The 9 Best Laundry Hampers of 2022

Dirty Clothes Basket – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Dirty clothes are a constant in homes. From those for children to those for adults, there are many garments that must be washed daily. However, to maintain organization in the rooms, it is necessary to have a laundry basket. Among the available models, two stand out among the best. First, we find the Ikea Skubb, a white basket made with a resistant structure, with a moisture-proof textile bag. Next, the Songmics LCB51WG model is a quality alternative that has been woven by hand and has a volumetric capacity of about 90 liters.

The 9 Best Laundry Hampers – Opinions 2022

To maintain the order and organization of dirty clothes, it is necessary to have a special space to store these clothes and thus be able to distinguish clean clothes from those that need to be washed. Currently, there are several brands that have brought suitable models to the market. However, for the purchase to be efficient, it would be prudent to know the positive and negative characteristics of the models that have been pointed out by users as the nine best laundry baskets.

Ikea laundry basket

1. Ikea Skubb Laundry Bag With Stand

If you are looking for the best laundry basket on the market, then it would be convenient for you to take a look at the features that converge in this model known as Skubb.

It is an alternative that has been designed with a volumetric capacity of about 80 litres, making it a space suitable for storing large amounts of clothing and thus organizing the laundry area.

This Ikea laundry basket has a classic rectangular-style design that is available in a white color, in keeping with the decorative aesthetic of laundry spaces.

It has a resistant structure, which is accompanied by a bag made of polyester textile material, which allows it to be flexible. As an additional feature, this bag has been treated so as not to absorb moisture or odors from clothing and has favorable dimensions for better use of space. 

Considered the best laundry basket of the moment, this Ikea model is efficient and functional. Here we summarize its pros and cons.


Design: It has an elegant and delicate design that is available in white, according to cleaning rooms.

Capacity: According to the manufacturer’s description, this model has a volumetric capacity of 80 liters.

Structure: It has a defined and resistant structure that allows the bag to remain firm.

Bag: Includes a laundry bag made of polyester that does not absorb odors or moisture.


Size: Although it is large, it is considered that its size could be larger.

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Wicker laundry basket

2. SONGMICS Laundry Basket 90 L

Frequently, this Songmics model appears in all the lists of the best laundry baskets of 2019, for being made with quality materials and having a high containment capacity, which allows you to store several garments in a practical and foldable space with elegant design.

Handwoven, this wicker laundry basket has a capacity of 90 litres. It is used to discreetly store the garments that must go to the laundry area. To keep the contents inside isolated, this synthetic rattan basket comes with a lid.

In addition, the structure made of iron has a handle, which facilitates its portability, both when it is full of clothes and empty. It also includes a synthetic material bag that serves as a removable lining. According to taste, it is possible to select the color of the fabric and, so that it does not slip, it has a gel base.

There are many renowned manufacturers and among them Songmics is positioned as the best brand of laundry baskets. Let’s review details of your model.


Resistance: Being made of synthetic rattan, this model is durable and water resistant.

Capacity: It has a volumetric capacity of 90 liters, so clothes can be stored discreetly.

Base: So that it does not slip and does not come into contact with the floor, it has a silica base.

Construction: It has a resistant hand-woven construction in synthetic rattan that gives it durability.


Lid: Although it has a lid, it does not seem to fit properly.

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Baby laundry basket

3. Vankel Fabric Toy Organizer Basket 

If you are wondering which is the best dirty clothes basket that can be found on the current market, this model could be the answer to the question, since it is cataloged as functional and practical.

The clothes of the little ones in the house are usually delicate, which is why an exclusive baby laundry basket is required to store their clothes efficiently. This model is made of resistant material, with the addition of strong fabric that allows the element to stand up.

In addition, due to its dimensions, it is practical both for storing clothes and for keeping children’s toys or books organized. To facilitate its portability, the model includes a pair of fastening handles on each side of the structure. On the other hand, it has a children’s design that is available in a delicate pink color, with a sweet and striking rainbow.

Those who do not know which laundry basket to buy can take a look at the pros and cons of this model.


Design: It has a delicate design that is available in pink and is indicated for girls.

Functionality: Its use is versatile because it can be a basket for clothes or to store toys.

Construction: It has a robust construction made with high-quality fabric that supports weight.

Handles: It includes a pair of handles on each side that guarantee its portability and support.


