The 9 Best Massage Tables of 2022

Massage Table – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A massage table is very useful to lie down or sit and perform physiotherapy treatments, relaxation, chiropractic care, among others. Currently, there are many models on the market, so we will only mention some of the most outstanding stretchers, such as the Massunda Comfort Deluxe, which is made of solid wood and has been covered with highly durable synthetic leather. In addition, it offers an adjustable height for greater versatility. Another option may be the Naipo MGBC-301CW_SML, which offers a comfortable 5 cm thick surface and has an H-shaped frame, which provides stability and resistance.

The 9 Best Massage Tables – Opinions 2022

Offering a good quality massage not only depends on the talent of the masseur, but also on the type of surface on which it is performed. In this sense, we present you a selection with 9 of the best massage tables of 2022, to help you choose a product that suits your needs.

Folding massage table

1. Massunda Comfort Deluxe adjustable folding massage table

It is a folding massage table that is soft to the touch and covered with PU synthetic leather, which is odourless, respectful of the environment and is capable of repelling water, which favors better hygiene, since it allows you to clean the surface easily..

It is made up of 2 high-quality zones and measures 185 cm long and 71 cm wide. In addition, it is adjustable in height between 60 and 85 cm, which provides greater versatility. In this way, it can be used by tall or short people comfortably.

On the other hand, it has a large number of accessories that increase its functionality, such as an adjustable headrest, slides for oil bottles, a towel rack, armrests and some cushions for the knees and neck. Therefore, it allows for more complete and professional massages.

If you need the best massage table of the moment to provide comfort to your clients, then we will indicate the most outstanding pros and cons of this model made of solid wood.


Transport: It can be folded and closed to turn it into a practical suitcase, which facilitates its transport.

Capacity: It is capable of supporting up to 250 kg of weight, which favors its resistance.

Presentation: It comes in an attractive garnet color presentation and is available in beige and safran yellow.


Knee brace: The included knee brace might be too narrow and flat, making it less useful.

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2. Mobiclinic Light Folding Physiotherapy Stretcher Headrest

It is a folding massage table that can be used by home workers, since when folded it becomes a suitcase with handles, which allows you to hold it easily. In addition, it is possible to introduce it comfortably in a practical bag with a shoulder strap.

It is suitable for performing massages, acupuncture, reiki and physiotherapy, since it has been upholstered with synthetic leather that provides warmth and softness to the touch. Similarly, it is made up of a 4 cm thick foam that provides a comfortable surface.

On the other hand, it can support up to 250 kg of weight, making it suitable for treating overweight or obese patients. Likewise, it is made up of an aluminum frame, which offers resistance and a long useful life.

If you are looking for a comfortable stretcher at an affordable price, you should know that this is one of the cheapest on the list and has headrests and armrests for greater comfort.


Coating: It is covered with imitation leather, which offers softness to the touch and is capable of repelling water.

Folding: This stretcher can be folded and converted into a suitcase with handles and a lock, which allows you to transport it comfortably.

Adjustment: It has 8 adjustment levels to regulate the height according to your needs.


Backrest: The backrest cannot be tilted, so it only works as a completely horizontal stretcher, which reduces its versatility.

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Portable massage table

3. Naipo Portable Massage Table 3 Sections Aluminum Legs

This portable massage table has a frame made of aluminum, which increases resistance and promotes stability. In this sense, it can support a maximum of 270 kg of weight. In addition, it is composed of a 5 cm thick high-density sponge, so that it provides a comfortable massage surface.

On the other hand, it has a PU leather coating, which is soft to the touch and can withstand moisture, which makes it easy to clean the stretcher. It also includes an ergonomic headrest capable of providing support to the cervical contour.

As if that were not enough, the backrest can be adjusted in 10 height positions, which allows you to adapt the stretcher to your needs, whether it is for massages, tattoos, physiotherapy, facial treatments, among others.

The best massage table should provide you with a soft and versatile surface to carry out all kinds of activities, as is the case with this model. Let’s know its pros and cons.


Frame: The frame offers an H-shaped design and is made of aluminum, which favors strength and stability.

Accessories: Among the accessories there is 1 headrest, 1 armrest and 1 cushion to cover the hole used for breathing.

Adjustable: The height can be adjusted in steps of 3 cm, from 60 to 81 cm for greater versatility.


