack the superior, square and good-sized shower outlet, or the outlet in telephone mode, with support and hose included. A complete offer that you can access for less money than you can expect.

So that equipping your bathroom does not cost you more money than necessary, you just have to take a look at everything that this model offers you.


Appearance: The glass design gives a different look to aluminum or stainless steel products.

Sprinklers : If you prefer traditional sprinklers, this model has six of them, adjustable and of good quality.

Assembly : Thanks to the materials included, you will have considerable comfort when it comes to assembly.


Pressure outlet: The product has a tendency to reduce the outlet pressure of the water, according to certain comments in this regard.

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8. TecTake Waterfall shower panel with jets

The TecTake Futurista hydromassage column is an ideal model to enjoy the pleasant sensations of these showers in comfort. Something for which this model offers you a beautiful finish with straight lines and integrated jets within the body of the column itself. In addition, this product also changes the position of the controls, so that only the temperature control remains on the front, moving the rest of the controls to the side of the product, where you can choose the output mode and other product operating options. 

The model is finished off with its own anti-scale technology, which prevents clogging problems and loss of shine in the column. As for its assembly, this is simple due to the versatility that the included accessories allow, so that you establish the height of the assembly that best suits you at all times.

Enjoy the relaxing sensations of a hydromassage column with everything that this TecTake model puts at your disposal.


Control panel: The control panel is partly on the side, to give you easier access.

Thermostatic : The included thermostatic system allows a better control of the water outlet temperature.

Cleaning and finishing: Thanks to the quality of its finishing, it is an easy-to-clean product with a really elegant appearance.


Pressure: As with other models, the product has a tendency to reduce the water outlet pressure.

Jets size: The integrated jets are more rectangular, compared to the square design of other products on the market.

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9. Hudson Reed Thermostatic Shower Panel 

The Hudson Reed TRUSP301 model is a complete hydromassage column with which to enjoy more pleasant sensations in your bathroom. A model that has six adjustable and paired jets, both in the lumbar area and in the neck and back. It also has an upper water outlet, as well as a telephone outlet, integrated into the panel area itself. A complete model made of high quality aluminium, elegant and easy to clean. 

It includes other details such as protection against burns, with a temperature selector at 38 degrees, or a complete range of assembly elements, including the hoses and everything you need in this process. In addition, as proof of the high quality of the product, it offers no less than a 10-year guarantee on all its elements.

Enjoy the tranquility of a hydromassage shower thanks to all the quality elements included in this model.


Sprinklers : It has four sprinklers, in addition to the main upper water outlet and the telephone socket.

Jets: Includes six different jets, with which to achieve a pleasant exit from the water, personalized to your preferences.

Materials : It incorporates a main body of aluminum and ceramic discs in the taps, among other improvements.


Telephone integration: It is key to place the telephone well in the column, so that it does not bother in case we do not use it.

Pressure : Some comments recommend increasing the water pressure, which is lost when installing the product.

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Shopping guide

The hydromassage column is one of those small improvements with which to add greater comfort to your bathroom. A product that has dropped quite a bit in price in recent times, so how much one of these models costs is no longer a problem. However, they are still high-level products that require a calm purchase process to find the ideal model. A process in which you only have to rely on the guide to buy the best hydromassage column for your home, according to your personal tastes and preferences.

water outlet design

The hydromassage column is a product in which we have a large area, the column itself, in which a series of jets or sprinklers are integrated. These sprinklers are the ones that pour the water directly on your body, in the way that you decide. 

Therefore, it is necessary to see how many jets or sprinklers the shower column that we have chosen has. The cheapest models have four or six jets, while the largest hydromassage columns can reach eight or ten. An option that adds more comfort to our shower, although you should also bear in mind that the greater the number of jets, the greater the water consumption during the use of the product. However, almost all current columns include aerators, which adjust consumption downwards.

The other water outlet is the one obtained through the upper area of ​​the product. This usually has a large shower head, much wider than a conventional hand shower and with round or square designs, for all tastes. As a final element, we cannot forget the telephone type outlet, which is included in many models. Ideal for taking a conventional shower when we are in a hurry or for small cleaning tasks in the shower area.

Control system

Another important aspect when looking for a good and cheap hydromassage column is the product control system. This control system is usually mechanical, as in any piece of faucet. However, even though it is a mechanical product, there are certain differences that should be known, both when it comes to controlling the output of the water and its temperature.

The first difference is that offered by thermostatic hydromassage columns. Models that are increasingly present in any hydromassage column comparison that falls into your hands. This system has the advantage that we can set the outlet temperature of the water, in order to avoid burns and also save energy in the process.

On the other hand, the models also have a jet control system, allowing all or part of them to be activated. It is also worth paying attention to whether the jets are adjustable or not, which allows you to better customize the behavior of the column. Finally, it is worth commenting on the functions of certain models, which include interior LED lighting or LCD screens on which to control the temperature or time of the shower.

