The 9 Best Intercoms of 2022

Intercom – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the security measures adopted to preserve both the assets and the physical integrity of the inhabitants of a home or office is the installation of an intercom, since it allows you to know who is requesting access before opening. In this sense, we will detail some of the most outstanding equipment today, such as the Fermax 80447, which has a simple mounting method on any wall, whose compact and rectangular format structure has been made of white rigid polymer, a impact resistant material. On the other hand, there is the Techole 992616, which has a range of up to 300 m and offers 52 melodies to personalize the call.

The 9 Best Intercoms – Opinions 2022

It is important to have a communication system that allows you to monitor the entry of visitors into your home, residential complex or office, since in this way you can reinforce security, so in this list you will find relevant information about some of the best 2022 intercoms, so that you can select one that is according to your needs.

Fermax intercom

1. Fermax 80447 Citymax Basic phone

This could be the best intercom on this list of recommended products, made to offer good internal communication, whether in a house or a small building. Aesthetically, the equipment has a discreet white design, which resembles conventional phones, but without the key panel. In addition, the casing has been made of ABS polymer, which is resistant to impacts and with a soft heel.

This Fermax intercom is made up of a first unit that is fixed to the wall, in which there is a small button to hang up the call, a loudspeaker and a button in charge of activating said function. 

Likewise, there is the area of ​​the headset and microphone, whose ergonomic format adapts to the natural shape of the hand, when holding it, and of the face when placing it next to it, to speak through said piece. Both parts are linked by a coiled microphone cable.

This is a white intercom with a traditional design, whose advantages and disadvantages you will be able to know right away.


Cleaning: Due to its polymer construction, you can clean the equipment with a damp cloth to remove any trace of dirt.

Design: This intercom has a simple aesthetic, which will not interfere with the existing decoration.

Assembly: Its assembly is a very easy task for which you have a couple of screws.

Cable: The coiled design of the microphone cable provides greater freedom of movement when handling the intercom.


Speaker: There are those who comment that the volume level of the speaker is a bit low.

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2. Fermax 3305 Loft Wired intercom with screen

The innovative Fermax 3305 intercom has a color liquid crystal TFT screen, with a 3.5-inch surface on which it is possible to adjust brightness, color and contrast. In this way, it allows you to see who is knocking at the door to decide whether to open it or not.

To answer the question about which is the best intercom, it is advisable to consider this model, since it has a connection system with 5 and 3-wire technology + coaxial cable to activate the video, therefore, it provides sufficient capacity to manage a set of 199 dwellings. It has been made of highly impact-resistant ABS plastic and offers protection against ultraviolet rays.

It incorporates the VDS system, which makes the call using a digital code transmitted through its amplifier. It also has a voice synthesizer that tells the visitor that the door has been opened and reminds him to close it after entering. As complementary functions, it offers auto power on and volume control for greater practicality.

Having the best brand of intercoms can provide you with the necessary security and peace of mind to protect your home from unwanted visitors, so we invite you to review the pros and cons of this Fermax equipment:


Monitor: It has a 3.5-inch color TFT screen, which facilitates interaction with the visitor.

Connection: For easy installation, it has 5 + N, 3 + N and coaxial cable technology.

Materials: It has a casing made of high-impact ABS plastic, which also offers protection against ultraviolet rays.

Functions: Includes open door message and reminds you to close it once you are inside.


Installation: Your installation may require a professional trained in this type of communication system.

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wireless intercom

3. Techole IP55 Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Doorbell

It is a long-range wireless intercom that can be used in large spaces, such as commercial premises. This is because its signal can reach up to 300m away from the transmitter. In addition, it is easy to install, since you only have to fix it to the wall with the use of a few tools.

It has the IP55 classification, which guarantees its resistance to dust and weather, so it can withstand rain, sunlight and temperatures from -20° C to 60° C. It also incorporates a blue LED light indicator that will activate at the same time as the ringtone, to notify of a call in case you cannot hear.

It is considered by many to be the best value for money intercom, since in addition to not being too expensive, it has 52 ring melodies and 4 volume levels that you can adapt to your tastes. It also includes the installation material, consisting of screws, anchors and double-sided adhesive tape.

If you need a communication system to manage visits but you still don’t know which intercom to buy, then it is best to review the most important features of this equipment beforehand:


Range: It has a wireless range of 150 to 300 m, suitable for homes, commercial facilities and offices.

Resistance: It has the IP55 classification, which provides resistance to water, dust, sun and extreme climates.

LED: It has a blue LED light to indicate a call in case you cannot hear.

Melodies: It incorporates 52 melodies that you can configure according to your needs and tastes.