Installation: Assembly may be a bit tricky, which could delay your use. However, it does include an instruction manual.

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4. Yaheetech Portable Folding Massage Bed Height Adjustable Aluminum

It is a portable massage table made of PVC eco-leather, which provides impermeability and resistance to oil and wear, which favors a long service life. Similarly, it has a high-density sponge padding, which is soft to the touch and breathable to increase comfort.

It offers 8 levels to adjust the height, from 67.5 to 88 cm, which allows you to adjust the stretcher to your needs. Likewise, the headrest incorporates a side handle to tilt it between 0 and 180°; in this way, you can adapt it to the cervical contour of the patient.

This stretcher includes 2 armrests, 1 headrest and 1 small cushion, indicated to cover the breathing hole when not in use. In this sense, it can be used domestically or professionally in beauty salons and spas.

The best value for money massage table must be resistant to constant use and have an affordable cost, like this model. Let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons.


Materials: It has a light and stable aluminum structure, capable of supporting a maximum weight of 250 kg.

Suitcase: When folded, it becomes a suitcase with handles and 2 closures, which provides greater security for transport and storage.

Leather: It is made of ecological PVC leather, which resists constant use and is waterproof.


Weight: It is heavier than other stretchers on the list, since it weighs approximately 15 kg with the included accessories.

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Other products

5. Beltom Portable 2-Zone Massage Bed

It is a massage table with a 2-zone design, suitable for masseurs, beauticians and physiotherapists. In addition, it is a stable model, made up of a beech wood frame; a tree distinguished by its thick trunk and smooth bark, capable of providing resistance to the structure.

To favor practicality, this model has a weight of only 12 kg, which allows you to transport it comfortably. Similarly, it includes a bag with a shoulder strap, which is used to cover the stretcher and take it wherever you need.

It is important to note that the model is filled with expanded foam, with a thickness of 7 cm and has been covered with synthetic leather in various shades to choose from, something that makes it more comfortable and favors its attractiveness.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest tables for massage sessions, then this model can be a great option, since it does not cost much money and is capable of supporting up to 300 kg of weight.


Frame: It has a beech wood frame, which provides strength and stability.

Measurements: It has a maximum length and width of 215 and 92 cm respectively, making it a model suitable for tall patients.

Presentations: It offers an attractive pink presentation, but you can also get it in blue, black, cream and purple.


Legs: The legs could easily slide on smooth surfaces, so it is recommended to place it on carpets or non-slip floors.

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6. TecTake Aluminum Massage Table 3 Zones 401045

This massage table has a 5 cm thick padding, made up of closed-cell foam, which offers optimal thermal conductivity and vapor permeability, which favors the hygiene of the table and provides greater comfort.

To increase resistance, it incorporates a black vinyl coating, which repels water and oil. On the other hand, it has a backrest that can be adjusted in height for greater versatility.

Also, it incorporates an ergonomic headrest and a breathing hole, which increases the functionality of the stretcher and makes it suitable for performing acupuncture, physiotherapy and relaxation massages. As if that were not enough, it has a pair of armrests and is divided into three sections, so it can provide good support in the areas of the neck, arms and legs.

If you are wondering which is the best massage table, this model with an aluminum frame may be a good option. Let’s take a closer look at its main features.


Adjustable: The backrest and legs can be adjusted in height according to your needs for greater functionality.

Headrest: Includes an ergonomic headrest that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Bag: It has a transport bag, which allows you to carry the stretcher everywhere easily.


Stability: Might sway slightly when performing strength massages. However, it has coated feet to prevent slipping.

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7. Sonia Aesthetic table and massage Nash Top 3557AD

It is a massage table made up of 3 sections; one part for the feet and legs, another for the buttocks and a third area for the upper torso, which favors maximum comfort. In addition, it has dimensions of 183 x 63 x 77 cm, making it a robust and good-sized model.

On the other hand, both the footrest and the backrest can be manually adjusted in a range from 0 to 65°, which allows you to fully adapt it to the person’s body, whether you use it as a chair or as a bed. completely horizontal shape.

It has white PVC upholstery that allows you to combine it with any type of decoration. Similarly, it incorporates a 9 cm thick internal foam, making it comfortable and soft to the touch.

To perform quality massages you must have a comfortable and resistant table, like this model. Let’s see its most outstanding pros and cons.


