The 9 Best Lift Chairs of 2022

Lift chair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Initially the armchairs only provided a resting surface. But, over time they were perfected to meet the needs of users. In this sense, the lift chair is a good ally for older adults, people in rehabilitation or with motor disabilities, since it goes beyond providing comfort. Currently, there are several providers that offer good options. However, two models can stand out for their design and function. First, the Don Descanso DD11136 armchair, which offers a massage and thermotherapy system to relieve pain. As well as the Astan Hogar AH-AR10100 with a self-help function, suitable for people with reduced mobility.

The 9 Best Lift Chairs – Opinions 2022

Nowadays, there are different types of lift chairs that vary due to their material, design, dimensions, among other aspects. Therefore, we present below nine of the best, so that depending on your needs you have the most successful purchase.

1. Don Descanso Electric Relax Armchair Lifts People Trevi

If you are looking for the best lift chair, we present this model that could meet your expectations. It is an electric chair that has a complete system, made up of an automatic 160º-degree recline and a self-help function, for greater comfort when lying down, resting and getting up.

Similarly, this model offers a system with thermotherapy and massage, which thanks to its different modes and the convenient distribution of heat, allow to relieve both tension and pain in the lower back. In addition, it has a timer to treat the areas of greatest tension such as the neck, shoulders, back, lower back, buttocks and legs.

On the other hand, its upholstery has double padding in the vertical area and the armrests, providing an enveloping, soft and comfortable sensation. Additionally, it has anti cracking treatment making it soft, resistant and easy to clean.

Here are additional qualities you should know about this appropriate lift chair to maximize relaxation and de-stress.


Pocket: On the side it has a compartment that allows you to store and have personal objects quickly and easily.

Assembly: The installation of this model can be simple, so you will not have to spend extra time to do it.

Command: It has two command controls; for automatic backrest and footrest recline; additionally, the massage system.


Portability: Due to its considerable weight and not having wheels, it could be difficult to move it within the home at a certain time.

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2. Astan Hogar Relax Armchair with Self Help Function

Helping people with reduced mobility problems can be a complicated task. That is why a comfortable armchair like the Astan Hogar is required. Which has an automatic electric recline system, massage system through vibrations in the neck, back and lower extremities.

Its comfortable backrest offers the function of thermotherapy in the lower back, helping to reduce fatigue. It also has a massage system with different intensities to relax the body. Additionally, it incorporates two independent command controls for greater practicality in its use and a side pocket for objects.

Its structure offers safety and resistance, since it is reinforced with steel and solid wood, capable of supporting up to 140 kilograms of weight. For its part, the high-quality synthetic leather upholstery makes it easy to clean and its dimensions provide good interior space for greater comfort.

Below, we present additional qualities of what could be considered the best lift chair of the moment to maximize relaxation.


Capacity: Thanks to its reinforced structure, this armchair was designed to support a maximum weight of 140 kilograms.

Transfer: It comes with wheels that are easy to adjust, in order to provide a more comfortable and practical movement within the home.

Color: It is available in several shades, which means that you can choose the one that matches your furniture.


Volume: Due to its dimensions it is voluminous, which is why a considerable space is required for its placement.

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3. Eco-de Chamonix Lifting Lifting Relax Massage Chair

One point to consider when purchasing a recliner is to be able to get up, even more so if it is for use by the elderly or those with mobility limitations. For this reason, this model has an electrical system and remote control that allows the furniture to be gently raised, leaving the user standing.

It is a comfortable and robust armchair, since its 160° reclining structure has a high-resistance foam-based padding and full PU leather fabric cover, breathable, durable and low-maintenance. Reasons that could include it in the best lift chairs of 2022.

Also, it offers nine massage modes, which thanks to the 10 built-in motors allow you to vary the intensity and conveniently treat the areas of the body. In addition, these functions are activated through two independent controls, for greater comfort, which can be stored in the side pocket.

Next, learn more about the qualities of this model, so that you can analyze the extra points it has.


Settings: The massage system has a programmable manual timer between 5 and 30 minutes. So you can program it based on your needs.

Colors: This model is currently available in three colors: black, brown, beige. A favorable aspect to combine with any furniture.

Pocket: It has a pocket on the side to store personal items or chair controls in a practical and discreet way.


Controller synchronization: Instructions may not be as clear when programming controllers. However, it can be done intuitively.

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4. JRD Automatic Irene Relax and Massage Armchair

The market offers us a variety of models of armchairs. But, few have a competitive cost and good functionality without neglecting their finishes, as is the case with this JRD model. Hence, it is promoted as the best value for money lift chair.

It is an armchair that provides good interior space, capable of supporting more than 100 kilograms. In turn, it provides relief to different ailments caused by daily effort and muscle tension. This advantage is provided by its massage function. For which, it has 8 motors with 10 intensity levels and additional heat function in the lumbar area.

Among other benefits of interest, we would like to mention that it has a backrest and footrest adjustable up to 150º, a vibration system and a lifting function. Important aspects when looking for an armchair that provides a comfortable rest.