Insulator: Unlike other models, this one does not have a lid or closure to isolate the content.

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Dirty clothes basket with wheels

4. Wowlive Laundry Hamper

Sometimes, the amount of clothes to be washed can be too much and carrying the basket to the laundry area is quite a challenge, but this action is made easier if you have a dirty clothes basket with wheels. 

For these cases, you can take a look at this Wowlive model that has been equipped with four wheels, as well as a handle on the front that makes it easy to move. It has a classic and slim design to save space, with a strong structure that is easily assembled, like the parts of a tent.

Being made of high-density 600D Oxford fabric, with a double layer thickness, the model is resistant and waterproof, so the clothes inside will be protected. In addition, its structure has a wire and iron frame, so it is stable and can be folded when not in use.

Some models are of quality but, before buying, it is worth reviewing and analyzing their pros and cons.


Design: Its design is classic and includes four wheels and a handle that facilitate its portability and transport.

Structure: It has a structure made of wires and iron that is assembled easily and quickly.

Resistance: It is made with a waterproof, double-layer 600D Oxford fabric lining, which provides protection and durability.

Folding: The structure can be folded and reduced in size when not in use. 


Weight: The model can be a bit heavy for some people, especially when it is full. 

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Children’s laundry basket

5. Superdiver Children’s folding fabric basket with handles 

Those who are looking for the best value for money laundry basket can take a look at this model, which is one of the cheapest in our selection. 

It is an alternative with a design for children, so it is a children’s laundry basket with versions of Minnie Mouse in pink and Mickey Mouse in blue. It is made of resistant fabric, with a mesh area on the sides that provides breathability and ventilation to the garments inside. 

Due to its design, it can be used both as a laundry basket and to store toys, because its dimensions are wide and spacious. However, for storage, its size is reduced and it does not take up space. It includes some practical handles for fastening. 

Before making a hasty decision, you should know this model, which is one of the cheapest.


Ventilation: To improve ventilation inside, this model has mesh parts that provide adequate air circulation. 

Storage: Its size is large. However, to store when not in use, its measurements are simply reduced. 

Multifunctionality: It can be used as a laundry basket for dirty clothes or as a basket for toys.

Design: Although it has children’s figures of Mickey and Minnie, from Disney, it shows a classic and adaptable design.


Resistance: Placing more weight on its structure should be avoided, as it could collapse or deform.  

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Collapsible laundry basket

6. Newstyle Laundry Hamper, Collapsible

If you are looking for a folding laundry basket, this may be the convenient option, because this Newstyle model stands out in its category and is one of the most spacious. This alternative is made with an inner layer of waterproof material, so there is no risk of water reaching the interior. 

In addition, its construction includes linen cotton and it has spacious dimensions of 40 by 50 cm, in which up to 60 liters of content can be stored, be it toys or clothes.

It is available in various colors such as white, blue, gray or dark gray and its structure is foldable, making it easy to store when not in use. Then, when it is necessary to assemble it, it can return to its original shape, without being deformed. Being its cylindrical design, it can be placed in the bathroom, in the laundry area or in the room, and it will fit perfectly with the aesthetics.

This basket has properties that stand out for its quality. Know its positive and negative aspects.


Design: It has a cylindrical-shaped design that can be placed in different rooms without breaking the aesthetics.

Colors: It is available in several light colors such as gray, blue and white, with delicate patterns.

Folding: When not in use, its structure can be folded to store and save space.

Waterproof: Although it is made of cotton, it is equipped with waterproof material inside.


Lid: The model does not have a lid or closing system that isolates the content inside the basket.

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Other products

7. Curver 189206 Natural Style Laundry Basket

With a 60-litre capacity, this Curver model is one of the best for discreetly organizing and keeping dirty clothes in bedrooms or in the laundry area. This model has a rectangular and braided style design that is available in two colors, white and chocolate, to combine according to the style of the decoration. 

Being a braided alternative, adequate ventilation and air circulation is provided, so that bad odors do not accumulate inside and the garments do not become impregnated with it. To facilitate its transport, it includes a pair of ergonomic handles on the sides.

In addition, this basket incorporates a lid with a configurable opening, which improves its use and keeps the interior isolated because it can be closed and opened as needed. Its design is modern and elegant. Although it looks like rattan, it is made of plastic so it can be easily cleaned.