Drawers: It has 2 drawers in the lower area, which allow you to store towels and different work implements.

Hole: The headrest includes a removable cushion that when removed can provide a face hole for added versatility.

Foam: The internal foam is 9 cm thick, providing a high-density surface.


Fixed: It is a fixed model that weighs 40 kg, so it cannot be transported continuously like other stretchers on the list.

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8. Polironeshop Apollo Professional fixed stretcher for tattoo aesthetic massage

It is an aesthetic table that can also be used to give massages, it is also suitable for tattoos and physiotherapy sessions, which increases its versatility. To favor resistance, it has a structure made of steel, so it is capable of supporting a great weight and providing a long useful life.

Regarding the surface of the stretcher, it is made of polyurethane, which is waterproof, washable and resistant to friction for greater durability. It also has a white color design that can be continuously exposed to light without losing its tone.

On the other hand, it has a reclining backrest between 0 and 55° to adapt it to your needs. In addition, it incorporates a lower grid that allows you to place towels, aesthetic implements, among other objects.

Polirenoshop is probably the best brand of massage tables according to some users, so if you are looking for a quality model, we will detail the pros and cons of the Apollo model.


Backrest: The backrest offers various reclining positions that allow you to adapt it to your needs.

Frame: The frame is made of steel, which can provide strength and durability.

Foam: It has high-density polyurethane, which offers comfort and softness to the touch.


Height: It is approximately 68 cm high and the legs do not have an adjustable height system, so it may be too short for some people.

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9. VidaXL Adjustable Massage and Beauty Salon Table

This is a salon chair that can be converted to a massage table for added versatility. In this sense, the backrest is adjustable in height and it is possible to tilt it backwards at different angles, which allows you to place it in the position you need.

Also, it has 2 adjustable leg supports that you can adapt to the comfort of each person. For storage, the stretcher can be folded and placed in a practical bag to protect its surface from dust.

In terms of its design, it is 190 cm long, 70 cm high and 58 cm wide without the armrests, making it suitable for tall people. In addition, it includes a white synthetic leather covering, which is easy to clean and can be combined with any type of decoration.

If you are wondering which massage table to buy and you need a multifunctional model that offers high quality, then we invite you to learn more about this VidaXL brand model.


Accessories: Includes 2 armrests and a neck cushion that promotes comfort.

Materials: It has a structure made of aluminum that offers great resistance. In addition, the stretcher is made of polyurethane, which repels water and oil.

Comfort: It has two adjustable leg supports, which provides greater comfort.


Weight: It can be difficult to move, since it has a weight of 33 kg, which could be excessive for one person.

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Accessories for massage tables

Sheets for massage table

Sumicel Adjustable disposable sheets for stretchers pack 10 units

It is a pack of 10 massage table sheets, which offers you enough to use on several surfaces at the same time.

In addition, they come in white, so you can combine them with the tone of the table for added appeal.

These disposable sheets can be used on beds of 210 x 80 cm.

Similarly, they have an adjustable contour system on the edges and are made of TST SMS fabric, made of synthetic fibers that are resistant to tears.

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Cover for massage table

Aztek Massage Table Protective Cover

It is a massage table cover that allows you to protect the work surface against dirt and germs.

In addition, it is made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester, so it is soft to the touch and is suitable for machine washing.

On the other hand, it has an elastic edge that allows you to adapt it to different structures for greater versatility.

In this sense, it is suitable for stretchers with a width between 55 and 72 cm and a length of 170 to 190 cm.

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Shopping guide

Massage tables are practical and necessary surfaces if you are a professional physical therapist, chiropractor and masseur. However, there are some features that you should know before purchasing one of these products; such as the strength of the frame, the density of the bed, the coating, the types of adjustments, among other aspects. In this sense, we have made a guide to buy the best massage table to help you make the right decision.


When making a comparison of massage tables, we can see that not all of them have the same type of frame, which could define their portability, resistance, lightness, stability and useful life. In this sense, we can find models with structures made of aluminum, which are the most practical to move from one place to another, since they are light and resistant to constant use. Similarly, there are solid wood and steel stretchers, which offer better finishes and a long lifespan, but can be a little heavier than aluminum ones, which could make them difficult to transport.