To acquire a product we must know its advantages and disadvantages, for this reason we present the qualities offered by this model of armchair.


Control: To increase comfort, it includes an easy-to-use control that allows you to control all the functions and massage programs.

Design: Ergonomic and stable, as it has an adjustable backrest and footrest, 10 intensity levels for massages and automatic reclining.

Colour: It fits in any room in the home, since it can be chosen in neutral tones that are easy to combine.


Material: The finish is synthetic leather that, although it is practical to clean, accelerates its wear as it does not have an anti-cracking treatment.

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5. Gridinlux Armchair Relax Massage Lifts People

This model could be part of those cheap products for comfort, so if you are looking to acquire a comfortable and functional armchair while taking care of your budget, this could be a good option. In addition, its dimensions make it suitable for small spaces.

As for its functionality, it offers a massage system with Japanese technology, thanks to the 8 vibration motors incorporated in its structure, whose intensity can be varied thanks to its control knob. Additionally, the heating in the lower back deepens the massage and relaxes this area even more.

For its part, the design consists of a structure that offers safety and resistance, since it is made with a reinforced metal base, making the rest reliable. In addition, it has a supra padding offering excellent comfort padding and upholstery in PU LUX leatherette that is durable and soft to the touch.

Before purchasing a product, it is important to compare its qualities and disadvantages. Therefore, we present some pros and cons of this chair.


Massages: It offers five vibration modes in the areas where there is greater pressure from the body, which allows reducing the tension accumulated in them.

Colour: It is currently offered in three colors such as beige, camel and black, which can be combined with home furnishings.

Storage area: It has side bags with good finishes that add elegance. In addition, they are suitable for storing the controller and personal items.


Armrests: The design of the armrest could be not very ergonomic because it is thin and also does not have padding.

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6. Cecotec Compact Massage Relax Chair Heat function

It is a lift chair whose design was intended to improve support in the lumbar, dorsal and cervical areas. To do this, it has 8 vibration motors in which it has 5 massage programs and three adjustable intensity modes to suit the user. In turn, this chair offers massages on the shoulders, back, seat and legs, maximizing rest.

On the other hand, its classic and elegant design stands out, suitable for any area of ​​the home. In addition, due to its dimensions, it requires little space, making it a convenient model to place in small rooms. Likewise, the upholstery is made of high-quality synthetic leather, making it easy to clean.

As for its deployment system, it is easy to use. By simply pulling its side lever and pressing, both the backrest and the footrest can be adjusted to the most convenient angle.

This model could well be considered one of the cheapest options on the market, so we indicate some additional qualities and if anything could be improved.


Pocket: Being made of leatherette and being of a good size, it provides resistance and enough space to store both controls, books and others.

Control: The control of the massage system has a luminous panel, an advantage that allows it to be used even in low light.

Design: This lift chair is modern, minimalist, elegant and suitable for all areas of the home. In addition, it takes up little space.


Colour: The shade of brown in which it is offered might not be to everyone’s liking. However, it is a color that goes well with almost any furniture.

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7. Adec Group Swing Relax Armchair Elevator Lift People Lift

The swing power lift relax chair stands out both for its design and for its elevation system, which additionally allows the seat to be moved forward, generating an advantage for the user when getting up from the chair. This is a convenient utility for people with reduced mobility, in the post-operative stage or with advanced age.

Another point that we must highlight is that its extension and elevation systems are electric, thus allowing the opening of the footrest and the reclining of the backrest to be carried out simultaneously.

In relation to the design, its metal structure offers extra resistance, thus supporting a load of up to 110 kilograms. The upholstery material is fabric and, although it is not washable, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. While the backrest and seat are padded, providing the appropriate comfort for long day or night breaks. In the same way, its color harmonizes with most of the furniture.

If you are still not sure which lift chair to buy, here we show you the pros and cons of this model.


Elegant: The surface of the backrest was made of fabric with a quilted finish, making it elegant and visually appealing.

Elevation: It incorporates the lift system that, in addition to elevation, allows it to be tilted forward, helping the user to stand up.

Assembly: It has both simple instructions and all the fittings and screws, so its installation is easy to carry out.


Massages: Although it is a very comfortable relaxation chair, it does not have a massage system or a thermotherapy function.

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8. Astan Home Relax Armchair with Self-Help Premium Plus

This furniture brand is recognized for the comfort and style it provides. Hence, this lift chair could be a good option to consider among your purchase alternatives. It has an electric reclining system, in addition to lifting people for more comfort.

The design of this model is compact, specifically, its depth, width and height dimensions are approximately 76 x 66 x 103 centimeters; which is appropriate for rooms with limited space. It also has a control for elevation and recline control, which can be stored in the side storage pocket it offers.

Among other qualities, the design of the surface and the multi-padded cushions in the seat, cervical and lumbar area stand out, which increase rest. The upholstery is quality polyester and cotton fabric, in proportions of 65% and 35% for each element, which in addition to being breathable materials are hypoallergenic.