The best purchases are those in which the positive and negative characteristics of the product are previously known. So we present the ones corresponding to this option.


Design: Its design is modern and elegant, making it a functional and decorative piece for the room.

Capacity: It has a capacity suitable for about 60 liters of volumetric content.

Ventilation: As its structure is braided, the small holes allow air to circulate inside.

Cleaning: Being made of plastic, this model of laundry basket can be washed to maintain hygiene.


Color: Although it does not affect its operation, the color tone can vary in intensity.

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8. Weiao 3 Compartment Collapsible Laundry Hamper 

Those looking for high storage capacity and an adequate organization system for dirty clothes can opt for this folding basket model from the manufacturer Weiao.

It is an alternative with a capacity of 120 liters that includes a separator, so that clothes can be classified into “color,” “dark” and “light.” Each of these compartments has an approximate capacity of 40 liters and allows proper organization and selection of garments.

In addition, each section has a mesh with an adjustable drawstring closure system that isolates the content and includes handles that facilitate its transport. Its design is practical and foldable, to save space when stored.

The basket is made of high-quality 600D Oxford fabric, with breathable and waterproof properties, which is also resistant to wear and tear, while the structure is made with an aluminum alloy frame that provides safety and stability.

This model is one of the best you can get. Therefore, you must make a detailed analysis of its properties.


Design: It has a practical design of folding properties to save space when not in use. 

Compartments: Although it is a single basket, it is separated into three compartments to classify clothes.

Capacity: It has a total capacity of 120 liters. Each compartment can store about 40 liters.

Closure: Includes a closure system at the top of each compartment with adjustable laces.


Weight: Unlike other models, this basket is heavier because its volumetric capacity is greater.

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9. Songmics Laundry Hamper

With a modern rectangular design, this Songmics alternative has a capacity to store about 72 liters of volumetric content. It’s a sturdy option that’s made from natural bamboo, so it’s eco-friendly and looks unobtrusive in rooms.

It has a functional design that includes a removable laundry bag that has been made of thick, high-quality textile material, which is closed by a lacing system. 

Its assembly is simple and does not require much time. To make the task less complex, the manufacturer has included a quick assembly guide. In addition, it is easy to transport from one place to another, because it includes a pair of handles on each side of the structure, which has also been equipped with a metal base plate to give the basket greater stability and prevent it from deforming when it is full of clothing.

Songmics is a manufacturer that introduces quality products like this model to the market. Therefore, it would be appropriate for you to spend some time to know its pros and cons.


Design: It has an elegant and modern design, which is available in varnished wood color.

Construction: It has a solid and sturdy construction made of bamboo.

Capacity: Despite being discreet, it has a capacity to store 72 liters of content.

Handles: Its portability and transport are facilitated by including a handle on each side of the structure.


Waterproof: Despite being resistant, the laundry bag is not waterproof. 

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Shopping guide

If you want to keep dirty clothes organized in the rooms or store toys and books in a practical way, you will need a laundry basket. However, before making a random choice, it would be appropriate for you to know some features that denote quality and fit different demands. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best laundry basket on the market, with everything you need to know to make your purchase convenient.

Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials are usually a direct indicator of the quality and durability of a product, so if you want to have an estimate of how much a laundry basket costs, then you should analyze the materials that the manufacturer has incorporated to make the item.. 

In this sense, the construction of the baskets is usually divided into two. On one side is the frame, which can be made of wood, synthetic rattan or metal rods, while on the other is the laundry bag. In this aspect, the bags are usually made of high quality material, with fabrics such as 600D Oxford or cotton, which are durable and resistant. Instead, a model that has a rod structure is usually cheaper and tends to be made of materials such as polyester.


According to tastes and uses, there is a design that fits each need and, in relation to this, a comparison of laundry baskets could be made considering the structure. There are some structures that are sturdy and can be available in square or rectangular shapes as well as cylindrical. 

Similarly, other flexible style alternatives can be cylindrical or oval, with the added feature that they can be folded away when not in use, for easy storage and to save space. In addition, in the design you can also select the color and pattern, as well as whether it will be a basket for boys, girls or adults. Some hampers have a stand-alone design: on one side is the frame, and on the other is the laundry bag, which in most cases is removable and washable. 