If you are concerned about how much a massage table costs, you should know the difference between models with portable and fixed frames. In the first case, the stretchers usually have affordable prices and have folding structures that allow you to store or transport them comfortably. However, some of these frames may be less stable, so it is recommended that the table of your choice has non-slip feet for added safety.

On the other hand, stretchers with fixed frames are usually heavy, which favors their stability but does not allow them to be easily transported. Consequently, they are expensive models, suitable for permanent placement in professional beauty centers. However, it is also possible to find a fixed stretcher that is good and cheap at the same time.

Density and coating

Stretchers are not only made up of a frame, but also a surface, generally made of high-density polyurethane. This type of material can provide different types of thickness, which indicates a more or less comfortable surface. In this sense, the most popular massage tables offer between 4 and 9 cm thickness. In general, polyurethane has a closed cell structure, which provides vapor permeability, to prevent the accumulation of moisture at the time of use.

The coating is as important as the density of the foam, since it will be in contact with people’s skin. Consequently, most stretchers are covered with synthetic leather or imitation leather, the main advantage of which is its softness to the touch, which can provide greater comfort. In addition, it is a type of material that is resistant to stains and is easy to clean after each session. On the other hand, some models are covered with vinyl, which has waterproof properties to efficiently repel water and oil, which is practical when massaging with moisturizing products.


The fit can indicate the versatility of the table to perform different types of activities, be it tattoos, beauty treatments, reiki or physiotherapy sessions. In this sense, it is recommended that the model we choose has height-adjustable legs, in this way we can place the stretcher in the most appropriate measure according to our height, avoiding uncomfortable postures during the workday.

For greater comfort, some models have reclining headrests and leg rests that can be bent at angles from 0 to 180°, to adapt them to each patient. Also, it is important to mention the stretchers with adjustable backrests, which allow the structure to be converted into a practical reclining chair.


The accessories of a stretcher can increase the level of comfort when working, so most models include a pair of armrests to place on the sides of the stretcher. However, it is recommended that they be removable so as not to hinder the work space when giving full body massages.

On the other hand, some stretchers include circular headrests that can be easily adapted to the shape of each person’s head, which favors their versatility. There are also models with holes in the surface of the stretcher, suitable for the patient to insert his nose and mouth while lying face down. Usually, these types of holes have a pad to cover them in case you don’t need them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to prepare a massage table?

Preparing the table before performing the massage can guarantee a more comfortable and pleasant session. In this sense, the first thing is to make sure that the space to perform the massage is clean and has good ventilation. Then, we will use 4 to 5 towels to place on the stretcher, which must be distributed 2 on the headboard, 1 on the trunk and 2 on the legs. It is important to change the towels every time we perform a massage on a different patient, since the body tends to sweat during the session.

Q2: How high should a massage table be?

The height of the table can have a great impact during the work of the masseur or physiotherapist, since this could provide more or less comfort to perform the massage. In general, the table should be placed approximately 75 cm high, although this could vary depending on the preferences of the professional. In this sense, it is advisable to have a height-adjustable stretcher, which can be adapted to the measurements of each person.

To be sure that the stretcher is at a suitable height, we must stand next to it and extend our arms downwards, completely straight and close to the body. We should be able to rest our fists on the surface of the bed without having to bend our elbows to do so. In case the elbows bend, it means that the bed is too high and if our fists do not touch the surface, then the bed is too low.

Q3: How to dress a massage table?

Before dressing the stretcher, it is important to disinfect it, especially if we tend to serve several people on the same day. In this case, we can use a dispenser bottle containing a solution of water and alcohol. Afterwards, we must dry with absorbent paper and make sure that the stretcher is completely clean, especially in the head area.

Next, place a disposable sheet on the bottom and spread out 4 towels on top, one for each area of ​​the body. When the patient is completely lying down, it is time to wrap each leg with a towel, as well as the trunk and head. In the latter case, we will use an additional towel to make a fold that forms a turban around the head, which favors a better presentation.

Q4: How to make a massage table?

We can build a massage table with a table that has metal legs and a wooden top, since it must be able to support the weight of an average person. It is important that the structure has measurements between 170 and 190 cm in length and 70 to 80 cm in height and width.

Now, we need to cut out a piece of foam the size of the table top and staple it to the wood. Then you have to cover the foam with a piece of cloth, preferably synthetic leather of any color, since this type of material offers greater resistance to moisture. Finally, we must staple the leather to the wood and it will be ready to use as a massage table.

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