Materials and installation

To round off this guide, it’s time to take a look at the materials and installation process for the column we have in mind. Starting with these materials, the most common is for the body of the shower to be made of stainless steel or aluminium, these materials being easy to clean and capable of offering good quality. It is also advisable to look for models with ceramic discs or cartridges in the taps, of higher quality than conventional shoes.

Regarding the installation, practically all current hydromassage columns are installed hanging on the wall, at the height you want. However, it is necessary for the product to have hoses in the installation to give you that freedom, since if the sockets go into the current connections without further ado, you may have some problems in this regard.

Also check the rest of the elements present in the installation, such as hoses, connectors or the telephone’s own hose, in order to verify that everything has the necessary quality. And if the product has assembly aids, such as the wall template that includes many columns, much better to save you time and possible errors in the process.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a hydromassage column?

Using a hydromassage column is as easy as using a normal shower column. Just open the tap for the water to start coming out. The main difference is that, depending on what we want, we will have to make the corresponding regulation to obtain the water in conventional shower mode or in hydromassage mode. Depending on how complex your column is, you can do it in all the sprinklers or only in some, also having different outlet modes, depending on the type of product.


Q2: How to disassemble a hydromassage column?

The process of disassembling a hydromassage column is quite simple, given that it is usually hung on the wall by means of supports. So all you have to do is separate the product from the wall and release it from said supports to start the disassembly. Once the column is released, all you have to do is release the water intakes from the wall, the hoses corresponding to hot and cold water, to leave the product disassembled. Only if the column is fixed directly to the wall will it be necessary to see where these fixings are and remove them previously.


Q3: How to fix a hydromassage column that leaks water?

When the hydromassage column loses water, it is mainly due to a problem in the watertight joints. So it will be necessary to start by looking for the place where the leak occurs specifically and find its origin. In many cases, it is possible to solve the problem by disassembling the tap area, always cutting off the water first, and replacing the shoes or the like in order to prevent leakage. If this does not solve the problem, it is possible that the loss of water is residual and does not pose a major problem.

Q4: How to clean a hydromassage column?

The cleaning of the hydromassage column must be done in accordance with what the product instructions indicate. However, in the market we also have different products with which to achieve a good cleaning and a pleasant shine. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and hot water, which is not aggressive and leaves a good shine on the taps. It is key that in this cleaning process we do not use aggressive products, nor elements that can scratch the surface, such as aluminum scouring pads and the like.

Q5: How to unclog a hydromassage column?

The hydromassage column can get clogged due to the effects of limescale in the water. This lime accumulates in the water outlets, in the sprinklers, and can clog them. To free them, we have several options. One of them is to use a commercial anti-limescale product or a mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water, in order to remove this limescale. If the problem is very intense, we can use a needle to “free” the clogged holes and then proceed with the cleaning materials.

Q6: At what height to place a hydromassage column?

In general, it will be the sockets and their location that determine the height at which we have to place the column. However, with quality hoses it will be possible to place the column at the desired height. So you have full freedom to place the column where you want, according to the height of the users. At a standard level, it is usually recommended that the installation leave the lower area at about 110 to 120 centimeters from the ground, although depending on the size and the sockets of the column it will be necessary to adapt it. As a reference, it is convenient that the upper jet falls in the area of ​​the neck and shoulders, more or less.

Q7: How to install a hydromassage column?

To install a hydromassage column, we will start by closing the water and dismantling the previous installation, if any. We will center the column on the two water intakes and we will place the water connection sleeves, adding Teflon for better sealing. In parallel, we will also place the template that these products usually include, in order to mark the points where the column will anchor.

It is key to verify that the column is straight. Once the points have been marked, all we have to do is drill and place the plugs on the wall, as well as the corresponding supports. We will connect the water intakes and hang the column on the supports, also connecting the outlet of the telephone shower or the upper one, as appropriate. We finish the job by verifying that everything is in place and all the sprinklers are working.

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Bonade Shower set Stainless steel

Giving a modern touch to any bathroom is easy with the Bonade 2017023801 model. This complete hydromassage column offers you a beautiful stainless steel design and a shiny appearance, also finished off with very interesting straight lines. A model that is also complete in its approach, with integrated jets and a somewhat longer length than other products, although with a narrower format. 

In this design there is also space for a simple control system, where you can also activate the water outlet through the upper area, through the external hose with telephone or through the lower tap, as you need. An integral model that is accompanied by all the necessary accessories for its assembly and that makes the process very easy, customizing the assembly to the height that suits you best.

Elegance and comfort go hand in hand in this interesting shower column manufactured by Bonade.


Appearance: This model offers you a modern design, with straight and elegant lines, as well as a nice finish.

Outlets: With this product you can count on a lower water outlet, another upper one, that of a conventional shower and that of the integrated sprinklers.

Assembly : The assembly process is simple, to overlap, accompanying the product of everything necessary for it.


Jets: The integrated jets are somewhat longer than those of other models, but in return they are also narrower.

Noise: Some comments indicate that the product generates a little more noise than desirable during use.

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