Push button: The push button on the entrance panel could be larger to make it easier to recognize at night or in rainy weather.

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4. Sonew Two-way Call Doorbell Intercom System

Recommended as the best intercom of the moment, this model stands out, made up of an internal and an external unit. Both structures have a rectangular, compact and lightweight design. In addition, the cases have an elegant aesthetic that combines black and gray tones, while the button integrated in each of the units is easy to manipulate.

Likewise, in each of the units you will have a microphone with wide and clear sound pickup, a high-power speaker and an LED indicator, which lights up when you press the aforementioned buttons. Likewise, we have the wireless range of 300 meters of the equipment.

On the other hand, there is the low power consumption offered by this wireless intercom, for which only four alkaline batteries are required in the external unit and one lithium-ion battery in the external device. The latter can be recharged through a USB cable attached to the purchase package.

Here, the details of an intercom with a compact and modern design, which you can easily assemble without the help of a professional.


Use: You just have to press the outer button to communicate and the inner one to answer the call.

USB cable: A USB cable is built in to quickly charge the lithium-ion battery.

Speaker: The built-in speaker in each unit generates loud and clear sound.

Electricity consumption: You will achieve low electricity consumption, which will favor your monthly energy billing.


Voice: The equipment has a single voice path, so you will have to press and hold the button on the internal unit to hear the person.

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Golmar Intercom

5. Golmar GOLT510R Telephone

This Golmar intercom was specifically designed to replace damaged telephones in other communication systems, making it a universally applicable device, compatible with different makes and models of intercoms. In addition, it is one of the cheapest equipment available today.

It has a conventional analog connection system with 4 common wires + 1 call wire, so it is easy to install and can be fixed to the wall using various adjustment points. Likewise, it has dimensions of 85 x 221 x 56 mm, which allow it to be integrated into any space, in addition, its casing is made of ABS plastic for greater resistance.

It offers the possibility to choose between the electronic bell or buzzer mode. As if that were not enough, it is possible to adjust the sound level of both the microphone and the speaker, in this way, it can be adapted to the type of user and place of installation. Likewise, the earphone cord is removable for easy replacement.

If you already have an intercom installed in your home and you only need to replace the telephone, then this model may be the one, so it is advisable to review its pros and cons beforehand:


Compatibility: It is specifically designed to replace damaged equipment, so it is compatible with different brands and models.

Adjustable: Allows you to adjust the sound level of both the speaker and the microphone to facilitate communication.

Bell: Offers the possibility of choosing between electronic bell or buzzer, to adapt it to your needs.

Installation: It has a wall or wall installation design with several fixing points.


Case: The case of the equipment could be unattractive compared to other models, however, this does not affect its quality.

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Intercom Tegui

6. Legrand Tegui conventional audio kits Doorman kit a1

This practical Tegui intercom kit is made up of an entrance panel with a frame and a protective visor. In addition, it has an anodized aluminum housing that offers a more attractive finish to the eye, while providing greater strength and durability. For its part, the telephone has a detachable curly cord and includes a door opener and auxiliary button, so it offers greater practicality.

It has the conventional 4 + N wire connection system, which makes it possible to install it in different homes to manage the entry of all types of people. In this sense, the equipment supports the operation of up to 4 telephones in the same call and incorporates a potentiometer to regulate the volume level, both of the input and output audio.

Likewise, this intercom kit includes the necessary materials for a correct installation on a wall, such as electronic modules, frame, profiles, embeddable box and E30 type power supply unit with 4 DIM modules that ensures proper operation of the equipment.

If you want to have an intercom with which you can control the entry of people into your home or office, giving you greater security and peace of mind, we suggest you review the characteristics of this kit before making the purchase:


Casing: It is made of anodized aluminum that provides resistance and a more attractive finish.

Components: Includes telephone with detachable cord and entrance panel with frame and protective visor.

Connection: It has the conventional 4 + N wire connection system, which supports up to 4 phones in a single call.

Volume: It has a potentiometer to regulate the volume of the input and output audio.


Camera: It does not incorporate a camera or additional display technology, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other more modern models.

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Auto Intercom

7. Auta M146354 Analog compatible compact interphone 700505

This Auta Intercom is a novel and functional device for universal use, thanks to its 4 + N wire analog connection system, which allows it to replace any device with the same characteristics. In addition, it is made of anti-shock ABS plastic that offers greater strength and durability.

It has a modern independent opening system that allows the door to be opened without having to pick up the telephone. Likewise, it includes 2 additional pushbuttons for easy-to-configure auxiliary use, by means of a relay that must be connected directly to the circuit you want to control, to turn on the lights or open other doors.