Ventilation and Waterproofing 

When making an intelligent choice, the model must be analyzed in detail and not only consider whether it is a cheap laundry basket. For this reason, it is advisable to analyze whether the option of interest has an adequate ventilation system, which allows air to enter the interior of the basket, so that bad odors do not concentrate. 

Similarly, it is wise to select an alternative that is moisture proof and waterproof. This feature is recommended so that, in case of exposure to water, it does not touch the garments or objects inside. 


According to the storage needs of dirty clothes, a capacity for the basket should be selected. These functional elements generally have a volumetric capacity of at least 20 litres. However, depending on the brand and model, you can get alternatives with a capacity between 50 and 70 liters. For those with larger storage needs, there are larger alternatives that can hold up to 120 litres. 

In general, these models include compartments to improve the organization of the garments and facilitate their selection for the machine washing process. This is because each compartment is usually indicated with a name according to the type of clothing. For example, light, colored and dark clothing. These compartments tend to have the same capacity, which can vary between each option.


Dirty clothes baskets are elements that serve to store clothing but, once they are full, they must be taken to the laundry area. With all the weight inside, moving them from one place to another is not easy. However, some alternatives are equipped with swivel wheels at the base that facilitate sliding. 

On the other hand, there are some options that instead of wheels can incorporate ergonomic handles that guarantee adequate support and provide a grip area to facilitate the transfer and portability of the basket from the room to the laundry area.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a laundry basket?

To use a laundry basket, the first thing that must be done is to assemble the structure of the element. This can be easily achieved by just following the steps in the user manual. If this is not included, it is only necessary to follow the lines and intuitively assemble the structure until it acquires its shape. Once this process is complete, the garments can be placed inside the laundry basket or bag (depending on the model). In the event that the model incorporates a lid or closing system, it is recommended to close it to keep the interior isolated. Remember that there are some alternatives that can be folded when not in use. 


Q2: How to make a laundry basket? 

There are different ways to make a laundry basket. Being a simple element, it is even possible to improvise a basket from a large container that is no longer in use. However, it is necessary to purchase a laundry bag so that the garments are more protected. To make a basket from scratch, it will be necessary to acquire a quality and durable textile material, sew it according to a laundry bag pattern and then this bag must be placed in a structure that could be assembled with wires attached to clothes hangers. By joining all the pieces, the basket will be ready. It is important that the capacity of the wires is not exceeded, because the structure could be deformed.

Q3: Where to put the laundry basket?

This will depend on the organization of the home and family dynamics. However, the most frequent places to place these elements are the bedrooms, the bathroom and in the laundry area. The bedroom is the right place if each member’s clothes are washed separately. The bathroom is a pertinent option for those who share the laundry day and send the clothes to the basket after the shower. Now, the laundry area is usually the indicated option for large family groups that wash all the dirty clothes together. In this area, the difficulty of having to move the basket when it is full is reduced. 

Q4: How to decorate a laundry basket?

Decorating a laundry basket will depend largely on the material with which it is made, since it is not the same to apply details on wood than to do it in plastic or fabric. In the case of polyester models, creative figures can be added with a marker. When the baskets are made of fabric, eye-catching accessories can be added and, in the case of plastic and wood models, plaques could be added that identify with the name who the basket belongs to. Creativity and colors will depend on the tastes of each person.

Q5: How to clean the laundry basket?

To clean a laundry basket, you must first analyze the materials with which it is built. For example, in the wooden and plastic models, the dust or particles inside must be removed, using a brush or a cloth, respectively. In the case of models that incorporate laundry bags, these can be cleaned inside with a sponge and detergent and then rinsed. If it is a washable and removable textile bag, it could be machine washed. 

Q6: Which is better: a plastic or wicker laundry basket?

Selecting one model as better than another would be unwise, since each of the alternatives has its advantages, which will be appreciated by users. In this way, it will be up to each buyer to make the choice according to his tastes and needs. However, plastic baskets are usually more resistant, portable and durable, with better behavior against agents such as humidity. For their part, the wicker ones are aesthetically more elegant and showy.

Q7: What load can a laundry basket support?

The load that a laundry basket supports will depend on the brand and model that has been selected, as well as the materials with which both the structure and the bag (if included) are made. The most popular models have a volumetric capacity of between 40 and 80 litres. This quality must be selected before purchase and will depend on the amount of laundry generated.

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