Next, we present you in more detail, qualities of this model that belongs to what could be the best brand of lift chairs.


Wheels: In its design, wheels were incorporated into the base, thus facilitating mobility and placement within the home.

Color: Currently, this model is available in black and chocolate, shades that harmonize with any decoration.

Capacity: The materials of the internal structure make it resistant, allowing it to hold a maximum weight of 120 kilograms.


Material: The upholstery is not washable, since the surface is made of polyester and cotton fabric. However, it is anti-wrinkle and hygienic.

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9. Imperial Relax Electric Lift Recliner

With so many options available, you might wonder which is the best lift chair on the market. In this sense, this Imperial Relax model combines functionality, ergonomics and design for relaxation.

First of all, it provides an inclination of up to 160 degrees, thanks to its electrical system. Which allows the footrest extension and backrest to unfold simultaneously. In this way, not only is it possible to relax the body, but also to combat fatigue and minimize pain.

On the other hand, its robust design can withstand up to 120 kilograms and its power lift system provides easy use for people with reduced mobility.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in addition to offering comfort, its aesthetics are modern and attractive, since its appearance matches any existing decoration and furniture in the spaces.

Next, we present the qualities of this armchair, so that you can decide if it is the appropriate option to have in your home.


Upholstery: Made of magnolia fabric with anti-cracking treatment, pleasant to the eye and to the touch, it is easy to clean using a damp cloth.

Remote control: It has a control knob that allows you to activate all the functions in a practical way.

Construction: Offers a surface of pocket springs and a high-density polyurethane foam covering, which combined provide stability and comfort.


Massages: It is an armchair that represents comfort due to its design, but it does not have a thermal function or a massage system.

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Shopping guide

The lift chair was basically designed to help those with reduced mobility or motor difficulties, as its lifting system allows the user to stand up. Currently, this type of furniture is available in a wide range of models. For this reason, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best lift chair where you can learn about the main aspects to take into account when purchasing one.


This quality could influence how much the product costs, since some brands in favor of combining functionality, comfort and design have been concerned with creating multifunction models; by including aspects such as a massage system and thermotherapy qualities.

Additionally, in order to provide greater comfort to the user by relieving stress and mitigating pain in muscles and joints, the chairs offer ergonomic functions; such as: the degree of inclination of the backrest and the extension of the footrest.

Also, there are attractive designs with storage pockets suitable for storing personal items. Which, generally, are located in the armrests.

On the other hand, some armchairs have wheels at the base of their structure, to facilitate their movement within the home. This aspect being an advantage for the model that brings them, since as a general characteristic the lift chairs are bulky and heavy.

Another point to consider is the wide variety of colors available on the market. However, it is advisable to choose a color that harmonizes with the decoration and furniture of the home.


The market offers quality lift chairs, however, it does not hurt to know a little about the materials used in its manufacture; especially it is necessary to evaluate if they provide resistance and easy maintenance. That is why the internal structure of the furniture is preferred to be made of metal to be resistant, since its core function is to lift people.

In turn, the material that forms part of the upholstery, as it is the most visible aspect and will have the most contact with the skin, must be hygienic and easy to clean. Therefore, we must point out that there is fabric upholstery, which is not washable, a factor to take into account in homes with children. It is also possible to choose armchairs of this type that have been covered with natural skin (leather) whose most outstanding characteristic is its level of durability and resistance. However, an upholstered armchair with this type of finish may not be as cheap.

On the other hand, we also find synthetic leather (leatherette). A material that mimics the look of leather, is easy to clean, and has a cool-to-the-touch texture. However, after a certain time, this coating acquires the temperature of the user.


When we think about acquiring a lift chair, an essential aspect to consider is its size and weight. When talking about weight, we refer to two vertices, the weight of the product and that of the user. The weight of the chair is generally between 30 and 60 kilograms, due to the mechanism it incorporates. Now, the second vertex is a fundamental point, since each model has an estimate in relation to the maximum weight it can support.

In relation to its size, the point to be evaluated is the space that is available to allocate it to this type of furniture. Initially, the chair has basic measurements (height, width and depth). However, its dimensions in extended position are wider, so you should keep this in mind when choosing.

command system

Before making a purchase decision, it is important to think about your needs, but also about comfort. To do this, we make a comparison of lift chairs in relation to the control system they have.

Due to its main function, this furniture has a motorized lifting mechanism that allows the chair to be moved from its base upwards and forwards, thus making the user stand up.

However, some models additionally offer the backrest reclining and footrest raising system, in order to maximize rest. For this reason, we find that this adjustment device is carried out either by means of a remote control (electric), or by means of a lever (manual). Appearance that will depend on the model and brand.

If it is manual, the chair has a side lever to lower the backrest while pressing with your back. And with it, the elevation of the footrest is actuated. On the other hand, the electric chair has a remote control or control panel integrated into its structure, to program the adjustment.

Additionally, some armchairs have two control knobs. The first allows you to control the massage and heating system, while the second activates the elevation system. In some cases, these controls may have a lighting panel.

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