It also offers the possibility to choose between the electronic ringer or the buzzer and has an LED indicator light, capable of notifying the incoming call when the ringing is difficult to hear. On the other hand, it is easy to install both on the wall and in a universal box and includes a desktop support.

If you are looking for a high-quality intercom that is also one of the cheapest, then you should carefully review the positive and negative aspects of this model:


Compatibility: It offers compatibility with analog equipment from other brands that work with a 4 + N wire connection.

Functions: Allows you to open the door without having to pick up the telephone. In addition, it includes 2 auxiliary buttons for greater versatility of use.

Installation: It has 2 installation options, on the wall or universal use box.

LED: It incorporates an LED light indicator that is activated when receiving a call in case you do not hear the bell.


Volume: It is likely that the volume level is limited, since it does not have a regulator to raise or lower it.

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intercom with camera

8. Libo Smart Home Video Door Phone System LCD Monitor Kits

Thanks to this camera intercom you can easily monitor the outside area of ​​the house, building or workplace. Likewise, you will communicate through said intercom with the person who is on the other side of the door, being necessary only to press a button. Also, it should be noted that the transmission range for the audio and video channel corresponds to a maximum of 100 meters, enough for a small building.

In addition, this device has been made up of an external unit, whose casing has splash protection and incorporates a central camera, a side button, speaker and microphone. 

Similarly, there is the internal module, which is similar to a conventional landline phone, but without the numeric panel. Instead, the structure incorporates three buttons and a light indicator, as well as an LCD screen, with both color and brightness adjustment, and a five-infrared system for better night vision.

This is an intercom with camera and easy mounting. Here are some positives and some less flattering. 


Range: The maximum transmission radius for image and audio is 100 meters, which is suitable for multi-story homes.

Image clarity: You will be able to adjust both the brightness and the color of the image quickly and easily.

Night vision: You will enjoy a correct night vision, thanks to the five integrated infrared.

Waterproof: You will not have to worry about splashing water, since the external unit has protection against water.


Wi–Fi: Due to the absence of Wi–Fi, you will not be able to pair the device with your smartphone.

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indoor intercom

9. ElectroDH Wireless Point to Point Intercom

This indoor intercom facilitates remote communication between 2 or more people who are in different rooms, as long as they are within the same house, business premises, workshop or office. In this sense, it is made up of 2 wireless emitting and receiving devices with 2 channels.

They are capable of transmitting through an electrical network, so they only need to be plugged into a 230 V connection for proper operation. In addition, it has independent buttons that will allow you to call, speak and adjust the volume, as well as a lock to favor continuous communication without the need to hold down the button to speak.

It has a compact and lightweight design that facilitates its use and installation anywhere in the room, it can even be used as a table top to move it whenever necessary, since it has dimensions of 17 x 17 x 9.5 cm and a weight of only 862 g.

Having an intercom that allows you to communicate with other people within the same house or office can simplify your activities. In this sense, you should consider the pros and cons of this equipment:


Connection: It has a wireless connection system that allows transmission through the electrical network.

Functions: It incorporates independent buttons for the functions of speaking, calling, blocking and volume adjustment.

Use: It facilitates communication indoors, so it is useful for monitoring children or the elderly.

Dimensions: It is a compact device that takes up little space, thanks to its dimensions of 17 x 17 x 9.5 cm.


Interference: There may be sound interference when you are close to another electronic device.

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Shopping guide

Selecting an intercom that has the right features and functions for your installation location to meet your security needs is necessary to get the most out of your investment. In this sense, we present you a guide to buy the best intercom, where you can find the most relevant information about the existing models, in this way, you can select the one that suits you best.


An intercom is a communication system made up of an intercom or monitor inside the structure and a street panel outside, which allow managing the access of visitors to a residential area, whether they are houses, apartments or a group of houses, as well as in offices, stores and medical offices, in order to guarantee an improvement in security, preventing access to unwanted people.

In this sense, intercoms or door openers can be classified into 2 large groups, analog and digital, which differ according to their type of installation and operation. The analog ones are the basic models that allow two-way communication with the visitor through a voice call. They usually incorporate a button to open or unlock the access door from the inside.

Digital models, on the other hand, allow interaction with the visitor through voice and video, providing the opportunity to monitor the entrance area for greater security. Some models have fixed cameras that show a specific angle of the place, as well as others that incorporate wide-angle lens cameras to view a wider area. Likewise, there are models with IP technology that allow monitoring the arrival of visitors from the smartphone through a WiFi connection.


The connection of the intercoms is an important point at the time of installation, since you can find wired models and wireless models. As for those that are installed with a cable connection, there are several alternatives, but most have 4+n wire technology, where 4 is the number of wires necessary for correct installation and n is the number of homes that can be connected with this communication system. Among the functions that these wires control, the connection to the microphone, loudspeaker, video, doorbell, lock, transformer and electrical installation stand out.

Wireless equipment does not require this type of wired connection, since it works through a VDS amplifier, responsible for sending the signal to the receiver with image and sound, so its installation is usually simpler than in the case of the wired model. In addition, there are intercoms with IP technology, which are compatible with smart devices with Internet access, such as mobile phones and tablets that fulfill the monitor function, allowing you to control the entrances from anywhere you are, even far from the house. home or office.

It is worth mentioning that the operational capacity of this type of system depends on the type of installation and the amount of wiring used in it. In the case of wireless models, it depends on the range offered by the manufacturer. This can be around 150 and 300 m, so they offer great penetration in larger areas. If you are worried about how much each one costs because you want to find a good and cheap model, then you can go for the traditional analog one, which is cheaper and is usually just as efficient as the digital model.


When talking about the functions of the intercoms, all the analog and digital models share the same basic functions for which they were created, which are to allow communication from inside the house to the outside without moving from one place, as well as to know who is at the door and the option to open it or deny access to the person. However, it is necessary to make a comparison of intercoms to know the additional functions that enhance their capabilities.

There are models that offer up to 52 different ring melodies to personalize the call from outside and choose between buzzer or electronic call. Likewise, they offer the possibility of regulating the volume of the bell up to 4 levels, to adapt it to your taste or the needs of the place of installation. The most modern intercoms have the possibility of emitting a message through the VDS amplifier, to indicate that the door has been left open and must be closed.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an intercom?

The intercom is one of the easiest systems to use, both by the visitor calling from outside and by the person answering inside. To call, you just have to press the button on the street panel next to the loudspeaker and wait for them to answer. It is important to mention that when it comes to a home there will be only one call button, but when the intercom is installed in a building or residential complex there is usually a specific button for each residence. For its part, to answer the call you must pick up the telephone to know who is calling and press the button that allows access. If the intercom is digital, you just have to look at the caller, press the button to talk and allow access.

Q2: How to fix intercom not ringing?

When an intercom does not sound, it would be logical to think that the problem is located in the loudspeaker or in the doorbell, however, experts assure that in most cases the fault is in the electronic board of the intercom and this is due to internal connections tend to loosen. In this case, the base cover must be removed with the help of a screwdriver and with pliers check that all the connections are connected to the plate. When you find a loose connection, all you have to do is apply some solder to it, check that it’s attached properly, and reinstall the cap.

Q3: How to disconnect the doorphone buzzer?

To disconnect the doorbell from the intercom you need to install a toggle switch on the intercom you have inside the house. This will help you activate or deactivate the bell as many times as you consider necessary. In this sense, you must remove the cover to view the lever and system cables. Locate the two wires that make the doorbell ring and select one of the two, cut it to solder each end to the switch, and cover with insulating material. Then, with the help of a drill, open a hole in the cover of the phone where the small lever of the switch will come out and assemble the phone to use it normally.

Q4: How to increase the volume of the intercom buzzer?

According to the indications of the experts, when the call mode is with a buzzer, it is necessary to tweak the deck until the desired sound is achieved, for which someone else must press the button while the adjustment is being made. On the other hand, when the stamp is electronic, it may not allow modification. However, you can install a sound amplifier to achieve the appropriate volume. Another option is to review the audio unit in the entrance panel, which in some cases offers the possibility of controlling both the volume of the entrance loudspeaker and the volume of the internal intercom doorbell.

Q5: How to connect the wires of an intercom?

Connecting the cables of an intercom is not a difficult process, but it is a delicate one, so it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. In this sense, if you are going to install an intercom for the first time, you must follow the color code of the cable or the equivalence tables according to the selected model, which indicate which cable corresponds to the door opener, microphone, loudspeaker, video and buzzer. On the other hand, if you are going to replace an intercom with a more recent model, it is advisable to take a photo of the connections or write down the connection data before replacing it, so that you can do it in the same way as before, thus speeding up the process. process.

Q6: How to pair a wireless intercom?

Wireless intercoms are devices that have a street panel and at least one internal signal receiver. These have been paired during their manufacturing process, so when installing it, no additional action is required to synchronize the transmitter with the signal receiver for correct operation.

Q7: What is a full duplex intercom?

As far as telecommunications are concerned, the term full duplex or simply duplex is used to define a system that offers the possibility of maintaining bidirectional communication between two devices. In this sense, a full duplex intercom is a device capable of sending and receiving messages simultaneously to allow more fluid communication.

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